Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer respond to Trump's speech

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House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) and Senate Minority Leader Charles Schumer (D-NY) respond to President Donald Trump’s national address about immigration and the US-Mexico border.
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9-Yan, 2019

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Internet Lie Detector
Internet Lie Detector 18 daqiqa oldin
This is lies.
Guilherme Gabriel
Guilherme Gabriel 53 daqiqa oldin
Trump 2020
II II Soat oldin
You liars could care less about the American people.
II II Soat oldin
If Trump hadnt made immigration a top issue they wouldnt be discussung it at all in any serious way.
Real3R Soat oldin
Walls work...just ask Berlin or ancient China. Or Rome, or Israel ffs....or Turkey, Hungary etc etc etc... If you believe this drivel, you'd buy crack if I told you it was good for you. Want some crack?
II II Soat oldin
I love how they drop these buzz words designed to trigger the brainwashing theyve installed in weak minded people through the media.
II II Soat oldin
You two are liars!
Real3R Soat oldin
These 2 are literally A.I. NPC robots. Just watch them. Holy shit!
Real3R Soat oldin
Schumer has that Bibi stink-eye thing down-pat. Gross.
John Bjorklund
John Bjorklund 2 soat oldin
How do people not understand how a wall works?
Titties Bigglesby
Titties Bigglesby 2 soat oldin
Here's Chuck Schumer advocating all of Trump's ideas just 10 years ago. Pelosi & Schumer are the most spineless, immoral pieces of shit in politics. They'll say anything to win a vote & then say the opposite to win another. Fucking disgusting human beings. uzvid.com/video/video-tlfOPvUABnw.html&t=157s
Alasdair McBryde
Alasdair McBryde 2 soat oldin
Well done Mr. Trump ... the adult in the room. A comprehensive plan which the childish juveniles on the left in your country could not conceive for decades. Good fiscal and financial thinking and sound policy ... and congratulations on your trade agreements ... bravo ... again good thinking and good strategy ... your country was getting badly ripped off, especially on the intangibles like intellectual property values and the billions of dollars in revenue lost from that alone. Congratulations on turning your economy around. It still needs another 4-6 years of reform to rectify the mess created by former administrations. What you have done thus far is just the start, but well done. We are with you Mr. Trump from all around the world you have enormous support in Australia, Europe, Africa and Asia ... it's sad to see a Democratic Communist-Socialist Party trying to destroy America. Their irresponsible experiments have FAILED the world over and resulted in the deaths of over 100 million people. They rely on economically illiterate supporters who cannot even articulate how they will fund their 'utopia' and they show a pitiful lack of understanding of the international tax eco system as is evident in their tax funding policy. Their policies will ensure a flight of capital, tax revenues and expertise out of America and you only have to look at California to see what the whole of America will become like ... except a lot worse. Even Americans are leaving California and I no longer recommend my friends and business associates go there as tourists. Paris has lost over 1 million tourists this year due to their failed tax and migration policies ... California will be the same ... tourism will go on the decline and once more a loss in more tax revenue to fund the delusional left's 'utopia'. Everyone around the world can see there will be no money left to fund the Democrats stupidity and it is becoming a running joke in board meetings and pubs around the world ... quite embarrassing. In board meetings your Democrat candidates are mocked and used as examples and case studies of what NOT to do. I was appalled at the number of homeless, ghettos and feces on the streets in both LA and San Francisco and this is home to the world's richest corporate tech company's who have enough money to solve that within 6 months ... it's a disgrace. But that is typical of your Democrats and left biased tech companies ... all talk and promoting how virtuous they are, but with no workable solutions. They don't seem capable of thinking beyond the immediate and can't see the obvious long-term destructive consequences of their economically illiterate policies and candidates ... really scary to behold. There are no successful Communist-Socialist countries in the world and ironically when they flee their barren countries they flee to Western Democracies. NONE of them flee to other Communist-Socialist countries, because they are beset by the same problems and ideological lunacy of your Democratic Communist Party. You have a classic example right on your doorstep with Venezuela which is now a basket case with identical policies to your Democrats. Some people are very slow to learn and have no respect for the lessons of history and simply keep going down the path to failure and sadly destroying people, cultures and economies along the way.
Shanni Carrillo
Shanni Carrillo 2 soat oldin
They don't wall because their voter base will decrease. Nancy needs to step away from all those pills - they are causing her speech to be very strange.
John seven
John seven 3 soat oldin
Two of the most evil people on earth.
William Macdonald
William Macdonald 3 soat oldin
Why are there not any positive comments but 10k likes?
William Macdonald
William Macdonald 3 soat oldin
Two iguanas about to eat a fly
William Macdonald
William Macdonald 3 soat oldin
Only CNN gets more dislikes than like on their own platform!
nenabk1 3 soat oldin
Hypocrites get the hell out of the house. I was a Democratic immigrant from Colombia now I support President Trump he makes totally sense.
Rich Moye
Rich Moye 4 soat oldin
300 Americans die a week to heroine from Mexico and 2400 pounds of fentynal is brought from Mexico to u.s enough to kill millions of Americans
Rich Moye
Rich Moye 4 soat oldin
More dislikes than like I wonder why
Rich Moye
Rich Moye 4 soat oldin
Perelló 4 soat oldin
They look like ciborgs controlled by desperate villains from a Sunday afternoon's bad movie.
rachel kay ochs
rachel kay ochs 4 soat oldin
you suck nancy and chuck stay of the air your a big waste of time. you cant promise anything nancy and chuck you cant eathter so dont put false promises in the american ppl heads when u dont even care for the us ppl .
Nathan Edwards
Nathan Edwards 4 soat oldin
Their speech is fake and it sucks
Sandra Ellis
Sandra Ellis 4 soat oldin
The illegals are welcome at their homes. You border jumpers should head there. They will take good care of you......
Sandra Ellis
Sandra Ellis 5 soat oldin
Build the wall.
Sandra Ellis
Sandra Ellis 5 soat oldin
Why is this ancient hag still in office?
kdw75 5 soat oldin
Is Schummer trying to replace Grumpy Cat? lol
Louis Horton
Louis Horton 6 soat oldin
Put a sock on it Nancy. The wall will be BUILT!!! You're going to Gitmo & Schumer is going with you .
Maria Callous
Maria Callous 6 soat oldin
take me to your leader? Senator Zoron and Senator Klatu. I am not going there. Klatu sucks her teeth cause she isn't used to them and thinks it's food.
Marlyneni Rios
Marlyneni Rios 6 soat oldin
Nancy Pelosi, you are not the leader of this nation! When will you understand that and start respecting your president? We want security for our country. And we stand behind our president
Andy Chung
Andy Chung 7 soat oldin
So... When are they going to get their own podiums?
JoeU54 7 soat oldin
Look at their EYES. BOTH have sold their souls. It's obviously more important for them to have Trump fail than to allow AMERICA to succeed. They are both traitors. Period
Krzysztof Jagielski
Krzysztof Jagielski 7 soat oldin
America !!! Are these your leaders !?!?! Grandpa and grandma?!? Are these people going to lead you into the future?!?! Boring, emotionless, no passion, speaking robots ....pathetic!!! Look at Ocasio-Cortez and see the difference....
Michael Suk
Michael Suk 8 soat oldin
Oh nooo! He’s using malice!! 😱
Julian Teicht
Julian Teicht 8 soat oldin
Grey Day
Grey Day 9 soat oldin
Shumer the tumor and nancy the poop scooper are two dooky shooters sewer stupors really stupid dufus looking manure goofball loosin all respect ass for ya no class havin ass holes
David Dias
David Dias 10 soat oldin
These guys look like they have no soul, holy shit, who even takes them seriously??
DarkEchoes 12 soat oldin
"We don't govern by temper tantrums." Do you remember how Obamacare got passed?
Willie Pierce
Willie Pierce 12 soat oldin
Chuck Jew-mer
ba09942 13 soat oldin
They look like zombies
F B 17 soat oldin
Two classless disgusting politicians right here. Please Americans wake up and vote these democRATS out before it is too late... If left unchecked and unchallenged they will destroy our country.
Sam Vimes
Sam Vimes 18 soat oldin
People like Pelosi and Schumer must be tried and executed along with the criminals of the Clinton, Obama and Bush administrations.
Harris Anne
Harris Anne 18 soat oldin
My God, They both look scared chitless. PATHETIC pedo sympathizers!!!! Look em up! Enemies of America and humanity!
Kavorka Online
Kavorka Online 19 soat oldin
why do you hand out funds to your mistress Israel yet refuse to help your own country? I smell Brisket.
Marren Haneberg
Marren Haneberg 20 soat oldin
Maybe they could donate their plastic surgery & botox fund to the federal employees they've put out of a salary?
k98killer 21 soat oldin
"Donald, as your parents, we are very disappointed in your behavior. Your father and I are getting too old to clean up your messes -- just look at us, we're halfway dead already." "Son, I am disappoint."
Jimmy Garza
Jimmy Garza 22 soat oldin
0:40 Schumer is starting into my soul. This does not look normal.
NoChannelChannel 22 soat oldin
Two of the most dishonest puppets in america,
Mark Farparan
Mark Farparan 22 soat oldin
Can anyone see where the puppeteer is in this video???
Hona Wikeepa
Hona Wikeepa Kun oldin
Pinocchio and her gay brother Penocchio.
Megan Lam
Megan Lam Kun oldin
The fact is:
eanayat mosa
eanayat mosa Kun oldin
democratic Adams family new movie :)
F T P Kun oldin
As far as I'm reading a bunch of ppl on the comments want this wall built so idk what is Taking so long
F T P Kun oldin
Idk why ppl follow theses idiots they only wanna ruin our country 💯 we need to have our walls protected like china and all theses other country's doesn't matter if this is the united states we have kids and family we want safe and don't need anymore of theses pol bringing diseases
henry serra
henry serra Kun oldin
They start making Quualuds Again??? DAM!! I loved those and so does Pelosi! Giggaggugduhgaaag!!! 😳😂😳👎🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸👍💯💯💯
Mz Cat
Mz Cat Kun oldin
They are so out of touch with what real Americans want.
Pierce Martin
Pierce Martin Kun oldin
Oh ok, but its ok when Obama shutdown down the border to get his way. Got it..
Richard Mccracken
piss off Nancy and chuck and you too CNN realy .... piss off .....CNN is nothing but democratic fake news
CaptinStorm Kun oldin
miguel soto
miguel soto Kun oldin
You guys are fucking idiots your judging these people based off their looks and not facts. These people are probably not used to speaking in front of millions of people and while they do look creepy I admit that....it doesn’t mean they are wrong though they are basically saying we will work something out aka build the wall if you just open the government back up..the reason they aren’t willing to negotiate while he is doing this is because if they agree to fund the wall while he has the government shut down it only empowers him to do more at any cost that can really hurt people... he can’t just do it that way it’s unprofessional and very dictator like....idk everyone is entitled to there own opinion but for crying out loud something has to happen ASAP we need the government back up before we have real issues
Shaun B
Shaun B Kun oldin
Jesus! What did I just watch? The creepiest two people ever. These two people literally made me leave the dem party because of their behavior the last year. They are discusting, and robots!
Bill Lord
Bill Lord Kun oldin
This is one of the most bizarre speeches I have ever seen. They act like they are the moral perfection we all should replicate
Chiedozie Nwandieze
Clowns hahahahahahaha
Jay Meehan
Jay Meehan Kun oldin
Is it just me? Or does anyone else see the painting, "American Gothic" (the famous painting of the 19th century farm couple where the the guy is holding a pitchfork) when you see this picture???
Skip carlson
Skip carlson Kun oldin
How do you untangle this mess a quote from schema Schumer. Build the wall.✌🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸
Wayne Kirby
Wayne Kirby Kun oldin
Lock these crooks up.
Skip carlson
Skip carlson Kun oldin
They look like stone statues and they're Liars to Hippocrates
Harleen Quinzel
Harleen Quinzel Kun oldin
This woman’s face has been pulled back so much, she longer has any facial expression!
Rey Gold Evans
Rey Gold Evans Kun oldin
Fuckin Liars
Wyatt Ruiz
Wyatt Ruiz Kun oldin
Why do they look like they’re about to confront me about my drinking habits?
not a bot
not a bot Kun oldin
Trump is always winning and they are always lying
not a bot
not a bot Kun oldin
Cuck Schumer
Dre Dogg
Dre Dogg Kun oldin
Fake people... Pelosi and Shumer
Kip Paseo
Kip Paseo Kun oldin
President tells Pelosi if the bitch wants to fly overseas she better take her broom cuz she can't get a government plane LOL
ponyraider 2 kun oldin
Go Democrats!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Champ Prill
Champ Prill 2 kun oldin
I can’t find any pro democrat comments.. there should be at LEAST 6 million?? Maybe they’ve been turned into soap? Oy vey shut it down
anna qu
anna qu 2 kun oldin
These two faces are too creepy😱!
Todd Rhoten
Todd Rhoten 2 kun oldin
"How do we untangle this mess?" Fire both of your useless corpses!
Dak Kol
Dak Kol 2 kun oldin
Chuckie and Bride of Chuckie
duanecrump crump
duanecrump crump 2 kun oldin
They look constipated. Prune Juice does the trick.
Jeffrey Griffin
Jeffrey Griffin 2 kun oldin
If any business was run like these COCKSUCKERS run our government, they would all be fired. You must achieve goals and objectives. If they fight daily play these beuracratic games, the entire fucking staff that we the American people trusted to do their jobs have failed. Fire them or hang them all for TREASON! Time to take our country back. Remember what happened to Mussolini?!!!!!
Sam I Am
Sam I Am 2 kun oldin
Disgusting. So creepy. Stop being FAKE! #BuildTheWall
HaztaLaVista BaBy
HaztaLaVista BaBy 2 kun oldin
Pelosi in California means abuses against humanity for abusing regulations against all the working people in California. Specifically the ones paying 1500 dollar$ for rotten houses that should be demolished for their deplorable conditions. $1500 to $2500 / poor conditions housing. Imagine who rents this gutters? Poor people that can’t meet hands and share their places with cousins in laws and even criminal unknown individuals. Pelosi belongs in Guantanamo Federal Prison. Now with AC facilities
Tonya Long
Tonya Long 2 kun oldin
dont loose your teeth. guess what your fired
PJ Angels
PJ Angels 2 kun oldin
They can barely hold back their shape-shifting.
Alex Benitez
Alex Benitez 2 kun oldin
So many ignorant people in the comments. Sad
cheelee ngan
cheelee ngan 2 kun oldin
It looks absurd to me an official in any House should have any reins of the President. Pray for the President. It does not make any common sense. Just like in ancient Oriental history of emperors being controlled by his own counsellors. We have had a lot of real such examples in history. Somebody is not doing the right thing in here. Can the Supreme Court do something???
Aldemar Delapuy
Aldemar Delapuy 2 kun oldin
Dozey Pelosi and Shmuck Tumor.
Barky Von Schnauzer
2020 is looking even better for TRUMP. Keep it up "tards"
Kimber Svetlik
Kimber Svetlik 2 kun oldin
Wait...waste money on a wall. How much money did they waste on the Obamacare. When you live in the south by the border you can talk about it. You have no idea what it is like. Pelosi and Schumer live behind gates - take theirs away
Silver Jones
Silver Jones 2 kun oldin
The immoral duo serving illegals for their own benefit
spicecrop 2 kun oldin
Look how utterly EVIL Chuck Schumer's eyes are. Two disgusting people. And Nancy belongs in a home for the elderly.
Wendell Hairston
Wendell Hairston 2 kun oldin
Question: Could the Republicans have voted to fund the border wall while they controlled both the House and Senate? If so, this is just a stunt to hinder the new Dem majority House from moving forward against Trump and his GOP puppets.
Golden Girl
Golden Girl 2 kun oldin
When they finished their speech, I expected them to say, "LIVE FROM NEW YORK IT'S SATURDAY NIGHT!!!!!!!!!!"
Eric Tole
Eric Tole 2 kun oldin
I want the wall and I believe what Trump said is right. Nancy and Chuck are you calling an American citizen a lier. The only dividers are Nancy and Chuck.
metalore 2 kun oldin
Chuck Schumer looks like the devil himself behind Pelosi, twiddling his thumbs and staring coldly with half-lidded eyes like he's invisible.
journalistethics dotcom
Are these two AI robot software or something?
Paula Conlon
Paula Conlon 2 kun oldin
Futur3 P3nc1ls
Futur3 P3nc1ls 2 kun oldin
Wait...do these two get paid while the governments shuts down...I hope not..