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My first DevaCut experience at DevaChan Salon in NYC! | Farrahdreamz

Farrah Dreamz
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Hiiii my Dreamerz!!
Check out my curly hair routine! uzvid.com/video/video-ktHIOJrZtCc.html
What does my hair look like when it’s straight after a DevaCut??? uzvid.com/video/video-O5AkXlORIb0.html
I was in NYC this past weekend for Generation Beauty and I decided to stop by the DevaChan salon by DevaCurl to bring my curls back to life! Come watch me get a Deva Cut, which is perfect for curly or wavy hair because they cut your hair in its natural state when it is dry.
Thank you sooooo much to my stylist, Dominique. Follow him on Instagram (instagram.com/dominiquelyvar_devacurl) to see more of his work and make sure to ask for him if you decide to get a devacut!!

Lets be friends!!!
insta: @farrahdreamz
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29-Sen, 2017

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ahicks Hicks
ahicks Hicks 23 soat oldin
They saved you, you definitely was not as cute before!
leslie281 Kun oldin
Sitting here crying after getting the worst haircut of my life. 😭 wish I would have seen this sooner.
Felipe Marquez
Felipe Marquez Kun oldin
Omg your hair looks sooooooooooo fuckin good after
nataliic 2 kun oldin
I wish i had curly hair :/
Leah Devereaux
Leah Devereaux 2 kun oldin
i love the way u do it more. it looks way more natural and has soooo much body
Brianna Valdivia Scow
You look like Christine daae 😍
Farrah Dreamz
Farrah Dreamz 2 kun oldin
Brianna Valdivia Scow omg I love her so much thanks 😭♥️
Paula France
Paula France 2 kun oldin
I've don't think I've ever seen anyone so in love with themself.
Crystal L. Glenn
Crystal L. Glenn 2 kun oldin
Crystal L. Glenn
Crystal L. Glenn 2 kun oldin
I love frizzy hair too
Crystal L. Glenn
Crystal L. Glenn 2 kun oldin
Wow I love your hair!!!
Jasmine Jennings
Jasmine Jennings 3 kun oldin
that turned out really good!! it's always hard to tell what it will really look like when someone else styles it.
Monica Herrera
Monica Herrera 5 kun oldin
The reason why it doesn’t look as “voluminous” as you wanted and it’s more defined, it’s so the curls last longer throughout the week. Plus, you’ll have more volume as the days go by. First day wash n go your curls are usually more defined instead of voluminous so it can prolong the definition
Paula Green
Paula Green 6 kun oldin
Krass 😍
Samantha K
Samantha K 6 kun oldin
That man is an ARTIST wow!!
Torin in a Box
Torin in a Box 6 kun oldin
You look like some kind of goddess, Egyptian, Greek, I don't care you are stunning
Torin in a Box
Torin in a Box 6 kun oldin
Farrah Dreamz you're so very welcome! Also, I just noticed this, we have the same turquoise body pillow
Farrah Dreamz
Farrah Dreamz 6 kun oldin
Torin in a Box awww you’re so sweet thank you!
Iesha Mcdaniel
Iesha Mcdaniel 7 kun oldin
My name is Karla and I am using my best friend's phone to ask this question.. I LOVE your necklace..where did u get it and was it expensive
LiLi Perrussot
LiLi Perrussot 7 kun oldin
Your hair looks more beautiful like this these are curls and git curled realy fast i should try it
Charita Joyner
Charita Joyner 7 kun oldin
Yes. They did a GREAT JOB
Ivana Anavi
Ivana Anavi 8 kun oldin
I did this to my hair ; nobody recognized me ; after 😂😂😂
Tammy’s Forehead productions
Wow your hair looks amazing after
E S 9 kun oldin
Your hair looked like a hot mess💀 before they did it and terrible after you “styled” it. Only time it looked good was when you left the salon.
Nicki Leon
Nicki Leon 10 kun oldin
I loved the deva cut and I agree with you about the afterwards, I’m more of a volume gal than a very defined curls. I love how you style it!! It looks great!
Kay Roge
Kay Roge 10 kun oldin
What a waste of an appointment Lol! Next time give me the money I'll go let them work they magic on my hair 🤣🤣🤣
That boy who cut your hair was so nice and his laugh sounded delicious! And they got you looking even more DEVA!
In Liebe, Anneliese
In Liebe, Anneliese 12 kun oldin
Thats like 2 Million times better how He styled it.
Chasity Christine Johnson
complains a lot lol
Boardroom Beauty
Boardroom Beauty 14 kun oldin
Your hair looked amazing when you left the salon. so so so fantastic.
Wendy Serrano
Wendy Serrano 15 kun oldin
I think it looks great
Ana María
Ana María 16 kun oldin
oooh girl i could not with you they did a fantastic job .
Vana V. Jackson
Vana V. Jackson 16 kun oldin
Farrah Dreamz
Farrah Dreamz 14 kun oldin
Vana V. Jackson thanks love
Dasha Karasik
Dasha Karasik 17 kun oldin
As for me, even the final look is pretty volumines))
Farrah Dreamz
Farrah Dreamz 14 kun oldin
Dasha Karasik thank you!
Neveah Skye
Neveah Skye 18 kun oldin
Your hair after looks like the Deva curl adds. so good!!
Farrah Dreamz
Farrah Dreamz 14 kun oldin
Neveah Skye aww thanks!
Nayla F
Nayla F 18 kun oldin
Your nose highlight is too wide, it makes your nose looks bigger.
Izabela B
Izabela B 19 kun oldin
Farrah Dreamz
Farrah Dreamz 14 kun oldin
Izabela B 😭♥️
Caitlyn Muse
Caitlyn Muse 20 kun oldin
girl I got the same hair type as you and until now I didn't know who i would get to do my hair and now i do lmfao
gladys maza
gladys maza 20 kun oldin
your hair looks way fucking better after you’re insane
Susan Higgins
Susan Higgins 20 kun oldin
I think they were trying to bring you into this decade. The 80s hair is a little outdated. I was actually surprised when you said you didn't like what they did. I was amazed! They did a fab job! Also, the heavy makeup ages you. I'd go a tad lighter on the liner. Then, flawless.
Beatris Henson
Beatris Henson 21 kun oldin
Love the fact you added the weeknd as your background music, also your hair is beautiful
Sky Sin
Sky Sin 22 kun oldin
I love it before and after your beautiful
Jenny 23 kun oldin
So much better, so much less frizzy
Mia Abilez
Mia Abilez 23 kun oldin
You’re so whiny
Helin Topkaya
Helin Topkaya 24 kun oldin
I literally just subscribed Bcz Abel
Brianna Perez
Brianna Perez 24 kun oldin
Alexa Cannon
Alexa Cannon 25 kun oldin
It looks shorter because your curls have more definition, and are therefore shorter! Your hair looked beautiful after the cut! It had less volume because it was less frizzy! It was shorter because there was more definition, and it was shinier and healthier! At the end of the day, you do you, but I think you should style it like the salon did more often!
Siffarra Canada
Siffarra Canada 26 kun oldin
We love your review! Check Out Our Overview!! ⭐️
Jacklyn Johnson
Jacklyn Johnson 26 kun oldin
I love the after
Victoria Ibarra
Victoria Ibarra 27 kun oldin
I liked when they styled it...
love my life and family
Gurl I have curly hair but problem is that I have 3 kids...I don't have time to literally do all this step one two three ....😔😔😔😔😔😔
Ayeza Ali
Ayeza Ali 28 kun oldin
Omg they did such a good job
Ayeza Ali
Ayeza Ali 28 kun oldin
Omg they did such a good job
Rosie George
Rosie George 28 kun oldin
She looks like camila mendes whoa
gager Heyman
gager Heyman 28 kun oldin
Awe I love her laugh
Natalie s1989hc
Natalie s1989hc 29 kun oldin
April Brown
April Brown Oy oldin
Girl he would've been all day had he cut one curl at a time.
sariyah Anderson
The ends needed to go but i liked you poffy hair
Queen Charlotte
It looks gorgeous!!
SexEThang27 Oy oldin
But looks nice
Lisa Rose
Lisa Rose Oy oldin
You have perms or natural curls? It look like perm curls to me.
Heather Johnston
It looks a lot better after the cut, the dry dead ends are gone and it honestly doesn’t look any shorter in all reality because the length that was taken off was frizzy split ends. Trust me I know the nervousness that comes with going to a new stylist (I am a cosmetologist myself) and my hair grows very slowly. Looks like you got a great haircut 💇🏻
Curly Bee
Curly Bee Oy oldin
I just wanna say to everyone saying how dry and frizzy her hair is, for Deva cuts they ask you to shower and to leave, and put nothing in your hair so it's at it's natural state. Smoochies💘
Rosi Rose
Rosi Rose Oy oldin
Oh girl, the hairdresser did a great job! Why did you start such a big drama about missing volume and just an inch shorter hair?!?
Noelia SoBizarre
How much???!!!!
jocelyn rivera
How much does a cut like this cost?
Troye GrassiHoying
You kind of looked like Camila Mendes when you were at the sink haha
Melissa Andrews
I love it! I’m in NC! 😊
Angela Oy oldin
I think they cut less off than you thought here, and it was curled up more than it did prior to the transformation. It definitely looks like it has more curl in the after. I like how it looked more after the styling they did versus the before, where it's frizzy and super voluminous. I scheduled a DevaCut/Transformation (in MO) for myself tomorrow. My hair isn't super curly and not super voluminous either, so I'm very curious to see what it will look like.
oak wood
oak wood Oy oldin
I am so glad you let him cut the ends because they were fried. Your hair looks fabulous!
Rebekah Gutierrez
Your hair looks beautiful!! Will you please tell me what product they used? Thank you!
Ashley Mathews
You could be a hair model! Such gorgeous curls!
Maggie Holmes
Maggie Holmes Oy oldin
How hair is the EXACT same
krista luna
krista luna Oy oldin
Personally I think the way you style your hair looks too 80s
Fabiane Hernandez
How much did they charged you if you don't mind?
Yellow W
Yellow W Oy oldin
I had a similar experience getting a devacut. I felt like they took too much off and my curls were very... noodle like? They put in a bunch of product and my hair was super crunchy. I felt that as a result my hair was not as voluminous because the product was so restrictive and heavy. I liked your hair better before, it was big and beautiful. I think less product is better but maybe that's just me. I like to keep my hair pretty naked lol.
Sindhu Jai
Sindhu Jai Oy oldin
Actually am having this kind of problem on my hair it’s so frizzy and looking dull . Am suffering with my curl hair but your video giving me a positive opinion about my curl.
anne flores
anne flores Oy oldin
Absolutely Beautiful. plus u r so funny. 😀
Ashlie Smith
Ashlie Smith Oy oldin
How big or "voluminous" as you say, do you want your hair to be!?! It looks so much better now.
Hannah Logsdon
No shade, but I’m confused about what’s so special about a deva haircut? This is coming from a curly haired girl.
Karla Garnica
Karla Garnica Oy oldin
Results are beautiful!!
dianne mcneely
Your hair looks great & healthy. I live in NC, too!
clod8 Oy oldin
We have similar hair, but they pissed me off, too, but for opposite reasons. You got beautiful definition in your wavy curly hair, but for me, they were trying to get my hair to stand up on top which it naturally does not do. I got a tacky ugly cut that was fighting my natural hair. I felt just as annoyed as when a “straight” stylist drycombs my hair😡😡😡
Lepidocrocite Quartz
Your hair afterwards still has more volume than mine :( Why was i cursed with flat hair? why???
adi cohen
adi cohen Oy oldin
You look amazing!! After you wash your hair, he's back to being the way he was before?
Joanna Barrett
Looks better afterwards, al silky and curls defines, before it looked like a frizzy mess as if you never bothered with it at all. I love it now, wish I had hair like yours xx
Suliman Alkhudairy
Disklliked just becuase I couldnt foucus form those brows
Jacquie Urbina Fraser
You're looks great and not as frizzy! You and I have the same hair type and thank you for doing this video
Farrah Dreamz
Farrah Dreamz Oy oldin
Jacquie Fraser thank you!
mslizzy03 Oy oldin
Love how you styled it at the end
Farrah Dreamz
Farrah Dreamz Oy oldin
mslizzy03 thanks!
Hailey Garven
Hailey Garven Oy oldin
You needed to cut that much off, the ends were completely fried.
Beverlin del Rosario
I don't know how I feel about all that paper towel on my hair
Bre F.
Bre F. Oy oldin
Looks so much healthier!! Love the volume!
Artie Wagoner
Artie Wagoner Oy oldin
How you gonna do an entire video in the salon showing us all the drama over an inch of hair being cut, whining about how hot the hair dryer is and didn't even bother to tell us what they used in your hair or which products went in which order. I mean this was an entire exercise of shameless self involved "Look at ME!!!!!!!" Thanks for a nothing video
Rosa Green
Rosa Green Oy oldin
I liked it better the way the stylists did it......but it's your preference
Jaida Blizard
Jaida Blizard Oy oldin
As someone who used to live in NY and now live in NC, i can't totally hear the north Carolina accent.
Chilita aMordida
It’s gorgeous!
briys videos
briys videos Oy oldin
Ayyyye!!! NC Gang!!!!
Liddy kay
Liddy kay Oy oldin
Did you purchase some products and tried it for a longer period??? Cause I’m intrigued
Farrah Dreamz
Farrah Dreamz Oy oldin
Liddy kay yes I did!!! Check out this video on my channel uzvid.com/video/video-k-wFaKPw4yQ.html
Your summer Will come
I really wanna go to a devacut salon but my hair goes straight when it gets wet and then drys curly so they would probably not be able to do much to help me
Teresa Tripp
Teresa Tripp Oy oldin
IT looks better not as big. It looks better when they did it. You don't need Texas hair to look good. Big Hair=NO
Nicole Shacknofsky
your hair looks great
SapphireFox13 2 oy oldin
Honey theres a difference between voluminous and frizz
msadvicechick 2 oy oldin
you're so damn dramatic lol, looks good ok!!!!