Nevena & Goran - Panya

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Song: Panya - Bracket & Tekno
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22-Iyn, 2016

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Mariangela Vavassori
Hassina Wadag
Hassina Wadag Yil oldin
woow 😍😍😍😍
Veronica Tosta
Veronica Tosta Yil oldin
You guys should do more videos together!!
Erin B
Erin B Yil oldin
Makes me sad now that you've joined salsatoin I feel like I can't use your choreography in my Zumba classes because no one has time to yell out before you do it it's salsation 😭😭😭😭😭
Ali Mohamed
Ali Mohamed Yil oldin
Afef Foufa
Afef Foufa Yil oldin
Sandra Paola Ojeda Zuñiga
hello goran and nevena I love your work...thanks from Chile my country
hi nevana and goran i love your job it is amazing could you both make a dance fitness of "shape of you " by ed sheeran
Coconut Yil oldin
what on earth im i looking at ? the hell is this
Guilherme Yil oldin
Esse Vídeo É Legal Demais.
Rayan Zumba
Rayan Zumba Yil oldin
nice 😍😍😘
elene bzhalava
elene bzhalava Yil oldin
life Yil oldin
my favorite
life Yil oldin
i like it
Ahmad Jan
Ahmad Jan Yil oldin
love the move....nice song
Kawtar Heco
Kawtar Heco Yil oldin
africa 😍
vieoctha aniesha
love it
Aga Wachowiak
Aga Wachowiak 2 yil oldin
filip Paunovic
filip Paunovic 2 yil oldin
mozeli da napravimo sport vama nevena goran nova sport
زنوش العبيدي
wow verry nice
Bouchra Biba
Bouchra Biba 2 yil oldin
supu M
supu M 2 yil oldin
luv u guyz
Pastor Crystal Brown
the red head in the back reveals the truth...Stop it
Anfel bylka
Anfel bylka 2 yil oldin
I like it
Fati El Houri
Fati El Houri 2 yil oldin
verry good 😍
dymondgrl89 2 yil oldin
i want to dance with you both
dymondgrl89 2 yil oldin
you guys are amazing. my favorite. i love you both
hello hi guys first I want to congratulate you for the videos and choreography are very good, and second to tell you that I am a dancer and dance teacher in Colombia and wanted to know how I can show my talent without blocking me music videos you upload to youtube. Thanks for the collaboration.
Lovely Okwololo
Lovely Okwololo 2 yil oldin
I love u guys
carito maya zf calama
me encantaba mas de zumba... salsation no les viene:\
Sophie Elodie
Sophie Elodie 2 yil oldin
You always dance so smooth! Love it so so much as usual, keep up the good work!!❤️❤️❤️
Pastor Crystal Brown
Okay this is dumb as hell....why
Vladimir Ge.
Vladimir Ge. 2 yil oldin
I´m still in love with this choreo!!!
7monylove 2 yil oldin
Nice choreo! pls bring back your own Zumba/ Dance Fitness routines you are amazing in your own style:):)
Eternity Chaos
Eternity Chaos 2 yil oldin
next song:J. Balvin - Ay Vamos vote people
pling2910 2 yil oldin
Love it!! but pls don't stop your Zumba chores. 😍
Fit&Funky™ 2 yil oldin
We love this one so much! Told you this many times haha :-) BRAVO
salem ammar
salem ammar 2 yil oldin
last girl with red hair she dance soo funny , nice style ;)
Pe Tra
Pe Tra 2 yil oldin
and boy hahahaha
salem ammar
salem ammar 2 yil oldin
last girl with red hair she dance soo funny , nice style ;)
Vanessa Perry
Vanessa Perry 3 oy oldin
salem ammar that's why she's in the back 😂😂😂
маша тарелкина
Sarah Hosni
Sarah Hosni 2 yil oldin
Love u Guy's
Justyna Tkaczewska
Justyna Tkaczewska 2 yil oldin
Loooove you guys!!!! Great song
Sanja Niksic - NIKA
the best choreo ever....love uui
Habiba 2 yil oldin
perfect 100%
dymondgrl89 2 yil oldin
Amazing. . everyone is doing a great job. love the motivation
Pe Tra
Pe Tra 2 yil oldin
Ona cura skroz iza ne zna plesatiii ali dobroo nema veze:) Super koreooo
Big Schmoopy
Big Schmoopy 2 yil oldin
Hi Nevena and Goran... I would love to know what made you switch from Zumba to Salsation? I am starting to find Zumba expensive and offered less and less as an instructor... would love to hear your thoughts on why you decided to make the switch :) Love from Canada!
Zumba Tauranga
Zumba Tauranga 2 yil oldin
Sweet Groove Bro!!
Souha Oumari
Souha Oumari 2 yil oldin
Nice goran
Rishabh Chatterjee
Rishabh Chatterjee 2 yil oldin
Hadjer JojoTi
Hadjer JojoTi 2 yil oldin
shahad cool
shahad cool 2 yil oldin
shahad cool
shahad cool 2 yil oldin
shahad cool
shahad cool 2 yil oldin
مررة حلوة
Alejandro Angulo
Alejandro Angulo 2 yil oldin
Mohamed Lahbib M'hamdi
Alejandro Angulo
Thais A
Thais A 2 yil oldin
More AfroBeat choreos please! I love it!
gia gee
gia gee 2 yil oldin
Nevena n goran, i always love ur choreo. ♡♡♡♡
Danica Jankovic
Danica Jankovic 2 yil oldin
😍🌍🔐 Pozdrav iz Sapca🔐🌍😍
soulef bereksi
soulef bereksi 2 yil oldin
it's soooo cool I LIKE IT
زهرة الرمال
فديتكم 😘😍😘😘😘😘
gabriela maria
gabriela maria 2 yil oldin
Tiffany Berry
Tiffany Berry 2 yil oldin
Love it
Wafa Isam
Wafa Isam 2 yil oldin
Love you both
rafaela santos
rafaela santos 2 yil oldin
linda coreo
arshia fathima
arshia fathima 2 yil oldin
he is so cuuuuttteee
pasterws 2 yil oldin
Song is Panya (feat. Tekno), Bracket
Claudia Balogová
Claudia Balogová 2 yil oldin
what the song ??
Danica Jankovic
Danica Jankovic 2 yil oldin
Rayanne Lacristal
Rayanne Lacristal 2 yil oldin
wwooowwww verry good
Ali_ziad _20
Ali_ziad _20 2 yil oldin
حلووووو كتر 😍😍
Ftõon Alröuh
Ftõon Alröuh 2 yil oldin
Natasa Stevanovic
Natasa Stevanovic 2 yil oldin
Bravo,sa vama sve deluje lako!
6 oy oldin