NEW Fenty Beauty Pro Filtr Concealer, Foundation, AND SETTING POWDER! FIRST IMPRESSIONS REVIEW

Lynsey Anastasia
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Guess who's back (back, back), back again?! FENTY'S BACK!!!! Gather your coins sis, ima make you cop it all! #fentybeauty #firstimpressions #profiltr
Pro Filt’r Instant Retouch Primer
Pro Filt’r Foundation: 385
Pro Filt’r Concealer: 370
Moroccan Spice Eyeshadow Palette
Pro Filt’r Instant Retouch Setting Powder: Honey
Match Stick: Latte
Stunna Lip Paint: Unveil
Gloss Bomb: FU$$Y
Highlight: How Many Carats?!
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12-Yan, 2019

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SHANA’S WORLD 2 soat oldin
What lens you using Hun subscribe back xxx
Abby Glamour
Abby Glamour 2 soat oldin
Hi guys! I’m a new UZvidr that loves beauty, fashion, life and wellness! I would love some friends and some support!!! I have some awesome videos and also have some more awesome videos to come! It would be awesome if you could check out my stuff and subscribe!!!!! (:
Alana J
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New subscriber alert💕💕
MICHELLE BROWN 2 soat oldin
I love your energy.. subscribed😃😃
The Slay Report
The Slay Report 3 soat oldin
Giiiirl we are the same shade almost lol. I’m 390 in the Foundation and 370 in the Concealer!!! Great review!!!! Love the camera too!!!
Styled By Sabrina
Styled By Sabrina 3 soat oldin
love this!!!
Monica B
Monica B 3 soat oldin
Those products look so good on your skin!! I’d go more golden/olive with the foundation if you can cuz it still looks really orange once it sits and oxidizes. I spent AGES swatching to find one cuz they changed so much once they set lmao I think the sephora worker thought I was losing my mind 😂
Alexia Jones
Alexia Jones 4 soat oldin
Literally you are my shade!!! The 390 was perfect for 5 mins then changed! It’s perfect in the summer though! I’m going to buy Latte as well for my brows!!! ❤️
Anita Copeland
Anita Copeland 4 soat oldin
Subscribed!!! Love the video coping that concealer and setting powder today!!
Michel Dione
Michel Dione 4 soat oldin
Why is this my first time seeing you on YT?? You were like a breath of fresh air! Thank you for this.
Kimberly Wallace
Kimberly Wallace 6 soat oldin
the honey powder makes you look like you have highlighter. NICE
Janay The Doll XoXo
Janay The Doll XoXo 16 soat oldin
385 foundation & 370 concealer over here! 🤗 It is the most natural looking makeup I've used! 🖤🤞
My'Keria Charnese
My'Keria Charnese 19 soat oldin
Loving this Energy Vibe !!! New Subscriber !
Georgia Doll 88
Georgia Doll 88 21 soat oldin
Fenty foundation broke me out. Me face is still itching days later. I wanted to like it but no.
Ginelli Downer
Ginelli Downer 22 soat oldin
As soon as she said “we bout to have an attitude “ while applying the lip gloss I immediately liked and subscribed. Love your energy! Had me cracking up haha #newsubby
Purplerain 1582
Purplerain 1582 22 soat oldin
It is soooooo refreshing to see a tutorial/first impression that is light handed and beautiful!! This look really accentuated your beauty and I’m here for this 😍 💃🏾
Just lovely!!
ddrine C
ddrine C Kun oldin
😍😍😍😍✨new subbieee
Isabelle Vasquez
Same, they. Came out with 345 and I was like HOL UP YALL and of course it’s perfection. Total perfection. Blends into my neck beautifully. In the dead of winter I’m 290 but I started to use flawless darker self tan because I feel a little dead when I’m pale and it takes me to my perfect actual summer shade. And it’s essentially foolproof and is the best one I’ve found yet. I’m so happy!
LYIA Kun oldin
Lol I felt that when u said “yeah girl we bought to have an attitude” same feeling I have when I put on my lipgloss
Janet Brown
Janet Brown Kun oldin
“She’s thick gurrl” 😄🙃😍
T'keyah Roberts
T'keyah Roberts Kun oldin
what do you use for the blue mix in?
Black Queen
Black Queen Kun oldin
I'm 310 on foundation, no luck for me when it comes to Riri's Concealer to pink or to cray , love love love the foundation tho
TheDimplezgina Kun oldin
Great first impressions; I definitely need to grab that new foundation! Quick question: what kind of lens are you using in this video?
The Mark Of Beauty By Kim
What lens are you using now? The quality is on point?
Kay Kay
Kay Kay Kun oldin
You remind me of a pretty brown skin Sweetie
LadyMaryNW45 Kun oldin
A beautiful girl giving an informative demo while being entertaining. Best of luck -- although you might not need luck.
Amor Antasia
Amor Antasia Kun oldin
First of all YOUR SKIN is FLAWLESS😩😩😩
Lilian Dickenson
First time watching you. Annnnnd I’m subbed lol loved the video!!! 😍😍😍
yesenia perez
yesenia perez Kun oldin
I’m a new subscriber and I am obsessed already
lynette longmire
Very pretty you had me rolling,lol i am new to your channel i thought it looked so nice.xoxolynette3232
Alasia Kun oldin
Love this look so much & the quality is amazing 😍 what is the new lens that you are using??
Pauline McFarlane
The foundation is toooo orange in my opinion. She needs a different undertone. I seen other post where the shade match is perfect.
Destinee Davis
Destinee Davis Kun oldin
Im glad u did this video ive been waiting for someone to try 385 so i can see how it looks im neutral too and ive been using 380 in fenty foundation and its a bit too red for me now i can get 385 👏😃
VlogsByAly Kun oldin
I'm a new subby......dang ma I'm lovin your channel&your energy 💖🤭😊
Lavonya Antrice
Lavonya Antrice Kun oldin
I like this look, simple color but still stands out.
Ikara Racquel S.
New subscriber alert 😁 love the energy!
Lynsey Anastasia
Ikara Racquel S. Ahhh thank you beautiful girl!!
Kaenicole 2 kun oldin
Beautiful 😍
Kayla Fields
Kayla Fields 2 kun oldin
I got the same foundation & concealer shade as u yesterday! I’m glad she extended the shade range like she said she would bc I’ve been struggling to find a foundation that doesn’t make me too orange or yellow. Plus it’s way cheaper than the Nars foundations I’ve been buying. With Fenty I don’t have to finesse a shade like I do w other brands. Love the video! I’m glad u posted this ❣️
Lexus Smith
Lexus Smith 2 kun oldin
Which bronzer/ contour did you use?!
Kitana Harrigan
Kitana Harrigan 2 kun oldin
I watched your first fenty foundation match and found out that I was also the same color as you and now I’m pretty sure that I need to go to Sephora and get this new one and the concealer because sis...the slay
Aja Janai
Aja Janai 2 kun oldin
Almost at 100k!!!!
Taylor Mckinney
Taylor Mckinney 2 kun oldin
Angie Nwigwe
Angie Nwigwe 2 kun oldin
“two shots of vodka”’😩
Lynsey Anastasia
Lynsey Anastasia 2 kun oldin
Angie Nwigwe 😂😂😂😂😂
AllyiahsFace 2 kun oldin
Youre so gorgeous and very entertaining! loved the review! And Congrats on 100k causeeeee you right there!!
LadyMaryNW45 Kun oldin
It's 2 a.m. on the East Coast. She made it!
Lynsey Anastasia
Lynsey Anastasia 2 kun oldin
AllyiahsFace Aww thank you beautiful girl! And you’re a Gemini too 😍👏🏾👏🏾🤸🏾‍♀️ Congrats on 300K sis! 🎉🎉💕
SARAH DAVIS 2 kun oldin
Lynsey Anastasia
Lynsey Anastasia 2 kun oldin
SARAH DAVIS Aw thank you Sarah!
Weston K.
Weston K. 2 kun oldin
Got a new subscriber lol ... great vid
t M.
t M. 2 kun oldin
385 is too light IMO. New subbie
Kaylen Davis
Kaylen Davis 2 kun oldin
We’re the same shade in everything yes!!😍
Lynsey Anastasia
Lynsey Anastasia 2 kun oldin
Kaylen Davis YAAAAAS TWIN!!
T kay
T kay 2 kun oldin
Hey new subscriber 💕
Britteny Dunson
Britteny Dunson 2 kun oldin
This review just gave me life. So natural and naturally witty. Not doing too much. Subscribed!
Lynsey Anastasia
Lynsey Anastasia 2 kun oldin
Britteny Dunson OMG Thank you so much Britteny!! 💕
Khalia A.
Khalia A. 2 kun oldin
The ferry primer has a little glow in it
sna ojao
sna ojao 2 kun oldin
I really love how you did your lips.
Lynsey Anastasia
Lynsey Anastasia 2 kun oldin
sna ojao Thank you!! This was the first time I tried that combo and I’m obsessed!!
Nyemba Tembo
Nyemba Tembo 2 kun oldin
Alright, we need the tea on that lens!
Nyemba Tembo
Nyemba Tembo 2 kun oldin
Lynsey Anastasia Coolio! Anytime💞
Lynsey Anastasia
Lynsey Anastasia 2 kun oldin
Nyemba Tembo I’ll add all the info in a pinned comment shortly!! Cuz I don’t remember the full name - thank you so much for watching beautiful!! 😘😘♥️💕
Imani Stanberry
Imani Stanberry 2 kun oldin
LOOOVEE the natural beat honey ❤️
Lynsey Anastasia
Lynsey Anastasia 2 kun oldin
Imani Stanberry Thank you beautiful Imani 😘💕
M 205
M 205 2 kun oldin
Off to see if you have an eyebrow tutorial 😍😍
Lynsey Anastasia
Lynsey Anastasia 2 kun oldin
M 205 It’s coming soon!! 😘🥰💕
M 205
M 205 2 kun oldin
Had to subscribe. Perfect!
Lynsey Anastasia
Lynsey Anastasia 2 kun oldin
M 205 Thank you so much!
Honey Johnson
Honey Johnson 2 kun oldin
Beautiful!!! Great review!!
Lynsey Anastasia
Lynsey Anastasia 2 kun oldin
Honey Johnson Thank you so much!!
afriqboo 2 kun oldin
Barely three minutes in and I instantly subscribed
Lynsey Anastasia
Lynsey Anastasia 2 kun oldin
afriqboo Ahh I love you!! 😘🥰💕 Thank you!
Mariah Kristin
Mariah Kristin 2 kun oldin
your intro gives me lifeeeee
Lynsey Anastasia
Lynsey Anastasia 2 kun oldin
Mariah Kristin Thank you Mariahhhh!!! 😘💕
Komal Jahan
Komal Jahan 2 kun oldin
Dania Wilson
Dania Wilson 2 kun oldin
Question what is your Mac shade? I’m trying to do a shade comparison
Lynsey Anastasia
Lynsey Anastasia 2 kun oldin
Dania Wilson Ahh I honestly have no idea! I’ve only ever used a MAC concealer yeeeears ago but never tried their foundations 🙈
Shay Ponts
Shay Ponts 2 kun oldin
I love seeing someone try 385 because the struggle was REAL was for us who didn't fit 370 or 390. Btw, the concealer has more product than the NARS Creamy Radiant concealer and Fenty is still $4 cheaper than that concealer. Just FYI
NYCsLipz 7 soat oldin
+Shay Ponts I haven't tried it yet. I'll be trying it this weekend.
Shay Ponts
Shay Ponts 7 soat oldin
+Sohana Haider I would honestly recommend getting samples of the different shades within a certain range and swatching them side by side on your face. Brandi Lofton just did a video yesterday where she swatched the shades on her face and waited until they fully oxidized and that's how she finally found her perfect match.
Shay Ponts
Shay Ponts 8 soat oldin
+NYCsLipz Did you like 385? I ended up having to mix 385 with one pump of 370 and that gives me a perfect match.
Sohana Haider
Sohana Haider 8 soat oldin
I'm like her skin tone, but with a more yellow olive undertone. What shade do you recommend? It's so confusing.
NYCsLipz Kun oldin
Ditto I was struggling between 370 and 390 as well 🙏🏼👏🏽👏🏽😍
Kenae Brown
Kenae Brown 2 kun oldin
I love your personality! New subbie, Hey Sis! 😙
Lynsey Anastasia
Lynsey Anastasia 2 kun oldin
Kenae Brown Hey sis heyyyy!!! Thank you so much; I’m glad you enjoyed the video!! 💕
LaPrincia Hobdy TV
LaPrincia Hobdy TV 2 kun oldin
You sooooo pretty 💕❤️
LaPrincia Hobdy TV
LaPrincia Hobdy TV 2 kun oldin
Lynsey Anastasia you are very welcome 💕
Lynsey Anastasia
Lynsey Anastasia 2 kun oldin
LaPrincia Hobdy TV Aww thank you beautiful!!
Ms. Mahogany
Ms. Mahogany 2 kun oldin
You’re hilarious! 😂😂.. Subscribed!
Lynsey Anastasia
Lynsey Anastasia 2 kun oldin
Ms. Mahogany 😂♥️🙏🏾 Thank you so so much!!
Tokina Harris
Tokina Harris 2 kun oldin
Stunning! You're adorbs! Also, what polish is that? I loooooove!
Jossael Manasse
Jossael Manasse 2 kun oldin
Beautiful skin, makeup & everything
HUIS VAN SURI 2 kun oldin
Wow what a beautiful glow!!!!! You are stunning 💕
phoenix lopez
phoenix lopez 2 kun oldin
The shade looks good on you after it oxidizes you are so pretty!
Jaz Up My Style
Jaz Up My Style 2 kun oldin
Yassss I am here for it oxoxo
Rebel Faces
Rebel Faces 2 kun oldin
Bae Goals
Bae Goals 2 kun oldin
Love your review!💞
cheyeann oliver
cheyeann oliver 2 kun oldin
I'm sitting with you right now but... Girl you betta!!!!!!🔥🔥🔥🔥🤗🤗🤗🤗
Lynsey Anastasia
Lynsey Anastasia 2 kun oldin
cheyeann oliver I LOVE YOU!!!! 😘🥰🎉🎉💕🙏🏾💃🏾✨🌺
LipstickInMyCoffee 2 kun oldin
First of all, I'm obsessed with your personality! Second, you're stunning.
Tisha O.
Tisha O. 2 kun oldin
You can’t break out if you not putting it directly on your bald face
Tisha O.
Tisha O. 2 kun oldin
You gotta use primer to protect your face you can make 1 or buy but make up soaking into your skin will age you and cause cancer. If you make a primer make sure the ph matches your skin
amber C
amber C 2 kun oldin
Now I know my shade it’s so pretty on you! Lovely lady. Great application it’s beautiful, something for the kids lol. Its Fenty day. 💕
Geli Productions
Geli Productions 2 kun oldin
Just found your channel that intro tho!!! Your skin looks bomb
Morgan K.
Morgan K. 2 kun oldin
Girl I am so interested in trying 385 too! I was "matched" to 360 but that is a tad too light for me. I have been mixing 360 and 390 and it works perfectly but who wanna keep buying two different foundations?! 385 looks great on you boo!
Morgan K.
Morgan K. Kun oldin
+F. Kay Oooo girl 370 was not even close. Lol
F. Kay
F. Kay Kun oldin
Morgan K. You should try 370
alexas marie
alexas marie 2 kun oldin
you just got a new subscriber! love your personality and you are gorgeous girl!!
Perla Ruiz
Perla Ruiz 2 kun oldin
You’re so pretty! How can I find my shade ?
Amanda Latrise
Amanda Latrise 2 kun oldin
You are gorge hun! Loved this look! I was so glad I picked the Fenty items up. I love the quality. I’m in 370 and I still feel like it oxidized too red, but like I said in my vid, I just love how it feel like there is nothing on my face.
Danielle Wright
Danielle Wright 2 kun oldin
Loved this! I also was using shade 390 and it was a little too dark for me but couldn’t do 370 bc it was too light! I was waiting for someone to do a review of the new shades and I’m so glad u did! That shade is great on you! You’re so pretty! Thanks for this vid!
LeeArmani101 2 kun oldin
Kemmiko Miles
Kemmiko Miles 2 kun oldin
Gorgeous! 385 was made for you beautiful! Base is on point. Great review and that new lense is killing it! New subscriber 💕
1969Vanessa G
1969Vanessa G 2 kun oldin
The key to Fenty foundation is prep, moisturize, and prime. If you skimp on any part you will have issues according to Rihanna herself.
CinnastixChick 3 kun oldin
Yo. Thought she was wearing foundation already. Then she put on primer 😂 JEALOUS
M 205
M 205 2 kun oldin
Saige Avis
Saige Avis 3 kun oldin
You are beautiful 🤩omg sis keep it up
courtney deeneen
courtney deeneen 3 kun oldin
Love ❤️ everything about your make up look!!!
DivaDlux121 3 kun oldin
Girrrrllll, you had me CTHU!! Great video. I just purchased 385 from sephora this morning. I purchased 360 concealer and banana setting powder (which I'm not feeling too much). Glad I found your video cause I'm going to exchange for 370 concealer and honey powder tomorrow. :-)
Klewbeauty 3 kun oldin
I love the look and your camera is perfect❤️❤️❤️...What camera do you use
nannypans 3 kun oldin
Melissa Smith
Melissa Smith 3 kun oldin
Best fenty review to date! Killed it girl xx
KurlyMommy G
KurlyMommy G 3 kun oldin
naomi izedonmwen
naomi izedonmwen 3 kun oldin
Does 370 concealer have a yellow undertone because the foundation was more olive
lilmissbreezy 3 kun oldin
Flawless look! Thanks for keeping it natural! What new camera lense did you get?
Rhonda mcdonald
Rhonda mcdonald 3 kun oldin
Sold!! I'm getting 385 b/c it is way to orange. Thank you!
Manuela Augustine
Manuela Augustine 3 kun oldin
You did a good job and look flawless.
Ave 3 kun oldin
You look beautiful 💟 I want to try this foundation but I’m wondering if it will work with dry skin