My Natural Curly Hair Tutorial | How to with Angelique Cooper

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Well loves... here are all my #natural #curly #hair secrets!! I am sooo excited to be finally sharing this #turotial with you loves!!
Comment down below what other hair tutorials you would like me to do! :)
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22-Mar, 2018

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human sadness
human sadness 3 soat oldin
your hair is nice but it looks so stringy and frizzy???? i feel like ur using products/methods that are messing it up!!!! but still its clearly wavy-curlyish almost
Sofia Bellafiore
Sofia Bellafiore 6 soat oldin
You’re hair is so pretty!!
Rogie Beep
Rogie Beep 19 soat oldin
You don’t have curly hair at all
Амила Обрадовац
She literally said she has 'WAVY/curly' hair so all you butthurt people in the comment section thinking you fucking know it all shut the hell up and leave her be.
Cynthia Torres
Cynthia Torres 5 kun oldin
Curly 🤣 I wonder what she thinks wavy hair looks like??? If I had a dollar for every time she said curly hair, I'd be 💰💰
Jaycie Sanderson
Jaycie Sanderson 5 kun oldin
I suggest using gel after your mouse whilst your hair is still wet, it will define your curls mo
Derya Ufuk
Derya Ufuk 6 kun oldin
You are unbelievably beautiful wow
Meranda Jackson
Meranda Jackson 6 kun oldin
your so pretty!!!! love the video.
Nayara Cinotti
Nayara Cinotti 8 kun oldin
I fail to see how her hair is ‘curly’
Nayara Cinotti
Nayara Cinotti 8 kun oldin
Bru I’m deepin it it’s not even wavy it’s straight
Shawna Marie
Shawna Marie 10 kun oldin
How about y'all stop commenting negative shit about it's wavy not curly. JUST NOT HER AS SAID THIS BEFORE.. STILL GORGEOUS!
Bug10304 11 kun oldin
Jesus. People are haters. She’s beautiful, sweet, and just trying to help people with straight/ slightly curly hair get some texture, body, and more defined curls. Stop being dicks.
jsheksk pksksks
jsheksk pksksks 12 kun oldin
“..if you have straight hair..”. sisssss!!😭😭ur talking to urself?
Lali Vazquez
Lali Vazquez 13 kun oldin
this is definitely not curly i-
Alexia M
Alexia M 15 kun oldin
Everyone in the comments are triggered af lmao
Estefanía Flores
Estefanía Flores 16 kun oldin
girl you shouldn't put your hair in a towel, and use product full of alcohol, silicones, etc you are going to dry your hair out!
_Anna Robertson_
_Anna Robertson_ 16 kun oldin
I personally would consider this hair curly. Whatever you want to call it, It looks beautiful, she's beautiful!
Michelle Andrade
Michelle Andrade 16 kun oldin
I can’t believe all those loser throwing negative comments! You took the time to explain us what it works for you and it will be helpful for some girls, that’s something I appreciate and I’m thankful for.
Lucia Lopez
Lucia Lopez 17 kun oldin
I loveeeeeee your curly hair! You are so beautiful with such a wonderful personality!😂😁😘😍
Lyrics World
Lyrics World 20 kun oldin
Ummmm....That's a wavy hair girl 😕👋
Lyrics World
Lyrics World 20 kun oldin
Who likes their own comment because nobody likes it? 😂😢👋
Gemma Simmons
Gemma Simmons 21 kun oldin
Why so much hate people?
Ashlee Martin
Ashlee Martin 21 kun oldin
y’all fr need to quit saying “those aren’t even curls they’re waves” stfuuu curls waves whatever . We get it you have curly hair , you struggle , well guess what so do we wavy haired girls . I have around 2b-2c hair and I struggle with it every damn day , it’s frizzy it’s big it’s a mess so you “curly” headed girls need to stay in your lane cause y’all ain’t that much different than us 👋
Life With Soe-Soe XOXO
So correction bitch I do have my facts straight😁
Life With Soe-Soe XOXO
And I know you bitches struggle but not as much as girls with actual recognize Actual curly hair because you guys have waves not tight ass curly
Life With Soe-Soe XOXO
Did you have to get a brush custom made in puerto rico for your hair because all the brushes you easy going bitches use don't go threw your shit you know I really don't think so
Life With Soe-Soe XOXO
Bitch I am educated I'm in school and got straight A's first of all. Second of all yall bitches sure as hell don't struggle like we do and I wasn't assuming shit third of all because my sister has hair like this so I do her hair for her every day so your ass doesn't have to struggle with shit
Ashlee Martin
Ashlee Martin 14 kun oldin
Life With Soe-Soe XOXO nah bitch I struggle with brushing my hair , I struggle with using too much conditioner , my rubber bands break , all that shit. My hair needs moisture , and it tangles easily , when I brush it I rip a lot of hair out . You need to sit the fuck down cause you think you’re entitled to say you struggle way more . We both struggle period. You don’t know the shit we struggle with so don’t assume we don’t struggle at all. Get your facts straight and get educated honey .
scm 121
scm 121 21 kun oldin
I hate my hair. I have an in between of 1 and 2a. I did not even think that was possible. But I have it. And to top it all off, I have baby curls and a few long pieces that are only around the front of my face. And my baby hairs get curly when I sweat. I guess that's normal. But all I want is to have my moms hair, she has gorgeous curls. I dont know how to get that hair. I need help😔. ...... Like I would even die for your hair! Great video by the way❤
Madison Fox
Madison Fox 22 kun oldin
Her hair would be less frizzy if she didn’t use a towel to dry her hair and scrunched with a cotton T-shirt. I’ve learned that from my own experience
Breanna Phillips
Breanna Phillips 23 kun oldin
"natural curly hair" yikes lmao
Ally D
Ally D 27 kun oldin
People are just salty because she literally looks exactly like tori kelly
Nova Osiris
Nova Osiris 27 kun oldin
as a guy with naturally wavy curly hair I was never taught how to properly take care of mine so I would always just blow dry it straighten it and then blow-dry it some more and sometimes it would work and sometimes it didn't work. This tutorial helped me really well. Thanks for posting it!
xbatoolx 28 kun oldin
‘WAVY’ hair.
ndfjiol 29 kun oldin
first of all. your hair is slightly wavy. not naturally curly in the slightest. anyone could manipulate their hair with mousse to make it wavy and especially in your case if you have thin strands. second of all. your hair is not corse in the slightest !! you do not have that texture. and third of all, even if you did these products KILL your hair literally mousse and hairspray and the added head form the defuser literally KILLS CURLS AND WAVES. sis. everything about this is wrong.
Monique Alloo
Monique Alloo Oy oldin
You look beautiful, but that's not curly though☻.
Riki Karaus
Riki Karaus Oy oldin
Thank you so much for this! My hair is a lot like yours, and I have no idea how to do it! So I either do nothing and dont go out in public 😅 or I blow dry it straight and straighten or curl it. I am going to get a diffuser!
Elizabeth Ashby
I love this video ❤️☺️
Kelly Goff
Kelly Goff Oy oldin
You guys are literally so rude 😪 I think she did a great job. There’s plenty of other curly hair tutorials y’all can watch so no need for negativity...
Faith H.
Faith H. Oy oldin
everyone in this comment section is so annoying
Kirstine Eibye Elgaard Christiansen
Who decided what curly hair looks like? Waves or curls, her hair is beautiful. Her hair is obviously colour treated and that might have changed her pattern. Who knows what her “waves” or “curls” would look like if they were virgin :)
Taylor Rose
Taylor Rose Oy oldin
Sheila Dunn
Sheila Dunn Oy oldin
Can you do a wash and go with Abba moisture products?
Aloamazing 56
Aloamazing 56 Oy oldin
Waves are a type of “curl”. Even though they aren’t spirals, it still counts as a type of “curly” hair. Her hair is beautiful 💕
Liv M M
Liv M M Oy oldin
Savannah Skye
Savannah Skye Oy oldin
How do I get this clear of skin!!
emily ali
emily ali Oy oldin
I agree that your hair technically isn't curly but it is very beautiful and wavy, I would love hair like yours!!
Grete Oy oldin
Why are you attacking this girl, it’s her hair and she can call it curly because as you can see, there. are. curls. And if you’re cringing so hard bc of this then you obviously haven’t seen anything remotely cringe worthy
i d k
i d k 2 oy oldin
So what if she doesn't have curly hair She still gave amazing tips
Navi' Marie
Navi' Marie 2 oy oldin
She don't even ha be course hair her hair is not even big
Moustache Maniac VLOGS
Ioana Maria
Ioana Maria 2 oy oldin
OMG I love your hair it’s so curly
Black Barbie
Black Barbie 2 oy oldin
Naturally curly hair , lol uh you should see mine cuz this is easy work
Mister Babadook
Mister Babadook 2 oy oldin
Your hair might not be curly but it has a natural and very pretty beach waves look
Isabelle Jago-Barnes
How many times are u gonna say “naturally curly hair” like we get it
a j
a j 2 oy oldin
Your hairs beautiful but your hair is 2A pushing a 2B that's no curly sorry
Sarah Wise
Sarah Wise 2 oy oldin
These comments are disgusting leave this girl alone jesus christ.
Isha Hardaway
Isha Hardaway 2 oy oldin
She got awesome beach waves
CECE 2 oy oldin
there IS a difference between CURLS and WAVES. sis ur hair is wavy. your routine would work for someone with wavy hair, not curly hair. PLEASE know the difference and your hair type
Adele Winker
Adele Winker 2 oy oldin
That's looks INCREDIBLE!!!!
vanessa chavez
vanessa chavez 2 oy oldin
lmao curly?
Emily 3 oy oldin
Put oil in your hair last bc it seals e everything in
Danella Cullen
Danella Cullen 3 oy oldin
Damn! the amount of haters in the comments is kinda cringey!! It's like their saying, "I'm jealous, she's gorgeous... and... I'm jealous! but I can't be obvious that I'm hating on her cuz really, there's nothing to hate!! AH HAA! HER HAIR! ITS NOT CURLY ITS WAVY!!! YAAASSSS" Annnnd that's where their ignorance ensues! Also, if this hair tutorial isn't going to work for you... move it along sister! keep lookin'
Ava Jade
Ava Jade 3 oy oldin
sorry but your hair is barely wavy
Kathryn Ouimet
Kathryn Ouimet 3 oy oldin
She said it was for both curly AND wavy hair several times ...open your ears commentators. .....good job , Angelique
Miviana Moreno
Miviana Moreno 3 oy oldin
that is not curly hair:/
AllixElizabeth 3 oy oldin
Your hair is pretty.. but you just put a bunch of mousse in it and scrunched it. You aren’t “activating your naturally curly hair,” don’t make a tutorial for natural curls when you do not have them.
AllixElizabeth 3 oy oldin
*takes a shot of Clorox every time she said “naturally curly”*
J. O.
J. O. 3 oy oldin
you kinda look like Taylor Swift and Fergie 😍
Winter Rose
Winter Rose 3 oy oldin
Wavy...say it with me now WA-VY 😂😂🤦🏽‍♀️
Krenare K
Krenare K 3 oy oldin
You don’t have curly hair girl 🤦🏻‍♀️
Vorfreude 3 oy oldin
mmv sds
mmv sds 3 oy oldin
Her hair is wavy not curly
Inês Oliveira
Inês Oliveira 3 oy oldin
*Girls, in curly hair we have waves and curls*
HeyItsJasmin 3 oy oldin
It just looks greasy
HeyItsJasmin 3 oy oldin
Oh my god ur hair is NOT curly
MusicAngel 3 oy oldin
Mmm thats wavy not curly
newlex21 3 oy oldin
you know maybe her hair is curly but its probably way too damaged from bleaching, but in this video its not curly its barely even wavy.
Pamela Woodard
Pamela Woodard 3 oy oldin
Those curls aren't natural
Skeptical Idealist
So much hate about something that doesn’t even matter. So she has waves and called them curls... 😱 I’m so glad the world hasn’t ended. Your hair has a lot of gorgeous texture and volume and this is a good tutorial, especially for beginners.
Bella Soligo
Bella Soligo 3 oy oldin
Why is everyone so rude???? Curls/waves same fucking thing. Why do you all have to be so negative !!!!
BANGTAN BTS 3 oy oldin
Hun,that’s not curly it’s called W -A- V -Y
Madison Lewis
Madison Lewis 3 oy oldin
from one curly girl to the next, my biggest recommendation is a microfiber towel or a cotton t shirt it works wonders for the frizz, but anyways u look stunning
Horsegirl 101
Horsegirl 101 3 oy oldin
Do people not realize that wavy is a type of curl. Every video I see of a girl with wavy hair who calls their hair curly they get attacked for having wavy hair. Wavy hair is just loose curls unless she claims to have super curly hair I see no point in calling her or anyone else out (obviously the curlier your hair is the more difficult but I see no harm in her calling her hair curly)
Anna Bothen
Anna Bothen 3 oy oldin
I hated my curls for so many years and I didn't even know i had curly Hair (3A) but with videos like your one i learned to love my hair so much💕 thanks for helping people to see how wonderful their hair could be 😍 greetings from Germany
M 3 oy oldin
I love seeing people's unique hair styling routines. Glad you found something that works for you. Thanks for sharing!
Veronica Norene
Veronica Norene 3 oy oldin
“My hair looks like this naturally I literally just got out of the shower” girl yeah and then you used a ton of mouse and scrunched your hair and then diffused it....my straight hair would look wavy too if I did that
No Cap
No Cap 3 oy oldin
the shit not even curly its wavy #whitepeople hacks
Emily Fletcher
Emily Fletcher 4 oy oldin
She has 2a hair it's barely curls Mine is a 2c and its way more wavy than this
rina bear
rina bear 4 oy oldin
Ur hair is pretty but not curly but good vid!
Ayesha Barboza
Ayesha Barboza 4 oy oldin
You have gorgeous waves! Consider reading the curly girl handbook - your hair can look even better!!!
gothboiclique 4 oy oldin
Hun. That's not curly. Its wavy. It's not that hard to take care of ur hair. 🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️
Tuleen Tashkandi
Tuleen Tashkandi 4 oy oldin
She talked for like 3 minutes until she used the diffuser
shada damaris
shada damaris 4 oy oldin
Sorry but thats barely wavy ,not curly
Jordiee Karras
Jordiee Karras 4 oy oldin
I don’t see one curl?? I wish my hair looked like this and not actually like a huge lions curly mane. 🙄😒
layla 4 oy oldin
everyone in the comments is like "its wavy not curly" but like... *i barely even see a wave*
Maria 4 oy oldin
*curly hair looks so bad on meee but if I try to straighten it, it'll be frizzy after like a 5 minutes*
tiarah stewart
tiarah stewart 4 oy oldin
curls....where.....you mean wavy
lovejim77 4 oy oldin
I have ringlet curls and I would never, ever brush my hair dry. You are damaging your hair by do that. If you hair is as dry as you said it is then you need a in-conditioner or use a hair mask as one. I would suggest Fredrick Fakki's Shea Butter mask for your hair. Mousse and oil also dry out your hair. I would use Deva Curl products.
Xxxtentacion 4 oy oldin
Curly........ where 😂
Nataliah Negron
Nataliah Negron 4 oy oldin
I can't stand when people who have curly hair like to categorize you why does it matter lol love your hair ❤❤❤
Giulia Sottile
Giulia Sottile 4 oy oldin
Curly? No.
Bbg Xxx
Bbg Xxx 4 oy oldin
‘My NaTuRalLy CuRlY hAiR’😭😂
Shaynaa desiree
Shaynaa desiree 4 oy oldin
I didn't get it when she waited 45 mins to air dry but used a diffuser after....
Emiliana Sarna
Emiliana Sarna 4 oy oldin
I have the same hair! Thanks for ideas
Harshi Gandla
Harshi Gandla 4 oy oldin
Your hair is not curly, it is simply wavy. Waves tend to have an “s” shape while curls tend to have a “c” shape or coil like structure.