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Never Be The Same - Camila Cabello (Lyrics)

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Never Be The Same - Camila Cabello (Lyrics)
"Never Be The Same"

Available at Spotify: smarturl.it/Camila_PreSave
Apple Music: smarturl.it/Camila_AM
iTunes: smarturl.it/Camila_iTunes
Amazon: smarturl.it/Camila_Dig
Google Play: smarturl.it/Camila_GP

Find Camila Here:
Twitter: @camila_cabello
IG: @camila_cabello
Facebook: @97camilacabello
Website: www.camilacabello.com

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8-Dek, 2017

Camila cabelloNever be the samelyrics



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Sarah florence
Sarah florence 52 daqiqa oldin
angie umy
angie umy 12 soat oldin
Zaia Hmar
Zaia Hmar Kun oldin
Your in my blood,your in my head,your in my veins j
Zaia Hmar
Zaia Hmar Kun oldin
I like this song very much
TeamBreezy X
TeamBreezy X 2 kun oldin
A year later and I'm still in love!!!❤
Gouri Bhadoria
Gouri Bhadoria 4 kun oldin
2:45 want to go there
Gouri Bhadoria
Gouri Bhadoria 4 kun oldin
0:45 let go there
Katy F
Katy F 5 kun oldin
I've never asked for this before, but can I get 10 likes on this comment? Nothing special :3
Jyasi chavez
Jyasi chavez 8 kun oldin
princess ReRe
princess ReRe 9 kun oldin
Of one touch i could overdose❤😈
IKKIR L Narom 11 kun oldin
Girl: Am I Pretty Guy:No Girl:Do You Like Me Guy: No Girl: Would You Cry If I Walk Away Guy: No Girl Walks Away Crying Guy: Your Not Pretty Your Gorguous I Don't Like You I LOVE You I Wouldn't Cry If You Walked Away I Would Die Wtaf
Jennifer Dodrer
Jennifer Dodrer 12 kun oldin
Something must have gone wrong you never came....hmm. It's you babe .....I'm sucker for some dumb shit.... I will never be the same....it's not in my blood it skipped me and on to the next generation...
Jon Hosford
Jon Hosford 12 kun oldin
Best song ever
Hams Fahad
Hams Fahad 13 kun oldin
I l❤️this song because camila
Allan Mauligalio
Allan Mauligalio 15 kun oldin
mari valdez
mari valdez 17 kun oldin
Jerry Jackson
Jerry Jackson 19 kun oldin
Now I'm doped up.😳😆😬😇
Mia C
Mia C 21 kun oldin
Me: "Just the nicotine..heroin, morophine.." Me: **runs out of breath** Family: "You okay dere?"
jayla vanison
jayla vanison 15 kun oldin
Mylene Correa
Mylene Correa 23 kun oldin
my friends will so jelous because I,m singing this song
jayla vanison
jayla vanison 15 kun oldin
that doesn't make sense
Mylene Correa
Mylene Correa 23 kun oldin
can,t wait to sing this song at school after lunch
Mylene Correa
Mylene Correa 23 kun oldin
sang this at school!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
kiproductions 23 kun oldin
I used to think this was Miley still can’t get past it
Shaun Prouty
Shaun Prouty 23 kun oldin
love this song so much. not trying to brag but I met camila cabello.
Windysaint 24 kun oldin
You intoxicate me. Just like nicotine. Suddenly I’m a fiend and your all I need. Just one hit of you. I’ll never ever be the same. 💕
Isolina Garcia
Isolina Garcia 26 kun oldin
can you she mush love you she mush love you
Isolina Garcia
Isolina Garcia 26 kun oldin
can you she mush love you she mush loveyou she mush
Jeriah Dal Broi
Jeriah Dal Broi 27 kun oldin
I like nicotine,heroin, and morphine
jayla vanison
jayla vanison 25 kun oldin
Belinda Sims
Belinda Sims 27 kun oldin
Can't stop thinking about this song 😊😊
Adela Scott
Adela Scott 28 kun oldin
Hey baby , Di.. don't forget this song ..A photographer so fine !!!
Adela Scott
Adela Scott 28 kun oldin
Hello , baby I'm talking to you Di...
Virgobabexo 94
Virgobabexo 94 29 kun oldin
This is a good song...for some reason....
Halo Qasmi
Halo Qasmi 29 kun oldin
i love this song!
Juciey Plays
Juciey Plays Oy oldin
Love The Bts User Icon
it's me Ali Morales
November 2018~ anyone?
Ana Aleksishvili
November 2018 anyone?😂
Springtrap Oy oldin
N Ne Nev Neve Never Never b Never be Never be t Never be th Never be the Never be the s Never be the sa Never be the sam Never be the same.
Jin biased
Jin biased Oy oldin
I'm listening this song again and i don't know what to do with my life
Laura Limanswari
im the girl that never be the same
Chandra R
Chandra R Oy oldin
Im in love with this song❣
Denzil Riley
Denzil Riley Oy oldin
Wiwita Oy oldin
jayla vanison
jayla vanison Oy oldin
`lauren will know camila will never be the same
Gloria Sánchez
I love you are my favorite UZvidrs
Nancy Seal
Nancy Seal Oy oldin
love the song camila cabello
Mia Benavid
Mia Benavid Oy oldin
This Song it’s Amazing this Song is for all the Men’s I LoV 💔💊💔🍷💔😪💔😢💔😪💔😢💔😪💔💊💔🍷💔💊🍷💔 I know I never be the same
》 Liv 《
》 Liv 《 Oy oldin
I love it so much!!! This is my favorite song from Camila!!!😍
YASSSSSS!!!!! my best sogn i use it for my alarm and it sounds good to :D
Itzel Aguilar
Itzel Aguilar Oy oldin
When i saw junkook i was like wow your here!!😱
Tempest Wing
Tempest Wing Oy oldin
1:09 Just Swahili.
Memes and Dreams
random question: Who an ARMY or Blink?
Cool Emmy
Cool Emmy Oy oldin
I love this song
Emilly vitória Sousa Dos Anjos
I love you music
Maria Luisa Hubner
jose peraza
jose peraza Oy oldin
Tahnea Brock
Tahnea Brock Oy oldin
This is the song that was playing when i met my boyfriend
Enrique Rangel
:) i like camlia
Enrique Rangel
I love this song
Samruddhi Naik
what happened to her voice in the starting part of the chorus, it sounds like someone's choking her, don't mind. Rest of the song is good!
Tia Zingwe
Tia Zingwe Oy oldin
It's a great song 💋💋💋💋💋💋
StarCat :3
StarCat :3 Oy oldin
F8 Freestylers
Who else puts this song on repeat while they play fortnite?LMAO
Gia Rose
Gia Rose Oy oldin
#just Like Nicotine Heroin, Morphine Suddenly I'm a Fiend and you're all In need All I need Yeah you're all i need
Katelyn Playz
Katelyn Playz Oy oldin
Is it just me or does Camila look like Hermione Granger?
jayla vanison
jayla vanison 25 kun oldin
what is that?
이성주 Oy oldin
It's an interesting song
Prisha Sanyal Aich
Lyrics is incorrect
jayla vanison
jayla vanison 25 kun oldin
Alyssa Page
Alyssa Page Oy oldin
so, i had the lyrics all wrong-
No one likes you :3
What part did you have wrong?
Ryan Boois
Ryan Boois Oy oldin
this song try and sing this song the same way she sing it trust me its hard I tryed it and who lisning to it in october
Wesley Araujo
Wesley Araujo Oy oldin
This music is great to hear when you are sleeping
Irawo Ajamu
Irawo Ajamu Oy oldin
soo this song is basicly about her doing drugs.
Aaliyah Cisneros
Aaliyah Cisneros 2 oy oldin
i liked camila better when she was in 5h honestly shes changed
Rachel Torres
Rachel Torres 2 oy oldin
I'm so addicted to this song ♥
Dani 2 oy oldin
I know what it feels like to kill your relay button so here is another one for anyone who needs it 0:01
Jamie Mak
Jamie Mak 2 oy oldin
I'm drubk
Jamie Mak
Jamie Mak 2 oy oldin
mlp stories
mlp stories 2 oy oldin
3:31 Me: KOOKIEEEEEEE♥️♥️ That’s Jungkook right?
sharissa kim
sharissa kim 2 oy oldin
Oh....your profile pic is Jungkook now...
a l d c f a n
a l d c f a n 2 oy oldin
Gimi Ghore
Gimi Ghore 2 oy oldin
Songs like these free the trapped soul .
Hoppie Grey
Hoppie Grey 2 oy oldin
One of the best from Camila
Adelyn Avila
Adelyn Avila 2 oy oldin
love this song so MUCHHHH
✨ Moonchild ✨
BTS edits brought me here....
Kevin Hernández
Kevin Hernández 2 oy oldin
to be quite honest, I don't like normie music
Isolina Garcia
Isolina Garcia 2 oy oldin
love you she mush love you she mush mush love you
Isolina Garcia
Isolina Garcia 2 oy oldin
love you she you she mush you she mush love you she
Nana 'Mations
Nana 'Mations 2 oy oldin
H Ha Hav Have Have a Have a g Have a gr Have a gr Have a gre Have a grea Have a great Have a great d Have a great da Have a great day Have a great da Have a great d Have a grea Have a gre Have a gr Have a g Have Hav Ha H
Mia Loop
Mia Loop 2 oy oldin
Dealara Brito favorite song
Tiffany Fields
Tiffany Fields 2 oy oldin
Single_Potato 2 oy oldin
Is it just me or is it other people that also think this song is “Da Bomb” but think Real Friends is better...?
Nathan Nondo
Nathan Nondo 2 oy oldin
Me and Maksim I`ll never be the same as him
Girlie Malpetria
Girlie Malpetria 2 oy oldin
Those Camella cabello songs are amazing😊😊😊😃😂😊
Angel Lynn Ylaya
Angel Lynn Ylaya 2 oy oldin
These song has been played in our classroom a million times!!💖 My classmates just love the song! 💕💕
Izzy Is awesome
Izzy Is awesome 2 oy oldin
Does anyone else think that she’s saying yogurt
Jose Torres
Jose Torres 2 oy oldin
Beautiful song
Isis Scott
Isis Scott 2 oy oldin
I will never be like u
Bunny Ramnath
Bunny Ramnath 2 oy oldin
So perfect. %%%%%%%%%%
Kaitlin Sirovy
Kaitlin Sirovy 2 oy oldin
I love this song
Te Aorangi Kohunui
your so pretty !
Hailie Guerrero
Hailie Guerrero 2 oy oldin
At first I thought Serena Gomez sang it but when I so who made I was like... what