My Best Friends Expose Me...

James Charles
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HI SISTERS! To start off 2019, I figured it was finally time to introduce you guys to the best friends I consider my family. Watch as THEY answer all of YOUR juicy questions about my life, boys, memories, and more!
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4-Yan, 2019

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James Charles
James Charles 14 kun oldin
Filming this video was one of the happiest days of my life & it’s one of my favorites. I wasn’t supposed to answer anything so me looking “sad” or “annoyed” is me being quiet for once and focusing on what my friends are saying. Please don’t ruin a positive video with negative comments!! ❤️
Grim Sleeper
Grim Sleeper 4 soat oldin
Not everyone wants to be a little girl like you.
Anaiya unicorn princess
James Charles I love you
Amanda Barge
Amanda Barge 6 kun oldin
Amanda Barge
Amanda Barge 6 kun oldin
Amanda Barge
Amanda Barge 6 kun oldin
mimi babby13
mimi babby13 21 daqiqa oldin
Talks fast ... videos are still long 😶
unicorn lover
unicorn lover 2 soat oldin
Omg hi sisters
josip krcalic
josip krcalic 6 soat oldin
Bolesno odvratno
Shontell Fontenot
Shontell Fontenot 6 soat oldin
We love a trust worthy sister
ghostspoon 05
ghostspoon 05 8 soat oldin
Morty Adams
Morty Adams 10 soat oldin
I’m crying
panda time
panda time 10 soat oldin
Pauly d called; He wants his hair back
xGrizzlyx mobile gaming
Roses are red violet are blue wtf did i watch😲
Prisca Joyce
Prisca Joyce 13 soat oldin
So is James the youngest out of all of them?
DefaultyGurl :3
DefaultyGurl :3 14 soat oldin
I love the way you guys make each other laugh y’all are true friends
cows4life 18 soat oldin
*eating sandwich* Camrea man tells me this isn't the only meat I'll have today... James and his friends come around the corner...
Lily Poon
Lily Poon 19 soat oldin
The tea is piping!
Lily Poon
Lily Poon 19 soat oldin
Wow he's bf with Laura boutique
Your daily dose of French fries
Shishter Shuck
Shishter Shuck 22 soat oldin
Let’s all have black hair and not tell drew
Eliza T
Eliza T 22 soat oldin
hey sister !! i know cassie is engaged, so if she still needs a dress, and if you would come to Kleinfield with her, my mom (executive producer of say yes to the dress) would love to have you on the show. we would fly you guys to NYC, and anyone else cassie want to bring, and give cassie a free dress. thanks sister !! yes this is real, private messsge me for more info. love you sister !!
emily sweeney
emily sweeney 22 soat oldin
13:51 “let me smell” *realizes he’s just made the worst decision of his life* LOVED this video!!!! 💕
emily sweeney
emily sweeney 22 soat oldin
This video was HILARIOUS!
Austin Hitt
Austin Hitt 23 soat oldin
23:46 ummmm. Grayson???? ***please***
Michelle Frizza
Michelle Frizza 23 soat oldin
Are one of the girls from a UZvid channel called Louie's life
Austin Hitt
Austin Hitt Kun oldin
17:19 I thought that the dog was an edit in to be funny. Lol.
Jayanna Guisinger
U guys are all so my fav
Indiana morgan x
im literally scrolling through comments to see who found out who James' ex wasssssss
Charlotte Pearl
Charlotte Pearl Kun oldin
no, yo best friends are emma and the dolan twins
Sibowan Moon
Sibowan Moon Kun oldin
What is up with James and his friends trend of not matching their Foundation look at the tan guy next to James and focus on the bottom of his neck 😨
Emerald Minecart
You and drew should date you would make a great and cute couple!
Sloane Komery
Sloane Komery Kun oldin
The Beauty Adams
I love, love, love your personality, you can tell you are truly a really good person. Anyone would be lucky to have you in their life..
mira van peursem
Laura looks like halsey
Deadshot Kun oldin
I wanna see the other 8.2 K that is disgusted by this “dude”.whats the need to talk like a girl
1979mooncat Kun oldin
I loved this video. So fun to see your tribe and hear their stories .
qtmoku Kun oldin
absolutely *aBsoLutELy*
McKenna Arellano
savemyskin Kun oldin
Cassiee is drop dead GORGEOUS!
Starleen Cooley
Starleen Cooley Kun oldin
I don't want to be negative but I would love to watch this video but this video needs to be Captioned by a real person the UZvid Auto generated captions are not good at all and so I can't understand I'm quite hard of hearing
Ashley Guzman
Ashley Guzman Kun oldin
We love a sister truth .
Vania Cortez
Vania Cortez Kun oldin
"You would be a stripper"
AyeIFeelU Kun oldin
so ya know you have the sister squad and the kity girls we love a multi sis
Angels_ Flyfirst
Angels_ Flyfirst 2 kun oldin
Lol is it just me or did James get a piercing 😂?
Theonlycece Cute
Theonlycece Cute 2 kun oldin
Hey guys,I just wanna say I'm new to the sister squad so please welcome me in a nice way and don't be mean to others and stay positive think be creative Don't change for anyone or anybody be your self #sister
Theonlycece Cute
Theonlycece Cute 2 kun oldin
Briana Urie
Briana Urie 2 kun oldin
Wait sister James listens to panic at the disco I’m shook
Braden Gunnett
Braden Gunnett 2 kun oldin
Mirinda Glace
Mirinda Glace 2 kun oldin
I thought I was like the only one noticing how quiet, serious and sad James looked, but seeing his comment about it made me so happy. It's great James. You're great. I loved this video
Grace Haswell
Grace Haswell 2 kun oldin
Where’s Eliot? 😂
Lukas Star
Lukas Star 2 kun oldin
Eat me out daddy lol I'm a miner lol no homo
gucci boy's wifeu
gucci boy's wifeu 2 kun oldin
Sister Squad is SHOOK
Arlene Mingils
Arlene Mingils 2 kun oldin
56 year old Mom here, enjoying all of the silliness. I just love true raw talent. To me, this video was like watching all 3 of my grown children mess with each other...lol.
Jim Abuel
Jim Abuel 2 kun oldin
8:19 | James: What are you doing??? Drew: I'm just hoping it's me... Me: haha lmao 😂
It’s me Nashmia
It’s me Nashmia 2 kun oldin
Where’s Anthony?😢😭
Lucia Vega
Lucia Vega 2 kun oldin
James, tonight my love for you has sister grown exponentially and the fact that you sing death of the bachelor a lot makes me want to hug you for three years long. I'm not kidding I'll cry if I'm ever near you ilysfm
Phoebe Xo
Phoebe Xo 2 kun oldin
on the sister squad question they're talking about the ACTUAL sister squad.
My Michelle
My Michelle 2 kun oldin
literally 12 days later james is at 13 million...SISTER SHOOK congrats james!
Ysatis 2 kun oldin
SISSTERR ! I so LOVE ur new foundation shade babe ! #SisterStunning
PieGaming1223 2 kun oldin
Meme's belike
Danica Houde
Danica Houde 2 kun oldin
Use code James for 10% off.
Shelby Mastny
Shelby Mastny 2 kun oldin
James your such an inspiration. I love you so so much.
Soheilie Falcon
Soheilie Falcon 2 kun oldin
I love you so much and my favorite video of yours is the won with the ace family I love the ace family so much and I’m a sister 😘😍😘
Sophie Thorne
Sophie Thorne 2 kun oldin
You are so talented and amazing James 😍
melanie 3 kun oldin
OMG I HAVE A Question what happened in the past
Annika Schmidt
Annika Schmidt 3 kun oldin
The way James looks at Drew. OMG. I do not believe in Ethan and James being a couple anymore sry not sry.
Olivia's World
Olivia's World 3 kun oldin
You guys do realize that James Charles is his own person and doesnt want only the sister squad to be his besties. He does love us but seriously you guys should grow up. Just because he has friends (besties) doesn’t mean he is excluding us so stop with the sister quad has left or sister squad has now disliked and stuff
Jordan Frye
Jordan Frye 3 kun oldin
James : i went to a guys house Everyone: OOoOOooO
Viviana Corza
Viviana Corza 3 kun oldin
please do more sister sessions like this one ♡ love you always
olivia helbig
olivia helbig 3 kun oldin
Sister__ Lexi
Sister__ Lexi 3 kun oldin
James you should make merch that says "Don't eeeverr" and "Don't come for me"
asmi djo
asmi djo 3 kun oldin
Sisters the Square one in mississauga Canada there was 10,000 James Charles's fans when he went there SISTER SHOOK!!!
asena akça
asena akça 3 kun oldin
Ethan & Grayson should do this 😂
summertime_231 3 kun oldin
7:44 I'm the same way! 😅 lmao
Danielle Black
Danielle Black 3 kun oldin
Finally got my merch 😍😍
HAPPY NEW YEAR🥂2019🍾 this video is very interesting. 😍JAMES, i❤you💋
Egnite 3 kun oldin
Gayest dood on earth lol
ClickFor Rax
ClickFor Rax 3 kun oldin
I’m *SISTER SHOOK* about that foundation
Angel Boo
Angel Boo 3 kun oldin
Yas i would love more videos of you guys together
Daniel Sangil
Daniel Sangil 3 kun oldin
sister squad :/
Abi Shaver
Abi Shaver 3 kun oldin
Rajaa Shoma
Rajaa Shoma 3 kun oldin
God that's beautiful .. oh please don't show your friends more in videos .. don't get me wrong it's just I'm scared that people eyes will ruin this beautiful friendship ❤
KARISSA GOMEZ 3 kun oldin
Omg what happened to Dolan twins and Emma are u serious
Life With A And I And I
Hi James I know you probably won’t see this but I just wanted to ask you when your next restock for your palette is going to be. I have wanted your palette for so long. I try to get my hands on it but I never can because it’s so AMAZING so it sells out fast. So I wanted to know when it goes back in stock so I can be ready to buy it. ILYSM ❤️❤️❤️💖💖💖If you see this I just want you to know your such a freakin inspiration AHHHH ILYSM🥰🥰❤️❤️💖
L&J girls
L&J girls 4 kun oldin
My grandpa passed away and I watch u and it makes me feel better
Amanda Gyarmati
Amanda Gyarmati 4 kun oldin
5:38 aww
Madison Fanning
Madison Fanning 4 kun oldin
You should start a reality TV show
Kelem Woldegebriel
Kelem Woldegebriel 3 kun oldin
g xm
g xm 4 kun oldin
Laura's laugh 🤣💓💓💓
Anna Lessard
Anna Lessard 4 kun oldin
omg i would be the most happy person in the entire world to win the giveaway. i know that every one says that but i really mean it. i’ve been trying to get the palette ( to practice my makeup skills ) two time but it was always to late. also i’m not lying i added the macbook to my christmas list just has a dream cause my parents don’t think that i need it but i don’t agree with them ahah. for the hood i’ll be just honored cause it will be gone for ever so it be just the most amazing shit. and tbh james your the most amazing makeup artist. you have such a talent it’s incredible. i wish i was you. you helped me trough my little depression that i was having a couple months ago. honestly the only thing that was making my day better was watching you. and thinking about just little "love that sister" on this comment would be awesome. love you the most ❤️ sister annaxx
Jacie Wilfong
Jacie Wilfong 4 kun oldin
Your QWEEN James
Jessica Dropik
Jessica Dropik 4 kun oldin
Awww this is so amazing :) it made me smile so bright ♥️♥️Ilysm hamss
YT Atutahi
YT Atutahi 4 kun oldin
hotel? trivago.
hotel? trivago. 4 kun oldin
James: *has great and amazing friends* Me: *doesn't even go outside*
Commander _F8
Commander _F8 4 kun oldin
James scares me
Julie Gonzalez
Julie Gonzalez 4 kun oldin
omg awww i loved this video so much!! AND WE NEED A REALITY TV SHOW!! ASAP
Heyba 4 kun oldin
Looks at title: OMG is it the sister squad, or better...the kitty girlsssss? Sees Laura, drew, Cassie and the lot OMG YASSS. (Throws on non existent sisters apparel clothes, non existent James Charles pallete, and drinks pinkity drinkity)
BlueJay 4 kun oldin
i only got around to watcing this now this is such a genuine video i can feel the love between you guys i loved this concept so much
Lasiah Villalpando
Lasiah Villalpando 4 kun oldin
Awwww!!!! I literally started crying this is so cute and sweet... I wish I had a friend group like you guys!😭 treasure it forever ❤️❤️❤️ oh and yes we wanna see more videos with you all!
tânia santos
tânia santos 4 kun oldin
staring at cassiee's highlight for 30 minutes straight.
Din0 RićPE
Din0 RićPE 4 kun oldin
Nije bolest sve sto bolii
Isabella Boyer
Isabella Boyer 4 kun oldin
Wheres the sister squad
Arianna Ingle
Arianna Ingle 4 kun oldin
5 adds in 30 minuets???? AHHHH
Jazy .B
Jazy .B 4 kun oldin
I really want the James Charles palette but every time I go on morphs it never comes up, so can someone please tell me how??¿¿
17 kun oldin