Nancy Pelosi: GOP May Oppose President Donald Trump If He Declares National Emergency | NBC News

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House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said Trump will have problems "with his own side of the aisle" should he decide to go down the route of declaring a national emergency to secure border wall funding.
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Nancy Pelosi: GOP May Oppose President Donald Trump If He Declares National Emergency | NBC News



10-Yan, 2019



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Andy Watrous
Andy Watrous Oy oldin
Jesus could this woman speak one coherent sentence!
Angel Colantuono
the democrat majority leader and Nancy pelosi just said today that if trump declares national emergency the next time a democrat is in office they will declare national emergency and she brought up the parkland shooting so it looks like its going to get 10 times harder to buy and own a gun here in the united states lol good luck people.
Donald Trump declaring such a thing shows and proves insanity he is causing chaos 25 amendment!!!!!!!
lonny marchbanks
Who is paying Pelosi big bucks to go against Trump or is she just two peas shy a pod. God bless our president and any person who wants to protect their nation.
But...but...but you said Trump won’t be president Nancy. Should I get a refund from my bank?
John H
John H 2 oy oldin
God Father
God Father 2 oy oldin
Maybe pelosi can help! She has an estimated $25 million in cash with private use of tax payer funded jet and not to mention her several gated mansions.
ElJefe45acp 2 oy oldin
Nancy Pelosi has MASSIVE security around her and where she sleeps ALWAYS! Do you?
Tony V.
Tony V. 2 oy oldin
Only the good die young, this prune will live forever!!!
Canter Verhage
Canter Verhage 2 oy oldin
Take it to the bank ;)
Pohaku Mana
Pohaku Mana 2 oy oldin
less makeup than she had last night in her clown make-over face.
jbaggs69 2 oy oldin
she said he goes and comes.. this is why Schumer has been her handler so when she has an episode she can pass it off
Margaret Adelman
Margaret Adelman 2 oy oldin
I ❤️Nancy !
KING TRUMP 2 oy oldin
Burn the witch...lol
eric brunner
eric brunner 2 oy oldin
They can’t oppose it lol and I hope Trump vetos every little thing that Dems vote and pass on. Give them a taste of their own tyrant medicine.
David Snyder
David Snyder 2 oy oldin
uh huh
Lukas Fraley
Lukas Fraley 2 oy oldin
Meanwhile... uzvid.com/video/video-zF1Nkfj6J3A.html
Jesus Says
Jesus Says 2 oy oldin
_"GOP May Oppose President Donald Trump If He Declares National Emergency"_ Only if they remember that they have sworn to uphold the United States Constitution. Don't hold your breath. They are as much Traitors as Donny Fail-Fail is.
Natasha Norman
Natasha Norman 24 kun oldin
+Angel Colantuono it is true that mass shootings have been perpetrated by white people, that still leaves me to wonder why no one calls for forced seizure of guns over the horrendous black on black crime that takes place constantly but just at lower numbers at once. Nevertheless, you have no right to punish millions of citizens of this country for what someone else does. That is simply not how America works. And even if it were, you would have to abolish the 2nd amendment and good luck with that.
ElJefe45acp 25 kun oldin
Angel Colantuono You are stupid beyond belief!
Angel Colantuono
Angel Colantuono 25 kun oldin
ElJefe45acp I want America to be safe I think after we build the wall we should take away the 2nd amendment to many kids are dying due to white people shooting up school just saying. You guys want to build a wall cause immigrants are killing people, how about get rid of guns no more selling guns to civilians cause civilians who owns guns are killing innocent children’s.
Natasha Norman
Natasha Norman 2 oy oldin
why are they not talking about how Nancy Pelosi called the police on illegal aliens that set up a tent in her yard? For some reason, I can't find it on CNN or NBC?
ElJefe45acp 2 oy oldin
Jesus Says Why don’t you want Americans to be safe.
Mr flatspace
Mr flatspace 2 oy oldin
_~IDENTITY politics merit IDENTITY TAXES~_ With a equal share of military🇺🇲spending, White's contribute annual tax surpluses of over $553.52 billion or $2,795+ per capita. _Dem's💩Socialists fight to spend Whitey's💰._ _50+%civil🤡service=NECROTIC💩WELFARE_ ~Black's race💩bait 11k deficits per ea.~ ~Hispanic's race💩bait 8k deficits ea.~
Moin Vahora
Moin Vahora 2 oy oldin
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