My Curly Hair Routine :)

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Today I share my curly hair routine for naturally curly hair :) this curly hair routine is silicone free and sulfate free
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Penny Tovar
Penny Tovar 3 oy oldin
curly hair routine 🤠 PS: to make this routine more simple you can just use shampoo, conditioner, cream and gel :D
Slideshow Cinema
Slideshow Cinema 4 kun oldin
+Isabel Ramos no you can't because hair mask/dc have more penetrate ingredients and are more penetrate and have different ingredient than a conditioner but you could add oils to your conditioner and use it as a hair mask to make it more intense there's curly hair youtube that make their on diy hair mask with conditioner just type it in diy hair mask on natural hair jewjewbee have a good video on that
Trisha Meloling
Trisha Meloling 16 kun oldin
Penny Tovar what you think of devacurls light gel?
Cristina Lopez M
Cristina Lopez M 19 kun oldin
Do you have a video of stylers? pleeaassseeeeeee :)
jiminieugotnojams _
jiminieugotnojams _ 22 kun oldin
Thank u sister
Κωνσταντίνα Τσ.
Hi! Have you ever used a Denman brush, for product distribution and curl deffinition?
Peter Quill Con P de sos Pelotudo
Sé que hablas en español así que te pregunto algo xd, que hago si tengo el pelo corto? Tengo rulos pero es que se me hace frizz por el pelo corto y mrk disgusting xd
new ideas improve skills
Can you make video for hair coloring.
Curly Princesa Heart
Loving your curls 😍
Emily Newman
Emily Newman 3 kun oldin
“So now that I look like an onion”. I CRIED 😂😭
*you have earned a new subscriber*
Shona Putt
Shona Putt 4 kun oldin
Finally someone has the same curls as me !!!!!!
HW Geez
HW Geez 4 kun oldin
your curls are beautiful.
Narda Ramirez
Narda Ramirez 5 kun oldin
I’m in love with the end result
Invisible Ink
Invisible Ink 7 kun oldin
My hair is weird, it was straight as a pin, then it got some waves. The ones that stick together in clumps I guess, but it’s not completely wavy... It’s weird cause my hair will be really nice and wavy after the shower and when it dries. Then after a while they’re sad little waves...
Karen Curtis
Karen Curtis 7 kun oldin
Yeah um I'm gonna go broke
yv 11 kun oldin
i’m so glad i found your youtube channel!!! 😭 i’ve really hated my curly hair and always flat ironed it. but lately i’m trying to figure out what to do so i can wear it more natural. you’re hair is the closest to my what my hair is compared to other curly hair youtubers. you’re routine is reasonable and not super extra and you’re seriously so entertaining to watch lol. :)❤️
مسه حسن
مسه حسن 11 kun oldin
if i didn't wash my hair every two days i will get dandruff 🙄 Q: how can i avoid that?
Meditate ASMR
Meditate ASMR 9 kun oldin
use a clarifying shampoo once a wek and invest in a cowash :) it's what I do
Winny I. Vellayati
Winny I. Vellayati 12 kun oldin
Watching your vids make me realize that patience is really important. Just watch her old vids and recent vid, her curl was very different and get better over time
Penny Tovar
Penny Tovar 12 kun oldin
Yepp! Patience and persistence is super important
Nicole Smythson
Nicole Smythson 12 kun oldin
all i use is just this ‘Inecto’ ‘divine shine’ coconut hair oil after i shower.. it’s okay but sometimes it doesn’t really look amazing but sometimes it’s annoying bc my hair doesn’t always have nice days, sometimes it’s curly sometimes it’s just wired looking bitchy waves . sadly my mum doesn’t want to buy lotsss of hair treatments. which is the best one in the video to that rlly brings out good looking hair, what type?
Nikkole Chow
Nikkole Chow 14 kun oldin
hair goals omg!! I just uploaded my first curly hair routine and I would love if you checked it out and let me know what you think!! 😘☺️
Anya Edwards
Anya Edwards 14 kun oldin
Hey so im stupid and was brushing my hair in the shower for a long time so I think ive lost some thickness, anyway to get it back?
Drippyyy. Stephi
Drippyyy. Stephi 15 kun oldin
Can u plz do a video of how to get volume on your hair thxs love your channel love 💗
Emerald Phoenix
Emerald Phoenix 16 kun oldin
Do you have any recommendations for curly hair that is too heavy to hold curl? The top layer of my hair gets super curly, but underneath is wavy. I can tell it wants to curl, its just my thick hair seems too heavy for the rest to curl. I love watching your channel! You’re so hilarious!
Moe Litty
Moe Litty 17 kun oldin
Omg I loveee your videos you are so funny and you have cool vibes
L P 17 kun oldin
Can you do a video on refreshing between wash days? hair, not pits ;)
Namimi 18 kun oldin
AHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAH PENNY I CAN'T. You have enhanced my curly hair journey into comedy.
Andrea Murphy
Andrea Murphy 18 kun oldin
Penny I love your videos!! I am just starting in my curly hair journey and it would be super helpful to learn more about how much or how little of each product you should use base off of hair type, length, and thickness of the product because I seem to either under use the product which results in my hair being frizzy or over use it and my hair gets greasy so it would be awesome to hear how to learn how much milk, smoothie, creams and gel to put in you hair 😊
Tea skits
Tea skits 18 kun oldin
Thank you for this video! It so helpful...oh you read this because you thought it was funny...QUICK THINK IF SOMETHING! bOoTy GuWu Darn that wasn't funny
sammi garr
sammi garr 18 kun oldin
I don’t even have curly hair but I’m watching lol! I wish I had curly hair!!!
Faht Bahtman
Faht Bahtman 18 kun oldin
I was 10 sec in and I liked and subscribed. :)
Silver Stargazer
Silver Stargazer 19 kun oldin
Thanks Penny!!
CupcakeCult93 CupcakeCult93
I hate my thick curly hair because it gets so effing hawt
Joon Madison
Joon Madison 19 kun oldin
Skincare routine🔊
Sara Menco
Sara Menco 20 kun oldin
You do this how many times a week? Btw i loved how your hair looks afterwards :)
Miriam S
Miriam S 21 kun oldin
“So now that I look like an onion” 😫😭🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 omfg I cried
Lailani Simpkins
Lailani Simpkins 22 kun oldin
Just started doing my own hair, so i'm watching tutorials, and have NO idea what they mean when they say 4th day hair help please!
Lailani Simpkins
Lailani Simpkins 19 kun oldin
+Penny Tovar Thank you sooo MUCH!
Penny Tovar
Penny Tovar 22 kun oldin
Hair days refer to how long you go without washing. Since curly hair doesn't need to be washed frequently, the number of days you go without washing is that hair day :) For me, I can get 4-5 hair days before the next wash day.
Angelina Scott
Angelina Scott 23 kun oldin
first time i've watched you.. most definitely subscribing. i'm panamanian, where you from girl??
Christina D.
Christina D. 23 kun oldin
I have learned so much about curly hair care from you over the course of the last several years. Thank you so much for continuing to show us your updated curly hair care routine over the years. You're my fave!
libertypown 24 kun oldin
I know nobody is gonna read this but youre hair is so beautifull literly crying now in the bathroom becouse my curly hair is so in giant dread locks and i cant brush it out my mom is forcing me to do it but i dont want to 😭😭
BangerangCat 25 kun oldin
Oh heck yea. This is everything I ever needed to know. My hair is damaged to all heck with bleach and my curls are just so sad and dry after one day. I was wondering how often you do this routine. I know you're not supposed to wash your hair everyday, but man I am at a loss as to how often. Especially, like after working out. If I work out everyday, do I was with water sometimes? Wash with just cowash? Go full shampoo? Dry shampoo?! Gotta get that weekly routine down T_T
mercy rebekha
mercy rebekha 25 kun oldin
Can u do a routine without products?🤔
Alohaa Jasmine
Alohaa Jasmine 26 kun oldin
Ogres are quaking😂
Dabella Luv
Dabella Luv 27 kun oldin
Please Penny pretty please can you do a Curly hair routine with less products no more than 4 for frizzy hair ..I have long thin wavy frizzy hair and i have tried tons of products but they have not work I still get frizzy hair that's my main concern frizz . I came across your channel today And I love it. your hilarious you got a beautiful aura very free spirit and very informative. Keep it up..GOD BLESSED YOU..Thank you 💚
Desiree H
Desiree H 28 kun oldin
Huda C
Huda C 28 kun oldin
She kinda looks like queen naija at some angles
Ashleigh Vargas
Ashleigh Vargas 28 kun oldin
Can you do a review on OrganiGrowHairCo?
Heather Wiese
Heather Wiese 29 kun oldin
I've never skipped ahead watching any of your videos. You're too entertaining
Elizabeth Spring
Curly Penny, help me! My hair is similar to yours, but pieces of my hair are STRAIGHT. How do I fix this?
Ghoi Loljg
Ghoi Loljg Oy oldin
do you have layers?
Gina Diaz
Gina Diaz Oy oldin
To many steps!
Makayla Oy oldin
My hair is frizzy even when it's dripping wet. Why does it do that plz help
T Christine
T Christine Oy oldin
"An onion" haha! Girl, you are hilarious! My hair very similar to yours. What curl type do you consider it to be?
Caitlin Perry
Caitlin Perry Oy oldin
Your hair is so insanely beautiful 😻
rissa Oy oldin
yes queen
Ashlyn Thomas
Ashlyn Thomas Oy oldin
Gave it a thumbs up as soon as she named her hair balls from detangling
bigheart Oy oldin
im a really fan of your voice
Sozan Sulaiman
Gurl i really need help with my damaged hair, so my whole hair except for 5 centimeter are damaged and my curly hair is ruined I will do whatever it takes too get a healthy hair but I wonder what am I supposed to do? Cut my whole hair offf?? And be bald, wait until it’s-grown more then cut? Hope u can help me Ily💕💕💕💕 Please help me before it’s too late🙌🏽 I know right now which Products too use but not what too do with my damaged hair
Chloe Mehay
Chloe Mehay Oy oldin
I have curly ish hair (I’m white) and I’m gonna try this
Betty Estrada
Betty Estrada Oy oldin
I wish there were more videos like yours (girls with hair that isn’t kinky) I feel like type B curls are just over looked and forgotten. I’m half white half Cuban and I got ALL the curls. You’re hair is the most like mine out of literally everyone on UZvid. Thank you 🙏
Yakout Meghaoui
what this all about .if u have curly hair , u wash condition and some coconut oil and free to go
S N Oy oldin
Too much products gurll!!
Amy Herndon
Amy Herndon Oy oldin
I love u girl ur funny!!!! I found u on facebook!!!
Penny Tovar
Penny Tovar Oy oldin
I have straight hair.. does anybody dare me to try this?
Rs Srnam
Rs Srnam Oy oldin
U really look like kim k
Victoria Fagundes
LMFAOOOO “so now that I look like an onion” girlll I’m subscribing that was funny af 😂😂😂😂😂
SunsetWinter Oy oldin
Hey Shister you need some Dāo it so good you gunna luk hawt mkay? Mkay! It’s also sulfate and silicone free!
Sylvia Oy oldin
I have the same curl pattern and hair texture that you do, so, I have all the questions. But I'll just ask one. Do you only shampoo your scalp or the whole length of your hair?
Callmewhimsyy Oy oldin
Died at pet rat!!! I have many of those and will call them my pet rats 😂
Iizzy De la salinas
So now that i look like an onion 💀😂😂😂
Joanna Oy oldin
Could you review Eden Body works Coconut shea products?
Amal Oy oldin
penny because of your videos I started to love my hair 😫
Penny Tovar
Penny Tovar Oy oldin
Fernanda Melo
Fernanda Melo Oy oldin
Gosh.. I wish I had time for such a long routine.. I am a busy momma😐
Steph :3
Steph :3 Oy oldin
I’m new to this youtuber and she sounds like cardi b, she’s lovely and i like the voice 🔥
Golden Star
Golden Star Oy oldin
My hair is only curly (3A ish) when I’m having an amazing hair day, and otherwise it’s like 2B. Any advice?
Andrea Norton
Andrea Norton Oy oldin
Does all these products weigh down your hair?
Penny Tovar
Penny Tovar Oy oldin
Nope because they're lightweight
Slayy jeis
Slayy jeis Oy oldin
Your hair is like mine hahah
Marissa Faith
Marissa Faith Oy oldin
does this work the same for perms?
Lisa V
Lisa V Oy oldin
Love this video! Can you do a new video on your day 2,3 refresh hair? 💗
Flissfloss Bob Ross
You look just like priyanka chopra but with curly hair 😮
Carla Lopes
Carla Lopes Oy oldin
A voz dela é parecida com a da Nick Minaj 😱
Jennelyne Caballes
I have the same type of hair as you do and I use/follow the same basic steps: cowash-condish-gel. But I always have a problem with the hair on the back of my head. Once I'm in the shower, I split my hair into two sections and do the routine. But because its split that way when wet, it seems to dry the same way too; with the front and ends of my hair really defined, but the back flat like I just slept on it. I air dry for about 2 hours then defuse, but the back hair remains flat, frizzy, and dry. I see you do the same split-it-in-the-middle way but your back hair isnt flat at all!! I dont know if I'm doing something wrong or missing a step.
Lauren Bartholomew
You just described my same problem!!!!!!! Wish we could get this answered!! 😄
Nada Nagy
Nada Nagy Oy oldin
i feel like i wanna cry, all the products in my country are shit really really shit(even CG ones) and if i tried to get the CG products abroads it will be so expensive i had to let go of curly girl method and to use sulfates and silicones
Robbi Boss
Robbi Boss Oy oldin
I thought you used black costor oil
Xena Gonzalez
Xena Gonzalez Oy oldin
Ratatouille 😂 and Stuart Little
GeekyNerd Oy oldin
I can't make my damm curly hair because my curly hair is like a sad mop and so frizzy
Macrina Oy oldin
Anyone here from Gillian's Curly Hair Journey video? 😂
Why does her heat cap looks so different then the one on amazone???
Penny Tovar
Penny Tovar Oy oldin
The cap was a gift, I can't find it on Amazon!
I'm so sad... The heating cap is not avalible to be ordered in Canada...
Park Jaeyeon
Park Jaeyeon Oy oldin
She has the same voice of Cardi B ahahah
Astrid Estrada
Welp. You just got my subscription! You’re awesome!
Xai Alafriz
Xai Alafriz Oy oldin
Penny, just want to ask if ingredients like yellow 11 and red 17 are safe bcos im using sulfate free product with that one . please answer
Kotomi Jones
Kotomi Jones Oy oldin
Saralynn Shaw
Saralynn Shaw Oy oldin
if u liked this like this comment
CL 500
CL 500 Oy oldin
Hey penny 🌻 can I ask how often you wash your hair? Also do you have any other lightweight gels you can recommend? I can’t find this nym one here in Germany :(
Syd Schomburg
Syd Schomburg Oy oldin
Sooo did she rinse out the oil after the heat treatment shower cap at the beginning or do you keep it in??
jxnnyjimenez 1
so now that I look like an onion
belen bernal
belen bernal Oy oldin
you talk like cardi b ❤️
ravenclxw Oy oldin
What sucks about going to school is that I can't wash my hair on weekdays because there is literally no time to do anything. I'll have to do my routine and air dying takes forever. That's why I wait until Saturday to wash it :/
Caroline Bayybee
First of all you hair is not even that curly it is naturally wavy,second of all you don’t need to use all of those hair products because you hair is not like that curly that’s just being extra,and third of all why do you think that you have curly hair when you don’t...I’m not saying that you should put on the title of your videos wavy hair routine but that’s really what you have...and this is not a hate comment it’s just a matter of my opinion that I wanted to share with you so don’t come for me okay..period.its called comments for a reason honey
Penny Tovar
Penny Tovar Oy oldin
Nahh, my hair is curly. Just loose. Have a great day 😘
Karina Serna
Karina Serna Oy oldin
Is this your everyday routine?
Karina Serna
Karina Serna Oy oldin
How do you refresh ?
Penny Tovar
Penny Tovar Oy oldin
Once a week :3
Holo Hoops
Holo Hoops Oy oldin
How tf do you get the wig cap on???? I just ended up squishing my curls to my head . Bought it specifically to plop too 😭 help penny
hadar mor
hadar mor 2 oy oldin
did you wash out all of the conditioner? isnt part of the cg method is to leave a bit of it in?
Imani Phillips
Imani Phillips 2 oy oldin
How do you refresh on “non-wash” days? Also, how often do you go through this routine?
Penny Tovar
Penny Tovar 2 oy oldin
I refresh every single morning with some water