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Hey Larlees, todays video is my cats pick my makeup. I have 3 fur babies and they are all from the animal shelter in California. It was hell trying to get them to pick makeup because cats are stubborn beautiful creatures. Please give this video a thumbs up because I ran around like a psycho cat lady. Thanks - Laura

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Laura Lee
Laura Lee 11 kun oldin
My cat’s are buttholes and I love them.
Maggie Forbes
Maggie Forbes 6 soat oldin
Laura Lee lol
Josie Bartels
Josie Bartels 9 soat oldin
This video is hilarious and love you💗😋
Mia Chaney
Mia Chaney 20 soat oldin
I also have three cats. And a DOG.
MsCabaretTay 12 daqiqa oldin
Love cats
Megan McDaniel
Megan McDaniel 37 daqiqa oldin
I’m just an all cute animal person🤷‍♀️
Kat Soat oldin
Shut up
Celena Cook
Celena Cook Soat oldin
I am a crazy cat lady 😻😻
Donna Leverton
Donna Leverton 2 soat oldin
I’m a horse person and I love them so much
Naadirah Akhtar
Naadirah Akhtar 2 soat oldin
The way she picked the setting power was SOOOO CUTE!!! 😍😗
Daisa 123
Daisa 123 3 soat oldin
the cats dont desserve this
Mosa Kalim Ilhami
Mosa Kalim Ilhami 3 soat oldin
Sicily S
Sicily S 4 soat oldin
They did amazing
Maggie Forbes
Maggie Forbes 6 soat oldin
I’m such a cat person! I have 2 cats!!! Both my cats are 7 years old and they’re sisters! One of my cats is literally with me right now
Ashleigh Hutchinson
Ashleigh Hutchinson 7 soat oldin
adopt not shop💗
ginnytrow 9 soat oldin
I love both! But currently I’m a cat mama 😊
Taylor Cole
Taylor Cole 10 soat oldin
I'm neither a cat nor dog person. I like birds and reptiles
Mosa Kalim Ilhami
Mosa Kalim Ilhami 10 soat oldin
Your cat is so cute
Mia Newlove
Mia Newlove 15 soat oldin
I’m Both
100,000 Subscribers Without Any Videos
Delete your channel, you aren’t funny anymore.
Ali Babe
Ali Babe 10 soat oldin
100,000 Subscribers Without Any Videos , no hunny. She was never funny
Linsey Horton
Linsey Horton 18 soat oldin
They are so beautiful. Thank you for adopting 💖
onlythatforeign 19 soat oldin
you look like a malnourished anorexic horse. go get smaller teeth horse face.
Breena Cruz
Breena Cruz 19 soat oldin
Charley Johnson
Charley Johnson 20 soat oldin
The “this is how you drink water” killed me 😂
Lucija Zore
Lucija Zore 23 soat oldin
The only thing good about this video was the ad
Jamie Irving
Jamie Irving Kun oldin
I am a ferret person
Stacey Boudreau
Stacey Boudreau Kun oldin
The rudeness is in ful effect on this video... Laura you can do whatever the fuck you want because this is your channel and your content...
Coloring Girl1211
I am a rabbit person
Stacey Boudreau
Stacey Boudreau Kun oldin
Another reason to love you... I've got 11 rescues... and they're my kids...
Tiffany Hill
Tiffany Hill Kun oldin
I like cats but don’t own any. I’m a crazy dog lady with 4 dogs. They range from 12lbs-110lbs. They’re a handful but they’re my boys and I love them to death
Rhianna Woods
Rhianna Woods Kun oldin
I love cats to!
Kingston, Xena & Chanté
I love your kiddos! They did a great job😺👏🏾❤️
Johanna Pedraza
Johanna Pedraza Kun oldin
amo a los gaatossss Cat Girl 😺😺😺
22srecuero Kun oldin
Laura!!! you should do a back to school makeup recommendation
tone Kun oldin
Gina Connors
Gina Connors Kun oldin
Thank you for loving cats so much! They are the best. I have 3 shelter cats. Oh and the video is amazing. Good pick Peach!
Jenilee Humble
Jenilee Humble Kun oldin
I'm a crazy cat lady too! Love my fur monsters.
Fríða Heiðarsdóttir
I own a BIG Maine Coon, he is about 20 pounds, very big and fluffy. He is a tabby, white and orange. He has a pink nose and a yellow eyes, He is called Atlas, because in his own mind he rules the world. He is a dude. I have no control over him haha :)
victoria kroll
victoria kroll Kun oldin
I got my cat from a shelter and she is the sweetest goofiest little thing I love her so much
Sara100Sentido Kun oldin
I have 7 cats! Crazy cat lady here too!
The PowerKHouple
“We all make mistakes” ain’t that the truth
Nadine McFarlane
Dog lady! But I do love cats! 🐈🐕
J.C. Fortnite Moments
To bad thousands people have unsubscribed. I hope you go cry to your cats buttholes, bitch
lannievictoria Kun oldin
Jenna Porter
Jenna Porter Kun oldin
i have 2 dogs and my cat so im both
Gaby G
Gaby G Kun oldin
You've been exposedddd
Yalimar Perez
Yalimar Perez 2 kun oldin
I dont want to eat at your house. Hairs all over...Ughh!
Angela Ramos
Angela Ramos 2 kun oldin
If you hate Laura then don't hate the cats! These people are oversensitive and shallow minded.
Nitzan Amichai
Nitzan Amichai 2 kun oldin
They're so cute i wanna cry!😍😭😭❤
Grace Howard
Grace Howard 2 kun oldin
I'm a dog person
Grace Howard
Grace Howard 2 kun oldin
6:47 his eyes look orange!
Han Han Mac
Han Han Mac 2 kun oldin
My cat is hilarious.... I swear she thinks she's a person x
Настя Мельгузова
Like for a hair!! 😂💖
Johana Talbot
Johana Talbot 2 kun oldin
Cats all the way 😻😻😻
in the life of natalia and priscilla 0
My cat scared a dog a big one
Reanna Lockman
Reanna Lockman 2 kun oldin
Dog person
Carrigan Ebsen
Carrigan Ebsen 2 kun oldin
Raegan Flint
Raegan Flint Kun oldin
Carrigan Ebsen you're seriously irrelevant
noralee rosas
noralee rosas 2 kun oldin
Awe i love this😍
Layla Taliep
Layla Taliep 2 kun oldin
Bianca Troskie
Bianca Troskie 2 kun oldin
Dog person 🐶
Jennifer Mulloy
Jennifer Mulloy 2 kun oldin
Definitely a cat person too!!! We have 3 rescue kitties too😻😻😻
charlie rice
charlie rice 2 kun oldin
Hey Laura, I have 4 cats.. the oldest is a rescue cat her name is Shadow .. and then there is her 2 kittens witch are Gipsy Danger and Lilly-May, and then there is Vanessa.. she's recently had 5 kittens and they have all found loving forever homes.. so I'm a cat person xx
Georgia Chatzi
Georgia Chatzi 2 kun oldin
PuppyGirl Vlogs
PuppyGirl Vlogs 2 kun oldin
I love cats and dogs but my best friend is my cat
The Uncomplicated Diva
I also have a kitty that looks like Toothless from how to train your dragon 🙀 But he is less fluffy
Liz Gonzalez
Liz Gonzalez 2 kun oldin
I am 100% cat lady 😻😻😁 but love my girl doggy too🐶 love my furry babies ❤️❤️❤️
Ayaila Sims
Ayaila Sims 2 kun oldin
I was literally so confused before I clicked on this 😂 then I actually watched it and i’m dying
Sara Choudhry
Sara Choudhry 2 kun oldin
I absolutely love cats and I'm a cat lady.😸😽😻😹😺🐱❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
xxIluvyouguysxx 2 kun oldin
I’m a dog person, but cats are cool too.
Torbjorn Main
Torbjorn Main 2 kun oldin
I see we’ve progressed far as a society
Amy Ionitov
Amy Ionitov 2 kun oldin
Thi is the cutest video I ever saw I swear!! Your cats are really amaaazing xx
ceirra olsoe
ceirra olsoe 2 kun oldin
I'm an animal person. I can't chose sorry
Ella Goede
Ella Goede 2 kun oldin
I liked mostly because of the cats and the fact that they are shelter. And appreciation for cats❤️❤️❤️❤️
Eden Grace
Eden Grace 2 kun oldin
Omg I always say my black cat ,Vader, looks like toothless
Abigail Weaver
Abigail Weaver 2 kun oldin
I'm a dog person, but I'm not completely opposed with getting a cat
Imani Jones
Imani Jones 2 kun oldin
Were comments deleted lmao
Whitney Huskins
Whitney Huskins 3 kun oldin
I have a 1 and a half yr old bobtail siamese. His name is Leo (leonidas) like from the movie 300 (because my cat is a ninja asshole who would totally kick me down a well if he could). Lol. Just wanted to say lou is stunning. Peaches has mad love for her butthole shots. Lol. Cats for ya. Never ever want to give you the right end of the cat.
Elyse Jackson
Elyse Jackson 3 kun oldin
I love you Laura lots - Elyse Jackson ♡
Georgia Getz
Georgia Getz 3 kun oldin
Stacey Wong
Stacey Wong 3 kun oldin
Cutest catsies ever😩😩
Loki Taviel
Loki Taviel 3 kun oldin
My pup is from a local shelter. We searched all over for the right dog, and we're so glad we found him
Michelle Wood
Michelle Wood 3 kun oldin
Lina Henriquez
Lina Henriquez 3 kun oldin
YES!!! I love kitty Cats.!!
Johanna Diep A
Johanna Diep A 3 kun oldin
Dog person ALL THE WAYYY!!!
kitty kat
kitty kat 3 kun oldin
Im cat person
Tuuli Lääts
Tuuli Lääts 3 kun oldin
I am cat person
Tuuli Lääts
Tuuli Lääts 3 kun oldin
My sister have Same black cat like you
sharon cross
sharon cross 3 kun oldin
Stop deleting people's comment!
Jisela Aguirre
Jisela Aguirre 3 kun oldin
Cat person🐱🐱
Diamond Gray
Diamond Gray 3 kun oldin
Cats but I love both
Payton C
Payton C 3 kun oldin
I am cat person 100% lmao
Jasmine Soflete
Jasmine Soflete 3 kun oldin
Dog person all the way 🐶
Amelia B
Amelia B 3 kun oldin
the ol
Akward Morgan
Akward Morgan 3 kun oldin
Laura isn’t Laura without her cats
Hailey Shaw
Hailey Shaw 3 kun oldin
I am both
Evelyn Young
Evelyn Young 3 kun oldin
im a cat/dog person because i have both
Lilly Begay
Lilly Begay 3 kun oldin
I have 4 black cats💖😸😸
Annie Standing-Ngai
Cats are so misunderstood!! Our cat is the most loving, cuddly and clever cat ever, but if you go away and leave someone else to look after her, she will piss on your bed sheets with zero fucks given 😂😂😂
Ramona 3 kun oldin
Cat Mama to 2 shelter babies. They are super sweet and super spoiled.
Chloe Powell
Chloe Powell 3 kun oldin
Cat person
Holly Driscoll
Holly Driscoll 3 kun oldin
I’m a cat person. I have 3
Gya Paramecwari
Gya Paramecwari 3 kun oldin
I have 22 cats 😍😍