My First Home Game as A Sixer

Jimmy Butler
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Executive Producers: Jimmy Butler, Darryl Omar
Director/Editor: Darryl Omar. instagram.com/darrylomar




12-Dek, 2018

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Jay Yu
Jay Yu Kun oldin
I feel sorry for the 76ers... this dude is toxic in any locker room, a whiner, a complainer who overestimates himself.
Evan Rule
Evan Rule 2 kun oldin
I love you jimmy b
comidian dingo
comidian dingo 4 kun oldin
Wait my fav player had a yt channel I'ma sub real quick there we go
Marcus XCII
Marcus XCII 4 kun oldin
Trust the process
Papa Eugene
Papa Eugene 4 kun oldin
Misspelled Erving ag 7:06
Craig Gagnon
Craig Gagnon 5 kun oldin
how many games after the first did it take you to bring a shittonne of media attention, BAD attention to your team because you are clearly a bad fucking co-worker. Everywhere you go bud, its some new shit about how its all them, not you. do the math
Markus Mercado
Markus Mercado 5 kun oldin
anyone know the song playing in the background at 0:24 ?
boyy532 5 kun oldin
He caught me off guard when he said "my bad im dyslexic"
Jerome Hopkins
Jerome Hopkins 6 kun oldin
Currently subscribing to NBA players, can someone list some for me
Hi_Klass KicksHawaii
Best video I seen on UZvid in awhile (2nd best is butler vs butler) aloha from Hawaii god bless you Jimmy 🙏🏼🤙🏼
Conner Sulli
Conner Sulli 6 kun oldin
I only like I be u was on the bulls with d rose and Jokiem noah
ma.son35 8 kun oldin
I finna be at that 6ers game on the 12 of February
Sergioo Martinez
Sergioo Martinez 8 kun oldin
Wow this has really surprised me for real. He so funny jajajaja
Elvar Snær Ágústsson
I subbed can you Sub back and comment on my latest video👍
Rick Orio
Rick Orio 9 kun oldin
I’m a really big fan of the Sixers
lavar balls dad
lavar balls dad 10 kun oldin
Ben Simmons or jimmy butler??
Duck Knight
Duck Knight 10 kun oldin
Dont you disrespect your coach like that nigga
Dylan Heim
Dylan Heim 10 kun oldin
are you going to stay
Jonniyah Akins
Jonniyah Akins 10 kun oldin
Jimmy&Ben seem to be working really good together . NEW duo on the rise 😁
Evan Duffy
Evan Duffy 10 kun oldin
So glad I got to be here to see this
Alviendra Putra
Alviendra Putra 11 kun oldin
Rocky Balboa Statue 👌
Yore5Alt 11 kun oldin
Damn the cameraman has got to keep the shutter speed more consistent.
bigfatgaynibba 11 kun oldin
Miss you being in Chicago
Carter Holman kicks
Carter Holman kicks 11 kun oldin
Jimmy ur my fav
Weekends.o 11 kun oldin
hey! Me and my brother was the two dancers in the video @6:32
1x66 x2
1x66 x2 11 kun oldin
7 weeks later hes already pissed LMAO
Julian Tan
Julian Tan 12 kun oldin
Now he is unhappy with his role in the 76ers
Kevin Qian
Kevin Qian 12 kun oldin
Incredible World
Incredible World 12 kun oldin
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Mr. Miles
Mr. Miles 12 kun oldin
My Texas brother representing in Philly.
Catch the MOMENT
Catch the MOMENT 12 kun oldin
It finally happened, Jimmy on UZvid. Thank you for your game, you're making the NBA better. Continue to delight us with new releases on UZvid . I wish you good luck this season and as many victories as possible. I can't stop believing you're gonna be a champion. With respect from Russia. Thank you brother!
Safredah Khan
Safredah Khan 12 kun oldin
Jimmy better than derozan
the king and queen family
Jimmy buttoer are Michael Jordans son
xTnTProx BTD battles and more
3:20 am damn thats my bedtime
Fortnite Bros
Fortnite Bros 13 kun oldin
spydave MUSIC
spydave MUSIC 13 kun oldin
SaucyMo 13 kun oldin
Jimmy still be getting buckets. Candidate for MVP 💯
Gamer Fox beast phx
Gamer Fox beast phx 13 kun oldin
Tell Joel embed I hate him
No Excuse Just Produce
How life goes for an nba player I love it bro 💯
Laurel J
Laurel J 14 kun oldin
Love this! Can’t believe it took me this long to find your channel! So happy to have you here in Philly, Jimmy. Your game and your attitude fit this town. (Btw, if someone pushes you, you better push back harder. Ejection=worth it. Philly expects nothing less. We got you).
IDREDGAMING 14 kun oldin
come back to the t wov
TPE E 14 kun oldin
I’m so glad Jimmy is a good person.Most good NBA players are assholes but Jimmy is good and funny.
KniGht1st 15 kun oldin
that dude was shaking for the salt for 10 seconds, I bet he is drinking sea water daily.
Eric Nguyen
Eric Nguyen 15 kun oldin
This video was entertaining and litty. Gave us great insight on the behind the scenes of the NBA
Jeremy Padilla
Jeremy Padilla 15 kun oldin
7:04 i thought his last name was Erving
Trip Dddt
Trip Dddt 15 kun oldin
Could someone tell me the name of the background music when jimmy has his breakfast?
Sneakers N Stuff
Sneakers N Stuff 16 kun oldin
Your careers over
Tristan Whitcombe
Tristan Whitcombe 16 kun oldin
This was a damn great video!!! People hear a lot of things about various players but it's clear to me that Jimmy butler loves playing the game. What a guy 👌👌👌
MAGMA GAMIN 17 kun oldin
The vlog is better when jimmy is holding it
Rick Ayala
Rick Ayala 17 kun oldin
Bruh keep posting, you will blow up.
Luc Vanderham
Luc Vanderham 17 kun oldin
Really like this guy. I'm a Warriors fan, but this team will be good with his humble, funny personality and leadership in the mix.
Jake Lawless
Jake Lawless 17 kun oldin
Camera is so bad
Talexander Gaming
Talexander Gaming 17 kun oldin
7:05 Julius Erving was spelled with an I instead of a E
Edward Leo
Edward Leo 17 kun oldin
i really like stuff like this. hope more players in the nba do this kind of stuff
Eboy Eman
Eboy Eman 17 kun oldin
You pretty good Jimmy but I'm better
jose gabriel
jose gabriel 17 kun oldin
That coming to America reference is that velvet? Beautiful insta sub
The Legend
The Legend 17 kun oldin
I miss you in Chicago. Wish you nothing but the best in Philly! We love you!
Amir Hamssa
Amir Hamssa 17 kun oldin
iFuyo 17 kun oldin
This was a banger
Clark Nolan
Clark Nolan 17 kun oldin
Lie my comment pls never have liked comment video was great😭
Eddy 44
Eddy 44 18 kun oldin
lol i deadass used to not like you, im a die hard celtics fan but no other nba player makes this content, I got u
Blink 18 kun oldin
“I look forward to whooping that ass 1 on 1” 😂😂😂
Slimeball Marri
Slimeball Marri 18 kun oldin
mean Ben Simmons travel 8:40
Adam Obirek
Adam Obirek 18 kun oldin
Shoutout to the shooter / editor What’s your IG
Ya boy Skinny donkey
We all know you going to Boston after this
Gilligan 18 kun oldin
more pls
Suburban Kicks
Suburban Kicks 18 kun oldin
Tht philly mentality 💪
Prasanna M
Prasanna M 19 kun oldin
Jimmy mad at KAT cause he got a big contract? SMH
Lucas West
Lucas West 19 kun oldin
Jimmy come home and get d rose to tag along to
Nakr 19 kun oldin
Maurice Johnson
Maurice Johnson 19 kun oldin
Lol glad I subscribed before he hit 100k 🙌🏾
Maurice Johnson
Maurice Johnson 17 kun oldin
Amir Hamssa no idea buddy
Amir Hamssa
Amir Hamssa 17 kun oldin
Maurice Johnson will he still heart you if you subbed before 100k
Maurice Johnson
Maurice Johnson 17 kun oldin
Amir Hamssa mo reason just want a heart from one of my favorite players
Amir Hamssa
Amir Hamssa 17 kun oldin
Maurice Johnson why
Shareef Rutledge
Shareef Rutledge 19 kun oldin
Love it
Matteo Bettoni
Matteo Bettoni 19 kun oldin
Hey Jimmy! Whoever made the video I wanted to say that it's Julius Erving, not Irving 😅🤣😉 anyway, good luck for everything!!
XxMoJoe54 xX
XxMoJoe54 xX 19 kun oldin
I miss u bro but I hope u gl on more game winners!
Potatocookie 19 kun oldin
Im a huge minnesota timberwolves fan and i respect jimmy butler on his decision signing with the philly good luck there !
13bpark 20 kun oldin
LIL PIO 20 kun oldin
We will remember you carrying the bulls😇😭
H2 Clan
H2 Clan 20 kun oldin
Cool Philadelphia is my favorite team even though I am from Texas
KING MALIK Channel 21 kun oldin
I wish jimmy butler and Derrick rose was on the same team again
Shazowza Personal info
When I grow up I wanna be just like u. If u comment back or heart this, it would mean everything to me. Just to know that I have been noticed by one of my idols.
Maximus Moretta
Maximus Moretta 21 kun oldin
Dude you're dope get your own number!
RG TV 21 kun oldin
سمك 21 kun oldin
Bucket did You cut your hair bro
FORT NITE 21 kun oldin
Am a sixers fan jimmy butler now your in sixers 1v1 lebron james its gunna be on fire😤😤
Satwik Panigrahi
Satwik Panigrahi 21 kun oldin
Yo can I get a shoutout
Shareef Rutledge
Shareef Rutledge 21 kun oldin
My no.1player Jimmy Butler
Brandon 21 kun oldin
I’m from Toronto and I personally feel this team is a perfect place for Jimmy
Bigpimpin69 21 kun oldin
“This is Camden?” “Yeah this is Camden.” “This is niceccceeeee.” Hahahaha
Zaida S.
Zaida S. 21 kun oldin
I fucks wit jimmy butler heavy. He just seems like a regular ass dude
Joeski Taylor
Joeski Taylor 21 kun oldin
Jimmy Butler is my favorite player,go SIxers
Zlappz 21 kun oldin
Imagine him as a lakers
AquaticPath12 21 kun oldin
Dam I miss you on Timberwolves
Luka Tasic
Luka Tasic 21 kun oldin
Is owner real Butler of this channel?
Incredible World
Incredible World 22 kun oldin
Useful video! Continue doing nice content and you will build up fast! Subscribe to our channel and so we can subscribe to you!
Unique L. Valdez
Unique L. Valdez 22 kun oldin
Those jimmy butler Jordan's are clean.... I had to cop even tho they removed your name
Donovan Villa
Donovan Villa 22 kun oldin
I miss u in Chicago 😭😭😭😭
Real IN
Real IN 22 kun oldin
aygustavo 23 kun oldin
Tyler Gulbranson
Tyler Gulbranson 23 kun oldin
Jimmy this is coming from a timber wolves fan but you should not have been traded because you were one of the best players on the team yea you were injured sometimes but you would bounce back after you were healthy and shine but we have KAT and Wiggins but we ad 3 top 30 players in the league so we had to spread the ball so you didn't get it as much as you want and but then you got traded the 76ers got 3 of the top players in the league they got you Ben Simmons and Joel
Reba Gilmore
Reba Gilmore 23 kun oldin
Jimmy... spontaneous...funny person!! Following you as a super fan from Minnesota to Philly!
Butler vs Butler
19 kun oldin