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After buying so many products that didn't work for my hair I've finally found good products for my natural hair routine! I highly recommend these products if you have hair anything close to mine!
Shea Moisture Coconut & Hibiscus Curl & Shine Shampoo & Conditioner
AMAZON LINK ($20.99) -- www.amazon.com/dp/B0713PYLJS/ref=cm_sw_r_sms_c_api_8tBuBbEN83W6S
Shea Moisture Coconut & Hibiscus Curl Enhancing Smoothie
Shea Moisture Raw Shea Butter Deep Treatment Masque
Ogx Argan Oil of Morrocco
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20-Iyl, 2018

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Nallely Saenz
Nallely Saenz 2 soat oldin
does this leave your hair feeling hard? We have like the same exact hair and I tried using cantu custard and my hair was super hard, and you could tell that I put product in my hair.
money bag lelli
money bag lelli Kun oldin
she’s like ... really pretty
Skyler High
Skyler High 2 kun oldin
How did you get your hair cut?
Lanie 2 kun oldin
YOU ARE THE ONLY PERSON WHO HAS MY TYPE OF HAIR!!!! It´s definitely curly, I have ringlets, but anything I look up online is ringlet-curly, and my hair is not that curly. TYSM!
Bri Skinner
Bri Skinner 2 kun oldin
My hair usually looks similar to your hair in the beginning of the tutorial when I brush it out, so I’m kind of wondering if I could give this routine a shot and see what happens. I usually like to let it air dry and then not brush it and it gives it some more defined wave but it’s still not that curly, so who knows, maybe I’ve had curly hair all along and have been going about my routine the wrong way🤷🏻‍♀️
Leslie Lei
Leslie Lei 3 kun oldin
um you are so pretty and your hair looks so nourished. i need to try some of those products!!
Mochalocious ツ
Mochalocious ツ 3 kun oldin
Omg some of y’all talking bout “ppl be acting like thick hair is 4c hair” like gurl there are literally no comments saying that so just enjoy the video and move on with ur day 🙄
Megan M
Megan M 4 kun oldin
I have that exact same hair, except it’s to my hips. The back of my head has tighter wavy curls and the front has wavy straight, I want to stop wearing ponytails everyday, how should I style or fix my curl pattern to kind of match the back of my head without damaging it?
Erin Peachie
Erin Peachie 4 kun oldin
we have literally the same exact hair! 🤪❤️
Mijita Chula
Mijita Chula 4 kun oldin
I just want to warn anyone really: be careful with ogx cause most of their products don’t have some harmful ingredients but they do have alcohol and in the case of this oil I remember it having silicones in it, that after a while affect on hair capacity to absorb moisture and dries it, that happens over time, not like after a week. Although there are hair types that do well with silicones or even with sulfates and alcohol tbh I wouldn’t take the chance. Other than that I think this is a very round, well constructed hair routine, no reason to not try the rest of the products 🙂💗
Maya Gang
Maya Gang 5 kun oldin
your gorgeous
R S 5 kun oldin
your natural hair looks better than a curling iron could accomplish and you're soooo pretty 😍
Karla Yocelin
Karla Yocelin 6 kun oldin
You have the cutest hair ever! 🤩😍
gary diciasare
gary diciasare 7 kun oldin
have you had your hair washed at a salon before?
Kelsey Davis
Kelsey Davis 7 kun oldin
Omg your hair is just like mine but yours is like so much prettier I’m buying literally everything you used LMAO
makayla middleton
makayla middleton 9 kun oldin
Does anyone know where her necklaces are from?!
Andrea Meeker
Andrea Meeker 9 kun oldin
I HATE the Shea moisturizer curl enhancing stuff. Hate it. Doesn’t work on my hair/curls, just makes it suuuuper oily looking and actually just flattens my hair!:/
Frances Keller
Frances Keller 9 kun oldin
Gorgeous!!!! ❤️💕💕💕
Asha 9 kun oldin
But.. but you’re scrunching the waves in. So.. is it really wavy or are you creating waves? I would like to see what your hair looks like without the scrunching method.
Karina 10 kun oldin
wow! im so glad i found your channel! this routine is super helpful as i have been trying to find products for my own hair. im very excited to try this as it is super easy and quick! do you do any simple hairstyles you do with your natural hair? and if you do can you make a video on it? thank you, keep making videos you’re doing great!
Amber Nacy
Amber Nacy 11 kun oldin
Omg the color and cut is so pretty ima have to get that done 😍
Lorin A
Lorin A 12 kun oldin
I love my curly hair and I was looking for something that I could use to care for it better I am definitely going to try this out to see if my hair improves! Thank you! Love your hair by the way💕
Erhan Heffernan
Erhan Heffernan 13 kun oldin
Anyone know the song at 1:10 pls? I know it's 'aliyaah - rock the boat' but which mix?
Maya Mason
Maya Mason 15 kun oldin
i have struggled so much to find someone w my hair type and length bc i never know how to style it or what to do with it!
Jarleny Aracena
Jarleny Aracena 16 kun oldin
you have to apply any product with soaking wet hair not after u dry your hair. you get better results and less frizz
tae kook
tae kook 19 kun oldin
her skin is glowin 😻
Bryana Jordyn
Bryana Jordyn 14 kun oldin
Thank you 💘
Crystal Lopez
Crystal Lopez 20 kun oldin
Absolutely beautiful!! ❤️ definitely will try the recommended products, thank you!! 😊
Bryana Jordyn
Bryana Jordyn 14 kun oldin
Thank you! Hope they work out for you 😻
Doge Alucard
Doge Alucard 21 kun oldin
Aaaa yay I'm so glad I found your videooo I have the same hair type and same length too so this was suuuper helpful 💖💖
Bryana Jordyn
Bryana Jordyn 14 kun oldin
Yay I’m so glad! 😻
ים ליפשיץ
ים ליפשיץ 22 kun oldin
Your hair is perfect!!!! I have curly hair and I love it but omg your wavesss I wish I could have them somedays😅😍💖
Jocelyn C
Jocelyn C 22 kun oldin
Hmm I need to start wearing my natural hair more. I straighten it almost everyday :// but my natural hair is so thick and wavy and frizzy. I’m gonna try this out
Bryana Jordyn
Bryana Jordyn 14 kun oldin
That’s how mine was I would straighten & it wouldn’t really stay straight :( so I just decided to start embracing my natural hair, just be patient! My hair still has a long way to go too 🤦🏽‍♀️
esther cabeza
esther cabeza 22 kun oldin
You shirt is really cute were did you get it
Bryana Jordyn
Bryana Jordyn 13 kun oldin
Thank YOU for your support 💘 Thank you babe I'm so glad you enjoy it! 😻+esther cabeza
esther cabeza
esther cabeza 13 kun oldin
Thank you for replying 😘 love your channel
Bryana Jordyn
Bryana Jordyn 14 kun oldin
Thank you! It’s either from Pink or VS, don’t remember which one 🤔
Adri Chavez
Adri Chavez 22 kun oldin
Literally my routine too! I’ve trying to find a video that had my same hair type too
Teuila Petaia
Teuila Petaia 23 kun oldin
Ok this is so funny to me. I have similar hair type and I use all the same exact products and for the most part have the same hair routine except I use a microfiber towel and use a diffuser and I do the same thing flipping my hair back and forth while it’s drying because of the volume thing 😂 It’s like I’m watching myself do my hair lol
Julie Kristine
Julie Kristine 24 kun oldin
i’m so happy i found this video... we almost have the same hair except my hair is VERY VERY VERY thick... IM SO HAPPY I FOUND THIS! Thank you for making this video💕 btw your hair looks AMAZING😻😻
Hawkstar 25 kun oldin
Ugh your hair is so pretty! I think I’ll try that curl smoothie from Shea moisture!
Bryana Jordyn
Bryana Jordyn 14 kun oldin
Thank you! Yes it’s so good I love it, some ppl say that it weighs down their hair but for me it’s fine 💓
Angelica Gajewski
Angelica Gajewski 26 kun oldin
Ugh after I got a HUGE haircut I lost so much of my wave idk what to do now😩
Zoe McAnespie
Zoe McAnespie 28 kun oldin
Can you please list the songs you have used in this video - love the tunes and the hair!
Naomi honey
Naomi honey 28 kun oldin
Wow we have like the same exact hair it’s creepy
I try
I try Oy oldin
This is not natural hair
Karis Mya
Karis Mya Oy oldin
I wish my hair was as thick as yours
r._a04 ᎡᎤᏌᎵᎩ 04
You look like luna from the 100
Khadine Chamorro
*OMG I have the same length of hair as you and also the same wavy style..*
Vanessa M
Vanessa M Oy oldin
you make me wanna cut my hair
Tatianna M
Tatianna M Oy oldin
Hey what is you're hair color?💞⚡️
Bryana Jordyn
Bryana Jordyn 14 kun oldin
I would say it’s like a honey blonde 🤔 I just show my hairstylist what I wanted & she worked her magic lol
Layla Luft
Layla Luft Oy oldin
That looks so prettyyy
Bryana Jordyn
Bryana Jordyn 14 kun oldin
Thank you 💓
Ha Hi
Ha Hi Oy oldin
is your hair cut straight?
Bryana Jordyn
Bryana Jordyn 14 kun oldin
Yes I cut it straight a while ago(:
June Wolf
June Wolf Oy oldin
People say I’m gross for taking a shower like 2-3 times a week and I’m just like bitch shut up you and your fucking straight hair
lizeto91 Oy oldin
Can i ask , do you know your hair porosity type?
Bryana Jordyn
Bryana Jordyn 14 kun oldin
I don’t :( I didn’t even know what hair porosity was until a couple of weeks ago lol 🤦🏽‍♀️
Rocky Road
Rocky Road Oy oldin
Her hairs so beautiful! I wish
peachystudies Oy oldin
how are you so beautiful?
Bryana Jordyn
Bryana Jordyn 14 kun oldin
Awww thank you babe, you are beautiful too don’t let anyone make you feel or think you are anything less! 💘