My Babysitter Lie

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7-Yan, 2019

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Dominic Sumera
Dominic Sumera 10 kun oldin
This series is going out so well it's so interesting to watch what's the best series of your channel EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Kayedyn Secor
Kayedyn Secor 3 soat oldin
Sneakyboi Plays
Sneakyboi Plays 19 soat oldin
Payton Brown
Payton Brown 23 soat oldin
Do the next one!!!!!!!!! Please
BongoboozelRs Kun oldin
Dominic Sumera sorry man but neebs got dat best series
Sarah Fowler
Sarah Fowler Kun oldin
The baby sitter
Pokedon Master
Pokedon Master 45 daqiqa oldin
It will be your friend
The one who Commented this
Idk why but I feel like most of his story’s are fake
Bennie Mendez
Bennie Mendez 53 daqiqa oldin
Don't joke with me, definitely is the freaking bully at 6:27
Jose Valenzuela
Jose Valenzuela Soat oldin
thenemoboiPlays Soat oldin
You should do a collab with brewstew
Gigi Josie
Gigi Josie Soat oldin
I think that the babysitter is with the bully and I have a question...….. what if the babysitter ever watched these videos
MrJahanGuy Soat oldin
She was with the emotional dinosaur support
Gunnisberg Soat oldin
Your gun video is still wildly inacurate.
Jeremy Ward
Jeremy Ward Soat oldin
I think its either bobby or that kid who spent ur $223. What was his name, i think it was shitmouth
ThePRO GAMER Soat oldin
Pathepig Oink
Pathepig Oink 2 soat oldin
4:13 scared me so bad
Emerald 66
Emerald 66 2 soat oldin
When dose the next video come
the bebe and cece show
The guy who gave her the note that you lied about
Dee Bee
Dee Bee 2 soat oldin
Omg I need to know WHAT HAPPENED!!!!!!!!!!!
Jim Demon
Jim Demon 2 soat oldin
She was there with James from TheOdd1sOut chessboxing
Kelsey Hull
Kelsey Hull 2 soat oldin
So are you going to make another video of the babysitter because it just ended right there 😡
Kayedyn Secor
Kayedyn Secor 3 soat oldin
Curse you Bobby or the bully that's who I think it is😈😈😈😈😈😈😈
Erion Çitaku
Erion Çitaku 3 soat oldin
what if thatbwas the guy who realy send that letter and you did make it to the scool!
ItzyoboyEthan YT
ItzyoboyEthan YT 3 soat oldin
I think she was with Dylan
Supreme naruto Nay has vu
It’s Bobby
Isaac Brewer-Charles
I think it was the school bully
Sakura Ashita
Sakura Ashita 3 soat oldin
Anyone else notice he listed Wakanda as a tour date? 😂
Russian gamer
Russian gamer 4 soat oldin
Hey Alex kill darnell
Soldiegamer 3171
Soldiegamer 3171 4 soat oldin
Dj Gutierrez
Dj Gutierrez 4 soat oldin
Watch Naruto
Xavier Hernandez
Xavier Hernandez 4 soat oldin
Alexicris1 4 soat oldin
Pritc Hosssy
Pritc Hosssy 5 soat oldin
the bs was w AJ or the one tht wrote the real letter
ucca roo
ucca roo 5 soat oldin
I have one too just a Rex from Legos I love my rexyboy And il just take out the plug out of the alarm
Sly Slyshoof
Sly Slyshoof 5 soat oldin
U think the boy is her dad
xxcoolkidnow 122
xxcoolkidnow 122 5 soat oldin
It was problay his friend
Nathanael Hiott
Nathanael Hiott 5 soat oldin
I think he's probably going to lose it.
Ruben Fuentes
Ruben Fuentes 5 soat oldin
I don’t want these episodes to end
Ben Goodwin
Ben Goodwin 5 soat oldin
Is any of this series true?
Gabriel Diaz
Gabriel Diaz 2 soat oldin
They are true this is based on a true story sadly
TheAvirus 5 soat oldin
They are all LIES
Oren Harris
Oren Harris 5 soat oldin
Lol baby sitter is whit Alex best freond that helped him write the letter big bet or Alex dad that would be funny
Alan Bridges
Alan Bridges 5 soat oldin
shibe person shibe drill
nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo clif hangers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Dr Chilapastroso Dr Las Macas
Its Bobby and the sister, about to trip you up. And then you went o art school, that is why you do these.
Noah Patterson
Noah Patterson 6 soat oldin
The bully
Gamey the Gamer
Gamey the Gamer 6 soat oldin
She’s cheating on you
Nirvana touri
Nirvana touri 6 soat oldin
she is going to be with a man you well be like i guess they never miss huh you got a boyfriend i bet he doesnt kiss ya oof
Alyssa Nering
Alyssa Nering 6 soat oldin
Why don’t you just tell me what’s gonna happen instead of telling me to ask questions just so that you can get more views for your next video 💀
Cxdyy 6 soat oldin
Antonio martinez Martinez
Its that one dude that stole all yours money I forgot😞
Сергей Меркачев
Зачем ты это переводил
Сергей Меркачев
Мне это не надоест
Сергей Меркачев
А это зачем переводил
venom cobra
venom cobra 7 soat oldin
megersa belda
megersa belda 7 soat oldin
That not how u spell school it's spelled S.C.H.O.O.L
Jeppe Gaming/Drawing
Deffinataly theoddonesout
LuckySim TV
LuckySim TV 7 soat oldin
She was watching an Alex clack video.
Thomas Howlett
Thomas Howlett 7 soat oldin
Stop with the cliffhangers it’s annoying but I like it
Elijah Johnson
Elijah Johnson 7 soat oldin
is it geret
Elijah Johnson
Elijah Johnson 7 soat oldin
DanteTDL 8 soat oldin
I'm confused about the title. The title is "My Babysitter Lie" but then the thumbnail shows the babysitter and the word "Lies" in all capital letters and yellow color. So was there a grammar mistake or something?
David Bolinger
David Bolinger 8 soat oldin
Skip to 1:51 and pause for the best part
Eduard Miron
Eduard Miron 9 soat oldin
The Babysitter story is better than any Neflix series
SᴇᴘSᴏʟ 9 soat oldin
omg just finish it already
slush gaming
slush gaming 10 soat oldin
the anser is poop and pee
Marcus Moore
Marcus Moore 10 soat oldin
I think she was cheating on him and she found out who wrote the letter
legend 33d
legend 33d 11 soat oldin
I think she’s with the bully
Frost And frostbite
Frost And frostbite 11 soat oldin
Zachary Murdock
Zachary Murdock 11 soat oldin
I think she was with Darryl because the shadow of the persons outline kinda reminded me of Darryl
Korbit 11 soat oldin
One of your best friends, She was with.
Joshua Myler Official
Joshua Myler Official 11 soat oldin
She was with the person who actually wrote the letter?
Joely Wolly
Joely Wolly 12 soat oldin
Bobby it was bobby
Crazy Vids/vlogs
Crazy Vids/vlogs 12 soat oldin
The bully
Claire Ruiz
Claire Ruiz 12 soat oldin
Just binged the series
JEFFREY LIESER 12 soat oldin
She cheated on you. That letter is the usps’ fault, they screw up the address all the time.
Sumukh 12 soat oldin
Put an end to the story like real quick
Let's go Charmander 123321
Alex don't press read more
TheEleventh805 Gamer
TheEleventh805 Gamer 13 soat oldin
Bobbie might be the guy she’s with
HenHen Plays
HenHen Plays 13 soat oldin
Bobby Bobby No
KillShot439 13 soat oldin
Just to be clear the babbysitter series is fake,in one of the videos he ended the series by saying we havent finished the script yet
KillShot439 3 soat oldin
+Pinky Pie are u a skinny mavrick 12 year old? Oh wait, you are
Pinky Pie
Pinky Pie 3 soat oldin
KillShot439 Are u dumb?
LaserSkillz last name
LaserSkillz last name 13 soat oldin
why I need 2 know I will brake in 2 your office git your team and then I will take your taco mahahaha
DA MINI BOI 14 soat oldin
Kaycey Onguko
Kaycey Onguko 14 soat oldin
I think the babysitter was with the school bully
the boris channel (bendy and friends extra)
Were you shirtless in the talent show
Yaldızlı Bambu Maymunu
He is dinosaur
Ella LuvsCreepyPasta
Ella LuvsCreepyPasta 14 soat oldin
Zachary Murza
Zachary Murza 15 soat oldin
Hey Alex are these babysitter vids real?
gaming packer
gaming packer 15 soat oldin
No you monster stupid cliffhanger
Benedict Juni
Benedict Juni 16 soat oldin
i think its bobby or the guy who you asked for a reservation
Gaming Jeager
Gaming Jeager 16 soat oldin
i hope not i want this series to continue
Gaming Jeager
Gaming Jeager 16 soat oldin
is this the finale
Leo M
Leo M 16 soat oldin
It was bobby
Lethalshed gaming
Lethalshed gaming 16 soat oldin
100 subscribers no videos?
Dawson Lane
Dawson Lane 17 soat oldin
He obviously got in the school just watch the video lol
XenYOLO Games
XenYOLO Games 17 soat oldin
Maybe its the guy who bullied him at cafeteria?
EthanOAK 29
EthanOAK 29 17 soat oldin
Baby sitter was with your flamingo
egg egshiglen
egg egshiglen 18 soat oldin
its the bully
Gerard Ilagan
Gerard Ilagan 18 soat oldin
Oh nooo!!! NTR
Bread Man
Bread Man 18 soat oldin
This is great butt like this has been going on for too long
its justcece
its justcece 18 soat oldin
i really HaTe YoU for ending ur videos like that cause i just want that tea and it turns out i have to go and find the next one like really?!? seriously?!? do u have to.? no u don't😡
Austin Bryden
Austin Bryden 18 soat oldin
Tyler Moore
Tyler Moore 19 soat oldin
VikkySaurus Ro
VikkySaurus Ro 19 soat oldin
HER DAD!!!1!!1!!!
Landon M
Landon M 19 soat oldin
dude you’ve made like 10 of these, I know your just doing this for money now, so can you go back to good stories instead of making every single video about your babysitter
Gamith Adithya
Gamith Adithya 20 soat oldin
I sub to you because of this playlist
Cookie Wizard
Cookie Wizard 20 soat oldin
20 kun oldin
Wrong Numbers
4 oy oldin
Oy oldin
Disney World
18 kun oldin