My Dogs Pick My Makeup

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I feel terrible I didn't shout out the actual creator of this challenge who posted this 5 whole months ago her name is GlamByRoxy, this is her video though with her adorable fur baby, and thank you so much for creating such a fun video for people who love doggies and makeup uzvid.com/video/video--AB3uzC3SaE.html
Here's Kayla's video of her cat picking out her makeup: uzvid.com/video/video-2vhg3gDPMCA.html
Jkissa's really cute pitbull picking out her makeup:
NikkiTutorials two little furries picking out her makeup:
And an underrated video of a ferret picking out makeup lololol:
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5-Iyl, 2018




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lee lee
lee lee Soat oldin
a "dog eye" eyeliner has usually been called a puppy eye and it's a big thing in east asia and it's just following the natural line on your lash like downward spittle to get a slightly droopy look
Sarah Kiefer
Sarah Kiefer 5 soat oldin
i think i need help
i think i need help 6 soat oldin
1:20 that kinda scared me but i liked it
GerardWaysBabyGirl 8 soat oldin
I'm honestly jealous of how gorgeous Jenna is without make up. I look like a fucking dead rat
Amber Mullarkey
Amber Mullarkey 11 soat oldin
Wth is a pill pocket
hoi its potando
hoi its potando 22 soat oldin
Erica lancaster
Erica lancaster Kun oldin
this is the most alive i've ever seen Marbles
Aurelie Grenier
Aurelie Grenier Kun oldin
Do your regular makeup routine
Paweł Wronowski
And THAT’S why girls have to take 3 hours to get ready.
jail L
jail L Kun oldin
Kermit is a whole mood
Gillian Clara
Gillian Clara Kun oldin
Jenna you snacc attack 🤠
Flametail Thecat
Your dogs know what they are doing. I actually have asked my cat to help me choose and she always make good choices
Flametail Thecat
One of your consealers is the one I have! The lip stick like one
Peaceylove 234
Peaceylove 234 2 kun oldin
Jenna: I realize this is a very dumb video, but gues What, you fucking clicked on it. Me: but the problem is Jenna, I didn’t. 🤯
Sarah Michelle
Sarah Michelle 2 kun oldin
Jenna: "What we're not gonna do is make fart noises." No Jenna, what we're not gonna do is torture our dogs. Aha I'm kidding I love you♡
midnightmcflurries 3 kun oldin
Exsqueeze me I don’t need to cry bc of a song from the 2000s
Dariah Roblox
Dariah Roblox 4 kun oldin
These are probably the best dogs ive ever seen in my entire life like kermit is also so jealous what’s the conflict Kermit damn
HI SISTERS 4 kun oldin
Finally someone who understands that it makes more sense to do your face makeup before your eye makeup :))
Suavecita 4 kun oldin
Hoshiko 4 kun oldin
cement was impatient
Cat Macaron
Cat Macaron 5 kun oldin
I love ur dogs they’re sooooo cute!!!
Smokebus 5 kun oldin
either shes ugly without makeup or make up ruined her face
Ella g
Ella g 5 kun oldin
When her dogs did a better job picking out her makeup then julien
Bigpinkpuppy AJ
Bigpinkpuppy AJ 6 kun oldin
Zhanna Vasilyeva
Zhanna Vasilyeva 6 kun oldin
The first time I watch your video, I really liked it. I am from Russia)
sophia kennett
sophia kennett 6 kun oldin
Your eye makeup looks heckin NICE
Sam Baz
Sam Baz 7 kun oldin
This is such a wholesome video 😊
Soccergirl Fouty
Soccergirl Fouty 7 kun oldin
Lily Stephens
Lily Stephens 7 kun oldin
I was rewatching thie for the millionth time and I realized she said "Where's mah dawder!?" and now i say it randomly during the day or night
Emma Furini
Emma Furini 7 kun oldin
"Knock knock. Who's there? ITS NOT AMERICA! BECAUSE FREEDOM RINGS!" Best description of the States coming just before. *AMERICA! FUCK YEAH!*
Amanda Averado
Amanda Averado 7 kun oldin
I have 3 dogs... if I ever did this challenge... my dogs would try to chew on the makeup products I have put in front of them.. *plus the treat* hah
ellie avila
ellie avila 8 kun oldin
BTW Jenna, I've been watching you for years, yet I have always forgotten to subscribe to you. so I just did recently, love you.
Lola Grant
Lola Grant 8 kun oldin
Julien you're GREAT but if you shake the camera ONE MORE TIME-
☽ аиаѕтаsіо ☾
Kit Moon
Kit Moon 8 kun oldin
A good challenge would be trying to find Cermet cryproof mascara
Oh okey I guess
Oh okey I guess 8 kun oldin
Jenna has very emo dogs
That one Ashley With the face
Inventive and creative nice way to involve the dogs in the family moment
Jessica Perry
Jessica Perry 8 kun oldin
Aaah I'd love to see another one of these. This was really chill and fun
Analee Masters
Analee Masters 8 kun oldin
Your a bully don’t do that to cirmet
The fan named Olivia
I like that look you might want to keep the makeup ‘-‘
Coconut 3754
Coconut 3754 8 kun oldin
Abigail Fox
Abigail Fox 8 kun oldin
Jenna: Kermit pick a color from the pallet Kermit: my favorite color is you
Lazy Uploaders
Lazy Uploaders 8 kun oldin
3:50 *Aries Ritual Chanting*
Morgan McKay
Morgan McKay 8 kun oldin
I have been watching Jenna and Jenna only for 2 days and I'm living my best life
Piper Misensol
Piper Misensol 8 kun oldin
Thos brows give kirmit expresion
Emma Hall
Emma Hall 9 kun oldin
do asmr with ur dogs lmfao
Valeria Davila
Valeria Davila 9 kun oldin
Lashes make everything look better
Heather Norton
Heather Norton 9 kun oldin
3:48 Jenna: SHEAP TEP. Julien: SHEAP TEP Jenna: SHEAP TEP- Julien: *TEP.* *cuts to Julien banging a water bottle on the wall* *SHEAAP TEPTEPETTEP*
Alice Liu
Alice Liu 9 kun oldin
6:05 Kermit looks like he choked
Kathrine Busk Larsen
Get you a man like Julien
Daisy Dream
Daisy Dream 9 kun oldin
Julien: *makes fart noise* Jenna: Ok what we aren’t gonna do is make fart noises with our mouths Me: OMG you sound like every teacher ever XD
Kieran Broadrib
Kieran Broadrib 9 kun oldin
Y cirmet only chose goth
Last Call
Last Call 9 kun oldin
11:50 “You have a ch-“ WAS JENNA GONNA SAY CHUB???
Shyanne Helms
Shyanne Helms 10 kun oldin
I put the foundation and other stuff on first too
Samisubi Spam
Samisubi Spam 10 kun oldin
she lowkey reminds me of mavis from hotel transylvania
Lindsey Putman
Lindsey Putman 10 kun oldin
You smell like... CRYING?
Matthew Lol
Matthew Lol 10 kun oldin
Jenna’s Friend “omg Your make ups so good, who does your makeup” Jenna “my dogs beech”
Leah Brownie
Leah Brownie 10 kun oldin
Kermit at 13:10 me in class
Kirra Martin
Kirra Martin 10 kun oldin
Jenna ur just so beautiful :) whatever make up look you have, you do it so well.
Danielle Trottier
Danielle Trottier 10 kun oldin
Just drank a cup of the most heavily caffeinated coffee on the market and I'm feeling great I started dancing around the house. Great video I want to try it now. Ok bye
TsubakiiHime 10 kun oldin
8:24 had me crying 😂😂😂
that one emo girl
that one emo girl 11 kun oldin
So I have been watching you for not along time nad I just stated watching your videos, and........OMG YOU SANG WELCOME TO THE BLACK PARADE! MY EMO-NESS IS EXPLODING (Talking to Jenna like she will read this :P)
Myaboo 11 kun oldin
Awwww Kermit 2:49
Fly High And Paint Me With A Tear
I always do my concealer and foundation before the rest of my make up as well. If I do foundation last, it's gonna end up covering up the rest of my make up. D': Anyway, your dogs are geniuses. The make up looks great!
Izzy Ferrera
Izzy Ferrera 11 kun oldin
@glamandgore DO THIS
ITZ_YA_GURL IMANI 12 kun oldin
The eyebrow lashes makes Kermit look even more depressed then he already looks
Настя Гроут
oh my god this is the best parody on My Chemical Romance I've ever seen
Attajaan 12 kun oldin
I freaking love your ideas!!! So doing this :D
Attajaan 12 kun oldin
"I looked like a tropical bird" <<LMAO
Maddy Arana
Maddy Arana 12 kun oldin
Your dogs have way to good taste in makeup. Mine would pick out everything yellow. Cause they want me to suffer.
Rebecca Hannan
Rebecca Hannan 12 kun oldin
you smell like....CRYING?!?
Amelia Johanson
Amelia Johanson 13 kun oldin
1:20 emo warning. kinda g note
Grace Doyle
Grace Doyle 13 kun oldin
I got a dog today and all I’ve been why watching your videos haha
Danielle Royer
Danielle Royer 13 kun oldin
Honestly this look is really cute
KpopTrash Oops
KpopTrash Oops 13 kun oldin
Get you a man like Julien
William Weiland
William Weiland 13 kun oldin
The makeup really makes your eyes and outfit pop. I didnt even notice your top before the finished look. Great video! Good job puppers
charish wiggins
charish wiggins 13 kun oldin
The dogs made her into a pixie goth
Corryn Klanderman
Corryn Klanderman 14 kun oldin
go get u a manz like Julian, he was always telling her that she was cute and everything and i have never felt so lonely😂:(
Corryn Klanderman
Corryn Klanderman 14 kun oldin
why does it actually look so good???
Katie Gail
Katie Gail 14 kun oldin
this is a genuine good look that i would do
MomCult 2.0
MomCult 2.0 14 kun oldin
Kermit picked the greyish color bc that's the color he is
bRoThEr IaN
bRoThEr IaN 14 kun oldin
*ok but how did Kermit pick a eyeshadow that was the same exact of color of him*
Patience Grove
Patience Grove 14 kun oldin
I fuckin luv this video sm xx
Ella The Joyful Unicorn
Now we just need a 'dogs pick my outfit challenge'
Laura 14 kun oldin
Started to feel sick during the video realised almost at the end it’s His filming haha love it
douchebagcrew9 14 kun oldin
Freedom doesn’t knock. It rings Beej if you don’t get outta here
fiddlhead 15 kun oldin
I love that the two of them talk the same.
dominique milian
dominique milian 15 kun oldin
imagine if jenna was a teacher for like elementary or preschool kids haah i just thought that when she told julien not to make fart noises with his mouth
ally danbom
ally danbom 15 kun oldin
why am i just now seeing this youtube what the *_fuck_*
Molly Roberts
Molly Roberts 15 kun oldin
3:40 wth, the dead one jumped
Purple Chicken
Purple Chicken 15 kun oldin
Marble is dead
Alejandra Flores
Alejandra Flores 15 kun oldin
Kermit- *picks black* Marbles-"you have learned well, minion."
you looked really good lol!!
AshleyTheSimmer 15 kun oldin
I do my eye makeup first sometimes because of shadow fallout.....
Markoos Guerrero
Markoos Guerrero 15 kun oldin
You’re not a true booty guru until you apply liquid lipstick all the way around and down your throat...
Banana Eater
Banana Eater 15 kun oldin
I think you should make Kermit into you and marbles into peach and peach into Kermit and Julian into marbles
Katy Webb
Katy Webb 16 kun oldin
Face:10/10 Hair:9/10 Personality:OVER 90000
Mango Offensiveness
Mango Offensiveness 16 kun oldin
Jenna: How do I look?~ Me: High.
Hey Ugly
Hey Ugly 16 kun oldin
Bro the eye lashes on cem3nt 😂
Pieson Doodle
Pieson Doodle 16 kun oldin
A dog eye is Trixie Mattel’s Makeup
Broccoli assassin
Broccoli assassin 16 kun oldin
An avocado...11:20
My Dogs' Wedding
2 yil oldin