NEW Captain Marvel Trailer Breakdown! PLUS: Why Fans HATE These Trailers

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Drew Riley
Drew Riley Soat oldin
I haven’t had any clue about the reception of the trailers personally, didn’t know anything about her political views or anything but I thought that as a long time fan that the trailers looked boring. I thought every scene she was in seemed stale, like she was being forced to be emotionless. Now I’m sure they just have to show very little to avoid spoilers but it also worries me her being with Samuel l Jackson as his character is filled with personality. I would just hate for her to be overshadowed in her solo debut acting wise. Looking forward to it either way.
James Wilhite
James Wilhite 4 soat oldin
I mean, she got a Booty. I hadn't seen that yet.
Gage Craft
Gage Craft 5 soat oldin
you could cut out a lot of this video, because heres why so many people hate the trailers in 5 words so many people are sexist then you get into the breakdown. thats it. its pretty simple.
blitz 8 soat oldin
Sorry still looks boring ...still not interested ...tree larson still wooden.
Ted ThePilot
Ted ThePilot 9 soat oldin
I like her and am stoked for the movie What I really want is to see if the cat is the thing Fury trusted
boyscout 72
boyscout 72 12 soat oldin
This is such a lame complaint. Marvel should have earned your trust by now. They're going to make a good movie.
Elijah Brewer
Elijah Brewer 14 soat oldin
You are a shill. I wonder what they are paying you to walk the fence so hard.
Smooth Criminal
Smooth Criminal 14 soat oldin
I don't see anything wrong with the trailers or anything, I really just don;t see Brie Larson as a good fit to play Captain Marvel; she doesn't look bada*s enough.
soph.m.p 14 soat oldin
It’s because however awesome she is, she isn’t the first in the much. Not even the first titular one. And I am personally super excited for the film but that annoys people, as well as bringing up marvels failings in the past. Anyway I hope this marketing works I think this film will be amazing.
This Cat loves Apollo
This Cat loves Apollo 14 soat oldin
I hope they changed her from the comic as the comic CM at the moment is doing a really bad job, she's just plain shitty. I don't like the fact the actress eternally brags about how her character is "Omg she's the bloody best, she can do anything and gonna save everyone omggggg. Shes the most powerful marvel character, more then all those MEN." And I don't like the idea of her saving everyone in infinity war as I believe one of the characters dying (Capitan America or Iron man, I imagine) should be the ones giving the final punch (Its rumoured she might be the saviour and the actress smugness does not help.). Even if the movie is good she hasn't earned the right to be the final saviour yet. Not someone that comes around just one movie prior to the last stand. I might see the movie, I don't like the actress as she's brags before anyone has been shown yet and makes CM come of as OP but I love the character of Nick Fury and his portrayal in most of MCU. So I shall give a chance. Thought the people again people complaining should really chill out as well, it's not because she's a woman or liberal, it's because she often talk about said views in relation to the movie, and people really don't want political agenda in their movies about people in spandex. I will give the movie a honest chance even though the actress has done everything in her power for it to not seem appealing to me. Though she is taking from the comics which are, at the moment, a shit show for CM. Like no positive reviews, ouch. there's a reason the character gets rebooted so much.
Ungoliant 15 soat oldin
SO i believe the problem with the Captain Marvel is more a problem with Disney. Because they control both Marvel and Star Wars there is a lot of hate for CM being thrown around by the same people who are pissed about Star Wars. Compound that with the people upset with the current state of identity politics in Marvel comics. Thus anything seen as an identity politics type property is raising their ire. The initial marketing for CM was very heavy on that feel especially when you compare it to the marketing for Wonder Woman, which did not lean heavy on mentioning her as a woman (outside of her name). And while I am excited to see the movie I have to say that they are pulling a Black Panther again. They are hitting you over the head with the STRONG WOMAN vibe in the marketing when the release of this movie is no type of milestone at all. While this is Marvel studios' first female led superhero movie, this is not the first female led superhero movie. hell it isnt even the first female led superhero movie in the last 2 years. It seems like the marketing push is that this is a FEMALE superhero movie not a SUPERHERO movie. But while there are some legitimate concerns there are also a lot of butt hurt fan boys out there. Also the way the legitimate questions are being handled is cause of some concern. Also allowing Bree any type of unchecked latitude to address the movie/comics fans was a huge mistake given her proclivity to spout political biases. And her need to make Captain Marvel better than everyone else, can lift thor's hammer, is better than thanos, cap, Ironman, etc... In the end, if this movie is not great it will bomb. Even if it is just as good as say Black Panther (which was OK at best). It would have to be as groundbreaking as Iron Man 1 to be deemed good.
vaskopz 16 soat oldin
I don't care for her Oscar, Brie Larson is not that good of an actress. But yeah, we're gonna watch this film anyway.
Nicholas Smith
Nicholas Smith 18 soat oldin
Seen every marvel (and sony marvel) movie except for black panther.... looking forward to this movie. Though I will never watch black panther due to the political statements and overly pc marketing.
Noah Gregory
Noah Gregory 18 soat oldin
Did you base your intro off of Front Page Tech?
Earthman99999 18 soat oldin
Just keep the politics out of the Capt. Marvel movie, make it a fun good story and things should be fine.
Tim T
Tim T 18 soat oldin
So much to say about this video but I will leave it at just totally disagree and dislike the point of view presented in this video. She is a great actress and can share her point of views on her own social media accounts. There is a bad taste of sexism and double standards here.
nordattack 19 soat oldin
What these actors have to say in private life is of zero concern to me. I do not want to hear them talk off screen. I see movies for enjoyment and escapism, that is the beginning and end of my interest in the actors.
najee basheer
najee basheer 20 soat oldin
For Star Wars Theory Forever!!!
najee basheer
najee basheer 20 soat oldin
The mouse must die!!! Will never see Disney product again... I need to learn how to read!!!
good life
good life 22 soat oldin
wat a load of bullshit.. Captain marvel is tracking for a 140 million weekend opening..
Pablo Molero
Pablo Molero 23 soat oldin
The attitude against the upcoming Captain Marvel movie has shocked me in a very negative way. It reminds me of the star wars fan base, and thats not a good thing right know. Huge amounts of support and hype have been given to black panther, avengers: endgame and now spiderman far from home (and rightfully so, given the fanbase that marvel has worked to build over the last decade by giving us great quality content one movie after another, with very few missteps). They hired a beautiful and very talented actress (oscar winner BTW) to play captain marvel and they released some trailers in the usual manner. And everyone is fucking hating on the movie and predicting it will bomb at the box office, and hating on Brie Larson why exactly? The trailers weren´t great but they weren´t bad neither. The movie looks pretty epic with Sam Jackson and freaking Jude Law as supporting cast, and the amount of silly jokes shown in the ad campaign (which i found to be the biggest problem in marvel movies when overused or poorly written) seems to be totally under control. And the biggest complaints i hear have nothing to do with political issues twitter related or anything like that, main complain seem to be Brie Larsons ass, because it looked flat in an early set photo with the battle suit on. It would be laughable if it weren´t so fucking sad. Im as tired as the next guy of the sexist chatter, but man this sucks. And i don´t know anything about the political issues or the twitter thing, but i couldn´t care less about it. This is about weather the movie is good or not, and as a marvel fan i don´t see anything jet to make me less excited about it, and i wonder why this, till now, loyal and massive fan base is turning their back on it BEFORE actually watch it.
MDG Kun oldin
I'm on left but don't see films for their Politics - hey I enjoyed, Death Wish. Oh, unless - well , the film is about politics. But it's even more absurd that silly fantasy films - from Marvel Superheroes or Star Wars etc etc should even be trying to represent anything. They are absurd popcorn fodder elevating themselmes way too high. There's plenty film actors on the right that I watch their movies because I don't care about their politics. So if you won't watch someone because of their politics you are an idiot - oh and anti democratic as well. Because if the only people who have careers you might encounter, or can ruin, have to believe like you - or just shut up - that's what the communists and facists did and see how that pans out..
Phil Mcclintock
Phil Mcclintock Kun oldin
How dare she be herself on her own twitter. She's OUR captain marvel she can't just be herself. I'm joking btw
Rene Villegas
Rene Villegas Kun oldin
Who cares about politics....it looks awsome....people it's good funny action stuff.....im excited.....lot more positive to move forward on....can't wait till March!
Kairu draco
Kairu draco Kun oldin
J Jeung
J Jeung Kun oldin
Sir Jelly Sugar
Sir Jelly Sugar Kun oldin
Marvel Drama. Politics will ruin everything.
joseph castro
joseph castro Kun oldin
The Sentry is the one hero who should defeat Thanos. The Sentry is Marvels biggest hitter, so I think Marvel should use him instead of Power girl or whatever her name is.
Bogdan 96
Bogdan 96 Kun oldin
Because sexist males who hate strong females! For them a female needs to be some love interest for their dude or something to help their dude with some small things or just pure sex object...:| They are afraid of strong female characters!
Valandar2 Kun oldin
See... this is the only place I have seen complaints about Larson to date. Trying to start a controversy where there is none?
Its gonna flop and flop hard, no amount of NPC droning is going to change that.
Syl Cretori
Syl Cretori Kun oldin
Brie is soo flat (both physically and as an actress) they hired specifically butt double for her … I find that entertaining
Draconicus the Reaper
My only worry for this Captain Marvel movie, is if it turns out to be a gate way for the marvel movies to start being a bunch of feminist garbage like the newer Star wars movie have been.
That One Doesn't Count
I think one of my favourite things about these trailers and inevitably the film is that the skrull look to be using very little to no CGI (when their not mid transformation)
Lauren Brown
Lauren Brown Kun oldin
My concern about the film isn't even the politics really, it's just Captain Marvel as a character. To me, she just comes across as show offy and stuck up: "Noble Warrior HEROES" "Yeah I can fly this thing" "Fury stop petting the cat" And when she shoots the blast from her hands she has this look on her face that says: "Yeah, I'm pretty awesome." Forgive me, but we never saw this kind of behavior from Wonder Woman. She never tried to show off. She just wanted to help people, and thus far, I am not seeing that in Captain Marvel. I see a high school mean girl with super powers.
Rah Kun oldin
yeah no, i just want to watch battle angel alita XD not this
Evil Pressley
Evil Pressley Kun oldin
Wow! She blows her hair out of her face! She's not a Mary sue then!
Eirik-Andre Johansen
Who tf cares about her politics? When im watching her on screen, i want to see Captain Marvel, not Brie Larson, anyways. As long as the politics is kept out and away from the movie. This is coming from a Trump supporter.
Patrick Musson
Patrick Musson 2 kun oldin
I couldn't give a rats ass what her politics are according to Twitter, I watch movies for entertainment, not to over-analyse every minutiae of the trailer. I want a kick-ass superhero, male or female, I couldn't care less what's between their legs, as long as the character is great and there is plenty of action. I love Captain Marvel coz she is sassy to the extreme.
LT four1six
LT four1six 2 kun oldin
I'm pretty sure she should be flat since kree are flat n trained her.. she wouldn't know humor till she remembered who she was and interacted with humans,
arjay polines
arjay polines 2 kun oldin
I just viewed this to unlike lol
Robert Amey
Robert Amey 2 kun oldin
It won't be a Slip up . Brie Larson looks good in this Trailer . The Fans who don't like this Screw Them .
Robert Amey
Robert Amey 2 kun oldin
The Trailer looked great to me . Screw the iffy fans . They Suck .
KandN Dad
KandN Dad 2 kun oldin
Arrogant Kree HERo destroys a persons jukebox (dumb) Even Samuel L Jackson can’t do the Pinocchio magic and bring wood to life. Not sticking to pre-SJW marvel comics regarding Captain MARVELous power or importance. B- player. Current comics 🤢🤮. Following the Star Wars path to WOKEn side will lead to the true challenge of having half of the profit disappearing with the snap of the BROKEn fingers of Mickey Mouse.
Antonio Catanese
Antonio Catanese 2 kun oldin
Like it or don't like it, doesn't matter to me. Where are all the people who've been saying boycotting this movie is game on? I personally think this movie should've been released before Infinity War or after Endgame. No matter what, it has no value or effect on Endgames results. I'll see it after Endgame anyway, I can wait. Let the political trolls lose box office income. We all well know s.j.w.isms are in this movie. Basically we'll hear about it from others so who cares? Save your money, keep some suspense in Endgame The movie is not going anywhere anyways.
Angeleyes191 2 kun oldin
I'm not sure if any other women are out there like this, but I don't care about female superheroes bring on the men.
Gill Adrianne
Gill Adrianne 2 kun oldin
Fans? More like Haters
Steve Brown
Steve Brown 2 kun oldin
Yeah whatevs. I'm a fan and like the trailers quite a bit. The movie looks like it's gonna be good. Plus.... Coulson!
Wesly Gagerie
Wesly Gagerie 2 kun oldin
Dang, why so many disliked this video? She is still flat in the new trailer. I saw Black Panther in April last year. I didn't follow the marketing around it. I happen to follow the marketing to Captain Marvel because it is tied in to Avengers End Game. So far, this movie is taking a beating a social media. It is disgusting what Marvel is doing: All the identity and gender politics around the character. And seriously, calling her the most powerful hero in the MCU! Half of all living things in the Universe just got dusted, she could have been on the dusted one. Where was she when the Avengers were getting their ass kicked by Thanos? It would have been sweet justice if Wonderwoman 2 was released within the same month as Captain Marvel. Now, we would be talking. I am not even a DC fan, but I would have made my statement with my ticket.
Tron 1
Tron 1 2 kun oldin
I have no problems if Captain Marvel joins the Avengers & helps the team defeat Thanos. The problem will be if she Mary Sues Endgame. Becomes the strongest Avenger & defeats Thanos with little or no help.
redbellpeppers 2 kun oldin
I'm center right and don't care if she wants to be as big an idiot as Chris Evans on Twitter. It's her right. The problems with what I have seen so far is her completely wooden, lifeless, and lethargic "performance" coupled with concerns with the whole HER"O" bullcrap. Just tell your story without getting all SJW.
Watcher I
Watcher I 2 kun oldin
We go to movies to not hear politics and brie is ruining that.
Ronald chung
Ronald chung 2 kun oldin
I’m pretty sure the little girls who went to see Wonder Woman with there parents don’t know much about Captain Marvel compared to the hard core Marvel fans
Ronald chung
Ronald chung 2 kun oldin
Can captain marvel bring in the Wonder Woman fans
Potato Chinga Chinga
I don't really mind the female lead and all but its just how bland she looks in the trailer.
Jacob Brown
Jacob Brown 2 kun oldin
Lame, Miss Marvel Not accurately done right, *Shaking my head
Brilliant McSexyass
Also, we were all waiting for Adam Warlock as "promised" by GotG 2. Is he still chillin like a potential villain? What's his purpose at this point? Or when, I should say.
Jim K loves the WAY
Marvel movies are great..but their fans are turds.. Analyzing trailers and actors politics to determine what a movie will turn out to be. Yuck.. Grow up sweaties.. Shes a human with beliefs.. Dont get so butthurt when they dont share yours.. Eat some popcorn and watch a movie..then got on with your life
Brilliant McSexyass
Until now, I had no idea what her politics are. People I've talked to share opinions to mine: Brie Larson was terribly miscast bc she's just not Captain Marvel. And the trailers suck. Period.
E P 2 kun oldin
Creating drama where it doesn't exist. If it is a good movie it will do fine. Quit bashing the female movie.
James sickmore
James sickmore 2 kun oldin
With so many Actresses that have charisma why Brie Larson ? She has NONE.
aranphor 2 kun oldin
I'll say it like this. I'd love to see the MCU take on the real villain. TRUMP.
Anti-Trekker 2 kun oldin
is it just me or do all these commentary about Captain Marvel miss the point... I really do not give a crap about Brie or any other actor's politics... I care about the film itself... and yes... she appears flat and emotionless... the vocal fry thing is beyond annoying... and frankly when women use that method of speaking to me at least it makes them sound unintelligent, and uninteresting. contrast that with Black Widow, or ANY of the many female characters from Black panther where they come across as strong, intelligent, and interesting... Brie just feels like the Kim Kardashian of the MCU. sure she may be beautiful... but beyond that there is nothing there.
Anti-Trekker 2 kun oldin
+The Sentinel I know you are just kidding around, but it is talk like this that encourage the whole misogyny arguments from the far left... if you happen to like her butt has nothing to do with if the character is any good... only if you find the character appealing in a sexual manor. I do not find Sygorny Weaver attractive in the slightest... however I LOVE the character of Ellen Ripley and she has less of a butt than anyone... ever...
The Sentinel
The Sentinel 2 kun oldin
HA! "She Appears flat and emotionless"...didn't you hear? That's not the only thing of Brie Larson's that's flat and emotionless! The woman has to have an ass-double because she doesn't even know how to do squats like Scar Jo. Brie doensn't feel like Kim cause when Kayne grabs a piece of Kim he gets a hand full whereas the coked out feminista has the ass of a 56 year old caucasian from Arlen Texas.
Lean Mantern
Lean Mantern 3 kun oldin
when people say they don't want politics in their movies they are saying they don't want politics they disagree with in their movies.
MBJ861 3 kun oldin
But if Marvel knows what the problem is, shouldn't they try and solve it, rather than fueling gasoline to the fire. This reverse psychology with "they know about a problem and responding with a problem" to get a what??....a positive reinforcement or getting people to further hate the trailers?? I'm just gonna play it out, and see the movie...
Maria 3 kun oldin
People don't like Captain Marvel? I guess that's why within one day it ranked 3rd as a most pre-sales ticket for a Marvel movie. LoL.
Lean Mantern
Lean Mantern 2 kun oldin
feels before reals
Clay Adams
Clay Adams 3 kun oldin
Brie Larson is hawt. You seen King Kong? #wishshewasmygirl
Kojaxe 3 kun oldin
So she's another feminazi. okay forget it. Not gonna watch and waste my money on movie screen. I'm just going to wait for any hd stream from any putlocker site. lol!
Steve Miranda
Steve Miranda 3 kun oldin
Don't care about the politics, but I think CM looks boring and generic as shown in those trailers. I'd rather watch Shazam. And, it's gonna be my first time to skip on a Marvel movie. Can't believe I'm gonna break my streak.
Media Dunce
Media Dunce 3 kun oldin
Why is it tricky to market it as their first female-led superhero movie? 1. Ant-man and the Wasp 2. They might be setting her up as another Rey (of Star Wars fame). a. Marvel spent over half a decade building up the threat of Thanos and showcasing how powerful the Infinity Stones are. b. Compare that with how powerful Kylo Ren is supposed to be and how Disney keeps talking about _his power_. c. Then Rey comes along and Ren's powerless before her (with no decent explanation as to how that happened and no change from the dynamic in the follow up film) d. It's widely agreed that Thanos lived up to the hype, even throwing chunks of a moon to make his point. e. Then Kevin Feige comes along and says Marvel is even more powerful than that. f. The trailers do show that Marvel had struggles and worked to earn her power. An improvement over Rey. g. But I don't think it warrants making her more powerful than the Infinity Stones (which I've heard). h. We've seen Thanos throw a moon WITH infinity Stones. Why does Marvel get to throw planets (which I've also heard) WITHOUT Infinity Stones? h. If that's the case, why didn't Marvel simply put Thanos in his place long before Infinity War? I. They're going to struggle with Captain Marvel because fans are worried that _Endgame_ will just be another "Superman on Steppenwolf" movie. j. See 2017's _Justice League_ to know what "Superman on Steppenwolf" means.
saving1catatatime 3 kun oldin
are you joking? marvel's message for decades has been about freedom from oppression, equality, freedom and more great social messages. also a lot of actors have opinions. so what? watch the movie
theden0minat0r 3 kun oldin
You can categorize this video in the nobody cares category. Any fan hate has really dissipated. Look at the comments below. People want Captian Marvel to be a good movie and could care less about an actor's political leanings on social media. And for the record, Captain Marvel theater ticket pre-sales are massive. People can"t wait to see this movie.
Brandon Robinson
Brandon Robinson 3 kun oldin
Like I said before... Im sure the movie will LOOK good but I can guarantee it wont go by the comics just like Marvel and DC did to all there other movies. It's all about money and not the true fans
jeff deathrage
jeff deathrage 3 kun oldin
Larson sucks n will kill the movie.
anatess07 3 kun oldin
I’m still miffed that they dissed Black Widow by not giving her a movie of her own and now they’re trying to bill Captain Marvel who got easily usurped by Rogue as this first female superhero, a title that smack dab belongs to Black Widow! Stupid idiot MCU!
Dante Ferrise
Dante Ferrise 3 kun oldin
REBELDAWG .308 3 kun oldin
look it boils down to this..... most people don't want a woman in a lead role in the MCU.This same thing will happen if they do a blackwidow movie watch!!!
Projekt:Kobra 3 kun oldin
I hope this film fails utterly......
kenbe62 3 kun oldin
I won't be paying for a movie that pushes identity politics. I will wait until some one in Russia or China or wherever takes a phone into the theater there and pirates it and puts it online. Now IF the movie turns out well then I will definitely go to the theater and pay for a ticket as I firmly believe that good work should be rewarded. This is not Marvel's first female super hero. We were already introduced to Black Widow and Scarlet Witch and other female characters that might have something to bring to the MCEU if they took time to explore them more. I would happily head to the movie theater for a Black Widow origin movie for example, since she is already an established characters of the MCEU. As far as pushing the sex of their character in marketing, did they hype up the word MAN in IRON MAN? Nope, the character and story were all that were needed to endear Tony Stark to millions of fans. Even though the actual script was mostly improv from everything I have read on the original movie. His genitals never came into the equation. To use the sex of the character as a main selling point seems to say Marvel has no confidence in this character or her story and needs to have the gender bias /identity politics defense ready if it tanks. From what I understand, the Captain Marvel comics themselves have been rebooted several times due to a serious lack of interest from fans. So question, why take a relatively dead character in comics and force feed her to audiences? Has Marvel finally surrendered to SJW ideals? They have characters that have yet to be explored, endless villains. So much story content over decades of comics yet they pull this? Being that it might tie into the Avengers Endgame movie and it's a Marvel franchise movie, Captain Marvel will make it's money but I personally don't believe it will reach the standard of other Marvel films. Especially in the second or third week. Betting you see a large drop in ticket sales each week. Then you will see the Hollywood propaganda media machine cranking up blaming white men hiding out in their parent's basements, sexism, whatever and also blame superhero fatigue and other movies that competed with it. The Star Wars defense basically. Like Hollywood, even their propaganda reporting media have lost originality and imagination. So let's run with the same BS we did with Star Wars, Ghostbusters, Oceans 8, etc..
Sho Jo
Sho Jo 3 kun oldin
Not a coincidence she just filed for divorce after her big break
Travis Bergman
Travis Bergman 3 kun oldin
What... Marvel comics didn't get it when their comic sales DROPPED when they went all SJW on us? I like lead characters being female, just don't shove it down my throat & tell me I'm sexist for having a problem with the politics of an actor.
Batman3217 3 kun oldin
I never seen so many White Knight's, Soyboy's and Feminist Getting ready for the Biggest Pro Feminist Propaganda in my life. It will be the #1 Movie in American and on International Woman's Day no less. But after that weekend it will FAIL!
Tony Boling
Tony Boling 3 kun oldin
Manufactured outrage for clicks. Nothing else.
western skillet
western skillet 3 kun oldin
This will be marvels first batman v superman..or Justice League or man of steel or baffleck
J Wilson
J Wilson 3 kun oldin
I don't care about this movie I hope the other ones or better the Actress is cool I just don't care about the Character captain morville is boring
Ken Souza
Ken Souza 3 kun oldin
The term is, "Nip them in the bud," not butt.
Shawn Bechard
Shawn Bechard 3 kun oldin
Yuppers, Brie is a full fledged sexist, that hates men with light skin in their 40's. Talk about pouring salt into the wounds of struggling X generationers. As an X generationer who had my fill of unwarranted judgment from hateful sexist women from my mother's generation, I can tell you, I don't need more from an over privileged sexist jerk like Brie Larson. Sorry Brie, you don't need my money.
Shawn Bechard
Shawn Bechard 3 kun oldin
The Den of Nerds, I 100% disagree with what you mentioned at 7:52 . No, I will not give Brie my money. No, Marvel did slip in identity politics and chose an actress who is toxic with sexism. Oh and quit calling it her character. Does she own the rights on Captain Marvel? Sounds like a DC vs Marvel litigation issue. Yes I was just joking about the litigation, due to the history on the name and the timing of Shazam.
Stephen The13th
Stephen The13th 3 kun oldin
After the third trailer I was sold so I don't know they're so upset about.
Debo4735 X
Debo4735 X 3 kun oldin
It's Brie Larson, and it's not her opinions, it's her acting! Who gives a fuck about what she thinks outside of her movies. I don't care about her politics, all I care about is her doing the character justice.
under4attack77 3 kun oldin
Black widow shove have had a solo movie first
benpratko 3 kun oldin
Swear we saw this already. ...it was called green lantern.
Michael Johnson
Michael Johnson 3 kun oldin
She also,became a female Thing. Still might be. As Ms. Marvel she's pressing 10 tons, in her Thing form, 50 to 75 tons.
Michael Johnson
Michael Johnson 3 kun oldin
Original Carol Danvers, aka Ms. Marvel,is the Greatest!! And what about the other Ms. Marvel? Sharon Ventura! First appearance Thing #27, & Thing #35 as Ms. Marvel.
if I have a journey of 10 years and someone come out of nowhere with one film just before the journey ends and overpower all existing avengers, that's not the story I am looking forward to...
Philip Simmonds
Philip Simmonds 3 kun oldin
“And they are addressing that...” No ppl are just too dumb to realize that the first footage from previous trailer was cut from a 2 hour film. And the most recent is more of that unseen footage. For goodness sakes, folks crying because she’s not smiling like what the actual hell? I didn’t even know who Captain Marvel was before her movie was announced, and yet the cast, the story and yes Brie Larson look intriguing. Won’t be watching but I’ll definitely catch it when I can.
From North Jersey
From North Jersey 3 kun oldin
No one wants this movie and no one likes this character. Captain Marvel's monthly book was just canceled for the 4th time in the last 10 years(8th cancellation since the 80's). Don't worry though they are doing a 5th reboot. She is a D list character that fills a political check box so the actual sales numbers don't matter, they will keep publishing it red ink be damned. Comic books are escapism pure and simple and this character is written to sledgehammer feminist dogma into every panel. Don't believe the hype and spin Marvel is putting on it by trusting the numbers of issues shipped to stores, look at the numbers of issues sold to consumers by the stores. The Dogma titles are over shipped by at least 200% if not more . Say you own a store and order 5 issues of Captain Marvel reboot number 6. Marvel will ship you 15 to 20 copies and if you try and send them back they will stop selling you all their comics. So you have to choose accept these bird cage liners and let them get dusty on your shelf for 20 years or send them back and not get any of the books marvel publishes that the fans actually buy.
Jeffrey Handshaw
Jeffrey Handshaw 3 kun oldin
It's "nip in the BUD" not butt
Milton Marquette
Milton Marquette 3 kun oldin
whether the actor is right or left...IDC! As long as it doesnt effect the movie with SJW BS...I'm good. I cant stand hearing the left cry like botches and always playing the victim...but I am about watching them act...that's all they can do in life anyway
Robert A 2
Robert A 2 4 kun oldin
Hipster host.
Jonathan Olivieri
Jonathan Olivieri 4 kun oldin
Cant tell if he’s a shill or just cuck?