My FIRST Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Tournament

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8-Yan, 2019

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Stefany Ayala
Stefany Ayala 11 soat oldin
Hey ZeRo I have a question. I can use any controller to I want in a tournament?
Garchomp907 Kun oldin
I know this is about Zero's first in tournament singles. At 5:54 However, i see you there Samsora! #peachmainsaredominatingthisscene
Nitiwath Thipakkarayod
Man u r still my hero zero
Ander Sanborn
Ander Sanborn 2 kun oldin
Clarence Sampang
Clarence Sampang 2 kun oldin
2:50 ZeRo and his echo fighter, Dark ZeRo
Tommy Henrikson
Tommy Henrikson 2 kun oldin
Would it kill them to look each other in the eye and say good match after? It always bothers me how they just kinda walk away
Garandorf 2 kun oldin
Very nice editing
Jese Savignon
Jese Savignon 2 kun oldin
He should have kept cloud, having 2 mains in a tournament was a risky strategy that didn't pay off.
MrTallPants s
MrTallPants s 3 kun oldin
Thats a shame. I hope you continue to improve. I will ALWAYS root for you in any match. Good luck for future games.
jonny tigges
jonny tigges 3 kun oldin
PC smash players are so much better lol
LuigiDude 3 kun oldin
First? What about the E3 Invitational
Lukas Verzola
Lukas Verzola 3 kun oldin
Are you going to Glitch 6??
Victor Ferraro
Victor Ferraro 4 kun oldin
my disappointment is immeasurable and my day is ruined
Alan Torres
Alan Torres 5 kun oldin
Pinche gordito mamalón...
Alergies 5 kun oldin
Hi to chat
Rui 5 kun oldin
The problem that I have with competetive Smash is that everyone plays the same thing. I know its a sport, but its kind of boring that way, I like to play my own style and have my own ideas rather than copy and paste tactics and memorize them like a computer. I understand that all sports work that way, but somehow it takes the fun away and it lacks personality, but its fun to watch them nonetheless.
one glove gamer
one glove gamer 5 kun oldin
what is the name of this tournament
Will Tennant
Will Tennant 5 kun oldin
Hbox just casually itching his crack at 1:05
Snappy 5 kun oldin
Hi Chat :)
Sebastian Vega
Sebastian Vega 5 kun oldin
That Birb
That Birb 5 kun oldin
so close to top 8. feelsbadman
Adrian Barraza
Adrian Barraza 5 kun oldin
Jajajajajaja RIP Zero,go eat some burguers LoL
lemonscented 6 kun oldin
It's cool seeing a tournament from this perspective
Brianna McFarland
Brianna McFarland 6 kun oldin
I got so confused in doubles with M2K as Lucina and Zero as Cloud...
Hakaco. 6 kun oldin
Good job zero. Haven’t finished the full vid yet but best of luck and let’s hope piranha plant & all dlc is tourney viable 9:29 shiiiiit
Marco Villarreal
Marco Villarreal 6 kun oldin
Nice dude
im not regular
im not regular 6 kun oldin
the return of a king.
thehuffpuff10 6 kun oldin
Appreciate you guys including the officers!
NinjaTiger 6 kun oldin
Zero like cloud
M M 6 kun oldin
grand m'boi
grand m'boi 7 kun oldin
Dont worry zero amma hack all thos other noobs controllers so they dont work so you can win 100% of the time
grand m'boi
grand m'boi 7 kun oldin
My dude Zero got 9th place and 3rd? NANI !
Tony Vo
Tony Vo 7 kun oldin
cloud looks fun
Manny Salazar
Manny Salazar 7 kun oldin
can't tell which thiccness is better: ZeRo or Thiccbox
zach 7 kun oldin
super nice this kind of vlog i really wanted to see whats it like
Xtruhh 7 kun oldin
Y’all got the Majoras Mask reference at the start right?
Stormy Sensei
Stormy Sensei 7 kun oldin
Not sure how much effort this took, but def wouldn't mind seeing more content like this in the future. Adds personality to the player, ya know?
Ricardo España
Ricardo España 7 kun oldin
Either you focus on streaming and playing a lot of characters or you go straight to high competitive level as players as samsora are doing right now. GG though.
Kenny 7 kun oldin
SDNOIRE 7 kun oldin
Zero is still placing high numbers
Semystic 7 kun oldin
I like how the commentary stops after the first loss 😂
Justplay 7 kun oldin
*Best player in the world. LOL
WarGoat 7 kun oldin
Peach is overpowered as hell in this game.
Womble 7 kun oldin
Hey don't fret we've seen zero hit a low before, he's gonna come back
Tristan Martinez
Tristan Martinez 7 kun oldin
Well played
Ash the one
Ash the one 7 kun oldin
Bring back ketchup 😭
pelo177 7 kun oldin
like if peach OP
Peacealla Y
Peacealla Y 7 kun oldin
Hi Chat
MexicanRaccoon805 7 kun oldin
After years of research I'm sure Salem can confirm Bayonetta isn't top tier...
Diego Fortguy
Diego Fortguy 8 kun oldin
Thank u no more memeing when u play please
Caitlyn Sackman
Caitlyn Sackman 8 kun oldin
I was so close to going to this too lol damn missed out, but good to see my city actually having a smash scene, just moved to PSL from New Jersey :)
Diego Jara
Diego Jara 8 kun oldin
Habla en español conchetumadre que no entiendo niuna wea
Flex Seal Saved My Marriage
Remember kids, there is always someone better than you
Mr Fiddle
Mr Fiddle 8 kun oldin
5:30 damn, that's really cute!
The King of Games
The King of Games 8 kun oldin
Noice job u did way better than me if I went to a tournament 😂😂😂😭
The King of Games
The King of Games 8 kun oldin
Ryan Nunn
Ryan Nunn 8 kun oldin
How to beat Zero: play as Peach
Jona Aguilera
Jona Aguilera 8 kun oldin
Subtítulos bro :'c
Ipostvideos 8 kun oldin
Bro it looked like a Samsung tv
Ok So Basically I’m Rigby
Y’all weren’t wrong, he was definitely trying to get people to sleep on Diddy.
Diego Bejarano
Diego Bejarano 8 kun oldin
1:27 New faze censor,Gymshark T shirt
Bruno Gonzalez
Bruno Gonzalez 8 kun oldin
Zero my nikka. Keep up the good work. Btw fans check out my original music. I need to whore myself a bit. uzvid.com/video/video-W_hg9G0Wah8.html
Clayton Castner
Clayton Castner 8 kun oldin
Easy to protect when dangerous mang0 isnt there
Skyler Drabing
Skyler Drabing 8 kun oldin
Stock 8 kun oldin
Stop saying chat. It’s UZvid
The Great Burgholio
Is the blonde chick Zero's girlfriend? Damn man, not only is he playing smash at a competative level, hes laying pipe at the same level 🤣👍
paettie444 8 kun oldin
titania 8 kun oldin
Silva João
Silva João 8 kun oldin
5:35 yes, we're very happy to uhhhhh have you all here for a uhhhh what's the name of it uhhhhh
Tom H
Tom H 8 kun oldin
He's coming
侵略者を討て 8 kun oldin
Mr.Zero is the player who is famous in japan. I think that I want him to fight against the japanese player!!!
LordKKs 8 kun oldin
I thought that you would explain how you feel not been in top 8, your thoughts on cloud vs matchups, what feels different, etc. That would be much more interesting than walking u around into oblivion Zero. ^^
Kam 8 kun oldin
my pp is no longer flaccid
Terrest Clark
Terrest Clark 8 kun oldin
So yo weakness is peach.....
Dustato 8 kun oldin
5:36 dawg I didn't know VoiceOverPete was a fan of competitive smash
ipdirtbike 8 kun oldin
do more of these vids!
Mitocondria Naim Jure Mora
Grande guaton misterion, teni que ser el mejor de todosssss viva chileeee
Emerald 07
Emerald 07 8 kun oldin
3:55 Did she just got *ignored?*
cool rafa
cool rafa 8 kun oldin
Wena zero qliao como estai
DonaId Trump
DonaId Trump 8 kun oldin
Get a real job
Nick Cadena
Nick Cadena 8 kun oldin
ZeRo does NOT like going up against Peach
Tobe Nwabudike
Tobe Nwabudike 8 kun oldin
Snowman 8 kun oldin
your 再生数 is 凄まじい
Warfu ­
Warfu ­ 8 kun oldin
8:45 Finally somebody appreciates the original smash soundtrack 💜 Well played man, now you see how's the level of the players and you can get over them!
JeremySheer 5 kun oldin
What is the song at the very end of the videos is that xenoblade 2 ?
HayzeeWave 8 kun oldin
Anybody know what the outro music is from? Asking for a friend
Zoomer488 6 kun oldin
It's Mor Ardain - Roaming the Wastes; the day time version from Xenoblade Chronicles 2.
Thomas Mallon
Thomas Mallon 8 kun oldin
GetBig press f to pay respects
Kai 8 kun oldin
Tournament backpack streams are op.
Olivier Ruiz
Olivier Ruiz 8 kun oldin
Well played.
Tio Sans
Tio Sans 8 kun oldin
Wtf at 1:08 there are the sam from Icarly.
鮪コーヒー 8 kun oldin
Emilio Garcia
Emilio Garcia 8 kun oldin
4:05 thug life
Jadon Williams
Jadon Williams 8 kun oldin
Lol that guy in the maroon tank top looked so nervous
Damien INSANE-O 8 kun oldin
can anyone tell me what tournament this was?
Adamsmasher93 8 kun oldin
Hey. I wish I were as good at the game as you are. What would be some good tips on how I can improve my game?
Lilavoc 8 kun oldin
0:19 Living that android life yo.
NeoSDGod 8 kun oldin
This is the only smash player I watch ever since I got the game. The majority of the other pros are either toxic to the point where its annoying to watch or mentality unhealthy. Thanks for the great content!
Whake 8 kun oldin
Outro song please
RubixNinja 8 kun oldin
Idk how zero pulls off shields so quickly.... It feels like there is lag when I do it.... but Zero seems to be able to do it instantly
Jackson Smith
Jackson Smith 9 kun oldin
Peach is fucking zero up
Hwi Seong
Hwi Seong 9 kun oldin
I just have a question were these games dolphined or on a actual switch? This might be a stupid question but I really don't know...
Drenrab 9 kun oldin
Do you have to bring your own controller to a smash tournament?
10 kun oldin