Name That Song Challenge with Miley Cyrus

The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon
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Miley Cyrus and Jimmy compete as they try to guess random songs The Roots are playing one instrument at a time, like Miley's own "Party in the U.S.A."
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Name That Song Challenge with Miley Cyrus
#Miley Cyrus




14-Dek, 2018



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JmillerTV 14 soat oldin
Love that she totally got the answer to “9-5” from the band lol
susi chuilie
susi chuilie 3 kun oldin
Adrian Tellez
Adrian Tellez 4 kun oldin
Jimmy just mumbles the words
Dani Rojas
Dani Rojas 4 kun oldin
És en serio que Miley no sabía las músicas? Disapointed total
MVE 5 kun oldin
Damn that Miley's voice .. so manly.
Jasmine Garcia
Jasmine Garcia 6 kun oldin
Jimmy totally knew call me maybe
Emilie hh
Emilie hh 6 kun oldin
4:42 i was actually thinking of that song
Janaki Baiju
Janaki Baiju 7 kun oldin
They must bring Kelly Clarkson...You guys are so gonna be dead...
jmcassonetto 8 kun oldin
All the songs start out like the theme from Shaft..
Shizoid Ebk
Shizoid Ebk 9 kun oldin
10000 bitcoin? yes pls
jordan2muse 9 kun oldin
Someone knows what the third song is? (after call me maybe) i love it but can't find it!
jordan2muse 9 kun oldin
Found it : 9 to 5, dolly parton
MainEdits 19
MainEdits 19 10 kun oldin
I wanted the last song to be the Hannah Montana theme song
Glory Be To God Amen
Glory Be To God Amen
Praise The Lord
Bruno Peixoto
Bruno Peixoto 14 kun oldin
Eu que sou Brasileiro acertei quase todas!
Hayden Stoffle
Hayden Stoffle 15 kun oldin
Miley is so cute😍
Miley Buckner
Miley Buckner 15 kun oldin
My name is miley and my birthday is the same as hers my parents said my b day is Nov 23
Anand Soman
Anand Soman 15 kun oldin
Miley always cheats
paula julieht acosta porras
The last one was an Austin Mahone's song?
Archana Yuvarajan
Archana Yuvarajan 16 kun oldin
@3:39 Is he whispering the answer?
Mel Bell- roblox, gacha, and more
OMG I LOVE MILEY'S MUSIC!!!!!! And Party In The U.S.A. is my favorite
Ibrahim Quraishi
Ibrahim Quraishi 19 kun oldin
i knew it was party in the usa before miley did lol
Cheryl Cameron-Sims
Cheryl Cameron-Sims 19 kun oldin
R TMNT 19 kun oldin
Jimmy totally new Party in the USA but waited for Miley to guess
dan nguyen
dan nguyen 20 kun oldin
I now right.
Lee Manning
Lee Manning 21 kun oldin
10,000 bitcoin is like (at the time of this post) like $39,000,000 USD
Pt fL
Pt fL 21 kun oldin
I wanna sex miley so bad after watching this
25 cent
25 cent 21 kun oldin
I don't know none of these songs
sweetcup123 21 kun oldin
If you look at 3:38 the guy with the guitar mouths “9 to 5” .. he totally told Miley the song name
grace baldwin
grace baldwin 21 kun oldin
who doesn’t love miley honestly
H H 22 kun oldin
miley is extremely sexy here
Ai Ce
Ai Ce 23 kun oldin
The first song sounded like Cardi B’s “money”
Delora LeRoy
Delora LeRoy 24 kun oldin
she heard half of the first guitar riff and she KNEWWW a true humble queen
Joselyn Gonzalez
Joselyn Gonzalez 24 kun oldin
She looks gorgeous!!! Enjoyed watching this so much😂
Camila Viciedo
Camila Viciedo 24 kun oldin
sksks when the first song i could’ve swore it was money by cardi b 👀
Kaileen Rusin
Kaileen Rusin 24 kun oldin
Honestly, I don’t think they were so off with most off those songs. I didn’t recognize “I Wanna Dance With Somebody” though. That one was a little off. Songs sound completely different without the words and sometimes unrecognizable. Dolly Parton is her Godmother so of course...she killed it 😂 She actually came out and said she doesn’t like Party in the USA so I’m not surprised she didn’t recognize it. Lastly, Jimmy hit a wonderful note singing You Git What I Need and I’m obsessed 😂 Also, also..she look so good 😭😍
Alex TheBadassBadger
Why does she have a dreamcatcher under her armpit?
Marwa Awji
Marwa Awji 24 kun oldin
Eggcelent! www.amazon.com/dp/B07NDSGVYC
Kanishka De Silva
Kanishka De Silva 26 kun oldin
How did she not recognize ‘I love Rock n Roll’ from that first beat??! 😱 but I love her a lot though! Such an amazing person in every possible way❤️
TheBrechreizende 29 kun oldin
The first Sound of Song 1 made me think it's Summer lovin' - Grease. I'm old.
Eric Angutiqjuaq
I love Jimmy Fallon and I really love Miley! Hannah Montana forever!
andrew Oy oldin
i thought the first song with the first instrument was money by cardi b i was so excited
Allie Sierdsma
Of course Miley got 9 to 5 by Dolly Parton cause she her godmother
Raghav Dubey
Raghav Dubey Oy oldin
Dear Jimmy, Improve your acting Seriously
Nadia Zeidan
Nadia Zeidan Oy oldin
What’s the song that jimmy sings at 3:19 I’ve forgot the name and it’s driving me craaaaazy
vakitamosha Oy oldin
he’s on drugs for sure! he’s acting fkn crazy and annoying all time!
saumya srivastava
I am so happy for her ❤
Leslie Bae
Leslie Bae Oy oldin
cookie_2205 1
cookie_2205 1 Oy oldin
Man jimmy is so funny and mill I have like ahhh just yes🙂🙂
Kevin sacobie
Kevin sacobie Oy oldin
Jimmy Fallon is an idiot. He hates seeing anyone else get attention
Aaron M
Aaron M Oy oldin
I’m just glad Miley lost
Kaylie Kuropatwa
Do a 70s one.
rose Oy oldin
I thought that the first song was MONEY BY CARDI B
Tarajae Tracey
She can sing thou ...damn ,Ik that’s her thing but she can really sing
hiba Oy oldin
Who is after her marriage with Liam?
Juri Jakimuk
Juri Jakimuk Oy oldin
4:00 - 4:03 I've listened to this run like 100 times
winter phoenix
Miley is loveeeeeeeee. She has grown up to be such a sassy and lovely lady
Eloise Gow
Eloise Gow Oy oldin
Subtle wins jimmy
Jose Villavicencio
thats bad info about bitcoins!!!
Ronni Satterwhite
I see you Will.i.am
At least she didn't behave like Michael Jackson this time around.
Lyann Adrias
Lyann Adrias Oy oldin
Miley’s voice soo lit 💓 with any song and genre
Kelly Sullivan
Jackie Harvey
Jackie Harvey Oy oldin
These are definitely rigged
Sharon Weiseman
I swear Jimmy cheats too 🤣🤣🤣
Abby Wonder
Abby Wonder Oy oldin
An entire album of Miley doing Dolly Parton covers would be fabulous
School of DIY
School of DIY Oy oldin
those teeth miley!!!!
Andrew Murray
Andrew Murray Oy oldin
Love Miley. Jimmy seems like a nice enough dude, but he legit laughs at everything. A celeb could fart and he'd be in hysterics. A little sycophantic.
Jesus Alvarez
Jesus Alvarez Oy oldin
She didn’t want to play. Just sing. Boring
Leslie Bae
Leslie Bae Oy oldin
Leslie Bae
Leslie Bae Oy oldin
Leslie Bae
Leslie Bae Oy oldin
Mister Simpson
I thought it was "Sir Duke" as well.
Rgaya Al A
Rgaya Al A Oy oldin
Miley cheated🙄 You cant ask the audience for help
AA 3005
AA 3005 Oy oldin
i mean clearly jimmy knew them all so
Kelvin Swag
Kelvin Swag Oy oldin
Miley: We all heard the Marley. Me: did we?
Armen Vardanyan
Miley is just legend
karan thakur
karan thakur Oy oldin
Miley's voice 😍
LoL christian
LoL christian Oy oldin
I still hate Miley
Aulia Azzahra
Aulia Azzahra Oy oldin
Jimmy if you don't know the lyrics, please PLEASE don't sing along. It's so annoying
Brittany lala
Brittany lala Oy oldin
Jimmy is just getting worse and worse
Error 404
Error 404 Oy oldin
*Happy Married Life Miley Cyrus!*
Sarah Ruby
Sarah Ruby Oy oldin
3:41 :)
Zhibek Abdymutalyp kyzy
Poor Miley 😂😂😂😂
Saurav Verma
Saurav Verma Oy oldin
10K Bitcoins?!? 😂😂
Vannesa Leyva
Vannesa Leyva Oy oldin
what was the song Miley was talking about at the last guess ??
Prateek Paul
Prateek Paul Oy oldin
Fallon is really the most unfunny host of the late shows.
Roselia Thorn
Roselia Thorn Oy oldin
Miley was so stressed Hahha
Saraly Perez-Santos
Miley did awesome!!
Bs just wants Miley again on show so acting goofy #OverActor
William M
William M Oy oldin
Love the lady!!
FD Oy oldin
i would glady take 10,000 btc over 10,000 usd
didie didie
didie didie Oy oldin
i hate jimmy fallon, but i love his show... its weird,, :)
Doctor Kanika
Doctor Kanika Oy oldin
Jimmy is just trying to show off infront of miley! She looks like abandoned here. 😒
Sonya John
Sonya John Oy oldin
everyone needs to stfu about jimmy!!! he’s got his own show and can do whatever he wants while y’all broke
Ada Szymczak
Ada Szymczak Oy oldin
Am I the only one who went ‘oh no, it’s not’ when he said that 10 000 bitcoin is negative dollars? 😂
Calm Laurus
Calm Laurus Oy oldin
Miley’s voice is amazing 😭❤️
Thor Emblem
Thor Emblem Oy oldin
Jimmy clearly knew call me maybe but wanted to let Miley win one
Haley Star
Haley Star Oy oldin
love jimmy but when miley was singing 9 to 5 he really just needed to tone it down😂
Gracie Price
Gracie Price Oy oldin
*its not my fault i have like my biggest fans in the audience* Me: I'm sure they're there for Jimmy... No hate ;P
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