My Curly Hair Journey (with pictures!)

Dana Marie
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Today I am sharing with you my curly hair journey (with pictures!) I had heat, bleach, and color damage before I did the big chop. There was a point when I didn't know if my curls would come back. It takes a lot of time a patience but it was definitely worth it! I hope you enjoy this video!
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22-Okt, 2017

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Seoulfie 7 kun oldin
Your hair looks great
Amy Long
Amy Long 7 kun oldin
You are beautiful
Evelyn Santana
Evelyn Santana 11 kun oldin
2013 my hair was messed up then i got pregnant the year after then my hair grew so much . Before i got pregnant i stopped dying my hair putting extensions i will leave my hair alone not straighten it either i will leave it alone and let it grow. My hair grew so much even got my curls back now i just leave it alone and follow the curly hair rules .
Evelyn Santana
Evelyn Santana 11 kun oldin
Yes thats was a look to straighten your bangs lol i use to do that and use to use a diffuser to make my hair more culry with gel la looks gel or eco gel with tresseme hair spray. Many girls use to ask me how i use to get my gair so curly.
Lauren Steptoe
Lauren Steptoe 13 kun oldin
I literally feel like I’m watching myself talk about my hair past life 😂 born blonde and it turned brown, went from a wave to a full on curl, straightened my bangs 8th-9th grade, straighten my hair to look more out together.... your hair now looks so much more amazing, healthy and defined than mine is though.
katherine56631 15 kun oldin
It’s funny how we hate things about us when we’re younger but when we grow up we realise that they’re our best features.
Priyanka Gore
Priyanka Gore 19 kun oldin
Has anyone ever told you you look like a mix of Priyanka Chopra and Selena Gomez? Nevertheless, your hair is goals!! 😍
Sabrina Palmer-Smith
Jazzy Rose
Jazzy Rose 24 kun oldin
Wait my hair is curly at the roots and it is wavy -do I have curly hair?
Johanna Warkentin
Johanna Warkentin 24 kun oldin
I have a question? Can you go from super straight hair to curly/wavy? Because my hair has always been straight but recently it’s becoming this poofy crimped frizzy ish teacher in the back of my head. I’m in 8th grade right naw but I’m just wondering what is the best way to deal with my hair, should I treat it like curly hair or straight hair? Idk someone please help me
Zoe Alexondra
Zoe Alexondra 25 kun oldin
your curls are so defined and moisturized! goalsssss
_ Jays_
_ Jays_ 26 kun oldin
I love big curly hair it’s just so beautiful 😍
cynthia hernandez
cynthia hernandez 27 kun oldin
I wish I saw this sooner ! I got a Brazilian blowout 3 months ago and now my hair is bone straight 😭😩 my natural hair is wavy-curly and I just wanted the frizz gone not the texture. How long did it take you to start seeing your curls again ,?? Any tips on how to remove the keratin faster ? Thank you xo
Ktina 27 kun oldin
I relate to coloring my hair and then in a desperate move to correct the damage I had a keratin treatment which totally damaged my hair. I ended up cutting it all off! Now going through the curly hair journey.
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Mariposa_ 05
Mariposa_ 05 Oy oldin
I was expecting you to tell us what products you are using and techniques not what you used to do :/
Mia Rondeau
Mia Rondeau Oy oldin
when i was younger i had nice curly hair, and it kind of got relaxed and less curly and by fifth grade it was a very wavy texture. but i would die my hair a lot. i bleached the ends, then did my ends again, died my whole hair blonde, and tried to dye it back to my natural color and i’m still trying to grow my hair back to just the natural color as i’m only 14. the ends of my hair are actually nice and curly, but i straighten my hair EVERY day. i know i have a lot of damage, but i wouldn’t straighten it if the curls were pretty. i want the top of my head to be curly as well. if anyone can help me i would appreciate it a lot! i am caucasian and have a wavy hair texture with heat damage!!!
Shabana M
Shabana M Oy oldin
hanna baker is that you
Dana Marie
Dana Marie Oy oldin
Milubee Oy oldin
no hermione in potions class phase? sounds fake but ok :'D
Dana Marie
Dana Marie Oy oldin
i love a good Harry Potter reference 🤣 and I wouldnt say a specific Hermione phase.. more like a regular bad hair day
Gracieanna Oy oldin
Omg the before picture is what my hair looks like I hope it will go back to how it was when I was little
Marjorie Urbina
I completely relate with you , thank you for this video, beautiful curls , they give the Angel face look .
Ginevra Oy oldin
You described every little thing that I did too!! Specially the part of "I used to straighten my hair when I had to go somewhere and look good". That's exactly what I used to do and I still do :( the only thing I never did was to color my hair. I'll do it when they'll start to become white! Great video!
MaliGal19 Oy oldin
You look like Sophie from “Cory in the house”, you look like Sophie as her age right now, she’s like 20
Kayleigh Hone-Gorski
What products do you use?? You’re hair is gorgeous, I’m currently figuring out that I need to embrace my curl hair myself and would love some ideas and tips!
Wednesday Addams
Wednesday Addams 2 oy oldin
Oh my God you have such a very pretty hair
Special Snowflake
At first I thought you were Arden Rose with curled hair haha
Mindy Hackler
Mindy Hackler 2 oy oldin
I'm currently two months into the curly girl method and while I like the results so far I hate how things and stringy my hair looks. Your before photos look a lot like me right now so this video definitely gives me hope.
Tayler Mo
Tayler Mo 2 oy oldin
2:50 ; girl me too!
Shay 101
Shay 101 2 oy oldin
You’re so pretty! And your hair looks amazing! It genuinely gives me hope for the mop on my head.
1 1
1 1 2 oy oldin
You are breathtaking.
Bonnie Jackson
Bonnie Jackson 2 oy oldin
Would you say your hair is closer to 2B or 2C? I know we focus more on porosity and thickness, but it’s nice to have an ideal of what my hair potentially looks like if treated correctly and I don’t want to chase an ideal that isn’t in the stars for my hair! 2B which is what I think I have, has banana curls and also very loose waves and some S patterns so it’s not uniform like hers. Maybe it’s still on it’s journey or maybe this IS my hair. Anyone have any ideas, thanks!
V̤̮AL 2 oy oldin
Please tell me where you got your necklaces ! 😍
Hazed58 2 oy oldin
Jackie Orozco
Jackie Orozco 2 oy oldin
Oml I have the straight bangs.. bahahahaha😂
Demi Mour
Demi Mour 3 oy oldin
can't someone have beautiful curls without the curly girl method? these products are expensive in comparison to a simple shampoo and conditioner. yes you go natural but it doesn't cost less. using silicons and sulfate leads for surey to unhealthy hair?
Sylvia Bellie
Sylvia Bellie 3 oy oldin
I have never dyed my hair before but If I ever do, (probably won’t because my mom wouldn’t want me to) I would want to wait until it’s longer. Because in 2017 I cut my hair to be 6 inches and before I had long curly hair 😭 cutting my hair made me confident about the rest of me, but it also made me HATE my hair. I miss my old hair so much.
Chickenless Nuggets
You do look beautiful with blonde hair but it’s not worth it to ruin your gorgeous curls! I’m on year one of curly hair recovery and I’m realizing how patient I have to be. It still doesn’t look like I want it to and I have a very short bob 😭 I tried to cut out the damage but now I kinda regret it
Natália Florêncio
You re amazing, kisses from Brazil
Lydia A
Lydia A 3 oy oldin
I haven't finished watching but where are the embarrassing photos? You look good with all of these different styles!
Ella Sans
Ella Sans 3 oy oldin
Anyone else had curls as a baby but lost them as they grew older?
—jungoo ;
—jungoo ; 3 oy oldin
omfggg ure soo PRETTYYY
Ava Gifford
Ava Gifford 3 oy oldin
i had the curliest hair was i was little then as i started getting older i started straightening my hair and all that , i had a wave not any girls but there are shorter pieces of hair that curl! i’m getting a huge haircut to see if my curly hair will come back!
Elena DePaolo
Elena DePaolo 3 oy oldin
hi! i have curly hair similar to yours and i have not been paying enough attention to taking care of it. i’m really trying to revitalize and strengthen my curls again and i was wondering if you had any hair suggestions as far as shampoo, conditioner, leave in treatments etc. most of the videos i watch refer to the devacurl products but i am not in a place where i can afford them. if you have less expensive suggestions that would be really appreciated!
Gana Hamodh
Gana Hamodh 3 oy oldin
My hair is like yours in the biginning of your journey and I dont know how to treat it Can anyone give my tips???
Michaela Mew
Michaela Mew 4 oy oldin
I always got the "you should straighten your hair more often" thing all the time too 😓😓😓
PuceMascara 4 oy oldin
OMG you are gorgeous, gurrrl :) serious hair, skin, eyebrows envy here
sandra 24
sandra 24 4 oy oldin
I just started watching your videos and it has helped me so much in restoring my curly hair my hair got so damaged because of too much heat because I got so insecure of myself with my curly hair because my bf preferred me to have straight hair more it just got to me but I’m learning to embrace my hair again anyways love your videos !❤️
Lily Ornelas
Lily Ornelas 4 oy oldin
Giiiiirl, We almost have the same hair journey!! I hop my curls come back!
yosra methal
yosra methal 4 oy oldin
Oh my god YOUR HAIR 😍😍😍
emacwakeup 4 oy oldin
Can you recommend a good shampoo without sulphates, silicones, disodium glutametes, parabens please. My hair looks fried when I was it and yet I don’t use heat. (Use lush shampoo at the moment - it has sulphates :( )
Karla Ivonne
Karla Ivonne 5 oy oldin
I've gone through the same :( I havent dyed my hair in almost two years, and I was THIS CLOSE to dying it but I'll be strong... ughhhhh
Lucy Castaneda
Lucy Castaneda 5 oy oldin
This is so similar to my story. When I was little my hair was straight with a wave and once puberty hit, that's when my curls started coming in. I didn't know why it was doing it so I kept straightening it and now I regret it. I'm still on the path to helping it get better.
Ivory Ventrice
Ivory Ventrice 5 oy oldin
You're one of the few Caucasian girls I've seen with videos like this that actually has curly hair. I hate when girls with beach waves try to flaunt "curls".
Condensje 14 kun oldin
Omg same and they never want to listen if you explain it of correct them
FranSlam Oy oldin
- Ivory Ventrice - it's annoying when the hair type is incorrectly labelled cos I feel a bit catfished lol. I watched a video of a girl with the loooosest waves you ever seen, barely even a wave, calling it 'curly' while I'm watching like 🙄 . Even if it was curly years ago (which hers wasn't), it's not curly _now_ . I'm also tired of the girls saying they've got 4c hair but it's 4a. That might not seem like a difference but it really is, and it's misleading to a 4c viewer who's looking for a way to manage her hair and has come to find that type of content but your type is not what you say it is. It's like it should do what it says on the tin. There was this girl a while back who labelled a video _"how I dealt with my acne"_ and their "acne" consisted of two spots on their chin which was rare for them to even have in the first place. It was an unusual one-off breakout for them otherwise their skin was usually clear, but up she pops with her photos off how her skin was "really bad". Two spots smh. That is misleading af and insulting to someone genuinely dealing with cystic acne. So yeah, I see your point---represent yourself right.
Celaena S
Celaena S Oy oldin
Im Caucasian and have 3b/3c natural curls. I love it so much
MneraWooz 5 oy oldin
You’re so pretty!😍🌸
Nancy Jimenez
Nancy Jimenez 5 oy oldin
... my HS years i never dyed my hair and my curls were thriving, I would also straighten my hair for “events” to look nice, it wasn’t until after HS That I started box dying my hair various browns and burgundy colors... the thing was my curls still responded when I did ... this past December I decided to go black( WORST IDEA EVER DONT EVER DO IT IF YOU ARE READING THIS) especially for a box. At that I recently got a chi so you know how that went. Almost frying my bangs off now I have split ends like crazy. Ending up not liking it through the holidays, went to a professional to get my hair back to brown that I wanted but she just dyed my hair the same color. Still black ... So I waited until April to go the best in the town, she really processed my hair and told my curls won’t respond after this. I got the brown color I wanted but felt sad like my curls were apart me of me and i just damaged my hair so much that nothing can curl. So I started my actually journey in may/June hoping to revive my gorgeous curls. Side note: lolz never dying my hair, I can see my roots are growing back fast was is soooo good.
XOchEEr14 5 oy oldin
You are just stunning
jerrey n
jerrey n 5 oy oldin
gotta say she looks amazing blonde and brunette
Atosmic 5 oy oldin
I just stopped straightening my hair and trying to tame my hair with heat and these videos are SO helpful. Wildly enough I liked my curls but had no idea how to deal with them so I would actually straighten my hair to kill frizz and then double down on the heat by using a curling wand to get presentable curls. Super excited to get started on this curl journey :D
Amanda Duke
Amanda Duke 5 oy oldin
I just straightened my hair on Sunday after wearing it wavy/curly for a super long time. Of course, as soon as I walked into church, one of my friends pointed out how pretty my hair looked. It definitely makes me self conscious of wearing my hair curly.
Amina Akbar
Amina Akbar 5 oy oldin
do wavy and curly hair need to be detangled everyday because I have wavy and curly hair and if i dont detangle everyday i have so many tangles but if i do i loose my pattern :/
Brandy Bobo
Brandy Bobo 5 oy oldin
Just starting my curly hair journey after a bout of alopecia. My hair is just now back to chin length, just purchased my starter kit today and I am so excited. LoL. Love Your Videos Thank You so much they have been very helpful.
Yasi Mancher
Yasi Mancher 5 oy oldin
Straight hair was very much in during 2007-2015. I think it has to do with the kardashians and everyone being obsessed with them...there weren’t many curly haired celebrities. I love my curls! Yours are awsome too.
Tatiana Fraser A.
on the older pics you look like Megan Markle's long lost sister.. you are so beautiful
Lacey English
Lacey English 6 oy oldin
OMG I LOVE your hair!!!!! The curl is to actually DIE for!! I really wonder if the main thing keeping my hair in this frizzy wave-curl confused state is the fact that I can't accept my natural hair colour...it's like a mousy sad dull dirty blonde that I absolutely HATE! So i've been highlighting it for the last 10 years. I've only just learned that damage can affect your curl pattern...I only love my curls on the bottom/back of my head, they're pretty well defined loose corkscrew curls, but the top 2/3 is frizzy, no definition...it seems to have totally different curl pattern!! Any advice, fellow curly girls!?!
Lacey English
Lacey English 6 oy oldin
so like....I should stop straightening my bangs on the days I wear it curly...??
Kaitlyn Crowley
Kaitlyn Crowley 6 oy oldin
this is kinda crazy, my hair is literally the exact same, no hair till I was like 3-4, pretty straight with a little wave till 6th grade and then super curly 2c,3a 3b hair now in 8th grade ​
Ashley F.
Ashley F. 6 oy oldin
My hair has been through hell and back and I’m literally only 15. I had beautiful Shirley temple curls when I was younger and in middle school I started wrecking my hair. Literally everyone had straight hair at my middle school and I though it looked so good compared to my messy unkept looking curls so I straightened it everyday from the 7th-8th grades, and dyed it 3 times in the 7th grade. But during the summer my boyfriend, before we were dating, encouraged me to wear it natural so I began letting it do its own thing and get a little better although it was still a mess but this basketball cheer season I started straightening it and curling it for games and decided it was easier to style it than leave it natural. My hair is literally ruined and Im having such a hard time with it and I’m so jealous of everyone at my school with beautiful curls. But your videos are helping me realize I’m not the only one and that I have all the time in the world to recover my curls and my curl pattern, thank you for helping me.
Claire Scott
Claire Scott 6 oy oldin
Your hair is so beautiful 😍
Sarah C
Sarah C 6 oy oldin
I’m some of your pics when your hair is wavy but still damaged it looks just like my hair. I can’t get my hair to be curlier. Wah wah
Veronica Wasfy
Veronica Wasfy 6 oy oldin
I’m in the middle of my curly hair journey, and it’s going pretty well for me. I straightened my hair for about half a year until I decided to stop, because I noticed that it started getting really damaged. I stopped straightening my hair about a year ago, and I have only straightened it occasionally three times from then, and I think that’s actually pretty good. Over the 6 months, my hair actually hasn’t gotten TOO damaged, but it’s not completely healthy. I have done a keratin treatment almost 2 years ago, and I’m not even gonna bother going into detail about how much I regret it, and why I regret it. It’s honestly the worst thing ever!! I regret sooo much. I used to have veryyy thick natural curly hair and the keratin thinned it out. Half of my hair fell out, and now my hair is very thin. I started doing coconut and castor oil treatments, and I’ve noticed that new hairs are starting to grow on my scalp. I also stopped putting any products with silicone or solvated in it? Specifically moose. Ever since I’ve stopped adding these products, I’ve noticed that my keratin damaged hair is starting to get a bit more curls than it has before. I only stopped putting moose in my hair about two months ago, and it’s already helping!
Hazz Ζ.
Hazz Ζ. 6 oy oldin
You look like Michelle Pfeiffer and Danielle Campbell gorgeous ♥
J Gildz
J Gildz 6 oy oldin
Well aren't u gorgeous
Foreign Masaraa
Foreign Masaraa 6 oy oldin
I’m in 8th grade and it used to be straight when I was younger but It started getting wavy in 6th grade and I bleached it and I straightened it all the time so it’s damaged but it’s getting much better and my natural hair is getting much more curly because I haven’t straightened it months and cut all the bleach off but they are still a little damaged so can you or anyone suggest good masks to use and my hair is kinda like yours but worse.
Rebekah Gonzalez
Rebekah Gonzalez 6 oy oldin
So I naturally had curly hair as a kid and teenager but the past few years I have not really “fixed” my hair regularly I will just throw it in a ponytail and it is puffy and wavy and when I do let it down it is just huge and frizzy. I recently found out about the curly girl method and I am wondering if I can get my curls back? Thinking I am going to give it a try. Here’s to hoping they come back!
Yes woo
Yes woo 2 oy oldin
Rebekah Gonzalez yes you definitely can. But don't just stick to the curly girl hair routine. Find out what works for your hair by experimenting. It's not guaranteed to work the same for everyone. Good luck!
Rebecca Hope
Rebecca Hope 7 oy oldin
Why is curly hair seen as not “presentable” - curly hair is unique and should be embraced 🌹
Ash_nyan17 ay
Ash_nyan17 ay 17 kun oldin
I always straighten my hair cause my mom tells me to do something with my hair, cause it just looks like a mess being wavy/curly ig
Preeti Das
Preeti Das Oy oldin
So true! ❤
watchinyoulol 7 oy oldin
inferior for having curly hair? who the fuck ever said that.
sardonyxz 7 oy oldin
I feel like my hair got straighter as I got older and I’m pissed about it
Hannah Elizabeth
Hannah Elizabeth 7 oy oldin
The picture of your Jan 2016 hair is how my hair looks like now. I’m hoping my hair will eventually become curly now that I’m actively trying to repair years worth of heat and color damage. Fingers crossed.
Mariana Chiarini
Mariana Chiarini 7 oy oldin
Love your videos, love your hair
Polly's Shore
Polly's Shore 7 oy oldin
I don’t completely buy into the victim narrative that society makes us do these things to our hair. There are a lot of women who did not have a choice in the matter because their moms started perming/relaxing their hair when they were toddlers or small kids. There is a very different and real set of imposed pressure there but I can’t say life was so much better when I grew up... when curls were all the rage. I was born with curly hair that went straight and the wave/curl started coming back during puberty. I’m glad more girls are aware of this now because it will spare some from the damage I did to my hair trying to add waves and spiral curl through perms. I got my first perm at 12. My 14 year old cousin had a body wave done and I loved it. I asked, I begged, I paid the price because I ended up with melted hair that shrank 15 inches and a huge chemical burn across the back of my neck. My mom (who used to do hair in the 1960s & 1970s) was questioning why the stylist was using the smallest perm rod but she assured her that this is how body waves were done. My mom left to run errands and I wish she wouldn’t have because I was ignored as Darlene talked on the phone and chatted with guys outside. The result was not good, and I’ll never forget my dad screaming that I had ruined my hair for life. This didn’t stop me from getting perms, though. After the perm grew out I got more spiral perms and body waves. Spirals took 5 hours and 3 boxes of perm solution. Highlights took 5 hours then as well because everyone pulled through a cap. Straightening was never an issue for me because flat irons on the market were pitiful, had a very low temperature and didn’t work. I also wanted some curl back. That’s on me. It’s what I personally liked. When I was 15 I went to a new salon (the woman who had carefully done my hair for 3 years had MS and was no longer able to handle being on her feet all day) for a cut and told the stylist that my last perm was holding on for dear life. He informed it was natural waves and curls making a comeback. Something I had missed due to getting perms all throughout puberty. I got one or two more spiral perms before I gave up the ghost. I was thrilled curl was making a comeback and have rarely straightened or used hot roller from age 16 - 42. I have had a few bad dye jobs. I was born with black hair that turned brown, red, strawberry blonde and then blonde with a strong strawberry tint noticeable in the sun. When I went through puberty the bottom layer turned dark brown, the top dirty blonde, the sides light blonde and I still have the red-strawberry tint commonly found in those with Scottish ancestry. I generally do highlights and lowlights or go a medium strawberry with a hint more blonde. I have gone red a few times but I typically like color that doesn’t require consent upkeep because I will go a year between salon visits. I found the CG method a few years ago after I asked a stylist to give me an over all dark blonde with highlights framing the face. He dyed my hair black and I had platinum skunk stripes. This guy had been doing my hair for 8 years and had been changing salons like crazy for the last 2. I found out that was because he lost his license and had been butchering hair and constantly doing the opposite of what his clients asked for. I don’t know if he had a breakdown or what but he thought he was creating his vision. I had to get my hair chopped off, bleached out, and reconstructed. I just used toner and did the roots until it became healthier via protein and deep conditioning treatments. I can’t say I’m full CG. I liked some parts and my hair didn’t like others so I’m a mix. I sometimes go full CG, use minimal - full cones at other times. I still primarily use conditioning cleansers and then remove build up. It did help me get my hair to a healthier state and I’m getting ready to get back into and try to keep the cone use at a mild minimal. I have issues with product sensitivity and finding things that work can be a pain. Aside from low poo, no poo and conditioners I have horrible reactions to all Deva Curl styling products. Something in them eats my hair up but I couldn’t figure out what it was. As soon as I thought I had the ingredients pegged I would get a sample of another product lacking them and my hair would turn into flash dried straw. It took moths to undue the damage. I get excessive build up, have reactions and lose my big volume (which I love) with most things drug store so I’ve just got to play a round as I get back off the Moroccan Oil train. No matter what type of hair is fashionable, or what type of hair you have, I think a focus on avoiding excessive damage is key. So is having a better understanding of waves, curls and kinks and coils. P.S- I’m 2C, 3A and can go 3B (depends on the day and damage). Lots of thick, high porosity hair.
Deb Shand
Deb Shand 7 oy oldin
Hi Dana. I love your necklaces? Do they get tangled when you wear more than 1 at a time? If not, do you have a trick to keep them getting tangled? Thanks! Deb
Lan chita
Lan chita 7 oy oldin
Me enamoré😻👌💞
Eleonore Bon
Eleonore Bon 7 oy oldin
I in my late 30s and I have never even dyed my hair!
Alice Rizkallah
Alice Rizkallah 7 oy oldin
Omg girl I can relate. I flat ironed it every single day for 2 years straight until my hair was literally (not even exaggerating) turning white from all the split ends and broken hair reflecting. So of course, like you, I did keratin which didn't do anything except make my hair a tiny bit softer. So I just put the heat down for a year and now I blow-dry it every few weeks only and I do have a balayage but my hair is very healthy and curly. I love it now idk why I did the flat iron to myself. Plus I have like a 7 head so...the flat hair look wasn't working hahahaha
Luna 7 oy oldin
I get the hair bun one. I did the same 3 years back, I did not know how to manage my thick, kinky and wild hair. So I just put it in a bun that pretty much messed up my hairline, At the end of the day I would just rip the elastic band out which also ripped many hairs..Now I am struggling really hard to grow most of my babyhairs back. Castor oil every other night. My forehead is looking so big, I feel so sad.
Preeti Das
Preeti Das Oy oldin
That's sad! How is it now?
Juliet Oy oldin
Luna listen to a subliminal
Andrea Carolina
Andrea Carolina 7 oy oldin
Seeing your hair motivates me to go back to my curly hair. 😭
You’re so gorgeous😭😭😭
Chelsea 8 oy oldin
I have finally decided to take the curly rehab journey.. I'm on day three lol you're video is an inspiration. I thought my curls were MIA But I've bought a curl moisture mask and have started the process to embrace the curl. Fingers crossed
Curly Yeni
Curly Yeni 8 oy oldin
"That typical experience" ... lol That typical experience is the exact same reason why us curly hair girls find it so hard to go natural !
Sumitra Pradhan
Sumitra Pradhan 8 oy oldin
hey sis I straighten my hair n now my hair is so damage..n new hair growth are curly n half straight I look so dull what should I do
Karen Bal
Karen Bal 8 oy oldin
Thanks for sharing 🙄 new subscriber here 💖 I'm working towards the curly hair journey.
Dana Marie
Dana Marie 8 oy oldin
good luck!! :D <3
Krystle Nicole
Krystle Nicole 8 oy oldin
You're hair is beautiful!!! I've been a CGM girl for about 6 months now, I believe!
Julia G
Julia G 8 oy oldin
Hey can you do a video on how to recover from a keratin treatment because I had my first one in late July for vacation and it’s been about 7 months and the treatment has not come out at all. tho my regrowth looks crazy because it’s just curly then goes straight and I’m dying inside! I can’t cut all of it it off😭 I would cut it maybe shoulder length.
TheLady 8 oy oldin
My natural hair fades as the days to go by...it straightens as I brush. Help! How can I keep my natural hair without showering
Bridget 8 oy oldin
Can I just say your curly hair journey is literally the same as mine and we even have the same curl type. Crazy that we went through that faze of straightening and dying it bleach blonde to brown all the time. I'm so happy to finally be happy and embracing the curls cause like you said it feels so liberating.
Kelly 8 oy oldin
I am in My journey at the moment, today is gonna be the big chop, also because I bleached it and al that stuff... I want My curls back! I watched al your hair videos 😍
Greta J.
Greta J. 8 oy oldin
I really love my curly hair and I think it looks good. However every single time I straighten my hair I get so many compliments like 'you look so good' 'wow you look presentable for once' 'oh you should brush your hair more often it looks good straight' and I cant help that it lowkey makes me feel like there is something wrong with my hair in everyone else's eyes...
J Gildz
J Gildz 6 oy oldin
Greta J. Ikr
Evelyn Galvan
Evelyn Galvan 8 oy oldin
Look like Madison pettis
Ella 8 oy oldin
makeup tutorial for this look!
Kristina Griffin
Kristina Griffin 9 oy oldin
You look like Nina Dobrev when she was on Degrassi!!! Loveeee love loveeeee!