Neil deGrasse Tyson: Trump's Space Force Is Not A Crazy Idea

The Late Show with Stephen Colbert
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America's favorite astrophysicist returns to The Late Show with a surprising argument for why Trump's call for a Space Force may be a good thing.
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12-Sen, 2018

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Manny Santiago
Manny Santiago 11 soat oldin
I miss Carl Sagan. Neil Degrasse Tyson is too much of an establishment apologist. Sagan would have questioned the $200 billion military budget increase in a time where there is many other social programs that money could have been invested in.
Blake the Tank
Blake the Tank 11 soat oldin
@5:00 wow that made Colbert extremely uncomfortable.
Abu Khaluf Ibn Talib As-Siddiq Al-Walid
Colbert doesn’t deserve to lick this man’s boots.
Kain Nosgoth
Kain Nosgoth 14 soat oldin
When Trump's Space Force discovers and accidentally opens the Hell Gate on Mars, I suppose Robert Mueller will be looking for collusion in that too..
Ward McCreery
Ward McCreery 14 soat oldin
I saw an interview with Trump supporters and the interviewer asked about NASA and they said Trumps space force would tell them what's really going on space, like NASA isn't tell us everything that's going un space, that their information us supect, more conspiracy theory garbage!!
Ward McCreery
Ward McCreery 14 soat oldin
Plausible denied - ability they track screws, a lost glove, paint chips and the like!!
Ferdinand St-Hilaire
Ferdinand St-Hilaire 15 soat oldin
It is not. Just like using my unicorn to pick up my date on the first encounter.
å 15 soat oldin
I already heard these stories in Joe Rogan experience
Dennis Menace
Dennis Menace 21 soat oldin
and the martians are going to pay for it
joe toner
joe toner 23 soat oldin
the intro music is "i like it" by debarge
Fabulist 0bamma
Fabulist 0bamma 23 soat oldin
China blew up a Satellite in order to add to Space Junk.
Fabulist 0bamma
Fabulist 0bamma 23 soat oldin
The Gov't knows something they're not telling us...
dani Leuenberger
dani Leuenberger 23 soat oldin
ya but are wars not a bad idea in general but people keep doing them anyways.
HMan Kun oldin
You are like an innocent child NDT... The military will not clean space or defend against asteroids. They want to build orbital bombardment weapon platforms. That's what Trump wants anyway, unaware that there are International treaties that forbid it. It's not nuclear and no other nation has the means to do it, so they will classify them separately than other WMDs, and start dropping tungsten rods on countries that won't give them their oil a few megatons at a time. Now you might expect that splitting space command from the air force will lower the air force budget and reallocate part of it to the new space force... Yeah, right...
You Truly
You Truly Kun oldin
Trump Has Much Guidance To. Even My Elders Require Guidance Sometimes.
You Truly
You Truly Kun oldin
Trump Is The President Of An Entire Great Country. Surely You Don't Think He Speak Only On His Own Behalf.
Tom Mc
Tom Mc Kun oldin
Y'all realize these interactions are rehearsed? Steve is giving him easy ignorant opposing questions because they both have an agenda. Trying to get a reaction out of us whether or not they even believe what they're saying. Oops nevermind, I forgot my place.
I used to like colbert a lot, but he just doesn’t have any common sense. Jumping on the ‘shit on trump because thats how you get views’ wagon is just weak.
b b
b b Kun oldin
BS to get your tax money
Seekarr Kun oldin
I am pretty sure Trump made Space Force because he believes aliens are coming from Mars.
ZakAshChan Kun oldin
You don't want someone with a multitude of scientific accolades, praising an idea formed in the mind of a narcissist who just so happens to be the highest in the chain of command of a military force. ... Stupid move, Tyson. Number 45 will take what you've said and spin it as support for his ideas. Ideas - plural.
john mcdonald
john mcdonald Kun oldin
they wouldnt need to blow up the satellites, they could fry them with a laser or some other advanced weapon and im sure neil forgot to mention that lol
Alienxfb14 Kun oldin
Stephen has completely woven his entire fabric and identity around the fact that everything Trump says is wrong or evil, regardless of whether or not it is. It has become his schtick. It’s predictable. And in the world of show business, predictability is the worst thing someone can have.
Jeanette D.
Jeanette D. Kun oldin
Does anyone know what Trumps Space Force is all about? Haven't heard himself explaining anything - and neither people who thinks it's a good idea. Don't know if the links works ....but here it is, and it's quite amusing :o) uzvid.com/video/video-btaEDH775ko.html?t=9m58s
SageMontana Kun oldin
I never thought I’d hear Neil degrasse Tyson say “we need somma dat”
Johan Persson
Johan Persson Kun oldin
Lasers Neil, lasers! no need for no projectiles in space man!
Martin Xayachack
Bigger picture here; why spens fundings to start something that basically will do what we've been doing ???? Or am I wrong ???
Joe Calandria
Joe Calandria Kun oldin
Meth played a role in this interview
cluelessbeats Kun oldin
I wish I loved anything as much as he loves space
Paul Feinberg
Paul Feinberg Kun oldin
What a treasure of a man...
Santhoshi Srilaya Routhu
This man is the richard feynman of astrophysics
Smokedship Kun oldin
Neil DeGrasse Tyson is pro anything that would throw billions at the ridiculous expenses of space exploration. So basically he’s just trying to protect his job at the expense of the planet. Rather than wasting all that money and resources on looking outside the planet, why not just use it to settle our home planet instead? Synthetic Non-Vegitrian food, Global Warming, A-Forestation, Pollution control, alternate fuels, Law Enforcement etc, all these things can be helped move in leaps and bounds if the same amount of money and intellectual resources are used on them.
tariqkhwaja Kun oldin
Common sense ... common sense is that even in our world military excursions (Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria, Yemen, Rohngya, Israel/Palestine) always lead to blow back (in the form of terrorism, ISIS, etc.). Until World War ... it's the same inescapable concept. But since the result is not immediate nobody cares to give it a second thought unfortunately. May God guide us towards unity and peace.
Work4Love3000 2 kun oldin
Heyyyy! "I like it" Debarge
Daisy Leigh
Daisy Leigh 2 kun oldin
Shawn Osborne
Shawn Osborne 2 kun oldin
Rods of the gods
Shawn Osborne
Shawn Osborne 2 kun oldin
Space debri..... Lie.
Shawn Osborne
Shawn Osborne 2 kun oldin
Accurate.. Not..
Knegrodamus 2 kun oldin
“Aww you so know ,Ima get you drunk” 🤣 2 divorces later I’m here
Rachael Kowalewski
Rachael Kowalewski 2 kun oldin
Wow, this comment section is the most goddamn cancerous thing I’ve seen in a long time.
omarofuae 2 kun oldin
Neil obviously wants to be part of the Space Force.
Micah Parsons
Micah Parsons 2 kun oldin
Is it just me or is Neil bugging out on something?
FattyMcButterPants 2 kun oldin
CNN: Neil deGrasse Tyson is a racist warmonger that rapes 100 women a night and loves donald trump
FattyMcButterPants 2 kun oldin
Leftists don't care. They would criticize trump for world peace if he accomplished that, they are just brainwashed morons.
FattyMcButterPants 2 kun oldin
i liek cup cakes!!!!!!!!
Bump_Stockk -
Bump_Stockk - 2 kun oldin
FattyMcButterPants we actually compliment trump on the shit he does do right, it’s just that that doesn’t happen every day.
Ian Nicely
Ian Nicely 2 kun oldin
Probably the only thing I’ve ever heard NDT say that i didnt have a problem with...
_Sky_ 2 kun oldin
Anybody watching this in 2039 when the Space Force took down one of the Chinese satellites and caused the Kessler effect?
iMaDeMoN 2 kun oldin
(18,000 mph) Remember that speed is relative. If we are all in orbit going in the same direction when a piece debris falls off the satellite, the relative difference in speed is small.
Diana Martin
Diana Martin 2 kun oldin
BUT...like he said, we ALREADY have this covered. We don't need to waste taxpayer money on "creating" an entirely new "force". It's just a money grab for more defense spending!
xKami102x 2 kun oldin
I'm sorry Colbert but holy god, your complete lack of understanding of how space works, space militarization and how space debris ACTUALLY WORKS is mind boggling
yourpissingmeoffgoogle yeah
love how people laughed when he said mustard gas getting pushed by the wind back into your trench. Yeah having something burning your lungs and throat while giving you boils all over your body is hilarious.
troiscarottes 2 kun oldin
My regard for Neil de Grasse Tyson has just dropped a few thousand miles . Unless of course he wants to send all the high-ranking members of the US military into outer space on a one-way ticket. But I'm not optimistic.
Interfilamentar Kun oldin
You'd probably really hate him them if you found out he's been telling people for over a decade that funding for science always goes up under a Republican dominated Fed, and goes down when the Democrats have power.
kamdaddypurp 2 kun oldin
He’ll never be on the show again
Nitish Anand
Nitish Anand 2 kun oldin
suddenly i want to play cod infinite warfare
Golden 47
Golden 47 2 kun oldin
Star Wars in a nutshell and every fan just got fucked by Tyson.
redbeard 2 kun oldin
How can anyone take Tyson seriously, when he clearly revels in showmanship? People don't think that maybe there's way way way better scientists out there, who are more interested in science than soaking spotlight? He's not wrong about Lord Trump's Imperial Space Force though.
becky selfridge
becky selfridge 2 kun oldin
neil is for science, not politic. he is truly a man of intellect
Karou Lilliehook
Karou Lilliehook 2 kun oldin
i will always hate neil tyson. he made pluto not a planet, and for that i just... i just cannot forgive him but damn if he isnt a brilliant and well dressed man.
Conscious 2 kun oldin
Tyson knows damn well that the US empire would find new ways to invade countries to steal control of their resources. He's a salesman for the Military Industrial Complex. The tool for the Central Bank oligarchs.
Blake Lawson
Blake Lawson 2 kun oldin
One thing I bet most people don't realize when they hate on the idea of a space force is that nuclear bombs travel through space to get to their destination. I don't know about them, but I don't feel like getting hit with a nuke. We have technology to stop them, but it's far from perfect. It would be nice if we a branch that could have more of a focus on threats like that.
Drudley 2 kun oldin
I never really got why Neil was into the space force.. But this explained a lot.
Julie W.
Julie W. 2 kun oldin
www.msn.com/en-ca/news/world/trump-couldn’t-get-mexico-to-pay-for-his-wall-now-americans-won’t-pay-either/ar-BBNmjco?ocid=spartandhp Wow, that thing sounds expensive (the wall). Don't know why any Americans actually BELIEVED that another country would pay for it - do you have any idea how expensive that thing would be?? Actually, I do know why they believed it. They actually believe Americans speak, and the rest of the world just does (lmao). If it ever happens (that they build it, although the American taxpayer will pay for it), any contractors better ask for their money up front (lol).
Pandemonium 2 kun oldin
Preparing for war.
Osiris Thomas
Osiris Thomas 2 kun oldin
We are currently recruiting for the space force we need 400,000 low IQ individuals without jobs for manual labor in slightly dangerous positions.Our new radiation suits work great,Russia already has advanced spaced weapons. We need volunteers to wash satellites in space and arm them since we are years behind.Are there any patriots out there? If so email Illuminatinoreturnticket.com
Jason Blade
Jason Blade 2 kun oldin
Lmao at trumptards idiots in the comment.
lizard of_odds
lizard of_odds 2 kun oldin
alanlpctech 3 kun oldin
Good way to lower your credibility by being on Colbert
Candy Corn
Candy Corn 3 kun oldin
Stephen needs to shut his mouth, he bashes trump but because of the tax cuts trump has made Stephen is probably making twice as much as he did before.
THEsuperCourier 2 kun oldin
Yeah. Probably.
Shawn Lecrone
Shawn Lecrone 3 kun oldin
If we can't have peace on Earth, we will not have peace in space.
lizard of_odds
lizard of_odds 2 kun oldin
You want a peace of me?
J Ram
J Ram 3 kun oldin
Whats that song name at the beginning when Neil walks out
Ole Timer
Ole Timer 3 kun oldin
So Neil must make a lot of money working for NASA so why is he in the IMDB website, an actor for hire site ??? 😅🤣😂 #NeilAndNasaAreFake
Interfilamentar Kun oldin
They paid him to say scripted lines on camera. So yeah, he's an actor. He was also in one of those Superman Movies. What would be even more funny is if Neil paid Trump to create the Space Force to help him promote this new book he's trying to sell. That would be hilarious!
Mademoiselle Minou
Mademoiselle Minou 3 kun oldin
Black hair-White beard. Now I’m no Astrophysicist, but...............that’s not accurate. 🤔
Mike Wilson
Mike Wilson 3 kun oldin
okay okay so trump got one thing right. BUT THAT'S IT UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE
Delmar Peet
Delmar Peet 3 kun oldin
MAGA....pshhh....Make Space Great
BTS and NCT Trash [Yuta's Smile]
A space force really isn't a bad idea. But the way trump thinks of it is pretty dumb. And we already have a space force plus NASA as Neil said. I don't think trump even knows that it existed. Space Exploration is already being taken care of. But having a force that will clean up space and create defenses against asteroids and stuff like that would be very great. Neil really came through and correctly informed everybody and made stephen look underwhelmed (love stephen btw).
JohnNNJ 3 kun oldin
Of course, it was all up in the air, and just a crazy out of control chimera until this guy came along. You know, since the president doesn't have cabinet members or military officers to consult, who advise, and who would be making the actual decisions.
yshouldi foogle
yshouldi foogle 3 kun oldin
Neil is awesome i wish he was my Neighbor literally 100% of the time i see him i smile.
Caleb Clarke
Caleb Clarke 3 kun oldin
You know idiocracy is abundant when use of the word libtard automatically gets you likes...
yshouldi foogle
yshouldi foogle 3 kun oldin
Jedi outfits are going to be Officer uniforms in SPACE FORCE.
Vincent Valentine
Vincent Valentine 3 kun oldin
Welp, guess he’s getting crucified now. That’s a shame.
yshouldi foogle
yshouldi foogle 3 kun oldin
President Trump should hire Neil deGrasse Tyson to do the Interviews hiring the Space Force top civilian officials! the last thing we need is a panel of 80 year olds that dont know how to use Email deciding who is in charge at Space Force. one of the first missions should be to create Solar Orbiting Communication Relays / Stations between Mars and Earth. (if you dont understand that means space stations that orbit the sun between Earth and Mars.)
Caleb Clarke
Caleb Clarke 3 kun oldin
Why did Stephen Colbert ever leave character? Now he's more or less a trump fanatic. I'm not a fan of trump but constant references to the guy is just free marketing
Praj 3 kun oldin
STAR WARS!!!!!!!!!!!
Cache 3 kun oldin
Yo neil pass degrasse
TexasReaper_4010 _
TexasReaper_4010 _ 3 kun oldin
I'm with Tyson
Rhys Gibson
Rhys Gibson 3 kun oldin
stretch shut specialize nonprofit various bitter institutional.
Aryum 3 kun oldin
I haven't seen one video of this man since the election where he doesn't bring up Donald Trump and just absolutely shit on him.
Guillermo Hernandez
Question is: Do the military men even care about that cascading effect of shooting stuff in space? if they do will the stupid orange man will even care?
Jeff O
Jeff O 3 kun oldin
When you said "orange man" you already showed your lack of intelligence. And if you listened to the interview, Neil said that the Space Force is basically transferring the space assets from the military's Space Command to a new section of the government. There's not going to be zig-zagging bullets in space causing cascading effects. Good grief.
Joseph Cooper
Joseph Cooper 3 kun oldin
"Space?" Hahahahahaha - That's what you'll find between the ears of these two bought and paid for actors! If it's Prime Time, it's Lie Time for the masses who gobble it down. . . . Bon appetit.
Hammer 3 kun oldin
So maybe some of us should watch this again. The scientist, whom is probably a little smarter than most of us, states a few things. If Trump says it, it does not make it a bad idea, BRAVO. However he clearly informs us A. this is not a new idea, and B. it is not Trumps idea because we are already doing it. By the way Colbert is a comedian, if you don't like him why are you watching him. Nor did I see him blast Trump to any major degree. He actually busted on Obama when he was in office, because as a comedian, its part of his gig. By the way the Astrophysicist, whom is probably smarter than most of us, believes we are impacting climate change and does not support most of Trumps rhetoric. Maybe we might want to listen to the people who are actually smart, studying and solving big problems, and have done something with themselves without Daddies help (Trump).
Jeff O
Jeff O 3 kun oldin
Colbert busted on Obama in a playful way. Colbert busts on Trump because he genuinely hates him. Colbert is your typical hateful liberal. He's not Carson, he's not Leno, and, yes, he's not even Letterman. Colbert is well-read and knows current events, but that doesn't change the facts of the kind of person he is. And Trump became very successful without "Daddies" help. Doesn't matter that he inherited money. He turned money into a lot more money with his entrepreneurial spirit and did things in business and television that people can only dream about doing... including yourself.
pop5678eye 3 kun oldin
Looking at the comments, apparently Trump supporters only paid attention to the video up to the point that Neil says 'it's not a crazy idea.' Then tuned out as he immediately followed it up by explaining it is not Trump's idea at all and we already have had a Space Command for over half a century... But sure, let's give Trump credit for inventing everything. Before the end of the year Trump supporters will say he invented social media, building tall buildings, and golf for that matter.
tazdaman351 3 kun oldin
He contradicted himself. If you can't launch a counter-defensive attack in space because it would be self-destructive, then Space Force is a pointless waste of money.
Jeff O
Jeff O 3 kun oldin
Who is saying Trump invented militarizing space? No Trump supporter is saying that. Only a libtard like yourself would come to that conclusion.
Neil deGrasse Tyson is one of my favorite celebrities
pop5678eye 3 kun oldin
The part that Neil is a bit dishonest about is that 'I don't have a horse in that race...' As himself admits, historically many of the technologies and achievements of space exploration were a biproduct of research for military purposes. Heck, we didn't even form NASA until after the first human flights, rather we used an IRBM (the Redstone rocket) developed for the army to shoot Shepard and Grissom into space, and the Atlas was always developed as a nuclear-armed ICBM before slapping a Mercury capsule on top to carry Glenn into orbit. More space funding, even if for military is always beneficial for space exploration, even if indirectly.
pop5678eye 3 kun oldin
Let's not give too much credit to Trump, just because by accident he likes an idea that has already been basically established anyway. Trump hardly even understands what space flight is in the first place, but surely he will try to take credit by talking down to American citizens as if nobody else was already aware of basic facts: 'Did you know that there is a whole part of the universe where there is no air? It's unbelievable. And we can get there using rockets. Amazing. But Russia and China already went there. It's just my opinion perhaps we should go there too. But it's not as easy as it sounds. Nobody knew how hard it is to get to space. I've heard it's like hundreds of miles up, and you have to carry all the air with you. Unbelievable.'
Jeff O
Jeff O 3 kun oldin
Putting words into Trump's mouth that he never even said. Fantasizing that Trump thinks this way or that way. You liberals are completely lost. Btw, Obama cut NASA's budget. Seems Trump understands "space flight" more than your Messiah.
Amante 3 kun oldin
Oh boy, here come the slow kids
Rodney Hill
Rodney Hill 3 kun oldin
Aye it’s my boy coming with the Grasse
Helgali 3 kun oldin
The amount of energy and mind-power used in military/war/"defense" is unbearable.
EasternAnime 3 kun oldin
Ok, so the space force thing is a bad idea because it perpetuates and facilitates the continuance of general warfare and endless conflict. The fact that the administration that cut space exploration funds is the one advocating this should cast doubt in the mind of any of us who think that this will be primarily or even tangentially beneficial to the human race in general. While there have been scientific advancements derived from past military exploits, they were primarily a side effect and we should not forget that the reason these advancements were being made and said technology developed was to wage war. This space force will be a military machination and will as is it's wont function in ways that further the "interests" of the American establishment and the military industrial complex first and the general public ,at a cost, second. I thought what we had in space exploration was an opportunity to work together as one towards the goal of advancing human knowledge. I thought being physically removed from the globe would lessen the probability of conflicts there spreading to the final frontier but it seems greed and fear have no limits. Make no mistake the existence of the space force will, in the minds of our rulers, give life to their claims of "foreign threats, and the threats will of course necessitate a resurgent military response thus fuelling conflict because the economic success the united states has benefited from over the past 50+ years has been supported by spoils claimed and clutched from the carcasses of so called enemy regimes and rougue states. Edit: And overthrowing and controlling territory requires military force.
J P 3 kun oldin
I'm down with Space Force.
AJ Reyes
AJ Reyes 3 kun oldin
People need to STOP bashing Trump and let him do his job.I know that many of you cannot control your emotions and I somewhat understand because I absolutely despised Obama but when he earned credit, I gave it to him.
Khidhir Maulana
Khidhir Maulana 3 kun oldin
When Cringe is Too Strong.Gif
Dshiz 3 kun oldin
Aurora 131313
Aurora 131313 3 kun oldin
Neil is bae, sorry not sorry Stephen and John.
Does God exist?
11 oy oldin