My Dogs Pick My Makeup

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I feel terrible I didn't shout out the actual creator of this challenge who posted this 5 whole months ago her name is GlamByRoxy, this is her video though with her adorable fur baby, and thank you so much for creating such a fun video for people who love doggies and makeup uzvid.com/video/video--AB3uzC3SaE.html
Here's Kayla's video of her cat picking out her makeup: uzvid.com/video/video-2vhg3gDPMCA.html
Jkissa's really cute pitbull picking out her makeup:
NikkiTutorials two little furries picking out her makeup:
And an underrated video of a ferret picking out makeup lololol:
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5-Iyl, 2018




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Sister Salty
Sister Salty 3 soat oldin
Get you a mans like julien
peachy _
peachy _ 4 soat oldin
We do not like a smudgee sister
peachy _
peachy _ 4 soat oldin
Yes..... Yes
Kim berly
Kim berly 7 soat oldin
You have like exactly my type of humor i love what you do and i don't find it boring at all. You're great i love your personality and you're pretty af.
cloncrow Kun oldin
you smell like *CRYING*
Maggie Vazquez
Maggie Vazquez Kun oldin
excuse me- iv'e just been g noted by jenna
Katie Thomazin
Katie Thomazin Kun oldin
Gurnica Thohan
Gurnica Thohan Kun oldin
Ur dogs like glitter
xx_GachaWolfieVerse _xx
The eyelashes suit Cermet
Camila Sordo
Camila Sordo Kun oldin
Kermit is the cutest thing ever so is peachy!
06DogMaster Gaming
06DogMaster Gaming 2 kun oldin
I love the look,and the vid was awesome!
Bailey da Cunha
Bailey da Cunha 2 kun oldin
I need me a man that supports me like julien
Jayceon Brown
Jayceon Brown 2 kun oldin
Jayceon Brown
Jayceon Brown 2 kun oldin
6:21 crusty ass lips
furious madnes
furious madnes 2 kun oldin
Julien is like Kermit’s high school bully
Charika Hammonds
Charika Hammonds 2 kun oldin
They did a good job...your gorgeous
Vanessa Garcia
Vanessa Garcia 2 kun oldin
This look was so perfect on Jenna holly cow
nay 2 kun oldin
i want juliens hat .
sabreenflee 2 kun oldin
Helloooo ?
Lauren Tucker
Lauren Tucker 3 kun oldin
Why do those treats look like chicken shit
Mundus vult Decipi
Mundus vult Decipi 3 kun oldin
Dogs are colorblind
what they picked looked really good. i wasn't completely sold until kermit picked the black lipstick and that tied everything together perfectly XD
PinkyChiChi 3 kun oldin
You not a Paul. You a Jenna. Ba dum dum 🥁
adelaFramework 3 kun oldin
Doggies in the make-up 😅😅😅
Isabella 😄
Isabella 😄 3 kun oldin
Kermit looks depressed with the eyebrows 😂😂😂 HIGH QUALITY CONTENT... THIS IS WHAT WE NEEEED
Tancitus Tancitus
Tancitus Tancitus 4 kun oldin
Your voice in КамедиСтор better than your original.
Julia Cotten
Julia Cotten 4 kun oldin
Omg I always do foundation / concealer first 2!
LillianEee 5 kun oldin
Kermit: *picks a color from an eyeshadow palette that looks like his fur color because he’s a selfish nasty boi*
Sofy Ko
Sofy Ko 5 kun oldin
6:48 you want a foundation? Lmao
MsPurpleStuff 5 kun oldin
your dogs choosing was just them being clumsy as always lol
Kamryn Neal
Kamryn Neal 6 kun oldin
jenna to marbles: “are you enjoying yourself even though you don’t know what’s going on” me in calculus
Oonicorns Everywhere
get you a man that compliments you on all the things.
Caro n
Caro n 6 kun oldin
6:37 ok hang on is no one gonna talk about Kermit choosing the color of Kermit for Jenna’s eyeshadow
nina bubblygum
nina bubblygum 6 kun oldin
i tried pausing to catch it and rewinding and stuff but couldn't see it vividly. does anyone know which lashes jenna ended up using?
Madelyn Morris
Madelyn Morris 6 kun oldin
I love the subtle subtweet at james when he said she shouldn’t pull her eye to do eyeliner
Scott Rhodenizer
Scott Rhodenizer 7 kun oldin
3:50 & 8:21 ITS ARIES SEASON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Patricia Farinas
Patricia Farinas 7 kun oldin
Who is the person in her intro?
Hannah Phelan
Hannah Phelan 7 kun oldin
Omg how did I miss this video!
Moshiro Chan
Moshiro Chan 7 kun oldin
I don't know is there a challenge like this,But u should do this.Ok ,so maybe you'd like to do "Kermit makeup" or other dog's makeup idk.Like Peach make up will be peachy and happy,while Kermit makeup will be sad and grey,Marbles will be black?idk 😂 PLEASSS DO THIS GURL
Samanthea Maurici
Samanthea Maurici 7 kun oldin
Omg marbles not dead!!!😂😂😂
Punya Pratyusha Sethi
I came here for the dogs but honestly I'm so G noted now
The Dino Crock
The Dino Crock 8 kun oldin
How supportive Julian is 🥰
SilverFox384 8 kun oldin
“okay, what we’re not gonna do is make fart noises with our mouths” that scold tho👌
Kaynaydia Williams
Kaynaydia Williams 9 kun oldin
I love this look
Brenna kat
Brenna kat 9 kun oldin
What is a matter with kermits fucking toung
Danielle Davies
Danielle Davies 9 kun oldin
That makeup makes your eyes fucking POP though, oh my god.
Alison Voshell
Alison Voshell 9 kun oldin
Jenna, I love your brows, especially when they are ExCiTiNg.
Alison Voshell
Alison Voshell 9 kun oldin
Also, this lewk has your eyes popping.
Raine Anderstaer
Raine Anderstaer 9 kun oldin
"Nothing crazy's happening." *Wasp has entered the chat*
beebo is our king
beebo is our king 9 kun oldin
*w h a t* *the amount of done in her voice when she’s being interrupted while doing eyeliner is i c o n i c*
ItoshiiBaka 10 kun oldin
I pressed like when she said "I realize this is a dumb video idea, but guess what? You fucking clicked on it!" Omg
Haley Sawyer
Haley Sawyer 10 kun oldin
your dogs have impeccable taste, I dig this look!
InsertNameHere 10 kun oldin
I like your channel but why ''sexual'' wednesday xD
Socially Awkward
Socially Awkward 10 kun oldin
Jenna: * *sings Welcome To The Black Parade** **Wears black lipstick** Me: omg yass another emo channel
Midnight 11 kun oldin
I actually love the "Dog picks my makeup" challenge! It's not boring or dumb.
Midnight 11 kun oldin
" ..but guess what? *y0u fUckiN ClicKeD onNiT* "
Akira Thames
Akira Thames 11 kun oldin
1:40 superb
Gabe McHenry
Gabe McHenry 11 kun oldin
Kermit letting out his goth energy
Zoe Hathaway
Zoe Hathaway 12 kun oldin
why does it look so good when it was all picked randomly. like literally this look is better than all of my looks when I know what I'm putting on my face. this couldn't've been picked more perfectly
Spritzoll 12 kun oldin
"What a pretty boy!" *Kermit proceeds to burst into tears*
McKenna Fridye
McKenna Fridye 12 kun oldin
Get you a man who hypes you up like Julien
Nichole Johnson
Nichole Johnson 12 kun oldin
They did so good ! Love this look 😊💗
Peach chose glittery and fun stuff, marbles was confused the whole time, Kermit chose more depressing and sophisticated items. Wow, and it still looked really cute at the end.
Juana Romandetto
Juana Romandetto 12 kun oldin
Kermit looks so sad with the eyelashes he just looks like he’s in the verge of tears 😭
Amber Maple
Amber Maple 12 kun oldin
You smell like *Crying*
Keith Kogane
Keith Kogane 12 kun oldin
marbles is my favorite man
Dianathe Dinosaur
Dianathe Dinosaur 13 kun oldin
Julien constantly complimenting Jenna makes my heart so happy
Car_lea Her_ring
Car_lea Her_ring 13 kun oldin
Hiro of shiro 780
Hiro of shiro 780 13 kun oldin
Jojo siwa who?
AshKardash R.
AshKardash R. 13 kun oldin
6:49 is worth infinite replays
lilly doggo
lilly doggo 13 kun oldin
I feel like you and my mom would be good friends
Mona Tadayon
Mona Tadayon 13 kun oldin
I've watched this video twice now and I feel stupid because jenna has called this video stupid AT LEAST 3 times. And now I'm worried about the choices I have made in my life that have taken me to this moment now...
Messy Tessie
Messy Tessie 14 kun oldin
I just came here to hear them say "SHAPE TAPE" for the 10000000th time. This is my tiny joy.
Give me Tea
Give me Tea 14 kun oldin
Jenna: did you here that. That’s the sound of James Charles quaking James: sister shook
It's Awesome Sid
It's Awesome Sid 14 kun oldin
I think Kermit has anxiety with depression or hes just a brat😂
Fatima Rabia
Fatima Rabia 14 kun oldin
I like u but Don’t paint animals smh
Samantha Wilson
Samantha Wilson 14 kun oldin
She looks like Mavis from hotel Transylvania.
That One Person
That One Person 14 kun oldin
Jenna: *sings her rendition of Welcome To The Black Parade* Me being the emo fuck i am: Why must you hurt me like this?
Phil's Glabella
Phil's Glabella 14 kun oldin
When I was a young chair my father put me in the living room YAAAAASSSSSSSS JENNA MCR THE BLACK PARADE YAS BEACH
Luna Margo
Luna Margo 15 kun oldin
How did I miss this?
Glowing Goddess
Glowing Goddess 16 kun oldin
“ you smell like crying”
not the sharpest tool in the shed
She looks so cute!!
Katie Ryan
Katie Ryan 16 kun oldin
Why am i watching this at 4:37am???
Michaela Phillips
Michaela Phillips 16 kun oldin
Everyone should have a man like Julien
Parsa Rathernotsay
Parsa Rathernotsay 17 kun oldin
"I am not a beauty guru" LIES
pleasehelp iminlovewith7dudes
sometimes i want marbles cause he loves you but sometimes i don’t cause he’s doesn’t really do anything 😂😂
Reese Fuentes
Reese Fuentes 17 kun oldin
There needs to be a video called *every time Jenna says “ OHHH “*
Karen Magoon
Karen Magoon 17 kun oldin
What brand are the glassy square lip colors she has?
Katy Rivera
Katy Rivera 18 kun oldin
4:43 Jenna dealing with her 5 year old child🤣🤣🤣💓💓
HeyJudeHowAreYou 18 kun oldin
7:42 i thought that was a dog with Jenna's head for a second
demolition lovers
demolition lovers 18 kun oldin
1:20 *_wHeN i wAs a yOuNg cHaIr_*
Aiden Alexander
Aiden Alexander 19 kun oldin
I loved every second of this video
natty_cakes 19 kun oldin
"I know that cat eyes is the winged liner one. So what's dog eyes?" Well, they're crying
Meegi Osmani
Meegi Osmani 19 kun oldin
Tell me why I wanted to marry Julien on the spot when Jenna said “I’m also putting on some eyeshadow down here” and he said “oh you’re going above and below biiihh” 😭
Sandra Mcanally
Sandra Mcanally 19 kun oldin
I pranked my friend and Drew eyebrows on him once, he seemed surprised.
Lori Fountain
Lori Fountain 19 kun oldin
Phoebe H-s
Phoebe H-s 19 kun oldin
Jenna stop apologising for the videos you make, they are so cute and always so funny! do what you love x
Claire Garner
Claire Garner 19 kun oldin
Yall are like if Joey and phoebe started dating
Mya Berry
Mya Berry 19 kun oldin
Hate common 🤣
Jessica Anderson
Jessica Anderson 19 kun oldin
Kermit comes up and Jenna is like no crying right away lol
PinkyChiChi 19 kun oldin
Lack of Botox and age causes wrinkles. So, do not age and do do Botox. Or just get wrinkles. It ain’t that bad. #50 (That gives me an idea. I want 6o visit LAand play Never Have I Ever my answer is Botox, btw)
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