My Family Thought I Was Crazy…

Will Smith
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From bad weather to bad nerves, watch what happened in the hours leading up to the biggest stunt of Will's career. SUBSCRIBE: goo.gl/BUjQW8
Find out how the story started and see Yes Theory's challenge video:
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15-Okt, 2018



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craig males
craig males 9 soat oldin
Ryanell Diero
Ryanell Diero 17 soat oldin
Wow i don't know about you but this daring act of my idol Will is impactful and powerful, thank you for taking that leap, i learned a lot today and that Fear is a mind killer, throw your body to the bar and your mind will follow.
Asia Bear
Asia Bear 19 soat oldin
Omg Willows face😭❤❤❤❤
Andrew Richards
Andrew Richards 19 soat oldin
I still can't believe Jaden is gay
Tammy Plugowsky
Tammy Plugowsky Kun oldin
Will - your interpretation of this experience into an expression of life and the need to be willing to jump into our dreams - no matter how terrifying - was inspirational and emotional for me. Thanks and happy bday!
Melissa Romain
Melissa Romain Kun oldin
How do i start from 0 to reach 10
jay to the max
jay to the max Kun oldin
Why does this remind me of Trevor’s proposal in The Fresh Prince of Bel Air episode?
megandee100 Kun oldin
ugh i just love watching you as a dad!
Nimaa Rangsher
Nimaa Rangsher 2 kun oldin
Smith is running the world....which i could get his hug 😍😍😍
Ingrid France
Ingrid France 2 kun oldin
Willow’s facial expression at 16:58 says it all.......love for her father. Love it!!!!
Nicolle Van Dyke
Nicolle Van Dyke 2 kun oldin
Trey’s profile looks so much like Will. What a positive, loving family. ❤️
Vivek Konnamkandath
Priceless moment and expression from his Daughter 17:00 mins 😍
Patience Mwanza
Patience Mwanza 3 kun oldin
so cute☺😊😍😍
lucky Gamer
lucky Gamer 3 kun oldin
yes theory crew haven't been invicted to be on the party ?
Hard Smart Tv
Hard Smart Tv 3 kun oldin
FireKnighty 4 kun oldin
Oh that's hot that's hot
Rikki Garcia
Rikki Garcia 4 kun oldin
Being new to wills channel I see all the positive vibes, inspiration, and love he has doing what he desires. One day me and you who is reading this will overcome a fear that holds us back from what we seek out to do ☝🏽🙌🏽
Rachmat Saleh
Rachmat Saleh 5 kun oldin
Bad boys 3 kapan rilis speak indonesia
C.Darling Barlow
C.Darling Barlow 5 kun oldin
Can anyone. ANYONE! Tell me the secret to THIS YOUTH. WILL SMITH is 50, I'm 18 and hate heights. What's the secret? This actor surprised me.
Rémi DEMETZ 5 kun oldin
My gosh !!!!
Simon 6 kun oldin
I love that Jada has such a nice relationship with Sheree...
Shortahhsmurf ._
Shortahhsmurf ._ 6 kun oldin
I love will 😭😭
Shortahhsmurf ._
Shortahhsmurf ._ 6 kun oldin
He’s not 50 😭
Shortahhsmurf ._
Shortahhsmurf ._ 6 kun oldin
Yo family is right 🗿
Jewels 7 kun oldin
so we just ignoring Carlton ?
Movie - holic
Movie - holic 7 kun oldin
Mana Andhari Telugu
What's your next movie bro after Aladdin
Rezene Ftwi
Rezene Ftwi 7 kun oldin
Love u Smith
Ruth Montiel
Ruth Montiel 7 kun oldin
best way to have a mid-life crisis, props to him!
Kristina Bonyan
Kristina Bonyan 7 kun oldin
Wtf.... He's 50. Black don't crack merhnn
Flora Maya
Flora Maya 8 kun oldin
I love this man Will,you the man,couragious and full of life
JVCKLive.com 9 kun oldin
Imagine if you're two best friends were will and jimmy fallon
JVCKLive.com 9 kun oldin
Beautiful family these videos make me cry I've been going through too much lately trying not to give up
Black Butterfly
Black Butterfly 7 kun oldin
JVCKLive.com As a person who has been dealing with depression for years now, I just want to say that I hope you keep fighting and don’t give up.
Ouno Manswell
Ouno Manswell 9 kun oldin
Why tf was I crying😂😂😂😣
Talha Ovi
Talha Ovi 9 kun oldin
E&K’s Toy Box
E&K’s Toy Box 9 kun oldin
Man this made me cry. All the kind words from his family omg. They are a beautiful family.
MAkayla Phillips
MAkayla Phillips 10 kun oldin
His speech at the end made me cry.
Kristian Bendorff
Kristian Bendorff 10 kun oldin
Will youre fam is so beautiful
Sierra Kate
Sierra Kate 10 kun oldin
For real didn’t think I could be any more inspired by this man but he keeps surprising me! Love this 🙌🏼
The_HHChick 11 kun oldin
Totally inspirational! Conquer your fears and you can conquer anything!
saxon polglaze
saxon polglaze 11 kun oldin
Mahjabin Nokshi
Mahjabin Nokshi 11 kun oldin
Wow this is the best ever.
Young Rey
Young Rey 12 kun oldin
Watched this before i went skydiving...and everything he was saying at the birthday party was 100%. Live life like your jumping out of a plane/heli and be free..
Ashley Martinez
Ashley Martinez 12 kun oldin
Jada in the middle during the group hug all short omg relatable
Pearl Kpa
Pearl Kpa 12 kun oldin
Wowww!!!! 😳 This is terribly amazing! No doubt you have that will in you cause you’re the Will.🙏🏾😍
Renoproductions© 12 kun oldin
yes theory video made me tear up.. is so emotional, go watch it!!!
Daniel Reforme
Daniel Reforme 13 kun oldin
What a preach !
TheArtistKat 13 kun oldin
So inspirational, I'm so glad you got to experience this with your family and with the Yes Theory family!! Lots of love
VIVI the white dog
VIVI the white dog 15 kun oldin
17:04 willow's expression!!! I felt that
Maximus Brandon
Maximus Brandon 15 kun oldin
"Big drift" lol
Isaac Birchall
Isaac Birchall 15 kun oldin
10:38 Why he punch that man??😂😂😂
Keturah Garsuah
Keturah Garsuah 15 kun oldin
What have you done to Jadan? you will never go free under this sun without being exposed.😠😠
Murad The Cool guy
Murad The Cool guy 15 kun oldin
Sandi99999 16 kun oldin
Those kids really love their Dad...heart warming
abvdo999 16 kun oldin
The face when he is changing his name from Will Smith to Won't Smith!
Maximilliano Ortiz
Maximilliano Ortiz 17 kun oldin
Hell nah
Brittany boyd
Brittany boyd 17 kun oldin
Who cried when the plane got off the ground ??
Maverick Helicopters
Anyone's heart still beating out of their chest even after the video?! What an incredible feat, also love all the energy and support that was present throughout this. Thank you for flying with us on the way over there! We love the Smiths. 🚁❤️
Atomic Apple
Atomic Apple 18 kun oldin
Yaaaaaah it’s rewind time
LaShonda Wright
LaShonda Wright 18 kun oldin
This was everything. My only question: Where was Jeff!?!???
Word 18 kun oldin
will smith really doin the most props to this guy what a goat.
Shamar Jordan
Shamar Jordan 19 kun oldin
will Smith was shaking man...he got heart tho..really nice video
The RealAdriMill
The RealAdriMill 19 kun oldin
this was ... amazing . and your words of inspiration just made it more amazing
Zeta Gameplay
Zeta Gameplay 19 kun oldin
Willi Smith no quieres adoptarme :u
Joyful Yan
Joyful Yan 19 kun oldin
#LoveOverFear #YesTheory #WillSmith GET YOUR LIFE TOGETHER PEOPLE ! :) P.S.:(15:25) I like the talk that the woman have with Will at that moment, infectious !
Liz 20 kun oldin
hes the bravest!
Luke Perry
Luke Perry 20 kun oldin
genuinly love you lot so down to earth but give your son a little kick up the bum napping before your gonna jump out a helicopter id be in absolute suspense if someone I knew was doing that!!! lol also at @15:03 it looks like your giving that woman a nice little smooch on the head hahahahahaha so funny man
Jen Terry
Jen Terry 21 kun oldin
The feels are real... damnit Will Smith
D4rklord64 22 kun oldin
Kevin Kiesel
Kevin Kiesel 22 kun oldin
I thought bungee jumping was from the feet not the mid section?
yasmin namaz
yasmin namaz 22 kun oldin
whats carlton doing there ????
NICK ROMAIN 22 kun oldin
How got really inspired
SourCream Vids
SourCream Vids 22 kun oldin
Willow looked so worried, she’s so sweet
Crinnow Artist
Crinnow Artist 23 kun oldin
Are guys saying ' Great Kenya' coz i am from a country Called Kenya
Porsche Neale
Porsche Neale 23 kun oldin
Grand Canyon
Ash 23 kun oldin
The fact that he is still such good friends with Alfranzo says everything about this man.
fuckyou google
fuckyou google 24 kun oldin
Dragonite Gamez
Dragonite Gamez 24 kun oldin
Damn, I’m subscribing right now!
alazmi Alameera
alazmi Alameera 24 kun oldin
Alfonso and will are such great friends
Márcia Andrade
Márcia Andrade 24 kun oldin
Maceió Alagoas muito legal esse vídeo
Fragger HD
Fragger HD 24 kun oldin
uncle carlton!
Pastor Mesgana Fekadu
God Bless You Guys
WiredDragon7429 26 kun oldin
i say a lot of things that i dont really mean. HAHAHAHAH
WiredDragon7429 26 kun oldin
Jaden changed so much :(
Priya-Vidhya Patel
Priya-Vidhya Patel 27 kun oldin
NeeTooReal 27 kun oldin
Willow soooooooo beautiful 😍
NeeTooReal 27 kun oldin
I need Will video editor man!
Ian Crespo
Ian Crespo 27 kun oldin
I wish Will Smith is my brother!HAHA
Tom Kelly
Tom Kelly 27 kun oldin
Will you are so cool!
LilMama83 28 kun oldin
Poor Willow. she was terrified
nyc 28 kun oldin
inspirational...thanks Will
Luke Bottoms
Luke Bottoms 29 kun oldin
I would have to pee before I got on the helicopter 😂
THE WEIRD SISTERS 29 kun oldin
Adrian Fôrrest
This is one man I would love to have a pint with whilst chatting in a pub.
Chris S
Chris S Oy oldin
Beautiful speech.
Chris S
Chris S Oy oldin
I can’t believe they didn’t put a parachute on him ...you know....... in case......
Daniel Diorio
Daniel Diorio Oy oldin
All this reminds me of is the episode of Fresh prince where Hillarys boyfriend bungee jumped into the ground lol
Kayo K
Kayo K Oy oldin
Will had Sheree and Jada both together and all the family happy and supportive and all the good stuff. Great! By the way.. Happy B'day, bro.. God Bless. Amen.
LifeOfBeauty Oy oldin
Omg am I the only one who started crying like at the end I really needed to hear that😭❤️
Mandipa Matt Dube
23:29 jump and be free
chozen0018 Oy oldin
Amazing video,,,
chozen0018 Oy oldin
truly inspirational <3
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