NEVER WEARING AGAIN... Morphe Fluidity Foundation Review + Wear Test

Nicol Concilio
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Hey babes! How yew doooin?? Hope you enjoyed this video testing out the new Morphe fluidity foundation!!! Oh boy ... make sure you watch all the way until the end... Leave me a comment what you guys thought and don't forget to subscribe xo!
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8-Yan, 2019



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Luetzsab 3 kun oldin
As a very very pale girl with olive/grey undertone, this was the first foundation with a good match. Not just doable, okay or hmmmm... It was a match! Can't joint your complaint. Unfortunately the finish and the texture wasn't my cup of tea. Damn it.
Alexia Cătălina
Alexia Cătălina 20 kun oldin
Idk but i respect that the shade range is very good! There are colours for all!
Leslie Guerrero
Leslie Guerrero 23 kun oldin
It's for oily skin
Queenmarie88 25 kun oldin
What is she using to wet her blender sponge please? One of the UD sprays?
Ashley Berens
Ashley Berens 27 kun oldin
I have the foundation and to me it smells like wall paint
theBASSHUNTRESS 27 kun oldin
I think it smells like acrylic paint or some kind of paint that I have used in art class before. It did dry on me really fast, I did think it was hard to find the right shade and the one I got still made me look a bit too white and chalky.
Philippa Fredrickson
you've probably said it before but I haven't seen THAT many of your vids, what brush do you use to set your face?
Sparkler 17
Sparkler 17 Oy oldin
I don’t understand the hate I understand constructive criticism but this is MY opinion. But I understand we all make mistakes. Maybe just small advice. No one is perfect.❤️ I do agree with some of it and hope she will learn from us.
Jewel Owens
Jewel Owens Oy oldin
I have it too and they dry so fast they are non transferrable waterproof which is why they dry fast its like a liquid lippie. But for ths face
Melidest Destiny
It looks green 😂
Kayla Lee
Kayla Lee Oy oldin
Okay her lips looks like Futurama Fry's sister. 😂😂
Cheyann Lynch
Cheyann Lynch Oy oldin
Girl, we can tell you watched other reviews and followed other reviews. This isn't genuine.
Duma Teague
Duma Teague Oy oldin
Funny how she only likes the positive comments-sth she's not
Nikita Ngala
Nikita Ngala Oy oldin
Publicity stunt for sure
Watching this video I realized you don’t know the difference between surface tone, undertone and skin tone. And I think that’s what’s made you even more negative towards the product.
Angelina Reyes
I kind of like it! I love matte foundations so ima go purchase me on as we speak (:
Julieta Tavarez
So just to clarify I like nicol. But she started this video off bat hating the products. The undertones of the shades do make a lot sense . And the concealers are not brighteners they’re to match skin completions not to brighten. The white Concealer is to mix to brighten your perfect shade. Anyways no shade or anything but wasn’t here for Nicolas negativity in this video
Kevin And Bella Noe
The shades look very different... maybe you are color blind... you sound like a spoiled brat.
Anne Skinner
Anne Skinner Oy oldin
Instead of going with "cute" shade names put a "P" before the shade number for the ones with pink undertones
Kiri Turner
Kiri Turner Oy oldin
It works best without powder!
Beautiful Makeup
*I feel like one day in the future morphe Will be famous on instagram Like as much as huda beauty.Anyone else?*
xochi Oy oldin
This review kind of annoys me, right from the jump Nicol was super negative saying the undertones were off because that’s what she saw on Twitter. Then she said the foundation had a scent when on the packaging it says fragrance free... lol
emdufrain Oy oldin
What is your go to foundation for your dry skin ?
Rima A.
Rima A. Oy oldin
*disliking product that are not kylie's* "i do have an opinion"
Valerie JVC
Valerie JVC Oy oldin
What an annoying voice
Reyna Oy oldin
You look gorgeous NICOL. The foundation looks amazing on you
bella reyes
bella reyes Oy oldin
nicol is so damn fiiinnneee love you girl!
Zacriana Oy oldin
She just seems dumb and negative.... If you can do a better job then do it 🤷
OKAY NEW INTRO I LOVE I LOVE i’m a small dog youtuber hehe
Kayla Zuk
Kayla Zuk Oy oldin
those shades were definitely not the same shade or looked similar at all, you’d be surprised how many of those shades truly match people’s skin , and you already were judging the product before even trying it , your going off social media because other people don’t like it
Brittani Bey
Brittani Bey Oy oldin
The bottle does not have a clear window that displays the actual color of the foundation. The bottle is colored so it’s not giving you a true view of the actual color inside the bottle.
ShaRae Burr
ShaRae Burr Oy oldin
Thanks for your honesty ❤❤❤❤❤
Cosa Nostrv
Cosa Nostrv Oy oldin
Damn she still doesn’t have a million subs
Zepha Williams
you’re just so freaking negative like damn..
yesenia perez
yesenia perez Oy oldin
I honestly liked the foundation I feel like I’m the only one 🤣
Mia Roberts
Mia Roberts 2 oy oldin
Most annoying review ever. The undertones are all completely necessary
Georgia Edwards
Georgia Edwards 2 oy oldin
I actually think it looked great on you. Such a lovely finish especially at the start.
Kenidy Nicole
Kenidy Nicole 2 oy oldin
I don’t think I will watch another video from you. You just gave really bad vibes
Kenidy Nicole
Kenidy Nicole 2 oy oldin
I love you but you were so negative throughout the whole video you didn’t even give the products a chance😬😒
Ava Hagedorn
Ava Hagedorn 2 oy oldin
This was very informative and helpful!!!
Chrystelle Haddad
THE PLASTIXS 2 oy oldin
If you get commission from morphe why would you bash their products without even doing a wear test?
S C 2 oy oldin
Y’all we get people are happy to see the yellow and the red undertones who HAVE those undertones but I think the point is with 60 SHADES, there SHOULD be plenty room for all undertones. If this was a smaller launch geared towards the people who can never usually find there undertone, I would understand. But this is 60 shades “FOR ALL BABES” so there should be a little more variety in undertones like Nicol was saying
Kendrell Ramsey
Kendrell Ramsey 2 oy oldin
OMG I am so sick of you tube and there shit lol.. Joking.. But I have been on the tube for a while always looking for great people with great personality like yours.. So thank you UZvid for finally bringing me across Nicol channel. Took ya long enough 😂
Kendrell Ramsey
Kendrell Ramsey 2 oy oldin
I subscribed.. Tell me all about it. 😃
Anna F
Anna F 2 oy oldin
Annoyingly negative
Taylor Lanette
Taylor Lanette 2 oy oldin
You really complained the entire video... stupid b*tch. Ugh 😑
Priscilla Vassallo
Love your hair looks so good!❤️
Dennise Espinoza
Dennise Espinoza 2 oy oldin
The foundation is matte, of course it’s going to be drying especially if you have dry skin. I watched Laura Lees review and she said that from the get go. Also that it would not work for dry skin. So you should have known where it was gonna go. Your voice was kinda annoying too. First and last time I watch a video of yours lol
Chinara Corey
Chinara Corey 2 oy oldin
What brush are you using to set your makeup?
Dominique Nicole
Dominique Nicole 2 oy oldin
What are those lashes? Also, love the hair! I was silver for about a year and it killed my hair :( I miss it.
Manon Vo
Manon Vo 2 oy oldin
I love how she keeps saying you need to blend quickly but only dampens her beautyblender aftel dotting it on her face😂
makatk 2 oy oldin
Living for the realness... if it sucks, it sucks.
Keera Murphy
Keera Murphy 2 oy oldin
fuhh. ok. buh like,, in 2018 everyone was all like ‘make more shades bc if you don’t you’re racist and i wont buy or support you anymore,, then morphe over here comin out w 60 shades and now you’re like ‘ok but that’s too many shades and a lot of them are the same just w different undertones’ like what?.... ok sorry some people really have yellow undertones tho, and some people w darker skin have more red undertones too,, and orange as well ... but i mean alright. is it just me tho or is something not right w this picture?😂😂🙏 i think it looks really good on her skin and i think she needa worry ab what it look like on her and quit complaining ab others undertones. yee,, as do a lot of other influencers. but i think morphe did a really nice job on this foundation and concealer, they had a lot to ‘prove’ and i think they definitely went above and beyond that expectation. :) have a good day hehe
Sarah 2 oy oldin
30 mins of talking for her to say the foundation is okay... Ugh.
Juliette De Maso
Juliette De Maso 2 oy oldin
60 shades of nay.
Leilani Semetara
Leilani Semetara 2 oy oldin
This looks like every other foudation/concealer. I just dont get the issue smh
Leilani Semetara
Leilani Semetara 2 oy oldin
"This is 60 and this is 110. They just look so similar to me" ok no. 110 is CLEARLY darker. And with 60 shades most of them are gunna be SIMILAR to each other. With slight differences. Which I think is awesome cuz there are some skin tones that literally cant find ANYTHING that matches because everything is either slightly too dark or slightly too light. With such minute variations in color it makes it MUCH easier to find o e that matches PERFECTLY
Roxanne Dallas
Roxanne Dallas 2 oy oldin
5:17 How tf do these look similar?
Curves and Kisses
does anyone know what lashes nicol is wearing i NEED them in my life!!! xx
Genesis Mendez
Genesis Mendez 2 oy oldin
She's over there omplaining about the yellow but I'm over here like yeess omg really tell me more girl...it is extremely difficult for me to find a foundation due to my yellow warm olive undertone. I flipping hate all these foundations that claims it have yellow undertones really doesn't. Shit turns pink/orange on me.
Maiah Mason
Maiah Mason 2 oy oldin
All these comments annoying shut up
Thomas Evans
Thomas Evans 2 oy oldin
I LOVE the fact that even though u have a discount code u aren't being so positive about the product when obviously it isn't perfect
damselcausingdistress 81
The hair color reminds me of what a chlorine pool looks like when the toddler pees in it💁 Just FYI
Belen Flores
Belen Flores 2 oy oldin
Ok someone is paying you . Morphe is doing this for clout . This foundation has been viral through internet. It’s bad but yet everyone is going to know who morphe is .
Emily Denford
Emily Denford 2 oy oldin
why she tryna be like kylie ???
KoKo 2 oy oldin
How much did you get paid to hate this? 😂🤣 You contradicted yourself so many times. It’s obvious you were biased from the beginning. Your makeup looked amazing the only thing that deserves a bad review is your attitude.
Katarina Leigh
Katarina Leigh 2 oy oldin
wait i think it looks good lol
allison wray
allison wray 2 oy oldin
As a supper cool toned pale girl ( almost everything makes me look like a cheto) whose friend is native American decent and is very warm undertones I think she was doing a good job but just doesn't understand what people with different undertones are looking for
Gigi McGuane
Gigi McGuane 2 oy oldin
Blue hair does not suit you.
Blue Sturkey
Blue Sturkey 2 oy oldin
as a lady of color I can say those concealers are horrid and wouldn't even match my undertones and I'm pretty light! disappointing! However girl you've never offended or come close to offending women of color and i believe the colored community would agree!
AnastaziaU 2 oy oldin
All the annoying white girls commenting below about how she's being negative, in reality the darker shades undertones literally look like crap and are unwearable. Please sit your asses down.
Emily Fuentes
Emily Fuentes 2 oy oldin
She literally said “i have a code and you can use it. You can use it for a brush if you don’t like the foundation..... so shady!!
Emily Fuentes
Emily Fuentes 2 oy oldin
Tell me how those two colors looked alike in the beginning 😂 you’re so full of shit Nicol. You’re always shoving your morphe code even spelling it out. It was a good move to “hate” it for once.
S Cazares
S Cazares 2 oy oldin
How can she give the foundation a C-plus or B-, yet say she will never reach for it again??? I don't know why i didn't trust her "check in times", it all seemed like she just changed locations and did it that way. Maybe next time show a time such as your iPhone, watch or something. Make up just looked to recent to have been worn thru the day. I love those check in videos and i can totally notice the difference from a fresh face and an over time wear. Personally, its getting harder to trust you tubers. I get its a job and they make money, but at the cost of dishonesty?? Just seemed contradicting at times.
Gabriela Garza
Gabriela Garza 2 oy oldin
I don’t trust this review. At all.
Boss Girl
Boss Girl 2 oy oldin
Yh u just like kylie jenners shit
Karen Trejo Jimenez
She says what people want her to say, if you watch her other videos she’s usually really positive and likes everything but the only reason she is being negative is because of all the backlash she got on Twitter and so she’s not even gonna give her true opinion she’s only saying what other people wrote on Twitter no original thoughts what so ever
Glam Barbee
Glam Barbee 2 oy oldin
The bottle is colored so it doesn’t show the true foundation color.
cflowermakeup 2 oy oldin
I agree on the undertones they are all so weird looking! And matte MATTE! Lol
Mary Macfadzen
Mary Macfadzen 2 oy oldin
I am very yellow, this is good to me lol. Green is good for olive tones. Once foundation is blended out the stark yellow/green isn’t as crazy looking.
mia 2 oy oldin
love this girl!!!!
Ali Perry
Ali Perry 2 oy oldin
Girl your skin is FLAWLESS
Esha Latchman
Esha Latchman 2 oy oldin
Wow your beat looks 😍😍😍
Sara Kauffman
Sara Kauffman 2 oy oldin
What lip is she wearing
Kaitlyn j
Kaitlyn j 2 oy oldin
also i wouldn’t say she’s being negative the entire video she’s honestly keeping an open mindset towards anything that happens
Kaitlyn j
Kaitlyn j 2 oy oldin
loving morphe for 2018 2019 trend: hating morphe
robust girl
robust girl 2 oy oldin
I admit some of them look the same but theres nothing wrong with green undertones, its called being olive skin toned
e 2 oy oldin
the only white woman i'll ever listen to , subscribed.
isabela oliveira
isabela oliveira 2 oy oldin
When will white woman stop speaking for black woman? I believe you should have indicated channels of black gurus who were talking about the foundation.
Stephanie Yousif
Stephanie Yousif 2 oy oldin
Watched another tutorial on this foundation collection and you sound very uneducated on the way the shades work. And the foundation looks amazing on your skin, and you are still being negative. Look for the positives girl!!!!
potato bunny
potato bunny 2 oy oldin
That one concealer would be perfect for a terracotta pot.
Maria Bugge
Maria Bugge 2 oy oldin
5:16 lol, its a big difference
Maria Bugge
Maria Bugge 2 oy oldin
Obviously can we see you have already made your opinion on the product, lmao just give it a try
ILuv Islam
ILuv Islam 2 oy oldin
Let them dry!!!! Everything looks weird when it’s wet. Let it dry for God sake. Her shades are perfect. Idk why she’s pretending to have troubles.
ILuv Islam
ILuv Islam 2 oy oldin
There are green dark people and yellow people.. there are no “correct” shades because there are EVEEERRRYY color of person.
Emily Elizabeth Anderson
I love the fact that nobody is jumping on the fact that the foundation FUCKING STAINED HER ARMS!!! I’ve swatched darker shades on my arms and they’ve NEVER EVER STAINED BEFORE!!! THAT ALONE IS A FUCKING RED FLAG YALL!!! It smells like paint, it stains like paint, it dries like paint. That says a lot. Also, for those who were saying that they would not watch her videos because of the attitude, fuck off. She has a right to your opinion. If you don’t like it, that’s a YOU problem, bitch.
Laine Sroge
Laine Sroge 2 oy oldin
The concealer feels heavy cause you put so much on!
Felicity Faulkner
Some people do have a grey undertone. It would've been better if they grouped them all in undertones rather than all over the place.
Rahaf Bedah
Rahaf Bedah 2 oy oldin
She speaks sooooooooo much!!! I have never been annoyed by someone speaking like I’d watch james charles for 40 minutes with him fast talking and still get everything but she keeps repeating what she says every second where she could’ve said it briefly...
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