Name That Song Challenge with Blake Shelton

The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon
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Blake Shelton and Jimmy go head-to-head trying to correctly guess random songs The Roots are playing one instrument at a time, like Gwen Stefani's "Hollaback Girl."
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Name That Song Challenge with Blake Shelton
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20-Mar, 2018



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Zoella Revonah
Zoella Revonah 17 soat oldin
Bull crap count?
Quinnie Q
Quinnie Q Kun oldin
elleyina Kun oldin
Has anyone beat Jimmy ever?
Sina Tupuola
Sina Tupuola Kun oldin
I love it! Jimmy you are by far the funniest night time live show!😂😂 One of these days Im gonna make it to one of your shows!
Tamás Bene
Tamás Bene Kun oldin
Am I really the only one that based on this show, would title Blake a genuine trash person? Wow.
Rana Simmons
Rana Simmons 2 kun oldin
This is BULLCRAP!!😂😂
Endtimescoming 2 kun oldin
To be fair and of course it was for the comedy but Jimmy was definitely cheating at the beginning and then when Blake said on the Road again and his second guess...Devil went down to Geogia or Jolene my butt.
iboli8932 2 kun oldin
Best part 5:16
Cool Beans
Cool Beans 2 kun oldin
Blake is really an ass
Idonteatdog 3 kun oldin
This is staged. How can Blake don't recognize the easiest song of all?
Teresa Donaldson
Teresa Donaldson 3 kun oldin
Ur clapping too loud and it's scaring me LOL
The Philosopher
The Philosopher 3 kun oldin
You can hear the crowd singing Hollaback Girl like ten seconds before Jimmy and Blake got it. 😂
Libby Carr
Libby Carr 3 kun oldin
Blake is a good musician but he can be rather rude
isabella_elizabeth 3 kun oldin
Hollaback girl was the only one that actually sounded like the song....like the devil went down to georgia sounded NOTHING like it.
Paul Cina
Paul Cina 3 kun oldin
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Thùy Blake
Thùy Blake 4 kun oldin
Gwen said :.... 😊
Alexandra D.
Alexandra D. 4 kun oldin
Every time Jimmy does the Carlton it kills me😂
Lori Koenig
Lori Koenig 4 kun oldin
I love this😁. Blake seems to be a very humble man. Good looks, great personality and wonderful sense of humor. Wish more men were like this.
Sara Stephens
Sara Stephens 4 kun oldin
Blake is like that asshole older brother that thinks everything his younger ADD brother does is stupid. lol "Blake you look like you're wearing a pair of jeans that buttons all the way up to your chin."
Vince Youmans
Vince Youmans 5 kun oldin
There is a reason I dislike jimmy
salma mohammud
salma mohammud 5 kun oldin
This is too funny 😂 blake is so done with jimmy
Roxy Valverde
Roxy Valverde 5 kun oldin
Omg i wanna see gwens reaction to this lmfao 😂😂😂👏👏👏👏👏
Ragnar 6 kun oldin
Its pretty obvious that it’s fake
user name
user name 6 kun oldin
They're both being so rediculous it's fantastic. We just need Adam to complete the set!
Angel Ecog
Angel Ecog 6 kun oldin
I came to this show to promote my album and I'm losing everything 😂 😂 😂 😂 😂 😂
kicubu 6 kun oldin
😂😂😂 you're sooo death!! XD
CC DANCER 7 kun oldin
The few seconds into Holler Back Girl when I recognized it, I was like *”Oh Blake... you should know this.”* then *”Blake you are going to be dead soon”* 😂
Susan Gardner
Susan Gardner 8 kun oldin
My foster niece saw this a few months ago ,cause she loves Blake ,and since then she has wanted a denim jacket to be like him . So I brought her a denim dress and jacket and she loves them
Tatiana Marissa R
Tatiana Marissa R 8 kun oldin
Blake Shelton: I’m so done with you Jimmy
Katie Deay
Katie Deay 8 kun oldin
“You’re clapping too loud and it’s scaring me” 😂😂😂
Manuel Witmann
Manuel Witmann 9 kun oldin
he is aids in humanform
CreativeCrystals 9 kun oldin
I’m Gwen’s biggest fan, I got hollaback right away 😂
Nati Rose
Nati Rose 10 kun oldin
When jimmy started to dance on footloose 😭😂😂😂
Chris Beyda
Chris Beyda 10 kun oldin
4 40 is Radar Love more than Charlie Daniels
Allie Grant
Allie Grant 10 kun oldin
i have no idea why im watching this..i cant stand either of these guys.
jessica vasquez
jessica vasquez 12 kun oldin
These guys together are hilarious
Chrissa Mayeaux
Chrissa Mayeaux 12 kun oldin
Skzueo3hxgdidhdh fr idyf
Amber Waite
Amber Waite 12 kun oldin
There's no way you guys are satisfied!.. my god man!!
Christina Pickett
Christina Pickett 12 kun oldin
Blake looks like my Exhusband and I'm not lying
tabitha sanchez
tabitha sanchez 13 kun oldin
They should have played one of his songs... That would be hilarious 😆
Hannah Dare - Gentile
I was waiting for them to do that and to see if Blake would recognize his own song.
suzanne wilson
suzanne wilson 13 kun oldin
i didn't stop laughing. Love watching these boys around here.
I'll buy that For a dollar
Jimmy did the Carlton there at the end.
Sí Mon
Sí Mon 13 kun oldin
I love this. Blake is in trouble xD
araceli tamez
araceli tamez 13 kun oldin
I'm watching this in 2019
Pam G
Pam G 13 kun oldin
Absolutely hilarious!!
Alexa Carral
Alexa Carral 14 kun oldin
Blake Shelton Being annoyed by Jimmy Fallon 8 minutes straight
LuluDaPotato 14 kun oldin
5:16 did anyone else think it was the crush song 😂
abdul agung Wijaya
abdul agung Wijaya 14 kun oldin
Hollaback girl
Ashley Eaton
Ashley Eaton 14 kun oldin
Just play Soul Asylum.
Dawn Hartung
Dawn Hartung 14 kun oldin
Blake's playing dumb.
A Person of the Universe
Blake: *rIgGeD*
misue 15 kun oldin
Fallon's just another ass, but I love Blake!
Heather Cooper
Heather Cooper 13 kun oldin
Nothing wrong with having fun! Certainly doesn't mean that he's not a man lol
misue 13 kun oldin
+Heather Cooper Yeah, he's an awesome ass. There's no such thing as a grown man these days. LOL
Heather Cooper
Heather Cooper 14 kun oldin
Jimmy Fallon is awesome 😍🤣
metalbrain1 16 kun oldin
Blake is being a rude asshole. And he’s not joking, he’s being real.
Justin Haynes
Justin Haynes 16 kun oldin
Justin Haynes
Justin Haynes 16 kun oldin
Justin Haynes
Justin Haynes 16 kun oldin
Justin Haynes
Justin Haynes 16 kun oldin
Christophe Paget
Christophe Paget 17 kun oldin
I miss johnny Carson so much.....Blake. Very funny.
nybsbfan18 17 kun oldin
He better bring Gwen some flowers or a gift...lol
Donna Blackman
Donna Blackman 18 kun oldin
I usually hate this sort of thing, but this is really cute. Fallon is manic and Blake is too cool. Together, they're very watchable. :0) Donna B.
My Channels
My Channels 18 kun oldin
and Blake won 😂😂😂😂 wow, jimmy excite for nothing
Jason Esbensen
Jason Esbensen 18 kun oldin
Most boring interview ever
Slash G&R
Slash G&R 18 kun oldin
Blake Shelton is a backwards hillbilly. He doesn’t know these are not real songs.
Suzanne Kovall
Suzanne Kovall 18 kun oldin
Jimmy's face when he realizes it is Gwen's song
Shitue666 Lover
Shitue666 Lover 18 kun oldin
5:26 omg that sounds like the crush song
Nora Brandt
Nora Brandt 18 kun oldin
Pretty sure Jimmy was given the song list.
Kate Cosette
Kate Cosette 18 kun oldin
Jimmy: “we can edit this out....” 😂😂😂
Nathalie Gonzalez
Nathalie Gonzalez 18 kun oldin
5:20 i died
Kommikat 18 kun oldin
Me: I swear, if they start playing the opening chords to In The Air Tonigh- *plays guitar chord* Me: I Can fEel IT cOmiNg iN tHe AiR tOnigHt
pamela gerber
pamela gerber 18 kun oldin
So great!
BeccadiFelton 19 kun oldin
What a gorgeous man
RandomFILMS 19 kun oldin
Danielle Fulton
Danielle Fulton 20 kun oldin
jimmy and blakes friendship is definitely one of my favorites lol always so funny
crzykoment 20 kun oldin
why blake always looks like he's just came out from a truck
Victorious Dinosaur
Victorious Dinosaur 17 kun oldin
That's country for ya!
Legion Entertainment
Name this song uzvid.com/video/video-25M6VpyL9uM.html
Ebbie Smith
Ebbie Smith 20 kun oldin
😂😂😂 gotta love Blake Shelton he's a legend 💯
SG R 21 kun oldin
I love that drum sound so much!
Sports City
Sports City 21 kun oldin
My mom actually is friends with the Charlie Daniels band drummer, Pat Mcdonald I'm not even kidding they actually are friends I've seen him kind of a lot when I was little
Jena Bidinger
Jena Bidinger 21 kun oldin
Blake reminds me of Hyde from That 70’s Show
Melissa Carrigan
Melissa Carrigan 21 kun oldin
*blake shelton found dead*
Barbara Brend
Barbara Brend 21 kun oldin
He's a lier and is in love with himself,,the one left country . and involved with that little size,that can't sing and is off running around like a cheep girl, and says she has 3 sons , what example to those boys
Einsame M
Einsame M 21 kun oldin
*screaming at my computer screen* HOLLABECK GIRLS DAMMIT!
Eric Binney
Eric Binney 22 kun oldin
Damn the roots are extremely talented group
Christian Galesias
Christian Galesias 23 kun oldin
Blake must have a fat one tho.
a f
a f 23 kun oldin
Alyssa Spader
Alyssa Spader 23 kun oldin
Jimmy is everything omg would love to meet him. Dreams!!!!!!
Shadow Rose
Shadow Rose 24 kun oldin
More celebrities should make fun of Blake Shelton.
Hailey Little
Hailey Little 24 kun oldin
Marwa Awji
Marwa Awji 24 kun oldin
Eggcelent! www.amazon.com/dp/B07NDSGVYC
G Walsh
G Walsh 24 kun oldin
Who was he clapping for?
Justin Thompson
Justin Thompson 24 kun oldin
They are hilarious together
Brydie Cain
Brydie Cain 25 kun oldin
Jeez jimmy did you have a few bumps of coke before you started 😂😂
Ethan & Sissy's House of Games
The songs didn't all sound close to the originals.
ChaCha RbelRbel
ChaCha RbelRbel 25 kun oldin
He missed on the Gwen Stefany song XD
Chance Kruckenberg
Chance Kruckenberg 25 kun oldin
More country songs
Sara Bell
Sara Bell 25 kun oldin
i started singing hollaback girl before theyvfigured it out yay at least one pt...
Savannah Straw
Savannah Straw 25 kun oldin
And my dumbass always thought it wad shelden
Enrique Duran
Enrique Duran 26 kun oldin
Jimmy missed the chance to say: “This Gwen Stefani. She’s a legend. You should check her out.”
Mia Lexandra
Mia Lexandra 26 kun oldin
i definitely thought it was the doobie brothers also
Tj Sherwin
Tj Sherwin 26 kun oldin
Looks like Blake and Quest dont really care for eachother
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