[NEW HERO - COMING SOON] Wrecking Ball Origin Story | Overwatch

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Meet the resourceful tinkerer that fights with an iron-clad mech: Wrecking Ball.
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28-Iyn, 2018

“[NEW HERO NOW AVAILABLE] Wrecking Ball Origin Story | Overwatch” Wrecking Ball Origin StoryHammond Origin StoryWrecking Ball OverwatchOW Wrecking BallBlizzard EntertainmentBlizzardFPSFirst-Person ShooterTeam-Based ShooterObjective-Based ShooterShooterAction GameTeam GameObjective-Based GameMultiplayer GameHero ShooterHeroHeroesHero AbilitiesFutureNear-FutureSci-Fi



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Fikrlar 15 431
Lady Danvers
Lady Danvers 6 soat oldin
Reminds me of rocket from gotg
DoDo De_wala
DoDo De_wala 14 soat oldin
I don’t like hamster
kaivy Magday
kaivy Magday 14 soat oldin
Another tank
Bastien Legare
Bastien Legare 14 soat oldin
is it april already ?
Owen Cap
Owen Cap 15 soat oldin
I can't get him on Xbox
Skeleton 16 soat oldin
At least he doesnt one shot 2/3's of the heroes in the game
Yoshimation 16 soat oldin
Give me a fursuit of him NOW
Andy Quintero
Andy Quintero Kun oldin
Diva needs a new skin please Overwatch.
bigmeknurgle Kun oldin
Bobofett 72
Bobofett 72 18 soat oldin
bigmeknurgle it will on the 27th
Joshua Allen
Joshua Allen Kun oldin
TJ Waters
TJ Waters Kun oldin
when is he comin out
Willthekilla5 Kun oldin
What’s next? A pansexual transracial, transgendered, gender fluid, mentality handicapped and physically handicapped, progressive illegal immigrant iguana?
PsychoticBear PsychoticBear
Linny from wonder decided F this and became super smart and went to junkertown
He's so cute :)
Artashir Kun oldin
Stacey Kilman
Stacey Kilman Kun oldin
I Can't believ you exist! you are just amazing
BOB DA GAMER 2 kun oldin
When does he come out on Xbox
APJinks 2 kun oldin
Anyone else think of Misc and Boo from Baldur's Gate 2?
Sam Venters
Sam Venters 2 kun oldin
Spencer appleton
Spencer appleton 2 kun oldin
can you please add an LGBTQ tracer skin
Xil3h 2 kun oldin
If Hammond is Wrecking Ball. Does that make Roadhog, Fat Hooker?
Oğuzhan Karaman
Oğuzhan Karaman 2 kun oldin
Now is blizzard stealing from hi-rez. It's look like from Ruckus in Paladins
Bobofett 72
Bobofett 72 2 kun oldin
Oğuzhan Karaman Nope
Ren Tin Tin
Ren Tin Tin 3 kun oldin
America, this not so much very good game of yours! I am recommend to you three game from my country: 1. Kuznetsov Badminton Ace 2. Donkey Kone Volkov - 2 3. Koskovich Pavolv Death Cat
Painted Note
Painted Note 3 kun oldin
When’s he coming out
PolishFruit 3 kun oldin
2,3mln subs 3,4mln views
Gleaming Sight
Gleaming Sight 3 kun oldin
Hello. *Hello.*
Nudedragon 4 kun oldin
this is... embarassing
Bobofett 72
Bobofett 72 2 kun oldin
Nudedragon no
Unnsa 6
Unnsa 6 4 kun oldin
When does he get to be played in PS4. I can't wait
iSupaFresh 4 kun oldin
Please, add close captions for deaf community and thanks
John The Beast214
John The Beast214 4 kun oldin
I don't like how when I join a quick match and all I see is defeat
Neil Gheyi
Neil Gheyi 4 kun oldin
Robert Isaksson
Robert Isaksson 4 kun oldin
Hey blizzard! Could you slow down? I can barely keep track anymore
Topias Kalapudas
Topias Kalapudas 4 kun oldin
*droideka 2.0*
urss2 4 kun oldin
bastion fodder
EpicallyRetarded 4 kun oldin
When will he be added to Xbox?
n o .
IAmStaka 5 kun oldin
Miss Awesome
Miss Awesome 5 kun oldin
When is he coming to Ps4???
EchelonNYK 5 kun oldin
7/24 confirmed on Twitter
The Shadow Master
The Shadow Master 5 kun oldin
I thought it was supposed to come out today WTF where's wrecking ball
The Shadow Master
The Shadow Master 2 kun oldin
Bobofett 72 yah I know now because right after I commented this I saw Twitter talk about timing
Bobofett 72
Bobofett 72 2 kun oldin
The Shadow Master He wasn't
TheKingStudio 5 kun oldin
Bobofett 72
Bobofett 72 5 kun oldin
TheKingStudio yes
NightMare 5 kun oldin
Release date?
EchelonNYK 5 kun oldin
7/24 confirmed on Twitter
Connor Moroney
Connor Moroney 5 kun oldin
Please let him be voiced by Richard Hammond of The Grand Tour. I don't think anything could be funnier than that
Connor Moroney
Connor Moroney 5 kun oldin
Please let him be voices by Richard Hammond of The Grand Tour. I don't think anything could be funnier than that
Sarthak Pradhan
Sarthak Pradhan 5 kun oldin
Look! its ruckus from paladins
Bobofett 72
Bobofett 72 5 kun oldin
Sarthak Pradhan Nope
PjdTheSpeedster 6 kun oldin
Are they really going with the name "wrecking ball" because im not.
Bobofett 72
Bobofett 72 5 kun oldin
PjdTheSpeedster Well thats his codename. Get use to it.
i playz plastic guitar
WHeRe Is hAMonD On cOnsoLE !!
Gabeh 6 kun oldin
Nice, new hero. But matchmaking stills bullshit and Brigitte stills op. Gg wp Blizzard
Bobofett 72
Bobofett 72 5 kun oldin
Gabeh No and no. Your just bad.
vodca 110
vodca 110 6 kun oldin
Stop making broken heros
Adam Jafari-Fini
Adam Jafari-Fini 5 kun oldin
Are you lost he's not broken he takes much more skill than 90% of the other characters
GoKllyoslf x
GoKllyoslf x 6 kun oldin
Dumb game.....
Bobofett 72
Bobofett 72 5 kun oldin
GoKllyoslf x nope
Lr Miner
Lr Miner 6 kun oldin
Everyone on pc overwatch seems to have wrecking ball. I don't is this a glitch?
the Slowpoke
the Slowpoke 6 kun oldin
its a little thing called PTR
BLUE ASE 6 kun oldin
console somebody?no just me...meh
Names ArejustNames
Names ArejustNames 6 kun oldin
I bet he is going to be nerfed like his moving around in the ball form will have a countdown I bet
Bobofett 72
Bobofett 72 5 kun oldin
Names ArejustNames Probably not
Luke Pavitt
Luke Pavitt 6 kun oldin
Ah blizzard, the willy wonka chocolate factory of games.
TheseHoes BeToxicAf
Decidueye4 6 kun oldin
When be hammond's gameplay and lialo
Калоян Мошевски
why we just not call him hammond
Happy Hero
Happy Hero 6 kun oldin
cek my channel and subsribe update everyday
Willis Garcia
Willis Garcia 7 kun oldin
My guess is that he’s going live either this week or next. 🤞🏼
Roxy CabbleTail65
Roxy CabbleTail65 7 kun oldin
When exactly is “soon?”
Mc Mercy
Mc Mercy 7 kun oldin
(This is for the summer games event) The skins we need: Lifeguard Mercy, she’s an medic so it would make a lot of sense, Dva swimsuit, Dva hasn’t gotten a skin since 2017 anniversary, she would look amazing in a swimsuit, Reinhardt Wrestler skin, if he got a skin like that it would be amazing, there is so many sprays that show him wrestling against other hero’s, also rein hasn’t got a skin since back in 2016 on the event of year of the rooster, I think it’s time he gets one. Skins we wish we could get: mei swimsuit, I honestly think mei should wear a one piece swimsuit and she’ll have her little bun, it would look cute, Hanzo and Genji swimsuit, The brothers went to the beach together, Hanzo would have his hair just like the causal skin but alittle different, he would have a swimsuit in the colors black and blue following along with a little yellow showing a dragon, he also would be shirtless of course, Genji would show his full face, his hair would look like the black watch one and he’s face would look like the black watch one as well, he should get a swimsuit in the color of white and red for Japan, he was finished the Olympics and decided to go to the beach with his brother, in this skin Genji will have no robot parts, just his scars, and his amazing bod and adorable face.
[E54] Bastion
[E54] Bastion 7 kun oldin
So exited to have that character on ps4 :3 I WANT HAMMOND XD HE IS GONNA BE MY NEW MAIN
Tyde from da space
Tyde from da space 7 kun oldin
CUTE AF! 💕💖💖💖 mah absolutely fav hero from now on! :3
Kylo Ren Kanobi
Kylo Ren Kanobi 7 kun oldin
what breed is it? and how much?
Shipoopiism 7 kun oldin
"We want tanks." "We want Junkerqueen." "We want a new male hero." "We want a sassy black lady." Jeff: We love your feedback and listen to our community. Here's a jacked up hampster.
Gustavo Cardoso Borges
If a hamster can make it, how about the jetpack cat
Aahmes HS
Aahmes HS 7 kun oldin
hero 29 is winston the scientist confirmed
Arbe Plays
Arbe Plays 7 kun oldin
Wher is wrecking Ball in xbox?
FN Danmark
FN Danmark 7 kun oldin
Arbe Plays He's coming soon. He's on the PTR atm.
The Kįłłęr Føxŷ 13
I little bit disappointed this hero
Docolate 8 kun oldin
Oh look Rumble's cousin.
Happy Hero
Happy Hero 8 kun oldin
cek my channel for new hero and subsribe
Happy Hero
Happy Hero 8 kun oldin
cek my channel for new hero and subsribe
g r e y l i e n
g r e y l i e n 8 kun oldin
So this is what ZhuZhu Pets have been up to after all this time!
scottyCZ 8 kun oldin
You know why his name is Hammond? Because HAMmond and HAMster.
scottyCZ 8 kun oldin
So he's a champion of Junkertown!
Tom Wallen
Tom Wallen 8 kun oldin
I'm more interested what Hammond means for Lucioball.....
Fi Ts
Fi Ts 8 kun oldin
2 weeks later please blizz i need hamond but console has no ptr. I wish i got overwatch on my pc
GameWorlds 8 kun oldin
... this has to be a joke right? you want to see how ridiculous a hero you can make and have us believe it, don't you? ... wait this is actually in the game? really? ... you have lost your minds.
Storm -Z
Storm -Z 8 kun oldin
Phoenix is Awesome
Phoenix is Awesome 8 kun oldin
What the f***
XenobroGD 8 kun oldin
*i c a m e i n l i k e a w r e c k i n g b a l l*
Thatonekidwhosolvesrubikscubes YT
Blizzard Sorel
Blizzard Sorel 9 kun oldin
0:44 Does that technically make Hammond a Junker?
J22 9 kun oldin
G-force lets roll
Durr Burger
Durr Burger 9 kun oldin
Who would win? A hacker that knows everyone's info? Or *A hamster boi*
FN Danmark
FN Danmark 8 kun oldin
Durr Burger No really, Sombra counters Ball extremely well.
Durr Burger
Durr Burger 8 kun oldin
FN Danmark *Wrong*
FN Danmark
FN Danmark 8 kun oldin
Durr Burger The hacker. Definitely the Hacker.
cars 9 kun oldin
Can’t wait
DrAgOnS KyUbI 9 kun oldin
It's like ruckus from paladin
Bobofett 72
Bobofett 72 9 kun oldin
DrAgOnS KyUbI not really
Mateo Piggy
Mateo Piggy 9 kun oldin
Bobofett 72
Bobofett 72 9 kun oldin
Mateo Piggy if it wasn't a hamster you would have no complaints
Gaming Dragon24
Gaming Dragon24 9 kun oldin
Can we get junker skins for more heroes please
Miguel Renteria
Miguel Renteria 9 kun oldin
Does anyone else think overwatch sucks when they don’t have total mayhem.
Bobofett 72
Bobofett 72 9 kun oldin
Miguel Renteria no
*.:Quiltz:.* 9 kun oldin
0:50 Wheatley?
GodlyDeath 9 kun oldin
Bambam Families Moment
Where is the hero?
Bobofett 72
Bobofett 72 9 kun oldin
Bambam Families Moment In testing
EarButts idk
EarButts idk 9 kun oldin
1 word... Hamsterdance
sussie animationsanddraws
A hamster is smarter than me
Cotton H
Cotton H 10 kun oldin
the hamster doesnt stop me from killing myself jeff
Volting Master
Volting Master 10 kun oldin
What’s Gonna Work? Teamwork!
NaJi Salamah
NaJi Salamah 10 kun oldin
is they take the idea from miley cyrus ??
Lentro Zenol
Lentro Zenol 10 kun oldin
0:56 at the right of the screen, you can see junkrat
Moron 10 kun oldin
well then... I was expecting an monkey but sure hamsters are fine
ぉねlyぼいKiwi 10 kun oldin
boycott overwatch bro what the flip its like paladins!!!!!!!!
Bobofett 72
Bobofett 72 9 kun oldin
ぉねlyぼいKiwi It isn't