My Natural Curly Hair Tutorial | How to with Angelique Cooper

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Well loves... here are all my #natural #curly #hair secrets!! I am sooo excited to be finally sharing this #turotial with you loves!!
Comment down below what other hair tutorials you would like me to do! :)
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22-Mar, 2018

angelique cooperangeliquecooperblogbloggerHair TutorialMy Natural Curly Hair Tutorial | How to with Angelique CooperNatural Curly Hair Tutoriahow to do naturally curly hairhow tobeautyhair



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Emma 12 soat oldin
I have 2c/3a hair and its short and I don’t know what to do with it cause it’s always looks bad
Sara Jones
Sara Jones 22 soat oldin
Eli Jenkins
Eli Jenkins 23 soat oldin
How often do you wash your hair?
Rebecca Kirk
Rebecca Kirk Kun oldin
Your hair is beautiful!! Great tutorial I’m gonna def pick me up a diffuser try this!
Emily Siegfried
Emily Siegfried Kun oldin
My hair is super naturally straight never ever not straight
Life with DX
Life with DX Kun oldin
It's all good, i just cringed at the towel tho😭
Liv Westover
Liv Westover Kun oldin
You literally have straight hair I’m confused
Michelle Hagler
Michelle Hagler 5 kun oldin
I like the video and I like how you explain everything. I love your hair too and the color! Keep up the great content! #newsubscriber Side note: I love using the diffuser. I also use a t-shirt as so many recommended below and it helps a lot. I use my husband's shirts, lol. I love the volume in your hair. I am going to try my diffuser at the roots like you did to see if I can get more volume like that.
Iammyeesha 7 kun oldin
Every girl with wavy hair puts curly like sis 💀
Laura Baughman
Laura Baughman 9 kun oldin
You bitches with curly hair really need to stop being so butthurt. Immature AF
Jessica Witherspoon
I don’t care that she calls her hair curly, if it’s more waves than curls. Who cares. There are so many different types of curls, whatever. What I’m concerned with is her styling products and techniques. They’re all together pretty awful for hair with any sort of wave or curl. Those products are full of harsh ingredients that only dry out and further damage the hair. You can tell when she’s finished, it’s crunchy and straw like. Not a great look, sorry. If you want to have nicer waves look into the curly girl method and figure out what products you should actually be using. Because these aren’t working.
PaintFreak 33
PaintFreak 33 9 kun oldin
I love your curly hair, Im so glad you are a memeber of the curl club. It is suuper pretty and you are doing a superb job so don't listen to waht people say about your hair. You do you.
Ella Marie
Ella Marie 11 kun oldin
Enid O
Enid O 12 kun oldin
great tutorial, great channel, thanks!!!
camille holtz
camille holtz 17 kun oldin
Beautiful hair but its not curly its wavy
Bay Mcgowan
Bay Mcgowan 18 kun oldin
Honey, your hair is only kinda wavy because of all the products which is basically glue
Melshary Love-Arias
Melshary Love-Arias 19 kun oldin
Not a curl in sight.
Kristen Mosdale
Kristen Mosdale 19 kun oldin
She does have curly hair she is just literally doing everything wrong :/ youre hair could be really curly If you change your routine. Check out the curly girl method. It'll change your hair!!
B3Y0NC3 20 kun oldin
Girrrrl. You're either using too much product or somethin because your hair looks stringy. Not how I would want my hair to look. Yes, your hair has texture but not enough for the way you're styling it.
Miss Kay
Miss Kay 21 kun oldin
I used to straighten my hair too but only because people made fun of it.
Maeve00Bella 22 kun oldin
Your hair looks beautiful!!
Smileholicfox 22 kun oldin
In finnish language curl is like the only word we use and not waves. Curly is curly when there's texture :3 It's all about the frizz!
Life is beautiful
Life is beautiful 23 kun oldin
Natural Curely hair !!! xD .. Like Dora says : Where are the curls , I can't see them 😂
WeirdoWith A Life
WeirdoWith A Life 23 kun oldin
*scrolling through the comments seeing how many people dont realize wavy counts as curly and that each person has their own way of taking care of their hair*
jordyn nepper
jordyn nepper 24 kun oldin
My hair used to look like this until I finally figured out how badly I was damaging my hair for years with box dye and heat. 4 years later I have tight ringlets.
Victoria Joy
Victoria Joy 24 kun oldin
This is literally the worst comment section.....
Vani Marie
Vani Marie 25 kun oldin
Stop coming at her , that is a type of curl, not because is not the curliest doesn’t mean is not
Mel 25 kun oldin
I think this is beautiful! Haters gonna hate
Mirella Camdzic
Mirella Camdzic 25 kun oldin
omg you‘re so beautiful and your hair looks amazing!! ❤️😻😻💖
golden star girl
golden star girl 26 kun oldin
I bet she’s one of those people who complains to her friends how much of a struggle her “curly” hair to her friends sorry it’s not curly I have natural hair😂😂😂😂
annej 26 kun oldin
The curls at the roots of your hair look nice and soft, but the ends are really stringy and crispy looking. I think you're using too much product and the wrong products
Lizzy 26 kun oldin
Why did you use the word "natural" in the title?
Madeline Woodhall
Madeline Woodhall 27 kun oldin
Love your hair!
nour n
nour n 27 kun oldin
I have the same back story
Leah M. Boizz
Leah M. Boizz 28 kun oldin
A few days ago I was sitting on my bed after the shower and i just started “scrunching” the front few pieces of my hair and realized it was actually rlly curly and then I tried the “curly girl method” and it worked!!
Linda Wilson
Linda Wilson 29 kun oldin
Thank you so much💞
How do you know I’m not big ?
She has waves and yes, that IS a type of curl. I mean - it isn’t straight. 💀💀💀
How do you know I’m not big ?
Can these bitches just accept that waves ARE a type of curl, get your panties out of a bunch. Lmao.
willow benton
willow benton Oy oldin
Mckenna Stabler
I’m normally not one to put rude comments on vids but she said “naturally” TWENTY SIX TIMES!! And I’m sorry but when she said “this is the method I came up with” that is almost IDENTICAL to every single “curly method” ever!
Mak Vancleave
Mak Vancleave Oy oldin
Sis...... wavy is a type of curl so stop actin like y’all know sumn bout sumn. Educate y’all’s selves before you go to typing all angrily lol
SapphireFox13 Oy oldin
Idk I see people with naturally straight hair put gel in their hair and scrunch it and it looks like this.i dont think she should get hate for calling it curly rhough
Im pretty sure I could do this with my straight hair and get the same results lol
sydney r
sydney r Oy oldin
honestly it’s just hair... calm the f down because no one cares
Tamera Everett
Love your CURLY hair.. why are these catty women drawing ANY kind of distinction, I’ll never know.. reminds me of African Americans dissing each other as less-than for their lighter or darker skin tones.. STOP THE HATE.. Jesus, use that energy to spread kindness, you oblivious, petty people (and if I read one more comment about her changing the title so that it doesn’t confuse “REAL” curly-haired girls to spend 10 minutes on a video… Give me a break you spend way more time than that thinking of shitty things to say to people!)
Jacky Star
Jacky Star Oy oldin
A regular towel causes more frizz than a cotton t shirt or a microfiber towel. Also waves are technically a type of curl just very very loose.
Maddie Oy oldin
I hate my hair, it’s not straight or wavy, kind of both? It’s so annoying idk what to do 🤦‍♀️
hollyxdear Oy oldin
There’s just so much bad advice in this video. Check out India baston if you want some real advice from someone who takes care of their hair properly.
keilah Oy oldin
your hair is beautiful
Bree Stange
Bree Stange Oy oldin
When you have curlier hair, but less curly hair product 😂
Sarah Kerns
Sarah Kerns Oy oldin
If you scrunch your hair it wouldn’t be curly. There’s nothing natural about this no matter how many times you say it lmao.
Danica S
Danica S Oy oldin
I swear to God, people in the curly hair community are some of the most hateful and judgemental people out there. I'm disgusted. Live and let live y'all
These people who are saying her hair is not curly you are a dumb ASS wavy hair is a type of curl it JUST LOOSER!!! DAM HOW MANY PEOPLE HAVE TO EXPLAIN TO YOU RETARDS😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑
Cat Central
Cat Central Oy oldin
g e t s j e a l o u s
Kenadee Oy oldin
Y’all needa chill out wavy hair is a curl pattern😂she could have said her hair is wavy since it is but, she’s not wrong she does have a type or “curl” pattern
Danielle Olson
Y'all need to chill. In the thumbnail you couldn't see curls so don't even freaking click it. Sooooo leave don't comment
x_blck_x Oy oldin
Thank you gurrll love your videos♥️ yes it was helpful, rlly appreciate that
Simply Daisy
Simply Daisy Oy oldin
The comment that made me laugh the most was someone saying that she isn’t a “true curly head girl”🤦🏻‍♀️Tell me how she isn’t a curly head? I’m waiting. Just because her curls aren’t as tight, it doesn’t mean she doesn’t have curls. Hers are just looser. Let this girl love her beautiful hair🙄
Simply Daisy
Simply Daisy Oy oldin
So many people are bashing her just because she said her hair was curly. She literally says in the video that she has “wavy curly hair”. This shows that she’s aware her hair isn’t VERY curly, but knows that wavy IS in fact a type of curl. Let her love her wavy curls
Brianna Nemi
Brianna Nemi Oy oldin
“Naturally curly” Puts in a shit ton of products
GSEN Admin
GSEN Admin Oy oldin
People click on these videos because you stated curly.... News flash, you don’t have have curly hair.
Ieva Idonga
Ieva Idonga Oy oldin
You have such potential for beautiful waves, but until you learn how to care for your hair properly I wouldn't recommend that you make any more tutorials for curlies, as someone might actually watch this and think that this is as good as it gets :(
Janeah Lim
Janeah Lim Oy oldin
Girls with curly hair know that using a regular towel actually damages your hair
Mia Oy oldin
since ur hair gets really “dry” hairspray drys out ur hair even more.
Frances Keller
LOVE LOVE LOVE YOUR WAVES❤️❤️ You’re beautiful!
Mailee Oy oldin
you are gorgeous, and I love your waves : )
Amy Herndon
Amy Herndon Oy oldin
U should start using a microfiber towel or a tshirt for ur hair. The towel kills ur hair babe. Thanks for.the video !!!!
Belle Re
Belle Re Oy oldin
You don’t really have curls there’s a little bit of beach wave but not really
Abbie Rodrigues
That is no where near curly hun
Ash ._.
Ash ._. 2 oy oldin
Ok She doesn’t have curly hair but people with waves technically have curly hair No one says anything to someone with 4a hair and says you have kinky not curly hair So just her be She has wavy hair and it is close enough Worry about the people saying their straight hair is wavy not wavy to curly
Calis Fox
Calis Fox 2 oy oldin
not hating on her, but “naturally curly hair” is having curly hair without all of these products, and without all the scrunching and diffusing. if you get out of the shower and don’t do anything to it, and your hair is straight, that means it’s naturally straight. not curly.
Stephanie Walton
Stephanie Walton 2 oy oldin
I doubt that you are reading comments anymore because of all the hate. But, if you are... my hair is wavy too (2A) You would really benefit from the curly girl method! No more sulphates, silicone, or heat styling. Curly Girl handbook, check it out! 💞
Ashley Grey
Ashley Grey 2 oy oldin
Jesus Christ, I'm starting to see why I can't find information on how to style my 2a/2b hair *anywhere*. Any time I see anyone with a hair texture similar to mine, the entire comment section is *dripping with hate* or literally closed. S waves/z waves are difficult, people. They cannot be dried 'straight' without poof, frizz, and damage from constant dryness and dehydration. They cannot be coaxed into polished, bouncy ringlets no matter how hard you try. Too little product and you get a mountain of frizz plus gritty, stiff ends and over-stretched 'waves' that just look unkempt. Too much product and you get greasy-looking flat roots or gel-coated ramen noodles depending on the product. To make matters worse, the difference between too much and too little product can be as much as a dime size. Let people live. Let us figure out our fucking hair and share tips with each other like you do. If you don't like her terminology, click off the video. And why did you even click on it in the first place, honestly? You could see her hair texture in the thumbnail.
LazyCurls 2 oy oldin
Ashley Grey I would argue that she doesn’t even have 2a naturally. I think she has just straight hair, but that’s neither here nor there. A lot of girls I know with type 2 waves use leave in conditioners, followed by creams, and sometimes gels to give more definition. If your hair still needs more moisture you could use a butter instead of a cream. Real life+curly girl is a really good 2a-b youtuber and India Batson and Penny Tovar (formerly CurlyPenny) are both good too-more 2c waves. Honestly though, your best bet is probably to find out your hair’s porosity. That might be why a lot of the normal wavy tips don’t work for you. You might have high porosity hair which needs heavier products to keep moisture in the hair. I know you didn’t ask, but I hope this helps :) Edit: oh I also like Curly Susie, although she is more 3a like me, she has high porosity hair.
Ashley Grey
Ashley Grey 2 oy oldin
+HaileyDee No, most or all 'light' products that 'don't weight the hair down' don't give adequate/necessary hydration, definition, volume or frizz management. To give my hair even the slightest fighting chance of looking 'decent,' I need 4-5 different products in varying amounts in various different areas of my hair, and it takes 20 mins to an hour of prep work and rearranging to even let my hair air dry properly. We might not know the 'struggle' of curly hair, but you have no idea what to do with our hair type(s) - mine is much wavier/bendier/tighter than hers unless i'm bleached or damaged - either, and there is nothing easy about managing waves.
HaileyDee 2 oy oldin
Her hair isn’t curly. period. It only looks slightly “wavy” because of the way she styled it. People with 2a/b hair should use light products so the hair doesn’t weigh down. She talking like she knows that struggle of having actual curls. Her hair was forced with all the scrunching. the products she’s using are only drying her hair out and making it worse and she dried her hair with a Cotten towel so either way most of her tips should not be taken into consideration
human sadness
human sadness 2 oy oldin
your hair is nice but it looks so stringy and frizzy???? i feel like ur using products/methods that are messing it up!!!! but still its clearly wavy-curlyish almost
Sofia Bellafiore
Sofia Bellafiore 2 oy oldin
You’re hair is so pretty!!
Rogie Beep
Rogie Beep 2 oy oldin
You don’t have curly hair at all
Амила Обрадовац
She literally said she has 'WAVY/curly' hair so all you butthurt people in the comment section thinking you fucking know it all shut the hell up and leave her be.
Cynthia Torres
Cynthia Torres 2 oy oldin
Curly 🤣 I wonder what she thinks wavy hair looks like??? If I had a dollar for every time she said curly hair, I'd be 💰💰
Jaycie Sanderson
Jaycie Sanderson 2 oy oldin
I suggest using gel after your mouse whilst your hair is still wet, it will define your curls mo
Derya Ufuk
Derya Ufuk 2 oy oldin
You are unbelievably beautiful wow
Meranda Jackson
Meranda Jackson 2 oy oldin
your so pretty!!!! love the video.
Nayara Cinotti
Nayara Cinotti 2 oy oldin
I fail to see how her hair is ‘curly’
Nayara Cinotti
Nayara Cinotti 2 oy oldin
Bru I’m deepin it it’s not even wavy it’s straight
Shawna Marie
Shawna Marie 2 oy oldin
How about y'all stop commenting negative shit about it's wavy not curly. JUST NOT HER AS SAID THIS BEFORE.. STILL GORGEOUS!
Bug10304 2 oy oldin
Jesus. People are haters. She’s beautiful, sweet, and just trying to help people with straight/ slightly curly hair get some texture, body, and more defined curls. Stop being dicks.
jsheksk pksksks
jsheksk pksksks 2 oy oldin
“..if you have straight hair..”. sisssss!!😭😭ur talking to urself?
Lali Vazquez
Lali Vazquez 2 oy oldin
this is definitely not curly i-
Alexia Mizell
Alexia Mizell 2 oy oldin
Everyone in the comments are triggered af lmao
Michelle Hagler
Michelle Hagler 5 kun oldin
Right? 😂
Estefanía Flores
girl you shouldn't put your hair in a towel, and use product full of alcohol, silicones, etc you are going to dry your hair out!
_Anna Robertson_
_Anna Robertson_ 2 oy oldin
I personally would consider this hair curly. Whatever you want to call it, It looks beautiful, she's beautiful!
Michelle Andrade
Michelle Andrade 2 oy oldin
I can’t believe all those loser throwing negative comments! You took the time to explain us what it works for you and it will be helpful for some girls, that’s something I appreciate and I’m thankful for.
Lucia Lopez
Lucia Lopez 2 oy oldin
I loveeeeeee your curly hair! You are so beautiful with such a wonderful personality!😂😁😘😍
Lyrics World
Lyrics World 2 oy oldin
Ummmm....That's a wavy hair girl 😕👋
Lyrics World
Lyrics World 2 oy oldin
Who likes their own comment because nobody likes it? 😂😢👋
Gemma Simmons
Gemma Simmons 2 oy oldin
Why so much hate people?
lauren smith
lauren smith 2 oy oldin
y’all fr need to quit saying “those aren’t even curls they’re waves” stfuuu curls waves whatever . We get it you have curly hair , you struggle , well guess what so do we wavy haired girls . I have around 2b-2c hair and I struggle with it every damn day , it’s frizzy it’s big it’s a mess so you “curly” headed girls need to stay in your lane cause y’all ain’t that much different than us 👋
CJ Oy oldin
Michaela No last it can be depending on the texture.
Michaela No last
Life With Soe-Soe XOXO why are you so tight like seriously. Curly hair isn’t as difficult as you make it seem
LazyCurls 2 oy oldin
Ashlee Martin I’m sorry you have so much trouble taking care of your hair, it can’t be easy. Believe me I know. I hope it gets easier :) oh and also, India Batson and CurlyPenny are some really good 2c youtubers to watch, if you’re interested. I’ve learned a lot from them, even though I’m more 3a
_Soelys_ Life_
_Soelys_ Life_ 2 oy oldin
So correction bitch I do have my facts straight😁
_Soelys_ Life_
_Soelys_ Life_ 2 oy oldin
And I know you bitches struggle but not as much as girls with actual recognize Actual curly hair because you guys have waves not tight ass curly
scm 121
scm 121 2 oy oldin
I hate my hair. I have an in between of 1 and 2a. I did not even think that was possible. But I have it. And to top it all off, I have baby curls and a few long pieces that are only around the front of my face. And my baby hairs get curly when I sweat. I guess that's normal. But all I want is to have my moms hair, she has gorgeous curls. I dont know how to get that hair. I need help😔. ...... Like I would even die for your hair! Great video by the way❤
Madison Fox
Madison Fox 2 oy oldin
Her hair would be less frizzy if she didn’t use a towel to dry her hair and scrunched with a cotton T-shirt. I’ve learned that from my own experience
Breanna Phillips
Breanna Phillips 2 oy oldin
"natural curly hair" yikes lmao
Alyssa -
Alyssa - 3 oy oldin
People are just salty because she literally looks exactly like tori kelly
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