Natural Curly Hair Routine (non-damaging/cgm)

Curly Susie
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Easy Curly Hair! This Curly Hair Routine is non damaging to your hair.
Wash & Go Curly Hair FINALLY!!!
Its my new easy natural curly/wavy hair routine that I use to style my hair every day. I have used this simple technique for the last 8 months and it transformed my hair from dry and frizzy hair that I had to straighten every day.... to healthy looking wash & go curls! Co-washing ALL THE WAY!!!
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Intro Music: Instrumental original music written & recorded by Scary Pockets (used with permission)
Products Used:
GEL - www.sallybeauty.com/biotera-alcohol-free-defining-gel/BIOTRA17,default,pd.html
Biotera Website: www.naturellepro.com/biotera
Conditioner -(does contain mineral oil) www.walmart.ca/en/ip/down-under-naturals-coconut-splash-weightless-moisture-conditioner/6000191918138

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18-Mar, 2018

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Deris 7 oy oldin
I just want to say Thank you! for your video. That gel is amazing, I love it! never thought it was going to be this great. I’ve followed your advice and I am very pleased with the results. My hair is low porosity and used a little less gel than you did and my hair is shiny, soft, natural looking curls. Thank you!!
Goldie71 21 kun oldin
Wish I could find it in the UK 😪
Ruth Darmody
Ruth Darmody 2 oy oldin
I am just now learning about these methods and wish I had learned how to better deal with my head back in my 20's 30's or 40's but now at 50 at least I am going to love my hair again! Going to get products today after work and picking up my Curly Girl book from the library!
Concepción Lara
Concepción Lara 4 oy oldin
Thanks so much for your prompt response! Enjoy your curls!
Deris 4 oy oldin
Concepción Lara - I use kinky curl knot today leave in/detangler.
Concepción Lara
Concepción Lara 4 oy oldin
Do you use the gel by itself or with a leave-in conditioner?
Marien Abud
Marien Abud Kun oldin
I recently went short and was looking for methods to style my hair when I stumbled upon your channel. I’m so glad I did! I apparently have been doing my hair wrong my whole life! Im having issues with the middle/bottom layers though. I get these beautiful curls on top but then my hair is completely flat beneath then and so I get a weird funky look of curly on top of straight hair. Any tips?
Lauren Bartholomew
Do you rinse all of your conditioner out or rinse 50% like other youtube curlies I've seen?
jill muzzy
jill muzzy 3 kun oldin
Hi Susie Jillian from Halifax 😊 I have a question when I take the shirt off can I move my hair and position it how I want? Or is it better to do that when it’s dry! I’m so glad I found your videos tonight! I have super thin and frizzy hair
Meu Mundo Melhor
Meu Mundo Melhor 9 kun oldin
Tadinha, só não tem muito jeito com o cabelo. Nem sabe espanhar direito os produtos!
Elvira Taalla
Elvira Taalla 11 kun oldin
Thank you very much, Susie! Sometimes I get in despair that my wavy hair will never be so good and healthy-looking as I'd wanted it to be, especially after all the damage I've put it through, but watching you, irradiating energy, recharges me with motivation and hope!
Jennifer Brown
Jennifer Brown 11 kun oldin
Do you co-wash your hair everyday?
Kathleen Kulow
Kathleen Kulow 11 kun oldin
I love your videos, Curly Susie! I am a 69 year old woman who spent most of my adult life thinking I just had un-straight frizzy hair. I gave my grown daughters each The Curly Girl Handbook for Christmas one year and eventually they convinced me I have curly hair too. I have learned so much from your videos. I have one question about this video. When you are in the shower and using the gel, is the water turned off? I know your hair is very wet at that point, but I cannot tell if you are adding gel AND water to your hair.
Curly Susie
Curly Susie 6 kun oldin
The water is off, but my hair is still dripping wet :)
Jessica Helton
Jessica Helton 13 kun oldin
Fanny Cie
Fanny Cie 13 kun oldin
Do you girls have a solution to not have to wet your hair everyday ? :/
Fanny Cie
Fanny Cie 13 kun oldin
What is mineral oil ? :/
Madhulina Bhattacharjee
What is ur curl type?
Rin R
Rin R 14 kun oldin
So is the conditioner enough to wash out the gel? I think I've been using the wrong gel
Rin R
Rin R 14 kun oldin
I've never said this before but your curls are beautiful lol
Milubee 14 kun oldin
damn those baby-carring guns!
Julie Anne Ryan
Julie Anne Ryan 15 kun oldin
You are such a beautiful soul and person. Your video is great. I did this the second time tonight.
Rachel Miller
Rachel Miller 15 kun oldin
Thank you so much! I have been over-complicating my routine with too many products and too much fuss. Your video reminded me to keep it simple, so today I did, and had the bear hair I’ve had in a while! A great reminder that more is not always better 😊
how do you sleep with your curly hair?? my hair goes crazy after i wash it and (maybe) naturally dry itself...
Julie Anne Ryan
Julie Anne Ryan 18 kun oldin
Wow, looks amazing. Im giving it a go tomorrow. I was very scared about co washing.
Linda 18 kun oldin
why don't you use shampoo?
Erin Gruber
Erin Gruber 20 kun oldin
Do you get your hair wet/co-wash everyday?
Shilpa Jain
Shilpa Jain 22 kun oldin
Is it ok to use curl cream instead of gel. My curls hold pretty good even with the cream
Chandelle Ross
Chandelle Ross 23 kun oldin
Your so fit! Killer guns😍
Alexis McCormick
Alexis McCormick 23 kun oldin
How long do your morning showers take (including the actual shower)? How long is the whole routine?
Kristin Hooker
Kristin Hooker 24 kun oldin
My God I’m cute. Oooooh my God look at me. 😂
Kelley Stoll
Kelley Stoll 24 kun oldin
I have never thought about using bobby pins to clip my hair back. I've failed numerous times at root clipping. Thanks for the tip. Also, did you ever take those pins out after it dried? Can't remember if you said so or not.
kateymateymusic1 24 kun oldin
For anyone in Australia, the “Juice” clear curl gel is like the one used in this video- leaves my curls soft and crunch free every time :-)
Crazy Disney Mom
Crazy Disney Mom 24 kun oldin
Thank you so much for your videos... I came across your channel last week and have shared it with my curly girl friends 💕❤️💖 keep up the awesome videos
Curly Susie
Curly Susie 24 kun oldin
Hey!! Thanks for watching 💕💕
Melissa Burke-Littles
You make me giggle. :)
Lisa Humphreys
Lisa Humphreys 27 kun oldin
Love your simplicity! Your hair looks amazing. I have been using a very loose thin plastic hair band to gently hold my wet hair back as i apply makeup etc. I can pull pieces gently forward so when it dries and I remove the hair band I get volume in the front, similar to your pins.
fk1386 29 kun oldin
Thanks for this. How often do you wash your hair? I wash mine once a week and it dries nicely but then the curls drop after a day or so. I try spritzing it with water but that just makes my hair frizzy 😒 the only thing that makes it look nice is rain. Thankfully I live in London and it rains a lot!
Deepthi Vishwanath
Deepthi Vishwanath 29 kun oldin
Hi Curly Susie! First of all, I've to say that you are super gorgeous and you have beautiful hair 😊 I just wanted to ask you... I've naturally curly hair, it looks like your end result hair while I'm washing it itself! Without scrunching or anything! But my hair feels very dry and frizzy! So what routine do you suggest that I follow? Will using just the gel work? Pls pls pls reply to this! I have always hated my hair though many have complimented my for my curls! I'm only realising now after watching so many curly girl hair videos that how much ppl love curls! I'll be looking forward to your reply!
Deepthi Vishwanath
Deepthi Vishwanath 28 kun oldin
Thank you For your reply! 😊♥️ Ok sure I will try this routine! I had to ask one more thing... Do you comb your hair at all?
Curly Susie
Curly Susie 28 kun oldin
Try applying gel or gel & curl cream to your soaking wet hair in the shower!!
We Are The World
We Are The World 29 kun oldin
Your hair looks very healthy and shiny but it has no volume. Does your scalp gets itchy from washing it with conditioner and how do you dry you hair in winter?
Caitlin J
Caitlin J Oy oldin
You mentioned either in this video in another one that you don't pull your hair back tightly to avoid damaging the curls. What about working out or other activities where you'd be moving around a lot and you need your hair to stay securely out of the way?
김혜영 Oy oldin
Thank you so much !!!
Liza Fuentes
Liza Fuentes Oy oldin
Hi Susie I started to use Biotera Gel after I saw you video.. at first it worked well but later I noticed that I get white flakes or more like little mini white dots once it dries.. not sure if I am doing something wrong or if it's normal.. I need help!! Also after I scrunch I find some parts still stiff...
hadar mor
hadar mor Oy oldin
When you rinse the conditioner out do you rinse it all or leave some in?
Jessica Narula
Did you washed your hair after applying gel as well ?
newmeoroldme cl
For years I never really knew I had curly hair. Mom would brush and braid every single day and as i got older I washed blew dry and curled my hair..whew.....it wasnt until about 5-10 years ago that i finally realized what i actually had. long time...thats what happens when you have habits like mine, everyday washing and styling or having such short hair you just dont know... been watching a few vids and really loving yours.. simple and to the point... thank you.. i do have colored hair, platnum I was born with then after years of different colors, i think I want to grow out.. might be a natural color of grey?? lol i dont know.. but I want it long so we'll see.. thanks again hun..
sonee singh
sonee singh Oy oldin
do you wash your hair everyday?I generally get a good hair on the day I wash my hair, but the next day without wash it losses it's curl and it gets tangled,so I end up combing it .
CeciliaF Oy oldin
Fantastic video!!!
Cynthia Baltazar
Thanks this is so easy thanks you
KK Augustine
KK Augustine Oy oldin
Don’t know if you’ll ever see this but: I just want to say THANK YOU!! I’m 22 and have been dealing with my crappy hair since I hit puberty since that is when my hair started to go nuts for some reason. It became a mix of wavy, curly, straight, and poofy. Of course with a healthy mix of frizz. I tried everything but eventually gave up. Thinking that my hair was just destined to be that way. Until I first heard about curly-girl last year. At first I thought it was too good, too simple, to be true. So chalked it up to just more B.S. until I researched more just this past month. So I finally decided to take the plunge after watching this video. I even bought the same gel you recommended! And it actually worked!! I couldn’t believe it. Just with the first 2 Co-washes, I noticed my hair is much better looking. I apparently have natural loose curls and I couldn’t be more thrilled! All those frustrating years of taking almost 2 hours every day to straighten my hair and in the process damaging it to hell or just putting it up are over! So even if I heard of the Curly Girl Method before, I credit you for helping me make the decision to finally try it. For unlike many other videos/websites, you keep things simple and don’t recommend outrageously expensive products my broke college self can’t afford which was also why I hesitated before. So with that rather long rant over, thanks so much again!
Isaac Sampurna
Plz help me in getting ma curls backs... U really have done a great job... Even I wish to have hairs like Ur s ...
Corrina Oy oldin
THANK YOU SUSIE! I just found your channel and your videos have made me so excited and motivated to start the curly girl method!!!
Anusha B
Anusha B Oy oldin
This biotera gel is not available in sally beauty. They discountinued this product. Do you have any other product suggestions
Magdalena Diaz
Do you wash your hair everyday?
Lisa Trusler
Lisa Trusler Oy oldin
I love your videos! Can you comment on if there's anything you can do about the fly aways that remain?
Kristy Butterfield
Gun show!
Curly Susie
Curly Susie Oy oldin
Haha thanks Kristy!!
Amber Manning
Amber Manning Oy oldin
Hi Susie! I’m new to your channel and the CGM. Do you co wash your hair everyday? I’ve been doing this routine for my hair wash days of co wash, co wash, sulphate free shampoo and then I use a clarifying shampoo once a month. I’m just bit confused if should be co washing everyday or every 2-3 days? and refreshing in between washes?
Sarah Stevens
Sarah Stevens Oy oldin
About to start the CGM and your videos have been the most helpful to figure out where to start and what steps to take every day.
Duha Sheikh
Duha Sheikh Oy oldin
is it curly girl method or not?
Jacqueline Lindenau
You always make everything so easy to understand! I enjoy all of your videos. Thank you!!
Laura Canciu
Laura Canciu Oy oldin
Every single day🙄. Who does this! Washing your head with cold water?also in the winter?
klp jpl
klp jpl Oy oldin
Love you videos! I have combination hair, some loose curls, some straighter parts. Can't wait to try this and see what I end up with. I've been flat ironing for too many years.
Jesica Alba
Jesica Alba Oy oldin
After combing the hair, will it still be like that?
Kristel Diaz
Kristel Diaz Oy oldin
Curly Sue question! When you apply the bioterra gel do you rinse afterward? I know you scrunch but I wasn’t sure if you just keep scrunching or you rinsed. Thank you!
La Fleur
La Fleur Oy oldin
Can you make a video with cheap amazon conditioner, shampoo, gel which is sold too in germany?
Lisa Burke
Lisa Burke 2 oy oldin
What a great, easy-to-follow tutorial! I am a wash and go type person as well so it's nice to see that I don't have to spend half hour before heading out. My one Q is, how do you keep your wet hair from dripping down your shirt while it dries? The back of my shirt is always wet so sometimes I try to use a big clip and clip it up. But any suggestions would be appreciated. You have gorgeous hair! (Off to order some of that gel now!)
Dr Afreen Nafees
Dr Afreen Nafees 2 oy oldin
After you condition wash, when you’re using conditioner in your hair, do you wash it all out or leave some in?
Misbah Abdullah
Misbah Abdullah 2 oy oldin
What do you do after you dye it. Can you shampoo it?
Miss Andi
Miss Andi 2 oy oldin
Curly Susie: Rinsing your body with cool water is not ridiculous it closes the pours of your skin just like it closes your hair follicles and keeps dirt out of your pores.
Shadha kt
Shadha kt 2 oy oldin
This was a very helpful tutorial... Is this a daily routine to be followed? Does the products need to be used everyday?
Rachel Swiger
Rachel Swiger 2 oy oldin
I love how simple you keep your videos, but I do have a question for this routine.. I like to take 2 showers a day with that being said is it better to do this before you go to bed or in the morning?
Kasi Langlois
Kasi Langlois 2 oy oldin
Great video! But do you wash your hair everyday? I thought it was better to only wash once a week or so. If not, do you just revitalize your hair in the morning with some gel?
Hailey Garven
Hailey Garven 2 oy oldin
Also not scrunching enough in general or doing my gel process wrong. . .learn something new every day!
Hailey Garven
Hailey Garven 2 oy oldin
I also realized I've been doing the 2nd step of the condition process completely wrong, I didn't even know! Lol Been making it much harder on myself!
Hailey Garven
Hailey Garven 2 oy oldin
You're absolutely adorable, total #hairgoals! Thank you for this video I'm in my first week and a bit overwhelmed. This really simplified it for me!!
tabatha Fehrmann
tabatha Fehrmann 2 oy oldin
Great video, I think you could do a arm workout routine video too. Hair & arms are on point!
Emily Elizabeth
Emily Elizabeth 2 oy oldin
Does this work if you don't shower daily? I only wash my hair 1-2 times a week.
Peewee4294 2 oy oldin
Your curls are perfect 😩 I feel like even if I do follow these steps, my hair will never turn out this way. I’ve tried plopping before and i just can’t seem to get the same results I see other people getting
Niamh Walshe McBride
I’ve followed all your tips and my only problem with it is now I can’t stop looking in the mirror! I love it 😍 Thanks curly susie!!
j 9
j 9 2 oy oldin
curly suzie i have a question. did/do you scrunch out the crunch?
Yaseera Patel
Yaseera Patel 2 oy oldin
do you wash your hair everyday? Also, do you not brush it at all?
Sarah Todd
Sarah Todd 2 oy oldin
I incorporated these methods using the products I already owned (cgm approved) and the results have been great. Even my hair stylist noticed how great my curls are looking! Thank you for breaking it down simply and realistically ❤️
KateyCat 2 oy oldin
This is so helpful!! I’m the only curly girl in my family so I’ve never had much instruction on how to make it look nice! I’ve been fuzzy/frizzy headed too long!!! Excited to start!
Linda McClellan
Linda McClellan 2 oy oldin
Thank you again for giving me more tips and believe me I need all the help I can get! I am only on my second week of the curly girl method. My sister got me started on it and actually I had never even thought about going curly, well maybe occasionally! I knew I had curly hair because I remember dreading humid days, and I live in south Texas which is known for it's humidity in the summer. I envied those with super straight hair that just dried that way and I had to really work at it. I used Dippity-Do to straighten my hair, along with huge curlers and taping my bangs to my forehead! Yes, and a couple days ago I ran across my old friend Dippity-Do!! Now used to help curl your hair and keep it curlier. I was shocked that it even still existed and I'm considering trying the spray leave-in but not sure I want that stiff feeling even though I am told I can scrunch it out! I can't believe there are so many products to choose from and it confuses me even more. I appreciate your videos so much because you seem to make it simpler and therefore easier for me. And your hair is so full of curls it's absolutely beautiful! I yearn for ringlets now when just several weeks ago I was blow drying and using my trusty little straightener to smooth it out even better. I quit coloring my hair about a year or so ago and now it's down past my shoulder blades. If you have any suggestions on how to best have layers cut I would really appreciate it because I think that would help! God bless and your little boy is adorable!!
Marisol Chancellor
Hi, I’m new to this curly girl method. I’ve heard a lot about it and just now feel ready to try it. One question thought, how often do you wash your hair?
Karen I
Karen I 2 oy oldin
What do you do in cold weather do you leave the house with wet hair?
Krista Ziccardy
Krista Ziccardy 2 oy oldin
I know this video was posted months ago but I’m new to your channel and can I just say that I love what you’re doing! I just got the biotera gel today and used it.... IT WAS AMAZING!!! Of course I need to play around with amounts and techniques but I’m in love already! I was using ( and have been for a couple years) devacurl light defining gel and even after the gel cast was scrunched out my hair wouldn’t feel as soft and would almost feel dry. But the biotera was completely different! Thank you so much for the product info!! ❤️❤️
Curly Susie
Curly Susie 2 oy oldin
Hey Krista! Thank you so much for taking the time to comment. Im glad you like my channel. Thats why I love Biotera. Even if I sleep on my curls my hair feels soft like I put leave-in in it :)
E Sierra
E Sierra 2 oy oldin
Those guns though
annalou181 2 oy oldin
So you don’t scrunch to remove the gel cast, like you did in another video?
Curly Susie
Curly Susie 2 oy oldin
I don’t use the gel cast technique on a regular bases!! Just trying it out for you guys.
The Nymph blood
The Nymph blood 2 oy oldin
Hi i love your videos! I'm a girl with a huge damage on her curly hair...when i was a child i had afro curly hair but now for the amount of bleaching and damages my hair turned straight in the head and curly in the end! Do you think that this routine could save my poor hair? And how do you let your hair dry on air during the winter time? Do you have any suggestions? Thank you very much and have a good day
Dazzy S
Dazzy S 2 oy oldin
I also wash my hair upside down throughout the shower and application of the gel. It encourages lift and doesn’t let the water flow continuously push it down and make it heavy
Soyoung Kim
Soyoung Kim 2 oy oldin
I have naturally curly hair as well!
Diana Machado
Diana Machado 2 oy oldin
Amazing routine. Simple and just two products! Will try it out! 😌 thanks a lot
Rebecca Piech
Rebecca Piech 2 oy oldin
Thank you! Thank you SO much for this video! I'm part of the curly girl page on Facebook, but they make it seem and sound so complicated. It's frustrating. They tell you what they do but they never did this, or at least I haven't come across it. Once again, thank you so much! ❤❤❤❤😘❤❤❤❤
Curly Susie
Curly Susie 2 oy oldin
Anytime Rebecca! I try to keep it simple. After you get yourself started it is good to try out all of the different options & try different products but it doesn’t have to be expensive or complicated.
Debbie Greenberg
Debbie Greenberg 2 oy oldin
Omg! Just found your channel and you are amazing!!!! I ran out grabbed your recommended products and tried your method today using Suave Essentials Coconut Conditioner and your gel. The results are CRAZY!!!!!! My hair hasn’t looked this good in years!!!! Thanks so much for this super easy routine! So great to find someone who had similar experiences with Devacurl products. And I simply can’t believe I never tried Suave before.... it’s got crazy good slip for $2!!!! You rock!!!!!!
Kate Ogden
Kate Ogden 2 oy oldin
I wonder if this would still be good for my mostly very straight hair that I fight frizz with everyday. Hummm
Marianne Jensen
Marianne Jensen 2 oy oldin
If you don't have curly hair, then what?
Beth Morse
Beth Morse 2 oy oldin
Just started watching your videos today and I'm excited to try your process. I moved to a more hot/humid climate last year and after my whole adult life straightening my naturally curly (and frizzy) hair, I have no choice but to embrace the curl! LOL. Unfortunately over the past 4 months or so I've spent way too much money on "curly hair" products so I appreciate you are able to use and are sharing with us some less expensive products. Can you tell me, do you co-wash your hair every day? If not, what is your routine? Do you just soak your hair and add gel? Thanks for your videos!
We Are Legion
We Are Legion 2 oy oldin
Have you ever tried a rice water hair treatment? It’s a protein treatment made with fermented rice water. There are lots of UZvid videos on it. I’ve just used it for the first time.
Tara Joseph
Tara Joseph 2 oy oldin
could the culprit of my frizzy huge hair be due to me towel drying my hair (with a t shirt) and then applying product??
Curly Susie
Curly Susie 2 oy oldin
Yes Tara!!!!! Try to apply products to soaking wet hair. Trust me. You may have to experiment with amounts!
maryninorb1 2 oy oldin
Finally a real confident woman. I really like your natural style. You don’t over do anything ... neither your hair nor your make up. Thumb up. 👏👏see girls you don’t need to over do to be stunning.
Ariadna Vallejo
Ariadna Vallejo 2 oy oldin
OMG! I did this today for the very first time and my hair looks AMAZING! I took me some time to embrace my curly hair (most of my life) and since then I've been looking for the Holy Grail of the curly hair, and I think I found it! Thank you so much!
Mihri Omar
Mihri Omar 2 oy oldin
Love it u got 1 subscriber 😍
Yaya Mohsen
Yaya Mohsen 2 oy oldin
Hi susie👋! I wanna thank you for sharing this useful video💛 but I have a question :Does washing hair everyday affect badly on it??!! as u mentioned that it is ur daily routine which means that u wash it everyday
Paola Ganum
Paola Ganum 2 oy oldin
Hi, thank you so much for this video! It encouraged me to try your method and stop damaging my curly hair by flat ironing it so often! I have a question about what to do with very curly roots, which I noticed you don't have. I hate the look of super curly roots I get when I wear my hair curly. Do you have any tips for getting a more straight root look? Maybe tightening more the bobby pins? Thanks!
CalamityJane031 2 oy oldin
My understanding is to not "wash" it every day, and I'm currently doing 2x weekly as the general consensus about hair care. Can I ask why you do it daily? Is it just easier to style wet?
Анастасия Родькина
You don't rinse off the condition from the scalp?
How To Cowash
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