NBA trade deadline’s biggest storylines | NBA Countdown

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ESPN NBA insider Adrian Wojnarowski outlines the tough decisions teams like the New Orleans Pelicans, Portland Trail Blazers and Los Angeles Lakers have to make before the February 9th trade deadline.
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Fikrlar 290
DeAndre Page
DeAndre Page 2 oy oldin
The Lonzo Ball injury adds more pressure to Lakers GM. 😎😎😎 Get a trade done quickly.
777GOTHVM 777
777GOTHVM 777 2 oy oldin
Michelle Beadle is aging like milk out here 😂😂🤷‍♂️
RIFICA777 2 oy oldin
The NBA is great this season so many great teams in the East and West this season.
Eric Davis
Eric Davis 2 oy oldin
Toronto should swing for the fences and try to make a move for Anthony Davis.
Raimundo Nagel
Raimundo Nagel 2 oy oldin
k i didnt learn anything new thks
Donte McGregory
Donte McGregory 2 oy oldin
Beadle use to be fine as fuck
Shawn Hass
Shawn Hass 2 oy oldin
yea, beads still on smash status.
Sugar Singh
Sugar Singh 2 oy oldin
Beas looking old af
Cm Punk
Cm Punk 2 oy oldin
Melo and AD to LA
Martina Gutierrez
Hell rell and melo are cancers to ny
Martina Gutierrez
Hell rell and melo are cancers to ny
andre price
andre price 2 oy oldin
Boston needs to stop trying add superstars to a team loaded with talent and use those assets and go after high level role players to round out their team. you have kyrie Hayward Tatum and horford..if i'm ainge i'm honestly looking to trade for 3 point shooters to keep the floor spaced ...they dont need Anthony Davis go get vivecic from Orlando magic to play alongside horford. Trade rosierand jaylen brown ..you cant tell me if they added players lile a kyle korver or reddick and got rid of the younger guys who are ball dominant they wouldnt play better as a team
JuicyFruitWarrior AI
Lakers before LeBron = greatest NBA franchise in history. Lakers after LeBron = LeSuck
Klejaraa 2 oy oldin
Just move Davis from that patetic franshisee
Got Game
Got Game 2 oy oldin
i have a feeling houston would trade for AD
2kool 4U
2kool 4U 2 oy oldin
NBA is the WWE
Jonathan Cosby
Jonathan Cosby 2 oy oldin
Trade Brandon Ingram please
Cobalt 2 oy oldin
Lakers should trade for Beal while keeping Kuzma and Zo. Wait to get AD next year in Free agency or trade for him next year. I don’t see why they haven’t made moves...
R 2 oy oldin
Damn... women really ages like milk
Cardi B
Cardi B 2 oy oldin
Nobody wants that bum melo
Proverbs 1:22
Proverbs 1:22 2 oy oldin
Like Durant Ain’t Gonna Win Another Final.... Why Even Cover Anything In The NBA
Try on Haul page
Try on Haul page 2 oy oldin
Hopefully my 76ers can make more happen
Elstons Gun
Elstons Gun 2 oy oldin
Calling it now: KD gets traded to the Wizards for Beal.
mm mm
mm mm 2 oy oldin
suck if no big name gets traded
Christian TookFlight
Okc should try to get kcp trade abrines and Patterson
BIG- L 2 oy oldin
Can anybody get it AD isn't going anywhere till the ping-pong balls drop next June. If no ZION with AD he's out. Melo nobody wants him period
A R 2 oy oldin
If AD is smart he would team up with Giannis and be with the bucks.
Kani X
Kani X 2 oy oldin
I know Raptors aren’t going to but they should make a trade to put them over the edge
BetUrLife Tv
BetUrLife Tv 2 oy oldin
Lebron needs to chill he has a good young team and ingram kuz and ball are better then alot of us think
Waheed Adel
Waheed Adel 2 oy oldin
does woj hangup the phone on his mom or wife if an trade leaker calls him?
BoBbIEA Bj 2 oy oldin
I’m excited for the trade deadline because I’m a rockets fan and Carmelo is messing us up ball hog
augie wright
augie wright 2 oy oldin
BoBbIEA Bj wym he aint been on the team for like 2 months
Nate Smith
Nate Smith 2 oy oldin
With or without a team I'm still a Melo fan #StayM7lo
Gold Paper Chains
Kevin Love to Raptors, and John Wall to Pistons. Like if you agree
Westbrook Dunked On Stephanie Lurry
I would like to see Wall in Detroit, but why would Raptors sign Kevin Love. Their big mans are good( Ibaka, Valencunias, Siakam...) They need SG, they need to replace the spot on which Derozan played so many years.
Tom Delay Beats
Tom Delay Beats 2 oy oldin
sixers should pick up JR smith AND nick young
Donald Brady
Donald Brady 2 oy oldin
Cool then they would have 3 head cases.
Headache313rd 2 oy oldin
Dam they waived him quick
Tom Delay Beats
Tom Delay Beats 2 oy oldin
+Headache313rd nah they waived him
Headache313rd 2 oy oldin
Nick young on the nuggets
Brake Fast Records
id take melo if he was packaged with a 1st round pick and had to give nothing in exchange
He's a free agent
Kenneth faried to houston they need more d...he is rodman
nikz exharmony
nikz exharmony 2 oy oldin
yes owye
deharleyva 2 oy oldin
A video with nothing of value in it.
lashlow fifty85
lashlow fifty85 2 oy oldin
Melo would be perfect in portland starting ijs
Borrego Tx
Borrego Tx 2 oy oldin
Melo to wizards or Cavs
Logan Carlson
Logan Carlson 2 oy oldin
voetbal12 2 oy oldin
They told us absolutely fuucking nothing. Fuck this video.
916 neighborhood watch
The only way Carmelo Anthony’s career can be saved is if they go in the lab and somehow fuse him with Anthony Davis to make... CARMELO ANTHONY DAVIS! meth gives me such creative ideas.
King JMS
King JMS 2 oy oldin
What about Chris Paul George 🤔
916 neighborhood watch
Sahtekar WieNovoline correct. but can you imagine if they fused Lebron James with James Harden? the result would be LEBRON JAMES HARDEN. he would be unstoppable!
Sahtekar WieNovoline
916 neighborhood watch Here is what you lookin for -> attention
Bronze Man X
Bronze Man X 2 oy oldin
Damn she aged horribly.
Bronze Man X
Bronze Man X 2 oy oldin
She looks hungover 😵
ßlàçk Kîñg
ßlàçk Kîñg 2 oy oldin
Kevin Love to the Nuggets
Gold Paper Chains
No to the Raptors
Big Chungas21
Big Chungas21 2 oy oldin
ßlàçk Kîñg Sölø they have Paul Millsap and he’s on something like $33mill.
Vitaliy Wolf
Vitaliy Wolf 2 oy oldin
I want to see my man JR in OKC. Or Holiday from Bulls.
Elfor Landstander
I've never seen a more elaborate way to say nothing at all.
Okc you gotta pick up a 4 man or a 3 and D player.
Samson 2 oy oldin
Conspiracy Theory Time: lbj will purposely sit out longer so the young guys can showcase their skills set thus bumping up their trade value....ultimately to get AD!!!
Master Roshi
Master Roshi 2 oy oldin
Why we playing like the Warriors don't have this season on lock
Westbrook Dunked On Stephanie Lurry
Cause they don't.
NolaBoyTeRoy Lee
NolaBoyTeRoy Lee 2 oy oldin
LeBron James Shore Know How To Fuck Teams Up To Get What He Wants Fucking Spoiled Brat SMH
CloutBoy Brian
CloutBoy Brian 2 oy oldin
Looking like Juelz Santana on the left
Troll Goals
Troll Goals 2 oy oldin
No country for old bitches on tv... time to replace this one
Alvellé Porter
Alvellé Porter 2 oy oldin
Jr to warriors..just a thought
S~Money2 2 oy oldin
Lebron gonna cry when his team doesn’t even make the second round.. lmao that’s what happens when you ring chase, people lose respect and you make it seem like you’re too reliable on other stars.. if you were as good as everyone claims you are.. you wouldn’t have to scout to make your team better. You would be motivating and making everyone better, but that’s not the case with this bitch. Lebron will NEVER be the best of all time.. maybe rn, but never goat.
PreciseNBA 2 oy oldin
money game
money game 2 oy oldin
fultz need to be a laker
Martin Brown
Martin Brown 2 oy oldin
Im tired of these espn nba insiders
Bhumi Rushing
Bhumi Rushing 2 oy oldin
Beadle looks like scarecrow from batman...probably all that feminist activity.
Weld Tech Videos and Fails
So what was the point of this video???
Josh B
Josh B 2 oy oldin
Get our views=more money.
Andrew 2 oy oldin
Cedi osmam the real mvp
TheDangerbreed 2 oy oldin
so just a time waster vid. not surprised
Scott Sophia
Scott Sophia 2 oy oldin
Thanks for wasting my time with some shit that anyone who is more than a casual fan already knows. Where’s Woj with the inside information?
Jacob Bennett
Jacob Bennett 2 oy oldin
Michelle looking old and wrinkly AF... get her off TV so so so fast... she provides nothing to any show she's ever been on.
Just My Opinion
Just My Opinion 2 oy oldin
Bucks need a Center, Brook Lopez is too soft
MOON MAN MIKE1 2 oy oldin
Marlon Garcia lmao
Matt Kramer
Matt Kramer 2 oy oldin
Michelle Beadle looking mad old. She looks like my finger tips after I do the dishes. But it’s cool though. We all age. I think she’s like 50 or something so I don’t know.
Matt Kramer
Matt Kramer 2 oy oldin
wolverinebesthero good luck with that. She has air of superiority about her where she acts like she’s better than most people. It’ll be hard to bang her when she’s all the way up on her high horse
Matt Kramer
Matt Kramer 2 oy oldin
Heh I’m not perfect either so I’ll be ok. I mean look she gives people hope. If she can be on a nationally syndicated tv show as it’s host no less looking like my foot skin after a long day of swimming then we all can accomplish a lot in life no matter what we look like.
ill still bang her.
Israel Rosario Jr.
Lol...wow. You're going to Hades for that one.
Robert Higgins
Robert Higgins 2 oy oldin
She is a bully
J Martin S
J Martin S 2 oy oldin
KD & AD to Boston next year - bye Horford, Hayward, Tatum(or Brown) & Rozier
Asiong Ting Armecin
Ur ensane buhahaha
Ryan Dieter
Ryan Dieter 2 oy oldin
ESPN is wack I’d rather watch FS1
Ryan Dieter
Ryan Dieter 2 oy oldin
Pupil of DC Wayne Perry off the drugs? Cuz I have a different opinion. Your an idiot
Pupil of DC Wayne Perry
Other than shannon, stay off the drugs ryan 🤣. And I can't stand espn
Rusty Shackleford
Glad my team isnt a desperate whore chasing for people....
Rockstar Lance
Rockstar Lance 2 oy oldin
From now on, whenever i get in a basketball argument with a scrub here on youtube im just going to ask them if they rather have jabari parker or justin holiday. ill have all the info i need from their answer
GRODT Gang 2 oy oldin
Rockstar Lance what is your banner on your profile? I see that hitachi pic everywhere
cash love
cash love 2 oy oldin
Everybody trade
Deangelo Robinson
People are stupid for not getting Carmelo imjs
Cesar Trujillo
Cesar Trujillo 2 oy oldin
That Cleveland championship cost the cavs alot more $$$$ then earnings outbof it. Its the lebrin factor.... lol 😂😂😂
aleks rze
aleks rze 2 oy oldin
+Cesar Trujillo they earned a chip tho? that is the point of the investment buddy
Cesar Trujillo
Cesar Trujillo 2 oy oldin
aleks rze Sometimes the investment is not worth it. It is costing them alot more then what they earn..
aleks rze
aleks rze 2 oy oldin
Cesar Trujillo The point of the NBA is to win a championship maybe that’s why they gave up so much? Just and idea XD
BZ 2 oy oldin
so what happened to lavar ball so far??? im curious
who the Fuck is this
I hope my Spurs do some moves to get a Center I think Dwight would be just fine and also a point guard
Israel Rosario Jr.
+who the Fuck is this Orlando may not be willing to part ways with him but would they be willing to lose him for nothing, especially since they're unlikely to resign him to a large contract after drafting Mo Bamba and with Mozgov still on the books through next season? You don't need to include Lonnie Walker to that deal and maybe a 1st round pick with Gasol's contract gets it done. And BTW, I ran that trade through the NBA ESPN trade machine and it works. I think the Spurs would have a great shot at resigning him and going to war with him/Aldridge/DeRozan and the other pieces for the next couple of years. Especially since they can go over the cap to keep him.
who the Fuck is this
+Israel Rosario Jr. Still if we are able to get Vusevich without including these 3 I would love it (or at least include 1 out of 3)
who the Fuck is this
+Rongod. Yeah but Dejounte is injured and we need a point guard for this season
who the Fuck is this
+Israel Rosario Jr. Sure Vusevich fits a lot better but 1 I don't think the Magic would be so eager to trade him since they are on route to make the Playoffs 2 Even if they are we would probably had to include either Forbes White or At least Lonie Walker and I do not like that especially for potentially 1 year of Vusevich
Rongod. 2 oy oldin
Disagree with the point guard statement I think they're looking to dejounte Murray to be the pg of the future
VergzHD 2 oy oldin
LESPN to LAKERS , Lonzo and Ingram to GET UP !
NinoVincent Oporto
I didn't know that WASHED OUT CHOKING MELO is still on the blocks 😂😂😂😂😂
BRad 2 oy oldin
Honestly it’s the media (espn at the top of that list) putting hype around these trades, they used to only focus on them when they happen, now its just speculation and rumor prediction emphasized !
BRad 2 oy oldin
Brian R4520 Exactly!!!
Brian R4520
Brian R4520 2 oy oldin
I was talking about this the other day. They would talk about free agency as soon as the season ended. They would talk about trades when the deadline was close. Now they don't really focus on the games they just talk about free agency, trades that can happen, and other drama throughout the entire season. It's not about the sport anymore.
BRad 2 oy oldin
Just my opinion
jaden telebrico
jaden telebrico 2 oy oldin
Espn wants AD to be on LA This ESPN
ROHIT GOEL 2 oy oldin
Marick Anthony
Marick Anthony 2 oy oldin
Carmelo should trim his weight and should become a willing passer and not go to iso every position...his mid range is still decent...KD should go back to OKC if Westbrook leave OKC...then they should get kemba or kyrie...
Nee Doc
Nee Doc 2 oy oldin
Why is Adrian the so called main source guy? I miss Chris Broussard.
aleks rze
aleks rze 2 oy oldin
510MyTube @willy wozzers im dead you have to reply this guy just exposed you😂
510MyTube 2 oy oldin
willy Wowzers im surprised your mom birth a piece of shit that actually reply to a comment
willy Wowzers
willy Wowzers 2 oy oldin
+510MyTube your ability to form a senentce is a complete dog shit.
Nee Doc
Nee Doc 2 oy oldin
+rob banks Woj is far from the goat Espn tho, is trying to make him that way.
Nee Doc
Nee Doc 2 oy oldin
+510MyTube Chris was the man. Adrian thinks he is Adam Schafter from Espn. He gets mad if he doesn't break the story first.
Netarded Riggas
Netarded Riggas 2 oy oldin
Netarded Riggas
Netarded Riggas 2 oy oldin
Where you at bitch that’s what I thought you dumb ass swamp rat
Netarded Riggas
Netarded Riggas 2 oy oldin
+Carmelo Anthony read this too while you're at it you dumb african booty scratcher www.espn.com/nba/story/_/id/25459090/carmelo-anthony-last-great-american-ball-hog
Netarded Riggas
Netarded Riggas 2 oy oldin
Carmelo Anthony www.sbnation.com/nba/2018/11/15/18085846/carmelo-anthony-rockets-waived-rumors-free-agent
Netarded Riggas
Netarded Riggas 2 oy oldin
Carmelo Anthony here read the article you ignorant African booty scratcher. HE GOT CUT, WAIVED, BOOTED. HE DIDNT LEAVE ON HIS OWN WILL LIKE YOURE MAKING UP IN YOUR HEAD YOU MORON.
Carmelo Anthony
Carmelo Anthony 2 oy oldin
Ben Sam Jesus Christ you’re actually handicapped lmao. I’m sorry I didn’t realize I was dealing with someone special sorry just don’t mind this at all I didn’t mean to hurt you. Just so you know Melo is on the rockets Melo no want to play for rockets That’s why he no play Only bad teams offer trade to rockets but rockets want to trade Melo to good team Sry if you still couldn’t understand I know you have Phase 2 level mental problem with your head.
Johnny The Fastest Flash
Ad To LA confirmed.
TheYoungblood46 2 oy oldin
+De Von you're missing the point. People act like they HAVE to trade him. They don't. It's January man. Nobody's been eliminated from the playoffs yet.
De Von
De Von 2 oy oldin
Westbrook Dunked On Stephanie Lurry nigga what
De Von
De Von 2 oy oldin
TheYoungblood46 bro they not making it to the playoffs they might as well trade him to L.A if he wants a championship join lebron simple
Westbrook Dunked On Stephanie Lurry
Nobady is going to that gay city full of bandwagons. Their fans are disagrace to NBA basketball.
TheYoungblood46 2 oy oldin
It's NOT confirmed. The Pelicans aren't trading Anthony Davis. Forget about it.
Pablo Camareno
Pablo Camareno 2 oy oldin
Old dusty bitch
KushLitThoughts 2 oy oldin
It'd be nice to see Carmelo get a decent opportunity to shine, he showed me nothing but willingness in Houston.
Matt The Knicks Fan
Mohau Mokhethi i read it and it was blasphemy
KushLitThoughts 2 oy oldin
Matt The Knicks Fan preach bro lol
Mohau Mokhethi
Mohau Mokhethi 2 oy oldin
Matt The Knicks Fan I never said he was average I said he is a shadow of what he was going to be He was the olny player in his draft year to give bron a run for his money Read before commenting chief 😴
Matt The Knicks Fan
Mohau Mokhethi i forgot, average players have 25551 career points... thats some shadow
Mohau Mokhethi
Mohau Mokhethi 2 oy oldin
Melo came in looking like a future legend but he is leaving as a shadow of his youth He ain’t the old Melo that was a showstopper he lacks charisma And doesn’t have the hunger to be a top player like he was going to be
skip1837 2 oy oldin
I hate the fact players can be 3 years away from free agency and their being talked about being traded .. chit is 🤮🤮🤮
kefkapalazzo1 2 oy oldin
How else are you supposed to move as a player unless it’s a trade or free agency?
Troll Goals
Troll Goals 2 oy oldin
Delonte Nolan shut ur I graduated 2nd grade ass up
Troll Goals
Troll Goals 2 oy oldin
skip1837 that’s how you know everything in basketball is fake... soap opera bullshit
Delonte Nolan
Delonte Nolan 2 oy oldin
i hate when you fucking stupid ass bitches still don't know the fucking difference between their and they're.
Chanelle Nicole
Chanelle Nicole 2 oy oldin
spoken like a team representative lol But for a player stuck in a incompetent franchis sometimes its the best option for both player
evelino tiger
evelino tiger 2 oy oldin
I love the NBA
Franky P
Franky P 2 oy oldin
I know it's not gonna happen. But KD to the Bucks with Giannis would be epic
Ed Channing
Ed Channing 2 oy oldin
+skip1837 That is a good point skip. He is still getting better. But, he HAS to improve his outside shot to either attract a big name free agent or be the subject of big money trades to a contender. Being in a small market can make it harder, but if he could shoot just 29% from three, that might open up opportunities.
skip1837 2 oy oldin
+Ed Channing that's because he doesnt want to leave he has that what's the word... Loyalty to the Bucks because they took a chance on him Giannis has said this out of his own mouth..
Naseem Saleh
Naseem Saleh 2 oy oldin
+Ed Channing was this supposed to prove something? 😂😂 damn you ran out of shit to say lmao L
Ed Channing
Ed Channing 2 oy oldin
+Naseem Saleh clutchpoints.com/bucks-news-over-the-last-5-years-giannis-antetokounmpos-position-has-changed/. Whenever they want to make an excuse for the fact that he CAN'T SHOOT, they call him a power forward, lmao, did I mention that he CAN'T SHOOT?
Naseem Saleh
Naseem Saleh 2 oy oldin
+Ed Channing he plays the 3? 😂😂 then what does middleton play? Lmao he plays down low with bigs all the time, just because hes always on the fast break dont mean he dont outplay bigs. He plays the 4, and is constantly bodybagging great rim protectors. I'm just starting to think you dont watch bucks games 😂
SK Glizzy
SK Glizzy 2 oy oldin
Beadle not aging to well shit is just sad to be honest 🤣🤣
Donte McGregory
Donte McGregory 2 oy oldin
SK Glizzy not at all
Israel Rosario Jr.
Eff it, she's rich. Shedding no tears
jsdzx 2 oy oldin
Its so noticable. She use to be so cute.
Sam Joseph
Sam Joseph 2 oy oldin
Why not have a top 16 playoffs standings, the East is trash.
khan 1992
khan 1992 2 oy oldin
+Westbrook Dunked On Stephanie Lurry the sixers, bucks, and raptors all have winning records against the west so far, while boston and indy are close to .500. the west is definitely deeper, but those teams would have a chance against anyone outside of golden state.
Trevor Jeremy Roberts
Westbrook Dunked On Stephanie Lurry Depends how badly Draymond screws up. He’s the JR Smith over there this season lol. We’ll see. I just don’t think a top 16 is good for the league. Especially as you said, if East only faces west teams twice a season. There’s no opportunity for either east or west to really gain ground on teams from the other conference to fight for a seed over each other. Make sense?
Westbrook Dunked On Stephanie Lurry
+Trevor Jeremy Roberts what Im saying is that West is still stronger, I want and I think that Raptors will make finals, but they ain't beating Warriors.
Trevor Jeremy Roberts
Westbrook Dunked On Stephanie Lurry also ya. Regular season determines the playoff seeding so I’m determining by the regular season. How else would you?
Trevor Jeremy Roberts
Westbrook Dunked On Stephanie Lurry my point is the top 16 in the league format is a bogus idea. I’m cool they wanted to change the all star format but leave the seeding the way it is. That’s all I’m trying to state. I’m a Raptors fan since 95. So I don’t care either way. Bring on any team this year. We’re hurt and winning so no big deal who we face come playoffs. I just like keeping a little tradition within the league.
Jared Adhemar
Jared Adhemar 2 oy oldin
I'm the best 12 year old at hear
Jared Adhemar
Jared Adhemar 2 oy oldin
+Emmanuel Wills it was auto correct dum ass go suck a
Delonte Nolan
Delonte Nolan 2 oy oldin
@Emmanuel Wills says the guy who doesn't know the difference between you and you're. Its always the stupid mother fuckers with the most mouth. Kill your fucking self.
siddharth thakur
siddharth thakur 2 oy oldin
+Emmanuel Wills At least check YOUR own spelling when YOU'RE correcting someone else's.
Emmanuel Wills
Emmanuel Wills 2 oy oldin
You spell like your 12 too
V4M_ Ghosts
V4M_ Ghosts 2 oy oldin
The rockets need Jabari Parker
The roneguy to meswit darrell
Go Duke fan fo life
SOUNDOFF 078 2 oy oldin
Another player that don't play defense,. Yeah sure
V4M_ Ghosts
V4M_ Ghosts 2 oy oldin
FOOLYT 2 oy oldin
Rockets 🚀 should had never got rid of ariza he was the X factor, heart and defense effort is so underrated
FOOLYT 2 oy oldin
Jabari Parker is so azz bro, his game doesn’t fit well in the new era type of basketball
Eternal Darkness
Eternal Darkness 2 oy oldin
Beedle looks her pussy stinks now a days. 😂
Tim Sexton
Tim Sexton 2 oy oldin
Brandon Ingram KCP and a first round for Bradley Beal
Tim Sexton
Tim Sexton 2 oy oldin
Playoff P bruh they’re losing with AD they gotta shake things up
Alejandro Nunez
Alejandro Nunez 2 oy oldin
Laker fans really think the pelicans would take that shit deal lmao y’all sum else😂😭
Chance Hebert
Chance Hebert 2 oy oldin
Fuck no
Tim Sexton
Tim Sexton 2 oy oldin
Gary Miller I like this too
mahdi amine
mahdi amine 2 oy oldin
For AD
D Y 2 oy oldin
Why is it when you chew mint gum and drink water it's feels cold...
JuicyFruitWarrior AI
I always chew juicy fruit, makes water poppin
TheLordNebiros 2 oy oldin
+Bvnshee You're welcome man
BG303 2 oy oldin
Idk if you’re being serious or just literally flat out retarded or trying to be funny.
lashlow fifty85
lashlow fifty85 2 oy oldin
Idk but that shit bangin
Bvnshee 2 oy oldin
TheLordNebiros thank u so much for answering one of lifes greatest mysteries
shreejan 2 oy oldin
guess what KD to okc....?
Westbrook Dunked On Stephanie Lurry
I actually think that KD wants to go back, but with which money? Russ, George and even Adams are getting a LOT of money, and we are paying Grant and Schroder like 10 mil. Durant would need to sign small contract or we should just get rid of Grant and Schroder.
Great Okoh
Great Okoh 2 oy oldin
kd to pelicans is something no ones talking about
Franjo Šendulović
Never again
MOSELY25 2 oy oldin
That cap is real lol
Shabaka Smkss
Shabaka Smkss 2 oy oldin
shreejan good bye bench
Victor Montalvo
Victor Montalvo 2 oy oldin
I like how the put drama on this, but at the same time they didn’t say anything that we didn’t know 😂😂😂😂
DVo 2 oy oldin
Right!!! No news, just exposition!!!
SKROW SHOW 2 oy oldin
I'm curious to see what happens to be honest lol
Japheth Hamilton
Japheth Hamilton 2 oy oldin
SAN Antonio need to trade Aldridge and Pau Gasol
who the Fuck is this
+Japheth Hamilton lets be realistic what you think we would get back for LA and Pau that would make us better than we are know
Japheth Hamilton
Japheth Hamilton 2 oy oldin
+Michael C Crede one more star would've been great though so that the glory days can continue
Michael C Crede
Michael C Crede 2 oy oldin
I think the days of glory are done for San Antonio the originals are retired or playing for another team Pop is pretty much heading into retirement now your star is Demar Derozan...
Emmanuel Wills
Emmanuel Wills 2 oy oldin
Rafael Garcia Ya Mama
Rafael Garcia
Rafael Garcia 2 oy oldin
For who?
ronny lopez
ronny lopez 2 oy oldin
So that's it. Nothing significant. Your team is your team moving forward. Got it
john kennedy
john kennedy 2 oy oldin
ronny lopez lol
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