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After buying so many products that didn't work for my hair I've finally found good products for my natural hair routine! I highly recommend these products if you have hair anything close to mine!
Shea Moisture Coconut & Hibiscus Curl & Shine Shampoo & Conditioner
AMAZON LINK ($20.99) -- www.amazon.com/dp/B0713PYLJS/ref=cm_sw_r_sms_c_api_8tBuBbEN83W6S
Shea Moisture Coconut & Hibiscus Curl Enhancing Smoothie
Shea Moisture Raw Shea Butter Deep Treatment Masque
Ogx Argan Oil of Morrocco
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Snapchat : briivas
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20-Iyl, 2018



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izzy andreis
izzy andreis 9 soat oldin
finally someone with the same hair as me
lasya jonnalagedda
lasya jonnalagedda 10 soat oldin
Filipa Silva
Filipa Silva 2 kun oldin
Jordan Raszkowski
Jordan Raszkowski 3 kun oldin
So I watched this a 9:30 begged my mom if we can go to Kroger to get and she finally said yes I had a gift card which ended up having noting on it so we left to get money and came back but I didn’t have enough for the smoothie thingy so hopefully it still works 😣
Vanny Rose
Vanny Rose 3 kun oldin
I saved to buy the smoothie thing for like 2 weeks😂
Danni Stembridge
Danni Stembridge 4 kun oldin
Thanks so much for this video and the product recommendations! I had resigned myself to thinking I could never let my hair dry naturally without it being a big frizzy mess but I tried your routine today and my hair is super-voluminous with really defined curls. I am so happy!
Alex thegr8t
Alex thegr8t 5 kun oldin
Where did you get that top also? It’s awesome and great hair
Old account
Old account 5 kun oldin
Your hair is exactly like mine! I had curly ringlets as a little girl and when I came to the states my hair straightened out but when moisture hit my baby hairs would always curl! And when I don’t brush it I have waves.
wlw cats
wlw cats 5 kun oldin
wow we have the same hair! it's even the same length as yours is in this video, I love this I'm glad this was recommended to me☺️
It’s Ruth
It’s Ruth 6 kun oldin
I have the same exact type of hair you have, and I recently cut it and can't figure out how to make it curl like it used to... This helps so much!!! thanks!
Maria D'cruz
Maria D'cruz 9 kun oldin
So so so happy I found this video
Faby Fabi
Faby Fabi 10 kun oldin
Can u apply moss and still have your beautiful results. I have 2b hair and I've been struggling with my hair as no one in my family was the same hair type as me. I have never straighten it but it frizzes up when dryed. I have the Shea Moisture Smoothie Curl Enchancer and I've been scared to use a lot as I thought it would weigh down my hair but after seeing your video I'll try to put as much as I think is appropriate. THANK YOU!
Jackie Hernandez
Jackie Hernandez 10 kun oldin
Omgg I love seeing girls with hair like mine rock it💛 I want to cut mine now lol
Mahal Nascimento
Mahal Nascimento 11 kun oldin
very helpful since i feel like the texture of my hair is similar to yours !!
Marina Re’e
Marina Re’e 12 kun oldin
FINALLYYYY I FOUND HAIR LIKE MINE!!! I’m 16 and I always thought my hair was just weird for being more curly in some places and wavy in the rest thank you so much❤️🙏🏼
yello lemonfield
yello lemonfield 12 kun oldin
I have natural waves but I use a lot of heat on my hair so it always looks straight :(
Unknown 14 kun oldin
your hair looks AHHH-MAZIIINGGGGG!
Bryana Jordyn
Bryana Jordyn 11 kun oldin
Thank you!
Heaven Galvan
Heaven Galvan 16 kun oldin
omg i finally found someone with the same hair type as me,, thank youuuu
Bryana Jordyn
Bryana Jordyn 16 kun oldin
Heaven Galvan this makes me so happy 💕 hopefully these tips helped!
reagan L.
reagan L. 18 kun oldin
FINALLY someone with my hair length and hair type
Nikki BonBon
Nikki BonBon 18 kun oldin
I really like how in depth you went explaining. i do get scared to grab to much product. I will face my fears! Thanks! 😊
Bryana Jordyn
Bryana Jordyn 11 kun oldin
Yes it’s all trial & error & getting to know your hair & what it likes & doesn’t like but I hope this helped 💕💕
molly axford
molly axford 18 kun oldin
my hair is awful. it's really nice and wavy/curly when it dries, but the next day, its dead straight and flicks up at the bottom, and it's frizzy. it tangles so easily and when i brush it, it just goes static
Bryana Jordyn
Bryana Jordyn 11 kun oldin
Try to deep condition once or twice a week, it makes the biggest difference! 💕
Jessa Lynn
Jessa Lynn 21 kun oldin
I have the same hair type as yours and have been wanting to try SheaMoisture shampoos (I already use some of their other products) so think I'll definitely try it now!! Ive been using Love Beauty & Planet in the tan/brown bottle and the green bottle thats specifically for curls. Its awesome too!!
Xidiga 21 kun oldin
"Natural hair"...sorry. when was it ever unnatural aka chemcially destroyed and broken to assimilate to another races hair to which there were consequences if not done? Don't use african diapora movements to profit ff some views. Such racist enabling is beyond me. Another white person exploiting african attention for pay. As usual...and the white enablers eat it up. Sickening...😷
edb 23 kun oldin
I know this is very late..... but OMG ur skin is literally glowing it’s beautiful 💛
Bryana Jordyn
Bryana Jordyn 23 kun oldin
edb Thank you! 💘💘
Sofia L
Sofia L 23 kun oldin
What does the Shea moisture duel enhancing smoothie thing do to your hair? I have wavy hair and I use the shampoo and conditioner but not that thing what does it do??
Bryana Jordyn
Bryana Jordyn 23 kun oldin
Sofia L it defines my hair & also adds moisture back into because my hair is dry, I really like it, but people have said that it can be too heavy on their hair and weight it down 😕
Jackie Barrera
Jackie Barrera 23 kun oldin
My hair is much more like yours too! I love yours!! Makes me want to cut it!
Bryana Jordyn
Bryana Jordyn 11 kun oldin
Thank you! 💕💕
Dena Jae Taucher
Dena Jae Taucher 28 kun oldin
I use the SAME products for my curly hair extensions and it’s amazing how good the are holding up!
Renee Carranza
Renee Carranza 28 kun oldin
Que bonito tienes el pelo y gracias porque es dificel para dejar mi pelo cuando se seca!
KYS 28 kun oldin
I thought I was the only one with this hair type😭❣️ we have the same length of hair too ❤️
fernanda Pena
fernanda Pena 29 kun oldin
I love your earrings! Where did u get them from?
April Winkler
April Winkler Oy oldin
I’ve been using gels and I’m starting to hate them. Totally going to try this since I’m already using their other stuff.
Bryana Jordyn
Bryana Jordyn 28 kun oldin
April Winkler I feel like gels are so drying :( let me know how it works for you, I hope you love it!
awkward catfish
I'm not trying to be creepy buuut you look really sexy with wet hair and your drop dead gorgeous have a nice day
Nataliughh Sanchez
We almost have the same hair but I have super tight curls towards the front of my hair . Also, the front is more curly than the back just like you.
Zunaira Shams
Zunaira Shams Oy oldin
girl your hair is GORG!!
Elena Oy oldin
What is this song??
Krithi rachel varghese
Dont leave the mask longer than what it the company directs . After the good products are absorbed , the remaining products can actually damage your hair .
Sophia Hurtado
Demi Leigh
Demi Leigh Oy oldin
heyy, so i have short hair but i dont use many products to make it wavy or anything because mine is naturally super straight, would it work if i used shampoo and conditioner on damp hair and scrunched it, leaving it overnight??
Demi Leigh
Demi Leigh Oy oldin
+Bryana Jordyn thanks for your advice, ive tried it anyways because if anything it will be wavy in the morning. ill wake up earlier in the morning to see how it is, ill definitely straighten it if all else fails! x update: its been on for three hours and my hairs going flat, your like a future predicter person!x
Bryana Jordyn
Bryana Jordyn Oy oldin
Hi 💓 I’m not sure if that would work, if anything I think it would weigh your hair down and make it more straight 😕
Reyna B
Reyna B Oy oldin
You're hair looks beautiful! Thanks for the video.
Bryana Jordyn
Bryana Jordyn Oy oldin
Thank you! Thank YOU for watching 💓
Mandi M
Mandi M Oy oldin
Where’d you get that pink Lacey top ?!?? So cute omg
Bryana Jordyn
Bryana Jordyn Oy oldin
It’s from VS or Pink don’t remember but one of those lol
Fenne van Ruremonde
you are soooo freaking pretty!!
Bryana Jordyn
Bryana Jordyn Oy oldin
Bryana Jordyn
Bryana Jordyn Oy oldin
Thank you
Johana Ingles
Johana Ingles Oy oldin
Omg this helped so much thank uuuuu! And now Ik to use a shirt not my towel my hair is looking much better
stephanie juarez
Is your hair naturally curly or straight??
Alondra Martinez
I tried this routine and at first it was great but when I woke up the next day my waves/ curls and whole scalp looked greasy and oily. I still had waves but they looked soaked in oil. Maybe using the smoothie didn’t help for me lol
Hattie Taylor
Hattie Taylor Oy oldin
You are gorgeous 😍 Your hair is great. Your skin is great. I’m even envious of your boobs. ♥️
Rhea Ahuja
Rhea Ahuja Oy oldin
You are so pretty, SO IS YOUR HAIR💕❤️💗💖
Bryana Jordyn
Bryana Jordyn Oy oldin
Thank you babe 💓💓
Talisa Dean
Talisa Dean Oy oldin
lucia mancho
lucia mancho Oy oldin
this helped sm bc no one has my hair but out hair is literally the same mines gen as short as urs too haha 💝💝
Picchini Oy oldin
DAMN, this is golden! Thank you, chica!
Lucy Kellam
Lucy Kellam Oy oldin
omg I finally found someone with the same hair texture (and length) as me!! This video was super helpful, thank you so much!!!
Scie Copeland
Scie Copeland Oy oldin
Completely irrelevant but I literally screamed when I heard 6lack on your intro. I love that man
Bryana Jordyn
Bryana Jordyn Oy oldin
This makes me so happy lmao
Anna Christine
So pretty
Bryana Jordyn
Bryana Jordyn Oy oldin
Thank you 💘
karen Oy oldin
wow you really rock that short wavy hair. It has ton of volume omgggg i love it
Mei M.
Mei M. Oy oldin
Wow, I am so happy right now that I have found your video. My hair is basically exactly like yours just in a slightly different color. Same thickness, waviness and length and I was always wondering how I could make the best out of my curls. Always felt like my hair type isn’t really covered in the curly world. Thank you so much! 😊
Bald headed Baddies
Why don’t people understand there’s different types of curly hair .. there is such thing as 2c 2b 2a look it up putas I have 2c hair and btw your hair looks nice
Bryana Jordyn
Bryana Jordyn Oy oldin
Thank uuuuuu lol
xhottestpink Oy oldin
Im latina and have THICCCC coarse wavy hair enough on my head for 3 people, which i straighten alot because of the crazy volume and the shampoos that make it frizzy!! i want to start caring for it w the right shampoo! This video was soo helpful thank you 🙏🙏🙏
Time For Joy
Time For Joy Oy oldin
Silly Q but you don’t rinse out the shampoo first? You go in with conditioner directly on top of your shampoo? That blew my mind! 🤯
Charlotte Jones
Ur hair is amazing 🤩
Selin Longo
Selin Longo Oy oldin
Damn Finally i found somebody with the exact same hair
Sailor Turtle
Sailor Turtle Oy oldin
Thanks so so much for this video. I'm 26 years old but have never been inti hair, clothes, or makeup. The majority of the time I have my hair up in a bun for work. But here lately I've been wanting to try something with my hair but didnt know where to start! I hate blow drying to because I feel like my hair gets totally dry. I hope my hair comes out looking pretty likes yours!
Raven Laflaura
Your so pretty😍❤️
Raquel Flores
Raquel Flores Oy oldin
Beautiful hair! Love the video!
Jocelyn Montes
Jocelyn Montes 2 oy oldin
you are so beaut and i love you’re hair 😍
Bryana Jordyn
Bryana Jordyn Oy oldin
Thank You 💘
kenz !
kenz ! 2 oy oldin
you’re so pretty! thanks for the tips :)
Bryana Jordyn
Bryana Jordyn Oy oldin
Thank you! 💓 I hope they were helpful ☺️
Kat Kelley
Kat Kelley 2 oy oldin
Wow you’re so pretty
Kay 2 oy oldin
What do you do to refresh your waves/curls on nonwash days?
Bryana Jordyn
Bryana Jordyn Oy oldin
I haven’t mastered this yet :( I usually just use water & a little bit of the styling product again to make sure it still has definition & isn’t so frizzy
Juanita Perez
Juanita Perez 2 oy oldin
@bryanaJordyn hi! What color is your hair in this video? Thank you
Kaila Innes
Kaila Innes 2 oy oldin
i have the exacttt same hair type as you. i had hella curly hair when i was little but over time it started straightening out (which is probably bc i stopped treating it like wavy/curly hair). for yearrsss i thought i had straight hair but i was always confused because my hair didn’t dry nice and silky like straight hairs supposed to. instead my hair dries super frizzy and dry and i always thought it was bc i wasn’t using the right shampoo/conditioner. but anytime i scrunch my hair and put products in it it’ll stay wavy with some spirals.
Ana Karina
Ana Karina 10 kun oldin
Omg same im so jealous of my 5 year old curls. As a tween my hair was dead ass straight. Now it’s thick as hell (its always been really) but now it’s frizzy and super big and looks different every morning lmao.
Alexandra 2 oy oldin
Love your curls and your haircolor 🥰
Zoeluvr 2 oy oldin
Sorry but you have the best boobs. Over and out✌️
Etta 2 oy oldin
Your hair is stunning and very similar to mine. I really love this hair cut and im considering getting it like this.
Fight2thedeath 12
Damn she fine 🤩
Spotty Dott
Spotty Dott 2 oy oldin
I have very thick wavy hair, but I never knew my hair was wavy until last year (I'm 16) and so growing up I brushed it EVERYDAY! So now my curls are pretty much dead and one of the hair moisturizers I use dry the living hell out of my hair so it's super frizzy, I'm trying to save my curls even a little bit.
Keri McCall
Keri McCall 2 oy oldin
Okay if all I have to do is to follow this routine to tame my wavy hair then I will be very happy
Lynn Lynn
Lynn Lynn 2 oy oldin
I like that your hair is not like insanely long! 😍
Anna Margarita
Anna Margarita 2 oy oldin
How long does it take to dry ur hair?
Sofia Ognibene
Sofia Ognibene 2 oy oldin
What colour is her hair?
Brooklyn's Baby
Brooklyn's Baby 2 oy oldin
I wish I did that when my hair used to curl instead of walking around looking like a frizz ball lol
Juli T
Juli T 2 oy oldin
My hair is similar to yours both in length and type but mine is a bit curlier and more defined, BUT THIS WAS LITERALLY SO HELPFUL OMFG LIKE TY SIS I NEEDED THIS ❤❤
Adrianss ss
Adrianss ss 2 oy oldin
Ok I'm a guy but I have wavy hair and it's pretty short, any tips?
Rachel Timbersnakeland
if you don’t use those products and just let it air dry does it get rly frizzy? because i want to try these but idk if it’s just my hair being rly frizzy or my products
Mariposa_ 05
Mariposa_ 05 2 oy oldin
Most of these videos of the girls washing hair in shower seem like they are more interested in trying to be sexy than actually showing us the products lol. You really need to wear that top in a hair tutorial?
Christie Osborne
Christie Osborne 2 oy oldin
This is my exact hair type! So glad I found this video! Your hair is gorgeous!
Fiona O'Keefe
Fiona O'Keefe 2 oy oldin
it looks straight to me....I don’t see any curl in the hair, she’s using products for curly hair but as she’s washing it all I see it how straight it is from the roots of her hair! Ok now she’s pushing her hair up with a towel to try to make a wave in it! Alright you know a lot of women say ooh I got curly hair but when I look at how straight their hair is from the roots of their hair, I’m like🤨I mean look at the top of her hair, that’s straight she keeps scrunching it and when your hair is naturally curly it comes from the root down! See and those waves is what she did by crimping it and applying that curly product it didn’t dry wavy see....ok now I’m seeing the finished product which looks nice but it’s not curly I like the waves but I wonder if those waves will hold or will it be back straight again!?! No I don’t scrunch my hair with a towel, I see a lot of women doing that but when I step out of the shower the wool on my head is already dry😂I swear it soaks up water oil and all other product I throw on it😂if Bryana the girl in the video if she had my hair she would still be screaming😱 😂😂😂😂the only way I can make my hair like hers is to chemically straighten it and avoid water at all costs😂😂😂
CatchYouLaterr 2 oy oldin
When I brush my hair my curls disappear, if I don't brush my hair it feels tangles and knotty 😕
MyaBadButt 11 kun oldin
when you’re in the show comb it with a wide tooth comb or finger detangled it
Olivia W
Olivia W 13 kun oldin
CatchYouLaterr I have hair very similar to this and this is what i do : brush before shower and when it’s wet make sure there are no tangles. keep scrunching then before i go to bed i put it in a semi loose bun. this keeps it from tangling over night and it adds more life/ curls to my hair when i wake up
CatchYouLaterr 15 kun oldin
+Jamless Mochi I do try not to brush it, but when it gets lots of tangles, I give in and yes, my hair then gets frizzy. I'll try to stick to finger detangling, thanks!
CatchYouLaterr 15 kun oldin
+Yara Abi farraj yeah but the next day the curls look terrible, what do you do with your hair when you sleep?
Yara Abi farraj
Yara Abi farraj 16 kun oldin
Comb it and then scrunch it up and it will dry curly. Thats what i do and it works
lovin_ari 2 oy oldin
I'm so glad I found your video, I have the same hair texture!! Brushing your curly hair while dry can cause breakage. Before I found out I had wavy hair I would always brush my hair while it was dry and cause me to have breakage. I recommend brushing your hair with a comb while it's wet super gentle to prevent breakage. But your hair is gorgeous!!!
lucia mancho
lucia mancho 2 oy oldin
the products she used can u get them from walmart and target?
maritza lopez
maritza lopez 2 oy oldin
Omg i have hair envy😍
Lisa Scott
Lisa Scott 2 oy oldin
I have really thick hair wavy hair and for most of my life I have either been straightening it or wearing it up because I have no idea how to style it. The top of my hair is 2a but the bottom tends to be more wavy and is more 2b. I have no clue what products to use because everything I’ve tried weighs it down
Lexi Liana
Lexi Liana 2 oy oldin
Thick hair doesn’t equate to 3c or 4c hair, I agree. But ummmmmm this ain’t it sis. Your hair is beautiful though.
Lexi Liana
Lexi Liana Oy oldin
Claudia ? I know thickness differs with each person. It’s just many people I know wouldn’t call her hair thick
Lexi Liana
Lexi Liana Oy oldin
Claudia ? Sorry, didn’t mean to dislike the comment. In my personal opinion, thick hair is well, thicker than hers. But that’s my opinion so if you don’t agree that’s totally fine.
Claudia ?
Claudia ? Oy oldin
Lexi Liana whats wrong? why isnt "this it"?
Kristen Lionheart
thank you for the full walkthrough. I have been struggling with my hair for years, and i am nearly to the point of shaving it off completely because I hate my frizzy hair so much. but I will def. try these products and your techniques of scrunching the smoothie into my hair. I tried the SM hair stuff (not sure which it was, but the bottles were pink). They smelled amazing, but weren't enough to tame the frizz. I'm going to pick these up the next time I'm in Target. Thank you!!
Jaynason Gomez
Jaynason Gomez 2 oy oldin
I have a really weird hair type it is super curly on the bottom of my head but straight on the top and super frizzy
Sarah Zawadzka
Sarah Zawadzka 2 oy oldin
we have the exact hair length and hair texture and i use the enhancing smoothie but i'll definitely check out other products in the line:)
crystalheartXD 2 oy oldin
It seems to curl a lot at your roots because it's undyed, mine does the same
Haley Thompson
Haley Thompson 2 oy oldin
I have weak wavy hair that looks straight but it definitely isn’t. It’s so limp and lifeless but it’s still wavy. My mom has super curly hair and if I do these types of things for my hair it will help.
Nallely Saenz
Nallely Saenz 2 oy oldin
does this leave your hair feeling hard? We have like the same exact hair and I tried using cantu custard and my hair was super hard, and you could tell that I put product in my hair.
Lello 2 oy oldin
she’s like ... really pretty
Skyler High
Skyler High 3 oy oldin
How did you get your hair cut?
Lanie 3 oy oldin
YOU ARE THE ONLY PERSON WHO HAS MY TYPE OF HAIR!!!! It´s definitely curly, I have ringlets, but anything I look up online is ringlet-curly, and my hair is not that curly. TYSM!
Bri Skinner
Bri Skinner 3 oy oldin
My hair usually looks similar to your hair in the beginning of the tutorial when I brush it out, so I’m kind of wondering if I could give this routine a shot and see what happens. I usually like to let it air dry and then not brush it and it gives it some more defined wave but it’s still not that curly, so who knows, maybe I’ve had curly hair all along and have been going about my routine the wrong way🤷🏻‍♀️
Leslie Lei
Leslie Lei 3 oy oldin
um you are so pretty and your hair looks so nourished. i need to try some of those products!!
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