My Curly Hair Routine :)

Penny Tovar
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Today I share my curly hair routine for naturally curly hair :) this curly hair routine is silicone free and sulfate free
LIMITED EDITION MERCH: bit.ly/CurlyPenny-Merch
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Penny Tovar
Penny Tovar 5 oy oldin
curly hair routine 🤠 PS: to make this routine more simple you can just use shampoo, conditioner, cream and gel :D
Maiya Soto
Maiya Soto Oy oldin
What if you don't have a diffuser ? Can you just let it air dry ?
Britney Valaco
Everybody Loves Penny! 😍
Slideshow Cinema
Slideshow Cinema 2 oy oldin
+Isabel Ramos no you can't because hair mask/dc have more penetrate ingredients and are more penetrate and have different ingredient than a conditioner but you could add oils to your conditioner and use it as a hair mask to make it more intense there's curly hair youtube that make their on diy hair mask with conditioner just type it in diy hair mask on natural hair jewjewbee have a good video on that
Trisha Meloling
Trisha Meloling 2 oy oldin
Penny Tovar what you think of devacurls light gel?
Cristina Lopez M
Cristina Lopez M 2 oy oldin
Do you have a video of stylers? pleeaassseeeeeee :)
ShockerThere11 Kun oldin
I'm here from Instagram bc I was searching HARD for that wig cap! Are all your products silicone free?? Is that more important than sulfate free?
Célia Vanden Daele
Does anyone know if Eco Gel is good for your hair?
chanyeol 2 kun oldin
wait y’all does she do this Everyday or ??
Penny Tovar
Penny Tovar 2 kun oldin
Once a week :)
Lil Bread Loaf
Lil Bread Loaf 2 kun oldin
Sparkle Babey
Sparkle Babey 3 kun oldin
Is this 3A curls?
R on
R on 4 kun oldin
Can you try Egypt produces?
Jo Weaver
Jo Weaver 4 kun oldin
Broooo, my hair is curly on the bottom but straight at the top and it is super annoying. HELP!!!!
Prachee Kapoor
Prachee Kapoor 4 kun oldin
all that gel that u r using is actually a flax seed gel, which can hold hair fabulously for definition....
chan8680 chan8680
chan8680 chan8680 5 kun oldin
I'm a lucky gal, I don't have dandruff/dry scalp or oily roots. yay 😀
esra elwasila
esra elwasila 5 kun oldin
yeimi Palucho
yeimi Palucho 5 kun oldin
What do you think about phenoxyethanol a preservative on beauty products including shampoo and conditioner?
Fatima Tahib
Fatima Tahib 5 kun oldin
vasel dielation hahahah
Noe Macedo
Noe Macedo 6 kun oldin
Is this done every day or only the days you wash ur hair ? And if not what do you do when ur not washing ur hair. I’m a boy and I’m tryna figure out how to take care of my hair
Noe Macedo
Noe Macedo 5 kun oldin
Thanks 😅
Penny Tovar
Penny Tovar 5 kun oldin
Once a week :)
doThatGWalk 6 kun oldin
I caught that crystal earring. Is it Opal?
Alexandria Ann
Alexandria Ann 8 kun oldin
Can someone link the net cap she used? I need that! My bonnet always falls off
Penny Tovar
Penny Tovar 7 kun oldin
It's a wig cap and the link is in the description :)
Yuliana Estrada
Yuliana Estrada 8 kun oldin
Your hair is Beautiful and shiny🤗
Inia Lich
Inia Lich 9 kun oldin
*NEW SUB ALERT!* Omg watched like 3 videos right after I subbed, including this one & I love how you're funny as hell, silly & you don't care what anyone thinks. You're genuine & that radiates on your channel. Happy you showed up on my feed! Can't wait for more videos! "Now that I look like an onion" 🤣😂🤣😂
kxylin._ 10 kun oldin
did you find these products at a store or did you buy them online and if you did buy it at a store what store did you buy the products at
Ranee 12 kun oldin
when i try to go out with my curly hair my friend calls me medusa
Cheyenne Pepper
Cheyenne Pepper 13 kun oldin
I have wavy thick hair, and when I use gel it makes my hair look nasty. What should I do to make my curls turn out/grow and be healthy?
Mylifeasbela P
Mylifeasbela P 15 kun oldin
So how often do you shampoo & when you don’t shampoo what do you do to wash your hair meanwhile? Do you cowash instead ?
Selena Hilton
Selena Hilton 15 kun oldin
shout out to Ratatouille and his cousin Stewart Little
soukaina aboulazhar
soukaina aboulazhar 17 kun oldin
What hairdryer is that?
Its Mariya
Its Mariya 18 kun oldin
My mom gave me a relaxer I year ago and now my curl pattern is messed up how do I get my curl pattern back
Just a human
Just a human 18 kun oldin
I skipped this, wtf there's like 30 products
Suzlinda Lambert
Suzlinda Lambert 22 kun oldin
I love love love you and your videos! Always make my day watching any of your videos! Thank you so much for being so informative yet entertaining, and also thank you, thank you, thank you for listing everything you use in your video in the description box with the link too!!!!!!!! You have no idea how many yt-ers don’t do it and it’s so annoying 🙄😅 but thank you! I can’t wait for more videos!!
Marinah Lol
Marinah Lol 22 kun oldin
I used to have like that ( like my profile pic from 2017 ish ) but before I became a colour head it was way more curly But since I was homeless last year and not taking care of my hair it’s lost it’s curl pattern , am relearning how to take care of my hair and curls so am hoping it’ll come back some day soon
L1ttle M3ndes
L1ttle M3ndes 23 kun oldin
"It's very musty dusty and crusty"
Call Me Swivel Hips
Call Me Swivel Hips 24 kun oldin
I remember back when you never used any store-bought products at all. Just foods and stuff from the grocery store.
Call Me Swivel Hips
Call Me Swivel Hips 24 kun oldin
Hahahaha, I'd love to see a product free routine from you! Just to see if you could replicate the samekind of results you normally get.but to be fair, I'm not sure you'd ever try what I do with my hair, which is only just down to my shoulders right now. +Penny Tovar
Penny Tovar
Penny Tovar 24 kun oldin
Damn you're right, I should get back on that!
alex p
alex p 24 kun oldin
can i use these products if i have wavy hair or nah?
Angry Curl
Angry Curl 24 kun oldin
Loving your hair
Sabrina Dottavio
Sabrina Dottavio 25 kun oldin
Beautiful curls 💕💕
Sabrina Dottavio
Sabrina Dottavio 25 kun oldin
Hilarious 😆 cracks me up!
Safsaf Ware
Safsaf Ware 25 kun oldin
I have curly hair,but I always tied it up because it's so hot when I let it down,which makes my hair styles boring most of the time
stephyclaws 27 kun oldin
I wonder how your hair would turn out if you diffuse it with the wig cap on xx
anaperez 28 kun oldin
Curl so pretty. I want that!
Madison Caudill
Madison Caudill 28 kun oldin
I have fine hair with waves/curls similar to yours- my hair is not virgin, but not terribly unhealthy. I find that my hair gets weighed down sooo easily and I have such a hard time having light, fluffy hair while also having definition- any tips or recommendations?
AzulForever 31
AzulForever 31 28 kun oldin
THANK U SO MUCH PENNY all the products are very expensive but I’ve started using the *not my mother* cream and gel and my curls are bootyful when I use the diffuser even tho I don’t have your hair I still love my hair:)
Giulia Palmeri
Giulia Palmeri 29 kun oldin
your hair are really amazing
My hair is oily and flakey💀
My hair is oily and flakey💀
cat_htx4 castle
I like your voice 😍
Queen. C
Queen. C Oy oldin
You are so beautiful and I love your Attitude and your hair is gorgeous💖💖
Jocelyn Veronica
My god, I’m jealous of that hair.
Mariah Smith
Mariah Smith Oy oldin
This is so much :/
The JR Fam
The JR Fam Oy oldin
I just posted my curly to straight hair routine! I’d appreciate if you guys would support by checking it out 💞☺️
simplylite Oy oldin
FIRST of all, you are HYSTERICAL!!!!! And we would make great friends. Secondly, your hair type is nearly identical to mine, down to the dry scalp, so I found the extensive list of products insanely helpful. Also, that "Witch I Love Your Hair" is infused with CRYSTALS?! So I'm buying the stock out, STAT. Have you ever tried flaxseed hair gel? I find that some products tend to weight it down but the flaxseed is both moisturizing and gives an awesome hold once you scrunch the crunch out!
savagejenna Oy oldin
savagejenna Oy oldin
yeah I was gonna say😅
Penny Tovar
Penny Tovar Oy oldin
Hell no lol once a week
yuni cardenas
yuni cardenas Oy oldin
What tool did you use to dry your hair? Also, how often do you wash your hair?
Aris world Briddell
I love ur hair wish mines was like that but I’m still very great full for the hair I have
shaifali pandey
Hey Penny I really like your comedy talks and comments over the videos and I love your Long Deva Curls
lina B
lina B Oy oldin
gurl no matter what I try my hair is never ever defined or not frizzy. I detangle every day (but not wash) what do i do and use? _my_ ratatouille need help *edit* : btw i use deva curl's no-poo shampoo and the one condition conditioner
Panda Oy oldin
Soo where can I get that air dry hand thingy?
Belle & Beau's Mommy
I recently have come upon your channel (and recently new to CGM) I really like your content and how real and normal you are. Especially love the collabs you did shopping for CGM approved products. Thanks for being real!
Alisa Holverson
I put my hair in a bun with conditioner in while i clean my body, too. Cant stand having conditioner all over me!
Donia Amr
Donia Amr Oy oldin
Your hair is 3b or what? And i loved the video❤
Aisha Anwar Malik
What happens if u dont blowdry your hair at the end?
Aisha Anwar Malik
+Penny Tovar omg thanks for replying. I love your personality💓
Penny Tovar
Penny Tovar Oy oldin
I don't get as much volume :3
Ximena Ortiz
Ximena Ortiz Oy oldin
Subtítulos :( por favor
Ursula Hofer
Ursula Hofer Oy oldin
Beautiful hair😎
Rebeca Chavez
Rebeca Chavez Oy oldin
butigurl808 Oy oldin
You make me lol so hard..oh.. and your hair is gorgeous, too!
kristian kiser
Where is your shirt from?? Oh, and my hair is as straight as a board, I just love your videos ! 😅
Brandon Mora
Brandon Mora Oy oldin
I died at 4:36 😂
Lucy T
Lucy T Oy oldin
I wish I had curly hair xx
Ana. Oy oldin
*"Like an onion" Berro, muito bom! KKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK ♥️*
Secarah Oy oldin
You hair is gorgeous. My hair is not. C'est la vie.
Anabella Dream
GiRl I cAnT aFfOrD tHiS Can I buy any of this at the dollar store? 😂
Brit Oy oldin
V05 conditioner (.75 cents at Walmart), LA looks blue sport gel ($1, dollar store) 👍
Danielle Olson
Please can you do a video on how to do the CG routine on a budget? I would lovvvve it! :)
Lina Hushiyar
Lina Hushiyar Oy oldin
Can you do a review for the Yves Rocher curly hair products?
Stacey Boyer
Stacey Boyer Oy oldin
You are so precious! I usually watch the "older" ladies being old myself but your "attitude" so speaks to me. You could be my long lost child. :) Beautiful hair. Love your videos.
Nevermindits Lexy
You should try a denmin brush :)
melissa acevedo
you're hilarious. the handshake with your diffuser had me dying.
hi ho
hi ho Oy oldin
I need help!! I have 2b, 2c and some 3a hair and my waves/curls does not start where my hair parts but they start 4-5 cm down my part and i dont know what to do! If someone knows how to get rid of this please reply to my comment, thanks 💓💓
Audicee Knits
Audicee Knits Oy oldin
Girl! I just finished watching all your hair care vids and I’m shoooooookethhhhh Could you please make a video with all the bad ingredients en champoos y conditioners (and body washes?) we should look out for and why they’re bad? And then all the good ingredients we should try to find y porque? I would really appreciate it because I’m over here throwing away all these Garnier products pero like I don’t know what I should use nowwwwww 😭
Sandypoppin Oy oldin
How do I go to sleep tho 😭
packleader87 Oy oldin
You are adorable and you look like a fun person :)
Sujita Dangol
Sujita Dangol Oy oldin
Your too funny and cute 😍 😍 I love you
Veronica Young
I haven’t even been using these products for a week and I swear my curls have never been this good! Thank you!!! 😍
Penny Tovar
Penny Tovar Oy oldin
Musty, Dusty, and Crusty: A Memoir
Cassie MoonShadow
Anyone know how to minimize frizz??
Pusheen Oy oldin
You barely have curly hair
Gracelyn Traplin
um what?
J A Oy oldin
Bro love your channel btw. Can’t believe how small amount hair you lose compared to wat I lose. It’s insane I still have hair. Definitely changing all my methods
omgb4e 2 oy oldin
Where is her shirt from ?
Bersu T
Bersu T 2 oy oldin
Penny Tovar
Penny Tovar 2 oy oldin
Cold :)
Kimmy Kimster
Kimmy Kimster 2 oy oldin
*here is my pet rat* I spit on my phone from lauhing
Shady_arty_ Lady
Shady_arty_ Lady 2 oy oldin
Musty dusty and crusty
Express youself
Express youself 2 oy oldin
Monster Princess
Monster Princess 2 oy oldin
well that's what we curly hair girls have to do to make it not look like a fluffy cloud or a rats nest
keller wärterin
keller wärterin 2 oy oldin
I don't know if every one isrich or I'm broke asf or in germany the products are more expensive, but that deva curl shit is waaaaayyy to expensive
Baby44Bygz 2 oy oldin
I’m so frecken happy I found your channel!
Melissa Andrea Gutiérrez
Girl your hair 😍
Nicole Chatman
Nicole Chatman 2 oy oldin
Hey y’all, I wanna tell u my curly hair routine. I’m looking for pointers and tips. Btw I have 3c curly hair!😊 (this log btw) So first, I hop in the shower and get my hair wet. I then use the %100 virgin coconut oil shampoo on my hair and massage it in with the tips of my fingers for about a minute. I rinse that out and split my hair into two sides. I then use the %100 virgin coconut oil conditioner from Shea Moisture and use 5 pumps on each side with a little of the Restorative Conditioner to help with some chlorine damage. I then split those sections into 3 smaller sections and detangle with the. Tangle Teezer for Thick & Curly Hair. I take those sections and put them into twists, I do the same for the next side as well. I then get out. I wrap my hair in a microfiber turban and let that sit. After a minute or two I take it out and spray it with a spray bottle with a mix of conditioner and water. I then add the Shea Moisture Curl Enhancing Smoothie and Brush my hair with the Tangle Teezer again to get it all evenly. I then do styling, my usually styles are Buns, ponytails and slick ponytails. I’m only 11 but if u have any pointers on products, or how I do the routine. Please leave a reply!!
Faithmeliz 2 oy oldin
“So now that I look like an onion” 😂
unachilena 2 oy oldin
I really love your videos but the bad thing is that I live in Sweden and can't get all the products you show on your channel😔
mrss Gaatjenixaan
Your voice😍 is just like Cardi B
firdous F
firdous F 2 oy oldin
She kinda sounds like cardi b
Samara Lipford
Samara Lipford 2 oy oldin
I love watching and making these videos🤪
Gabba 2 oy oldin
Giiiirl, I’m binge watching all your hair care videos. I’m really starting to love and embrace my wavy/curly hair and your channel’s very helpful 💗
rareegeminii 2 oy oldin
You sound like cardi b
So beautiful. I will take care of my hair again. 😭😭😭 Thanks for the ideas. By the way, congratulations on getting your hair longer again.
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