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my boy // billie eilish lyrics

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Mariela Sanchez Yacila
Mariela Sanchez Yacila 29 daqiqa oldin
Alguien mas cree q su voz se parece a la de Melanie Martínez? 😜😍
Madison Sydney
Madison Sydney Soat oldin
'Alright dude go trip over a knife'
summer bess
summer bess Soat oldin
Alright dude go trip over a knife
Lizette N
Lizette N 2 soat oldin
Hey! I just made an acoustic cover of this song 😇 please let me know if you like it ! 💜
Jazzy Brooke
Jazzy Brooke 2 soat oldin
Her and Melanie Martinez kinda sound the same at times
Yepressed Yeemo
Yepressed Yeemo 5 soat oldin
alright dude, go trip over knife wow I felt that right in the FeElS!!!!!!!
Amelia Quintero
Amelia Quintero 5 soat oldin
LeahisQueen 1
LeahisQueen 1 11 soat oldin
GamingForYou YT
GamingForYou YT 13 soat oldin
Take a shot every time she says - Yours mine gotta be my boy good bye girl
This noob again
This noob again 14 soat oldin
at 2:06 im calling the police
Sumaiya Niazi
Sumaiya Niazi 15 soat oldin
For anyone who watched Death Note, this song reminds me of Miss and Lights relationship.
ᔕᕼOOK ETᕼ 16 soat oldin
1.25 or 0.75 thank me later :)
x CandyCorner x
x CandyCorner x 19 soat oldin
“Trying to be his father” me: (inhale) M I L E S E D G E W O R T H
Its the fun life of Ash!
Love it
Bitchbay 20 soat oldin
Queen_67 Queen_67
Queen_67 Queen_67 21 soat oldin
I find this song really:)😩💕💙
strqbxrryy rblx
strqbxrryy rblx 21 soat oldin
"alright dude, go trip over a knife" wow, I should say this more often when I'm mad at someone or like mad in general.. :)
Harry Potter Is freaking life
oh yeah yeah
Noob Plays Msp
Noob Plays Msp Kun oldin
Lilian Palacios
Lilian Palacios Kun oldin
I love you Billie Eilish 😍😜😎
Hej jestem Meghan
my boy love his friend... wait, WHAT!? He isn't my boyfriend. He is my crush and he don't love his friend. HE LOVE HIS GIRLFRIEND.
Qieqie Ramlee
Qieqie Ramlee Kun oldin
Physcho girlfriend
Disnei Santos
Disnei Santos Kun oldin
Ame i
Disnei Santos
Disnei Santos Kun oldin
Shyann Appleberry
She is so amazing💕 and her voice💕😍
Mendes Army for life
Alright ima change my name to "BILLIE EILISH IS QUEEN"
Jancee Morales
Jancee Morales Kun oldin
fave 💋
life with ahri
life with ahri Kun oldin
i love this song so much !
Angel Ufo
Angel Ufo Kun oldin
My ex lmao
messi king
messi king 2 kun oldin
-numb 2 kun oldin
why did i think of my *never had* ex
sister shook
sister shook 2 kun oldin
*”my boy’s a ugly crier, but he’s such a pretty liar”*
Chase Moon
Chase Moon 2 kun oldin
Singing this to my guy friend crying as he strokes my hair while I have a cigarette in my mouth. he said my voice is beautiful
Covers By myme
Covers By myme 2 kun oldin
Alright dude go trip over a knife
MaddieMindBlown Tv
MaddieMindBlown Tv 2 kun oldin
The best parts are from 0:00 ---------------------------2:51 😄
Xxmarithr gamerxX
Xxmarithr gamerxX 2 kun oldin
*alright dude go trip over a knife* 2:06
Lena Millard
Lena Millard 2 kun oldin
Billie is Queen at snatching wigs (0o0)
sadie k.
sadie k. 2 kun oldin
1.25 speed sounds lit.
amritha k
amritha k 2 kun oldin
oml no hear this 0:42
KYY MSP! 2 kun oldin
Billie Eilish and lil peep are 😍😍 my 2 favorite singers (:
Andrea Mendoza
Andrea Mendoza 2 kun oldin
my boy :D
Phoebe Ordonio
Phoebe Ordonio 2 kun oldin
I really love your voice😍😍😍😍
BIG CHUNGUS Peters 2 kun oldin
k. 2 kun oldin
Xoe Bibi
Xoe Bibi 2 kun oldin
To the boy she’s referring to must have brain issues now because the way she snatched his weave was tragic
Jerney Pierce
Jerney Pierce 2 kun oldin
Anyone still listening in 2019??
Phinita 2 kun oldin
red is my aesthetic
L E N N Y 2 kun oldin
nobody cares u getting Melanie vibes, Billie is a queen and u can't compare her to any singer 😤😤😤
Hanna 201617
Hanna 201617 2 kun oldin
0:42 I died of laughter... Unexpecting.
ᴍᴇʟɪ 2 kun oldin
*alright dude..go triple over a knife.*