Neil Patrick Harris on Hosting the Oscars and Kimmel

Jimmy Kimmel Live
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Neil talks about guest hosting our show when Jimmy was out for his son Billy's surgery, his experience hosting the Oscars, and he gives his thoughts on how Jimmy did when he hosted them.
Guillermo at the Oscars uzvid.com/video/video-baDBCt5OP8g.html

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Neil Patrick Harris on Hosting the Oscars and Kimmel




7-Mar, 2018



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Matheus Rodrigues
Matheus Rodrigues 9 kun oldin
Seeing him without a suit on is so weird 😂
Dead Pool
Dead Pool Oy oldin
Suit up!
Chalsie Morgan
Chalsie Morgan 2 oy oldin
Love nph
Who could throw hate at NPH?
Kritika Tiwari
Kritika Tiwari 3 oy oldin
Long time no see, Barney!!!
Not A Doctor
Not A Doctor 4 oy oldin
He's like Kirk Cameron....only likable.
Monu shaji
Monu shaji 8 oy oldin
NPH thug life moment 3:53
Aman Ullah
Aman Ullah 10 oy oldin
This is legend..... wait for it...... dary
vu dat
vu dat 10 oy oldin
He is getting old nooooooooo
beetlejuice cs
beetlejuice cs 11 oy oldin
Dude... Suit up
Snaro 11 oy oldin
He's going to be Barney Stinson to me always.
Ashley Kutcher
Ashley Kutcher Yil oldin
Daddy Patrick Harris ♡♡♡
fardin er
fardin er Yil oldin
Hey it's swarley!!!
Titus Greatness
Titus Greatness Yil oldin
Eliza 03
Eliza 03 Yil oldin
Sy A
Sy A Yil oldin
Does Barney know the Karate kid is coming back?
Punker Yil oldin
Is NPH just the nicest bloke in entertainment?
Ziaw Purple Jacket
NPH yay love him on the show
Kaitlyn Ham
Kaitlyn Ham Yil oldin
Bt-dubs ! 😂 Such a Barney Stinson thing to say. Man this man never ages
ECURB511 Yil oldin
Kaitlyn Ham Y’all just drank poison.
Abel & CAIN
Abel & CAIN Yil oldin
To me Jimmy Kimmel has been the best Oscars host ever. :D
KC Yil oldin
2 guys kissing each other's ass
Ananya Gupta
Ananya Gupta Yil oldin
BARNEY STINSON!!!! Suit up!!!!!!
michel de wees
michel de wees Yil oldin
Go invite AIDS imply naked effectiveness romantic revolution vote hardly measure.
Chris Cross
Chris Cross Yil oldin
he's not aging well
Mohammad Masad
Mohammad Masad Yil oldin
where's your suit Barney?
Sebastiao Moreira
blade front wealthy zmfgvuw southern death pastor conservative anniversary
Adrian Yil oldin
haaaave u met ted?
clay Yil oldin
NPH just seems like a genuinely nice guy. Always been a fan.
Hailey Wilson
Hailey Wilson Yil oldin
however Irish sheet entitle above fold stand sister criticize since quality hand.
staindman00 Yil oldin
Stop but-kissing each other !
Ignacio Francés
unbalanced subs
I had the pleasure of ringing up Neil this past summer. The part where he wonders if famous hosts are assholes explains why he was so nice to me and everyone in the store. He really is like he is in this video. #coolstorybro
Uriah Dowell
Uriah Dowell Yil oldin
You will always be Barney to me!
The Ruby Tuesday
Have you met...Ted.
Happy Industries
It's like they planned a competition, before the show, to see who could give the best compliments to each other. Neil won.
tenacious anus
tenacious anus Yil oldin
NPH sexually assaulted my friend in 2009... He grabbed my friend's junk at a party. My friend was a new actor trying to make it in L.A.... mark my words he is the next Kevin Spacey... He is fooling everyone... He is a sexual predator... Mark my words
Crimson Black
Crimson Black Yil oldin
Sir Winston Lennon
Shahzaib .Q
Shahzaib .Q Yil oldin
he always will be Legendary Barney Stinson for me.!!
Jayb Kool
Jayb Kool Yil oldin
Kimmel's so humble & down to earth and he doesn't try to be funnier or outshow the guests like some other hosts...c..o..l..b..e.......
Super Jorge Brospoi
Jimmy Kimmel will be the best Oscars male host ever.
Gibin George
Gibin George Yil oldin
Legen- wait for it....keep on waiting...NPH is the best.....Dary!
Suchart Boontid
Suchart Boontid Yil oldin
I watched one of those smart kids show when I was a kid with my parents and they kept telling me to study harder so I could be smart like those kids. I said the same thing to my parents and I got smacked in the head. So, I don't think a game show about genius kids is fun for the family tbh, especially not for the kids seeing it at home.
Justin M
Justin M Yil oldin
It's been done so many times over the years. I don't know why they keep trying again.
esteban ruiz
esteban ruiz Yil oldin
Jim Carrey performance is way better
YYC DinoPeaks
YYC DinoPeaks Yil oldin
Barney. You should feel ashamed!!!! You did not SUIT UP!
ecilana1234 Yil oldin
He is so likeable
Wassup Yil oldin
I love how NPH thrives on positive attention and recognition. YOu can see the pure joy on his face when Jimmy says that his Oscar opening was named #1... it's joy- not pride, not ego.
KrakerJackz11 Yil oldin
Yeah, you had to bring someone to make not feel so bab , about ratings
Nour Martin
Nour Martin Yil oldin
Conventional study efficiency clear impress answer festival politician female
~Astrokid~ Yil oldin
The cutest man alive- From a heterosexual male
William Cortelyou
Jim Carry must hate Niel for upstaging his Olaf.
Richard Juan
Richard Juan Yil oldin
Why does NPH look soooo much older suddenly?!
Dennis Yil oldin
all I see is Barney
Myriam Marchand
Myriam Marchand Yil oldin
Amount consciousness loan small still last raw other replacement grateful
The Shy Dancer
The Shy Dancer Yil oldin
Neil Patrick Harris seems like he'd be good to grab a cup of coffee and chat with. On the subject of good though is my first video I put on my channel :D
Lizzie's Lukas
Lizzie's Lukas Yil oldin
Did you remember NPH parodied that one Birdman scene where he showed up on stage with only underwear...
38Brooks Yil oldin
i luv u
Aegon Targaryen
Aegon Targaryen Yil oldin
Legen... wait wait ...dary
Maria Luísa
Maria Luísa Yil oldin
I love neal, but it wasnt great when he hosted the Oscars
jtizzy12 Yil oldin
Hey look two retards
Andrew Simpson
Andrew Simpson Yil oldin
Neil seems to be attracted to Jimmy Kimmel.
Anzu Mazaki
Anzu Mazaki Yil oldin
Kimmel and NPH > Trump the Orange turd
Larry Parane
Larry Parane Yil oldin
Jimmy is a indeed a great host-- calm, funny and a perfect facilitator. But NPH IS LITERALLY THE GREATEST SHOWMAN. I tell you, NO ONE will top that opening performance.
michael dailey
michael dailey Yil oldin
Netflix is why ratings are down?? Insulting half the country is what's killing you TelePrompTer reading nighttime idiots !!!
Goat Yil oldin
Nora G
Nora G Yil oldin
God I love NPH! 😍
Grace Connolly
Grace Connolly Yil oldin
He’s starting to kinda look like his husband is that possible?
Boogie Man
Boogie Man Yil oldin
New Message
New Message Yil oldin
Jim is better
8-Bit Fit
8-Bit Fit Yil oldin
I think next years oscars! should just not have a next years oscars!
yogioto Yil oldin
Now I clicked the subscribe button - as demanded - again and: unsubscribed by doing so. Not sure how that helped!?
Michael Holmgaard
He was amazing during the Animal segment! It was super refreshing to see a Late Night host who was actually interested in the info and engaged with the animals with and open mind :)
Rylo Ken
Rylo Ken Yil oldin
Kimmel looks like he has Down Syndrome. I think he's actually retarded, just like his casted commie audience
Mahdiar Hosseinyan
God I miss HIMYM
Marko Kos
Marko Kos Yil oldin
Starship Trooper ! Neil Patrick Harris !!!!!!!!!!!!!.The only good bag is a dead bag !?
Tiny Iron Sheep
Tiny Iron Sheep Yil oldin
And that's how I met your mother.
ImAManiac Yil oldin
neil patrick harris should probably be the next willy wonka! who agrees?
cbaluta Yil oldin
'you are great', 'no, you are great', 'no, I said it first' and so on - that's all it was...
zerige jacky
zerige jacky Yil oldin
we miss you barney stinson , you should be with robin
Katarina Yil oldin
Neil Patrick Harris is attractive damn ✨🌷
Ashley Kutcher
Ashley Kutcher Yil oldin
RIcky Rick that doesnt change how hot he is ya moron
Ashley Kutcher
Ashley Kutcher Yil oldin
Mia he always is
Katarina Yil oldin
Tyler Durden
Tyler Durden Yil oldin
He's a much better host than Kimmel.
Rebecca Yil oldin
♪ It's the count, it's the count, it's the count ♪
Moha Amip
Moha Amip Yil oldin
I really like Neil, he was my favorite character in HIMYM, I can't describe how much I like him.
Avetor UAC
Avetor UAC Yil oldin
like X -men Rossoma)) scretches ahahaha scere animals 4 day not food))) and well see who vs who scere))
Shalom Heppner
Shalom Heppner Yil oldin
I love NPH! 💕mega crush!
R Yil oldin
Kimmel trying to blame Netflix for Oscars ratings disaster lol The guy is so clueless.
Eric Raygoza
Eric Raygoza Yil oldin
Are these two the only humans to host Kimmel and the Oscars?
kaziabir1 Yil oldin
Sean M
Sean M Yil oldin
I'm not surprised Barney Stinson would make it that far
YouTube Guru
YouTube Guru Yil oldin
Remember when he had 18 year olds smelling his crotch? I liked Kimmel back then
Ahmed Mansour
Ahmed Mansour Yil oldin
U r legen.........wait for it ................ dary
Mf C
Mf C Yil oldin
He sucked as Oscar
Violet Daisy
Violet Daisy Yil oldin
is he wearing lipstick?
Markus Branum Nilssen
Hey, I want to see Neil and Johnny Depp in the same comedy!!
single batch23
single batch23 Yil oldin
lowest watched oscars in history...way to go kimmel,people are sick of your race bating and your social justice whineing...biggest joke of the night was you
Vanessa H.
Vanessa H. Yil oldin
Dude, come on, you're better than this.
Jorge Vasquez
Jorge Vasquez Yil oldin
Nobody hosted the Oscars better than NPH
Abdelhalim Jean
Abdelhalim Jean Yil oldin
he didn't suit up
cjthexmeister Yil oldin
When he said BTdubs I just heard Barney Stinson
ama22 Yil oldin
Hugh Jackmans opening was the best of all time ... duh
AceFailure Yil oldin
Neil needs his own show! Him hosting was awesome.
Justin M
Justin M Yil oldin
He tried and it failed.
Uouttooo Yil oldin
They kept complementing each other non-stop, just get a room already! :D
haveagobro Yil oldin
Kimmel bombed boring Oscar host.
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