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HI SISTERS! It's FINALLY here... the video you've been asking for for literally years now... my apartment tour. I live in Downtown Los Angeles in a beautiful loft that you guys see all the time on my Snapchat and IG Stories but I've never given you the full tour... enjoy and don't forget to thumbs up and SUBSCRIBE!!
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5-Iyn, 2018

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James Charles
James Charles 2 oy oldin
HI SISTERS! I tried to color correct the video to make it ~*aesthetically pleasing*~ and make my walls look more white, but for some reason the color correction also affected some of my skin. I desperately need another sister spraytan because as you can tell, mine looks horrible and splotchy. The foundation matched the rest of my body but clearly not my neck. Please focus on the apartment tour, as I'm really proud of it and have worked super hard to decorate it over the past year, and not on my foundation because I am well aware that it doesn't look good. Thanks!!!!
person pillow
person pillow 4 kun oldin
James Charles please tell me the name of the building in so interested in that place and I want to find a nice place in downtown LA
kyra privette
kyra privette 6 kun oldin
no match nancy😂😂💕 love u sister james
baby eb
baby eb 24 kun oldin
baby you look beautiful <3 nothing can look bad on you, you rocked that foundation and OF COURSE the apartment tour! Inspiring as always
Sierra Allen
Sierra Allen 24 kun oldin
James Charles omg you are the sweetest. It looks amazing and I love the sister tour.😍🔥
Liv Oy oldin
500th reply yay
Lillian Faux
Lillian Faux 5 soat oldin
Mad the welcome mat says Sisters, Welcome, and not Salutations Sisters 😂
Sydnie Howell
Sydnie Howell 6 soat oldin
7:15 how is the camera not showing in the mirror??? I'm confused lol. Help me
X iiAshCashii X
X iiAshCashii X 8 soat oldin
Aesthetic dream excuse me.😂
Brenda Robles
Brenda Robles 9 soat oldin
If your gonna wear short at lest shave your legs 🤭
Beck Bond
Beck Bond 11 soat oldin
The apartment looks so industrial and tbh I feel it
Shaelynn & Kaydence
Shaelynn & Kaydence 13 soat oldin
lowkey really want to see the bathroom
Ulla là
Ulla là 13 soat oldin
Love youre Apartment and you are so cute
Hope Edwards
Hope Edwards 14 soat oldin
Tianna Marie
Tianna Marie 14 soat oldin
Sister James I luv ur sister apartment
Angelika St
Angelika St 15 soat oldin
Hi, if anyone here would like to take a look at my Tumblr that would be awesome!! :D Its about art, love, happiness... It's called: the-pistazie Thank you!!
mental assistance is needed
Your apartment is bigger than my house
Emma Comer
Emma Comer 16 soat oldin
Bro where did the cielings fly away to
Maycey Jones
Maycey Jones 17 soat oldin
Cara Smyth
Cara Smyth 18 soat oldin
Question: do u actually hav a sister?? If u don’t.. ILL BE UR SISTER SISTERRRRR 🙌👌😉❤️😍🥑
Abby Briggs
Abby Briggs 18 soat oldin
How tall are you sister Charles
nadya britt
nadya britt 18 soat oldin
“.... just to sister sleep, and occasionally sister suck.” 😂😂😂
Gracie and Noah GAMEING
I love thumbnail!!!!
Miranda Fuentes
Miranda Fuentes 19 soat oldin
wonder how much the rent is for a place like that!
Mimi& Kiwi
Mimi& Kiwi 20 soat oldin
Sister shook! 😍😍
LittleGhostGirl 20 soat oldin
Please do the house series! 😲
deanne fausto
deanne fausto 21 soat oldin
Everything is organized and clean nice! Compared to js's house tour from shane's docu, i find this more pleasing. I just love watching organized homes 😍😍😍
MENDIZ 21 soat oldin
BlvckPyrvmid89 22 soat oldin
I Want The Studio And Equipment!!
Franktastic Bastarde
Franktastic Bastarde 22 soat oldin
your apartment is hella rad, m8? love it!
PrussianGreen 22 soat oldin
I'm 21 and still stuck in college. Fml
Simonas K
Simonas K Kun oldin
13:25 Oh.... That's a small collection?
Simonas K
Simonas K Kun oldin
You should play overwatch!
Eva :P
Eva :P Kun oldin
Apartment? More like a sister mansion. Ilysm sister Jamessss 😂❤
Monster Kun oldin
Did you photo shop your legs in the thumbnail? Yes I noticed cause you looked like a girl, a butch girl, in your thumbnail. Omg cute! Sisters! Yaaaasss!!
tanne1993 Kun oldin
Is this the same appartment complex where carly christman used to live, does anybody know?
Hannah Grasruck
Hannah Grasruck Kun oldin
We tried to take a shot everytime you said "sister" and almost died. Loving your videos, you are so fun!
Jada Rodriguez
Jada Rodriguez Kun oldin
Welp we have the same chairs lol
Dymund Prynsess
Dymund Prynsess Kun oldin
I'm mad at "sister ceiling"
Kaitlyn Says
Kaitlyn Says Kun oldin
Hi Sister James lovevyou aparment! 😍
Paw Hsa
Paw Hsa Kun oldin
Paw Hsa
Paw Hsa Kun oldin
Paw Hsa
Paw Hsa Kun oldin
So cute
Kaylyn Lewis
Kaylyn Lewis Kun oldin
Sister suck. I’m sister shook.
Lilli & Friends Vlog
How could anyone hate him...?❤️
Megan Marie Banda
The biggest thing I have in common with James is that we both wear black, white, and grey a lot lol I've been trying to dress more colorful though lol
Haedyn Brouse
Haedyn Brouse Kun oldin
The way you are about Pinterest is literally the way my mom is, she is obsessed😂😂
Chloe Reagan-Stoops
James has literally quoted my life! Examples: "Literally every plant that I have owned in my entire life has died!" and "...if it makes my butt look nice or flat...it's usually flat" lol I'm dying!!😜🤣
Jodie Goode
Jodie Goode Kun oldin
I love it 😍
Ana Muñoz
Ana Muñoz Kun oldin
Tu apartamento es perfecto! Aunque esas escaleras me dan miedo jajaja pero es perfecto, nada de mas, la decoración es linda, los pequeños detalles son tan lindos! It's perfección! And no more
Summer Hickey
Summer Hickey Kun oldin
So clean and organized *-*
angtroll Kun oldin
You should do a hang out with me video just of you getting ready and chilling around your apartment! Use Twitter to have people help decide what to do!
Heather Combs
Heather Combs Kun oldin
Honestly I think you are just the cutest ever!!!! ❤❤
Heidi Lewis French
Cute Sister Abode! & Lets be Adidas Sisters! Much Love Sister!
MERRY ANN Kun oldin
James: says he is going to be broke when he buys his sister sanctuary Also James 5 minutes later: says he is going to buy a huge, and expensive, grand piano for his new house
S Walch
S Walch Kun oldin
omggggg he looks soooo gooooddd in shorts😩😩😩
cihuacoatl Lopez
i have a projector to yay twining
David Buckley
David Buckley Kun oldin
Why do we never see u full transformation when see the wigs above ur makeup xo.
Logan LEL
Logan LEL Kun oldin
I love your little freckles💗. Soooooo cuteee
irrelevant areej
i would absolutely loooove to see a moving in and interior design series of the new house!!
Brenda Brasil
Brenda Brasil Kun oldin
You talk LITERALLY so fast! But I love it because I can improve my English, and, honestly, I feel fluent 😎 God bless you!!!!!!
madelyne fernandez
I wonder which apartment is his. The one that says ‘Sisters’
Smdumpster 2 kun oldin
I love the brick tho
Isabella Richardson
Kailey Mac
Kailey Mac 2 kun oldin
Beautiful apartment! Must cost a fortune 😣 I can barely afford my $1100 one bedroom
Tian Lano
Tian Lano 2 kun oldin
do you breathe?lol
Tian Lano
Tian Lano 2 kun oldin
are you in a hurry? lol
Tian Lano
Tian Lano 2 kun oldin
you talk too fast,i feel like you're rapping. lmao
Phoebe Dowdeswell
Phoebe Dowdeswell 2 kun oldin
Went you get your new house you should definitely get mr Kate do decorate love you always sister ❤️
Paige Teel
Paige Teel 2 kun oldin
Wanna bet on this Mario kart game because I’ll crush you that’s all I literally do in life 😂
kearstin b
kearstin b 2 kun oldin
Kinda pissed James looks better in shorts than I do 😅😂
Ashley Vazquez
Ashley Vazquez 2 kun oldin
I’ve come to admire you as a person, keep doing what you love!
Isabella Schutta
Isabella Schutta 2 kun oldin
"glitters" "more glitters" *okay but why is that me?* 😂
EatYoVeggies 2 kun oldin
I LOVE how organized everything is.
Destiny Lassalle
Destiny Lassalle 2 kun oldin
Okay sister now I am a subscriber honey boo
Meeyeon Park
Meeyeon Park 2 kun oldin
Aw I really enjoyed watching this. You seem so happy and I'm very happy for you and all your success. I hope that you find a great new sanctuary to make more great memories in.
Alanie Beichley
Alanie Beichley 2 kun oldin
And occasionally sister suck 😲 😲
sammie 2 kun oldin
Sandy Vega
Sandy Vega 2 kun oldin
Love love your apartment
Twylla Young
Twylla Young 2 kun oldin
Love love love james
Mermaid Girl 506
Mermaid Girl 506 2 kun oldin
I just found you you today and I fell in love with you your amazing 😘
Ava Brown
Ava Brown 2 kun oldin
Sister James, you are LEGIT gonna be my makeup artist when I become famous... I LOVE YOU SO MUCH🖤♥️
Isabella Lam
Isabella Lam 2 kun oldin
"You know what i need? A boyfriend" AHAHAHAHA
Elmy Diaz
Elmy Diaz 2 kun oldin
Do a move in and decoration Video when you get your house
Negina Rezayi
Negina Rezayi 2 kun oldin
my house is not as nice as thiiiisss *shook*
Rhianna Daly
Rhianna Daly 2 kun oldin
You should call it the sister shack❤️❤️love you!
Amy Kimball
Amy Kimball 2 kun oldin
Your apartment is gorgeous!!!! Can’t wait for a house tour when you buy one!!!!! Love and blessings. 🙏🏼
minimal sweater
minimal sweater 2 kun oldin
Ahhh it looks so minimalistic i love ittttt
Floral Disney
Floral Disney 2 kun oldin
Love that you play mario kart bc it’s literally my childhood 😄♥️♥️
Stella Hegnelius
Stella Hegnelius 2 kun oldin
Love the scandinavian style in your apartment 😻😻
noraemper _
noraemper _ 2 kun oldin
I've always wanted an Apartment like this
qTiSujin3 So
qTiSujin3 So 2 kun oldin
Love your shorts your wearing😍😍😍😍😍😍
Laila Raza
Laila Raza 2 kun oldin
Neele fmx
Neele fmx 2 kun oldin
Take a breath! You talk way too fast
Neele fmx
Neele fmx 2 kun oldin
Hol mal luft
Savannah Charles
Savannah Charles 2 kun oldin
he overuses the sister thing, it’s too much
Brooke A
Brooke A 2 kun oldin
You are so insanely talented James, thanks for sharing your home with us it shows even more of your many talents❤️
tintaenmispalabras 2 kun oldin
This is a fucking dream
Fiona Haefliger
Fiona Haefliger 2 kun oldin
3:00 that's a c
Saski 2 kun oldin
Sister. Paper plates? No. Please no. Anyways. Love you 😘
Shaik rumaisa
Shaik rumaisa 2 kun oldin
Omg you have mackenzie ziegler's book!?!?!?!!?!
loune fitzgerald
loune fitzgerald 3 kun oldin
You look BOMB in shorts!
Margo 3 kun oldin
So so so cute!!!!
It’s Ya Gurl Ratchet Froot Loop
#sistersquad LOVE U JAMES ❤❤
Samantha Brown
Samantha Brown 3 kun oldin
Omg I love the brick walls!!! Yes please do a moving in and decorating series!!