NBA trade deadline’s biggest storylines | NBA Countdown

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ESPN NBA insider Adrian Wojnarowski outlines the tough decisions teams like the New Orleans Pelicans, Portland Trail Blazers and Los Angeles Lakers have to make before the February 9th trade deadline.
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3-Yan, 2019

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DeAndre Page
DeAndre Page Kun oldin
The Lonzo Ball injury adds more pressure to Lakers GM. 😎😎😎 Get a trade done quickly.
777GOTHVM 777
777GOTHVM 777 6 kun oldin
Michelle Beadle is aging like milk out here 😂😂🤷‍♂️
RIFICA777 12 kun oldin
The NBA is great this season so many great teams in the East and West this season.
Eric Davis
Eric Davis 14 kun oldin
Toronto should swing for the fences and try to make a move for Anthony Davis.
Raimundo Nagel
Raimundo Nagel 14 kun oldin
k i didnt learn anything new thks
Donte McGregory
Donte McGregory 15 kun oldin
Beadle use to be fine as fuck
Shawn Hass
Shawn Hass 15 kun oldin
yea, beads still on smash status.
Sugar Singh
Sugar Singh 15 kun oldin
Beas looking old af
Cm Punk
Cm Punk 16 kun oldin
Melo and AD to LA
Martina Gutierrez
Martina Gutierrez 16 kun oldin
Hell rell and melo are cancers to ny
Martina Gutierrez
Martina Gutierrez 16 kun oldin
Hell rell and melo are cancers to ny
andre price
andre price 17 kun oldin
Boston needs to stop trying add superstars to a team loaded with talent and use those assets and go after high level role players to round out their team. you have kyrie Hayward Tatum and horford..if i'm ainge i'm honestly looking to trade for 3 point shooters to keep the floor spaced ...they dont need Anthony Davis go get vivecic from Orlando magic to play alongside horford. Trade rosierand jaylen brown ..you cant tell me if they added players lile a kyle korver or reddick and got rid of the younger guys who are ball dominant they wouldnt play better as a team
JuicyFruitWarrior AI
Lakers before LeBron = greatest NBA franchise in history. Lakers after LeBron = LeSuck
Klejaraa 18 kun oldin
Just move Davis from that patetic franshisee
Got Game
Got Game 18 kun oldin
i have a feeling houston would trade for AD
2kool 4U
2kool 4U 18 kun oldin
NBA is the WWE
Jonathan Cosby
Jonathan Cosby 18 kun oldin
Trade Brandon Ingram please
Cobalt 18 kun oldin
Lakers should trade for Beal while keeping Kuzma and Zo. Wait to get AD next year in Free agency or trade for him next year. I don’t see why they haven’t made moves...
R 18 kun oldin
Damn... women really ages like milk
Kevin Hart
Kevin Hart 19 kun oldin
Nobody wants that bum melo
Proverbs 1:22
Proverbs 1:22 19 kun oldin
Like Durant Ain’t Gonna Win Another Final.... Why Even Cover Anything In The NBA
Try on Haul page
Try on Haul page 19 kun oldin
Hopefully my 76ers can make more happen
Elstons Gun
Elstons Gun 19 kun oldin
Calling it now: KD gets traded to the Wizards for Beal.
Mitch mitch
Mitch mitch 19 kun oldin
suck if no big name gets traded
Christian TookFlight
Okc should try to get kcp trade abrines and Patterson
BIG- L 19 kun oldin
Can anybody get it AD isn't going anywhere till the ping-pong balls drop next June. If no ZION with AD he's out. Melo nobody wants him period
A R 19 kun oldin
If AD is smart he would team up with Giannis and be with the bucks.
Kani X
Kani X 19 kun oldin
I know Raptors aren’t going to but they should make a trade to put them over the edge
BetUrLife Tv
BetUrLife Tv 19 kun oldin
Lebron needs to chill he has a good young team and ingram kuz and ball are better then alot of us think
Waheed Adel
Waheed Adel 19 kun oldin
does woj hangup the phone on his mom or wife if an trade leaker calls him?
BoBbIEA Bj 19 kun oldin
I’m excited for the trade deadline because I’m a rockets fan and Carmelo is messing us up ball hog
augie wright
augie wright 19 kun oldin
BoBbIEA Bj wym he aint been on the team for like 2 months
Nate Smith
Nate Smith 19 kun oldin
With or without a team I'm still a Melo fan #StayM7lo
Mr.Steal YourGirl
Mr.Steal YourGirl 19 kun oldin
Kevin Love to Raptors, and John Wall to Pistons. Like if you agree
Westbrook Dunked On Stephanie Lurry
I would like to see Wall in Detroit, but why would Raptors sign Kevin Love. Their big mans are good( Ibaka, Valencunias, Siakam...) They need SG, they need to replace the spot on which Derozan played so many years.
TomDelayBeats 19 kun oldin
sixers should pick up JR smith AND nick young
Donald Brady
Donald Brady 16 kun oldin
Cool then they would have 3 head cases.
Headache313rd 19 kun oldin
Dam they waived him quick
TomDelayBeats 19 kun oldin
+Headache313rd nah they waived him
Headache313rd 19 kun oldin
Nick young on the nuggets
Brake Fast
Brake Fast 19 kun oldin
id take melo if he was packaged with a 1st round pick and had to give nothing in exchange
WhoGotBarsLikeThese 19 kun oldin
He's a free agent
Kenneth faried to houston they need more d...he is rodman
nikz exharmony
nikz exharmony 19 kun oldin
yes owye
deharleyva 19 kun oldin
A video with nothing of value in it.
lashlow fifty85
lashlow fifty85 19 kun oldin
Melo would be perfect in portland starting ijs
Borrego Tx
Borrego Tx 19 kun oldin
Melo to wizards or Cavs
seshdarko 19 kun oldin
voetbal12 19 kun oldin
They told us absolutely fuucking nothing. Fuck this video.
916 neighborhood watch
The only way Carmelo Anthony’s career can be saved is if they go in the lab and somehow fuse him with Anthony Davis to make... CARMELO ANTHONY DAVIS! meth gives me such creative ideas.
King JMS
King JMS 16 kun oldin
What about Chris Paul George 🤔
916 neighborhood watch
Sahtekar WieNovoline correct. but can you imagine if they fused Lebron James with James Harden? the result would be LEBRON JAMES HARDEN. he would be unstoppable!
Sahtekar WieNovoline
916 neighborhood watch Here is what you lookin for -> attention
Gedalyah Israel
Gedalyah Israel 19 kun oldin
Damn she aged horribly.
Gedalyah Israel
Gedalyah Israel 19 kun oldin
She looks hungover 😵
ßlàçk Kîñg Sölø
Kevin Love to the Nuggets
Mr.Steal YourGirl
Mr.Steal YourGirl 19 kun oldin
No to the Raptors
Big Chungas21
Big Chungas21 19 kun oldin
ßlàçk Kîñg Sölø they have Paul Millsap and he’s on something like $33mill.
Vitaliy Wolf
Vitaliy Wolf 19 kun oldin
I want to see my man JR in OKC. Or Holiday from Bulls.
Elfor Landstander
Elfor Landstander 19 kun oldin
I've never seen a more elaborate way to say nothing at all.
WolfofWexlerStreet 19 kun oldin
Okc you gotta pick up a 4 man or a 3 and D player.
Samson 19 kun oldin
Conspiracy Theory Time: lbj will purposely sit out longer so the young guys can showcase their skills set thus bumping up their trade value....ultimately to get AD!!!
Master Roshi
Master Roshi 19 kun oldin
Why we playing like the Warriors don't have this season on lock
Westbrook Dunked On Stephanie Lurry
Cause they don't.
NolaBoyTeRoy Lee
NolaBoyTeRoy Lee 19 kun oldin
LeBron James Shore Know How To Fuck Teams Up To Get What He Wants Fucking Spoiled Brat SMH