My Road to 10,000,000 Subscribers. (emotional)

FaZe Rug
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We did it. We hit 10,000,000 subscribers, something I never in a million years thought I'd achieve. Thanks for all the love and enjoy my journey here
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8-Sen, 2018

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Molly4lilly Theslayer
Molly4lilly Theslayer 11 soat oldin
Where the 11million video?
Rebecca Perez
Rebecca Perez Kun oldin
I swear you’re gonna get to 20 million subs😭❤️💯 I have so much faith in you Brian I really do.
Ella Bedell
Ella Bedell 2 kun oldin
I literally cried the whole time😂😭
All Day Gaming
All Day Gaming 2 kun oldin
I subbed to you for like almost 3/4 years ago.... but I unsubscribed. (IDK why) I subscribed again for almost 2 months ago and I am really happy for you! ( I REGRET UNSUBBING!!! ) You are already on 11 mil subs!!! Keep up the good work!
Bailey Fletcher
Bailey Fletcher 6 kun oldin
Everyday of the week shit
Lon Lon’s World
Lon Lon’s World 6 kun oldin
Man this just shows you’ll never know what you can accomplish if you give up on UZvid or on anything in general. Just because it’s not happening right now doesn’t mean it won’t happen stay consistent don’t worry about the results right now they’ll come if you put the work in and just have faith you can do it p.s. this is me talking to myself as well as the people reading this. 🙏🏽
Kalista belfiore
Kalista belfiore 9 kun oldin
Congrats rug
Alexandra Oretega
Alexandra Oretega 10 kun oldin
Who is watching at 11 million subscribers 👍😁 You really inspire me on following my dreams and keep making videos ❤️❤️
jenni garcia
jenni garcia 11 kun oldin
jenni garcia
jenni garcia 11 kun oldin
Im litearly crying for goy
Pastel Parselia
Pastel Parselia 12 kun oldin
Wow this really made me cry. I'm so proud of what Brian has accomplished ❤️❤️keep it up❤️❤️
Michael John
Michael John 18 kun oldin
This video made my day everyone said I suck at what I want to do but that ain’t going to stop me
Areli Velazco
Areli Velazco 19 kun oldin
We love you rug ❤️❤️ literally crying right now 😭 happy for you 🙂
Chloe Vandal
Chloe Vandal 21 kun oldin
I'm Crying Rn :(
Adrianna DeMers
Adrianna DeMers 21 kun oldin
Go back to the tunnel and write 12 mill on it when u hit 12
Luis Cervantes
Luis Cervantes 22 kun oldin
Kimberley Boyd
Kimberley Boyd 22 kun oldin
I'm so happy for u I feal like I hit 10 mill to u wach this video ALOT now ur at 11
Omar Mouhamed
Omar Mouhamed 23 kun oldin
Now u r 11 M
Spiderman 3.0
Spiderman 3.0 24 kun oldin
Faze rug I’m so happy for you I have not watched your channel in a long time and I saw this and I’m so happy I’m so sad that hammy can’t be here to see it but I’m sure he is proud of you continue making great videos
JosephGaming and Minecraft
Alright now for diamond play button unboxing
giselle lopez
giselle lopez 24 kun oldin
you deserve it and you 11M omg
caryl sofia fernandez
We love you so much faze rug!!💕❤
ParadoxCompeititive 26 kun oldin
This motivates me.
Damien Carmona
Damien Carmona 28 kun oldin
Your cool stay who you are 👍
osc20fox 29 kun oldin
I know I'm so late but I just want congratulate you bro for reaching 10 million subscribers. you inspirer me to try harder to do what I love most witch photography videography and video games. I'm not saying I never watch your videos but I have seen you grow. once again congratulations and I you continue to inspire others. no matter what your dreams are.
Angel Ballester
Angel Ballester 29 kun oldin
most definitely an inspiring message!
DimBo Gota
DimBo Gota 29 kun oldin
i have been a RugRat for 6 years
Trying to get 5000 sub's this month. Sub to my channel.
Don't waste your time reading this
Im trying to make 150 subs plz that my dream and FOLLOW YOUR GOALS TO
Don't waste your time reading this
1 vid = 8 thousand subs more
cricket love
cricket love Oy oldin
I subscribed you when you have 2k subscriber ❤️❤️❤️❤️
jaden jackson
jaden jackson Oy oldin
Who watching day he hit 11 million
Timmy Turner
Timmy Turner Oy oldin
Congratulations FaZe rug for reaching 11 million subscribers
Jessica Rodriguez
You made me 😭 so hard you are the best
Biay Lani
Biay Lani Oy oldin
Edwin Jarrez
Edwin Jarrez Oy oldin
Any small you tubers wanna help each other out sub and I’ll sub back
Diego Ortiz
Diego Ortiz Oy oldin
11 mill around the fucking corner!!!
Angelthegod 1
Angelthegod 1 Oy oldin
Almost at 11 million subscribers
Francisco Flores
I also had tears coming from my eyes because if it wasn't for you I don't know what I'll do I want to be a successful and inspiring person like you ❤ thank you so much.
Shouq Zaghmout
Why The sad Music
Peyton M
Peyton M Oy oldin
You deserve this
Peyton M
Peyton M Oy oldin
I cried so much😭
Hang'in With Heem
Yooo that’s what’s up bro.. I see you putting in that work fr.. can’t wait tell my page take off like yours..💯keep going 💪🏿 bro...
Congratulations man hard work pays off congratulations again from Scotland 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿
Bryson Vlogs
Bryson Vlogs Oy oldin
And 1 more thing R.I.P HAMMY😭😭😭
Zoom Moth TTV
Zoom Moth TTV Oy oldin
The memories I cried
100,000 subscribers with no content challenge
So inspirational!! I love you so much Brian!
Jake Golick
Jake Golick Oy oldin
I almost teared up when he said he’ll hit 1 million subscribers in 10 years cuz it made me feel so bad but now he’s at ten mil. Keep up the good work Brian
Wizzy Obregon
Wizzy Obregon Oy oldin
Just found you on youtube and im addicted to all your videos....Good stuff man hope to see you reach alot more milestones
José Munoz
José Munoz Oy oldin
Congrats on 10 million subs u really deserve it rug.
angel perezgonzalez
late but lets go rugggggggggg
Lily Her
Lily Her Oy oldin
Aw! I love this so much. :) Im so proud of you, Brian !
Pvt. Ryan Louis
He thought he was hitting 10ml on 2024.
Itz_Gach Gabby
You are so close to 11 million!!!!! WOW❤❤❤❤❤❤😯😯😯😯😯😀😀😀😀😀😀😀💕💕💕💕💕💕
Luke Goldshaft
Who remembers the haunted castle
DehCloroxAddictive JB
Faze rug now here
messi xx
messi xx Oy oldin
Who else remembers the glass in eye prank
Jorge Gonzalez
You did not deserve getting bullied and thats why you are hear
Jorge Gonzalez
I love you i am a girl by the way keep it up you can reach to infinity because you are amazing and you can do this and you put so much effort and thats what makes you amazing and no not 10 years after
Jean Paz
Jean Paz Oy oldin
Omg 10 million subs
genesis barrera
This is amazing because I 1 year you hit 5million subscribers
genesis barrera
2014 I was in prekindergarten
jazmin sanchez
It was not us rugrats it was you Brian you make amazing videos we love you keep making those awesome vids
Daniella Paige
What’s the background music ?
Pug Life
Pug Life 26 kun oldin
That’s what I’m wondering. Sounds like a theme from Avatar the last Airbender. If by any chance you’ve seen it
Bzip Oy oldin
R.I.P Mac Miller Eazy E Tupac Shakur
Emily Turk
Emily Turk Oy oldin
I was SO happy to see these memories when i watched this for the first time. This is srsly the best 10mi sub celebration. 😁
WaffleBoy Oy oldin
Can’t believe I’ve been watching rug for about 6 years now. I feel like I grew up with him. I think of rug as like a brother even though we have never met. Congratulations on almost 11 million.
Roman Sosnovyy
Brian/Faze Rug u hit 1 mil on my b-day the best time ever :)
Victorino Cervantes
Love you
Karol Guzman
Karol Guzman Oy oldin
Good job
You are the best youtuber on the earth keep up the good work you are the best😃😃😃😃😅😅😅🥳🥳🥳
Xd_ TOXIE Oy oldin
I so jelly good job
Diego Ortiz
Diego Ortiz Oy oldin
I love watching this video
rokrok92291 Oy oldin
i am soooooo freaking proud of u rug and the rug rats lets get to 15 mill !!!!!!
Joshua Bennett
Congratulations Brian for 10 million subscribers this is biggest moment in UZvid history I've been with you since the beginning I love you and you're videos I hope that some day You will hit 11 million.
Edgar Crisostomo
congroraletion I wish I was you
dominic galyean
Congrats I always watch the every million live count I never gave up on you keep going next goal 20Million
Alondra Cavalie
Omg this made me cry so bad my eyes are freaking swollen congrats Brian
Diana Croasdaile
This made me so emotional, hard work pays off. You can tell how hard you worked for this ❤️
Brandon Hartbank
Bro your so close to 11 mil you definitely got this my dude💯
call of the wild master
cant beilieve i have bean gear sence 50000
Cross_ Andrew
Cross_ Andrew Oy oldin
What’s the music that starts in 4:05
Christiangush Oy oldin
Of course Rug we love you are the best
Pixie Wishes
Pixie Wishes 2 oy oldin
EmDieLess 2 oy oldin
My mom told me gaming wouldnt get me anything
Danna Miguel
Danna Miguel 2 oy oldin
Love you brian this is just the start im ready for a whole new adventure of your pranks, vlogs, challenges and more 💕
extreme lighting bolt
1:47 anyone else remember this video?
extreme lighting bolt
extreme lighting bolt
He is almost at 1q mil
extreme lighting bolt
His voice to
mohammad alemyar
mohammad alemyar 2 oy oldin
Try not to cry 😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢
Amy Monson
Amy Monson 2 oy oldin
Awe congrats Luv, this video really touched my heart for you, like I'm seriously so happy you hit your goal... Congrats again and keep making these Lit videos 😗🙃...I just looked and you're almost at 11 mil, keep up all the hard work and sending those positive vibes to all us Rug Rats, we love u man...!!!
Taylor McKnight
Taylor McKnight 2 oy oldin
I feel like last month he dropped his 6M vid
Arianna Arocho
Arianna Arocho 2 oy oldin
Awwww you were sooo small and you said people said you weren’t going to go anywhere I am a huggeeeee fan of you I am soo happy and all of those videos were gonna make me cry sooo bad and I am just happy you continued to do what you wanted like WOW!!!! I would never betray you! And you reached your goal!!! But I love you keep it up NEVER STRESS out cuz theirs nothing to be stressed about and you have sooo many great things and you do soo many great things!! DO WHAT *U* LOVE!! I LOVE YOU SOO MUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 10 million subscribers!! Do what u want and never let go! But you were soo small soo small😂😂💞💕🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳👑👑🖤🖤❤️💖💖🥰🥰🥰🥰🥺🥺🥺😫😫😫😫😫😱😱💓😘😘😘😘😘💛😱💙😍💚😍😵😵🤣🤣🤣🤣😍💚💘💍💍🥺🥰🥰💝🥳💕😱❤️👑💓❤️💞 love you FOREVER I am always going to be your HUGE FAN!!!
Zeqa 2 oy oldin
Model Warfare 😂😂😂
Zeqa 2 oy oldin
Trickshotting Days...
Kane G A B
Kane G A B 2 oy oldin
I'm so incredibly happy for you Brian! You're truly an inspiration. I love you! My dream came true as well. My life goal was to meet the love of my life and I did. You inspire me to do better and to try to smile more even though I'm deeply depressed. Your videos allow me to forget about my pain for just a moment and that's f*cking amazing! So thanks man! ❤️❤️
Vico Carrillo
Vico Carrillo 2 oy oldin
I started to whach him when he was almost at 4 million subs
Jimmy Perez
Jimmy Perez 2 oy oldin
We love you we are all here to support you no matter what you do
Kimberley Boyd
Kimberley Boyd 2 oy oldin
omg i love seeing you happy
AXIS Jewl 2 oy oldin
Your my favorite I subscribed to you when you where at 10k
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