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Kressent Rhodes - Art Lead and Backgrounds
Jourdan Lasko - Assets and Layout Coordinator
Melyssa Denton - Boards and Animation
Patrick Rantala - Lead Special Effects
Blake Hudson - Animation and Storyboarding
Chloe (PoisonHearts) - Puppets
Isaiah Kim - Animation and Storyboarding
James Workman - Background Artist and Assistant Artist
Strelok - Audio Design for the Intro Section
Justine Pulles - BG Art Assistance
Twitter: twitter.com/steen182
Website: www.artworkbysteen.com/
Anthony Nguyen - Animation and Compositing
Twitter: twitter.com/Nahgooyen2D
Website: nahgooyen2d.com/

Phillip Watson - Animation and Asset Building
Twitter: twitter.com/PAW_Toons
Website: pawanimating.com/
Andrew Stadler- Special Effects
Twitter: twitter.com/animatrocities

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13-Okt, 2018



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Suki Chan
Suki Chan Soat oldin
Let’s wait till 1 years we will get another ep :,))
The Furry Squad Forever
Well first, he has a mansion. A ghost mansion. AND SECOND, HE HAS A FUCKING TRUCK.
lukasz lesik
lukasz lesik 2 soat oldin
Kocham to piosenke
warframe fasion
warframe fasion 3 soat oldin
When is the next one coming?!?!?
Suki Chan
Suki Chan Soat oldin
warframe fasion after 1 year :,))
prince perante
prince perante 6 soat oldin
I see why this took so long
godhelpsydney woah
godhelpsydney woah 7 soat oldin
StormBlaze Eye Of The Storm
The Ghost from the past still haunts the one with the secret background that he'll never tell
BUNNYx 9 soat oldin
2 years for next...
Gman botter
Gman botter 10 soat oldin
I love how for the briefest moment you can see an "Aw, come on man, you're making this awkward" face at 4:08.
Claudius Maximus
Claudius Maximus 11 soat oldin
Fred - Lewis Shaggy - Arthur Daphne - Shiromori Velma - Vivi Scooby - Mystery
DreamLandBuds 12 soat oldin
Skip to 2:00 for song, since the intro lasts nearly half of the video. Nice song and all, but would've preferred it to start right away, thanks.
HEROS Central
HEROS Central 13 soat oldin
Hey MysteryBen when are you gonna bring out the next part?
Karinn094 15 soat oldin
A lot of weird shit was happening on the screen, but damn, the song's good
iSirath12 15 soat oldin
when weill next one come out!!!
Cyber Falcone
Cyber Falcone 16 soat oldin
Spiderman: **sees lewis** Ben? Is that you? Lewis: *...no?*
Cyber Falcone
Cyber Falcone 16 soat oldin
Медоед Far Cry 4
Скуби-ду какой то
Ромазан Магомедов
4:14 если б я увидел это ночью то я бы обасрался и то это мягко сказано.
Map Minecraft Animation Photo
2020 everyone 2020 next to that 2022 then 2024 and yeah!!!
calacalamari Kun oldin
Lonro Tx
Lonro Tx Kun oldin
3:03 the face you make when you accidentally busted
Jacki Chan xd
Jacki Chan xd Kun oldin
Cavernby Kun oldin
At 4:19 through 4:21, when Arthur gets thrown into the pit, you see ghosts laughing and swarming around him; except one. One of the ghosts has a look of sorrow and remorse on its face. ITS TO THE POINT WHERE IT HAS THE WRINKLES OF REMORSE UNDER ITS EYES!!!!! This leads me to a prediction: When Arthur gets thrown off the cliff, that ghost and maybe others, will betray their master, and SAVE him! Please: don't be afraid to tell me loopholes and your thoughts or anything else on this theory Note: The ghost could also represent Lewis's sadness and remorse when he throws him of the cliff, and tying into the previous theory, be the tiny part, embedded deep inside his hatred for Arthur, that will be the one to save him.
Terwens Milord
Terwens Milord Kun oldin
Are u still making this mini show cus if your not I will die of boredom
Terwens Milord
Terwens Milord Kun oldin
+нᴀʟᴏᴀɴɢᴇʟ21 ok jeez goddamm It was just a comment holy crap
Terwens Milord
Terwens Milord Kun oldin
+нᴀʟᴏᴀɴɢᴇʟ21 wait how do u know this are one them?
Terwens Milord
Terwens Milord Kun oldin
+нᴀʟᴏᴀɴɢᴇʟ21 thx for telling me this i was a bit scared
Terwens Milord There are supposed to be 2 more planned videos after this, which the other day, they announced they had started production on it and it likely won’t be out until sometime next year. Just be patient - animation takes a long time to do and it’s no easy feat for a small group of 5 to 6 people - especially if you want the next one to be with great quality.
MR cHaOu
MR cHaOu Kun oldin
Vengo de parte de zellendust like si tu también
Jacki Chan xd
Jacki Chan xd Kun oldin
El rey de lo random y divertido ? .v
godhelpsydney woah
And end ??
godhelpsydney woah
godhelpsydney woah 7 soat oldin
Creepsome1 9 soat oldin
Crow T. Robot: Yes. I mean, no. I wanna change my answer! Joel Hodgson: No. Always wonder.
OvercastAgate57 Xbox Live
whe are you goning to make another episode, hopefully soon and also love it
Casey L. E.
Casey L. E. Kun oldin
I'm kind of hoping the next song used is maybe "Dying For You" anyone else hoping?
Alejandra Gomez
Alejandra Gomez Kun oldin
part 4
Ričardas Baika
Ričardas Baika Kun oldin
Nice beat. Reminds me of Jon Vick. At least that beginning. But other than that it's a good beat
Carlos Axel Medina Lozano
Stupid furros
planeta ka
planeta ka Kun oldin
The end?
Natalia Czarnecka
I think the flower woman needs blood of that dog idk maybe to live (sorry i don't know names)
Chaos Melody
Chaos Melody 2 kun oldin
I'm so confused, is this a show that I'm missing. Or is it just a series of animsted song videos.
Chaos Melody
Chaos Melody Kun oldin
+нᴀʟᴏᴀɴɢᴇʟ21 Thank you Edit: I liked it. :)
Chaos Melody It’s a series of animated music videos: “Ghost” is the first, followed by “Freaking Out” and then this recent one, “Hellbent”. From what MysteryBen’s said, there are supposed to be 2 more planned which one of the team members announced the other day they were in production on it.
GareBearGamingDood 2 kun oldin
Me: Animation Take A LONG Time Can't Wait For The Next One! *It Now 2021* Me: Please Dont Tell Me That They Are....Dead.😭
TheTerry Thing
TheTerry Thing Kun oldin
LEGANDARY XD by the way I can't believe this comment was today lol
Drastic Zenaku
Drastic Zenaku 2 kun oldin
Y do ur animations take so long
Drastic Zenaku Do you know how long it takes to create smooth fluid animation, even for a 5 min clip? Storyboarding, proper music placement, backgrounds, you get the gist. The team behind the videos is pretty small - made up of 5 to 6 people - and they have other life commitments to do. On the other hand, they just announced the other day they are in production for the next video, which I’m guessing will be released sometime next year.
OLIHOPKiD 2 kun oldin
Wow man right when Lewis dropped aurther his hear cracked so much from regret and sadness
Fr0sTyPlAyZ MC
Fr0sTyPlAyZ MC 2 kun oldin
End scene "Lewis" the pink spectre seems like he took an emotional hit, just before this, arthur (I think the orange guy lewis was holding over the cliff) Utters words we can't hear over the music. He thought lewis was alive, not knowing he was dead. Lewis is a revenant, he is in HIS OWN BODY, meaning his "Dead" body from the cave wasn't found. Arthur utters "Lewis?" and as he falls he doesn't even scream from the shock of what he just saw. Lewis, too, realized arthur thought he was alive, only now figuring out that his death was due to possession, which is why we see his infected possessed arm in freaking out. His is robotic. The plant woman hungers for mystery's kitsune blood, only for him to be defended by pheobe, which plant lady might think is pheobe's great grandmother, who fought with mystery against her. Lewis was hellbent on revenge against arthur, but he seemed uneasy throughout the whole thing. Plant lady is addicted to mystery's blood like its a drug. WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON HERE!?
Timothy Stoneham
Timothy Stoneham 2 kun oldin
Why did the plant girl blush, when realizing that mystery is hanging out with the blue hair girl??? 3:53
The_Letter_A 2 kun oldin
I wonder why or what made the orange hair guy push Lewis of the cliff in the first episode
The_Letter_A 8 soat oldin
Oh ok thanks
Creepsome1 9 soat oldin
Something possessed Arthur
Peanut Headquarters
Will the Magic animatic ever become a reality?
Kevin cruz
Kevin cruz 2 kun oldin
Pum comentario en español
Happy 2 kun oldin
Part 2 plese
Karen Delgado
Karen Delgado 2 kun oldin
Esta cancion sale en lucifer en el cap 8
The 333333
The 333333 2 kun oldin
4:33 hes gonna die and still nodding to the beat
Third Reich
Third Reich 2 kun oldin
надеюсь переводчик у вас есть,так что напишу на русском. ваши сюжеты очень меня затянули и я прямо-таки прониклась чувствами одного из персонажей.Очень жду дальнейших песен с сюжетом
Not So Human
Not So Human 2 kun oldin
Every damn time this feels shorter than 5 mins
Фред 2 kun oldin
when a new clip !!!!
The Joker
The Joker 2 kun oldin
Does anybody have any word on when the next one is coming out?
Thantos 2 kun oldin
4:43 I just noticed that you can see that Lewis regrets his decision
Only Jesu
Only Jesu 2 kun oldin
No tarden 2 años en sacar nuevo video pls
RazBerry Z
RazBerry Z 2 kun oldin
Seriously how much long does it take to animate
RazBerry Z
RazBerry Z Kun oldin
+нᴀʟᴏᴀɴɢᴇʟ21 I sub you
RazBerry Z Animation takes quite a long time to do, especially for a small group of 5 to 6 people who have their own personal lives. Storyboarding, proper music placement, backgrounds, etc. Just be patient, especially since they announced the other day they were finally in production for the next video, which likely won’t be released until sometime next year.
Bryan ORM
Bryan ORM 2 kun oldin
The Gaming Starter
The Gaming Starter 3 kun oldin
Cosmos 3 kun oldin
Lewis heart breaks when he "kill" Arthur
Lucario Gameplay
Lucario Gameplay 3 kun oldin
I still love these series, but i somewhat feels like from Ghost the attention put into the music has been less and the animation and story have gotten more attention. That's not bad, just kind of a pity because ghost was an awesome song and i just can't like the other two that much, specially this one (also notice how this one has almost half the video with no music) Also as the story has gotten somewhat more complicated its much harder to enjoy these clips as the story is not as simple as intuitive, in Ghost the story was simple yet dramatic and great, and that was the best thing about it, in these other two its much harder to underesta,d and with the music not being as good... Well i just think if you want to go full on with a complex story, why not add dialogue and make this kind of a series of shorts instead of music clips? Still got my hopes up the next one will be better though! Hopefully...
Lucario Gameplay True, “Ghost” does have more emotional impact and it ties pretty well with merging the present and flashback together. Lol, events that occurred in “Freaking Out” do make some sense in “Hellbent”, flowers used by Shiromori and Lewis as trackers for example. Yeah, other than that, there’s still a lot to tell. I thought how they revealed Shiromori’s backstory (though confusing when it comes to Vivi’s ancestor/reincarnation) was pretty good, and her connection with Mystery is still in the dark, but otherwise interesting. That and whatever happens to Arthur in the next video. Hopefully, they answer more questions.
Lucario Gameplay
+нᴀʟᴏᴀɴɢᴇʟ21 What you said is all true, I do hope when the next ones come out more things will get explained, and hopefully they'll have a music as good as the one in "ghost" but for now, ghost is still my favourite one by a lot for the reasons I said.
Lucario Gameplay Honestly, I don’t think any dialogue will be included at all, since it’s more focused on the music to tell the story. If you have an issue with understanding the story between the videos that follow “Ghost”, you could always go to its wikia for help. Of course there is still a lot we don’t understand as far as Shiromori’s character and her connection with Mystery goes, but that’s the fun of it, making theories until one thing or the other is confirmed canon. I can agree “Ghost” was better left off as a stand-alone, but the continued storyline - what happened after “Ghost”, will we ever get a happy ending with all of them, etc. are some good examples when you think about how much darker the concept is, even more than Scooby Doo - is pretty intriguing. I actually like the music, I think it fits what they’re trying to tell in a visual way.
Ark 3 kun oldin
Aaaaaand cliffhanger Quite literally tbh
Vivi Marie
Vivi Marie 3 kun oldin
Cant believe leave this is in a show!! Lucifer s1e8 around 41:15
Susan Kenny
Susan Kenny Kun oldin
I'm here because of Lucifer.
Alex Raudales
Alex Raudales 3 kun oldin
When the Next episode ?
The 333333
The 333333 3 kun oldin
Question what does plant girl have to do with any of this
The 333333
The 333333 2 kun oldin
I saw a theory that says the wolf blood helps her so yea
That Random Person
That Random Person 2 kun oldin
The 333333 sorry I don't know.
The 333333
The 333333 2 kun oldin
That Random Person
That Random Person 2 kun oldin
She's trying to kill the dog, Mystery.
Ronwe TheFallen
Ronwe TheFallen 3 kun oldin
I really like how the two stories seem to be modeled after two different types of ghost stories. (I'm having to tab out to the wiki for their names while I write this, so bear with me.) The story between Arthur and Lewis seems like a case of a vengeful spirit simply wanting to hurt someone, and in the process creating another vengeful spirit. I think it's a pretty good representation of western ghost stories, since most restless spirits have some kind of unfinished business, and sometimes spirits will just try their best to hurt anyone who dares enter their domain, commonly caves and old plots of land where lots of energy can build up and fester. The story between Vivi, Shiromori, and Mystery, is definitely a lot more eastern in flavor. Mystery appears to be a supernatural being who created Shiromori and Mystery was defeated by Vivi's ancestor. Since we don't know much more than that, I can't really comment on it very much other than Mystery is another supernatural being, but is too, well, alive to be considered a spirit, while the actual spirit seems to be more of a spirit of the forest in which he lived before he decided to run away, and that fits in pretty well with what I know about eastern ghost stories. Most of the creatures tend to be manifestations of certain places, certain objects that have been imbued with bad energy, or mythical beings hidden in plain sight. Just thought I'd write this out to put my thoughts down. can't wait for the next installment, if there's a next installment. That was one hell of a cliffhanger.
WOOTcorey 3 kun oldin
4:20 anyone notice the ghost in the top right hand corner smiling yet it's almost completely upside down? Think that means anything or just fun detail?
Thithiko zinho
Thithiko zinho 3 kun oldin
Gina Junio
Gina Junio 4 kun oldin
Has anyone else noticed that at 4:20 in the top right corner you can see a happy ghost (I dont know what it is called)
Dzaky 84
Dzaky 84 4 kun oldin
I feel that i have watched this everyday and still not bored of it. can't wait for 2020 to B O P my head again
DragonFartMaysa 4 kun oldin
kaimoritter 4 kun oldin
Fuck dude...lewis is now an all time favorite character. My heart feels so much for this guy
Dawn Alternate
Dawn Alternate 4 kun oldin
Cyleste 4 kun oldin
every 2 years these come out
Cyleste 4 kun oldin
Blockhaj smash
Blockhaj smash 4 kun oldin
N-am Idei
N-am Idei 4 kun oldin
Pllsssssssss f**king more
- Hexø
- Hexø 4 kun oldin
Mr vlad12
Mr vlad12 4 kun oldin
Silver Tablet
Silver Tablet 4 kun oldin
Did you notice Arthur's skull pin ! It changes sides when he is scared
WolfSpider Vers
WolfSpider Vers 4 kun oldin
hay I got a question Mystery Ben I don't know about this theory but did Lewis do magic before he was ghosted or not?
TestECull 5 kun oldin
4:05 that is one PISSED foxxo. And he's not the kind of foxxo you wanna piss off...
Aced Paste
Aced Paste 5 kun oldin
Lexcorp 013
Lexcorp 013 5 kun oldin
The SprinTrapp Girl Springy
And how emedant Lewis regrest Trowing Arthur off the cliff,it kinda schows how he still cinda Cares abute his frend....just me?
Andrea la pro:v
Andrea la pro:v 5 kun oldin
Bueno, ahora toca esperar un año o dos para la siguiente animación
ghost rider
ghost rider 5 kun oldin
LuticNya Art
LuticNya Art 5 kun oldin
Greatly large R
Greatly large R 5 kun oldin
every note~~~
Trash 5 kun oldin
This is basically scooby-doo but one of the main characters die to make up most of the plotline
Flame Death Burst
Flame Death Burst 5 kun oldin
Please make more
El wonejo Bv :3 :v
El wonejo Bv :3 :v 6 kun oldin
:'0 espero que saldrá por lo menos uno mas :'v
HOTDOG Ackerman
HOTDOG Ackerman 6 kun oldin
Some Guy
Some Guy 6 kun oldin
So I'm super confused over plant lady's origins, and how she, the dog/fox, and the samurai chick relate to each other. From what I can tell of the brief pictures, she was born from the fox's blood, and then... took him over? And then the fox and the samurai fought over... something? And then they both started fighting the flower lady? Someone wanna correct me?
Apple Applepie
Apple Applepie 6 kun oldin
Why is the flower bitch trying to kill the dog with the shitty hair style? Isin’t that a bit to much to kill a dog for having a shitty hair style.
Doil Mokujin
Doil Mokujin 6 kun oldin
i just fucking hate the fact that the dog has vegeta's hair.
Ur mum gey No u
Ur mum gey No u 6 kun oldin
I don't know but I'm gonna say the joke *another channel bites the dust*
Dope 138
Dope 138 6 kun oldin
Well looks we can call it *Arm* ageddon
NicolasPlays BFB,ROBLOX,End more!
*KABOOM* And There is where hellbent's Name came from uwu
We are one fourth of the way there to the next video.
Maria Cruz
Maria Cruz 6 kun oldin
Make more songs and animations
please continue the anime story. my sister and I love the story
Andrew Roach
Andrew Roach 6 kun oldin
XR T DX 6 kun oldin
the dragon king
the dragon king 6 kun oldin
Anybody else think that the baseball bat might actually be the sword in disguise?
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