My Road to 10,000,000 Subscribers. (emotional)

FaZe Rug
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We did it. We hit 10,000,000 subscribers, something I never in a million years thought I'd achieve. Thanks for all the love and enjoy my journey here
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8-Sen, 2018

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Bolt Nitro
Bolt Nitro 53 daqiqa oldin
Your the highest FaZe member with 10MIL subs
Bolt Nitro
Bolt Nitro 59 daqiqa oldin
Been here ever since 700k, love ur content, keep it up to 20mil
;_(. I miss all the members that have made there life as happy as they wanted to do but still wrong choice they made a whole community sad for happiness :_(
Dapinder Kaur
Dapinder Kaur Soat oldin
Sad I'm so happy for you
Brittney Vandermeer
Brittney Vandermeer 2 soat oldin
I love this video so much you have come along way I’ve been watching you since 6 or so million I know that’s not a long time but I love watching your videos love you Rug keep up the good work ❤️
William Christensen
William Christensen 2 soat oldin
Congrats my man
Logan Paul
Logan Paul 3 soat oldin
1 like if you cry 😭 Everytime🙏🙏
Logan Paul
Logan Paul 3 soat oldin
It reminds me of when I was young
Maddie Massengale
Maddie Massengale 4 soat oldin
omg congrats I have been with you since 2013 and it feels just like yesterday❤️❤️
Jacob Grow
Jacob Grow 5 soat oldin
Rug you deserve it I’ve been an OG subscriber for a while and I love your videos.
Maxgucci 10
Maxgucci 10 5 soat oldin
Subscribe to my channel and like the videos please faze rug
The Epic llama
The Epic llama 6 soat oldin
U are the best youtuber u give me so much motivation for school and everything keep going rug
Luca Roncen
Luca Roncen 7 soat oldin
Congratulations Bro!10M
Sarmad Sarmad
Sarmad Sarmad 7 soat oldin
Making UZvid videos is stupid to be honest. It would be better if you did a better job that makes maybe 2000$ to 4000$.
Joaquim MSilva
Joaquim MSilva 11 soat oldin
I miss cod videos anyone remembers 360 collat trickshot
JRonald Pacardo
JRonald Pacardo 12 soat oldin
Ahhhhhh so tears of joy
Mermaid Secret
Mermaid Secret 12 soat oldin
U deserve this xxx
Captain Raymond
Captain Raymond 14 soat oldin
You are the most subbed UZvidr in a year!!!!
Iie ss
Iie ss 16 soat oldin
Epic21ZS 17 soat oldin
OHI Gamers and vlogs
OHI Gamers and vlogs 17 soat oldin
Wow 10 million Subscribers
Marlena Muro
Marlena Muro 17 soat oldin
Wowwww this has me crying!!! Why did I barely start watching you this year!! 😭👏🏼
Dylan Wilkes
Dylan Wilkes 21 soat oldin
you did it fair and square. someone finally did it. with little to no controversial boost whatsoever. i remember the 600k video the ghost videos the cocaine prank the apology video the first car the hacking the tunnel
Godzilla gaming monster
Keep up the good work soon you be making 10 million subscribers
Godzilla gaming monster
I'm proud of you making 10 million subscribers
FlyLess Phone
FlyLess Phone 23 soat oldin
Song at 4:04
Cassidy Wilson
Cassidy Wilson 23 soat oldin
go back to the tunnel
Giovanni Romero
Giovanni Romero 23 soat oldin
Lets make 11 mil
I love YouTube
I love YouTube Kun oldin
mini rug 😩!
ace family edits
Congratulations ☺💓💓
Plenic Kun oldin
Damn been here since before 1 mil and now you at 10 mil holy crap it went by extremely quick! Congrats!
Plenic Kun oldin
Go back to the tunnel
CjTheMemer OOF
CjTheMemer OOF Kun oldin
RIP hammy
Aoife Dunne
Aoife Dunne Kun oldin
It actually feels like you hit 7mil just yesterday
melissa espino
melissa espino Kun oldin
awe😭 this made me cry literally
LTM quad harris
LTM quad harris Kun oldin
Congrats bro your awesome
Kid Nation
Kid Nation Kun oldin
ندى  احمد
ندى احمد Kun oldin
Put it on your channel description
Tyler Cagle
Tyler Cagle Kun oldin
Post a new one
Fredrick Christians
Wow!!!!!!!!!!2 M each year.... Starting 5 years ago..... Congratulations brother Brian!!!!!!
QuadQ Kun oldin
Well done, very pleased for you
PRINCE LEE Kun oldin
We will always support you (BRYAN...did I spell it right?).AM I RIGHT RUG RATS...😀😀😀
Maen Battat
Maen Battat Kun oldin
Actaully I never give up !!!! I really learend a lesson from you🎈❤️🎁 you deserve 10 million subs!!!
Adrian Coronel
Adrian Coronel Kun oldin
I remember the cocaine prank 😭
Liam Davies
Liam Davies Kun oldin
I feel so sad
LIFE WITH I & G Kun oldin
Congrats Rug!! 🎊🎉 You’re goals for my channel. Maybe one day we could co-lab!!
Thegamingpotato Kun oldin
Joshua Jabines
Joshua Jabines Kun oldin
Heroic Dash
Heroic Dash Kun oldin
next play button is like 40mil away good luck lel
Emily's Creativity
Im so happy for u, you made it to 10 mill i have been here since 1 mill congrats
UnlikeQuill Kun oldin
Words cannot explain how I feel about this it’s crazy how we basically grew up together and basically family all this hard work paid off man keep this up🎉🎉🎉😭😭😝😝😝
UnlikeQuill Kun oldin
Tbh I didn’t realize how popular you are and how wealthily you are until now, iv been watching you for ever and generally love you bro you inspire all of us and me in UZvid and gaming and each video is just the best, I would have never thought that you would have gotten this far.. 1 million was crazy now 10 mill bro your insane, just watch your going to be biggest out here!! Congrats
Lto Logic
Lto Logic Kun oldin
It’s crazy to see the progression of how you have grown your an inspiration not only to me but to everyone who watches your videos, I can’t believe how much you have grown threw out this journey been here for along time and we are all here to stay and watch your amazing videos, this shows you that you don’t have to have anything to start a UZvid channel just passion and confidence. Thank you Faze rug (Brian) for everything and inspiring me to try and work towards something important and even when people doubted me. Your the reason I’m so happy in life love you man. My goal in life is to see you and just meet you and just take a picture or something that would make my life keep making the amazing videos.
Manuel Amaya
Manuel Amaya Kun oldin
Wow I wish my UZvid dream grew up it’s hard rug and it’s true about it to to much people bully me cause I do UZvid they always put me down honestly everyone says that I won’t even make it and honestly it hurts me so much man I just wish my dream came true hey rug rats do you guys wana help me out and subscribe please and thank you❤️
Oleak Gamers
Oleak Gamers Kun oldin
This is just amazing to see how far you have come. I’ve been watching your vids sence 2014 and to see that you have have dreams and that they can come true is just amazing and I think it it just wonderful that you are such a great person and with everything you make you help people have give back and I think that is just amazing and humble
Zahira lopez
Zahira lopez Kun oldin
I am so proud of you for 4 full years make videos non stop through your tough times but you did it for your rug rats 1 million subs 2 mil 3 mil 4 mil 5 mil 6 mil 7 mil 8 mil 9 mil but 10 mil you are amazing great never stop doing this for us your rug rats you did pranks you made your family happy (and rug rats of course) friends bosley lol but I started to cry for you love you rug edit:meant 6 or 7 years edit 2:sorry I am late for this
Alex Rivera
Alex Rivera Kun oldin
You hit 10 million subs on my birthday
Goruto TheLast
Goruto TheLast Kun oldin
It all happen to fast
Goruto TheLast
Goruto TheLast Kun oldin
I was with you till 2 mil
Nathanial Jessup
Rug I love you man. Bean with you and I will be with you forever.
Lynna Sablan
Lynna Sablan Kun oldin
Ya boy made me cry haha
elisabeth_ reyes
I know this is hard to get 10mill subs i bet the ace family was waching this just to let you know what your going torw the rugrat army will help you love you
Claw Kun oldin
Zone Rug baby
gamimg with Danya
I wish i was you
Lepaz Kun oldin
from cod to douche
xxdiamond_wingsxx savegekiller
keep it up🔥🔥
Corey North
Corey North Kun oldin
FaZe Rug is my favorite UZvidr ever, he's the MAN, and because of him, I have decided to start my own UZvid channel. I have already dropped three videos on the channel, I would really love the support. 👣
Project Iced
Project Iced Kun oldin
One day rug will be 40 and still act 20
Project Iced
Project Iced Kun oldin
bacilove the TNF god
Ive been sub'd from when he had 90,000 subs, started a YT channel all of the people who relised i made one said i would never get 1 subscriber :( now i got 11! i'm happy with only 11 wonder how rug feels with 10m.
xxx nay
xxx nay Kun oldin
10m people come together to help 1 person LIFE IS CRAZY
NOSWIL Kun oldin
its been a great ride Brian.... Congrats on everything
David Bryant
David Bryant Kun oldin
This was really motivating to me I’m going to try and try again to upload make better content and not let people bring me down 👍
Jonathan Sapien
Jonathan Sapien Kun oldin
bro my rugrat (cried) ive been her since he was soar rugrat he grown so much
casper2yall 2 kun oldin
10 mil wow well done that’s crazy..
Ismael Solorio
Ismael Solorio 2 kun oldin
I was in the 5 mil subscribers 😭😫😫 makes me also cry for you making it to 10 million subs congrats 😬🙂😭
Michael Salazar
Michael Salazar 2 kun oldin
Lets go for 20mil :)
Michael Salazar
Michael Salazar 2 kun oldin
CONGRATULATIONS RUG. You deserve this soooooooo much
_•Fairbear• _
_•Fairbear• _ 2 kun oldin
Not gonna lie this made me emotional I’m so happy for u congrats ❤️🎉🎈 I’m glad that for us just clicking a red button can make other people’s lives better 😘👑😂😊
joshua pereira
joshua pereira 2 kun oldin
who else misses the blops 2 vids from rug
Dianna Ward
Dianna Ward 2 kun oldin
The cocaine prank was the very first video I saw 😂😂 been here every since ❤️❤️ Much love to you and your family always!!!!
Raquel Tracy Blanco #Love All
I love you faze
Kayden Lara
Kayden Lara 2 kun oldin
Love you bro,10MILLION.
Heidi Marquez
Heidi Marquez 2 kun oldin
Imagine when he hits 20 million xD *He's gonna kill himself when that happens* Edit : he had 9 Mill in June and three months later.. 10 MILLION
CJ THE PHANTOM 2 kun oldin
I started watching at the cocaine prank it was on my recommendations
Josh That's Me!
Josh That's Me! 2 kun oldin
Rug I love you bro 😢
Kang ducky King
Kang ducky King 2 kun oldin
I went here when u had 150 K subs
Kang ducky King
Kang ducky King 2 kun oldin
Man this made me cry❤️ God bless Faze Rug🙏🙏🙏❤️
Stavro Denkha
Stavro Denkha 2 kun oldin
I Love You so much and ilove that cokain prank
LD F 2 kun oldin
Your the next pewdiepie
BT OG 2 kun oldin
CoD sniping montage for 10 mil? maybe....
Skills 2 kun oldin
*Whats Up Guys Faze Rug Here*
Ellie Thomah
Ellie Thomah 2 kun oldin
U still getting that rolsroyse
SudipzWorld TV
SudipzWorld TV 2 kun oldin
SudipzWorld TV
SudipzWorld TV 2 kun oldin
Justin Rose
Justin Rose 2 kun oldin
Kick rug from faze
Panda Dreams
Panda Dreams 2 kun oldin
I’m making a music video
SinisterRTU 2 kun oldin
Anyone else wants to know who was his first sub????
Hurricane H
Hurricane H 2 kun oldin
When you’re a good person good will always follow you. God will always be with you. Your parents raised two really awesome children. Congrats on 10 million and all the best. On the road to 20 mil!!! 🎉🤗
Eletric boi
Eletric boi 2 kun oldin
When he was crying i was too 😢😢😢
10 kun oldin