My Thoughts While Scrolling Through Instagram

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These are my thoughts as I scroll through instagram every day and night and afternoon and evening and always. Enjoy xo
Thanks for watching and don't forget to keep smiling =D !




28-Iyn, 2016



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Sweet Watermelon
Sweet Watermelon 14 soat oldin
Can totally relate
Sweet Watermelon
Sweet Watermelon 14 soat oldin
Mia Sharaf
Mia Sharaf 18 soat oldin
Omgggg I love you
Ivanka Sianipar
Ivanka Sianipar Kun oldin
Ella Chapin
Ella Chapin 3 kun oldin
*hello priorities-where are you?!* 😂🥴
Mayali Naidoo
Mayali Naidoo 5 kun oldin
Who is watching this when she has Scarbro 🐶
Caitlynn B
Caitlynn B 5 kun oldin
now you have scarbro😊
78Crunchyforever 5 kun oldin
ShawnLove8668 6 kun oldin
This is *sooooooooooo* me when I'm watching your videos!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Like 2 mins.....just a minute........ukw last video......mehhhhhhh
sunshine bp
sunshine bp 6 kun oldin
Kill em with kindness☺☺
It's Iju
It's Iju 7 kun oldin
She has a dog now.
Mister PumpkinGuy
Mister PumpkinGuy 10 kun oldin
0:01 and 1:51 xD that is me almost everytime im on insta! i still follow ppl idk cause idk if they will notice if i unfollow....
Kat Lee
Kat Lee 17 kun oldin
Was this before Scarborough?
Smriti Regmi
Smriti Regmi 17 kun oldin
1:20 Scarbro has entered the chat.
Sophie Trifan
Sophie Trifan 18 kun oldin
Im watching this video in 2019 and ur like: "Why don't i have a dog?" And now im like: "hehehe girl NOW YA DOOO!"😂😂
XoGracie _
XoGracie _ 19 kun oldin
1:11 “omg this dog is literally the cutest person I have ever seen” 😂 ______ Lol person, I think u mean dog? Ly really tho 💕
Arch DIY ideas
Arch DIY ideas 19 kun oldin
So relatable 😂😂😂😂
HiDaniel 22 kun oldin
My main idea: *why do THEY have more followers?!*
Eleanor Halliday
Eleanor Halliday 26 kun oldin
1:12 "Oh My God this dog is the cutest person I have ever seen!" Ummm... Lilly it is a dog not a person.
Robert Morgan
Robert Morgan Oy oldin
Who is this girl with Drake's dad?
emma johnson
emma johnson Oy oldin
1:55 why is she talking on the phone silently
shilpa duraisingh
You need to do a 2019 edition of this
Ana Brvar
Ana Brvar Oy oldin
She actually bought a dog😂😂
Hazama Kirara
Hazama Kirara Oy oldin
This moment when you look at Instagram pics and suddenly open the camera and think "who the f is this golum- oh I just opened the front camera;-;"
birgit mit hut
Hope Graham
Hope Graham Oy oldin
1:20 predicting the future of Scarbro
Arissa Nor Ezannee
"Oh my god!This dog is literally the cutest person I've ever seen!"😂😂😂
Crownrevival . Productions
Anyone still watching this in 2019? 😂😅😅👏🏾👏🏾
Chilean Mom
Chilean Mom 2 oy oldin
What! This was posted two years ago!? Where was I!?!? Under a rock!?!? Lol Not to mentioned I just started Instagram two months ago 😂😂😂 and this is soooo funny!! ❤️👌🏼😂
Sanchita 2 oy oldin
You have a dog now...
jolly brolly
jolly brolly 2 oy oldin
im not allowed Instagram
Gumball Gaurdian
Gumball Gaurdian 2 oy oldin
I literally watched a tea ad before this video😂😂😂😂
Joud Abdullah
Joud Abdullah 2 oy oldin
Anyone here after she got Scarborough
Always Riya
Always Riya 3 oy oldin
I want a friendship like Lilly when I call them they can read my thoughts😂
shrimp toast
shrimp toast 3 oy oldin
that's me on UZvid
Aditi Kaushik
Aditi Kaushik 3 oy oldin
Sophia Qiu
Sophia Qiu 3 oy oldin
Drakes dad dough XD
Anushka Arun
Anushka Arun 3 oy oldin
1:20 he does and it's adorable af
ShadowHunters Channel 2
Lol when she said that the dog,is a person 😂😂😂keep,it up lily you are the best youtuber
Deblina Kundu
Deblina Kundu 3 oy oldin
*tHiS dOg Is ThE cUtEsT pErSoN i'Ve EvEr SeEn*
Annesha Dutta
Annesha Dutta 3 oy oldin
Seema Sharma
Seema Sharma 3 oy oldin
Hajer Bashari
Hajer Bashari 3 oy oldin
that's what really happens😂😂😂😂😂😂
Sama Muzavor
Sama Muzavor 3 oy oldin
Now she actually has a dog🐕
princess glittery unicorn rainbow
well now she has a dog with an instagram😂
Legendary gamers Squad
I don’t like UUUUU
Queen 4 oy oldin
Omggg there was a Sophie Kinsella book in the background!! I’m guessing its undomestic goddess! The first time i read that book i was like damn is this based of lilly’s character??😹😹😹
youssi messy
youssi messy 4 oy oldin
She actually got a dog
Ethlyn Francis
Ethlyn Francis 4 oy oldin
Little did she know, she did buy a dog and he DOES have an instagram
desserts and toys show fun fun
Is your sister simmmi
Kusum Chandan
Kusum Chandan 4 oy oldin
and she does have a dog now !!
Fatima Razzaq
Fatima Razzaq 4 oy oldin
soo relatable :D :D
Vedant Hariharan
Vedant Hariharan 4 oy oldin
1:24 whose watching when she actually has a dog
Unicorn Ucopia
Unicorn Ucopia 5 oy oldin
So relatable
King Rems
King Rems 5 oy oldin
sup ._.
sup ._. 5 oy oldin
Ima get a dog 2018 scarbro is here
Lily Love
Lily Love 5 oy oldin
Now she has Scarbro!!
ayshaa sayeed
ayshaa sayeed 5 oy oldin
Little does she know she will soon get a dog
That basic Fangirl bitch
Why are her thoughts the same as mine?
shawnakitkatz 5 oy oldin
fast forward to 2018 when she has a dog and an instagram for her dog
lil heartling
lil heartling 5 oy oldin
So me 😂😀
Aiman Z. Punjani
Aiman Z. Punjani 5 oy oldin
2018 she has a dog love Scarborough the dog like if u love Scarborough the dog
Mauritha Smith
Mauritha Smith 6 oy oldin
i love your last word at the end
Maya Amanuel
Maya Amanuel 6 oy oldin
That part when she’s too lazy to get a dog... welp just you wait Lilly
Juliet Felice
Juliet Felice 6 oy oldin
this is me looking for reference pictures of dogs to draw... somehow... do I have a problem
Irish Geek 12
Irish Geek 12 6 oy oldin
1:11 and then you got a puppy who is the cutest thing!!!
Jenny Bangu
Jenny Bangu 6 oy oldin
Ur so funny and entertaining to watch at 9:43pm
Jayda Lawrence
Jayda Lawrence 6 oy oldin
Am from the future you have a dog now
Maya Velez
Maya Velez 6 oy oldin
OMG that’s so me
Ayo Suzanne
Ayo Suzanne 6 oy oldin
She thought her phone call
Sarah Tucker
Sarah Tucker 6 oy oldin
Me watching you 😹😹😹😹
CookiePlayz_ YT
CookiePlayz_ YT 6 oy oldin
“OMG this dog is the cutest PERSON I have ever seen!”
Emili Rabin
Emili Rabin 6 oy oldin
“My dog would totally have an Instagram”- Lilly 2016 Fast forward to 2018- Lilly’s dog Scarbro is all over my instagram page😂
Meagan Henscheid
Meagan Henscheid 6 oy oldin
"This dog is the cutest person ever!" 😂😂
Elima Mailke
Elima Mailke 6 oy oldin
*opens instagram* ASK ME QUESTIONS *closes instagram*
Makeit poprocks
Makeit poprocks 6 oy oldin
2 years later she has a dog😂😂
Rebecca Grace
Rebecca Grace 6 oy oldin
Look she found a dog
Jamie5885 Lama 645
The whole time I wanted to see what she was talking about😂🤣
Dima Llanos
Dima Llanos 7 oy oldin
Ok, I am watching in 2018. When iisuperwomanii has scarbro
Cynthia Dalal
Cynthia Dalal 7 oy oldin
Omg sameeeeee
Gladys Maomay
Gladys Maomay 7 oy oldin
Now she does have a dog with a instagram
Δαναη Αθανασια
2 years later lilly has a dog
Jessica Drennan
Jessica Drennan 7 oy oldin
Anyone watching when she has a dog?!😂❤️
Awesome Sauce101
Awesome Sauce101 7 oy oldin
This is how scarbrough?? Was bought
Ariana Lestrange
Ariana Lestrange 7 oy oldin
I was scrolling through Instagram while watching this...
I love ice cream 123
2 years later she did actually get a dog lol Ly Lilly Xx
Jess Kalb
Jess Kalb 7 oy oldin
Me: ok after this video I will take a shower *video ends* Me: Me: Me: *clicks on next video*
nargis b
nargis b 7 oy oldin
its meee ....
Shinji Seikatsu
Shinji Seikatsu 7 oy oldin
she has a dog now
Røesia Out The Rømance
Flo Faulkner
Flo Faulkner 7 oy oldin
Me: Okay okay, I'll check instagram then I'll do something else Also me: **an hour later** Oh well
Mika Law Baker
Mika Law Baker 7 oy oldin
Oh my god.. Do I have friends?
daesha baptiste
daesha baptiste 7 oy oldin
and she did by a dog
Allie Shoen
Allie Shoen 7 oy oldin
2018 Lilly with dog and he has an Instagram
VirtualEvan 8 oy oldin
She foreshadows Scarbrow
XXXAlmaVlogs 8 oy oldin
YaYe 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Aubrey Fraga
Aubrey Fraga 8 oy oldin
Get a dog
Aubrey Fraga
Aubrey Fraga 8 oy oldin
Get a cog
Florence Salmon
Florence Salmon 8 oy oldin
And now she has a dog, with an Instagram account
Nightmares Drawn Studios
And thus, Scarbro was born.
Mridula Selva Kumar
"Should I get a dog?!" Is anybody watching this AFTER she got Scarbro?
Rachel Weissman
Rachel Weissman 8 oy oldin
Love superwoman she's awesome af
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