Name Brand vs. Generic Cereal Taste Test

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Can we tell the difference between generic brands and name brands? Is the name brand worth it? These are the hard hitting question's we're answering today. GMM #1440
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10-Dek, 2018

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linkan907 Soat oldin
"if youhd givin mi dis" 03:21 XD
Nalani Bennett
Nalani Bennett 4 soat oldin
You guys should have tried Malt o meals version of coco puffs, the coco roos. I prefer roos over puffs any day! The rest, name brands are usually better by a little.
Laura Leiter
Laura Leiter 5 soat oldin
This is an important episode. Just leave me and my mini spooners alone
NoizeWave 5 soat oldin
Cereal Brian should be the name of the chicken in your logo
Olivia Pederson
Olivia Pederson 9 soat oldin
Lol Rhett in the begging in the beginning looks concerned.
Carter Ropcean
Carter Ropcean 11 soat oldin
what's the song at the start where link is talking dramatically
MollyWalton 13 soat oldin
I have never seen cereal in a bag before 😳 (I know there’s bags inside but I meant JUST in a bag)
Nacker323 18 soat oldin
My it's my poor upbringing but, Malt-o-Meal cereals taste better to me
Lilly W
Lilly W 19 soat oldin
I hate Raisin Bran. Roast me
Jamie Doughty
Jamie Doughty 20 soat oldin
Malt o meal generic fruit loops are better than the name brand.
Kei Higgins
Kei Higgins 23 soat oldin
i actually prefer the malt o meal brand cereals to the name brand! the name brand cereals tend to be too sweet to me
michaelgrella Kun oldin
Fruity Pebbles were my favorite cereal as a kid. I remember my mom would get the generic Malt-O-Meal Fruity Dyno Bites... I hated those, tasted nothing like Fruity Pebbles, nasty. I could tell they were different in an instance.
Queen Bri
Queen Bri Kun oldin
0:13 they should have slowly zoomed in on link's face while he did the whole speech
TM777 Kun oldin
Next time do, Fruity Pebbles, and then Captain Crunch, and maybe cookie crysp.
Abigail Salvatore
“I refuse to eat cereal out of a bag” you always eat cereal out of a bag but the bag is in the box
WhyHelloThere! Kun oldin
0:52 what was the song playing behind Link called?
RainyDandelions Kun oldin
It’s all the same for my mom.
Ana Salazar
Ana Salazar Kun oldin
Great. Now I'm craving cereal.
Panduh 13ear
Panduh 13ear Kun oldin
I've never liked eating sweet food for breakfast, so plain cheerios are definitely my go-to if I had to have cereal. Or I would just eat the dehydrated fruit bits in those kellogg cereals.
Phoenix TV
Phoenix TV Kun oldin
9:25 link gets shocked by Rhett shouting hey stop touching the cereal ! 😂
Oregon Rift
Oregon Rift 2 kun oldin
Is it still breakfast cereal if you eat it for dinner?
Joseph perez
Joseph perez 2 kun oldin
Autobots roll out
O-Can 2 kun oldin
I'm a Doppelgänger 😀
ToN1c 2 kun oldin
I thought this should be a Blindfold episode with a cool feeding thing but then it became a blindfold episode
Donna Reiss
Donna Reiss 2 kun oldin
choco spots. haha. funny name.
Bryant Lara
Bryant Lara 2 kun oldin
I'm eating the fruit loops right now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Anthony Williams
Anthony Williams 2 kun oldin
I guess you could say these 2 are........cereal killers.
BLOOPsuperjuice 2 kun oldin
my country only has shitty chocolate cereal knockoff ones.
ChumChemaYT 2 kun oldin
Links speech was almost exactly the same as the speech going into World War II.
ANGERY OTTER 2 kun oldin
I don’t buy bagged cereals I eat bagged chips
ANGERY OTTER 2 kun oldin
President link
Dhruv Patel
Dhruv Patel 3 kun oldin
What’s that inspirational music that was in the background of links monologue at the beginning of the video
Striker Nova
Striker Nova 3 kun oldin
Where I live I have an off brand of Lucky Charms called Magic Shapes. It’s like they didn’t even try
brbguy 3 kun oldin
1:35 tihihi
Jameel Far
Jameel Far 3 kun oldin
do which is the best choclate brand test test
WTH13SERIOUSLY 4 kun oldin
That song at the beginning is Heart of Courage by Thomas Bergensen
Tom Beedall
Tom Beedall 4 kun oldin
Why they not Frosties ?
Keith -Indy- Mossey
A lot of the time the generic cereal IS made in the same factory. The rejects go into a different box because they’re sold in huge bulk. This came from my college marketing teacher.. I’m sure it’s right to some extent but I’m also sure there are other cereal factories
Emma Kilbane
Emma Kilbane 4 kun oldin
Why everyone mentioning that he said I don’t eat cereal from a bag.... just let them say what’s they want
Dingers ForDays
Dingers ForDays 4 kun oldin
Tujeni Zimmermann
Tujeni Zimmermann 4 kun oldin
"It's the colour of the rainbow. That can't hurt you". New skittles' slogan :P
mts2457 4 kun oldin
they should have done blind taste test like they usually do. was too obvious to see the differences like in the fruit loops..
bish who
bish who 4 kun oldin
I did not know Rhett is 41!!!!!
bish who
bish who 4 kun oldin
“I’m doing it dry”🙃🙃🙃🙃
wonder woman
wonder woman 5 kun oldin
how did Rhett not say “mini spooners was my nickname in highschool” ???😭
Lillian B.
Lillian B. 5 kun oldin
Who else scrolled through the comments while link gave hus speech and didn't even really listen.... Still dont kno what he said....😐
bldarkman 5 kun oldin
I started watching some of these guys’ videos last week or so, and it immediately struck me as a college radio show that had been transferred and updated for UZvid. And here I learn that they were in college together.
Dingle Because I am one
Ok, I planned on making a comment about the bag thing, but 4 of the first 5 top comments talk about that. This is an outrage and travesty
Andrew Jagers
Andrew Jagers 5 kun oldin
That was an amazing intro, link could be my president
justin g
justin g 5 kun oldin
Omg that speech was incredible
Anna Simpson
Anna Simpson 5 kun oldin
Why lucky charms have an Irish theme I don’t know cause we don’t get them here in Ireland! So like they aren’t Irish also we don’t have charms or leprechauns! So yeh! The more ya know....
Aly O'Mally
Aly O'Mally 5 kun oldin
"I don't know if you noticed, but I'm not apologizing." M O O D
Robert Trujillo
Robert Trujillo 5 kun oldin
Or and or and or?
DeedsMedia 6 kun oldin
I wish they did cocoa pebbles vs coco Dinobites. Dinobites blow pebbles out of the water
Gage Stevenson
Gage Stevenson 6 kun oldin
Am i high or did link just act like a genius
Daniel A
Daniel A 6 kun oldin
Lucky Charms has triple the marshmallows it had 35 years ago. I used to hate that crap. Now it’s basically marshmallow cereal with whole wheat pieces.
Hunt16 6 kun oldin
The 10th of December is also my birthday hehe
Mista Fox
Mista Fox 7 kun oldin
Wooooooo! Fire analysis through. Anyone reading this def give some family dollar generic Dig-em honey smack type ones. Those are like exact af
Colin Stone
Colin Stone 7 kun oldin
What’s the coolest toy ever gotten out of a cereal box? For me it was a ninja turtles flip book.
CC Butcher
CC Butcher 7 kun oldin
Rhett during Links monologue legit looked like Ron Swanson
Ender Dragon
Ender Dragon 7 kun oldin
can I have some FURIT RINGS
D.McIn007 7 kun oldin
Transformer theme innit
Oscar Galindo
Oscar Galindo 7 kun oldin
Rhett: "I refuse to eat cereal out of a bag" Doesn't all cereal come in bags even the ones in boxes?
Giovanni De Freitas
Anyone see link jump when Rhett yelled at him saying “quite touching the cereal 😂”
Jennifer Corey
Jennifer Corey 8 kun oldin
Hey, what music did you guys use in the beginning? I have been trying forever to find the song again, and can never find it. (It's a music I listened to in my childhood) Thx :3
Ivan Urbanovich
Ivan Urbanovich 8 kun oldin
1:14 his face
Mrboomtactix 8 kun oldin
Am i the only one that thinks link looks like Morrisey
Kristija Baļčūne
In my childhood, my parents would only allow my brother and I to eat cereal with less than 20 grams (0.7 ounces) of sugar per 100 grams (3.5 ounces) of cereal. Needless to say, the most interesting cereal I could ever eat was Special K.
Sama Dadash
Sama Dadash 8 kun oldin
I like plain Cheerros the best
DarkAngelNikita M
DarkAngelNikita M 8 kun oldin
Am I the only one who's bothered by the cheerio banner on the desk?
Jacob Behring
Jacob Behring 8 kun oldin
Need way more milk son
Meagan Wallwork
Meagan Wallwork 9 kun oldin
Frosted mini wheats are like snow dusted bales of hay.
james friel
james friel 9 kun oldin
the thing is, you can get most of the name brands cheaper when they are on sale, so the price isn't useful, since rarely does the generic brand go on sale, its usually a lower price normally, but name brand cereal goes on sale all the time, which is much cheaper than the generic cereal regular price.
BOYD1981 9 kun oldin
Often the off-brand versions of the sweeter cereals are better than the brand name ones here in the UK because they tend to reduce the amount of sugar by 20% every year in an attempt to make everything "healthier". Kellogg's Froot Loops here just taste like cardboard, and Marshmallow Mateys are all we get since Lucky Charms were banned in here for containing GM and artificial ingredients, lots of childhood favourite sweets of mine were ruined by those same bans and ironically now everything is just pumped full of artificial sweeteners and other chemicals. Strange times.
Lilly Pinto
Lilly Pinto 9 kun oldin
Rhett- stop touching the cereal! Link- no......well............NO
Robert Callen
Robert Callen 9 kun oldin
That speech was parodied from Independence day. Hilarious. Link nailed it.
TheColorfulCarrot 9 kun oldin
Links speech at the beginning of the video was perfect
Christian Hannah
Christian Hannah 9 kun oldin
vid starts at 1:50
Mandi Van Engelen
Mandi Van Engelen 9 kun oldin
Malt-o-meal is a sister brand of Kellogg's
Rey Rivera
Rey Rivera 9 kun oldin
That intro made me tingle on my wingle
TheDum Bum
TheDum Bum 10 kun oldin
Back in elementary, they never got the name brand cereal. Cheerios were scooters, lucky charms was marshmallow leprechaun charms. There were a couple others that I forgot
PartTimeMage 11 kun oldin
You could tell the difference by appearance in all of these
Broadway JR
Broadway JR 11 kun oldin
I actually grew up eating Marshmallow Mateys
Alex Madden
Alex Madden 11 kun oldin
We weren’t allowed to have sugar cereal growing up, just Cheerios and the like. Grandma though, she had the good stuff fruity and chocolate pebbles and even Frosted Flakes 🤤
Slimey Unicornz
Slimey Unicornz 11 kun oldin
Rhett, you refuse to eat cereal out of a bag, all cereal comes in bags just most come with box with the bag in side
mya wiggles
mya wiggles 11 kun oldin
6:29 don’t you dare disrespect plain cheerios like that again
Demani Bell
Demani Bell 11 kun oldin
Rhett cereal comes in a bag in a box so you’ve always ate cereal out of a bag
Susans Martin
Susans Martin 11 kun oldin
Ive never notice how beatiful link's eyes are
4DARKEST 11 kun oldin
I like marshmallow mateys Edit: I commented before they did marshmallow cereals !
Ann-Jaqueline Hanazakari
No matter what brand, fruit loops are always horrible.
Feyre The High Lady of the Night Court
Frosted fakes
Erik Larson
Erik Larson 11 kun oldin
Won't eat cereal out of a bag? WTF do you think is IN THE BOX?
FIESTA FLANDERS 11 kun oldin
Is it weird that i prefer soggy cereal? Sometimes i'll put them in the freezer so that they'll get soggy faster (especially with granola cereal)
Berlin, Deutschland
Berlin, Deutschland 12 kun oldin
"I dont really ate Lucky Charms" Says the guy that looks exactly like the person in the box.
Michael Verdugo
Michael Verdugo 12 kun oldin
Dec 10 is my birthday and this was more important than my birth
Logan Moore
Logan Moore 12 kun oldin
Rhett needs to calm down in this episode
Logan Moore
Logan Moore 12 kun oldin
That intro could be an intro to a movie
rohan Patel
rohan Patel 12 kun oldin
Who is watching this while eating cereal
rohan Patel
rohan Patel 11 kun oldin
the kool kid that lives up the street yes
the kool kid that lives up the street
I eating eggs does that count
Rick Sheppard
Rick Sheppard 12 kun oldin
Rhett and Link, the original cereal killers!
David Worley
David Worley 12 kun oldin
Your video activated my siri and she looked up serial