Name Brand vs. Generic Cereal Taste Test

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Can we tell the difference between generic brands and name brands? Is the name brand worth it? These are the hard hitting question's we're answering today. GMM #1440
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10-Dek, 2018



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Fikrlar 6 403
ROFLMAO111111 2 kun oldin
Rhett, all cereals come in bags dude
fukunaga 2 kun oldin
i was waiting for fruity pebbles
Juvia Seagray
Juvia Seagray 2 kun oldin
I love how Rhett looked increasingly confused during the whole intro
Becky Norton
Becky Norton 2 kun oldin
That speech was deep hitting.
Fredo FB6
Fredo FB6 3 kun oldin
raisin bran >>>
Emili Gravel
Emili Gravel 3 kun oldin
I was actually moved by Link's speech lol
tyranomegosaurus 4 kun oldin
mini spooners are so good!
tyranomegosaurus 4 kun oldin
I honestly think my parents let us eat any kind of cereal that we wanted, which was not good.
D S 4 kun oldin
What was that music during links speech
Stacie Stuber
Stacie Stuber 6 kun oldin
In my part of the world Kellogs Frosted Flakes are Frosties
Emily Hazlewood
Emily Hazlewood 7 kun oldin
That's right, you deserve to be sprinkled on the ground!
Emily Hazlewood
Emily Hazlewood 7 kun oldin
Rhett your face the whole time Link was giving his speech!!! LOL!!!
The real Tghostboss
Yay cereal
Walker Hackett
Walker Hackett 8 kun oldin
41! Damn he looks a lot younger! Maybe because he didn't eat chocolate cereal growing up
Tom Goodrum
Tom Goodrum 8 kun oldin
Frosties are called frosted flakes in the USA? Wat
Aquarius She-Warrior
Malt or meal cereal is good
simon Jones
simon Jones 9 kun oldin
All cereal come(s?) in a bag
DYL 9 kun oldin
Lol the Nathan for you music during link’s speech
John Smith
John Smith 9 kun oldin
I don’t mess with no Raisin Bran. No way!
Pyles Tin
Pyles Tin 10 kun oldin
All ceral technically comes in a bag rhett
Brian Reid Jr.
Brian Reid Jr. 10 kun oldin
My name is Brian irl
Olen Olematta Ystäväsi
*why is the title bold*
Eleanor Ebbage
Eleanor Ebbage 10 kun oldin
The independence day reference.
Pee-Wee Rivera
Pee-Wee Rivera 10 kun oldin
Is no one else cringing that they double dip their spoons after putting the spoon in their mouths yuk just saying lmao
chan potter
chan potter 10 kun oldin
Music ?
TheXLStrike 10 kun oldin
Anybody else feel her pain at 9:24 when she was trying to talk? I feel it 😢
Pixlecat 10 kun oldin
0:35 Rhett starts looking more and more confused 😂
Zookies 34
Zookies 34 11 kun oldin
Your intro is to long
can we get 10,000 crocs
my parents always get frosted mini spooners 😂
will downing
will downing 11 kun oldin
I’m so glad I’m not the only one who gets cut on the roof of my mouth with some cereals. I usually wait a few minutes until it’s softer
Dishsoap 11 kun oldin
Are we gonna just ignore links amazing speech?
Simeon 11 kun oldin
What's the song they play during Links insperational speech at the beginning
Angelictrublemaker 11 kun oldin
Marshmallow mates has the better cereal lucky charms has the better marshmallow
Ghgh Po
Ghgh Po 12 kun oldin
Funny 😄 1:41
xxxkatiemikexxx 12 kun oldin
You didn't do the correct test. Generic often tastes alright, but after A few minutes they go soggy as anything. The best cereal stays the right texture long enough to reach the bottom of the bowl!
Demi Gough
Demi Gough 12 kun oldin
Here in Australia we call raisin bran , sultana bran ... And cardboard would taste nicer
Thomas Terry
Thomas Terry 12 kun oldin
Does link not know how to get cereal in a spoon?
BoomShakaLaka 12 kun oldin
Refuse to eat cereal out of a bag" rett. So just so you know rett, EVERY cereal comes in a bag. 😂
Liana Goodman
Liana Goodman 12 kun oldin
Plot twist: This entire video was a Malt-O-Meal ad
Bigman Dennis
Bigman Dennis 12 kun oldin
They should do a blind taste test like that more often, lol
DW DW 12 kun oldin
Isn’t it technically the branded cereals that are doing the fooling?
Manan Chaudhary
Manan Chaudhary 13 kun oldin
They did not say “Let’s talk about that”
Kierstyn McNelley
Kierstyn McNelley 13 kun oldin
Link should be making speeches like this all of the dang time lol
Austin H.
Austin H. 13 kun oldin
Hey link I like your shirt. Where did you get it?
Kevin Oof
Kevin Oof 13 kun oldin
I was eating cereal while watching this
Kevin Sherrard
Kevin Sherrard 13 kun oldin
ALL Cereal comes in a bag
Nebulosis 13 kun oldin
Fruit Rings lol
Noob_Tactics 13 kun oldin
U still eating from a bag because when u open the Frosted Flakes box it has a bag and u have to open that bag to eat the cereal😂
Ro Fl
Ro Fl 13 kun oldin
Frosted Mini Wheats are also my fave!!
TheLoneWolf 14 kun oldin
Damn Mandela effect...Froot Loops. It was Fruit Loops, people!
tristan maas
tristan maas 14 kun oldin
All cereal is in a bag
Hazelnut Salad
Hazelnut Salad 14 kun oldin
XD the speech at the beggining with the Transformers music
Crowisms 14 kun oldin
All cereal comes in bags rhett
Feather 14 kun oldin
But, Rhett... All cereal comes in a bag, even if there’s a box encasing it!
Noah Neidlinger
Noah Neidlinger 14 kun oldin
Link its gotta start pg at 11:47
Larvender Yoyo
Larvender Yoyo 14 kun oldin
“A S Y O U C A N S E E W E C A N T” -Link 2019
Will Smith
Will Smith 14 kun oldin
*I love marshmallow maytes* sooooo muchhhhhhhh
Thomas Rolle
Thomas Rolle 14 kun oldin
Link knows what's up!
MonstaX 54
MonstaX 54 14 kun oldin
SToP toUchING tHe cEReaL
ZX6R 14 kun oldin
Genetic frost loops are better . Also I've tasted generic coco puffs that tasted better than coco puffs.
Wyatt Ford
Wyatt Ford 14 kun oldin
There was no red in fruit rings
Fidel Castro
Fidel Castro 14 kun oldin
What is that song in the beginning during links speech?
Sapp Cheng
Sapp Cheng 14 kun oldin
Even I clapped
Ryan Wismar
Ryan Wismar 14 kun oldin
Why does rhet look like Ricky from trailer park boys in the thumbnail
chunky dunker
chunky dunker 15 kun oldin
Plain cheerio squad⬇⬇⬇
chunky dunker
chunky dunker 15 kun oldin
I like that they stopped showing which one is which until the end
Jordan Duvall
Jordan Duvall 15 kun oldin
God dammit I want some cereal now
ShockGaming 15 kun oldin
i woulda got 100% without even trying the cereal
TyDie85 15 kun oldin
Refuse to eat out of a bag? The boxed cereal is in a bag within the box!
Raymond Brisendine
Raymond Brisendine 15 kun oldin
*StOp ToUcHiNg ThE cErEaL*
Johansson Barton
Johansson Barton 15 kun oldin
*Have you noticed the cereal behind the microphone?* Lol I saw it at the end.
Emily Cooper
Emily Cooper 15 kun oldin
You guys should do can we tell the difference between canned soda and bottled soda
Omerta Primal
Omerta Primal 15 kun oldin
Watched this while eating super Mario cereal. I hope they bring it back cuz I like it.
Caleb_Bravo99 15 kun oldin
The ironic part is that, while the generic cereal is cheaper individually, often times the name brand cereal goes on sale more often so it ends up being cheaper.
death game 123
death game 123 15 kun oldin
I love Independence Day speech from the movie
Masterofescap09 15 kun oldin
link for president
Kate Karch
Kate Karch 15 kun oldin
"I refuse to eat cereal out of a bag" Rhett, I got some bad news for you... Those boxes of cereal have bags in them 😂😂😂
Colin _
Colin _ 15 kun oldin
Are they brothers?
Clank boss
Clank boss 15 kun oldin
0:16 link really watched a lot of markiplier huh
Ailurophile 15 kun oldin
I hate raisins.
Ailurophile 15 kun oldin
Hehe generic is better, I guess.
Emerald King YT
Emerald King YT 15 kun oldin
This made my stomach growl for cereal
BarkingAddiction 15 kun oldin
Just look at Rhett's facial expressions at the start lmao
Denis Youry
Denis Youry 15 kun oldin
Hey Rhett I feel bad for link so Can you just let him win please
Jay15951 15 kun oldin
Ah nostalgia
Cyrus Cleland
Cyrus Cleland 15 kun oldin
Beginning is .........wow
Criminal Story Time
Criminal Story Time 15 kun oldin
They should have done the blind taste test
daniel bauerbach
daniel bauerbach 15 kun oldin
Everything you said I think we have the same grandma😂
alpaca channel
alpaca channel 15 kun oldin
Why do we never see Lillie, Rhets older son and Lincon any more
TrashPanda Gaming
TrashPanda Gaming 15 kun oldin
The fruit loops were just distinguishable by the colors LOL
Dlongassmug G
Dlongassmug G 15 kun oldin
Theres a bag inside the box?
B34MER 15 kun oldin
Why did you use all garbage cereal? Frosted flakes was the only one that wasn't shit tier.
Tina Avery
Tina Avery 15 kun oldin
I feel like this is all worthless, if you don’t use Aldi brand, to test.
They should try to find the name brand cereal before everything was changed to a ‘healthier’ cereal.
E A 15 kun oldin
Link- "Im doing it dry" save that one for the compilation
sneakyMCR Howlter
sneakyMCR Howlter 15 kun oldin
I love when Rhett was talking about the Mini Wheats being pillow shaped, and how nice that is. I’ve always thought they were pillow shaped, and that I was the only one who thought so because of my pillow obsession.
Who’s that
Who’s that 15 kun oldin
Ur videos make me so happy :)
phiten40 15 kun oldin
I will say outright that I prefer mini spooners over Mini Wheats. And the fact that Link ate them dry and not soggy with milk deeply upsets me.
Tayler Davidson
Tayler Davidson 15 kun oldin
Rhett said he refuses to eat cereal out of a bag. Inside every box is a bag of cereal.. I feel like I’m apart of the 1%
matt garner
matt garner 15 kun oldin
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