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HI SISTERS! It's FINALLY here... the video you've been asking for for literally years now... my apartment tour. I live in Downtown Los Angeles in a beautiful loft that you guys see all the time on my Snapchat and IG Stories but I've never given you the full tour... enjoy and don't forget to thumbs up and SUBSCRIBE!!
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5-Iyn, 2018

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James Charles
James Charles 12 kun oldin
HI SISTERS! I tried to color correct the video to make it ~*aesthetically pleasing*~ and make my walls look more white, but for some reason the color correction also affected some of my skin. I desperately need another sister spraytan because as you can tell, mine looks horrible and splotchy. The foundation matched the rest of my body but clearly not my neck. Please focus on the apartment tour, as I'm really proud of it and have worked super hard to decorate it over the past year, and not on my foundation because I am well aware that it doesn't look good. Thanks!!!!
D Kun oldin
I didn’t even sister spot it until you mentioned it.
Alaina Bland
Alaina Bland 4 kun oldin
James Charles Hi James! I also love to make my foundation a bit tanner than my skin tone as well and I’ve learned that blending it down the neck is obviously necessary but another thing that’s helpful is blending it all the way to the back of your neck. I’m truly not trying to be mean at all, it’s just something I do when my hair is up and my neck is exposed.
yelsses sue
yelsses sue 10 kun oldin
honey your whole face orange af, that shit doesnt even match ur spray tan lmao
Alexa Yanez
Alexa Yanez 10 kun oldin
I can’t even see it kween
Serene Rain
Serene Rain 10 kun oldin
hoestly you look amazing!!!! you are amazing!! The apartment looks so rad and elegant!!!
Ayla Squishies
Ayla Squishies Soat oldin
LOVE!!!!!! Avacodo toast
Liz Rose
Liz Rose 2 soat oldin
This video helped me to focus on the aesthetic I've been wanting to incorporate into my living area when I move into my house as well, with the soft grays and a big open floor plan. I absolutely love what you've done with this apartment and I can't wait to see what magic you work on a house!
Tiarni Caddy
Tiarni Caddy 3 soat oldin
Please do a makeup collection video ❤️❤️❤️❤️love u
Sam Ahmed
Sam Ahmed 4 soat oldin
My weave is sister snatched! 😍😍 this apartment is immaculate boo! 🙌🏼🙌🏼💕😩
Zahraa chreif
Zahraa chreif 4 soat oldin
Are you a Girl or a boy you crazy??😂😂😂😂😂😈😈✌
Sabrina Powell
Sabrina Powell 8 soat oldin
Can anyone tell me where those chairs are from 😭😭😭 the white dining ones!
sister kylie
sister kylie 8 soat oldin
Isabelle Fernandez
Isabelle Fernandez 8 soat oldin
*talks about how cute he looks in boyfriend shorts* “But you know what’s not cute? The fact I don’t have a boyfriend” *a HUGE mood*
Claudia Alfaro
Claudia Alfaro 9 soat oldin
What is in your walking closet it’s a door at the end
Sara Deleon
Sara Deleon 9 soat oldin
“Literally like”
Makayla Giambri
Makayla Giambri 9 soat oldin
Wow I counted the amount of times Sister James said sister(s) and I came to a grand total of: EXACTLY 50!! That’s a little more than twice a minute! Keep up the sisterhood James😂😂
Avery Whipple
Avery Whipple 9 soat oldin
Yo why doesn’t he have a bf??? I’m sure there are PLENTY of ppl that would wanna date him but they just can’t contact him cause he is so famous :(
Erin Werhun
Erin Werhun 9 soat oldin
I love your apartment! It's sister snazzy!! 😂😂
Brandy Koontz
Brandy Koontz 9 soat oldin
Liv Tronnes
Liv Tronnes 10 soat oldin
Wait did he say “ and occasionally sister suck”. ????
Vishmah Zaryaab
Vishmah Zaryaab 10 soat oldin
Please don't copy#Jeffree star!
Daisy Rose
Daisy Rose 10 soat oldin
💋I've compiled a list of all the "sisters" James used in the video, enjoy XD💋 1. sister subscriber 2. sister suite 3. sister shelter (x2) 4. sister sanctuary (x3) 5. sister scents 6. sister spooky 7. sister squeeze 8. sister ceiling 9. sister shit 10. sister salty 11. sister siestas 12. sister selfie mirror 13. sister sleep (x2) 14. sister sweaty 15. sister spot them 16. sister suck (oml James) 17. sister spiral staircase 18. sister studio 19. sister sound 20. sister soft Tell me if I missed one!
christian Randolph
christian Randolph 10 soat oldin
whats ur fav dog????????(mine is a pug)
Blake Inge
Blake Inge 11 soat oldin
Are you a guy
Katey Lynn
Katey Lynn 11 soat oldin
New sub. 💖💖💖
0l1v1eh Tunes!
0l1v1eh Tunes! 11 soat oldin
Why do you look better in shorts than I do? YOU SISTER SLAY QUEEN XD 💖 you you inspire me to be me!
Paris Alvarado
Paris Alvarado 12 soat oldin
Yuuki Minori
Yuuki Minori 13 soat oldin
You are actually so beautiful. Absolutely gorgeous. I can’t stand your glow ♥️♥️ I love you so much.
BabyBat Girl0512
BabyBat Girl0512 13 soat oldin
Your apartment is soo clean. I can see that you really put a lot of effort into cleaning 😂 But the Sister Shelter has to sister slay! 😋😂😂 and lets be honest it does
Elia Dragibus
Elia Dragibus 14 soat oldin
You're a GENIUS! I'm an student and next year I will be in a universitarian apartment thingy so the projector will be USEFUL THANKS :D
Kenzie Boyd
Kenzie Boyd 14 soat oldin
Wait “sister suck”?!
Evita Vinceva
Evita Vinceva 14 soat oldin
Your just beautiful that’s all I can say 😂
Outerspace Weirdo
Outerspace Weirdo 15 soat oldin
Rohan Carroll
Rohan Carroll 15 soat oldin
James this is not criticism or against you in any way but I think you're saying Adidas wrong...
shaniaa 15 soat oldin
"because *dramatic look* i'm james!"
rice chigga
rice chigga 16 soat oldin
wow james sister im so badly in love with u and ur life
Destiny Rosa
Destiny Rosa 16 soat oldin
Did She Say ‘Sister Sob’ or ‘Sister Suck’
Raffie Pickett
Raffie Pickett 16 soat oldin
We love an ikea shishtar
Yesther 16 soat oldin
I would KILL for your legs
Benjamin van Tilburg
Benjamin van Tilburg 16 soat oldin
Can I follow you on pinterest?
Lost Astronaut
Lost Astronaut 16 soat oldin
your apartment is lovely. it looks very cosy and well decorated. i will definitely use this as an inspiration for when i get my first apartment.
Izzy Rodopoulos
Izzy Rodopoulos 17 soat oldin
Yessss love you I love your apartment it’s so cute
Agnes Sjölund
Agnes Sjölund 17 soat oldin
Rip Ingvar Kamprad☹️😢#IKEA
Emma Sterckel
Emma Sterckel 17 soat oldin
6:18 #shortpeopleprobs. This was soo relatable! ❤️ Also I loved this video, your apartment is goallss 💕
Kiki Jiang
Kiki Jiang 18 soat oldin
You should get Mr.Kate to decorate your suite!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Alyssa Monheim
Alyssa Monheim 18 soat oldin
This looks like my Sims’ house
Carmen TV
Carmen TV 18 soat oldin
Omg no hate but he did not blend his makeup at all 😰😅
Heyimheidi 18 soat oldin
loved this xxx
Roman4525 18 soat oldin
We didn't get to see the sister shit room.
93phatkat 19 soat oldin
I freaking love this loft/apartment!!!! So organized, crisp, clean and CHIC!!!It’s my dream!!! Best wishes with your house! :D
nayamee Balcita
nayamee Balcita 19 soat oldin
Hey James! I love your apartment! 😍❤
Desiree Shelton
Desiree Shelton 20 soat oldin
You are just BEAUTIFUL
Heba Sanousi
Heba Sanousi 20 soat oldin
Cheetos called they said they wanted their dust back
Rolal Tbh
Rolal Tbh 20 soat oldin
Please do a video dedicated to your camera exactly and your lights and lighting set up and maybe like a tutorial on how to set it up at your new place
Jordan Cole
Jordan Cole 20 soat oldin
I could beat you at MarioKart any day!!!!!! Im not good a lot of things but MarioKart is my jam!
Hope Hernandez
Hope Hernandez 21 soat oldin
Did he say sister suck?!? 😂
Julia Groman
Julia Groman 22 soat oldin
James you are a #skinnylegend in this video. Loving the Gucci belt with those shorts!
Zeus CV
Zeus CV 22 soat oldin
your “apartment” is bigger than my “house”
Hayden The Potato
Hayden The Potato 23 soat oldin
Kenzie Z loves you and you have her book she must be so happy
Anna Cecilia
Anna Cecilia 23 soat oldin
We love shister ikea
myers mclennan
myers mclennan 23 soat oldin
Jan Weißenborn
Jan Weißenborn Kun oldin
Aurore Caron
Aurore Caron Kun oldin
I have the exact same chair that you have at your dinning table in my room but mine’s black
eloise dw
eloise dw Kun oldin
10:07 that dabbing mannequin is beautiful
eloise dw
eloise dw Kun oldin
also who the hell filmed this? because their reflection doesn't show up in the mirror...
eloise dw
eloise dw Kun oldin
Olivia Katelin
Olivia Katelin Kun oldin
Jess Swales
Jess Swales Kun oldin
pause at 17:11 so funny
Elise Main
Elise Main Kun oldin
1:32. " I'm ALWAYS loosing them and misplacing them and so I figured, might as well put them there". Omg This sister is dying!😂
Zoe Connell
Zoe Connell Kun oldin
I have the same book case 😊😋
sachin Singh
sachin Singh Kun oldin
Wat is this i dont even know wat is wrong with this person why he so weird why he saying sisiter again and again
Amy de Wilde
Amy de Wilde Kun oldin
Omg! This is literally my dream house! I sweaaarrr
Shaya Rae
Shaya Rae Kun oldin
so where does his washer and dryer go?
Celina Binkley
Celina Binkley Kun oldin
I CANNOT WAIT TILL JAMES GETS A SUPER HOT BUT SWEET BOYFRIEND AND WE GET A LOVE STORY 😭 P.S. I didn’t even notice that your skin looked bad, literally can’t even tell
dzenetzi Kun oldin
Do. A. Moving. Series. *Please*
Lps._.Däkødå ‘
Do you have a bathroom and a laundry room ? Just wondering ..
Omg I love love love those shorts where did u get them? 😍
Chichi wah Wah
Chichi wah Wah Kun oldin
Paper plates??. Really..? To hard to wash a plate
Bubblez Lol
Bubblez Lol Kun oldin
First of all his hair is hair goals second outfit goals
Jfromthesouth Kun oldin
Omg im literally so proud of you for working so hard to get everything you have today. And tbh i am a little jelly seeing as how im a year older than you and there's no way ill have anything close to what you have for years. That being said, its not a bad jelly because you def deserve everything you have and i love you so much sister!!! 😁
Katie Xoxo
Katie Xoxo Kun oldin
Your eyes Holly 🤤
LittleAlpaca26 Gaming
Jillian Copeland
James looks so good in this video
Emma lynch
Emma lynch Kun oldin
That's legit the most amaze balls room ever
Stacy Bogart
Stacy Bogart Kun oldin
You’re too cute! Love the apartment, the deco is amazing!!!
Rafa Alonso
Rafa Alonso Kun oldin
You should call mrs Kate when you get your sister sanctuary
Amy Pender
Amy Pender Kun oldin
I love your place it's so cute!!
victoria scylla fernandez
Your apartment is definitely my style..😍😍😍
Angel Cotto
Angel Cotto Kun oldin
This is where I “sister shit” 😂💀
Owen Ember
Owen Ember Kun oldin
for your camera set up, is it a telephoto zoom lense ? wondering because im looking for a extremely high quality lense.
Amira Saleh
Amira Saleh Kun oldin
I didn’t gen focus that ur skin or whatever was a lil messed up lol
I honestly love that his makeup didn’t blend to the back of his neck bc that’s so relatable and not everything with be perfect every time... and all the sister jokes are pure perfection
Makenna E
Makenna E Kun oldin
Who else loved it when he was trying to get the screen for his projector down😂😂
Reegan Novak
Reegan Novak Kun oldin
Your apartment is bigger than my house😂 Oh and can I have it?!!!
Slimetwins Martin
Mabey you should you should post some of the rooms that you showed your sisters on insta.And when you shop you would probably say “I’m sister shopping” and I’m like “ I’m sister shoplifting” (in my teachers room) *last day of school*
Coral Sleator
Coral Sleator Kun oldin
Where's your bathroom??
Charlotte Kun oldin
10:02 peep the dabbing mannequin
Jenna K
Jenna K Kun oldin
I love how sister James said that he wanted to have the best camera quality for us. We are honored babe! ❤️❤️❤️✨ It’s very beautiful and it’s literally a dream house!!!
Laura Borja
Laura Borja Kun oldin
Your apartment is really cool😍
Kookie Boi
Kookie Boi Kun oldin
Me: SISTER, I’m literally so jealous rn.
Nicki Palmer
Nicki Palmer Kun oldin
6:41 lmao
Karla Otte
Karla Otte Kun oldin
I have the same ikea desk drawers as you haha ikea for the win!!
Mewesical Kun oldin
What kind of monster would want to paint original exposed brick?!?! Gasp! Not cool
Grace Hawkins
Grace Hawkins Kun oldin
Sister count at 45 in this video 😂
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