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After buying so many products that didn't work for my hair I've finally found good products for my natural hair routine! I highly recommend these products if you have hair anything close to mine!
Shea Moisture Coconut & Hibiscus Curl & Shine Shampoo & Conditioner
AMAZON LINK ($20.99) -- www.amazon.com/dp/B0713PYLJS/ref=cm_sw_r_sms_c_api_8tBuBbEN83W6S
Shea Moisture Coconut & Hibiscus Curl Enhancing Smoothie
Shea Moisture Raw Shea Butter Deep Treatment Masque
Ogx Argan Oil of Morrocco
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20-Iyl, 2018

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Nina P
Nina P 22 soat oldin
Don't brush it
ËTHWÌR fèlèmbån
You're look so beautiful ❤️ i love that hair routine and i will try it asap , I'm 2b but sometimes 2c
Prrfect :3
Prrfect :3 Kun oldin
Oml she’s so pretty and the finished style was like ugh
Bryana Jordyn
Bryana Jordyn 21 soat oldin
Thank you babe! 💜
ashley grace
ashley grace 2 kun oldin
i literally have all of these, but still look like trash
Lyra Morina
Lyra Morina 2 kun oldin
is it normal for having oily scalp and wavy hair since everyone who has wavy/curly has dry hair but I have a real problem with finding the products
Grete 2 kun oldin
Fuck this volume is goals omggg😍
Bryana Jordyn
Bryana Jordyn 21 soat oldin
Thank You 😻
Adriana Lavoie
Adriana Lavoie 3 kun oldin
I have the same waves but my hair is thin😕😕
Sophia 4 kun oldin
I have a girl crush on you, heh
Gabiru Biruta
Gabiru Biruta 4 kun oldin
Amei a dica,obrigada!!
Gigi Marie
Gigi Marie 5 kun oldin
Love natural products!! Great vid and routine !! You rock ! Going to buy this stuff ! Getting it at marshalls for less dough 💴 your hair is so pretty !! I have the same hair as you but it’s so long !! 💋
Bryana Jordyn
Bryana Jordyn 21 soat oldin
Yes me too! Thank you so much, ooo I didn't think about that lol but yes honey save that $$, it must be so pretty, I'm trying to let my hair grow out 💓
BunnyPlayzX 5 kun oldin
Gurl you described my exact hair type, and I've been looking for something like this for years thank you do much!
Bryana Jordyn
Bryana Jordyn 21 soat oldin
You're welcome! I hope they work out for you! 💓
j k
j k 6 kun oldin
I've been using the curl enhancing smoothie but it leaves my hair looking wet even when its fully dry and it feels like theres a casting around it??? am i using too much or something ?? i usually wrap my hair up in a t shirt after i wash it and begin washing my face and i usually take my hair down and begin to brush it and then apply it..
j k
j k 5 kun oldin
+Meg thank you so much!!
Meg 5 kun oldin
j k try applying your products when you’re still in the shower or just get out, then plop with a t shirt. This might help my hair gets all sticky and weird when I don’t use it when it’s soaking wet.
spooky scary skeletons
My hair is thick and poofy, when I wash it it’s curly and dries then *poof* the bottom of my hair is straight and the rest is curly, any tips?
bee. ☁︎
bee. ☁︎ 8 kun oldin
if anyone wants a diffuser im givin one away
Dyler_ Gang
Dyler_ Gang 8 kun oldin
Ur hair thooo looovvve ittt 💘🔥
JennRyder 9 kun oldin
Mine is kinky curly and super frizzy! Will these products work for me??
Bryana Jordyn
Bryana Jordyn 21 soat oldin
They might! Everyone's hair reacts to products different though so its all just trial & error 😕
Sky Sin
Sky Sin 10 kun oldin
I like your hair
Bryana Jordyn
Bryana Jordyn 21 soat oldin
Thank You! 💓
Destiny Edwards
Destiny Edwards 10 kun oldin
Thank you!
KawaiiMunster 11 kun oldin
Your hair is absolutely beautiful- i had a big cut and cut it basically to your length and at the time I hated my curly hair, so i'd straighten it alllll the time. I never knew how much potential I had for my hair before then, I'm so glad I found a good community of people being able to learn from. I just have a couple questions, 1. how do you sleep with your hair? a braid always ruins my curl pattern and a clip always gives me frizz 2.would you recommend deva curl products? I'm thinking of getting them but since you've got a similar hair texture to mine, I'd like your opinion. thanks !
Bryana Jordyn
Bryana Jordyn 21 soat oldin
Thank you! yes I love watching videos & learning new things (: Unfortunately when I sleep with my hair natural I wake up with my hair super frizzy so I'll have to wet it again with a water spritzer then re-style it :( I've been wanting to try the deva curl products out as well, I say go for it they look like they do work!
Galen 13 kun oldin
i am going to try this out and i hope it helps my hair thanks for the video❤️❤️❤️
Bryana Jordyn
Bryana Jordyn 21 soat oldin
Yay! let me know how it works out 😻
Sarah Millicent Atienza
Finally found something! We have the same hair although mine is longer.
Bryana Jordyn
Bryana Jordyn 21 soat oldin
Glad you were able to relate! 💜
Monica Sok
Monica Sok 16 kun oldin
Dude you definitely just curled it after it dried...
Ruthanne Fields
Ruthanne Fields 19 kun oldin
Now I have to go buy shea moisture products
Michelle 19 kun oldin
Brushing your hair dry does way more damage then wet... 😂😂😂😂😂 you stare at the camera way to much..a bit awkward...
Kuku Boo
Kuku Boo 20 kun oldin
this might be the weirdest comment ever, but i’ve never liked big boobs until i saw yours, lmao. they look amazing and so does that shirt, where’d ya get it? you could be an underwear model.
Alejandra Francesca
Alejandra Francesca 20 kun oldin
Giselle Esparza
Giselle Esparza 20 kun oldin
Where did you get your bralette from?! Very cute!
Bryana Jordyn
Bryana Jordyn 21 soat oldin
Its from Victoria Secret or Pink, I don't remember which one exactly 🤔
j b
j b 23 kun oldin
Looove the hair and the length 😍
Bryana Jordyn
Bryana Jordyn 21 soat oldin
Thank You! 💜
Misty Halverson
Misty Halverson 25 kun oldin
How wet is your hair when you add in the smoothie and scrunch?
Bryana Jordyn
Bryana Jordyn 21 soat oldin
Its usually soaking wet I feel like the products work better that way (:
Bao Randria
Bao Randria 27 kun oldin
You don’t use gel to hold the curls? It looks really good!!
Bryana Jordyn
Bryana Jordyn 21 soat oldin
I use the curl smoothie & that acts as a gel for me, I just don't like for my hair to feel hard, thank you ☺️
poljiu 29 kun oldin
So stupid how people act like anything less than super coiled hair is straight,they're wrong. there's a system thats why its 2a,2b,2c there's levels to waviness and curliness. i have wavy hair and if i dont give it moisture,gel, it is frizzy and dry like hay and has ugly undefined wave. it doesnt air dry silky like straight hair. rant over lol you have beautiful wavy curly hair
Bryana Jordyn
Bryana Jordyn 21 soat oldin
Thank you for your nice comment 💘
ingabellawhite 29 kun oldin
What are you doing with your hair at night? 🙈 I have the exact same hair type like you and I need to know, because my hair is always really truncated and fluffy after night, because I need to brush it in the morning. How you brush your hair in the morning? :) Excuse my broken school English. 🙈
Bryana Jordyn
Bryana Jordyn 21 soat oldin
I usually just sleep on it and wake up with it super frizzy and tangled, I haven't found anything yet that keeps my hair looking good over night :( I will re-wet my hair in the morning with water and then style it again & don't be sorry you're fine! 💓
shivani bharadwaz
shivani bharadwaz 29 kun oldin
girlll whered u get the tiny hoops on ur left year i been looking for ones jus like that!
Bryana Jordyn
Bryana Jordyn 21 soat oldin
They're from Claire's they're actually nose rings & I just bent them so they'd fit more snug 😜
Jay Briscoe
Jay Briscoe Oy oldin
Is your hair naturally curly like that and the curling products just help make the curls better? Or do the products and the styling actually make it curl like that? Sorry, might sound like a stupid question lol.
Monica Madrigal Beckford
You have a hair pattern similar to mine. Curly in some places and really lose waves in others. I have been thinking of using shea moisture but I was afraid those products were to heavy fo my hair. I think I would give them a try. Anyway your hair is beautiful :)
Bryana Jordyn
Bryana Jordyn 21 soat oldin
Yes give them a try! they're super moisturizing! Thank You 💜
faisa abdirahman
Watch me use curl products on my wavy hair
Jane Houck
Jane Houck Oy oldin
Your hair came out beautiful.
Bryana Jordyn
Bryana Jordyn Oy oldin
Thank you!
Kalli Bell
Kalli Bell Oy oldin
What type is your hair because I think we have the same hair type! I never have been able to figure out what mine is
allie a
allie a Oy oldin
i use the same products, what’s your tips for washing at night? like when it’s wet at night and you sleep and want to to look like yours in the morning, we have such similar hair that’s why i’m asking cause it’s so difficult.
Keren Espina
Keren Espina Oy oldin
How do you prep your hair before going to bed?
lindsey eme
lindsey eme Oy oldin
omg girl what songs did you use for this video ??!
Sarah Jamieson
How do you maintain these while sleeping? Great video your hair is beautiful ❤️
Bryana Jordyn
Bryana Jordyn 21 soat oldin
I haven't found anything to maintain my hair while I sleep I just re-wet my hair in the morning & re-apply my styling products 😕 Thank you! 💝
L Mak
L Mak Oy oldin
Abby Paz
Abby Paz Oy oldin
I have frizzy wavy hair it's very dry and frizzy its thick do you think this well help??
Roxana Barberiz
If my mom walked in on me recording me washing my hair for a tutorial she’d beat tf outta me for running up the water bill
Cyanthia Ali
Cyanthia Ali 22 kun oldin
Ahahaha, same😂
Bryana Jordyn
Bryana Jordyn Oy oldin
Lmao dead af 😂 I needed to wash it either way tho 🤷‍♀️
Alexandria corral
You should do more hair routine videos😍
megan Oy oldin
What’s the song when you’re washing and conditioning your hair!!!
Nissrine Oy oldin
megan I want to know too
MMONLY Oy oldin
lol i have just a tad bit longer black hair but exact the same type, i just cut it like 4 days ago and i gotta wash it, your tutorial is really helpful 💘❤️🙏🏼
Chop Chop
Chop Chop Oy oldin
tysm! I have similar hair- it's not curly but it's super thick and wavy. It can become way too poofy but i'm trying things and your hair is looking great.
Princess. a
Princess. a Oy oldin
What app did you use to edit this ❤️
dollzze e
dollzze e Oy oldin
Her hair is wavy and a bit curly it's beautiful!
Loudya M
Loudya M Oy oldin
For me I can't put a lot of the hair smoothie cause my hair is very thin so if I add so much it's gonna make my hair greasy and oily so a little bit goes a long way and it works better with my hair type!!
Wendy Lili
Wendy Lili Oy oldin
Omg finally FINALLY someone with same hair as me. I'm 25yrs old and my hair went from stick straight hair to this wavy curl. I'm slowly learning to style it and be comfortable in it and I use the same masque and will be getting the smoothie one. Thanks❤❤
GuardGurlNini Oy oldin
My hair was super straight as a kid too! And recently started to get waves.... except for this one chunk in the bottom, back of my head that refuses to get any texture and stays straight no matter what I do. It drives me insane lol!
jo hana
jo hana Oy oldin
I heard the curl inhancing smoothie makes ur hair oily is that true ????? Am not sure if I should buy it
Angel Price
Angel Price Oy oldin
How do you not know that combing or brushinf your hair dry causes damage, and you dont have curls baby, i have curls. You have simple ass waves, bitches wanna have curls so bad 😭💀
Thelivingnoodle 512
I don’t get it my hair after scrunching it it doesn’t stay scrunched please help me
Katrina Lackhouse
This music lol
Kelly Anderson
Kelly Anderson 2 oy oldin
My hair use to be natural curly but over the years my hair has changed now it's just wavy with a little curl underneath. . I think it has to do with getting older but idk. I don't care about the curls anyways they are a pain in the ass to take care of, it's the friz that bothers me nothing helps and i have tried everything! I just wish my hair was smoother but without being straight, it drives me crazy..
Annie Petersen
Annie Petersen 2 oy oldin
Omg she has the exact same type of hair I have dry,curly,thick !
We fly high
We fly high 2 oy oldin
This is how my hair is but less curly since I’m getting my curls back after straightening my hair so much
cindy 2 oy oldin
Where did u get that pink bralette from? It’s cute
Iio Paraschiv
Iio Paraschiv 2 oy oldin
Pupici dulce iubito
Iio Paraschiv
Iio Paraschiv 2 oy oldin
Drăguță.samponata la băută ești dulce cu șuvițe ude limpezită bine la par
Meriaya santiago
Meriaya santiago 2 oy oldin
Who else is worried about her clothes and jewelry
قناة منوعات m
Love your armpits
Stephany Oneill
Stephany Oneill 2 oy oldin
Literally I have the same hair type as you thanks for the video!!!
Sara Pearce
Sara Pearce 2 oy oldin
my waves are exactly like yours, maybe slightly more wavy, but some pieces come out straight and it always looks weird and idk how to fix it
Shauneice Rainey
Shauneice Rainey 2 oy oldin
That’s not curly🤦🏽‍♀️
samantha• Oy oldin
Shauneice Rainey it’s barely even a wave
Leonesse Williams
You have a natural beach wave texture, it’s really pretty
Soraya Vlaar
Soraya Vlaar 2 oy oldin
Omg I LOVE your hair!!
Vanessa Cruz
Vanessa Cruz 2 oy oldin
Omg I love your hair
Yedidah Vergara Olivo
I have a non-related question... what's your ethnicity? I feel like I have some of your features, but my skin is lighter and my hair not that wavy, and I really don't know what my ethnicity is (I mean, I'm a mixture between white, black, jew and some others) but I don't really look like either.
Liberty Kelly
Liberty Kelly 2 oy oldin
Your hair is gorgeous xx
Sofia Koutra
Sofia Koutra 2 oy oldin
She looks a bit like Nairobi doesn't she?
Savannah Vera
Savannah Vera 2 oy oldin
This is great but not my hair type 🙄
Ultravioletx1 2 oy oldin
Pretty wave
V D.O.
V D.O. 2 oy oldin
That hair color 😍
Judith Romero
Judith Romero 2 oy oldin
I brought a couple of their products and was very unhappy with it. I’m half Mexican, half Puerto Rican with more of a rican coarse textured hair that is very frizzy and can’t stay put. I also work in a warehouse so that doesn’t help my hair as the air is very dry and dusty. But this line of products makes my hair feel gross and makes my hair more frizzy if anything.
booyah happiness
Have you considered having a final wash before using this products??
tashnim akter
tashnim akter 2 oy oldin
Rhianna 00
Rhianna 00 2 oy oldin
Wow! My hair is similar,my hair is I would say 2C? Used to be 3A😕but want to try you’re technique❤️.
Ivanna Soto
Ivanna Soto 2 oy oldin
Looooooove it!
nancy 2 oy oldin
how do you sleep in order to maintain the curls shapes? i tried different techniques but my hair is like shoulder length and none work! when i wake up my hair is partially straight & flat.
Gwen Tamaccio
Gwen Tamaccio Oy oldin
Erin Dranttel how do you do it so that it’s not uncomfortable to sleep in? The clips I have are so big and hard so it would hurt
Erin Dranttel
Erin Dranttel 2 oy oldin
Try medusa clipping! You basically just section your hair and clip it up towards the top of your head so you can maintain your curls when you sleep, I've been doing it for the past week or so and it has really helped keep the volume as well
Bryana Jordyn
Bryana Jordyn 2 oy oldin
Nothing ever works for me to maintain them I just wet my hair w/ a water spritzer in the morning & put more of the shea moisture smoothie in my hair
Jad Zan
Jad Zan 2 oy oldin
your hair is beautiful💕
Bryana Jordyn
Bryana Jordyn 2 oy oldin
Thank you 💘
Crystal Larios
Crystal Larios 2 oy oldin
I recently found out my hair is wavy curly like yours and this worked perfectly for me thank you!!!
Tiny .Cloud
Tiny .Cloud 8 kun oldin
+Ayla Taylor i litteraly found it out today that I have curly/wavy hair. and now my hair makes sense. Google curly girl method and try it out the next time you wash your hair. Good luck!
Ayla Taylor
Ayla Taylor 13 kun oldin
Crystal Larios hey just wondering do you mean you didn’t know your hair was curly like hers? I’m just wondering because Ive been thinking as well if mine was like that because it shows signs I just didn’t know what product to use or what to do to embrace it. My hair is so thick and heavy it’s had to tell if it could actually be curly but I will be trying this routine to try to figure out if I have it!!
itsNarda duuhh
mine too!
Bryana Jordyn
Bryana Jordyn 2 oy oldin
So glad it worked 😻
Bryana Jordyn
Bryana Jordyn 2 oy oldin
Glad to hear it helped 💘
Madison McCormick
What was her first intro song?!
Nissrine Oy oldin
Madison McCormick 6lack ft t-pain one way
Mariel P
Mariel P 2 oy oldin
How is your hair cut?
Bryana Jordyn
Bryana Jordyn 2 oy oldin
I have some layers but not too many
Helsey Rivera
Helsey Rivera 2 oy oldin
So pretty 😍 Thanks for your tips!!
Bryana Jordyn
Bryana Jordyn 2 oy oldin
Thank you hope they help 💓
Lucia Lopez
Lucia Lopez 3 oy oldin
Bryana Jordyn
Bryana Jordyn 2 oy oldin
Thank you 💘
Emotionally Unstable Mushroom
When I dry my hair with a shirt the whole thing is soaked lmao
Kelly Anderson
Kelly Anderson 2 oy oldin
I can tell no difference with using a shirt my hair still frizzy and crazy looking. .
Bryana Jordyn
Bryana Jordyn 2 oy oldin
Bianca Santos
Bianca Santos 3 oy oldin
Que linda!
Bryana Jordyn
Bryana Jordyn 2 oy oldin
Muchas gracias 😻
Táris Maria
Táris Maria 3 oy oldin
love it!!! you are so pretty and your hair looks awesome!!!
Bryana Jordyn
Bryana Jordyn 2 oy oldin
Thank you so much babe 💘
takeyomeds 3 oy oldin
youre thick mami :*
nancy 3 oy oldin
Does the hair smoothie leave your hair crunchy?? I can’t find any products that don’t leave my hair hard i hate it!
Bryana Jordyn
Bryana Jordyn 2 oy oldin
No! Not at all that’s why I love it 😻
Bresus Christ
Bresus Christ 3 oy oldin
This really makes me want to cut my hair😩
Bryana Jordyn
Bryana Jordyn 2 oy oldin
Do it if you really want to it’s fun 💁🏽‍♀️
LittleMachine89 3 oy oldin
God I wish I had ur hair!!!!!!
Bryana Jordyn
Bryana Jordyn 2 oy oldin
Awww thank you babe 💓
Hail Queen Rosé
Hail Queen Rosé 3 oy oldin
Do u only do that process while taking a shower or do you repeat those steps every morning? The biggest problem for me is to keep my hair voluminous since I tend to move a lot in my sleep.
Bryana Jordyn
Bryana Jordyn 2 oy oldin
I move a lot in my sleep too lol, so in the morning when I get up w/ second day Hair I’ll just wet my hair w/ a water spritzer & put more of the hair smoothie in it & scrunch it again
Maria Pardo
Maria Pardo 3 oy oldin
Omg I have the same haircut and hair type but my hair is black. Anyway your the first person that have the same hair ❤️ loved your video
Bryana Jordyn
Bryana Jordyn 2 oy oldin
I’m glad you could relate 💓
Ash 3 oy oldin
Ppl be acting like thick hair equates to 4c hair. Her hair is thick and wavy-curly because some of her hair is curlier than others and you can definitely see that. Smh y’all really be reaching
babygirllina Oy oldin
+Giacomo Carnevale her hair ain't thick stop
Ash Oy oldin
Tae J yuh but a lot of people are dragging her because her hair isn’t “curvy wavy” which it is
Giacomo Carnevale
+Tae J excuse me that's not. How hair works, her hair can be thick and still not have volume,
Kelly Anderson
Kelly Anderson 2 oy oldin
You can have poker straight hair and it be super thick i have way more hair than her and it's not super curly use to be when i was younger but now it's more like her hair type except i have much more of it. Not all curly hair is thick either some people just asume it is i guess..
Kelly Anderson
Kelly Anderson 2 oy oldin
+Tae J I think it's medium thick and it does have volume it's not flat
Darlin Daydreams
Darlin Daydreams 3 oy oldin
I don’t consider your hair curly or thick if it becomes strait when wet. My hair is the same way not hating
Kelly Anderson
Kelly Anderson 2 oy oldin
Her hair isn't thin tho it does have some thickness too it..
Katherine Zeda
Katherine Zeda 2 oy oldin
I have insanely thick hair and it’s as straight as can be. curly doesn’t equal thick nor does thick equal curly
styledtothe9s 2 oy oldin
It dosen't matter how the the condition of your hair is when it's wet I have very thick hair but when it's wet you can't tell because it becomes separated and a tiny bit wavy just because the water is weighing it down. When it dries though I have really bouncy thick waves. My hair will also puff up even though it was flat before. I hope that makes sense (:
Karen Zeringue
Karen Zeringue 3 oy oldin
When u have no money