My First Home Game as A Sixer

Jimmy Butler
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Follow along with me for a behind the scenes look to my first home game. ► SUBSCRIBE: goo.gl/ab17aV
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Executive Producers: Jimmy Butler, Darryl Omar
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12-Dek, 2018



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K Pa
K Pa 3 kun oldin
Thank You Jimmy Butler for choosing Philly!!! You have added so much experience and skill to a young squad. Keep leading and start counting the Championships!!
R O 3 kun oldin
like if jimmy the goattttt 👇🏾
Semi Sneakerhead
Semi Sneakerhead 3 kun oldin
I love this shit
ScOpe _ Blade
ScOpe _ Blade 4 kun oldin
Please jimmy I love the sixers and my heart would be broken if u left I went to the sixers Celtics game and saw u hit the shot to puts us up by 5 idk if u realized but everyone went NUTS do u wanna know why cause we are hungry for a championship and want to win. If u haven’t realized a lot of people bought your jerseys knowing u might not stay that is loyal so please jimmy stay in philly
Keith Dumat-ol
Keith Dumat-ol 7 kun oldin
Seeing this makes me hit the subscribe button.
ヤオミン 8 kun oldin
Patrick Lerin
Patrick Lerin 8 kun oldin
Jimmy nice vlog...
Mason 8 kun oldin
“Camden is nice” I’m from nj and it’s not really but it’s better than Chicago 😂
yo pierre you wanna come out here?
Where Kevin Hart when you need him man.
Andy Velasquez
Andy Velasquez 10 kun oldin
Cut the shit Jimmy!! We know you not happy in Philly!!!😂😂
Jahmeel Farad
Jahmeel Farad 10 kun oldin
I tell ya
Sick Game Broz
Sick Game Broz 12 kun oldin
Jimmy Butler win the playoff for phil sixers
aprk mago
aprk mago 12 kun oldin
เจมมี่ บัคเหรอ
Chris Wishinsky
Chris Wishinsky 12 kun oldin
have fun getting by the Celtics!!!!
HardCity RainDrops
HardCity RainDrops 12 kun oldin
Ano Nim
Ano Nim 13 kun oldin
Do you play Fortnite?
Big Facts
Big Facts 13 kun oldin
This UZvid channel is the best Decision you’ve made jimmy and I’ve been watching you since you went to Tyler 😂💯
Bean Beany
Bean Beany 14 kun oldin
“Fresh cut” Me: “it looks the same to me”
Monica Espinoza
Monica Espinoza 16 kun oldin
Welcome jimmy to the city of brotherly love, I wish you the best of luck with this team and let’s bring a championship to philly🙂🙂
WordWizard 16 kun oldin
This is beautiful, what is this velvet?
Oprah sides chair
Oprah sides chair 18 kun oldin
That mans a redskins fan ?
XxBACONEEETRxX 44 18 kun oldin
0:29 amen
Ken Cam
Ken Cam 21 kun oldin
This was nice, but can you help Ben Simmons with his jumpshot?
Joshua Dixon
Joshua Dixon 22 kun oldin
Jimmy the reason i traded from the bulls to the 76ers lol 🤷🏾‍♂️ on god
Najee Jacobs
Najee Jacobs 24 kun oldin
This dope, a lot of ppl don’t do shit like this!! But I’m just wondering wtf did he get cut?! 😂😂
Jeannie Beannie
Jeannie Beannie 25 kun oldin
Wow I am late to the party but Jimmy thank you for taking us along ur journey. God bless and I hope Philly bless you as well.
Spark Plugz
Spark Plugz 27 kun oldin
Blake G
Blake G 29 kun oldin
Started watching the NBA for real,instead of just focusing on my favorite team,and watched the bulls for a couple games.Derrick Rose was my favorite player on that team but I remember watching Jimmy and saying to myself,he’s going to be a star one day.And here we are,an all star in 2019
Goliath4341 29 kun oldin
This is amazing! Huge 76ers fan. Glad to have Jimmy as a part of the team. Cool perspective of the game in these videos. Jimmy hmu if you want to join a Dan & Shay concert this summer! lol and good luck in the playoffs man.
wonderboyj8 Oy oldin
supee dope
Reva Diga
Reva Diga Oy oldin
Toons Oy oldin
i just hope he stays
Kaden Schaefer
Higher Wisdom
Higher Wisdom Oy oldin
Best wishes to you Mr. Butler on your new journey
Schnuff Schnuff
And a couple months later goes by.. and now wants out 😂
kenny Oy oldin
Bruh, this video is fire. Jimmy needs to team up with philly native will smith.
Mike D
Mike D Oy oldin
Philly love! Glad you are finally home.
Carlose London
Why so many dislikes??? This was dope
ScOpe _ Blade
ScOpe _ Blade Oy oldin
Please jimmy stay in philly we need u. If u stay we will be the next warriors. When I heard u were coming I was so happy even though we had to give up Robert and Dario because u are my favorite player. Think about the team we could be if u just stayed we are already supposed make it to the conference championship but if u stay that will be natural to us. if u go to Los Angeles they don’t have good fans like us and look at LA they aren’t even good with the best player in the league. SO PLEASE JIMMY STAY IN PHILLY
thomas the dank engine
I actually dislexic??
TacobleGaming Oy oldin
Hey jimmy I’m a huge fan. Even though I’m s raptors fan, Jimmy Buckets is the dude I wanna be. Really cool to see you reaching out to normal people, which made me subscribe. Really confused you aren’t an all star this year. 🙁
LeBron James
LeBron James Oy oldin
Yo,how were you not an all star? You deserved it!
UncleBlicky :
UncleBlicky : Oy oldin
Ayee jimmy riding thru my home town Camden baby stand up 💪🏽
Chi Sox
Chi Sox Oy oldin
Chicago always gon be the best city u ever played for
Brendan & Nick
Jimmy you’re my idol I love you
Jay Eff Ess
Jay Eff Ess Oy oldin
The Sixers practice facility is insane
isa scherer
isa scherer Oy oldin
Trust the process. I love the 76ers. Thank you for coming to Philly. Please stay here next year. The 76ers will get a championship if you stay. I guarantee it. You are amazing Trust the Process
Brody Fronheiser
King Ragnar
King Ragnar Oy oldin
I really hope they keep butler with simmons, as good as simmons is they need jimmy to attack that peremeter.
Dat_kid _jay
Dat_kid _jay Oy oldin
Why you hop into NBA2k Career mode to hoop in a facility...
Ryan Smith
Ryan Smith Oy oldin
Found you today easily my new fav youtuber
Gaming Gabe 519
Gaming Gabe 519 2 oy oldin
Thank u for coming to the 6 ers
Klāvs Bajārs
Klāvs Bajārs 2 oy oldin
Wow I loved Philly already, but when i saw the video, I loved Philly even more! Great video!
Erik Brice Ledford
A+ on this video , and I am a Celtics fan ..
Beagle 2k
Beagle 2k 2 oy oldin
He’s still gonna leave 😂
basketball legends
Achievements, man I wish more success
Carl Osias
Carl Osias 2 oy oldin
We love you from philadelphia 76ers fans 😍😍😍😍
Lean Big
Lean Big 2 oy oldin
This is why u should respect Jimmy ✊🏽
Chris Evans
Chris Evans 2 oy oldin
SnitchClitch Nofi
Jimmy can't believe you have a youtube channel
Cincere TheGrinch
Whyyy you mn come back drowse and Karl,Andrew missyou
Lucas Luz Lucao
Lucas Luz Lucao 2 oy oldin
Jay Yu
Jay Yu 2 oy oldin
I feel sorry for the 76ers... this dude is toxic in any locker room, a whiner, a complainer who overestimates himself.
Evan Rule
Evan Rule 2 oy oldin
I love you jimmy b
Stephen Curry30
Stephen Curry30 2 oy oldin
Wait my fav player had a yt channel I'ma sub real quick there we go
U Got Nerd Neck
U Got Nerd Neck 2 oy oldin
Trust the process
Markus Mercado
Markus Mercado 2 oy oldin
anyone know the song playing in the background at 0:24 ?
boyy532 2 oy oldin
He caught me off guard when he said "my bad im dyslexic"
黃柏翰 2 kun oldin
He can't read the game either .
Joshua Dixon
Joshua Dixon 22 kun oldin
I say that onces a day 😂
Jerome Hopkins
Jerome Hopkins 2 oy oldin
Currently subscribing to NBA players, can someone list some for me
M3LO Oy oldin
De’Aaron Fox
Elon Smokes Boof
Elon Smokes Boof 2 oy oldin
Try kd
Hi_Klass KicksHawaii
Best video I seen on UZvid in awhile (2nd best is butler vs butler) aloha from Hawaii god bless you Jimmy 🙏🏼🤙🏼
Penguin With Autism
I only like I be u was on the bulls with d rose and Jokiem noah
ma.son35 2 oy oldin
I finna be at that 6ers game on the 12 of February
Sergioo Martinez
Sergioo Martinez 2 oy oldin
Wow this has really surprised me for real. He so funny jajajaja
Rick Orio
Rick Orio 2 oy oldin
I’m a really big fan of the Sixers
lavar balls dad
lavar balls dad 2 oy oldin
Ben Simmons or jimmy butler??
Dylan Heim
Dylan Heim 2 oy oldin
are you going to stay
Jonniyah Akins
Jonniyah Akins 2 oy oldin
Jimmy&Ben seem to be working really good together . NEW duo on the rise 😁
Evan Duffy
Evan Duffy 2 oy oldin
So glad I got to be here to see this
Alviendra Putra
Alviendra Putra 2 oy oldin
Rocky Balboa Statue 👌
Theo Valentino
jagoan bang alvin euy
Yore5Alt 2 oy oldin
Damn the cameraman has got to keep the shutter speed more consistent.
bigfatgaynibba 2 oy oldin
Miss you being in Chicago
Carter Holman kicks
Jimmy ur my fav
Weekends.o 2 oy oldin
hey! Me and my brother was the two dancers in the video @6:32
1x66 x2
1x66 x2 2 oy oldin
7 weeks later hes already pissed LMAO
Julian Tan
Julian Tan 2 oy oldin
Now he is unhappy with his role in the 76ers
Kevin Qian
Kevin Qian 2 oy oldin
Incredible World
Incredible World 2 oy oldin
High-quality video! Keep on making worthy content and you'll increase quickly! Subscribe to our channel and so we shall subscribe to your channel!
Mr. Miles
Mr. Miles 2 oy oldin
My Texas brother representing in Philly.
Catch the MOMENT
Catch the MOMENT 2 oy oldin
It finally happened, Jimmy on UZvid. Thank you for your game, you're making the NBA better. Continue to delight us with new releases on UZvid . I wish you good luck this season and as many victories as possible. I can't stop believing you're gonna be a champion. With respect from Russia. Thank you brother!
Safredah Khan
Safredah Khan 2 oy oldin
Jimmy better than derozan
the king kids jr
the king kids jr 2 oy oldin
Jimmy buttoer are Michael Jordans son
xTnTProx BTD battles and more
3:20 am damn thats my bedtime
Fortnite Bros
Fortnite Bros 2 oy oldin
spydave MUSIC
spydave MUSIC 2 oy oldin
SaucyMo 2 oy oldin
Jimmy still be getting buckets. Candidate for MVP 💯
Sports Fox beast phx
Tell Joel embed I hate him
No Excuse Just Produce
How life goes for an nba player I love it bro 💯
Laurel J
Laurel J 2 oy oldin
Love this! Can’t believe it took me this long to find your channel! So happy to have you here in Philly, Jimmy. Your game and your attitude fit this town. (Btw, if someone pushes you, you better push back harder. Ejection=worth it. Philly expects nothing less. We got you).
IDREDGAMING 2 oy oldin
come back to the t wov
TPE E 2 oy oldin
I’m so glad Jimmy is a good person.Most good NBA players are assholes but Jimmy is good and funny.
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