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8-Yan, 2019

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Fikrlar 523
Gaming For Idiots
Gaming For Idiots 2 kun oldin
A god on the battlefield. Can't even pronounce Petricite :D
Breno All
Breno All 6 kun oldin
Se você tem dificuldade em subir de elo em league of legends, te mostrai com subir apenas acessando o link a baixo. bit.ly/Suba-de-elo-LOL-
Signsis NoLife
Signsis NoLife 7 kun oldin
Copy Jayce/Nialee ult wtf
J_O_E_Y_333_ YT
J_O_E_Y_333_ YT 7 kun oldin
If sylas steals kleds ult will be just steal scarl and ride him?
Data Base
Data Base 7 kun oldin
I can't just imagine when he steal the ult of TRYNDAMERE :)
Things With Kev
Things With Kev 7 kun oldin
Imma steal the minion's ult
JP Viclar
JP Viclar 7 kun oldin
What about the ults of, Kalista, Yasou, Katarina, Heimerdinger, the Shapeshifters : Elise, Shyvanna, Nidalee? So we will see bugs or something weird?
Pangeaner 7 kun oldin
"Nothing to lose but my chains" MARXISM INTENSIFIES
anh dinh lam duc
anh dinh lam duc 7 kun oldin
Wait, the E belong to Amumu (plus a shield).
Fuji Syusuuke
Fuji Syusuuke 7 kun oldin
Petrishit! Hahahahaha
Scyfer 7 kun oldin
How will ult work from Vayne? Does he get reduced CD on w? That would be op af
Ojećic 7 kun oldin
TV4PLAYS 7 kun oldin
The Guy quotes Karl Marx lmao
KingOfKiLLer 7 kun oldin
omg stop rightin just show my video
Kate abrielle
Kate abrielle 7 kun oldin
Zoe: steals your summ spell Neeko: steals your looks Sylas; steals your ult Mobile legends: steals content Oops
Erik Vormala
Erik Vormala 7 kun oldin
its R still has weaknesses like if u steal darius or yasuo R u cant do anything cuz darius R depends on its hemonrage and sylas cant knock anyone by himself
Manuel Bernardes
Manuel Bernardes 7 kun oldin
Steal himselfs ult🤣
Peter Griffin
Peter Griffin 7 kun oldin
What if he steals teemo's ult? I thing he will get 3 mushrooms.
Andrei Cezar
Andrei Cezar 7 kun oldin
and 7 rockets for corki
Lower Gravity
Lower Gravity 7 kun oldin
its common sense guys
Shadows Lurk
Shadows Lurk 7 kun oldin
Takes yasuo ult then takes karthus ult... and more you fucked up riot
RalfNeis Gaming
RalfNeis Gaming 8 kun oldin
Kratos??? is that you??
BURBON 8 kun oldin
The fuck? What if he steal for example nidalee ultimate?
Airie 8 kun oldin
We all gonna see a lot of BUGS
Kulit Kerang Ajaib
Kulit Kerang Ajaib 8 kun oldin
No one can stand up against jax, but when it release? I wondering for this cham, many comment say he is broken or op, i Just want to see him, Maybe this is will be fun
Thedbeast Gaming
Thedbeast Gaming 8 kun oldin
So are we all just gonna ignore this dope comic strip thing? At 4:35
Zoe The Aspect of Twilight
What if he copies my ult xD
giorgi jamarauli
giorgi jamarauli 8 kun oldin
what will happen if you ult enemy sylas with sylas?
勝雄 8 kun oldin
Who would win? All of Demacia's elite Or one communist boi
Vincent Niño Nicol
*ahem* Rubick *ahem*
Under Fuckingground
Steal leblanc ult LOL
Eric Schwarz
Eric Schwarz 8 kun oldin
if you ult jayce you get unlimited hammer
LL Stylish Zed!!
LL Stylish Zed!! 8 kun oldin
stop Reading
Zenon Blackheart
Zenon Blackheart 8 kun oldin
Next champ steals your elo...and wallet
Francis Roger Cosares
Too Op !
The Plushies
The Plushies 8 kun oldin
Sylas has Rubick's ultimate which can only steal enemy ultimate with a forever period of time. I would say, The ultimate allows Sylas to trigger the ultimate only once. After that, it goes on cooldown. That would mean that, He's not broken. He's just perceived like that.
Nivlac 8 kun oldin
Imagine fighting shen toplane, and he uses his ult to save his friend and you followed him.
Tristan Bennett
Tristan Bennett 8 kun oldin
Just a heads up good choice in keeping it short you didn’t try to do any of the extra you tuber bullshit. The reason I clicked on your video was the time compared to the others. Thanks for that
Sininen Blue
Sininen Blue 8 kun oldin
tbh i dont even expect league to be balanced because there's 100ish champs a few hundred-ish abilities and all the abilities have different scalings, cooldowns and bases. Add the fact that thers a ton of items/item combinations that can actually make a champ broken (victor).So league will probably never be balanced
Darell Labado
Darell Labado 8 kun oldin
steal trynda ult
audrei arguelles
audrei arguelles 8 kun oldin
when sylas gets released and gets nerfed the same day
mhtsos dros
mhtsos dros 8 kun oldin
elise utli?
IMbadat brood123
IMbadat brood123 8 kun oldin
This is what we call riot stole shit from dota again
Milan Narančić
Milan Narančić 8 kun oldin
Can't wait to steal Udyr's ult. Oh, wait.
Irvin Guillen
Irvin Guillen 8 kun oldin
Two slows, two gap closer a heal and a finisher and yes the utlimate steal, yea no broken at all. GOOD JOB RITO.
L Lawliet
L Lawliet 8 kun oldin
My next main, possibly? 😮 🤔
Dragoon GT
Dragoon GT 8 kun oldin
Imagine if they picked Sylas in a all for one game 😂
Dragoon GT
Dragoon GT 8 kun oldin
Imagine an all for one game with Sylas 😂
Dragoon GT
Dragoon GT 8 kun oldin
Next champion steals elo
Adam Amirul
Adam Amirul 8 kun oldin
Wait wut happen if he take yasuo ult?
HigherTier 8 kun oldin
Well.. what the heck happens if he ult's Nidalee?
Daniel Gebur
Daniel Gebur 8 kun oldin
Reminds me of Kirby to be honest
Luke The Cursed
Luke The Cursed 8 kun oldin
Noob Media -
Noob Media - 8 kun oldin
sylas: Hey That's not YOUR ulti! It's OUR ulti!
Journey to the East
A new cancer is coming 😵
Roblox Gamer 3000
Roblox Gamer 3000 8 kun oldin
Sylas is Communist
Eurrikke Edward
Eurrikke Edward 8 kun oldin
Boring ass kit except for the one spell that is a half-assed version of a better spell out there
Tristan Hartman
Tristan Hartman 8 kun oldin
He's basically kratos minus the lore lol. Manly dude that slashes with chains
TakenRain 8 kun oldin
What if he steals LB ult when she used w last?
Eduard Loci
Eduard Loci 8 kun oldin
next champion steals your pc
Henry VII
Henry VII 8 kun oldin
Fck is riot this is fcking OP
MagicalPlayD 8 kun oldin
xSerpent 8 kun oldin
What if you steal Shaco's R??? Or Yasuo's... or Zed's... or Karma's... or Udyr's... or Aatrox's... there's so many cool interactions.
UnkwonD1112 8 kun oldin
niahaha! imagine vs a veigar and make him taste his own ulti!! but seriously he is at a disadvantage, if he vs a whole team who's ultis scale from ad....
Raqha 8 kun oldin
Next champ Steal your gf
Raqha 8 kun oldin
Sylas and neeko lol
พัดลม เย็นดี
what happend if sylas steal sylas ult?
Luiz Felipe Junqueira Ferraz
Ad block :(
Peach 8 kun oldin
its literally just like illaoi
Zxzy 8 kun oldin
what about hiemerdinger ult what he going to do?
Lans Kens
Lans Kens 8 kun oldin
*cough cough* this isnt original theres a hero in dota that has an ult like that LMAO. But Sylas looks way cooler
KNilla R
KNilla R 8 kun oldin
I wonder how the rules will be for sustained ults that Sylas steals.....Let's say he steals Ivern's and has Daisy. Knowing that Daisy doesnt disappear until her health is 0, in 20seconds (lowest CDR for Sylas) Diasy could very well still be alive. Will Daisy stay if Sylas steals a new ult? Or do sustained ults disappear when a new ult id stolen? Could he technically have a Mord dragon, or an Ivern Daisy, or an Annie Tibbers and, assuming he gets his cooldown to the LOWEST (20seconds) he can just have multiple people's ults??
Gabriel Pichette
Gabriel Pichette 8 kun oldin
I wonder how his ult would work if he would steal Aatrox ult '-' does he grow wings or those he just gets big xD
Wild Chef
Wild Chef 8 kun oldin
It’s like rubick
chanfidine rassoulou
Ult pyke? How many ult after kill one?
Mark Reiden Parohinog
Its more like kratos 😄😄
Tian Senpai
Tian Senpai 8 kun oldin
*??* Sylas copy Sylas ult *??*
MarvelScale 8 kun oldin
Original idea? You realise this is EXACTLY Rubicks ultimate from Dota 2. What a lame rip off, get creative riot!
Kian Paul Eala
Kian Paul Eala 8 kun oldin
I wodered if he got zed's ss. Its froking op or even undying rage tf. Karthus ss? What if nidalees ss hahahah
Sad Man
Sad Man 8 kun oldin
puNkeZZ 8 kun oldin
If neeko steals an ally look and sylvas point neeko , will he steal neeko's ult or the neeko's ally ult?
Agustin 8 kun oldin
Dank Humor
Dank Humor 8 kun oldin
Sylas with Akali ult would be zoom af
AKHTAMAR 8 kun oldin
another permaban champ yay
Angelina Cabezas Manzo
What would happen if Sylas copies the Ulti from another Sylas? :0
Dutch Van Der Linde
It'll be great to see this dude spit out tibbers
Twilight Shroud EJ
Twilight Shroud EJ 8 kun oldin
Steals ult Zed
POOPIE IS MY MAIN 8 kun oldin
*Steals Shaco Ult* *2 Sylas Intensifies*
Gallina borracha
Gallina borracha 8 kun oldin
Yasuo is a good counter
Elyx 8 kun oldin
What if you ult a heimerdinger ? and a Karma ? And a Elise ? do you turn into a fucking spider ?
42 Ramsons
42 Ramsons 8 kun oldin
Vandril will be pleased
Niloc L
Niloc L 8 kun oldin
At first, Neeko get to have Amumu's ult but better version, now we have Sylas's E that's Riven+Amumu, and his W maskes Illaoi's W look weak. Also I can't believe Riot makes his R point click, which is 100% steal.
Banana 8 kun oldin
how would it work on leb ult tho
M. Adrian
M. Adrian 8 kun oldin
How he scales? Ap ad?
Diamond Nova
Diamond Nova 8 kun oldin
*sigh*once again... another champion name I miss pronounce
SKBIBskbib 8 kun oldin
I liked this video bc I think 5 minutes is long enough to see his skills unlike other videos... gotta get them revenue
Lee Shepherd
Lee Shepherd 8 kun oldin
First picks Sylas Enemy team Top Jayce JG Nid Mid Elise Adc Corki Sup Karma
Dario Biagiotti
Dario Biagiotti 8 kun oldin
Is it just me or does it seem like Riot are running out of ideas for new champions?
Dawidos 8 kun oldin
So if he steals nocturne's ult in time.. A: Nocturne cant dash B: Everyone is on paranoia C: None of the paranoias can second cast ???????????
JulesPlays MC
JulesPlays MC 8 kun oldin
I am curious to see how his Ult interacts with the likes of Braum's Shield or Yasuo's windwall. Although it is point and click it still shoots out as a projectile in a sense. Could be interesting.
IDK with myself
IDK with myself 8 kun oldin
Rubic confirmed 😎
The Story of Caps
12 kun oldin