NEW Captain Marvel Trailer Breakdown! PLUS: Why Fans HATE These Trailers

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There's a NEW Captain Marvel trailer! We break it down and discuss why fans HATE the first two trailers. Will Marvel and Brie Larson let fans down, OR will this movie be DOPE? Let's talk about it!
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8-Yan, 2019



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VJtasha 3 kun oldin
Whatever anybody says, I still don't like the movie.
Shaun Charlton
Shaun Charlton 16 kun oldin
I don’t pay for a ticket to see a film because I agree with the politics or not. As long as Brie does an awesome job bring captain marvel to life I’ll be happy
Red X
Red X 16 kun oldin
I really don't understand why people aren't liking captain marvel....I see nothing wrong.
Glen Pritchard
Glen Pritchard 20 kun oldin
There are a lot of so-called "conservative" fans who are snowflakes. The problem they have is that Captian Marvel has been made a woman, and a woman who speaks her mind, . Get over yourselves, people, these movies are just entertainment.
Nathan Torres
Nathan Torres 22 kun oldin
Misogyny, thats why.
Jordan Harrington
Jordan Harrington 25 kun oldin
Idk anything about this character.... Marvel hasn’t failed me yet... I’m sure it’ll be good like the others 🤷🏾‍♂️
Aaron Darkus
Aaron Darkus 25 kun oldin
For some reasons I'm starting to think that female protagonist are in an ironic ''dark era''. That's because you can bring a female protagonist in this days and it doesn't matter what you do to her, for good and bad, people will often accuse her with this thrilled concepts of the ''Mary Sue'', the ''Women are strong and men are weak''... I could be stereotyping because I'm not a MCU fan, but with all this polemic around the internet it attracted me and from what I have seen, the main source of the hate comes from those things.
James Braden
James Braden 25 kun oldin
I don't have a problem with her politics, I have issues with Marvel coming out and saying that she will be strongest and most powerful character that they have introduced to date. For them to say that she is more powerful than Thor and Hulk...excuse me while I puke. She never was on that level in the comics nor should she be on screen just for political correctness. She isn't in their league and we don't even want to talk about Silver Surfer or Beta Ray Bill. There are a lot more female characters out there that they can focus on who have so much more depth and frankly power and strength. She Hulk and Scarlet Witch for example and Phoenix wipes Captain Marvel out of existence with a thought. Why they chose one of the lest well known characters to be their flag ship character, is beyond me. Long store short...its the SJW crap that will be the reason that Captain Marvel will be the first MCU movie that I sit out....sucks too, because I really was excited about this film.
Jon Carpenter
Jon Carpenter 26 kun oldin
Being political? She basically trashed talking middle aged white guys. Especially movie reviewers who are white dudes. Of course this channel won't say the truth it gives him content. Keep the political crap out of the movies period. I won't watch it. Research yourself don't take anyone's word for it. This video left out a big part of what she actually said.
Shasha Shark
Shasha Shark 29 kun oldin
lol only loud fragile minority fanbois hated them. See those likes on the trailers? that's majority and they love them.
Zak thewarcat
Zak thewarcat Oy oldin
I just want to see my comic book childhood hero's come to life , I don't care about these political agendas , I watched and read these fantasies to escape these politics and harsh realities , I'm a trekie ,a star wars fan, red dwarf fan , lost in space fan and doctor who fan but no fan of SJW or PC culture
El Guapo
El Guapo Oy oldin
I will not be watching any Marvel movies with Captain Marvel. I'm a white male and Captain Marvel told me she doesn't want me watching her movies
Scott Brennan
Scott Brennan Oy oldin
Dude she hates me so why would I see it! And I am the demographic that has cash so they can get stuffed!
Thanatos138 Oy oldin
Sorry but I refuse to pay to see this & any further SW films. I don't appreciate being insulted then being expected to open my wallet to these men haters.
I would like to give a shout out to ME !
Strick Nine
Strick Nine Oy oldin
I just wish she would smile more.
Ham Cheese
Ham Cheese Oy oldin
From what I observe They want to push captain marvel as the new female Superman. Hope I'm wrong cause it ain't going to work. Love MCU since Iron Man 2008 cause MCU so far after 10 years is always free from political agenda
Rafael Cirqueira
The problem is that captain marvel looks bored on The trailers
James Jones
James Jones Oy oldin
If you cool with sjw movie go see it if not stay home , I’m staying home
John Chandler
John Chandler Oy oldin
I can't wait for this show up on Netflix. The last time I petted a cat I lost an eye.
Akhmad Taufan
Akhmad Taufan Oy oldin
Dude i dont wanna see too much of your face, just gimme more pics while u talk
nasrul mokhtar
Nobody have any problem with captain marvel, it brie larson... When she openly include captain marvel into a politicaly activism, she already change the perspective view on the movie.... She trying to be like wonder woman but she trying it to hard and it gonna push the fan.... Right now she is not the symbol of feminism, she become the symbol of sexism toward man.... And plus marvel have done a great job on keeping all the cast of marvel to be some type of role model to everyone.... Well brie larson somehow they fail to keep her to be a role model for all, instead letting her become role model for woman only.... How can kids have dream of becoming like captain marvel if captain marvel only effect on girl only? She should avoid to include political agenda in superhero movie..... Superhero should be about everybody.... Not base on gender.....
Ricardo Carballo
Big avengers fan. I'm not interested
Nick & Kacey
Nick & Kacey Oy oldin
Literally anyone I talk to no one hates these trailers? Lol channel is so dumb your just sexist
james rock
james rock Oy oldin
i challenge anyone to watch the new clip of Her on top of the train fighting and tell me this movie is not low budget ! it has to be the worst fight scene ever ! this movie will suck! so go waste your money if you have nothing better to do !
Miss A
Miss A Oy oldin
I'm not! ha love it
Pete Puebla
Pete Puebla Oy oldin
Clickbait. Is this video about the trailers or about Brie Larson's political views?
Ar3s Oy oldin
personally i don't care what she says on twitter etc. just that she does her job and does the character justice; this is what we are paying for.
EZ R Oy oldin
Looking forward to this movie.
kevin wittek
kevin wittek Oy oldin
Brie larson is definitely not flat...... Hum hum.....
Rise Moon
Rise Moon Oy oldin
I can careless for a bunch of people hating on a movie they never even seen so I am just gonna say I hope they keep that same energy if the movie ends up being good. Bet they will turn around and kiss the movies ass much like they did with Wonder Woman. Lol
Wulferious Oy oldin
I think it's a little pathetic that people thinking a female lead marvel movie is too political... what's wrong with a female lead
Jorge Castillo
Maybe you have a problem with her
Jorge Castillo
Political views I don’t care she will be great
saintsfearful Oy oldin
The video today is sponsored by Disney.
CatSlave 56
CatSlave 56 Oy oldin
Well, you know, the largest audience for comic books and super hero movies are males and the majority of them are white males. So when the starlet of a movie repeatedly makes comments about there being too many whites in the industry and she doesn't care about the opinion of white men, well, I decided I don't care to give Brie Larson any of my white man money. When you add her big mouth and racist and sexist opinions to the fact that Marvel decided to use the Jill come lately Captain Marvel rather than the Jim Starlin version (who, by the way, was the one who defeated Thanos NOT the Carol Danvers one) and they tried to cram their SJW B.S. down our throats with the HER - AHERO fade was another factor in my decision to give this movie a pass.
MARVELous Meyer
"People don't like politics in their super hero movies" and yet Black Panther was a huge success despite having a huge left leaning political message from its main villain that overshadows the more balanced political message the hero learns.
Wiritpol Lapcharoenporn
Ladies, Gent I am pretty new to this... but I read the comment, and as an author myself, I will help those who dislike captain Marvel give it a chance while telling does who is already on the ship why I and the rest of my fellow compatriot is on the fence at the moment. Let be honest here who play CM is not important. People will go to see a MARVEL movie if it is good, so shut up about Bree. The egg hadn’t hatch yet so we cannot judge her from an ultrasound alone. If she blast us out of the water, the sound of the praise will naturally outclass the naysayers. I and several of my colleagues will gladly shut the A-holes up for you. But here is a thing believer of Caption Marvel...Kathleen Kennedy was hire by Igor. She was exposed as a hardline SJW, who attacked all criticism toward her and Leaving the fan in distaste; Star Wars sink. And guess who is in charge of Star Wars? Disney! see the pattern. An author should not attack fan especially with adhominem. You let the work do the talking, attacking a doubtful and rioting fan base with violence and name calling only serve to push a more neutral party (like me) into joining the rebellion Now we are left with a question no film should be asked: Is Captain Marvel will be infect with SJW Sue like Star Wars did? Kathleen Kennedy was hire by Disney and while she did give us Rougue one which was okay and Force awaken which did unite the fan base...she created TLJ and Solo, inserted in the most incompetent excuse of female commander I have ever seen and force one more pointless character that upon proper inspection didn’t work and even started to annoy me. She change a canon character Pansexual for a kick ( the more I think about it the more I agree that Rey was a Mary Sue but I will give her a chance to redeem herself in episode nine) and Kennedy still discard those legitimate criticism I found solid, as an author, for words of Man babies. Plus, she lend Star War franchise to EA which is downright EAvil. She had betray the responsibility and expectation Bob Iger, the fans and I place on her as a leader and a decent human being on planet Earth. Now let ask yourself how far the rot have spread in Disney for her to be place in charge? And when the doubt set, it will never be expelled unless proven. And here she is Captain Marvel, leaded by similar type of person with Kennedy’s world view, back by the same hateful folk who backed Kennedy right after the wound inflicted by the similar political agenda on one of the greatest franchise in the world had yet to heal. Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice shame on me. The alarm bell had been rung and anything touch by anyone associate with Kennedy and her supporter are now under extreme skepticism. CM didn’t sound like Jean’d arc from Fate or Artoria Pendragon, she reminded me of Admiral Holdo and this is terrifying. Unless she had proven herself as usable and likable character, she will remain right on the scrappy boat with Stheno (FGO player wink). But I have faith the same person who gave me Black Panther will pull this off. Marvel had pull off several miracle before and with James Gunn firing, the death of Star Wars and Stan Lee passing , Marvel and Disney need to restore our confidence in them or they will go down like M. Night. But I am still convince that Feige hadn’t be kill and body swapped with SJW Feminazi so I will give it a benefit of a doubt but not book ticket. Captain Marvel needed to earn my respect for me to arm up myself to defend it as hard as I did for for Marie Antoinette in Fate Grand Order. Because if there someone whose judgement deserve blind Faith it’s Kavin Feige. Feel free to comment below
Annie Holmström
Men complain about her being a feminist and hating men but in all these videos all I ever see is men (majority) leaving crude comments about her physique and facial expressions. So it really makes you think who really hates who. Not to mention the whole “she hates white males” is really a made up statement from something she said that was taking out of context. If you don’t agree with her political views that’s your opinion but she’s also allowed to not agree with yours. She’s not perfect and no one is. The hate towards her it’s getting ridiculous, if you don’t like her then don’t watch the films she’s in (Cap Marvel and EndGame).
EvilPrejudice 95
None of this is getting me to the theater that's for sure
Peter Blair
Peter Blair Oy oldin
Has Chris Evans ever said he didn't want white men reviewing his movies...nope sure didn't. And it's not just about her, it's the character. Marvel has robooted Captain Marvel what seven times in six years. They are desperate to make her the face of Marvel yet true fans hate what they've made her into. A flawless, wannabe male, OP Mary Sue. 90's Ms. Marvel was great, Captain Marvel sucks.
The Marvelous One
The only thing I see that's flat is her ass. This girl should've been doing squats or something. Goddamn. Haha and this guy actually said "nip it in the butt". It's bud, not butt.
byrdis1a1 Oy oldin
Not Interested in this movie. STOP with the SJW propaganda please
Jer M
Jer M Oy oldin
Misogyny and sexism is still alive and well in 2019. Sad. I look forward to seeing this movie.
Jer M
Jer M Oy oldin
Imagine for a moment a male actor in place of Brie Larson. The trailers play out exactly exactly the same with him doing all the stunts. Does it make you feel better? Then maybe you have a misogyny complex.
Patrick Sheffield
Just give me the movie! I can care less about the left or right BS! this is about me looking back at my childhood and enjoying a time when I didn't have to always doing adult crap!!! STOP IT!!!!
darcskies777 Oy oldin
Female heroes too "in-your-face?" Have you seen Wonder Woman's numbers? Did you see the marketing leading up to that movie's release? They even did an all-female screening. Males got upset...movie still broke records. Racist Incel Nerds were whining about BLack Panther being, "too black," "too feminist," and other bullshit. Broke records anyway. Nobody cares what these virgin school shooters think. Bottom line is the trailers aren't Marvel quality trailers. We're all spoiled at this point and expect more. Nothing to do with politics. Everything to do with quality.
Wesley Gevaert
If not for you I wouldn't even know what she twitters about. Nor do I care now. Don't make it more political than it is, thank you.
Zj Oy oldin
I’m on the right as well and couldn’t care less what her politics are. Chris Evans is more left leaning even. I already got my tickets for this movie and I’m very excited to see a female led movie in the MCU. I think it’ll be a great movie. Freedom of speech is a great thing. She can say and do what she wants :)
Glenn Cottingham
Are they bringing in a female character that is going to be more powerful than Thor or Hulk??? Is she going to save the day the way Superman came into Justice League to defeat Steppenwolf. Don't f-ing Mary Sue the MCU the way Rey did in Star Wars, keep social commentary out of the MCU or run the risk of bringing it down around your own ears!!
Mutuuza Emmanuel
Hahaha 😂😂😂😂 nerdy news!!! Brie is great. Brie is super 👌👌. The movie is going to be great. Perfect lady for the role.🤜🤜🤜
choongkeat Oy oldin
I'm not pissed.
Tekkenbd26fan Oy oldin
Even after seeing the new trailer I'm still not feeling it . Not amused at all I get nothing fun , or cool , uplifting at all from any of these trailers ... That bieng said 0 politics in Marvel Movies. I'm turned off by this movie overall I want this movie to do well but I'm not holding my breath it looks Boring.
Phoenix Taylor
Im just watching this being like "DONT BRING UP HER SMILING, DONT BRING UP HER SMILING".
garith21 Oy oldin
Captain Marvel will likely do well the first weekend because of goodwill developed with infinity war, what will matter more is following weeks as word of mouth spreads about the movie. I'm concerned because Captain Marvel herself isn't exactly a well liked comic character anyways since she was relaunched as captain marvel in 2012 she's had 5 reboots because it's the only way to keep her comic book sales above 8k. Despite her being declared as Marvel's Flagship character they can't get her to be as well liked as other characters. It's like they're trying to force her down comic book fans throats even though few people buy her comics. Considering the breadth of her powers which apparently now include time travel, it's a bit of a red flag for me. If they simply introduce her in this movie to have her be the Deus ex machina that finishes Endgame. There is no inherent problem in mentioning that it's a she, but we have eyes, wonder woman didn't have to do that and if your focus is trying to sell the gender rather than selling an interesting character it's another red flag for me.
Emer Arbuckle
Emer Arbuckle Oy oldin
I just re watched the trailers she did smile in them it just wasn't front and center
Lamiek Laurence
Its tricky because there's no sex appeal toward the audience. Deny if you must but smiling is body language that signals interest. No smile = no interest for the grown man-boy watching a Captain Marvel trailer, therefore he reacts negatively to this lack of interest. It's true. Show me a likable female marvel character that doesnt smirk/smile/dresses provocatively that isnt a villain.
Lamiek Laurence
It's almost as if you're saying people exercised patience and waited for more scenes to quell their fears......wow.
Toly Gunn
Toly Gunn Oy oldin
In all honesty Black Widow should of had a movie out first. This wouldn't be as big a deal if we had that before Captain Marvel. And they're only doing that because of Wonder Womans success, kinda sad that we're in 2019 and still face same issues we did 30+ years ago
wewk584 Oy oldin
Why are people pissed about anything these days.. cause its Tuesday?
Patrick Nolen
Patrick Nolen Oy oldin
Dude, she is not Captain Marvel on twitter...
Christopher Rowley
I just can’t stand her god damn little kid voice
Andy Tay
Andy Tay Oy oldin
"Why fans hate these trailers". What?!? Click bait. There's NO evidence that most fans hate these trailers.
Jesse Fairbloom
Was this video sarcastic. U call that range or character developing. Blowing your hair and smirking after blowing up a machine which proved nothing as fury has no clue about her or skrulls. It’s going to be a movie full of posturing and Brie showing fury that he’s outdated and dumb and she’s this mega hero
ajfiretree Oy oldin
Can't wait to see the skrulls but I might just pass on this movie even though I was hyped by infinity war.
Tennis addict 21
1. Chris Evans is very political and nobody cares. I'm a right-winger and still love the dude as Cap. 2. Marvel is a political correctness factory already. Have you not seen any Thor movie? Blacks, asians and latinos in a Norse realm? They even came up with the they are aliens excuse to disguise it; 3. There have been lots of girl power moments if you will along the way already. Widow wiping the floor with male agents in Iron Man 2 and the Dora Milaje are just two examples. As long as Marvel doesn't make Hulk and Thor weaker than Captain Marvel I really don't care. Make them equal and everybody will be fine by that; 4. Most people don't even know about this Twitter thing - I certainly didn't. We just want a good movie. Brie can write whatever she wants.
Solomon Henderson
Captain marvel gives me early Thor vibes it just seems so boring
Smi-Le nguyen
Smi-Le nguyen Oy oldin
Can't wait til Deadpool rocks up n defeats the skrulls like in the comics.
Smi-Le nguyen
Smi-Le nguyen Oy oldin
They shoula used an a-lister actor 4 captain marvel.n i can't wait til Rogue steals her powers.
Charlie Mätur
I personally don’t think she is will be a great captain marvel, so I’m disappointed I’m just exited about a women superhero but Thats about it, they would of cast a better actress like seriously, she just seems boring, she seems quiet, I don’t know it just doesn’t fit. They could of cast someone like Jennifer Lawrence or something more I don’t know,... better
Jack Scrivens
Jack Scrivens Oy oldin
To much super hero action for most females To much feminism for most males, me included LOSE LOSE!!!!!!!!!! I wont watch this film, but I'll watch endgame
American Patriot
They need to replace The Larson (I love wonder woman I love strong women) I don't like sjw crap Marvel made me loose any impulse to buy a Marvel comic I hope they don't kill my love for the mcu. Plus Black Widow and Peggy Carter was the mcu's first female superheroes.
Frank Laustin
Frank Laustin Oy oldin
no more politics in entertainment! This will bomb really hard
Jose Figueroa
Jose Figueroa Oy oldin
The actor that played James Rhodes / War Machine was replaced , thank you Don Cheadle (Best Rhodes ever). Can't, they just replace Brie Larson for any movie after Endgame
I'm sorry but I don't care for feminist Larsson movie
J S Oy oldin
who cares. just give us endgame
DJ Oy oldin
This movie actually makes me worry about the future of marvel.
Mie R
Mie R Oy oldin
That shows you have an agenda and a bias. How can you be worried about the future of Marvel based on a movie that hasn't even come out yet? I think you need to do some soul searching on that.
tito283 Oy oldin
I think it has less to do with her politics and more to do with the fact that shes a woman with a lead that isnt black widow or some other female character that the movie fans have already grown to like. I for one am excited about this and can't wait to see her meet Rouge.
dBlackHeart Oy oldin
Dont really care, Movie will probably do okay anyway even though lots of people n youtube channels seem pretty sure the movie will bomb.
dBlackHeart Oy oldin
first two trailerz were too vanilla, n unremarkable, i didnt even get any goose bumps. do i even need to mention that she didnt even look like she was happy playing the part which i thought ws funny considering how important her role is supposed to be in the future of the marvel universe. Whatevr , my opinion, i,ll probably be to busy to go watch it anywayz, but if A.J,s review sayz its any good i,ll give it a shot.Its ok to have social,political opinions n such but maybe dial it down a bit n not try to shove it into peoples faces too much especially when u need them to like you n accept you, just saying.
Jerrod Tibor
Jerrod Tibor Oy oldin
let's face it, there is a lot of sexism (and homophobia) in the comic fan community.
shaun bless
shaun bless Oy oldin
She is sexy in real life but I like mohawk better green suit look too big. I think compare to WW she should have come fully loaded
Paul Badtram
Paul Badtram Oy oldin
Captain marvel is a creed, I don't think smiling a creed thing. Just like Russian don't smile much either.
David Slack
David Slack Oy oldin
The problem with Captain Marvel, in general, is that it is coming out in the shadow of Infinity War and Endgame.
Hinatachan360 Oy oldin
The trailers bored me. If a movie trailer doesn't pique my interest I pass on the movie.
Nanci Myers
Nanci Myers Oy oldin
Like the Avengers but they could use a powerful woman. Widow slinking around in skin tight leather, heels and a dumb pistol. Err Tony...where's her cool armor? Her tragic back story is 'the Russians spayed her like a cat. Bring on Captain Marvel...Zip your top, Nat.
Brenda Dennis
Brenda Dennis Oy oldin
Mark Ruffalo turned me off with his politics...
Alli Skywalker
Your "breakdown" sucks.
harrysarso Oy oldin
idk what liberal means but i have heard a lot of people think the movie will be shit because brie larson looks lame sjw stuff aint helping of couse it never does unless you're an artist on twitter
How does an actresses ideology determine your opinion of her portrayal of the character? I think she was the best possible choice to play this role. I can't wait to see it.
damon sturgill
Brie Larson looks good to me
Please don't waste time and money on this movie. When they try hard sell a movie it is gonna have agenda which they would push down our throat and it gonna be SJW crap all over again.
Michael G
Michael G Oy oldin
I am not convinced that fan objections to the movie are due to one actor’s personal politics. And if they are I personally don’t believe Brie Larson should have to pander to hyper sensitive masculine insecurities amongst that fan base. If they like what they see I expect they’ll go to the movie whether their personal sensibilities are threatened or not. As for those sensibilities, I’ve read through her tweets. I don’t understand what is so radical or offensive. I’m man enough to recognize my white male privilege and I am not ashamed of it. I advocate for those who don’t share some of those advantages and I respect women particularly who advocate strongly for themselves and their sex. And as for this specific role...it’s not like Carol Danvers gives a rat’s ass about anyone’s opinion, right? It’s all the more fitting in my opinion that she’s played by someone as direct and unapologetic as Brie Larson.
John Keller
John Keller Oy oldin
This video reminded me that when people appear to be having a blast in group selfies they were really just posing and then quietly went back to what they were doing before.
Pat Samuelson
Pat Samuelson Oy oldin
People? Sigh. I am so tired of this photo, women don't get to have opinions crap. If male superheroes don't smile no one has an issue. If male stars have opinions no one cares. Get over it. Grow up.
Emer Arbuckle
Emer Arbuckle Oy oldin
I think its the negative feadback from the female Ghostbusters and oceans 8. but honestly hard core marvel fan ive been excited before and even after the trailers
A Team
A Team Oy oldin
I’m happy with trailer. Looks good, so just relax.
divjiv Oy oldin
So fanboys are upset that Carol Denvers, one of the strongest, independent and feminist heroes in Marvel universe, is played by strong, independent, feminist actress? Snowflakes...
J WILTON Oy oldin
Is this guy for real? He actually has grown his beard in a way so that whether he is standing or upside down his hair looks the same. His head hair is groomed to look like his beard and visa versa. It’s a dopey look either way-especially with the 1950’s era glasses in addition to the rest of his image disaster. Maybe he should be sporting a character head piece like Spider-Man or Batman?
Quiet Curious
Quiet Curious Oy oldin
Nice try DC man....this will outsell Aquaman!
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