NBA GAME-WINNERS Compilation | 2018-19 NBA Season - Part 1

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Bluetms100 17 soat oldin
999k views... lol
Collin Shepard
Collin Shepard 17 soat oldin
IM still confused as to why sweet lou doesn't start
ÉSPN NEWS 20 soat oldin
good job
Can't Beat The BAY!
I love how the NBA just lets LeBron swing and hang on the rim like a monkey, but when Dray does it he gets a T.
shade 0180
shade 0180 2 kun oldin
seriously I just don't understand how are those foul when they barely touch the shooters?
Allan Mburu
Allan Mburu 4 kun oldin
8:43 isn't that NOT a THREE he is STEPPING on THE LINE
Avery Magpayo
Avery Magpayo 4 kun oldin
Russel was a 3 point line
Avery Magpayo
Avery Magpayo 4 kun oldin
i dumb
fuzex 5 kun oldin
kemba against 76ers wasnt a game winner stoopid
Dantheman Rs
Dantheman Rs 6 kun oldin
20:10 was a big travel
Gee Wehye
Gee Wehye 7 kun oldin
Score it - Your friendly nba rockstar
andrew espiritu
andrew espiritu 8 kun oldin
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Antonio Santiago
Antonio Santiago 10 kun oldin
@08:15...I was there, in person!
Raymond Ng
Raymond Ng 11 kun oldin
Lit season, clutch plays
2kEddie 11 kun oldin
SUB TO MY CHANNEL/ Daily Reaction Videos on NBA GAMES!!!!!!!!!!!
Arther-_- 11 kun oldin
So when Lebron hangs on the rim it’s not a tech yeah ok
bite me Jerkwad
bite me Jerkwad 12 kun oldin
Let's make this real clear, THIS IS SPORTS, not real life and the words that pertain rhetoric towards war, or courage are ridiculous. These are not life or death situations. Period.
Vig 12 kun oldin
At 11:29 isn't it a technical foul for hanging on the rim?
Vig 12 kun oldin
Dario Saric is a good luck charm, everytime before a game winner Dario Saric always has the ball at the top of the key.
Squidy Playz
Squidy Playz 15 kun oldin
in one of the clips jimmy butler looks like he is wearing flip flops
The big shield you drank before the mini shields
Just imagine how it would feel to miss one of these
Owen Tonery
Owen Tonery 15 kun oldin
I just hit one today 🏀
Tom 16 kun oldin
Anyone else peep how at 9:24 the announcer turns into Spongebob
Ad Noon
Ad Noon 16 kun oldin
21:18 sounds like money Mayweather YEAH!!!
Z_boy2008 17 kun oldin
jimmy butlers game winner was not a game winner
Dead Ringer
Dead Ringer 17 kun oldin
1:44 if that was superstar. they will call a foul.
rodprops 17 kun oldin
@20:20 OH SHIT!!
Hira Malik
Hira Malik 17 kun oldin
green in miami?
Wes Bomb
Wes Bomb 18 kun oldin
where CP3
Justin Haughton
Justin Haughton 18 kun oldin
9:23 Headphones UP
Kingi Smith
Kingi Smith 18 kun oldin
@ 2:53 that may have been a travel what do you guys think
mirakelism 17 kun oldin
Mylo the Zoo-loving Scientist
Wow, KD's missed a lot of shots in the clutch this season. He missed the potential game winner vs. Portland, too.
ALL RISE 19 kun oldin
nothing like GAMERS! you can see the team chemistry.. beautiful
Jao Simbajon
Jao Simbajon 19 kun oldin
Sad Suicide
Sad Suicide 19 kun oldin
How 3:27 and 4:27 are alike; 1. They both made the shot 2. They were both fouled 3. They both fell on the ground 4. They both put their arms up on the ground This took me 20 mins...
The Nigelle Douglas
The Nigelle Douglas 19 kun oldin
First guy flopped so well I thought he actually got fouled 😂💀
jayden martinez
jayden martinez 20 kun oldin
check my clock i cant stop
Jy Lumabi
Jy Lumabi 20 kun oldin
11:06 this is a technical foul that’s definitely taunting the technical foul should have been called he is just hanging there even though he has a clear path below to go down..... maybe it has not been called because it’s lebron James right even referees love him and I like him too but that’s not right it shows how bias nba is
Kenton Moore
Kenton Moore 5 kun oldin
+ありがとう yep
ありがとう 5 kun oldin
thats a sub Reddit?
Kenton Moore
Kenton Moore 12 kun oldin
+ありがとう r/lewronggeneration
ありがとう 17 kun oldin
this is half the reason, why I hate this generation, everyone thinks they know what they’re doing, but have an obvious incorrect saying. they had a timeout, so lebron could still hang there. i wish I was not in this damned generation
Kyle Jones
Kyle Jones 19 kun oldin
+Megateidc Durant did it for 3 seconds and got a tech miss with that bullshit
Jay Mehra
Jay Mehra 20 kun oldin
20:28 Lil Mosey hella clutch
Nost 21 kun oldin
DSJ offensive foul tf
Mutinrzombi 1628
Mutinrzombi 1628 21 kun oldin
PoyntFury 22 kun oldin
8:56 If you look, you can see JR reliving the moment where his dumbass forgot to take the shot.
Razor Edge
Razor Edge 22 kun oldin
Legit I thought Butler was wearing Gucci flip flops in the game winner against Charlotte at 12:57
Lucien D. Martel
Lucien D. Martel 22 kun oldin
Mercy King
Mercy King 22 kun oldin
3:26 did anyone see that dude charge at this man next to the person with the ball
Sophia Wang
Sophia Wang 22 kun oldin
11:22 how to not get the rebound and box out
Sophia Wang
Sophia Wang 22 kun oldin
0:33 no hate but the “G” (logo) goes all the way to the three point line😂
Tony Godonis
Tony Godonis 22 kun oldin
4:40 wasn't a game winner
Alex Deavel
Alex Deavel 22 kun oldin
Listen to the announcer yell at 9:26
Jacob Clark
Jacob Clark 22 kun oldin
I Was at the Oladipo game winner
andrew scott
andrew scott 22 kun oldin
jj reddick is a cold ass nigga. he coming to the cookout. 1 plate, tho.