Netflix Thrillers No One Is Talking About

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Looking for a thrilling movie night, but stuck on what to watch? Don't worry, Netflix is jam-packed with great thrillers that'll send a chill up your spine. From criminally overlooked heist flicks to gritty, hard-boiled revenge tales, here are all the best thrillers on Netflix that nobody seems to be talking about...
Small Crimes | 0:18
The Crying Game | 1:19
Cartel Land | 2:20
The Gift | 3:20
A Patch of Fog | 4:16
Buster's Mal Heart | 5:15
The Fury of a Patient Man | 6:11
Bad Day for the Cut | 6:40
Icarus | 7:21
Shimmer Lake | 8:00
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Looper 7 oy oldin
What other Netflix thrillers should've made this list?
Ainteasy 5 kun oldin
Good list Looper. Caliber is very good
winter_is coming
winter_is coming 5 kun oldin
Calibre should on top of this list
mononcleantoine 14 kun oldin
Border Town
Simoonx 15 kun oldin
Spongebob Roundpants
+abhishek sharma gay
Silly Rukus
Silly Rukus 20 soat oldin
These are my hidden gems: The Last Kingdom The OA
D B 3 kun oldin
The Crying Game is nearly 30 years old. That's why nobody is talking about it.
D B 18 soat oldin
+rebekah rumbel Has nothing to do with how good it is. The watercooler discussions ended decades ago.
rebekah rumbel
rebekah rumbel 19 soat oldin
A good movie is a good movie. No matter how old mate.
Jason Coomer
Jason Coomer 6 kun oldin
Movies nobody wants to really watch but Looper is helping Netflix with pushing its social agenda driven trash movies that have only 5 views each for a reason.
Cheryl Peterson
Cheryl Peterson 24 kun oldin
I'm sick of all the dark stuff. Killers everywhere. No thanks.
Olivier Costa
Olivier Costa 25 kun oldin
Netflix Canada suck's
Kitty Louiselle
Kitty Louiselle 26 kun oldin
The crying game isn’t even on Netflix
Mary Eyez
Mary Eyez Oy oldin
I saw small crimes very good movie , I loved it
R.N V.H Oy oldin
watch prisoners.
Watermelon Man
this list has an agenda.
cyanide jack
cyanide jack Oy oldin
DON-al not Do-null
Uhm, where is Colonia? Colonia is a really good thriller. I don't really hear anyone talking about it so... and it's based on a true story.
ytubeanon Oy oldin
Icarus was great, the Russians have been cheating in every Olympics since like the 1960's
L K Oy oldin
Cosmos Runner
Cosmos Runner Oy oldin
Chip Barkhouse
Rami Malek Brilliant. Chip Barkhouse The Drummist
Bad Day for the Cut was great as was Cartel Land. Well worth a watch.
Douglas MacIlroy
Douglas MacIlroy 2 oy oldin
Netflix in general and specifically, sucks.
steve822009 2 oy oldin
I swear the only reason people suggest the crying game is to get someone else to also see the sick twist at the end. Stop it.
MJ A. 2 oy oldin
Cartel Land is not available on Netflix - I’m I missing something here?
Paul Rainwater
Paul Rainwater 2 oy oldin
Shimmer Lake sounds good, loved Fargo series and film
xxBobby Knowxx
xxBobby Knowxx 2 oy oldin
Hold the Dark
Mar Co
Mar Co 2 oy oldin
Mike Nightingale
Mike Nightingale 2 oy oldin
"Shimmer Lake" is superb!
Dwight Schrute
Dwight Schrute 2 oy oldin
They reveal too much about these movies.
Ph@tMantv 2 oy oldin
Cartel Land is good, and quite unsettling due to the political climate going into 2019. Shimmer Lake looks to be some good escapism.
Bill Dobbs
Bill Dobbs 2 oy oldin
There is usually a reason no one is talking about them.
JP VanDërBilt
JP VanDërBilt 2 oy oldin
I've never liked Rami Malek. I always have this feeling that they couldn't hire the 1st choice and had to settle with Malek. Mediocre.
T. Ship
T. Ship 2 oy oldin
Yeah cause every category has the same movies in it so you wouldn't know about most of these
jimmy mc
jimmy mc 2 oy oldin
fuck netflix
Brent Bowers
Brent Bowers 2 oy oldin
We the viewers will tell Netflix what we want to see, and what shows and movies are worth our time. Not the other way around Fuckers !
Jose Esquer
Jose Esquer 3 oy oldin
Small crimes beast movie
Jacqueline Gibson
Busters mal heat is a great movie. All around acting, picture, everything about it is good trust me watch it
Tony C.
Tony C. 3 oy oldin
Watch Travelers. Canadian shows are usually great. Intelligence was excellent, but they cancelled it after a Season 2 cliffhanger.
Chia Treme
Chia Treme 3 oy oldin
Head Hunter is a gem
Lovalux 3 oy oldin
your talking about it?
Tadashi Stark
Tadashi Stark 3 oy oldin
look @ all of these testosterone filled films lol 😪
Gen Tec
Gen Tec 3 oy oldin
The gift, my favorite Psycho film, high Quality actors. What happened, who is the really bad`charakter? flashbumbs.
Shivam Malhotra
Shivam Malhotra 3 oy oldin
Like/Dislike vs Rating system? For me it's ratings system!
That Girl At The Party
What an awesome list! I just added them all to my list!
Francesco Ramicani
Same actors but with clever disguises; mustaches. It's a reboot of the movie Sharknado featuring new young talents... saw on boxxy software... ;(
chs420 4 oy oldin
but are any of these flicks good? they look quite mediocre, pedestrian at best
Shane Hawk
Shane Hawk 5 oy oldin
they need to get rid of the algorithms. i like many different types of movies, shows and docs but the algorithm limits my choices and makes it harder to find great content.
Mo Ana
Mo Ana 5 oy oldin
Did U just say it will send chills up my ass ..??!!!! Cool..!!!
ianj2 5 oy oldin
Wait, the KGB was hunting someone in 2017?
N V 5 oy oldin
There’s a reason nobody is talking about them. It is shit
Crab Burger
Crab Burger 6 oy oldin
Because anything to do with Netflix is dog sh*t that's why....
TQuaden Quaden
TQuaden Quaden 6 oy oldin
Old news... !
Ron Lockhart
Ron Lockhart 6 oy oldin
If they ever make another jesus movie this guy is the guy to play him.
iSuRRendeReDuK 6 oy oldin
Netflix Thrillers No One Is Talking About.... I can see why ,they look shite Wonder what crap theyl spew out next
Westerosi Tyrell
Westerosi Tyrell 6 oy oldin
shit movies
Phillip Habsburg
Phillip Habsburg 6 oy oldin
All these movies suck except the first one.
Andy 6 oy oldin
I also like Flick Connection on UZvid for movie reviews. He's kool and not the crappy music playing like a damn video game the entire time.
Zenkai76 6 oy oldin
I stopped watching when you said the crying game, that movie is awful, you have no taste if you think that's a good movie.
slimshead8100 6 oy oldin
I’ve seen most of these. The Gift is one of my favorites. Love that movie. Seen it a few times. Watched it again last week.
MechE184 6 oy oldin
Why can't Netflix creat a better search interface? It is literally a piece of sh!t
Neptune Joo
Neptune Joo Oy oldin
Because they want you to watch bad movies like that movie with Sandra Bullock, or series like 13 Reasons why.
Even Netflix New Zealand search interface is infuriating. What's the go ??
Norsefalconer 2 oy oldin
Agreed. At $20+ billion a year in revenue, I think they can afford to upgrade the UI.
Patricio Jesus
Patricio Jesus 6 oy oldin
No one is talking about Shimmer Lake because it's a horrible movie. Why would anyone recommend that movie in the first place. I can't believe I watched that crap.
Horse with no name
The gift is depressing...
Horse with no name
The Crying game is a masterpiece with a twist that was huge for its time and still is... HUGE motherfucking twist... take my word, watch it.
Adam H
Adam H 6 oy oldin
They rather mention how some of those American vigilantes are racist but completely skip the larger issue of those Mexican vigilantes becoming what they swore to destroying.
Jay Brown
Jay Brown 6 oy oldin
I've seen CartelLand too, good Documentary!
Patriot Jefferson
Jay Brown , It's looked like the BEST on the list. I'm going to purchase the DVD. The gift was good, but it is make believe. *Sometimes the best & craziest shit is REALITY!* I WON'T be subscribing to Netflix is because of the Chimpbamas hold in it to push out anti America & pro new world order, lgbt & child pedophilia propaganda through films.
Jay Brown
Jay Brown 6 oy oldin
Crying Game was a classic!
Jay Brown
Jay Brown 6 oy oldin
Why does that guy look like a ashy lips Jesus! 😂
600firefly1 6 oy oldin
The spray on tan though
Offend in every way
Netflix will literally, green light anything.
DamTheKid 6 oy oldin
People are having a hard time finding them because they all have two stars (and in the case of two movies two and a half stars) or less so they are rated as bad movies. Thumbs up/down system sucks real bad, now errant ratings have gone rampant and these kinds of head scratching scenarios where game changing movies are getting a C or D grade. Good video
harish karthikeyan
Douglas Stormborn
All these films can be downloaded for free at your friendly torrent site. F Netflicks!
Douglas Stormborn
BikerHB Go to a search engine and put in download torrent.
BikerHomeBoy 6 oy oldin
what are you talking about?
Patriot Jefferson
Douglas Stormborn netflicks is ignoring conservatives wanting them to remive a film pushing child pornography. They haven't even commented on it. *The New World Order wants to legalize pedophilia.*
ClausenLT 7 oy oldin
"The Gift"...yeah pretty freakin creepy since I got an anonymous letter from someone in my past (30 years ago), when I was like 17, telling me I reminded them of "Simon". And they "hoped I'd matured"... I'm thinking..."yeah I was clearly right about you whoever you are."
Patriot Jefferson
ClausenLT , that is creepy. I got a "secret admirer" note on my front door once. I thought it was flattering until my DOG was STOLEN! When I had told people about the note they said "that's really creepy you have a stalker!" I didn't realize it until I heard put bluntly that way! Films always romanticize stuff like this. I had thought the person that left the note must of recognized my truck & pulled over to leave a flattering note in my front door. Teality is they must have been following me. I've realized that *I'm extremely naive to bad people.* The saying *it takes one to know one* rings true & I DON'T identify with what I'm NOT & that it can put naive people in a dangerous situtation. I bought a gun & I've moved.
th3c0r3 FGO
th3c0r3 FGO 7 oy oldin
A lot of these movies have pretty low scores on imdb so it is no wonder no one is talking about them lol. That being said, I have watched "the gift" and must admit it was a pretty decent watch...but it had a pretty decent score as well...so there is that.
TheWalkingNoob 7 oy oldin
I'm pretty sure if you spoke to the gangsters they would be just as if not more racist. But hey, paint the people defending themselves from Scicario level gangsters as racists eh.
Marco Della Torre
yeah, the best way to defend your land from a rich-beyond-imagination narc lord is to shoot a few poor peoplke in search from salvation from said narc lord. Shit I'm talking to pepople that said "Hillary is a liar" then proceeded to vote the greatest crook in the land of the "free"... Or should I say "fee", since helping your fellow men does not seem to be a thing there? But hey, christians!
Patriot Jefferson
TheWalkingNoob they aren't racist, just have COMMON SENSE. *Labeling honest people as racists is to shame people from speaking up about the dangers of LEGAL IMMIGRATION & UNSECURED BOARDERS. Our freedoms & country is being destroyed from the INSIDE of America!*
Kyle Davis
Kyle Davis 7 oy oldin
Is ozark good?
Zac L.
Zac L. 7 oy oldin
3:06 god it's SOO difficult not to want to hurt that fucking pig... I guess that's why doing the right thing is usually the same as doing the hardest thing, turning the other cheek. MLK, Jesus, Ghandi, listen to these men.
Aussie Roberts
Aussie Roberts 7 oy oldin
jesus thanks for spoiling all of them
Mike Normandy
Mike Normandy 7 oy oldin
If you guys like Nicholaj Coster-Waldau check him out in Shot Caller, way better than Small Crimes!
Aphelion 6 oy oldin
Mike Normandy that movie was way better than I was expecting.
Jack Barker
Jack Barker 7 oy oldin
original pleasure anywhere educational boyfriend seize try production offer sauce read social.
Eerimen Bzej
Eerimen Bzej 7 oy oldin
5:25 Look, its Jesus
Fungus 7 oy oldin
Bad Day for the Cut is a really good movie if you want to be really unsatisfied by the end, it takes forever to get going, never really goes off and ends disappointingly.
Kevin Shields
Kevin Shields 7 oy oldin
Some good stuff here but found Small Crimes weak and Shimmer Lake was one of the worst of 2017 for me.
Nicolas Padron
Nicolas Padron 7 oy oldin
Just watched Small Crimes and The Crying Game thanks to these and wow. Two great movies
Paxton 7 oy oldin
Icarus was very good
Vaga Bond
Vaga Bond 7 oy oldin
There is no cartel land on netflix wtff are you promoting
Bill Jansen
Bill Jansen 6 oy oldin
Yea it is learn how to spell ..i found it right away ..so there promo the show ...how can u be this dumb ..its cartel land.. Now go try agian an think before you type
Aiden Milroy
Aiden Milroy 7 oy oldin
Vaga Bond you could be in a different country than they are talking about
TheHappyBlindKid 7 oy oldin
Rami Malek had a notable performance in 'Buster Mal's Heart', however the movie was quite predictable and nothing of great value happens until the end, of which is the predictable part. It doesn't go into great depth about the convoluted parts nor the initialisation of the Y2K sub-narrative and instead emphasizes on the mundane and arbitrary pieces of the plot that does not particularly delve the story any deeper. To sum it up it's as if you are watching a relationship drama written by an obsessive conspiracy theorist who is not subtle at all. At the movies end, instead of wanting more or trying to develop an understanding, you are wondering what happened without wanting to know why.
Ryan Ramkissoon
Ryan Ramkissoon 7 oy oldin
Netflix...the place where flop movies and series end up. Even their originals are highly over rated.
Bill Jansen
Bill Jansen 6 oy oldin
How is ozark peaky blinders narcos ect ..try n comprehend shows instead of hating what ur too slow to understand ...shit is fire
Drake 7 oy oldin
Fantastic list. I've only seen (or even heard of) The Crying Game, The Gift, and Icarus.
Glenuig 7 oy oldin
Sweet Virginia?
Iamzombiehunter 7 oy oldin
Netflix picks in the video are terrible.
Andre Sparrow
Andre Sparrow 7 oy oldin
Small Crimes+1, watched it a few days ago... the end was surprising even though I knew what was gonna happen when the character came into the scene. Shimmer Lake, Fury of patient Man and Bad Day for the Cut were all great suspense movies. Cartel land and Icarus were both great and saddening docus.
Susan Havens
Susan Havens 7 oy oldin
I love Nicolaj Coster Waldau.
Glace Féale
Glace Féale 7 oy oldin
Thank you for this video, I was looking for them.
T Max
T Max 7 oy oldin
Small Crimes was the best! Shimmer Lake was another great one.
daniel williams
daniel williams 7 oy oldin
rover and mojave
Terry JP
Terry JP 7 oy oldin
With all due respect, before you call the Americans "Racist" you might want to walk a 100 miles in their shoes. They are trying to stop some of the vilest individuals there are. From murdering, trafficking in women, and Drugs they may have earned the right to be pissed off and bitter.
lilumilcalova 7 oy oldin
the gift sucks so much!
martin Bassett
martin Bassett 7 oy oldin
As usual going on about u.s netflix
Sameone Oy oldin
+E Roll : broadcasted internationally..
E Roll
E Roll 3 oy oldin
This is an American channel you twit
FreyaMaluk 7 oy oldin
hey.. cool vid guys...
Kevin The Great
Kevin The Great 7 oy oldin
Cartel land not on Netflix for dutch people?
sphinx onyx
sphinx onyx 7 oy oldin
Caliber on Netflix is fucking amazing.
Jaroslav Záruba
Jaroslav Záruba 7 oy oldin
racism on the us side of the broder? lmao you fucktards
Betty Kyler
Betty Kyler 7 oy oldin
way too much swearing for my liking.
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