Neil deGrasse Tyson: Trump's Space Force Is Not A Crazy Idea

The Late Show with Stephen Colbert
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America's favorite astrophysicist returns to The Late Show with a surprising argument for why Trump's call for a Space Force may be a good thing.
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12-Sen, 2018

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POET CERA 57 daqiqa oldin
Agent to dumb down society?
POET CERA 59 daqiqa oldin
So where's the explanation? Sounds like a bad game of word ping pong.
Kipngeno Collins
We should vote for presidents to settle past scores using trial by combat. coz really a lot of these issues are also influenced by the president's personal beliefs.
Tanya Brooks
Tanya Brooks Kun oldin
Yay loveee neil!!!
Alfredo Garcia Jr
Dr Steven Greer - Beware of the Fake Alien invasion 25:06 “…But in order for the lie to work they have had to create a body of disinformation--false information and frightening scenarios and actual events that would be convincing to our policy makers like Reagan, convincing to the average person, and to the UFO public that consumes videos, entertainment consoles, movies, etc. And that has been the 50 to 60 year plan. …And when I discovered this in 1994, I was told by some in the intelligence community, “Don’t talk about that because that’s whats really dangerous for you…because you are defanging their whole war plan; the next big war--is not terrorism, its interstellar…”
Rinse-esniR 2 soat oldin
Where did you copy that from?
gullintanni Kun oldin
This is my main concern about taking out satelites. Once we cross that threshold, we will lose all the benefits of satelite communication, GPS, space telescopes and no more rockets/spaceships/robots can safely leave orbit. It would set humanity back 100's of years. It would end our only hope of surviving an asteroid hit by colonizing another planet/moon.
JD Ana
JD Ana 2 kun oldin
the stuffs this man knows.... tssss.
TheOrangePicker 3 kun oldin
I mean what if we encounter a hostile alien race in space... I mean I would want a way to defend.
Rinse-esniR 20 soat oldin
+TheOrangePicker but if you don't know what the threat is, how can you defend yourself against it?
TheOrangePicker Kun oldin
+Rinse-esniR as a precaution that can potentially save us if the need does arise.
Rinse-esniR Kun oldin
Why spend a lot of resources on an unknown threat
Basketvector 3 kun oldin
an astronomer gets a standing O. maybe there is hope
Steven Frost
Steven Frost 4 kun oldin
That was very informative
bobtheduck 4 kun oldin
In 19 Scwef, there was a treaty put forecast by the U.N. and signed by parties >> Stephen: Including the United States >> Including the Nights Yoouts.
Nico Gambino
Nico Gambino 4 kun oldin
I met an Alien his name is Pedro from East Los Angels
Nathan Johnson
Nathan Johnson 4 kun oldin
"a kinetic kill". lol u mean like a bullet?
David Lane
David Lane 5 kun oldin
Is harnessing dark energy a good idea or am I the product of the dunning-Kruger effect?
Gaga Games FIGHT3
Gaga Games FIGHT3 5 kun oldin
I see only trump fans comments 😑😑
Antonio Barbosa
Antonio Barbosa 7 kun oldin
I’m so tired of left tv hosts bashing on everything Trump says.
Antonio Barbosa
Antonio Barbosa Kun oldin
+Rinse-esniR No.
Rinse-esniR Kun oldin
But you aren't tired of the things Trump is saying 😮
Darrall Jr Williams
Sick intro. Very fitting to this legend. 0:10
Eric John
Eric John 11 kun oldin
I was about to say "Hey isn't this the plot story of Gravity?" Stephen actually noticed.
Jeffrow Ryan
Jeffrow Ryan 12 kun oldin
He's not just a great astrophysicist. He's a great teacher. I could listen to him lecture all day long.
PAPA DAPA 13 kun oldin
The space force existed before Trump was elected
shatalg 13 kun oldin
The Space Force is a GREAT idea! If I remember correctly there are over 60 different space commissions and labs in the Air Force alone and none of them really know what the others are doing, or at least not at the level they should. Making them cooperate under one command will save a lot of money and wasted effort.
Paul Blake
Paul Blake 14 kun oldin
Tyson is one of the reasons that NASA went from walking on the Moon... To fifty years later, still tending an advanced Satellite with humans on board, acting like Disneyland Astronaut greeters, "eating floating food over and over, and explaining space toilets, duh! And rovers taking lousy shopped photos of Mars with the most advanced cameras our Tax Money can afford.
Paul Blake
Paul Blake Soat oldin
+Rinse-esniR BALONEY, critics have pointed out that the money NASA wasted on the 1972 Space Shuttle program... that money was the funding for the long-term missions to Mars and deep space. And in 1968, physicists argued that NASA really should be able to sustain itself as a private company, and not require federal funding.
Rinse-esniR 3 soat oldin
+Paul Blake If Congress didn't cut the funding of NASA, perhaps we might have had wat you described. But funding was cut, the project cancelled. And now, 50 years later, with a budget that is dwarfed compared to the Apollo project, they are developing a new generation of rockets capable of getting to Mars...
Paul Blake
Paul Blake 5 soat oldin
+Rinse-esniR Try some simple math in your head?... From a zero start, no space agency to NASA, and in 12 years put the first man on the Moon... Using that progress as a benchmark and multiply by 2... At the most, we should have had a full-on Manufacturing Site building rockets to Mars etc on the Moon. And the first Manned Mars landing, in order to keep up with that schedule in 24 years, give or take a few years. But NO, at 50 years plus later, we are still wasting most of our rocket energy just overcoming Earths Gravity, "NOW THAT IS NASA BEING STUPID!"
Rinse-esniR Kun oldin
Nope, but at least you tried...
Rukon Xaior
Rukon Xaior 15 kun oldin
*War is Done in space* im dying
Zuko Alone
Zuko Alone 15 kun oldin
Ever since trump was elected Stephen has become a joke and not funny one.
Rinse-esniR Kun oldin
Trump sure is to blame for everything
Jesse Segedy
Jesse Segedy 15 kun oldin
Steven Colbert quote. "If Trump came up with the idea then, by golly, it's okay with me."
Lambkins 18
Lambkins 18 17 kun oldin
I love that John went to go hug Neil like a little kid
Lvl58DeathKnight 17 kun oldin
*guest doesnt badmouth Trump for once* StevenColbert.exe has stopped working
Adolf Fannyfart
Adolf Fannyfart 17 kun oldin
He came for cheese and wine
Iyce Phoenixx
Iyce Phoenixx 18 kun oldin
1:04 Neil looks entertained and amazed
jordan999fire 18 kun oldin
"America's favorite astrophysicist..." Let me fix that for you real quick. "The only astrophysicist that most people in America know..."
Richard Small
Richard Small 21 kun oldin
Neil didn't mention how aggressive China has been getting with their Space Program. Nor the Cold War orbital platforms that Russia built. America has some experimental and first strike options of its own. So Space has been militarized. Might be a bad idea, but its being done.
tmtmaster4life 22 kun oldin
What did I learn about the Trump Space Force from this video? NOT SHIT!
Rinse-esniR Kun oldin
Why did you expect to learn from it?
Jacob Roberts
Jacob Roberts 23 kun oldin
Same reason why we made an Air Force.
Joey's Lawyer
Joey's Lawyer 25 kun oldin
What happened to Colbert?
Rinse-esniR Kun oldin
He became great again
Ali Majid
Ali Majid 28 kun oldin
I just won a PUBG game 😂
Jonathan Quinones
If you think about it if we control space befor other countrys we will be invincible nuclear bombs wouldnt work on us in that case we would just destroy the threat from space 👌❤
Justin2534 Oy oldin
Lol even though Trump might not be the smartest, or come off that way the things he saying about China and space are very real threats to us. China and Russia is know classified as more dangerous than Islamic extremism, think about that
Patrick Bryce
Patrick Bryce Oy oldin
So you get a big trash bag and you fly around the earth
General Goldy
General Goldy Oy oldin
*Insert star wars meme* the time has come execute order 66 once more the sith will rule the Galaxy and we shall have peace -2040 I sign the declaration of the 1st galactic empire-2041 *applauses in the crowd* btw this is the 1st time i agree with Trump
Vinny Oy oldin
Air Force invented GPS, thank us later
John Doe
John Doe Oy oldin
You love Neil deGrasse Tyson? Me too!
Kirk Radeck
Kirk Radeck Oy oldin
Half of the people watching this video either wanted Hillary or Bernie. Evidently they weren’t qualified to be president since they both lost. Trump beat them both. To you I say, “I hope you have a lousy day and I hope you’re having a lousy four years. Oh, and next time, put your money on the right pony.”
Rinse-esniR Kun oldin
Hillary won the popular vote..
Jesus Silva
Jesus Silva Oy oldin
By 2030 some people ( I asume the rich ones that can pay ) will be able to live space while ww3 is going on on earth . Or maybe ww3 will be fought in space . Hmmm
Alexander Arnold
Samuel Lusk.
Chris Reid
Chris Reid Oy oldin
Everyone loves this man
dragonhold4 Oy oldin
trump Is the moron that would ignore scientific advice and trigger a Kessler Effect.
Samuel Davies
Samuel Davies Oy oldin
I can just tell he has terrible handwriting
sweiland75 Oy oldin
As a pacifist, I could never endorse such a thing.
Marie Poppins
Marie Poppins Oy oldin
That was actually a comforting thought: as much as we can have wars on earth, we can't have wars in space. And if we did, it would eventually destroy all space commanded options to have wars on earth, which is also sort of comforting. I mean in the non comforting context of humans not evolving past the need to be at war with one another, it seems comforting...
Jeremy R
Jeremy R Oy oldin
How do you dislike a video with Neil Degrasse Tyson in it... Makes no sense
Mr12Relic 2 oy oldin
3:15 his hands say he was about to lay down a fat beat
M Viv
M Viv 2 oy oldin
Can't track bolts unless they are very large. Atleast 100 mm in length.
Garage Masters
Garage Masters 2 oy oldin
If you're alright with anime and want to know more about space debris, watch a show called Planetes. Highly recommend it to any space nut like myself.
YouTube Addict
YouTube Addict 2 oy oldin
So now i figured the secret space program is real....i think it's an american sophisticated space confined weaponry of some kind. US can basically wipe out a country in split seconds.
Happy Trees
Happy Trees Oy oldin
You really are addicted to UZvid XD
IDonT GoTAGuN 2 oy oldin
UZvid Addict Aren’t you a crazy apple
Ju Almeida
Ju Almeida 2 oy oldin
are these two in kind of a bromance?
Cho Sen 1
Cho Sen 1 Oy oldin
yep, they been seeing each other for a while now
magicsinglez 2 oy oldin
So, his publisher lined up a book project for him titled, “Accessory to War’. . Because D. Trump is going to say something about our space development? That makes Neil Tyson a trained monkey, unless Trump is the trained monkey being led and following orders.
Filips May
Filips May 2 oy oldin
NPCs everywhere in this comment section. Thank God colbert complaining about Trump in this episode. Conan is the only good comedian now.
Lester Brunt
Lester Brunt 2 oy oldin
This is why he was metoo'ed, because he dared to compliment bad orange man.
Andy 2 oy oldin
Why do we need a Navy, why do we need a military? It's just so silly. This Moron Colbert would rather let China and Russia lead the space force tech in weaponizing satellites. This guys show needs to die.
lolno Lolno
lolno Lolno 2 oy oldin
militarize nasa
Wayne Carson
Wayne Carson 2 oy oldin
Space debris? Exactly what and where would you put it? Tyson is a TV personality. Where does he get the time for science? No real scientist would put some one down for disagreeing, as he does with global warming. Real scientist say prove it.
Reggie Reid
Reggie Reid 2 oy oldin
I know the Earth is flat by scripture and by what I observe with my own eyes. All of Nasa's images are cgi and fake. Everything they do is a lie. Satellites aren't real! If they were real we wouldn't have giant cables running under the oceans connecting the worlds internet and phone. If satellites were real you would get actual real images when searching. If satellites were real we wouldn't need all of these cell towers. Have you ever looked at your satellite which is static and pointing in one direction, and asked yourself how it stays connected with an orbiting satellite? I guess you just haven't thought about that. You will pay for playing a part in deceiving the world from the truth of God. You guys can laugh and mock all you want. I know the truth. I lost all respect for this guy.
Britt Waller
Britt Waller 2 oy oldin
IIIIII LOVE THEM TOGETHER!!!!! Omg my two favorite people.
Supreme Leader Nugget
I’m just waiting for the UNSC to become a real thing I need to see those mac cannons in action man
Suweyda& Love
Suweyda& Love 2 oy oldin
This is very educational; nice 💯👌🏾💯👏🏾
CueBall69 2 oy oldin
Anyone else think of COD Ghosts reguarding this topic? Those kinetic satellites were awesome, and surprisingly realistic
FitzP Official
FitzP Official 2 oy oldin
K. De Metter
K. De Metter 2 oy oldin
Do you have a space vacuum ? Isn't space already a vacuum. It's a funny remark, but also a valid point : you can only suck up things with a vacuum cleaner because there is air to suck up ( which takes dirt with it as it is sucked up). But in vaccuum, that wouldn't work. You'd have to manually collect everything somehow.
K Spear
K Spear 2 oy oldin
Col Bert and his audience sure prove how willfully ignorant they are. Only network TV I see is UZvid. I can skip and repeat what I want.
Peacecraft117 2 oy oldin
So when is UNSC coming?
Damien INSANE-O 3 oy oldin
Listening to Neil DeGrasse Tyson explain why something...anything Trump did not being unreasonable on Stephen Colbert is enough to make most liberals' heads explode. Cannot compute! System failure!
Dosshutts 3 oy oldin
Orange Man Bad
Markus Hinterthan
Well, I'm reallly dissapointed in you Mr. Tyson.. We don't need more military forces. I guess you are one of the persons preferring Star WARs over Star Trek.. :p
Damien INSANE-O 3 oy oldin
Ummm, if we don't do it, we're just going to get left behind by countries that will do it. It's that type of ignorance you harbor that will get America taken over by the Chinese. You're clearly ignorant and out of your element.
C9 Autimatic
C9 Autimatic 3 oy oldin
Space force could unite our countries, but then again we might get decimated by aliens.
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Joy Chakravarty
Joy Chakravarty 3 oy oldin
Word space gives him orgasm lol
hossahunter22 3 oy oldin
Seeing Stephen use quotation marks around Space Command really shows how clueless he is on the subject...
Ernest 3 oy oldin
Just wanna restate [Joe toner] the intro song he mentioned way down here. The song's name is "I like it" by Debarge.
AustinJD21 3 oy oldin
Being on the moon would be the most amazing thing ever.
da 3 oy oldin
I wanted to meet carl sagan, however, I am happy that at least I might be able to meet Neil someday
Grok Effer
Grok Effer 3 oy oldin
To counter-act global warming, why don't we just deploy solar panels over strategic areas to both block some of the sunshine hitting the globe, and soak up energy to use to clean up near space? Antarctica, Greenland, the Sahara desert, parts of the oceans, etc. . Partial eclipses of the Sun drop the temperature by several degrees. A semi-permanent, movable, partial eclipse could power both a magnetic "jellyfish" to capture dangerous cosmic debris, as well as a space elevator. This would make much more sense to me than trying to put a permanent settlement on Mars.
PattiMichelle Sheaffer
No, he's no genius. As far as I know he's never accomplished any significant science. He's just a funded loudmouth, like Kaku and Nye. The latest IPCC Special Report SP15 [2018] shows we're likely to go extinct far before these loudmouths' ideas can be implemented. But if he said these truths, he'd be out of a job. The whole international scientific community ignores him. Oh, and also Americans. If you want the actual scientific knowledge, look elsewhere.
Le_ Alien
Le_ Alien 3 oy oldin
dude, Neil just explain stuff why is the host interrupting cutting him?
archabe 3 oy oldin
MaxTheBeast 3 oy oldin
One must never wish war, but one must always be ready for it. That's why a space force is a wise idea.
Broderick Daniel
Broderick Daniel 3 oy oldin
0:15 Stephen was feeling the band 🔥.
Amina Amaré
Amina Amaré 3 oy oldin
I've always loved Niel.🌼🇺🇸
Mathew Stovell
Mathew Stovell 3 oy oldin
Super shill Neil deGrasse Tyson - here to give vocal back up to the U.S.As' silly "Space force" business. The leel of stupidity and ignorrance to support all this from the man on the street - just becuase it's promoted well on television by celebrities. O.M.G what a daft world we live in. NASA: Cost to Tax payer: 50 million dollars a day.
Muaz Azman
Muaz Azman 3 oy oldin
If Donald Trump believe in science, Neil degrass Tyson should be Secretary of Space Force
KozMc Odin
KozMc Odin 3 oy oldin
no one clapped for asteroid defense but clapped for cleaning space debris.
Ganesh Jadhav
Ganesh Jadhav 3 oy oldin
Personal Astrophysicist, my ass! LOL
Mekel Reen
Mekel Reen 3 oy oldin
“Even a broken clock is right twice a day.”
Misty Meanor
Misty Meanor 3 oy oldin
What an idiot...so debris is out there floating around at 18,000 miles per hour how come then with all the satellites out there they have not been destroyed or damaged by all this space junk...or knocked out of its orbital trajectory...but what do I know after all pluto isn’t a planet because Neil the Ass Tyson says so.
300 Elhanan
300 Elhanan 3 oy oldin
DANIEL 7:13 I saw in the night visions, and, behold, """one like the Son of man""" came with the """CLOUDS of HEAVEN""", and came to the Ancient of days, and they brought him near before him. Luke 9:34 King James Bible While he thus spake, there came a cloud, and overshadowed them: and 👉they feared👈 as they 👉ENTERED🤔 into the cloud.👈 PSALM 104:3 King James Bible Who layeth the beams of his chambers in the waters: who maketh the 👉CLOUDS HIS CHARIOTS:👈👉 who WALKETH upon the wings of the wind: PSALMS 68:17 The chariots of God [are] twenty thousand, [even] thousands of angels: the Lord [is] among them, [as in] SINAI, in the holy [place]. JEREMIAH 4:13 Behold, he shall come up as clouds, and his chariots [shall be] as a whirlwind: his horses (CHARIOTS) are swifter than eagles (USA MILITARY MIGHT) . Woe unto us! for we are spoiled. Revelation 12:7 “And there was 👉WAR IN HEAVEN:👈 Michael and his angels fought against the dragon; and the DRAGON fought and his angels,” Obadiah 1:4 Though thou exalt thyself as the EAGLE👈👉 (UNITED STATES, E.U...ALSO UAE) , and though thou set thy 👈👉NEST (SPACE STATIONS) 👈 among the STARS, 👈thence will I bring thee down, saith the LORD.
Sarah Henning
Sarah Henning 3 oy oldin
Cheaper by the thousand
Talk show idiot: ORANGE MAN BAD Rational man: No its actually a good idea Talk show idiot: REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE
Solberg 4 oy oldin
Neil DeGrasse Tyson is proof that black people can be intelligent
Devin Walt
Devin Walt 4 oy oldin
get a magnet
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