My Curly Hair Routine 2017

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4-Sen, 2017



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Veronica Goncalves
Veronica Goncalves 17 soat oldin
you are gorgeous! I hope you know that! Also love the hair! God bless!
Louisa Yates
Louisa Yates 2 kun oldin
Looks crap at the end, like it’s made your hair crispy by all the products weighing it down
Louisa Yates
Louisa Yates 2 kun oldin
You should dry the root first because that takes the longest, leave the ends to air dry
Louisa Yates
Louisa Yates 2 kun oldin
Glycerin makes your hair greasy
C N 3 kun oldin
Curly? 😂😂😂😂
sea pearl
sea pearl 4 kun oldin
I'm gonna look into that vegetable glycerin. My hair is so thick and poofy. It's mostly straight but the frizz is there if I don't use heat to make big waves. I wanna wear it more naturally, and your tip to weigh down the hair is what I need.
J Walia
J Walia 6 kun oldin
Hey alex. I have 3a/3b curly hair and honestly it is so dry no matter what and I can’t manage it or tolerate it anymore besides I always feel that I look unpresentable with my natural hair. What should I do?
Fabulous Unicorn J.B.
11ilovemusic11 10 kun oldin
That’s a lot of work 🤭
Raghad amri
Raghad amri 11 kun oldin
My hair is silk I always wonder how the curly hair turns to curly after wash it from ironed state ?
Sabrina Sahra
Sabrina Sahra 11 kun oldin
i’ve been insecure about having curly hair as well. it got to the point where in seventh grade i would straighten it everyday. it damaged it and my curls aren’t super curly like how they used to be but I do still have some curls. I’m now trying to rejuvenate my hair and i’m a sophomore and still trying to get it super healtthy
anisa sanders
anisa sanders 12 kun oldin
My life for the past 19 yrs I’m 18
Ravê _Oliveira
Ravê _Oliveira 21 kun oldin
Em.. your hair isn’t curly ..
Soda In A Bag
Soda In A Bag 25 kun oldin
I have curly hair but i also have really fine hair. I hate when it gets weighed down.
Jae 25 kun oldin
For fine curly hair it’s so hard because it’s super curly but it gets weighed down to waves because most curly hair products are not made for fine curly hair. it’s sO bAd because my hair is fine and also rlly thick so it’s just a huge fluffy mess without anything but i have yet to found a product that doesn’t make it look stringy and weighed dowN
Jae 25 kun oldin
Saabaa Khan
Saabaa Khan 28 kun oldin
Cutest family 💖 like your video👍
Nafolchan 29 kun oldin
I don't really know what my hair is, I have always thought of it as a frizzy mess that's not curly or straight so I always used heat to straighten it, not long ago I realized my hair is actually curly but damaged as hell so I stopped using heat on it and I'm waiting to see how it actually looks like
Fiona Lee
Fiona Lee 29 kun oldin
I shampoo my hair similar to the way you do.
Antonio Bandiras
I think that u have to wet ur hear alitl bit before u put any mask
itsallgood Oy oldin
you are single handedly the best beauty youtuber ive come across thank u
A'laa Mourtaja
My eternal problem is that my hair is always still dry and just radiate like sun rays even after all of this. It's really annoying
Oh Yea yeah I b flossin MAYBE IM THE MOSTER
Ahhh! This helped me out so so so much!! Thank you so much! My hair is exactly like yours :D
Jennifer Wilcox
I use LUS products and have now come to love my natural curls
Sab S
Sab S Oy oldin
This was so helpful! I follow Curly Girl Method groups, but find them so confusing cos there are so many rules. This is simply and easy to follow 😍
Nancy Lowry
Nancy Lowry Oy oldin
How do you refresh your hair in the morning?
Jelena Topić
Jelena Topić Oy oldin
Why do you wear eye contacts? The color of your eyes is basically perfect 😍
Mishka Parashar
*Your hair and lips are sooo beautiful!!*
Cindy LGN
Cindy LGN Oy oldin
you are more beautiful with your curly hair. Personaly, it suits you better than straight hair. When you straight your hair looks a little bit dry. Whereas like that they look free, healthy and soooo beautiful
Paola Campuzano
Your natural hair is sooo beautiful curly I love this tutorial the shampooing helps a lot! Love you hope you read this
Katlyn Marie
Katlyn Marie 2 oy oldin
I use that shampoo. I use my finger tips and rub my scalp gently and it lathers.
Zoey Lee
Zoey Lee 2 oy oldin
please do another curly hair tutorial
Jana De Nil
Jana De Nil 2 oy oldin
How do u sleep with them so theyll stay
Perla Martinez
Perla Martinez 2 oy oldin
How do you do your hair at night I usually I braid my hair in two big braids but I don’t know everyone different
Perla Martinez
Perla Martinez 2 oy oldin
I love the diffuser
Perla Martinez
Perla Martinez 2 oy oldin
I would get a lot of tangles but exploring I first condition then shampoo
*BlinkArmy *
*BlinkArmy * 2 oy oldin
don’t comb your hair with a brush in the shower :o use ur fingers or wide tooth comb
Kay O
Kay O 2 oy oldin
I brush my curly hair daily thanks bye
Alex M
Alex M 2 oy oldin
That ring though
Леа Г
Леа Г 2 oy oldin
I had really curly hair when I was younger and I thought it's not cool being different bcs everybody had straight hair, so I used to straighten it all the time. Now, I have like wavy hair and i'm so sad it isn't curly anymore, bcs it was beautiful, I just didn't realize it when I was young. So keep that curly hair, I think it's beautiful. ❤
Polina Ruskov
Polina Ruskov Oy oldin
I had curly hair too but girl used to make fin oc me so i straightened everytime n now it's broken and wavy
raveeen raveen01
raveeen raveen01 2 oy oldin
We use the same shampoo😊❤️😍😂
Peaceful Love
Peaceful Love 3 oy oldin
Gorgeous curly hair omg.
Dulce CUEVAS 3 oy oldin
How do you refresh or keep it long for days?
Want some tea?
Want some tea? 3 oy oldin
Why do I see Miss World 2013 Megan Young in her?
ن 3 oy oldin
Ur pretty 💕
Mari Gonçalves
Mari Gonçalves 3 oy oldin
you look amazing, so pretty
Hot Cheeto
Hot Cheeto 3 oy oldin
The voice does not match the body.
Hot Cheeto
Hot Cheeto Oy oldin
Why is she transgender ?
LonelyPotat Oy oldin
Hot Cheeto haha well that’s a weird thing to say but I disagree
NISARGA kannadathi
You have beautiful eyes 😘😊
Lauren C
Lauren C 3 oy oldin
one word. WAVY
ramfaki 3 oy oldin
You're gorgeous! However,it's wavy hair of yours, not curly....Wishes for the new year😘🎀🎊🎆🤗❗
Kat Spratt
Kat Spratt 3 oy oldin
omg yes pls do a hair tutorial for sleep! I always wake up with frizzy hair
Creative Cheers of Fashion Laura Flohr
Wow you have sooo much hair!! And I looove your curly hair! ( I dont undetstand why everyone wants to straighten it)
Danielle De Leon
Danielle De Leon 3 oy oldin
Aah..if only my hair was *Longer* .... *it would actually look good*
Amy Herndon
Amy Herndon 3 oy oldin
That's an interesting idea about the warming & wetting a tshirt for ur heat for ur mask!!! I love it!!! I was so close to getting a HotHead ! But they r $30! I'm going to try this trick first! Thanks girl! Hair products aren't cheap so u gotta save every way u can!!!
Katrina Duquette
Katrina Duquette 3 oy oldin
what was the name of the second product at the end.
Roger & Maria Capote
I’m sry but I was cringinggggg this whole vid
julia w
julia w 3 oy oldin
hunny,, ur hair is dead
Skye Evans
Skye Evans 3 oy oldin
DON’T STRAIGHTEN YOUR HAIR! All it does is damage :( Your curly hair is gorgeous and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise
Sofia 3 oy oldin
Please do the video on how you refresh your hair after sleeping on it! I can never get mine to look good after sleeping :c
Ad B
Ad B 4 oy oldin
I was really shocked when you brushed your hair in the shower after conditioning WHILE it was still wet...... I lose a hell lot of hair if I comb my hair wet.... Or try to detangle it all...does it happen to anybody else here too? P.S. I was called names and bullied a lot in school too for having poofy curly hair... I feel u girl
Annabella Eve
Annabella Eve 4 oy oldin
My hair is very hard to control... i hate it 😔
Juliana Wellman
Juliana Wellman 4 oy oldin
Running to get vegetable glycerin now!
TheWalkingBritt 4 oy oldin
*My Wavy Hair Routine 2017* *
Ashley B.
Ashley B. 4 oy oldin
how did you film this i need to know
Menna Elfouly
Menna Elfouly 4 oy oldin
Your hair is straight
Luxury Makeup
Luxury Makeup 4 oy oldin
Menna Elfouly ever heard of straightening?
Ana Novaes
Ana Novaes 4 oy oldin
you are a living bratz and i loooove it
Noirblanque 4 oy oldin
I love ya girl, but your hair is *barely* curly. It’s just wavy.
Jess lloyd
Jess lloyd 2 oy oldin
Ajzoo3 if waves were curls we wouldn’t differentiate the two. Her hair is wavy
Jess lloyd
Jess lloyd 2 oy oldin
Júlia Castro my hair is down to my bum. Still curly. I wouldn’t even say this lady has curls. Just waves
Sol 2 oy oldin
she has curly hair, her curly hair has waves and curls but it is still apart of the curl family 🤷🏻‍♀️
Noirblanque 2 oy oldin
saira ahmad Wasn’t gonna say that but ok.... yeah, you’re not very smart, are ya? “Barely curly” is the same as saying you are barely tall, as in she’s almost reaching the point of having even the loosest curl type, but since she isn’t there, her hair is just wavy. Always has been.
Noirblanque 2 oy oldin
Seneca Rios Nope. Curly hair is 3a-4c. Her texture is nowhere in between these.
Cyndi Brown
Cyndi Brown 4 oy oldin
I haven't had long hair for so long that I never knew my hair was naturally curly ,this is so helpful & ty for sharing,my hair has become so dry,frizzy & breakage is driving me nuts & now looking for any tips I can get ty
Kendra Elliott
Kendra Elliott 4 oy oldin
Your hair is gorgeous 😊 Hope you have a great day girly.
Marium Atia
Marium Atia 4 oy oldin
Can you do a tutorial on how to preserve your curls overnight because my girls look weird adter I sleep on it.
Stephanie Duran
Stephanie Duran 4 oy oldin
Is it just me or does she remind me of Andreas choice ?????
Sania 0.0
Sania 0.0 5 oy oldin
I love your hair!!!
Saundra Jones
Saundra Jones 5 oy oldin
Please make a video showing how you refresh your hair after sleeping on it and how you sleep on it to protect it.
georgina87 5 oy oldin
Omg I wash my hair exactly the same ha
ur princess
ur princess 5 oy oldin
One of the only youtubers i trust
ur princess
ur princess 5 oy oldin
I really want her to review DevaCurl and see if its all that or not
Tebyan Sulaimani
Tebyan Sulaimani 5 oy oldin
You have a gorgeous hair mash a Allah
Sharon Simmons
Sharon Simmons 5 oy oldin
First video you have beautiful hair! You are beautiful! Be you!
Camsc Hav
Camsc Hav 5 oy oldin
You remind me of Alisha Boe from 13 reasons why 😍
Baby B
Baby B 5 oy oldin
You are my favorite beauty guru , and i like ur voice #goals ☝️💕💕💕💕
ValleyMermaid Designs
Your hair looks gorgeous! And variety is so much fun! Keep being creative with your hair and everything else. Express your creativity in every way you enjoy, including straightening it, when you feel like it. It’s all beautiful and naturally you💕.
mika aissou
mika aissou 5 oy oldin
oh makeup is ugly she is really beautiful the makeup hide her beauty dont wear it
UpforMu5ic 5 oy oldin
Can you do a 2018 update?!
Natalia Robertson
O Merarii Castillo
You are so beautiful !!😍 and your hair is to die for 😫❤️ almost everyone who has straight hair wants curly hair. those who have curly hair want straight hair. It’s normal!! I have naturally straight hair and I use to hate it cause it was so thick, now..since I always complained about my hair, I have thinner hair n I actually hate it, like my hair is unhealthy with all the heat I use to use. I had straight hair but I still straightened it almost every single day. Now I’m jus obsessed with wavy/curlier hair, and I’m thinking about getting a curly hair perm, never had any type of perm or anything like that, so I’m nervous. But anyways curly hair is so beautiful!! Just got to see how to take care of it:) don’t be afraid and insecure to be different from the rest. Different is so beautiful. ❤️
marbleddcactus 5 oy oldin
Your voice is so soothing omg
Skittles R.
Skittles R. 5 oy oldin
thanks for explaining this, i have gone my whole life either lopping off my hair or straightening it cuz i never could figure out how to manage my curly hair. also hell yes girl! be the most authentic you! YAY FOR SELF LOVE!!
Amanda Vilenio
Amanda Vilenio 5 oy oldin
I have that awkward not straight, but not curly and not exactly wavy. It's an in-between of wavy and straight and I have so many bad hair days. Sometimes my hair just looks like poofed wavy/straight strands. The story of my hair is that I had tight curls as a kid and my dad finger combed my hair so much because he liked it so much that he destroyed my curls forever. I guess my texture changed over time. I love your hair btw. edit: Just wrote more.
Jocelyn Sachez
Jocelyn Sachez 6 oy oldin
Sis this routine I tried it for like 3 days and it get my curls back🤩🤩
lilioshka 6 oy oldin
OMG, finally someone who has a TON of hair like me. I always see tutorials for curly hair, but the girls have like half the amount of hair that I have.
LIZ 6 oy oldin
Alexandra i really recommend that you get your hair wet before you deep condition because the whole point of conditioning is to keep water and moisture in your hair. I used to deep condition on dry hair but now i do it with wet hair and it really makes a huge difference.
Thalia Galanopoulou
Omg don't ever straighten your hair again! Your hair is amazing!
Abi Taylor
Abi Taylor 6 oy oldin
Please show us how to sleep and not crush the curls!!! Xx
julsca 6 oy oldin
Is there a refreshing video? i would love to see that
Kimora Alexi Wedderburn
you're a fraud omg
Sabby Ryan Amazon
Do you do all this every time you wash your hair?😦
Youtube AdSense TM Guidelines
If she crunched al her hair all around it would look so much better
Janira Fernandez
Janira Fernandez 6 oy oldin
Curly? I see wavy hair, not curly.
CECE 7 oy oldin
my masks always say to do it on damp hair. is yours for dry hair or is it jus better to do it on dry hair? also - i HATE when my hair is weighed down. i love it touching my shoulders and the top is all volume. your hair would be so amazing if you tried out deva curls products and stopped weighing your hair down & straightening it! It would look 10x better :) your 2b/2c waves are cute💙💙
Lisa Lena
Lisa Lena 7 oy oldin
this is just a lot of wavy hair, that aint no damn curls bruhh
The ugly duckling
Maintaining curly hair seems expensive
Space Girl10
Space Girl10 7 oy oldin
I’d love to have curly hair!! 😩😩
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