Name That Song Challenge with Blake Shelton

The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon
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Blake Shelton and Jimmy go head-to-head trying to correctly guess random songs The Roots are playing one instrument at a time, like Gwen Stefani's "Hollaback Girl."
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Name That Song Challenge with Blake Shelton
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20-Mar, 2018

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Howiephipps66 13 soat oldin
Jimmy was sure happy about Jolene by Dolly Parton
Dan Lacey
Dan Lacey 20 soat oldin
toasty bred
toasty bred 2 kun oldin
Jean jacket and jeans normally doesn't work, but Blake makes it work for some reason
Houssem Kitzami
Houssem Kitzami 2 kun oldin
Jimmy knows the answers befour c'mon
rena 2 kun oldin
𝐠𝐰𝐞𝐧 𝐡𝐚𝐬 𝐥𝐞𝐟𝐭 𝐭𝐡𝐞 𝐜𝐡𝐚𝐭
Emilee Guinn
Emilee Guinn 3 kun oldin
I bet Blake thought that the game was rigged.
hello itsgioo
hello itsgioo 3 kun oldin
Jimmy fallon reminds me of ted Mosby A LOT
jeff jefferson
jeff jefferson 4 kun oldin
blake is cool
Patti Hanson
Patti Hanson 4 kun oldin
The look on Jimmy’s face 5:43 was priceless
Lori Myers
Lori Myers 4 kun oldin
I Love These Two and Together they make me Laugh till I feel like my gut will bust !!!!! 🤣😂🤣😂
TheDevilAndTheMan 4 kun oldin
how the fuck did he find tainted love with only the drum playing for 2 seconds?
Nadege Saint vil
Nadege Saint vil 5 kun oldin
Damn God I love this man #JimmyFallon😂😂💝
Kayla Smelser
Kayla Smelser 6 kun oldin
Should have done Miranda Lambert song to be extra funny
Teresa Barroso
Teresa Barroso 6 kun oldin
love your show!!!!👠👠👠
Teresa Barroso
Teresa Barroso 6 kun oldin
Austin Michael
Austin Michael 7 kun oldin
I feel like this has been rigged
Aayush Sharma
Aayush Sharma 7 kun oldin
blake is gonna compose a song with that mood😂😂😂
BusyTrizzy 8 kun oldin
Man sometimes I wish Jimmy wouldn’t answer so fast so Roots can play a little longer
Buffy Twiggs
Buffy Twiggs 9 kun oldin
Um...it's Name That Song. Blake just said Johnny Cash and no song
Sauce Devour Follow My Boy Elumath
There surely was an unpleasant backstage episode.
Sauce Devour Follow My Boy Elumath
I also realized Jimmy was definitely drinking before this.
mihira66 12 kun oldin
This is bull crap!! lol
Demi Evans
Demi Evans 14 kun oldin
Who remembers when Blake and Adam all ways has there little boy love fest and argue on the voice 😂😂
Rose Barnwell
Rose Barnwell 15 kun oldin
Sooooo funny! I love to watch Blake’s reactions. These 2 play well together!
Maia Leckey
Maia Leckey 15 kun oldin
He’s very tall! Like this a lot
Camilla Madsen
Camilla Madsen 17 kun oldin
4:11 4:23 funny
Jay-T Thomas
Jay-T Thomas 17 kun oldin
I almost cried at the Holla back girl
Mike Sullivan
Mike Sullivan 18 kun oldin
It’s on & on & on....
Plum Luck
Plum Luck 18 kun oldin
Jimmy is so good at this game!
Jolee Koop
Jolee Koop 20 kun oldin
My name is Jolee and when the remake of Jolene came out everyone I met thought it was my name being said in the song.
Bartek Fetysz
Bartek Fetysz 20 kun oldin
He is the worst host ever. And don’t know how to share the spotlight.
gallagherchick 20 kun oldin
It took waaay too long to get “In the Air Tonight” and “Hollaback Girl”... 😆
Mike Davison
Mike Davison 21 kun oldin
How in the name of god did Jimmy get Tainted Love??? That could've been one of 15 000 songs!!
John B
John B 22 kun oldin
8:12 whats the name of that dance?
Jaycey Kelsven
Jaycey Kelsven 23 kun oldin
Hahaha!!! This was hilarious!!!
Mateo Neves Martel
Mateo Neves Martel 24 kun oldin
But now who is a legend: Dolly Parton or Soft Cell
Luisa Lamkang
Luisa Lamkang 24 kun oldin
Jimmy plays better even though he is not an artist or a coach like Blake. Blake is a loser. He said he list everything cuz he cannot do this..🤣🤣🤣🤣
Doby Subianto
Doby Subianto 25 kun oldin
Blake definitely want to punch jimmy in the face
ABS 25 kun oldin
I know people think Jimmy is fake and over-hyping everything and hate him for it but this is literally me when it comes to playing competitive games so now I hate myself
Emma RJ
Emma RJ 24 kun oldin
He's not fake, he's just a happy person. Don't hate yourself lol, nothing wrong with being happy and competitive. I've known many people like him in real life. Some people hate others for petty things.
Emily Clark
Emily Clark 25 kun oldin
Awww, I like Blake. He looks like someone you would get along with so easily.
Zachary Davidson
Zachary Davidson 25 kun oldin
It would mean so much If you could please give my new video a view m.uzvid.com/video/video-VoZSHArtnss.html Thank you❤
Connie Susan Moore
Connie Susan Moore 25 kun oldin
Such a great sense of humor 🤩
love always
love always 25 kun oldin
The name of the second song pleasee?
Ashley Allen
Ashley Allen 26 kun oldin
I think he has fun messing with Blake 😂😂😂 Blake gets suckered into these stupid games lol I think they make the show extra stupid when he comes by 😂😂
News Man
News Man 26 kun oldin
Dude, the band 🙏🙏
TBD Forest
TBD Forest 26 kun oldin
Blake is a sore loser
Raytonne Banks
Raytonne Banks 26 kun oldin
thats a fine white man damn damn damn
Elizabeth Harttley
Elizabeth Harttley 26 kun oldin
I wouldn't have thought by looking at BS that he could be so whiney.
Gonzalo Sebastian Romano
The fist song really like D. Brothers!
Beyza Akin
Beyza Akin 27 kun oldin
the christmas decor is spot on aswell as the game
MrKhaosKid 27 kun oldin
geezus why is jimmy such a dick
troplaya55 27 kun oldin
Before I even watched his video; I’m going to guess that Blake is terrible! LOL
MaestroEdison 3
MaestroEdison 3 27 kun oldin
Dear_Ibby 27 kun oldin
Jimmy is always such an obnoxious prick playing this game
Conny V
Conny V 27 kun oldin
I love Blake. He is so down to earth and says it how it is.
Dani Wallace
Dani Wallace 27 kun oldin
Lol Jimmy next to blake makes him look like a giant😂😂
David4MVs 28 kun oldin
Pretty certain the first one WAS the doobie brothers
Alvin Anis
Alvin Anis 28 kun oldin
Idk why I know so many of those songs...
Thomas Hull
Thomas Hull 28 kun oldin
Its sad Blake took that long to answer footloose. He recorded it for the remake
Behrouz Jazizadeh
Behrouz Jazizadeh 28 kun oldin
It's sad that he can't recognize his girlfriend's song lolz.
Alaina Hembree
Alaina Hembree 29 kun oldin
Yeah sometimes you wonder if this is planned and taped because Fallon jumped perfectly after Jolene. Idc bc it’s good entertainment! Blake Shelton “bull crap” and he towers over Fallon- think Fallon feels Intimidated hence the energy bahahahahahaha. This is AMAZE BALLS
Bailey Smith
Bailey Smith Oy oldin
yeah jimmy lost
Rodrigo Velasquez
Wow, I couldn't guess any of them. That's frustrating.
Amber Renee
Amber Renee Oy oldin
Pretty sure one punch from Blake would put Jimmy to sleep and tuck him in
Jessica Murphy
How much Coke did jimmy do before this
Sarah Rhue
Sarah Rhue Oy oldin
I did the exact same thing Jimmy did: “It’s American Girl!” then they played the next little bit “It’s not American Girl”
Just Coach Jammin
Not to be an ass but Blake lost when he lost maranda?!
ArtyWorld FunTime
Do Shawn Mendes Plzzzzzz 😀
I wanna see gwin do that song with the roots
superpeacharie super Koopa axton
Jimmy already treated like always
Lord Byron
Lord Byron Oy oldin
Heather Fuller
The face jimmy made when he realized how deep Blake was in it🤣🤣🤣🤣
Miss LoLo
Miss LoLo Oy oldin
In the air the night
Morgan Terry
Morgan Terry Oy oldin
Jimmy definitely cheats on this. No fun when he’s annoying lol
Cici Jefe
Cici Jefe Oy oldin
I wish I had a band walking around with me everywhere that would jump into songs that I started singing at random like The Roots do for Jimmy at 2:20
Ciara  Jefferson
Make the sound...😆😂!!
Laura Arnette
Laura Arnette Oy oldin
Jimmy's reaction to Holla Back Girl 😂 Poor Blake 😂
Ally Jay
Ally Jay Oy oldin
Why is Blake always in a bad mood....
victoria14694 Oy oldin
I love the way jimmy dances! 8:14
Nawaf Al
Nawaf Al Oy oldin
Why they seem so angry at each other? :o
Sudiptaa Oy oldin
Blake = Vince Vaughn + Nick Offerman
Shellz Zabat
Shellz Zabat Oy oldin
In all fairness, Gwen didn't even know who Blake Shelton was.
Ben Joshua
Ben Joshua Oy oldin
*blake shelton is lowkey a dick*
nakiflo Oy oldin
This is great! I had a lot of fun watching this! Thanks!!
B.J. Elrod
B.J. Elrod Oy oldin
This game should be called BULLCRAP 😂 😂
Ryan Gentner
Ryan Gentner Oy oldin
8:13 -- Jimmy hit the buzzer in perfect timing to the song and at the perfect moment in the song.
Jonathan Dopson
Shey Roseanne
Shey Roseanne Oy oldin
ugh I just love jimmy
News Man
News Man Oy oldin
Dude the roots went in on those songs though. Holy crap they are a blessing
Pickle Poe
Pickle Poe Oy oldin
The roots rendition of holler back girl was bitchin'!! Sounded so good!
Elise McBride
Elise McBride Oy oldin
They are so good together. Blake is such a good sport. Fallon's charisma draws out the best in others. 😂
Zoey Hardy
Zoey Hardy Oy oldin
“There is no way you guys are satisfied with this job.” LOL LOL I can’t BREATHE!!!! Until I started watching Jimmy Fallon, I had no idea who Blake Sheldon was ... now I just only want to see the pair of them all the time. And until this episode, I didn’t know the “it’s bananas B A N A N A S girl was his girlfriend. THE TUBA!!! 😂😂😂😂😂 “I’m losing everything in my life.” lol “Can we do Seth Meyers next time?” 😂😂😂 I cant breathe!!
EXO L Oy oldin
LOL blake ripping this game apart made my night
Flutter Bize
Flutter Bize Oy oldin
These two together are pure comedic magic!! Love them both!
me e
me e Oy oldin
"Was I suppose to recognize that? I recognize it, is that Gwen?"
Ian Smith
Ian Smith Oy oldin
quest is a badass drummer.
Terry Hicks
Terry Hicks Oy oldin
Kathryn Handy
Kathryn Handy Oy oldin
Don_336 Oy oldin
5:50 man talk about sleepin on the couch. Hell Blake will be lucky to sleep in the House lol 😂
Carrie Poulter
I am loosing EVERYTHING
Ashy_7861 M
Ashy_7861 M Oy oldin
If ur not 200 years old you'll never get these. Including me