Name That Song Challenge with Pharrell Williams

The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon
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Pharrell Williams and Jimmy go head-to-head trying to correctly guess random songs The Roots are playing one instrument at a time.
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Name That Song Challenge with Pharrell Williams




27-Iyn, 2017



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Keyinroq ko‘rish
Fikrlar 3 905
Uditha Lekamge
Uditha Lekamge 3 kun oldin
I thought about justify my love
Susan  Vaughan-Schiele
Hate the guy. Misogynistic scumbag.
Proud to be an Indian
Pharell looks like Yogi Adityanath..😆😆
newdreamz a1-z0
newdreamz a1-z0 5 kun oldin
name that song challange with yogi.
Cody Reeves
Cody Reeves 5 kun oldin
Don’t do cocaine kids lol
Kim Schwartz
Kim Schwartz 5 kun oldin
That last song that Pharrell got in those few notes reminded me of the retro game show where the contestants bet in notes, how many it would take them to name the song.
Kim Schwartz
Kim Schwartz 5 kun oldin
Bid a note on name that tune.
Kyle Lina
Kyle Lina 6 kun oldin
Did Jimmy just say the n word at 2:32?
Fatin Amirah
Fatin Amirah 6 kun oldin
Pharell - Happy
ally 8 kun oldin
i really thought he was like 19 or something and is an achiever
Eloise Rebeca
Eloise Rebeca 8 kun oldin
Anitta? 3:26
James 9 kun oldin
0 comments???? my youtube bugging orrr
Gürhan A.
Gürhan A. 10 kun oldin
lmao "drop it like its hot?"
Monica44ish 10 kun oldin
Anyone else find it kinda awkward and cringy when Jimmy was obviously throwing his guess on Sorry by Justin Bieber?
Chris McMillen
Chris McMillen 11 kun oldin
Why sid i guess toto africa for all of them expect toto....lol
MiKayla O'Field
MiKayla O'Field 12 kun oldin
drop it like it's hot killed me. Lol
Rece Carter
Rece Carter 12 kun oldin
This is the tonight’s shows best game, hands down.
2 Stroke Smoke
2 Stroke Smoke 13 kun oldin
i got 3 way before them haha i feel proud of my self!
Royal Army
Royal Army 14 kun oldin
3:26,Pharrell was quick on that one.👌
Keabetswe Molelekeng
Pharrell almost looks like he's tryna drop a meme at 5:24
JuJu TKN 14 kun oldin
Anyone in 2019 rewatching this? 🙋🏻‍♀️😍🤣
Sonaper 14 kun oldin
Is Pharell on that adrenochrome diet?
likeisaid 18 kun oldin
Omgawd the way Pharell Williams said Just Got Paid. 5:19♡♡♡
crzykoment 20 kun oldin
parrel always looks like hes only 27 and only wear simple outfit. he doesn't look millionaire but that's good, he wanna be look simple and always looks young
Stephen Samuel
Stephen Samuel 21 kun oldin
Jimmy looks horrible with a moustache If anyone agrees leave a like.
Sports City
Sports City 21 kun oldin
I didn't even notice that Jimmy has a mustache LOL
Adnan Cusic
Adnan Cusic 23 kun oldin
Fallon is such a suckass sportsman, way too competitive
Keara Soosaithasan
Keara Soosaithasan 24 kun oldin
I nailed everything but I just got paid
Pao θρησκεία Θύρα 13
1:50 who else though it was -can’t hold us
☻Here's My Opinion☻
Black dont crack
fallon 17
fallon 17 25 kun oldin
Dude! I got “Drop it like it’s hot” and the exact same time Pharrell got it.
zmaud 26 kun oldin
Jimmy there looks like that principal from Ferris buellers day off With that moustache
Taylor y madarozzo RD taylor y romero
He looks like a very disappointing real life version of Mario
Tashhh R
Tashhh R 28 kun oldin
“Who? Me? Oh” mood 4eva
ryanb87z 28 kun oldin
Jimmy is definitely on cocaine lol
dipesh malla
dipesh malla 29 kun oldin
Pharell looks like a street Rat that doesn't age.
MasterCtrl x
MasterCtrl x 29 kun oldin
its a mario!!!!
Nolan O'Hara
Nolan O'Hara Oy oldin
pharrell damn near made drop it like its hot lmao
ChaseHLee 26 kun oldin
Nolan O'Hara not even damn near. He absolutely produced it.
You're Welcome!
Those songs sound so far from the song, how could anyone guess it.
Its fun they didn't recognize justin bieber
Mo n
Mo n Oy oldin
Pharrell is so hot
Grain the Seawing
Is that mustache for real?
Ananya Dwivedi
Moustache? Nooo
Bailey Smith
Bailey Smith Oy oldin
the only song with spray cans. jimmy: how did you get that?
Nine Waves
Nine Waves Oy oldin
Wonderwall is literally the only song I've ever gotten on this game.
Sky Styles
Sky Styles Oy oldin
Jimmy : How did you get that? Pharrell: I was part of that song. Duhhhhhh
Rick Henderson
So weird! They started playing Sorry and I first thought "Toto - Africa," and they played that the very next song!
Maria Eduarda Coelho
Jimmy, there's a squirrel on your face.
Squantle Oy oldin
I’m usually so bad at these but apart from pharrell at the end, I got them all before either of them did :)
Olga Alvarez
Olga Alvarez Oy oldin
Bcoz he produced it and he is on it! Lol but come on its Snoopyssss yay
Mike Mena
Mike Mena Oy oldin
"Thats insane howd u get that" He made that beat dumbass lol
Keilah Hellon
Keilah Hellon Oy oldin
6:16 😂😂😂
rheyma day
rheyma day Oy oldin
That mustache ain’t it
Ayesha Tabassum
I thought Sorry was Cheap Thrills wtf 😂💀 I'm so bad
Maddel97 Oy oldin
whats up with them? how do they not recognize wonderwall after the first few guitar strokes?????
James Kunetz
James Kunetz Oy oldin
He respek The Roots
Rand Habani
Rand Habani Oy oldin
Jimmy’s moustache gives me life.
Eva Silber
Eva Silber Oy oldin
Wtf since when is there a squirrel in his face?
Ricardo Sammy
Ricardo Sammy Oy oldin
1:58 ....the face u make while ur masturbating and hear a noise😂
Captain Gene
Captain Gene Oy oldin
thats so weird cuz i literally thought "sorry" was "africa" for a second lol then they played it next...i think i see the future
Roxy Vancouver
Pharell is the boss. So many hits!! Bam
Mishii love
Mishii love Oy oldin
Did anyone else notice he has an HH sweater? Miley's Foundation
Pradnesh Gajbhiye
Bc yogi naath 😂😂😂
N Makarova
N Makarova Oy oldin
I love Jimmy. I love Pharrell. I hate the mustache.
lion princess
lion princess Oy oldin
He is crazy hahahha love it
Green L
Green L Oy oldin
Fun to watch!
Andy Correa
Andy Correa Oy oldin
damn that snare sound 😆👌
CMR Oy oldin
Just want the roots to continue playing
Stance Media
Stance Media Oy oldin
Darude Sandstorm
Kiera Shellhammer
No one loves this game more than Jimmy
Moonwalk Girl
Moonwalk Girl 2 oy oldin
Jai Otamias
Jai Otamias 2 oy oldin
damn he hot
Christina Patterson
1. Take On Me * A-Ha 2. Wonderwall * Oasis 3. Sorry * Bieber 4. Africa * Toto 5. Don't You Forget About Me 6. Just Got Paid 7. Drop It Like It's Hot
Rafa T A C
Rafa T A C 2 oy oldin
I sometimes forget Jimmys moustashe was actually a thing
Narutoismylover 22
What we’ve learned is that only another musical genius can take one down 🤣
Nathan Sanders
Nathan Sanders 2 oy oldin
I want to hear a full cover of wonder wall
yes ok
yes ok 2 oy oldin
Fallon is cringe personified.
Haven Sabaini
Haven Sabaini 2 oy oldin
Porn Star Mustache Jimmy...I cannot take him seriously! Pharrell is adorable playing this! He was hustling Jimmy. I’d NEVER play pool with him, that’s for sure! ☮️♥️🕉
Rolande Nadeau
Rolande Nadeau 2 oy oldin
Jimmy looks like a 700 porn star lol
Zachary Grose
Zachary Grose 2 oy oldin
This song is littt 1:26
Swiggles xoxo
Swiggles xoxo 2 oy oldin
Pharrell should do ASMR
Laura Rodriguez
Laura Rodriguez 2 oy oldin
Thank God Jimmy shaved his stache
lol pharrell looks like hes still 20 ffs the guy don't age ahhah
Citlalli Carlos
Citlalli Carlos 2 oy oldin
Am i the only one that felt weird when Jimmy told Pharrell to stop walking into the curtain b4 he "ran into something"? Followed by a "You HAVE to play the game, you have to!" 🤣😂
George Hinkson
George Hinkson 2 oy oldin
Wuz with the stache on Jimmy?
muthanna RS
muthanna RS 2 oy oldin
I think he has disease. Pharell doesn't look 40
Chene Du Plessis
Chene Du Plessis 2 oy oldin
Jimmy is very competative
Johan Botha
Johan Botha 2 oy oldin
jimmy you are so nice that you have no personalty of your own. you must be so close to destruction it a`int even funny. you must be the most lonely person in life. please rather let met know before you end it for if what you do is real you are not in a good place ever. sorry but your live is becoming a sad story, but otherwise good luck but please stop trying to be funny because you are the worse o forcing other people( making you psychopathy in real life). I will rather respect a true person and not a sold out overrated boy that is trying to be funny. because you are the same when I am trying to entertain the kids. RIP
Melissa Ngai
Melissa Ngai 2 oy oldin
This is like the only time they've played this game where I could actually correctly guess the songs. Especially before Jimmy guesses so quickly and makes it seem completely rigged.
- إيفا -
- إيفا - 2 oy oldin
yale3d 2 oy oldin
You should clarify the answer... Just sayin'... Otherwise: great! Happy new year!
juan contreraz
juan contreraz 2 oy oldin
Lo dejo ganar :v
Ryan Halien
Ryan Halien 2 oy oldin
Pharrell is ageless
blizzero96 2 oy oldin
I was like Toto africa on Justin bieber, and next song is Toto africa XD then I got it insantly
Bernard Simon
Bernard Simon 2 oy oldin
I can’t digest the fact that Pharell is 45
rafal KB
rafal KB 3 oy oldin
Jimmy has a terrible voice he should really stop singing
arnob chowdhury
arnob chowdhury 3 oy oldin
cover pic look like yogi adityanath
James Thyra
James Thyra 3 oy oldin
what did jimmy see at 4:02
El Bigotes De La Tienda
Faker than Jimmy's laugh...
Raquel Cole
Raquel Cole 3 oy oldin
Jimmy said "how did you get that"... I know you hear that iconic beat. I was ready with the skuurrrrrrroop lol
ABS 3 oy oldin
Before I watch this I bet Pharrell easily wins this, this is his kind of game
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