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NBA's Top 100 Plays of 2018

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Time to countdown the top 100 plays of the 2018 calendar year!
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1-Yan, 2019



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stepbro o
stepbro o Kun oldin
Lakers best team ever
Kuhdie Man
Kuhdie Man Kun oldin
I kept thinking haha “On some Life Alert shit...” 😂😂😂
Jeffrey Orris
Jeffrey Orris Kun oldin
Go ahead and add Lamb to this list.
John Weigand
John Weigand 3 kun oldin
21:59 HOW!?!??!?!
Jorge Gonzalez
Jorge Gonzalez 4 kun oldin
Lebron still overrated
M C Hammer
M C Hammer 5 kun oldin
blep blep
blep blep 9 kun oldin
1:10 cmon LeBron, Phoenix takes enough shit already bruh 😂
The Kid
The Kid 9 kun oldin
​@ hey guys checcking my NBA videos
Самер Ассаф
Nice play by lebron james
kemal erkan
kemal erkan 10 kun oldin
11:55 Oladipo insane assist #51 , after one more insane assist
Matthew Stoddard
Matthew Stoddard 12 kun oldin
Miles Bridges with a nasty hammer! Then mocks Vince Carter
samuel ramírez
samuel ramírez 13 kun oldin
some plays is of 2019
SuperJosh1273 16 kun oldin
6:43 be like whenever there is 0 seconds on the rocket league clock
dennis 20 kun oldin
The first 99 highlights were awesome. Timberwolves Fan.
Jordan Shumaker
Jordan Shumaker 21 kun oldin
That James Harden play. Dude stops and looks at the man he just embarrassed until he recovers just to put the three down in his face anyway.
Tracy Sparacia
Tracy Sparacia 22 kun oldin
Too much lebron james
SuperRip7 24 kun oldin
Top ten at 23:22. 03-01-19.
BREKBRAKER 25 kun oldin
István Sipos
István Sipos 25 kun oldin
I still don't get the unnecessary badassary / agression in this game. you jump, the other dude jumps, there is some contact and a score or a block. fine. this happens in many sports. But why the "Take that, yo mofokker!" looks after the scene? especially when some1 is knocked down. when the game stops for a sec, the first question in other sports is "You O.K. dude?" If there is a crazy rush, they often ask the same question a little bit delayed, in the 1st slower moment. In the NBA however, players just don't give a f about their fellow players. Of course, there are exceptions but this tough guy pattern is common. Is it an NBA "culture" thing?
Adam Maaref-Wilson
This is the number of highlights of curry in the next vid 👇
angel santiago
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N 4
N 4 Oy oldin
91 is underrated
Ben Saunders
Ben Saunders Oy oldin
lol giannis was at 34
Christian Diaz
Distribution 25% Anthony Davis 25% Lebron 25% Sixers 25% Aron Baynes getting dunked on
Jaeden Sports
Jaeden Sports Oy oldin
Go LeBron
Bojan Nes
Bojan Nes Oy oldin
See amazing baby: uzvid.com/video/video-2alMXTE_1WI.html Thanks!!
J Farrell
J Farrell Oy oldin
Y'all really, really like Anthony Davis
rafael camas martínez
No chef Curry? I recognise LeBron's impact on the Game, but he ain't the hole league. You drunk NBA, go home.
Crazi Lemon
Crazi Lemon Oy oldin
21:59. WTF!!!
Crazi Lemon
Crazi Lemon Oy oldin
22:00!!! WTF!!!
shaun Dejong
shaun Dejong Oy oldin
88 was a travel
AKo. Oy oldin
this is too much violence
Cedes N Darren
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Олег Крутов.
Why D Rose is 99th. This is too low a place for such a cool player.
Devin Wallner
Devin Wallner Oy oldin
I think zach lavine forgot he was not in a dunk contest right then at 87
Call Me Mirko
Call Me Mirko Oy oldin
2:40 that should be much higher
Szymon Ratajczak
where is steph?
JC Denton
JC Denton Oy oldin
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JC Denton
JC Denton Oy oldin
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Jason Barbour
Jason Barbour Oy oldin
Really ??? The Greek Greek was best out by that weak ass shit?
Michael De Jesus
I can’t look at Dwight Howard the same anymore 😭😭😭
Michael De Jesus
17:19 No.30 “He’s swaggy, he’s soo swaggy” 😭
Saphire John Villa
3:36 Mudiay Travels!
Mifatis Oy oldin
video summary lebron james, go fuck
Quad Ex
Quad Ex Oy oldin
"Top 100 Plays of Lebron James and Anthony Davis 2018"
Jonathan Bell
Jonathan Bell Oy oldin
thats tuff
nico 0168
nico 0168 Oy oldin
How to block LBJ? I don't know
Snowman Oy oldin
QURAN ʜᴅ Oy oldin
11:00 - most boring commentator I have ever heard commentate.
Jack The Joker Gullotta
27:20 bet he can't do that in the finals
shooshme Loco
shooshme Loco Oy oldin
so nba dick rides lebron still
Eric Santana
Eric Santana Oy oldin
MIN 3:49
Daylon Moran
Daylon Moran Oy oldin
NuggetMan Oy oldin
Of course the number 1 is my home team losing
Luke Saucin
Luke Saucin Oy oldin
Need about 10 more Giannis dunks for this list to be complete.
0zee Oy oldin
These might be the top plays, but the only play I remember was JR Smith's famous blooper in the finals.
Qwe Rty
Qwe Rty Oy oldin
And you say me that football is the best game WTF???
Wesley Hudson
Wesley Hudson Oy oldin
LeBron got like all of them🤦‍♂️ overrated
ElectroDuck17 Oy oldin
anyone else notice that when he destroyed Johnson harden traveled with a double step back, if the refs weren't blind he would average 21 points at best
M Gosby
M Gosby Oy oldin
i still have no NBA team.
Ryan David Baker
john wall is sick
송병호 Oy oldin
my pick D. Rose
yoitsjust Oy oldin
That #1 was not #1
Chris Bogan
Chris Bogan Oy oldin
this was made by a lebron fan😂
nerfspotters Oy oldin
#8 dunk of the year hands down!!!!
Patrick Anderson
Not a single curry play? Pathetic. Whoever put this together is a LeBron James fanboy. And someone said hey, you have to put Klay’s nba record 14 three pointers in there, so they reluctantly put it in. The Warriors set records damn near every night, and whoever runs the NBA UZvid channel never gives the Warriors the credit they deserve. Smh
Jonathan Hoard
Just add music then you’d be one of the best basketball viners ever
#83 No Travel?
Joey Cunningham
Smh iguess that guy steph curry just never existed. I really hate how sports cant be free from politics
Lane Train Gaming
Top play 70: lebron hasn’t been in the last 5 top plays, throw a foul in there
Noah Brown
Noah Brown 2 oy oldin
4:56 why did he even bother to jump
ThatKidGavin 2 oy oldin
Giannis 34 at the 34th play lets go!
Dominic Butler
Dominic Butler 2 oy oldin
Where’s Tatum dunking on LeBron
이예섭 2 oy oldin
consistency man
consistency man 2 oy oldin
LeBron James is a duck footed, bald, whack ass neegrolian bitch with a huge forehead and zugga nigga lips u could stick to glass. #WHACKASSNEEGROLIANS
ゲリわかめ 2 oy oldin
デリックローズのは今見ても泣ける 漢泣きかよ
Kelly Barrett
Kelly Barrett 2 oy oldin
Lets count how many Lebron plays there is, 1, 2, 3...
buchapkns 2 oy oldin
no70 pure foul... no block
DabyQ8i 2 oy oldin
They hate curry
Damian Lillard
Damian Lillard 2 oy oldin
하.. 너키치.. 포틀랜드의 애물단지녀석..
Junior L LP
Junior L LP 2 oy oldin
Zach Levine dunked than so easily brooo
MrKingArturs 2 oy oldin
Why JR is not in the 1st position with the ball holding :D ?
Kksiid 2 oy oldin
yeah james honestly I dont like you but you are definitely legend
William Hough
William Hough 2 oy oldin
23:10 that’s a travel though lol
MrMartin48705 Oy oldin
Nope, that's pivoting. He's standing on one foot while moving the other one. He bounced the ball before going 2 steps back. You literally looked through a half hour video with a bunch of travelling violations before dunks, but this caught your eye? Damn.
Ali Davies
Ali Davies 2 oy oldin
lebron is the GOAT but just cus he hits a game winner doesnt make it better than every other game winner
RhymeTyme 2 oy oldin
Hady Ballout
Hady Ballout 2 oy oldin
Georg Graf
Georg Graf 2 oy oldin
Giovanni Hawthorne
This video is not in order lmfao 😂💯
Jacob Tyler
Jacob Tyler 2 oy oldin
7:05 just beautiful
Atemp 2 oy oldin
James is and will stay a legend
Imfrom Bmf
Imfrom Bmf 2 oy oldin
Would you rather be dunked on or jumped over ?
gormen 2 oy oldin
I played basketball for many years and then stopped for no real reason.. this made me remember why this game is amazing! I'm gonna start playing again d: thanks!
Omer Javed
Omer Javed 2 oy oldin
How many people does Giannis have to dunk on!? AMAZING!
Omer Javed
Omer Javed 2 oy oldin
14:52 Only true fans would know that Raps still won that
임재현 2 oy oldin
Jackson Kong
Jackson Kong 2 oy oldin
Instead of top 100 in 2018, more like top plays of Lebron.
Marcos Barbosa
Marcos Barbosa 2 oy oldin
23:05 two two-back-steps is two positions of rank...
Strawberry 2 oy oldin
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