Mystery Sausage Taste Test (GAME) ft. Chow Crown

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We see who knows more about the Royal Family while taking on a mystery sausage taste test. GMM #1363
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23-Avg, 2018

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Fikrlar 2 613
ziljin 4 oy oldin
Mystery Meat is the best kind of meat!
Over Itseriously
Over Itseriously 4 kun oldin
That's why glory holes are the best.
Cassius Felix
Cassius Felix 7 kun oldin
ziljin yes it is
Grant Carlson
Grant Carlson 11 kun oldin
Mystery Meat was Rhett's nickname is high school
kenny kung fu
kenny kung fu 20 kun oldin
Not always...trust me....it's not..
Steven Smith
Steven Smith 3 soat oldin
Dude i love Stevies voice
Commesar Davide
Commesar Davide Kun oldin
a liter of corgys :,)
Kemicon Kabala
Kemicon Kabala 3 kun oldin
Hasbro’s best thing ever!
CLAPTON MAN 4 kun oldin
We made the language so..m
Ariel McCarthy
Ariel McCarthy 4 kun oldin
Best. Game. EVER! 😂😂😂 please bring this back
Aaron Loomis
Aaron Loomis 5 kun oldin
It a bangheeeer!
GachaverseAnimator 5 kun oldin
In the one that said which is the kings most trusted courtier one of the answers was the moonlight valet the man who watches u sleep I immediately thought of pearl from steven universe. "I like to watch u sleep sometimes. And by sometimes i mean all the time."
Nightmare Nightmare
I definitely knew the second one
Saber Cyan
Saber Cyan 7 kun oldin
The more I watch this the more Im convinced its staged
Cassius Felix
Cassius Felix 7 kun oldin
pittkendoka 7 kun oldin
Count Chocula is a cereal mascot not a muppet and The Count is from sesame street not the muppet show.
Emma Ingram
Emma Ingram 7 kun oldin
I know more about the Royal fam than I thought
Emma Ingram
Emma Ingram 7 kun oldin
Count Chocula is actually a limited edition halloween cereal (one of my favs)
Sideways 8 kun oldin
Makes me proud to be British
miss unitato
miss unitato 8 kun oldin
i'm surprised i knew most the answers to these the royal questions because of this one video i watched about royal rules lmao
Kaitlyn J.
Kaitlyn J. 10 kun oldin
Rhett: eat that sausage Link....Hey sausage link! 😂😂
YT_Supreme Tsubaki
YT_Supreme Tsubaki 10 kun oldin
I’m pretty sure marmite is a favorite of the Australians not Britain correct me if I’m wrong
AABatteries 152
AABatteries 152 10 kun oldin
“Uh it’s a thick one”
Ari H.
Ari H. 11 kun oldin
It’s the other way for Tiara (Meaning it’s the way link said it first 😂)
Paul Hammes
Paul Hammes 11 kun oldin
Count chocula is not a muppet.
Ga B
Ga B 13 kun oldin
I love these segments the most
Big Chungus
Big Chungus 13 kun oldin
I wonder why Americans call crisps chips. I did my research and found that originally it was called crisps. (I am british
HDVisions 13 kun oldin
Hamad Al shaibani
Hamad Al shaibani 14 kun oldin
I know the British Royal family matured when you two
Ninjas Hyper
Ninjas Hyper 14 kun oldin
Will it shirt?
Miracle Clarke
Miracle Clarke 15 kun oldin
I knew number 10 would come first
Creepervs tnt
Creepervs tnt 15 kun oldin
"This floppy white sausage is not the one I want to eat" ~Link
David Musselman
David Musselman 17 kun oldin
1:58 The White Floppy...WWHHAATT!!
samantha miller
samantha miller 17 kun oldin
“Oh it’s a thiccc-y”
Krul Zdzislaw
Krul Zdzislaw 18 kun oldin
The wine taster doesn't make sense. You don't want your most trusted man to die accidentally, do you?
Nightshade 18 kun oldin
Dis ain't France, it England!
Ryan Parks
Ryan Parks 19 kun oldin
c look like a smally c;
Anthony Yao
Anthony Yao 19 kun oldin
I feel like Rhett has a less queasy stomach then link
X X X O L Y 20 kun oldin
I didnt realise how british i was till now 😂 half of these are just common knowledge in ole blighty 😂
Hsisi Jsjsjs
Hsisi Jsjsjs 21 kun oldin
Anyone got a iPhone 7 Plus for sale lmao
Xenomorph Games
Xenomorph Games 21 kun oldin
I’m British and my answer is why do you call the items the things you do lol I’m joking good video guys
Keilah Grace Music
Keilah Grace Music 21 kun oldin
I thought link said "what the ****" but he said "WHAT! THE FLOPPY WHITE SAUSAGE" don't judge until u know the whole thing 😳
DMACK GAMES 21 kun oldin
You guys should try mythical meat
Loops Cat
Loops Cat 21 kun oldin
😏 he said floppy white sausage
Hannlkma Kdkdkdks
Hannlkma Kdkdkdks 21 kun oldin
XD Reaper
XD Reaper 21 kun oldin
I'm British
T Fue
T Fue 22 kun oldin
Gayyyyy 12:42
AmpEdition 22 kun oldin
Nothing royal about those make believe fairy tale douches
Colton Andrew
Colton Andrew 22 kun oldin
“Ooh, it’s a thiccy”
ClaireBear Unicorn
ClaireBear Unicorn 23 kun oldin
Monopoly is vicious in my family too though it’s not yet forbidden
LaDzz404 24 kun oldin
Alex Talluto
Alex Talluto 24 kun oldin
Anything starting with the words Mystery Sausage is guaranteed to be strange
Brian Camacho
Brian Camacho 24 kun oldin
I didn’t know that link was from North Carolina because I’m from there💀
Ally Lopez
Ally Lopez 24 kun oldin
ThomasAdAryaccsd62 24 kun oldin
i don't get the pun
GodlyPlayz 26 kun oldin
Can tell me what "Hide the Salami"?
Jeffery woods
Jeffery woods 27 kun oldin
Jordan Kaer
Jordan Kaer 27 kun oldin
Who enforces these rules like the tiara thing... the Queen?
Mysterious Mares
Mysterious Mares 29 kun oldin
13:13-13:20 is my mood 😹😂
CastleMan 29 kun oldin
When Link said Hide the Salami, I just opened a pack of it...
Mylee Hardman
Mylee Hardman Oy oldin
Did they switch shirts?
Sydnodisk Oy oldin
I Could Answer These Questions Immediately. Because I'm British.
Cormac Cullinane
I feel like they just keep using the same types of gross food for punishments in every frickin' video. come up with bad things to eat besides toothpaste and dog food!
Til Mo
Til Mo Oy oldin
4:04 *this footage belongs to a different website*
There's A Bee
There's A Bee Oy oldin
*Spiny spiny spiny spiny tickety tickety tickety tickety tick tick WHAM* -Link 😂😂😂
hannah wellman
I knew the answers to all these questions lol
Sam Warner
Sam Warner Oy oldin
I like how they know what the sausages are
Adolf The great
No square sausage
Maddie Miller
Maddie Miller Oy oldin
Does Link have GREY HAIR?????
Etasha Boo
Etasha Boo Oy oldin
Haha you guys dont know anything about the royals lmao. Nice try though, you did your best
Daniel Cabrera
what where the rest of the sausages?
stuff I find INTERESTING
Sausage was made in Germany, but still good video
Matthew Sack
Matthew Sack Oy oldin
us brits are offended!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Skai Estares
Skai Estares Oy oldin
Tie are ah?
The Space Knights
2:39 I had to pause it cause when he read the question I joked and said,” hide the cucumber.” My body won’t laugh, but innerly I’m dying.
Baking with Sam
The first question I got easily If you have played monopoly you know what i mean
ViktorRonning Oy oldin
Kan det pølses
Dr. Leonard Hofstadter SAVAGE FAM
Watching Rhett and Link, trying to eat the small smoked sausages. spinning around is hilarious, Rhett is trying hard to win. 😂
masked oni
masked oni Oy oldin
why did i get these right
Julia Mendonca
I got the first second and forth right because i love england especially London and the royal family!! *All hail the queen!!*
HMS Ark Royal
HMS Ark Royal Oy oldin
In the UK, we call Fries fries and chips chips because Chips are bigger then a Fry.
iProLivo Oy oldin
Dont think they understand theyre the ones who changed chips to fries and crisps to chips
This episode is making me gag while I hit the bong. I about threw up when they hit the 10 in the first round.
All Sorts Of Stuff
Turtles... turtles... _turtles_... beautiful, stunning, gentle creatures. Swimming majestically through the open sea.
Carmen Bernardo Meme Owxus
hide the salami is basically hide the peepee
Shelby Morgan
Shelby Morgan Oy oldin
Something about that number 10 sausage literally made me gag and nearly hurl.
Mallary Toner
Mallary Toner Oy oldin
Luke Mettam Gaming
A lot of British English words originate from 4 languages: French - Justice, Soldier, Pasteurise. Latin - Alumni, Criminal, Damage. Germanic - Abseil, Haunt, Bandage. Greek - Almond, Paper, Tripod.
Ed Robinson
Ed Robinson Oy oldin
these guys are so charismatic, subbed :)
Mayank Dawar
Mayank Dawar Oy oldin
11:30 seems like he eats dog food 😂
Plague of Sharks
What’s ovulate mean?
Patrick Evans
Patrick Evans Oy oldin
Whos voice is that??? It sounds so soft and so beautiful ❤❤💓💓💓💕💕💕
Rakel Mata
Rakel Mata Oy oldin
Who is waching months after it came out
Jacqueline Wong
Wolfy Luna
Wolfy Luna Oy oldin
I feel so bad for you guys XD
johnny rebel
johnny rebel Oy oldin
Pigs blood it pigs blood pigs blood like if you agree
Abdulrahman Mk
Abdulrahman Mk 2 oy oldin
Who's whtchin them everyday but randomly?
mikebarnacle 2 oy oldin
Gah this drove me crazy. Rhett is usually so on point using logical inference in these games but so many things went unnoticed. The tiara one, come on, headwear has so many rules in european society. Look at the catholic church. And the very underlying idea of the crown as statements of rank. And Link, omg, the groom of the stool one. The grape steward doesn't require any "trust" because everyone can see him eating the food. It could literally be a complete stranger and still get the job done.
Cassie Lynn
Cassie Lynn 2 oy oldin
I knew all the answers lol
Scripted Spontaneity Studios
9:19 *ooo its a thiccy*
JJ Keller
JJ Keller 2 oy oldin
So they had to rig this to get to the sponsor, right?
Zach Carpenter
Zach Carpenter 2 oy oldin
Link think count chockula is a muppet
Julija 2 oy oldin
12.39 two last brain cells on a math test
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“Yas Queen”