My Dogs Pick My Makeup

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I feel terrible I didn't shout out the actual creator of this challenge who posted this 5 whole months ago her name is GlamByRoxy, this is her video though with her adorable fur baby, and thank you so much for creating such a fun video for people who love doggies and makeup uzvid.com/video/video--AB3uzC3SaE.html
Here's Kayla's video of her cat picking out her makeup: uzvid.com/video/video-2vhg3gDPMCA.html
Jkissa's really cute pitbull picking out her makeup:
NikkiTutorials two little furries picking out her makeup:
And an underrated video of a ferret picking out makeup lololol:
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5-Iyl, 2018




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TruthOrClaire 2 soat oldin
I love how Julien hypes you up.
susan turner
susan turner 2 soat oldin
Is no one talking about how Juilen is always hyping Jenna which is GOALS
noodle panda
noodle panda 7 soat oldin
You smell like... Crying? -Julien
Leila Lang
Leila Lang 12 soat oldin
4:40 what are those brushes called I’ve been searching for them forever
Aliya Mae
Aliya Mae 13 soat oldin
I love Julian gassing you up when you put the black lipstick on 🥰 it looks so good!
hermione granger
hermione granger 13 soat oldin
Interviewer : Kermit what deodorant do you use Kermit : it's this amazing thing called crying
Corrupt Pastels
Corrupt Pastels 16 soat oldin
You smell like *crying*
Anna Hughes
Anna Hughes 17 soat oldin
This is so amazing🖤
olivia hmph
olivia hmph 17 soat oldin
_”okay, what we’re not gonna do is make fart noises with our mouths”_
Emylie Powers
Emylie Powers 21 soat oldin
Marble is literally so cute rksjcjejgk does anyone know what breed he is
Emily Barela
Emily Barela 22 soat oldin
i love the evolution of jenna's makeup products. like she had hardly anything and now she owns so much!!! we stan a versatile babe
Risa m
Risa m Kun oldin
this look fucking awesome!
Tazoo Reptiles
Tazoo Reptiles Kun oldin
-Who you fightin?-
I play everything 101
2 months later: I died at 7:25
Sarah Brodbeck
Sarah Brodbeck Kun oldin
XxbandsaremyheroesxX Fallen
the new words for Welcome to the black parade. Oh MCR.
Kealey Taylor
Kealey Taylor 2 kun oldin
I’m curious as to how she would look with a microbladed eyebrow shape, like what would she go with? Would her life be changed?
ElephantGirl03 Toth
I love how Julian always helps and talks through out her videos. I also loved that he came up with every way for the dogs to get to Jenna😂😂
Circa McWatt
Circa McWatt 2 kun oldin
How adorable is Kermit at 2:49 😍 Oh hey Jenna, that's a sweet shirt too..
tuğçe m.
tuğçe m. 2 kun oldin
OMG cute look
kiara turner10
kiara turner10 3 kun oldin
Jennas bf: bblllppt Jenna what were not gonna dp is make fary noises ( i forgot his name
Abi Mitchell
Abi Mitchell 3 kun oldin
Your so beautiful with out makeup Xxxx and with but wow Xxx
Diana Mendoza
Diana Mendoza 3 kun oldin
Jenna honestly this is just a dumb video but guess what you fucking clicked on me well guess what you fucking made it 😂😂😂😂Love you Jenna
Grace Hilario
Grace Hilario 4 kun oldin
what brand is the black lip
Grace Hilario
Grace Hilario 4 kun oldin
aww i love this video and you and julian are amazing
Lily Of Asgard
Lily Of Asgard 4 kun oldin
1:21 Welcome to the Living Room by My Chemical Sofa
Jackie Longwell
Jackie Longwell 4 kun oldin
Kermit put your tongue back in your mouth
Jamie Vassar
Jamie Vassar 4 kun oldin
Damn Julien. So good
emma huysman
emma huysman 4 kun oldin
Man this look is fire 🔥 🔥 🔥
Alise Saukuma
Alise Saukuma 4 kun oldin
That look realy good.
basically 4 kun oldin
More Cermet videos pls
jaina a
jaina a 5 kun oldin
get urself a man that compliments u the way julien does
Mincchy Muncchy
Mincchy Muncchy 5 kun oldin
Why did Jenna look like Zoella after she applied the black lipstick
Jessica Benning
Jessica Benning 5 kun oldin
Her dog's have good taste. ;)
hey you
hey you 5 kun oldin
shooglechic 5 kun oldin
Jenna's guns, though...full on assault rifles. Beautiful!!!
The Nobody On The Internet
The second I saw this video I just sat there and thought has internet gone to far and more importantly is Jenna okay
Jane Doe
Jane Doe 5 kun oldin
Your house looks HUGE!
Claudia Coakley
Claudia Coakley 5 kun oldin
I like it
Sam Prowse
Sam Prowse 6 kun oldin
Love it
Maddie Sanchez
Maddie Sanchez 6 kun oldin
Hahaha cermet with eyebrows is so funny
Go Away
Go Away 6 kun oldin
Patiii1120 6 kun oldin
Carmel o
Carmel o 6 kun oldin
Chokers mean *_I love butt stuff_*
maconwriter 6 kun oldin
Jenna's dogs put James Charles out of business.
Karen The grilled cheese
10:02 I didn’t know it was possible for him to look sadder than he already does
M Chan
M Chan 5 kun oldin
Missy Treadway
Missy Treadway 6 kun oldin
I think you look awesome! And I'm glad you feed your dogs healthy treats that are grain and corn free!
JesusIsKing Nell
JesusIsKing Nell 7 kun oldin
I have the same mirror
Ida Fruitboot
Ida Fruitboot 7 kun oldin
I swear Julian just secretly loves goth girls and is trying to make Jenna become one, remember the twin tail blue hair Jenna? Yes, Julian loved that too, I’m onto you
Living DeadGirl
Living DeadGirl 7 kun oldin
Kermit looked like Snoop Dogg high when you put the eyelashes on him.
Honey Soul
Honey Soul 7 kun oldin
There actually is a “puppy eyes” look, where there is a eyeshadow/liner focus on the bottom outer lash corner to make the eye look round and smiley
Katniss4everdeen 7 kun oldin
Kermit with the fake eyelashes looks like Kim K when she had the princess Jasmine makeover.
kuoinc 7 kun oldin
What’s up with Kermit for real? Does he have dog ptsd or something? I’m actually concerned
Karen Bee
Karen Bee 7 kun oldin
I love how it came out! They chose well!
Toria 8 kun oldin
You were born where I live! In Rochester new york
etherealsara 8 kun oldin
dude this look actually looks cool
AmethystGamesAlot 8 kun oldin
Why is Kermit always cryingggggg😭😭
zea m
zea m 9 kun oldin
when you whipped and said leave those hate comments below I screamed
HeLLoSaNtA 9 kun oldin
Getchoo a cute as goth gurl who gets her dogs to pick her make up out for her
H.E Tiplady
H.E Tiplady 9 kun oldin
Jenna that is not the beautiful person noise, that is the queens noise (it’s Shane )
Savannah Kobza
Savannah Kobza 10 kun oldin
2:49. that is all
Juliet Bruce
Juliet Bruce 10 kun oldin
I’ve only watched one of your videos but i think your my favorite youtuber now.
Elena Roberts
Elena Roberts 10 kun oldin
Peach picked the peach colored eyeliner and Kermit picked the grey eyeshadow lol I just thought that was funny
Rilakkuma Kawaii
Rilakkuma Kawaii 10 kun oldin
I love the ending product`
Meme God
Meme God 10 kun oldin
Mica's Domain
Mica's Domain 11 kun oldin
You look tired in this videos
Heather F.
Heather F. 11 kun oldin
Jennas inner goth kid
octo vi
octo vi 11 kun oldin
タレ/droopy eyes are dog eye makeup
Sheridan's lifestyle
Not trying to be mean but Kermit looks like Sid from Ice Age
Laura Frechette
Laura Frechette 11 kun oldin
i mean, you're not a green screen but it's alright
Jasmine Weibel
Jasmine Weibel 11 kun oldin
I haven’t watched a video in so long and Kermit and Marble got so old 😭😭😭
LyricsAreRandom 11 kun oldin
I would love to know what brand that black lipstick is
Gina G
Gina G 11 kun oldin
Jenna reminds me of Phoebe Buffay
Fetița Tumblr
Fetița Tumblr 11 kun oldin
Get yourself a man that compliments you just how Julian compliments Jenna
hannahbanana 116
hannahbanana 116 11 kun oldin
The dogs made good choices
YaN8XiaojiE 11 kun oldin
4:05 When you GIF in real life...
Musicgirl 654321
Musicgirl 654321 12 kun oldin
Aw cute
Jacey Hornbacher
Jacey Hornbacher 12 kun oldin
Julian: Make a beautiful person noise Jenna: *Shane Dawson click WHAT A KWEEN
quail quail
quail quail 12 kun oldin
the lipstick was kermits outlet for emotion
Poison Ivy
Poison Ivy 12 kun oldin
It’s like julien is a kindergartener
quail quail
quail quail 12 kun oldin
kermit looks like the grandma from ice age 6:19
Tiffany Dominguez
Tiffany Dominguez 12 kun oldin
i love the dogs kerm looks so funny with eyelashes on his head i love you jenna
Madison Price
Madison Price 12 kun oldin
Oh m'gosh, I love how Jenna looks by the end - the li'l doggos did such a good job, even when Kermipp got sad after bein' told he smelled
Mya Cannell
Mya Cannell 13 kun oldin
Juilien is the best boyfriend, they’re so cute
• štørm •
• štørm • 13 kun oldin
*i kinda like it a lot*
doo chow
doo chow 13 kun oldin
Is this voice she is doing a Rick and Morty thing? I never saw it but I don't remember her doing this before. I just don't get it.
peyyddeenn 13 kun oldin
this looks so good((-: & nothing makes me happier than coming to jennas channel and seeing nothing but support from Jules and mango and cement and the dead one(-,:
M Chan
M Chan 5 kun oldin
jessie rae
jessie rae 14 kun oldin
anyone: what do you think marbles thinks about? julien: bold of you to assume that marbles thinks
MementoMorii 14 kun oldin
I want a complication of Jenna’s awgghhhhh, It’s so unique
MementoMorii 14 kun oldin
Hehhhhhuuuuuhhhhhhh, ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
Lindy Vargas
Lindy Vargas 14 kun oldin
Wait the makeup actually looks really good pls find an occasion to wear more black lipstick
Devon J
Devon J 14 kun oldin
let me just point out the fact that jenna actually good like damn
Random Taco
Random Taco 14 kun oldin
ur a official beauty guru now, I got a ultra beauty ad before ur vid
Ally Wu
Ally Wu 14 kun oldin
High key love’n her black lips
Isabelle Myrick
Isabelle Myrick 14 kun oldin
Jenna and Julian have an amazing relationship, they’re so cute!
Valerie Naveo-Matiz
Valerie Naveo-Matiz 14 kun oldin
Can you make a real make-up tutorial?The way Jaclyn Hill does?Or maybe you can pick one of her tutorials and mimick her entire tutorial while getting drunk to see how crazy the make-up gets lol!
Fin 14 kun oldin
I loooove this look
Ardipithecus Ramidus
Julien: "this is kind of embarrassing but...." Jenna: "you have a chu---?" 11:51 was she about to say....chubby? kinda feel like thats what she was about to say ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
Kellie Michaud
Kellie Michaud 15 kun oldin
Actually love this look on you. Its different but looks cute
DeclinedCreditCard 15 kun oldin
"Now all of them smell like... dog stuff"
Monse Mesa
Monse Mesa 15 kun oldin
I’ve been watching Jenna for a long time tbh and I still want to know why Kermit is always crying