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NBA Youngboy - Kick Yo Door (Official Video)

YoungBoy Never Broke Again
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YoungBoy Never Broke Again - Kick Yo Door [Official Music Video]
Kick Yo Door available now! Stream/Download: youngboy.lnk.to/kickyodoorID
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Directed by Shotbyjacques / We Good Productions

The official UZvid channel of Atlantic Records artist YoungBoy Never Broke Again. Subscribe for the latest music videos, performances, and more.
#YoungBoyNeverBrokeAgain #KickYoDoor




8-Yan, 2019



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Emani Atkinson
Emani Atkinson Soat oldin
I love him 😩👌🏾❤️
JAYLEN. VU 4 soat oldin
DirTy B!TcHes, TaLkInG GrouPie BitcHes Always In My FaCe
Psych k Asap
Psych k Asap 4 soat oldin
don’t playing with niggas 🔫🔫
timesa sanders
timesa sanders 4 soat oldin
i like that song
Brandyn Lewis
Brandyn Lewis 6 soat oldin
“Red bitch tote a green flag she bang 4kt” hardest line in the song🤣✅
Carlos Cordero
Carlos Cordero 7 soat oldin
Real nigga don't smok cigarrette
DCC PIPES 9 soat oldin
Still bumpin
Nunu 15 soat oldin
Young boy a goat
Tristan Smith
Tristan Smith 16 soat oldin
Fuck bitch
Reggie Jenkins
Reggie Jenkins 18 soat oldin
If you not a bick Make this blue 👇🏾
ImCrazyMexican 19 soat oldin
He kinda sound like quavo if you put auto tune on him
Steven T
Steven T Soat oldin
Hell yea
Yung Lean
Yung Lean 20 soat oldin
all u annoying ass yutes stop saying turn the shit blue
Alicia Pinckney
Alicia Pinckney 20 soat oldin
Alicia Pinckney
Alicia Pinckney 20 soat oldin
Alesha Ortega
Alesha Ortega 22 soat oldin
Nice song
FORTNITE FOR LIFE 22 soat oldin
this bitch just put that for likes dumb ass bitch u the gay u little dumb fuck
FORTNITE FOR LIFE 22 soat oldin
this bitch just put that for like dumb ass bitch u the gay u little dumb fuck
FUTV⚽️ Kun oldin
Hit the dislike button since no one ever hits that button much
Noah Reynald
Noah Reynald Kun oldin
NBA youngboy
Lil Bomber Kid
Lil Bomber Kid Kun oldin
After I listened to this song I kicked my mom door open
Damian Gilmore
Damian Gilmore Kun oldin
FBI be like 0:24
Bilal Ahmed
Bilal Ahmed Kun oldin
Ayyyyyyeeee I just noticed the X Skins billboard in the back
chrystal baker
chrystal baker Kun oldin
This is lit
Brad Alford
Brad Alford Kun oldin
Tyler rogbsngfvjaaznejdndnndennenn
"Starting to think you a smoker why you gotta pipe" "imma hit you with the pipe" 🔥 🔥
Dalvin Carter
Dalvin Carter Kun oldin
This the best song to Rob a nigga to On Slime 😆🖕🏽
Jimmythefirst Williams
264jlove 2 kun oldin
I did I'm not gay!!!!!!
Aminah Saffold
Aminah Saffold 2 kun oldin
Johnny Herrera
Johnny Herrera 2 kun oldin
Turn this BLUE if u a REAL NIGA💯🔥
Porschea Glenn
Porschea Glenn 2 kun oldin
Porschea Glenn
Porschea Glenn 2 kun oldin
This my shit
N4TEtheGr84TE 11
N4TEtheGr84TE 11 2 kun oldin
Danai helmstadter
Danai helmstadter 2 kun oldin
Please dont make a sound 4ktray😆😊
Danai helmstadter
Danai helmstadter 2 kun oldin
Goffy bitches always in my face
Danai helmstadter
Danai helmstadter 2 kun oldin
The Spreme King
The Spreme King 2 kun oldin
Play dis when the teachet piss you off
makaria wilson
makaria wilson 2 kun oldin
Youngboy the best
Keirsten Howard
Keirsten Howard 3 kun oldin
Rj Washington
Rj Washington 3 kun oldin
Nbayoungboy4ktrey is the best rapper
Ks Groovy
Ks Groovy 3 kun oldin
If you not gay make this blue
Armoniyona A Brown
Armoniyona A Brown 3 kun oldin
get this comment 3.5k plz
CS MC 3 kun oldin
The king
Saucey Yuyu
Saucey Yuyu 3 kun oldin
Youngboy drop that album with qaundo
Saucey Yuyu
Saucey Yuyu 3 kun oldin
Lil pump is unknown now
S K 3 kun oldin
Trevon Pearson
Trevon Pearson 3 kun oldin
If this is lit make this button blue
Mimi Anderson
Mimi Anderson 3 kun oldin
He the best
Roshonda Sanders
Roshonda Sanders 3 kun oldin
If you love nba youngboy like
markhayus hodges
markhayus hodges 3 kun oldin
If you like nba you boy make this buue
Janiyah knightCarrie annaWilliams
Listen to your song all the time every single last one of them NBA youngboy let's go team team
YT LavishClan
YT LavishClan 3 kun oldin
Kick yo do they just want to blow
Ean Rowell
Ean Rowell 3 kun oldin
4k trey blood for life
Nawach Jones
Nawach Jones 3 kun oldin
Shemaiah Moorehead
Shemaiah Moorehead 3 kun oldin
If you fw youngboy like this
KENNETTA scott 4 kun oldin
KENNETTA scott 4 kun oldin
KENNETTA scott 4 kun oldin
Tabatha White
Tabatha White 4 kun oldin
Lil pump is not butter than NBA younboy
Jacob Turner
Jacob Turner 4 kun oldin
Citric-Sizzle 4 kun oldin
whats the blue nikey windbreaker type jacket youngboy is wearing shi is thof
TRIPLEX_T2URAW 4 kun oldin
Who's Better? Like for NBA Youngboy Comment for Lil Pump
serenity bolden
serenity bolden 16 soat oldin
NBA youngboy❤❤
Taveon Phillips
Taveon Phillips 2 kun oldin
Karrar Nagi
Karrar Nagi 4 kun oldin
ayy goes crazy
fortnite royale
fortnite royale 4 kun oldin
kick yo door from holland ahah
pacsoul Pavon
pacsoul Pavon 4 kun oldin
This the first song i play everytime i get in my car. YB my favorite rapper simce 38 baby!! #2017
pacsoul Pavon
pacsoul Pavon 2 kun oldin
+Timara Williams i know but i herd that song at the beginning of 2017
Timara Williams
Timara Williams 2 kun oldin
pacsoul Pavon 38 baby was made in 2016.
Aaron Robmel
Aaron Robmel 4 kun oldin
I be damn if ah nigga want youngboy dead cause this nigga always in the street his videos show that
Makalah Banks
Makalah Banks 4 kun oldin
you the goat
MrHaggans Haggans
MrHaggans Haggans 4 kun oldin
Get that money bitch kick yo door Like my post if you bout it let's go
Sharon Hardy
Sharon Hardy 4 kun oldin
I know this whole song word for word this my man 😍😍😍
Christina Simmofffns
Zach Smith
Zach Smith 4 kun oldin
Marlin Conley Street 309
Judith Krupa
Judith Krupa 4 kun oldin
Started from the bottom money's all I want in a real ask nigam these other niggaz cons below his brains all over the car steering wheel
Jacob Turner
Jacob Turner 5 kun oldin
Odell Zeek
Odell Zeek 5 kun oldin
Kick yo door 😈😈🤬💯💣🖕
Braulia Gonzalez
Braulia Gonzalez 5 kun oldin
#kick yo door
YouTube-QJ Yt
YouTube-QJ Yt 5 kun oldin
Told her green flag she bag 4KTREY❇️
ThinkAhead 5 kun oldin
Remember when this was coolin at 29k views this shit blew like 2 months later 💯
i wrath
i wrath 5 kun oldin
nba is a legend
FORTNITE PRO 5 kun oldin
Ba uhh slit you throat
Chad Stephens
Chad Stephens 5 kun oldin
I love NBA YOUNGBOY so much I will like this I swear. You swear ok
Light hero ssj5 alex
My name 21savage
Jamyrah Douglas
Jamyrah Douglas 5 kun oldin
# Love this song I love it l tell my mom put it on2047
x King Mikey x
x King Mikey x 5 kun oldin
I ain't goin lie I'm not a youngboy fan but this shit hard asf
Tish Littles
Tish Littles 5 kun oldin
BEAST 23_YT 5 kun oldin
If u not gay like t hi is
Derrick Harper
Derrick Harper 6 kun oldin
4kt hit that like button if you still bumping this hit 🤘🏽🐍🖤💯
Felix Guapo
Felix Guapo Kun oldin
Derrick Harper thirsty for likes ass nigga
b wizzle
b wizzle 6 kun oldin
My husband!! Omg hes definitely got me under his spell. So fine!
Tj Mars
Tj Mars 6 kun oldin
1:37 when bae say u want some head
Marccus Hampton
Marccus Hampton 6 kun oldin
Kevin Mendoza
Kevin Mendoza 6 kun oldin
Kyven Smith
Kyven Smith 6 kun oldin
Young boy go h
Zxni Lean
Zxni Lean 6 kun oldin
Zxni Lean
Zxni Lean 6 kun oldin
Fabian Horne
Fabian Horne 6 kun oldin
Real fire shit is row is hell
Connor Bowllan
Connor Bowllan 6 kun oldin
This lit
expressiveminds 108
Student Xavier Anderson
we kickin your door bitch
Jesse King
Jesse King 7 kun oldin
Smoking by gas pumps is dangerous ..........
Alexis Rehaume
Alexis Rehaume 7 kun oldin
NBA is my favorite singer like if he is yours to
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