Name That Song Challenge with Miley Cyrus

The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon
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Miley Cyrus and Jimmy compete as they try to guess random songs The Roots are playing one instrument at a time, like Miley's own "Party in the U.S.A."
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Name That Song Challenge with Miley Cyrus
#Miley Cyrus




14-Dek, 2018

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Matt Kun oldin
Does everyone who is pissed off Jimmy is kind of the center of attention... May I remind you it is his fucking show and the only people who should be shutting up are assholes who are simply jealous, intimidated and scared of the man and his talent, abilities and fame. Don't go to his shows channel and bitch about how he chooses to operate on HIS SHOW
Kenzie Hyland
Kenzie Hyland Kun oldin
Oh my god I would’ve lost so hard 😂 I thought they would play it through a Speaker or something.
Hannah Janel
Hannah Janel Kun oldin
These all sound like the songs to me lol. I think the band did a great job!
Мистер Кукуруза
3:45 whats the song?
aafster life
aafster life Kun oldin
If she would just stop. talking. for. a. second, she could guess all the songs!
Divy Singh
Divy Singh 2 kun oldin
Jimmy Is A Musical Freak...
Raymona Martin
Raymona Martin 2 kun oldin
3:03 I'm not racist but I thought it was just black people in The Roots
The Roots are a great live band. One of the reasons I watch this show more than the others.
Megan Shdleif
Megan Shdleif 2 kun oldin
I guessed Stevie Wonder too😂
Samantha Breede
Samantha Breede 2 kun oldin
miley almost didnt get her own song + her godmother’s song lmao
Kahlil Serad
Kahlil Serad 3 kun oldin
Miley played like shit
Chioma Ajoku
Chioma Ajoku 3 kun oldin
I thought the first song was money by cardi
Natalie Hernandez
Natalie Hernandez 3 kun oldin
I wish Jimmy would shut up and let Miley sing
Harriet Ah-Chong
Harriet Ah-Chong 4 kun oldin
Her ring 😩😻😻
Klaudette Kaye Delfin
I love her voice!
larryslove890 4 kun oldin
Miley’s voice is absolutely INSANE. She sings so well with such ease.
Bo Cleedus
Bo Cleedus 5 kun oldin
they all sounded like they should yall just fuckin idiots
Bluemgwes 5 kun oldin
1:53 Lol even the editor is like "Jimmy just shush with your singing". That transition was jarring from him singing to playing the next round lol
mary surilla
mary surilla 5 kun oldin
Ava Farrell
Ava Farrell 5 kun oldin
I was actually disappointed when they couldn’t get call me maybe,,.
The Great Doge God
The Great Doge God 5 kun oldin
miley cirus memes
The Great Doge God
The Great Doge God 5 kun oldin
Kendra Troxtel
Kendra Troxtel 6 kun oldin
I love her!!
Alpha Maicle
Alpha Maicle 6 kun oldin
I love Miley! 😍
LOVE AND WAR 6 kun oldin
Love Miley!
fred gonz
fred gonz 7 kun oldin
Miley you make me laugh😂
Mavisss K
Mavisss K 7 kun oldin
Methni XD
Methni XD 7 kun oldin
Was I the only one gushing about those Christmas decorations 😂
Julz L.
Julz L. 7 kun oldin
Fuck I love her dress 😩
Adriana Sparkles
Adriana Sparkles 7 kun oldin
Miley Cyrus is seriously HOT AF!!!! 🖤🔥
Ely Salcedo
Ely Salcedo 7 kun oldin
The funny thing is that Miley has sung all these songs live 😍
Inês Melo
Inês Melo 7 kun oldin
ahhhhh Jimmy is so annoying sometimes!!!
Glitter 0315
Glitter 0315 8 kun oldin
6:08 For that second I literally thought the song was Motion by Khalid
Priscila Puci
Priscila Puci 8 kun oldin
3:40 What name músic?
S-K-I 8 kun oldin
Lol I personally love jimmy Fallon! I think he has a great charisma
Kenil Sheth
Kenil Sheth 8 kun oldin
I was waiting for Hedwig's theme until the end of the video
H N 9 kun oldin
What’s the point of playing more then one song if the last one can destroy all the points before!!!!!
Misha Aracama
Misha Aracama 9 kun oldin
Looks so scripted
Phoebe Taber
Phoebe Taber 9 kun oldin
I get how a lot of people are annoyed by jimmy fallon, but honestly, I think his antics are adorable
Oliver Kalamata
Oliver Kalamata 10 kun oldin
Orion Luther
Orion Luther 10 kun oldin
Miley, I am so magnonimous about your little slip up. [classified].telepathy is a government secret. I don't want to get any more magnonimous. Meet me in my office in seven hours. Start down the elevator ASAP. #RememberToBringSnacks *low cello*
sahara russell
sahara russell 10 kun oldin
jimmy fallon and james corden both think they are banging at singing they need to let the singers sing its so annoying
Nada Waari
Nada Waari 10 kun oldin
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Marunzet M
Marunzet M 11 kun oldin
Miley looks so wonderful
Анастасия Кроу
Она сказала "да"? На первой песне
Lauren is awesome
Lauren is awesome 11 kun oldin
I feel Miley went through a big recovery process. From Hannah Montana to Wrecking Ball to this (and when I say this I mean a less naked more calmer Miley. 💓😰😂💓😍😎👍👊
Terry Kiều
Terry Kiều 11 kun oldin
I love Miley, she's such a down to earth girl.
mayara silva
mayara silva 11 kun oldin
so funny
Izzy Cee
Izzy Cee 11 kun oldin
I didn’t know she could actually sing! Good voice miley
Noemi VJ
Noemi VJ 11 kun oldin
I love Miley the way she is now
Suzan Sadek
Suzan Sadek 11 kun oldin
i love u but jimmy shut up and let miley sing
Olly 12 kun oldin
Nice to see miley normal
OPet QUiban
OPet QUiban 12 kun oldin
i am smiling the entire time watching this thang ❤️☺️👍 love ya miley ❤️❤️❤️❤️
RafaGi 12 kun oldin
Ella tiene el ritmo en las venas.
rome l
rome l 12 kun oldin
It's almost painful watching Jimmy hold back and pretend like he doesn't know the songs in the first few beats so his guests can attempt to answer.
Charlee Bridges
Charlee Bridges 12 kun oldin
Is it just me or does smiley look a little like Maddie Ziegler in this??
elisabeth grill
elisabeth grill 12 kun oldin
Gegi Zambakhidze
Gegi Zambakhidze 12 kun oldin
it's so obvious at 0:38 to like 0:41 that Jimmy is looking at the answer.
English Teacher
English Teacher 12 kun oldin
Poor girl is killing herself by smoking way too much.
Khanaja Scott Productions
I need that dress plz
Jamie Hudson
Jamie Hudson 13 kun oldin
Am I the only one who wasn’t at all annoyed by jimmy
cutenurse79 Cutenurse79
healthy Miley is an amazing person
elise hutchison
elise hutchison 13 kun oldin
miley is back on her shit
Sydney Long
Sydney Long 13 kun oldin
Jimmy totally knew the third one but gave it to her haha
Britt Driessen | LLN
Whats the song called at 3:42?
andres fernandez
andres fernandez 11 kun oldin
Britt Driessen | LLN 5 to 9
TheSeanocasey 13 kun oldin
I am generally good at this but man I sorry but the music they are playing sounds nothing like the songs.
Aubrie Cheyenne
Aubrie Cheyenne 13 kun oldin
Hey guys could you follow team gartin on youtube plz?
Kyra Neptune
Kyra Neptune 13 kun oldin
She looks so good.
Eva 13 kun oldin
in what universe was that party in the usa
keiller ellis
keiller ellis 14 kun oldin
she was so innocent what happened
RGV Productions
RGV Productions 14 kun oldin
Damn she’s beautiful
Raquel Tenbrink
Raquel Tenbrink 14 kun oldin
6:07 thought it was battle of Yorktown from Hamilton and screamed 😂😂💪
Dynamite trinitrotoluene
So did no one catch onto the ten thousand bitcoin whatever. He knows that a bit coin is like crazy money right?
Joel Watts
Joel Watts 14 kun oldin
4:40 😂😂😂😂
Brian Gosik
Brian Gosik 14 kun oldin
And is it me or is miley a crappy singer she shouldve stuck with hanna montana
Brian Gosik
Brian Gosik 14 kun oldin
I dont recognize a cardi b song and most likely she use the beat if she has it on her song
Ameia Cooper
Ameia Cooper 14 kun oldin
Didn't even sound like party in the USA
Roman Provvedi
Roman Provvedi 14 kun oldin
The Roots are amazing !!
Balaji Karthi
Balaji Karthi 14 kun oldin
Who else did replayed "Party in the USA" and thought is that the song!?
b bjr
b bjr 14 kun oldin
just listen the beat bitch stop fkn talking
christine simpson
christine simpson 14 kun oldin
Oh Miley grew hair!!??🤯🤯🤯👧👧🧑🧑
Strawberry banana Milkshake
Sarah Keeme
Sarah Keeme 14 kun oldin
Go Miley Cyrus
Rory Ireland
Rory Ireland 15 kun oldin
her voice is deep
miley 15 kun oldin
4:16 بالنسبة انها طولت عشان تعرف اغنيتها!😂
Amanda Quaresma
Amanda Quaresma 15 kun oldin
Judith Michelle
Judith Michelle 15 kun oldin
He annoys me so much
Sparkling Thoughts
Sparkling Thoughts 15 kun oldin
www.gofundme.com/cpkxkx-winter-struggle needing help
monbooboo the fool
monbooboo the fool 15 kun oldin
Miley getting Call Me Maybe after that painful wait got to me 😂
Gillian Biel
Gillian Biel 15 kun oldin
I didn’t know any of them. The music just sounds too different.
Bond, Antoine Bond
Bond, Antoine Bond 15 kun oldin
What's the outro song plz :p
marvel iam
marvel iam 16 kun oldin
Song 1 sounds like money
Elly 1407
Elly 1407 16 kun oldin
Jimmy... u r a host. Stop fucking sing!!!!!
angel l
angel l 16 kun oldin
the roots are so talented omg
Valerio Brunetti
Valerio Brunetti 16 kun oldin
This was one of the best games , done on this show ever , so fun to watch pharrel , blake and miley trying to guess the songs , and jimmy is so competitive makes it even more fun .... love it !! , and the roots kills it everytime way FUN !! more videos with more celebrities .....
SP Low
SP Low 16 kun oldin
Maia Leckey
Maia Leckey 16 kun oldin
Lavandera K
Lavandera K 17 kun oldin
I'm glad that miley came back.
Centurion wolf
Centurion wolf 17 kun oldin
Would love to hang with her
Celia Elizabeth
Celia Elizabeth 17 kun oldin
Of course she got the Dolly Parton song that’s her grandma
Hannah Quinn
Hannah Quinn 11 kun oldin
It’s her godmother
Hannah Rebecca
Hannah Rebecca 11 kun oldin
Celia Elizabeth Dolly Parton isn't her grandmother but she has known He all of Mileys life