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My first DevaCut experience at DevaChan Salon in NYC! | Farrahdreamz

Farrah Dreamz
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Hiiii my Dreamerz!!
Check out my curly hair routine! uzvid.com/video/video-ktHIOJrZtCc.html
What does my hair look like when it’s straight after a DevaCut??? uzvid.com/video/video-O5AkXlORIb0.html
I was in NYC this past weekend for Generation Beauty and I decided to stop by the DevaChan salon by DevaCurl to bring my curls back to life! Come watch me get a Deva Cut, which is perfect for curly or wavy hair because they cut your hair in its natural state when it is dry.
Thank you sooooo much to my stylist, Dominique. Follow him on Instagram (instagram.com/dominiquelyvar_devacurl) to see more of his work and make sure to ask for him if you decide to get a devacut!!

Lets be friends!!!
insta: @farrahdreamz
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29-Sen, 2017

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Ashley 24
Ashley 24 5 soat oldin
Do you know what products they used?
Kalli  Hofhines
Kalli Hofhines Kun oldin
Her makeup looks just like Veronica from riverdale
Rachael Chapman
Rachael Chapman Kun oldin
After is way better
Leyla Rustamova
Leyla Rustamova Kun oldin
If I could afford to have a deva cut I would get A LOT cut off, I get that to some people short hair is dramatic, for some reason, but I’d rather have healthy short hair rather than long dead hair. It’s just a tip, I’m not saying this in a negative/hateful way at all, but it’s ok to have short hair, and we should all love our hair healthier, not longer. Fuck the stereotype that girls should have long hair❤️😂
Holly Blake
Holly Blake 2 kun oldin
I love your hair now! They did awesome! I really didn't like how it looked before😏
Kaitlin Ghiselli
Kaitlin Ghiselli 2 kun oldin
You hair looks so much better!!!! Love it! You need to just sit back and relax a little bit when you get your hair done. You were making me nervouse and i wasnt even thenone doing your hair lol
Ellie 11
Ellie 11 2 kun oldin
You’re being dramatic lmao
Oriana Shamoun
Oriana Shamoun 2 kun oldin
They did a great job
I looks better than having all the volume
Is it hard to get an appointment ??? DEVA CURL! PHILIPPINES NEED YOU!!!! Pls invest here!!!!
Dan Rotta
Dan Rotta 2 kun oldin
Guurrrlll.. you already have waay too long and “tired” hair.. too much drama
Jordan F
Jordan F 3 kun oldin
:( the cut is not even at alllll oh goodness and u said only cut a certain amount and he cut way more than you asked :/ I'm so sorry but the ends will look better and fresh and u can grow it out and style it yourself with more volume
Minah Me
Minah Me 5 kun oldin
You’re gorgeous! Your hair is nice both ways but either way, you look amazing.
thebeauty girl
thebeauty girl 5 kun oldin
Please don't cut your hair ........ nooooooooo
Julia Douglas
Julia Douglas 6 kun oldin
It’s looks a million times better. We see YOU and your hair not just hair.
Amelia Cunningham
Amelia Cunningham 7 kun oldin
She was rude to the stylist he was trying to explain stuff to her and she was just shutting him down about how short it was gonna be. Her hair looked 10x better after they did it.
Сандра Я
Сандра Я 8 kun oldin
A Whole Ems
A Whole Ems 9 kun oldin
The first day of a wash and goes always is kinda flat, your hair gets more voluminous as the days go on
your hair looks a lot better after the cut and style....
Kelly O'Keefe
Kelly O'Keefe 9 kun oldin
Where in North Carolina are you from?!!! You’re so beautiful btw💜
Yane Pena
Yane Pena 9 kun oldin
Video was nice .. but to mush comenttalky
Crystal Aura
Crystal Aura 10 kun oldin
I like the volume beforehand.
Susan C
Susan C 10 kun oldin
So you prefer dry frizz over shiny smooth curls. That’s fine
sigal8004 10 kun oldin
The Weeknd’s Trilogy at the background😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍
E K 12 kun oldin
girl stop complaining it looks so much better ur hair was so dry before jeez people need to realize that change is good
ashley crispyn
ashley crispyn 13 kun oldin
how long was the total process? i really want to get this done
MyNameIsMaybe 13 kun oldin
Those brows 😶💀
Veronica aaa
Veronica aaa 14 kun oldin
Found another hair twin, when I have it this short at least
Miss missy
Miss missy 14 kun oldin
I wasn't too sure about it when you you left the salon, but after you styled it yourself...yesss it was amazing!!!!
Yasmin Trindade
Yasmin Trindade 14 kun oldin
brazil ❤
Erica Sanchez
Erica Sanchez 14 kun oldin
Your hair looked it's best the way they had it.
Kimble Moody
Kimble Moody 14 kun oldin
Your hair was beautiful. Why the complaints.
Shelby Fass
Shelby Fass 14 kun oldin
I think it looks beautiful!
Dread Simulator - 4K fucking your mom
0:40 if you use product religiously when you stop your hair will still be accustomed to that style a bit before it returns to natural.
pais s
pais s 16 kun oldin
I appreciate all the weeknd songs, but there’s absolutely no need for the remixes. Lol
Genc 16 kun oldin
the couple in the background at 11:28. ADORABLE
Andrews2490 16 kun oldin
Omg day 3 is so big.
Andrews2490 16 kun oldin
The curls are much more defined. It looks good!
TheGypsykueen 17 kun oldin
You looked more 'done' when they styled it! Perfect curls! Though I feel you! Your look is a more natural and relaxed type of curl...loose style? Yeah I'm not seeing you wear that tight curl on every day life... I'm a bit hippy myself and like it a bit wild! 😂😘
V Ashley
V Ashley 17 kun oldin
You say voluminous others say fuzzy. Plus it doesnt look as dry as when you went in.
Nana Murasaki
Nana Murasaki 18 kun oldin
It’s healthier. Quit the drama for God’s sake. Chill.
domi109 18 kun oldin
I prefer your way of styling too ;) beautiful hair!!
Marina Parra
Marina Parra 18 kun oldin
I think in Spain there isn’t any DevaCut :(
This acc Is useless
This acc Is useless 19 kun oldin
I live in Thailand they don’t appreciate or understand curly hair and they have no curly hair products
ddchudiana 19 kun oldin
Omg when you were getting your hair washed you looked just like veronica from Riverdale
Marimar Mancia
Marimar Mancia 19 kun oldin
im the same way though lol i like my hair to be really big
Riley Tafaro
Riley Tafaro 19 kun oldin
oh my gosh your curls are gorgeous!!
Reyni Broomes
Reyni Broomes 19 kun oldin
How come you didn't get the layers??
Aya Ahmad Abdelkafy
Aya Ahmad Abdelkafy 19 kun oldin
Very nice hair look 😍❤
A random Account
A random Account 21 kun oldin
You look so much like the girl off of Riverdale