Natural Curly Hair Routine (non-damaging/cgm)

Curly Susie
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Easy Curly Hair! This Curly Hair Routine is non damaging to your hair.
Wash & Go Curly Hair FINALLY!!!
Its my new easy natural curly/wavy hair routine that I use to style my hair every day. I have used this simple technique for the last 8 months and it transformed my hair from dry and frizzy hair that I had to straighten every day.... to healthy looking wash & go curls! Co-washing ALL THE WAY!!!
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Intro Music: Instrumental original music written & recorded by Scary Pockets (used with permission)
Products Used:
GEL - www.sallybeauty.com/biotera-alcohol-free-defining-gel/BIOTRA17,default,pd.html
Biotera Website: www.naturellepro.com/biotera
Conditioner -(does contain mineral oil) www.walmart.ca/en/ip/down-under-naturals-coconut-splash-weightless-moisture-conditioner/6000191918138

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18-Mar, 2018

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Deris 9 oy oldin
I just want to say Thank you! for your video. That gel is amazing, I love it! never thought it was going to be this great. I’ve followed your advice and I am very pleased with the results. My hair is low porosity and used a little less gel than you did and my hair is shiny, soft, natural looking curls. Thank you!!
Goldie71 2 oy oldin
Wish I could find it in the UK 😪
Ruth Darmody
Ruth Darmody 4 oy oldin
I am just now learning about these methods and wish I had learned how to better deal with my head back in my 20's 30's or 40's but now at 50 at least I am going to love my hair again! Going to get products today after work and picking up my Curly Girl book from the library!
Concepción Lara
Concepción Lara 7 oy oldin
Thanks so much for your prompt response! Enjoy your curls!
Deris 7 oy oldin
Concepción Lara - I use kinky curl knot today leave in/detangler.
Concepción Lara
Concepción Lara 7 oy oldin
Do you use the gel by itself or with a leave-in conditioner?
Nadia Sally
Nadia Sally 18 soat oldin
Beautiful!! 🥰
Christina Ortega
Christina Ortega 18 soat oldin
Thank you for another great tutorial. You & your hair are beautiful and you are so funny!! I am a week into Co-Washing & I am already so happy with my hair.
Sophie Kradolfer
Sophie Kradolfer 20 soat oldin
New CG here! I love all your tutorials! I had a cowash question... my roots become super flat... is there something I'm missing? Maybe low poo would be better? Looking for beginner advise!
Elkycreates 2 kun oldin
How does conditioner clean your scalp???
lyss222 3 kun oldin
My hair looks very similar to you're when it's wet but it's nowhere near as curly when it dries! Jealous 😭
Sirius Rainbow
Sirius Rainbow 7 kun oldin
I had dry curly hair suffering from immense split ends (even when I use no heat). I had to cut it all off, and then I discovered I have seborrheic dermatitis which affected the skin all over my body too. The doctor told me shampoo my hair everyday and I do, but it's damaging my curls so much!😪 Wish I could afford to apply only conditioners.
Romina Lozano
Romina Lozano 8 kun oldin
do you do this daily?
Rebecca Confer
Rebecca Confer 9 kun oldin
Thank you!! I'm so happy to see a cg video that does not have diffusing! Diffusing does help me get more definition, but I so much prefer to air dry. I leave my house all the time with wet hair & it doesn't bother me, but I hadn't thought of leaving the clips/pins in while I went out; going to have to try that. Thx again!
Shakamvary Mukta
Shakamvary Mukta 10 kun oldin
I chopped off my hair and started CG but am really confused about all these methods together - when to scrunch / when to plop/ when to finger coil ..please reply
Marissa 13 kun oldin
Hi Susie, do you do this every day, should a person not leave their hair unwashed for a while? Honest question, just starting out and learning, thanks so much.
Lori E
Lori E 15 kun oldin
I'm glad I'm not the only one who keeps their gel in the shower and applies it in the shower. It's the only way I've found to get lasting curls. I wish I could get away with the praying hands and scrunching. My hair is trained for rake and shake only. Maybe I'll give it another try. :/
Isabella Coronado Doria
Hiii. I was wondering what haircut do you usually get. Is it layered?
I Lee
I Lee 21 kun oldin
What's a good substitute for the gel? We dont have it where im from
Jadwega Handorf
Jadwega Handorf 23 kun oldin
Just tried this for the first time! Curious to see the results! Thanks for the video!
Samantha Johnstone
Samantha Johnstone 24 kun oldin
This was so helpful! Can’t wait to try it 😀😀
susansullins 27 kun oldin
I just start CGM but had to have it cut short and layered after 20 years of fighting with the curls. How long does it take for the curls to remember themselves?
Sabrina Bruehl
You dont use a leave in?
Barbara von Eppinger
So after plopping, when you remove the t-shirt, you just let your hair fall as it will, no arranging other than to clip the front/top? (I ask as I sit here with my t-shirt on my head!) Thank you!
T Whyt
T Whyt Oy oldin
Well Hello Biceps! Appreciate the straight forward simplicity. Thanks 🙏🏻
Roxana Elera
Roxana Elera Oy oldin
Hi i need your help, i have started my no sulfate no silicone journey... But since then i feel my hair very dry and frizzy... I had my hair straightened but it felt soft before this... So plead can you make a video of what to expect at the beginning of all this process I'm going crazy
Aunty HT
Aunty HT Oy oldin
Why no shampoo🤔🤔🤔🤔
v cc
v cc Oy oldin
Hello I am from colombia I love you hair 💖------ tienes un cabello muy hermoso, quisiera que mi cabello fuera así, pero se esponja y le sale mucho frizz 😔
Tina Wilson
Tina Wilson 2 oy oldin
You wash everyday?
Amy Mallett
Amy Mallett 2 oy oldin
Where do you buy your products? Like in the supermarket, online, health stores etc? I’m in Australia but wondered where to start. I tried Deva Curl conditioner and totally agree with your review - the shampoo was nice but the conditioner has made my hair awful and fluffy!
Marien Abud
Marien Abud 2 oy oldin
I recently went short and was looking for methods to style my hair when I stumbled upon your channel. I’m so glad I did! I apparently have been doing my hair wrong my whole life! Im having issues with the middle/bottom layers though. I get these beautiful curls on top but then my hair is completely flat beneath then and so I get a weird funky look of curly on top of straight hair. Any tips?
Lauren Bartholomew
Do you rinse all of your conditioner out or rinse 50% like other youtube curlies I've seen?
jill muzzy
jill muzzy 2 oy oldin
Hi Susie Jillian from Halifax 😊 I have a question when I take the shirt off can I move my hair and position it how I want? Or is it better to do that when it’s dry! I’m so glad I found your videos tonight! I have super thin and frizzy hair
Meu Mundo Melhor
Meu Mundo Melhor 2 oy oldin
Tadinha, só não tem muito jeito com o cabelo. Nem sabe espanhar direito os produtos!
Elvira Taalla
Elvira Taalla 2 oy oldin
Thank you very much, Susie! Sometimes I get in despair that my wavy hair will never be so good and healthy-looking as I'd wanted it to be, especially after all the damage I've put it through, but watching you, irradiating energy, recharges me with motivation and hope!
Jennifer Brown
Jennifer Brown 2 oy oldin
Do you co-wash your hair everyday?
Kathleen Kulow
Kathleen Kulow 2 oy oldin
I love your videos, Curly Susie! I am a 69 year old woman who spent most of my adult life thinking I just had un-straight frizzy hair. I gave my grown daughters each The Curly Girl Handbook for Christmas one year and eventually they convinced me I have curly hair too. I have learned so much from your videos. I have one question about this video. When you are in the shower and using the gel, is the water turned off? I know your hair is very wet at that point, but I cannot tell if you are adding gel AND water to your hair.
Curly Susie
Curly Susie 2 oy oldin
The water is off, but my hair is still dripping wet :)
Jessica Helton
Jessica Helton 2 oy oldin
Fanny Cie
Fanny Cie 2 oy oldin
Do you girls have a solution to not have to wet your hair everyday ? :/
Fanny Cie
Fanny Cie 2 oy oldin
What is mineral oil ? :/
Madhulina Bhattacharjee
What is ur curl type?
Rin R
Rin R 2 oy oldin
So is the conditioner enough to wash out the gel? I think I've been using the wrong gel
Rin R
Rin R 2 oy oldin
I've never said this before but your curls are beautiful lol
Milubee 2 oy oldin
damn those baby-carring guns!
Julie Anne Ryan
Julie Anne Ryan 2 oy oldin
You are such a beautiful soul and person. Your video is great. I did this the second time tonight.
Rachel Miller
Rachel Miller 2 oy oldin
Thank you so much! I have been over-complicating my routine with too many products and too much fuss. Your video reminded me to keep it simple, so today I did, and had the bear hair I’ve had in a while! A great reminder that more is not always better 😊
how do you sleep with your curly hair?? my hair goes crazy after i wash it and (maybe) naturally dry itself...
Julie Anne Ryan
Julie Anne Ryan 2 oy oldin
Wow, looks amazing. Im giving it a go tomorrow. I was very scared about co washing.
Linda 2 oy oldin
why don't you use shampoo?
Erin Gruber
Erin Gruber 2 oy oldin
Do you get your hair wet/co-wash everyday?
Shilpa Jain
Shilpa Jain 3 oy oldin
Is it ok to use curl cream instead of gel. My curls hold pretty good even with the cream
Chandelle Ross
Chandelle Ross 3 oy oldin
Your so fit! Killer guns😍
Alexis McCormick
Alexis McCormick 3 oy oldin
How long do your morning showers take (including the actual shower)? How long is the whole routine?
Kristin Hooker
Kristin Hooker 3 oy oldin
My God I’m cute. Oooooh my God look at me. 😂
Kelley Stoll
Kelley Stoll 3 oy oldin
I have never thought about using bobby pins to clip my hair back. I've failed numerous times at root clipping. Thanks for the tip. Also, did you ever take those pins out after it dried? Can't remember if you said so or not.
Cheap Boyfriends
3 kun oldin