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James Charles
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HI SISTERS! In today's video, I'm FINALLY posting my FULLY DECORATED 2019 HOUSE TOUR! I moved in 4 months ago and am the happiest I've ever have been. I'm so blessed to have a home for my team, friends, and family to come over. I've been working non-stop but I finally worked with Mr. Kate on the house transformation. I hope you enjoy!!
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EDITOR: Louis & Anthony Gargiula
GRAPHICS: Michael Rusakov




8-Fev, 2019

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Jessi Pollack
Jessi Pollack 9 daqiqa oldin
omg please do a video on bts of making a yt video, I've always been so curious!!
Mae Ryan
Mae Ryan 9 daqiqa oldin
Mud room more like mud wall
Brooke Worrall
Brooke Worrall 14 daqiqa oldin
Your house is soooo gorgeous I loveeeee it !
SombreroCat 15 daqiqa oldin
Get out of here
Jesper Van der Wal
Jesper Van der Wal 22 daqiqa oldin
Why do you only say sisters?
gary robertson
gary robertson 32 daqiqa oldin
Stop saying "literally" and "actually."
Sophie‘s World
Sophie‘s World 49 daqiqa oldin
I have a mud room sister James
Leonardo DiCapri-Sun
Leonardo DiCapri-Sun 52 daqiqa oldin
One day I too shall have a living room in my bedroom
Rarely Reasonable
Is it even legal for me to watch this when I have exactly 3 Cheetos to my name?
Beautiful house!! Love it! But I kind of expected a "bit" of color--like his fabulous palettes. Loads of blahhhh-k and white.
Vianney Morales Hernandez
There are half liter coke bottles, rarely found in big stores, though you may find them in tiny Mexican stores! I believe they’re about the same size as wine bottles! 🥤 🍷
Okpor Esther
Okpor Esther Soat oldin
When is the sister squad making a video again?🤔
LMAO_ Dolann
LMAO_ Dolann Soat oldin
*Unsuccesful people left the chat*
yolanda coleman
yolanda coleman 2 soat oldin
You talk really fast lol
Lyla Rose
Lyla Rose 2 soat oldin
Do you see the views on Laura’s vids and then see his sister scandal 🤫🤭
Disco.Deaky 2 soat oldin
*i fEEl sO poOr nOw*
Iman moxamanten
Iman moxamanten 2 soat oldin
I really don't know
yks mağduru
yks mağduru 2 soat oldin
Heyy James i love youuu so muchhh! Your positive energy gives me inspiration.I hope you’ll always be happy in your life ❤️
69drin 2 soat oldin
O please visit us your fans in Russia.
breath in knots
breath in knots 2 soat oldin
omg... .... hes gay?!?!?!?1!?1?
Guida Lacerda
Guida Lacerda 3 soat oldin
SUCH a beautiful house!! Which I could have one of mine :(((
Marija Strapcāne
Marija Strapcāne 3 soat oldin
How does he play the piano with those nails...? 🤔
Kirsten Faith
Kirsten Faith 3 soat oldin
Soooo does he have a dog or not?
Zoe Hanson
Zoe Hanson 3 soat oldin
A behind the scenes would be so cool!
Joyce Chahine - Pianist
Make sure to keep the windows closed near the piano if you’re not using it!
Phoebe Langford
Phoebe Langford 3 soat oldin
For your cellar, try san Pellegrino sparkling water. They com in such pretty green, glass bottles and are around the same size as a wine bottle. Xxx ❤️❤️
MassiWorld 4 soat oldin
Honestly, I don’t like it. It is so cold and not personal. Everything looks like a magazine. My opinion :)
Flawless beauty
Flawless beauty 4 soat oldin
You should use an ace of spades for you bottle case
Missy p
Missy p 4 soat oldin
What about outside?
Cathrine Boisen
Cathrine Boisen 4 soat oldin
Im gona have that hoese wen im 19
Ana Pousa
Ana Pousa 4 soat oldin
Is California's tap water not drinkable?
abdulla rajab
abdulla rajab 4 soat oldin
slush 4 soat oldin
imagine being 19 and owning that
Gimena Mariano
Gimena Mariano 4 soat oldin
All is pretty...me!
Angela M
Angela M 4 soat oldin
YES! I want to see a video-creation process walkthrough!
StevieRayPhoto 4 soat oldin
You mentioned the lights making you hot. Suggest you switch your lighting to LED lights. They don’t produce heat as much.
اوقا اوقي
اوقا اوقي 5 soat oldin
Proud of you
April Angel
April Angel 5 soat oldin
I voted for you sister!!!
aizaz atif
aizaz atif 5 soat oldin
Ayla Bean
Ayla Bean 5 soat oldin
So much black and white. He supports both races.🐏🐑
Bear & Izzy Bear & Izzy
I love his house sooooooo much
Danielle Hughes
Danielle Hughes 5 soat oldin
Idk how he doesn’t stain his white furniture with all of the makeup
sarahh 6 soat oldin
31:53 i felt that sis
Knox Darting
Knox Darting 6 soat oldin
“A charger for my second phone that I take my selfies with.” Iconic
S Slimes
S Slimes 6 soat oldin
Me:uses iPad and watches James Charles while my mom doing my hair Mom:making my hair Me: why did you stop braiding mom? Mom:I. Trying to figure out how he did his makeup so perfectly Me:you can check his tutorials Mom:*runs to bathroom with phone and searches James Charles tutorial* Me:your not done with my hair Mom:yeah forget it go play Lmao
KPOP Is My Name
KPOP Is My Name 6 soat oldin
*James Charles Wow You Really Are Pretty On Your Makeup And Your Furniture And Placing Also Furniture Is So Unique Good Choice!*
Lillie Rose Garcia
Lillie Rose Garcia 6 soat oldin
“ there is this huge bay window that leads out to the backyard area, which I’ll get to in a second “ - literally never shows the backyard
Geoffrey Scott Pollard
He might be bragging but ........he is really really really really grateful
Justme Yram
Justme Yram 6 soat oldin
Damn I wish I could do a tour like that when I’m 19 oh wait I am 19 and I’m currently lying in my bed under the roof of my parents
BTS A.R.M.Y 6 soat oldin
I love how fast he speaks , I only speak like that in my history class ... so my teacher won’t understand what I’m saying 😅😂😂😂😜
ǝʌʎɐ 6 soat oldin
This kinda looks like a house from bloxburg ngl
Sarah 6 soat oldin
Jose Rodriguez
Jose Rodriguez 6 soat oldin
James Charles you got to stop putting all makeup because you're a man ourteen
unicorn squad
unicorn squad 6 soat oldin
His bathroom is bigger then my room
Euzilaine Gonçalves
I actually loved every part of the house. Congratulations
unicorn squad
unicorn squad 7 soat oldin
I wonder how long it takes to clean that house😂😂😂😂
Nicole P.
Nicole P. 7 soat oldin
Omg there's natural lighting in every room ! Even in the shower ! 🙀🤩 No for real..this house is definetly made for James ! 👌🔥🔥
lalabiy Dream
lalabiy Dream 7 soat oldin
I sall a kikat girl thats my gam
DragoHexTV 7 soat oldin
can you please end your pathetic existence
Kendra Turner
Kendra Turner 7 soat oldin
I love you soooo much sister!!!!! Please please please make a video of behind the scenes filming and everything that goes into making a video!!!!
uzaiR 7 soat oldin
i hope you house burns #deathtogays
Elizabeth Wilson
Elizabeth Wilson 7 soat oldin
You are such a sweet person!
zawanah ismail
zawanah ismail 7 soat oldin
i wanna see your backyard
Elvidge Mothibi
Elvidge Mothibi 7 soat oldin
OMG I love the og sisters makeup 💄
BeautyBy Kenny
BeautyBy Kenny 7 soat oldin
My dream is to have a house with that much lighting 😍😍 stunning
TheUnicornOne 23
TheUnicornOne 23 7 soat oldin
Aesthetic af
Ariana Perez
Ariana Perez 7 soat oldin
The whole house is so beautiful and aesthetically pleasing! 😭😍😍
BeautyBy Kenny
BeautyBy Kenny 7 soat oldin
This place is beautiful ❤️
BeautyBy Kenny
BeautyBy Kenny 7 soat oldin
I would totally love a behind the scenes video! Definitely not interested in being a youtuber but it’s so interesting to me 😂
Sarah Meredith
Sarah Meredith 8 soat oldin
Put merch in the wine seller thing
Kenedi F
Kenedi F 8 soat oldin
Everyone requests a house tour then hates on it he works hard for what he has
Luis M
Luis M 8 soat oldin
Soo ok fabulous. An ikea showroom. Groundbreaking
Tuana Memet
Tuana Memet 8 soat oldin
You have a pretty house! And so BIG!!! 🥰🥰🥰
Ree Young Ho - Johnny
i legit screaming just because his desktop shows my birthday lol
Taylor Anderson
Taylor Anderson 8 soat oldin
Please do a behind the scenes video!!!!!
Carly Holda
Carly Holda 8 soat oldin
a freaking selfie phone
The Gopnik 1995
The Gopnik 1995 8 soat oldin
TRUMP 2020
Olivia Richardson
Olivia Richardson 8 soat oldin
James has a LIVING ROOM in his BEDROOM... oh my lord
Casey Vlogs
Casey Vlogs 8 soat oldin
Wow such a beautiful house.
Masie Renee
Masie Renee 8 soat oldin
The rainbow showed up when James was mentioning showering with other people 😂
Reece Jane HanSen
Reece Jane HanSen 8 soat oldin
His mouth kept moving for the whole vid damn he got one hell of a tongue
mr.Tabasco 21
mr.Tabasco 21 9 soat oldin
ولد بشاير الرقاصه طلع عنده فلوس دنيه💔
Megan Powell
Megan Powell 9 soat oldin
James instead of buying one massive house and expensive things couldn’t have you done so much more charity That would help so many unlucky children or people? Not a hate comment just saying, it could’ve helped literally so many sisters instead of just yourself
LivsMakeupCorner 9 soat oldin
People really here hating on James for his success. Damnnnnnnn don’t watch if you don’t want to see how he lives. James, your house is fucking beautiful and I’m so freaking proud of you! You go sister!
Emma Thompson
Emma Thompson 9 soat oldin
So modern I LOVE IT!
Jefoy Rondo
Jefoy Rondo 9 soat oldin
Got a whole women’s Gucci belt 🤦‍♂️
Luciean _12_
Luciean _12_ 9 soat oldin
OMG,your House is so amazing 😍♡
Skittles Jolly ranchers
Is it weird that I only watch your videos when I'm taking a shit? Im just realizing this ..
Turquoise Cheetah
Turquoise Cheetah 9 soat oldin
Can't relate
Shailynn Schellhorn
Shailynn Schellhorn 9 soat oldin
I hope people won’t bother you 😬
Kendra Colbert
Kendra Colbert 9 soat oldin
The amount of inspiration and goals in this video!!!!! Also: Sending prayers to the Sex Gods your way...lol
Alissa Goat
Alissa Goat 9 soat oldin
James, i hope you know red bull has bull sperm in it.😢😂
Lemonade Studio🍋
Lemonade Studio🍋 9 soat oldin
You could put Welch’s sparkling grape juice in the celler
Carmen Garcia cruz
Carmen Garcia cruz 9 soat oldin
I've heard people found your address and hide in your stuff well I respect your privacy your my fave UZvidr and I will always respect you if you say you want privacy and don't want your fans at your house because you want peace I will respect that and leave your house imedently because I love you a true fan would do what you say like pls leave my house I want peace and quit I'm Workin on a vidoe they would leave I would leave if you say that but James remember your special to us we love you your true fans will always support you❤️ Btw your house is so freaking gorgeous I wanna live there but I don't have enough money to pay 😂 XD ❤️ But saddlley James I have to say something I won't be able to watch you that much because I have school I have so much stuff to do chores but I will try my best to catch up on your vids love you now take care James❤️
Aylina Marie
Aylina Marie 9 soat oldin
Why tf does this look like my sims 4 houses
Leydi Laura Arango
Leydi Laura Arango 10 soat oldin
Is the dream house ❤ ,so proud James ,you are my idol ,love you sister
Grace Ekong
Grace Ekong 10 soat oldin
His house is so pretty🥰
Eleanor Swanson
Eleanor Swanson 10 soat oldin
A challenge video were you can’t say sister would be interesting I feel x
TheUnicornOne 23
TheUnicornOne 23 10 soat oldin
The Gucci belt
Mari 10 soat oldin
the rainbow oml 32:00 😍😍
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