NEW Fenty Beauty Pro Filtr Concealer, Foundation, AND SETTING POWDER! FIRST IMPRESSIONS REVIEW

Lynsey Anastasia
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Guess who's back (back, back), back again?! FENTY'S BACK!!!! Gather your coins sis, ima make you cop it all! #fentybeauty #firstimpressions #profiltr
Pro Filt’r Instant Retouch Primer
Pro Filt’r Foundation: 385
Pro Filt’r Concealer: 370
Moroccan Spice Eyeshadow Palette
Pro Filt’r Instant Retouch Setting Powder: Honey
Match Stick: Latte
Stunna Lip Paint: Unveil
Gloss Bomb: FU$$Y
Highlight: How Many Carats?!
Instagram: instagram.com/thesupermuse
Twitter: twitter.com/thesupermuse
Facebook: facebook.com/thesupermuse
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12-Yan, 2019



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Mercedes White
Mercedes White Kun oldin
Your personality is everything! New subbie 💜
jaay401 2 kun oldin
Yeo.. her skin is flawless.
Raiza The Artist
Raiza The Artist 3 kun oldin
this is the fist time I watch a video of yours and my heart melted when I saw you smile BLESS YOU BEAUTIFUL LADY
Jessica Law-Davis
Jessica Law-Davis 3 kun oldin
I literally went through the same thing! 390 is a bit warm for me during the winter too!
Krystal Ivy
Krystal Ivy 3 kun oldin
I don't even know how to put on makeup but I love your personality and your super cute. So I subscribed just because you kept me smiling ❤️
Sara Lily
Sara Lily 3 kun oldin
Which brush is that (setting powder)!?!? You look amazing😍
Freya Wion
Freya Wion 3 kun oldin
😂trop drôle, tu es géniale. Magnifique !
Jasmine Chavis
Jasmine Chavis 3 kun oldin
I liked this video a lot
Squiggles _
Squiggles _ 4 kun oldin
Sasha Maclin
Sasha Maclin 4 kun oldin
Finally found my skin twin!!!!
SavageSiren 6 kun oldin
Your skin is BEAUTIFUL!! 😍😍 Living!! I'm grabbing my first bottle of Ri's foundation tomorrow and I'm so excited!
Ms.Cammy Cam
Ms.Cammy Cam 8 kun oldin
Skin care routine please??!???
Jasmine Foster
Jasmine Foster 8 kun oldin
Love it and You’re Giving Gaby Union-Wade vibes 😍😍😍😍
KC C 8 kun oldin
You look beautiful!
Nonya Business
Nonya Business 9 kun oldin
That was genius using that lip product as a liner with the Fussy. Imma try that!!!!!
Tayelou 9 kun oldin
That natural skin tho!! 💯 Please share your skin care routine
Katrina - Dreaming of Korea
I’m loving this look. It looks natural, light, and just beautiful all around. I just found your channel by chance...immediately subscribed 🙋🏽‍♀️.
Ashley Morris
Ashley Morris 9 kun oldin
You have a great personality 👍🏽👌🏾❤️
Toya Smith
Toya Smith 9 kun oldin
Great everyday look.
Bianća Smith
Bianća Smith 9 kun oldin
Arryellax 10 kun oldin
Have you ever bought drug store brands? Have you ever had trouble finding your complex? My shade it 380. The girl matched with 380,390 and 400. 390 an 400 was gonna be too dark when it dried down. The 380 match my red under tones.
Foreign Dolls Global
Serena Khoury
Serena Khoury 11 kun oldin
Loooooove it! Definitely buying Fenty. Thank you
Kelly Prendergast
Kelly Prendergast 11 kun oldin
Lol you are so silly!!! Beautiful face. I think I could do this look.
zigg3 11 kun oldin
wow this look is so pretty bless you 😍😍👍🏾
Odalys Harris
Odalys Harris 13 kun oldin
The foundation matches perfectly. I’m loving the concealer too. The whole package ❤️ first time watcher on your channel. I’m going to like subscribe and hit the 🔔 for notifications. I enjoyed this review.
Blood Diamond
Blood Diamond 14 kun oldin
your energy and makeup is beautiful 💚
JazzItUp 14 kun oldin
So new subbie here love your vibe.. I just got the foundation and concealer today so getting ready to do my makeup and I love how you did yours .so I’m hoping it looks cute like yours your so beautiful. And it’s simple I can do this
Simplicity 15 kun oldin
Skin routine 👀❤️❤️❤️
Shivana J
Shivana J 16 kun oldin
Very pretty and natural! Btw, What camera do you use? It is very good quality!
Schooling Life
Schooling Life 16 kun oldin
Girl your skin!!!!!! Ugh it's beautiful!
Nene Ware
Nene Ware 17 kun oldin
I'm like Rih I do my full face before my eyes
T B 17 kun oldin
Still looks slightly orange
Simone Matthews
Simone Matthews 17 kun oldin
30 secs into the video and already subscribed so glad i found this. 🖤🖤
Kenneth and Joyce
Kenneth and Joyce 18 kun oldin
The conclear is definitely a perfect match and foundation is perfect.
Rylie R
Rylie R 18 kun oldin
Fenty Glow gloss is my favorite gloss. I’m sad because it’s almost gone 😭
Leanne Mays
Leanne Mays 18 kun oldin
U are so pretty and that ending had me dieing 😂
Lauren London
Lauren London 18 kun oldin
lmfaooooo! "it's Rihanna" already had be dying! subscribe
kellegeez 21 kun oldin
You have the best lighting!
Kay Marie
Kay Marie 22 kun oldin
I went to Sephora this past weekend and was giving the color 385 so was nice to have a video pop up with someone using the same shade. Love the review 💕 I’m very basic but would like to try the setting powder next as I’m oily and another UZvidr, Jackie Anie, states that it helps with that. Thanks again!
Maureen Ikwueme
Maureen Ikwueme 22 kun oldin
💯❤️👍🏾 you've got beautiful skin already, got Fenty for the 1st time 4 weeks ago, I just ❤️ it, a natural glow
Slim Bundy TV
Slim Bundy TV 23 kun oldin
New subbie! I had to subscribe because you’re so cute and funny like I enjoyed watching this whole video 😭
KimmY Love
KimmY Love 23 kun oldin
What kind of camera do you vlog with?
sadiya babb
sadiya babb 23 kun oldin
Does it transfer?
Mykela Brown
Mykela Brown 23 kun oldin
Mareeya Igbafe
Mareeya Igbafe 24 kun oldin
I LOVE YOUR VIDEOS..youve inspired me to make my own channel..i love Fenty..Check out my videos ..i just posted one..YOU ARE AMAZING
Mareeya Igbafe
Mareeya Igbafe 24 kun oldin
I LOVE YOUR VIDEOS..youve inspired me to make my own channel..i love Fenty..Check out my videos ..i just posted one..YOU ARE AMAZING
Dee Moore
Dee Moore 24 kun oldin
New subscriber. I was cracking up the whole video. The side comments you make I just can’t 🤣🤣🤣
hoodedeyehudz 24 kun oldin
Your skin 👍
Shan Plez
Shan Plez 25 kun oldin
"Just keep applying girl" ...LOL. You look beautiful.
A Little Bit of Anita
We boutta have an attitude 😂😂 New subscriber💁🏽‍♀️
Enitranicole 28 kun oldin
Very minimal makeup and yet very beautiful outcome.
Joy Omusi
Joy Omusi 29 kun oldin
Pls the name of your camera
Sharmini Jth
Sharmini Jth 29 kun oldin
What high light brush is that?
thanmai gaddipati
thanmai gaddipati 29 kun oldin
what is your shade in mac studio fix foundation? is it nc45? i am about your shade and i am confused whether i should take 370 or 385. it would be really helpful if you replied.
thanmai gaddipati
thanmai gaddipati 29 kun oldin
Thanks for the reply 🙂
Lynsey Anastasia
Lynsey Anastasia 29 kun oldin
thanmai gaddipati Hey luv! I’m so sorry I have no idea :( I’ve never used/tried any MAC foundation
Gloria Mandudi
Absolutely stunning, flawless 💜
SunKissNicole Oy oldin
We are the same shade! I'm buying this right now. Im about to slaaaaayyyy!!!!!!
Jodie Frampton
You are so likable and sweet and BEAUTIFUL! Instant sub
Barb Oy oldin
Beautiful skin!
Yea Rite
Yea Rite Oy oldin
I’m not being rude babes but I think u should grab a sample of 370 just to try it because although u made it work it’s still a tad bit warm for u! Either that or grab 360 concealer to brighten more #tfs 😀
Lynsey Anastasia
Yea Rite No worries you’re not rude at all! I did try the 370 foundation and it was too light on me 😩 I have to match my chest cuz my body is 500 different colors due to my eczema patches. I will say I definitely used too MUCH foundation in this video, but the color matches my body perfectly 🙌🏾🙏🏾
I did a review on the new setting powders and concealers on my Channel, to be honest it was way too dry For me 😩😂
Nero Gbemre
Nero Gbemre Oy oldin
Girl I fell in love with you from Hello!
Priscilla Abaido
love this look! so pretty and natural!!!!just love it! and i love your attitude !!!
Melanin Queen
Melanin Queen Oy oldin
BUT HOLD UPPP SIS!!!!! FACE IS LOOKING NATURAL!!!!👀 I’m shook it’s like she didn’t put anything, like you can see something different but not DRAMATIC DIFFERENT 😭😫😫. This look is BEAUTIFUL 🔥🔥😍😍😻 I NEED ME SOME FENTY✨✨✨
A S Oy oldin
Take a shot everytime she says “clock “..........(bars😝)
Esperanza Gutierrez
@14:38 suntin fo da kyds
Shelby Mcclendon
Gorgeous! Great video! 💕
Candace Murphy
What kind of lens did you use??? You’re beautiful girl!!!
Cristel Millera
Hey, Lynsey! It's ayeitscristel, and you came by at It's Boba Time yesterday. I was the cashier girl and honestly, I've been watching your videos. I might have fallen more in love with you. You are funny, talented, and true beauty. IG: ayeitscristel
CRP Wifey
CRP Wifey Oy oldin
😂😂😂 what brushhhh SIS
CRP Wifey
CRP Wifey Oy oldin
I'm excited for YOUUU tooo 😆🤗 love your energyyyyy. Drink lots of water, green smoothies, one a day vitimans for hair nails & skin, ...JJ SMITH GREEN SMOOTHIE IS AWESOME.. stay BEAUTIFUL HAPPY SATURDAYYYYY
Shanelle Jackson
She is so cute omg I wish she was my best friend!!!! ❤️❤️❤️ so funny
Shayla B
Shayla B Oy oldin
Ok, your personality is so bomb! I love it
Danielle Thompson
Living for this pony
Marika Houde
Marika Houde Oy oldin
This is such a good tutorial, tysm 💕
Tanisha Bennett
I had the same problem with looking orange 🤦🏽‍♀️
Tanisha Bennett
You’re so pretty!
Tanisha Bennett
I need that setting powder!!
Candace Thomas
New Subscrober. Love your sense of humor. So glad I stumbled upon your page. 😁
Clarissa Thompson
Glow on gurl!!! I love this review!! 💋
Kelcy Oy oldin
New sub right here !! I love your personality girl you definitely sold me ❤️
Lulu Dunor
Lulu Dunor Oy oldin
you are so gorgeous
erri. empress
erri. empress Oy oldin
Girl you’re beautiful! I loved this video!! Flawless!!!
DaLesa Nichols
Fuck these comments the foundation looks great on you. Concealer is great!! Yes love keep being gorgeous.
Onyka Jallim
Onyka Jallim Oy oldin
Flawless 😏🔥👑💯 you’re funny 🤣🤣🤣
Layla L
Layla L Oy oldin
Their foundation is to orange
kharen mahmood
This is the 1st of your videos I've seen. But wowwwww are you a natural beauty. I thought you had your base on before I realised again you were doing a foundation concealer review. Xox
P. Locco
P. Locco Oy oldin
I love you girl I love you personality you bomb dot com. Baby
queen jiggz
queen jiggz Oy oldin
I don’t normally comment buttttt 😄 girl ur so entertaining 😄 love that. Enjoyed your video *wink
Brenda Chebet
Brenda Chebet Oy oldin
oh i like her
Weronika Nowak
love u
Tierra Anthony
Smitty's Daughter
Cool perspective on things 👍 you make make-up so much fun💄
Melissa Stapleton
What brushes are you using? Looks like everything goes on so flawless!
New subbie
bridget mobley
Bongeka Xaba
Bongeka Xaba Oy oldin
New subbie 😀 I like you already can't wait to binge watch your videos
Destiny Burns
Destiny Burns Oy oldin
Sis is giving me young Gabrielle Union vibes here 😩😍
Raneisha Hallums
Sis this was my first time watching your videos and you are so funny I had to subscribed. 😂🥰🙌🏾
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