Nevena & Goran - Panya

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Song: Panya - Bracket & Tekno
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22-Iyn, 2016

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Mariangela Vavassori
Hassina Wadag
Hassina Wadag 11 oy oldin
woow 😍😍😍😍
Veronica Tosta
Veronica Tosta Yil oldin
You guys should do more videos together!!
Erin B
Erin B Yil oldin
Makes me sad now that you've joined salsatoin I feel like I can't use your choreography in my Zumba classes because no one has time to yell out before you do it it's salsation 😭😭😭😭😭
Ali Mohamed
Ali Mohamed Yil oldin
Afef Foufa
Afef Foufa Yil oldin
Sandra Paola Ojeda Zuñiga
hello goran and nevena I love your work...thanks from Chile my country
hi nevana and goran i love your job it is amazing could you both make a dance fitness of "shape of you " by ed sheeran
Coconut Yil oldin
what on earth im i looking at ? the hell is this
Guilherme Yil oldin
Esse Vídeo É Legal Demais.
Rayan Zumba
Rayan Zumba Yil oldin
nice 😍😍😘
elene bzhalava
elene bzhalava Yil oldin
life Yil oldin
my favorite
life Yil oldin
i like it
Ahmad Jan
Ahmad Jan Yil oldin
love the move....nice song
Kawtar Heco
Kawtar Heco Yil oldin
africa 😍
vieoctha aniesha
love it
Aga Wachowiak
Aga Wachowiak Yil oldin
filip Paunovic
filip Paunovic Yil oldin
mozeli da napravimo sport vama nevena goran nova sport
زنوش العبيدي
wow verry nice
Bouchra Biba
Bouchra Biba Yil oldin
supu M
supu M Yil oldin
luv u guyz
Pastor Crystal Brown
the red head in the back reveals the truth...Stop it
Anfel bylka
Anfel bylka Yil oldin
I like it
Fati El Houri
Fati El Houri 2 yil oldin
verry good 😍
dymondgrl89 2 yil oldin
i want to dance with you both
dymondgrl89 2 yil oldin
you guys are amazing. my favorite. i love you both
hello hi guys first I want to congratulate you for the videos and choreography are very good, and second to tell you that I am a dancer and dance teacher in Colombia and wanted to know how I can show my talent without blocking me music videos you upload to youtube. Thanks for the collaboration.
Lovely Okwololo
Lovely Okwololo 2 yil oldin
I love u guys
carito maya zf calama
me encantaba mas de zumba... salsation no les viene:\
Sophie Elodie
Sophie Elodie 2 yil oldin
You always dance so smooth! Love it so so much as usual, keep up the good work!!❤️❤️❤️
Pastor Crystal Brown
Okay this is dumb as hell....why
Vladimir Ge.
Vladimir Ge. 2 yil oldin
I´m still in love with this choreo!!!
7monylove 2 yil oldin
Nice choreo! pls bring back your own Zumba/ Dance Fitness routines you are amazing in your own style:):)
Eternity Chaos
Eternity Chaos 2 yil oldin
next song:J. Balvin - Ay Vamos vote people
pling2910 2 yil oldin
Love it!! but pls don't stop your Zumba chores. 😍
Fit&Funky™ 2 yil oldin
We love this one so much! Told you this many times haha :-) BRAVO
salem ammar
salem ammar 2 yil oldin
last girl with red hair she dance soo funny , nice style ;)
Pe Tra
Pe Tra 2 yil oldin
and boy hahahaha
salem ammar
salem ammar 2 yil oldin
last girl with red hair she dance soo funny , nice style ;)
Vanessa Perry
Vanessa Perry Oy oldin
salem ammar that's why she's in the back 😂😂😂
маша тарелкина
Sarah Hosni
Sarah Hosni 2 yil oldin
Love u Guy's
Justyna Tkaczewska
Justyna Tkaczewska 2 yil oldin
Loooove you guys!!!! Great song
Sanja Niksic - NIKA
the best choreo ever....love uui
Habiba 2 yil oldin
perfect 100%
dymondgrl89 2 yil oldin
Amazing. . everyone is doing a great job. love the motivation
Pe Tra
Pe Tra 2 yil oldin
Ona cura skroz iza ne zna plesatiii ali dobroo nema veze:) Super koreooo
Big Schmoopy
Big Schmoopy 2 yil oldin
Hi Nevena and Goran... I would love to know what made you switch from Zumba to Salsation? I am starting to find Zumba expensive and offered less and less as an instructor... would love to hear your thoughts on why you decided to make the switch :) Love from Canada!
Zumba Tauranga
Zumba Tauranga 2 yil oldin
Sweet Groove Bro!!
Souha Oumari
Souha Oumari 2 yil oldin
Nice goran
Rishabh Chatterjee
Rishabh Chatterjee 2 yil oldin
Hadjer JojoTi
Hadjer JojoTi 2 yil oldin
shahad cool
shahad cool 2 yil oldin
shahad cool
shahad cool 2 yil oldin
shahad cool
shahad cool 2 yil oldin
مررة حلوة
Alejandro Angulo
Alejandro Angulo 2 yil oldin
Mohamed Lahbib M'hamdi
Alejandro Angulo
Thais A
Thais A 2 yil oldin
More AfroBeat choreos please! I love it!
gia gee
gia gee 2 yil oldin
Nevena n goran, i always love ur choreo. ♡♡♡♡
Danica Jankovic
Danica Jankovic 2 yil oldin
😍🌍🔐 Pozdrav iz Sapca🔐🌍😍
soulef bereksi
soulef bereksi 2 yil oldin
it's soooo cool I LIKE IT
زهرة الرمال
فديتكم 😘😍😘😘😘😘
gabriela maria
gabriela maria 2 yil oldin
Tiffany Berry
Tiffany Berry 2 yil oldin
Love it
Wafa Isam
Wafa Isam 2 yil oldin
Love you both
rafaela santos
rafaela santos 2 yil oldin
linda coreo
arshia fathima
arshia fathima 2 yil oldin
he is so cuuuuttteee
pasterws 2 yil oldin
Song is Panya (feat. Tekno), Bracket
Claudia Balogová
Claudia Balogová 2 yil oldin
what the song ??
Danica Jankovic
Danica Jankovic 2 yil oldin
Rayanne Lacristal
Rayanne Lacristal 2 yil oldin
wwooowwww verry good
blackjack 2ne1
blackjack 2ne1 2 yil oldin
Ali_ziad _20
Ali_ziad _20 2 yil oldin
حلووووو كتر 😍😍
Ftõon Alröuh
Ftõon Alröuh 2 yil oldin
Natasa Stevanovic
Natasa Stevanovic 2 yil oldin
Bravo,sa vama sve deluje lako!