New iPad Pro review: can it replace your laptop?

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Apple’s new iPad Pro is a beast of a tablet, and Nilay Patel reviews it -- everything from its new design and screen to plugging in several devices to the new USB-C port. Dami Lee and William Joel, professional creatives at The Verge, also give their insight into the new iPad and Apple Pencil.
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5-Noy, 2018

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Jason Tao
Jason Tao 18 soat oldin
That is not ipad mini from early 2018, that is the original ipad size.
Maninderpal Mannan
Good review my man.. really informative
Thien Pham
Thien Pham 4 kun oldin
Imagine an iPad Pro that can switch from MacOS to IOS and vice versa whenever the user feels like it.
Liew Hong Yi
Liew Hong Yi 4 kun oldin
2200 dollars? What
MrEmanthedrummer 4 kun oldin
iPad isn’t meant to be a computer. It’s meant to be a tablet. If you want a computer, but a MacBook or an iMac.
mikamiga 4 kun oldin
The iPad can't replace a laptop so long as it keeps using an OS designed for a mobile phone. You just can't replace a desktop OS with a mobile OS. There's too much you can't do. For the average person the iPad will be fine, but for people who need their computers for work, like programmers and web devs, the iPad Pro isn't useful at all!
Canosis Plays
Canosis Plays 5 kun oldin
All that power and yet still no Xcode.... still waiting to upgrade. Apple needs more pro software support and a more accommodating OS.
Stringbean 5 kun oldin
wow, great review and thanks for saving me a lot of money!
kemicalromanc15 6 kun oldin
I basically bought it as a glorified sketch pad bc Procreate is so amazing. I know I'll need a computer for Photoshop and text for comics but the "On-the-go" and mobility is just what I need. Luckily....I don't have a pervious iPad Pro.
black magic753
black magic753 7 kun oldin
its detachable why would you ever use tablet with keyboard behind it???
Aiman khan
Aiman khan 8 kun oldin
U saved me bro..✌ peace
Fazli Halim
Fazli Halim 8 kun oldin
You can only transfer photo from sd card. Not video. Come on apple
Namu Cuddles
Namu Cuddles 9 kun oldin
Sugar™ Blackcurrant
Why all the iPad cant using magic mouse 😔
VirtuaMe 12 kun oldin
Next one hopefully to be OLED, waterproof and the newer iOS opening up more essential functions
Gregory Pierce
Gregory Pierce 12 kun oldin
I echo this sentiment. The iPad Pro is excellent hardware that is severely limited by iOS. Yes the hardware is going to keep getting faster and faster, but unless the OS gains and the software stack gains a lot of capability to exploit it - it's almost pointless.
Nicole Ibáñez
Nicole Ibáñez 12 kun oldin
This is the best review! Got so excited about this new iPad got it and found myself cut off by the limited apps and the way iOS limits how you can transfer files. Wish I had seen this before
Jedi 511
Jedi 511 14 kun oldin
Great review as always. $2200 is a lot for iOS powered device with the limitations iOS has. I wonder if Apple fragments iOS in to two groups: PadOS and PhoneOS. With the performance and price point the iPad Pros have (really since 2017), they need to be flexible enough to replace a laptop fully. Off topic, but one thing I don’t understand is the iPhone XR screen is bashed, yet has higher PPI than the iPad Pro screen which is praised. I have both the 10.5 iPad Pro and the iPhone XR and I can see vitrually no difference.
Eng Leong Kong
Eng Leong Kong 15 kun oldin
thats the thing bout apple...they dont get it...and well said, i would like it to adapt to me and not me adapt to it
Michael Paul
Michael Paul 15 kun oldin
Great music playing in the background
darron pattel
darron pattel 15 kun oldin
good thing you guys didnt have to put much together for this video
damberson4698 16 kun oldin
The reason I haven’t purchased an iPad is because of iOS I have an iPhone And the limitations of apps on iOS are purposeful. The whole reason I need a MacBook is iOS. The mobile OS gets in the way of some things I can do a lot of things on my phone, but sometimes you just need full desktop browsing etc. Apple will never allow the iPad Pro to have those functions. If they did, with the specs and performance that the iPad Pro has right now, it would destroy the MacBook Pro line, and honestly, some of the iMac sales would drop as well.
Kalvin Kiema
Kalvin Kiema 16 kun oldin
Maybe I’d be interested if there was a boot camp app for this iPad.
Max Maximovich
Max Maximovich 16 kun oldin
i love this review
Panache Automotive
Panache Automotive 16 kun oldin
No, but the Tab S4 can...
Arup Deb
Arup Deb 17 kun oldin
Is this an answer or something else?? If you're tired then leave it, stop winning It just frustrates 🤐😥
Malcolm H
Malcolm H 17 kun oldin
Really great review thanks! I was considering possible the iPad pro but, man, too frustrating.. too many exclusivities Apple won't budge on. Your comment, "the iPad pro is just an accessory to my laptop, not a replacement for it" How true, and that's what Apple seems to want...for people who have a lot of money to buy BOTH vs one that can do both. I can't make my Gmail my default email?! nope. I can't watch higher HD/4k on UZvid?! nope. Too much exclusivity. dam. So frustrating.
Christopher DiCesare
The iPad doesn’t even have a 4K display...why the hell are you upset about UZvid not playing in 4K?
Lom me
Lom me 11 kun oldin
Because of a 2200$ device? Why would you pay that price and not have 4K?
Acy - Singing & Composing
smh, Liquid Retina doesn't mean rounded corners, it's LCD (Liquid Crystal Display) and Retina. It's just a fancy name for good LCD screens, as opposed to the iPhone XS's OLED technology
dennis aquino
dennis aquino 19 kun oldin
Same question when the first IPad Pro came out......and the answer is the same....NO!
Ahsan Arshad
Ahsan Arshad 20 kun oldin
I am android fan boy knowing that Apple's hardware and software is way better than Android's but these are the reasons why I hate Apple... I am willing to pay for a device that you made but it's mine now so let me decide what i will do with it.... Why i have to follow your rules even after paying you so heavily? Why there are so many roadblocks in my way? Look at this ipad now, it's way faster than their own laptop but still it can't take place of my laptop PS: 'New phone can't fit the old charger, that's your hero?' Bill Burr Now new pencil won't work with old iPad
JaeIsAsleep 20 kun oldin
What no! what kinda question is that! I gotta give them credit tho, better than the pixel slate.
Rebecca JJ
Rebecca JJ 20 kun oldin
THANK YOU! I stumbled into your video after watching several others who spent the first several minutes talking about aesthetics and the "unwrapping experience" of opening a new iPad Pro. I mean, really? I just wanted to know how it works, is it worth the price, can it do what I want it to do. You delivered that information to me in a concise manner. I'll be back in the future!
Kevin Burrell
Kevin Burrell 20 kun oldin
Lol this is so funny
Kidon Bae
Kidon Bae 21 kun oldin
What’s that drawing app they are using in the video???
Super John64
Super John64 24 kun oldin
It can not be a laptop replacement... But it is the first flexible iPad ever
Braulio Diaz
Braulio Diaz 25 kun oldin
Thank you for the review man. I was planning on buying the new model but I was thinking of choosing the older model because of the price. I have an iPad Air (original) since it came out and it still works like a charm but the problems I had with it were the size of the screen (its kinda clumsy reading pdf files when you have to zoom and look around what youre looking for) and the memory (16GB). The additions are neats especially the Apple Pencil, but I think the older model is enough for my needs. Thank you!
Pablo Martí
Pablo Martí 28 kun oldin
Where can I buy the black carpet over the table to standing the Ipad?
Trex Mystery
Trex Mystery 29 kun oldin
Im getting that for christmas tommarrow
Adrianna Jackson
Adrianna Jackson 29 kun oldin
I need to be able to use USBs!
Kazumi Shi
Kazumi Shi 29 kun oldin
Watching this from my destroyed ipad
Mike 29 kun oldin
No. It can not.
Ezekiel Constantine
Any good suggestions on a good cases for the iPad Pro 11”
Ezekiel Constantine
I just bought my iPad Pro and just trying to get used to it
mitch jenkins
mitch jenkins Oy oldin
now I know what I pad I want to upgrade to I have the original I pad mini
Hassan Hassan
Hassan Hassan Oy oldin
Nice review Nilay, you made me realise that I should just keep using my MacBook Pro rather than this expensive gadget with limitations. I'll stick with my Macbook pro and iPad air until OSX comes on the pro.
darkbrian '
darkbrian ' Oy oldin
turns out i don't need it
Cory Niu
Cory Niu Oy oldin
@theverge What is that black grid pad you guys use for review and where can I get one???
Sturmwind05 Oy oldin
*I NEED 4K UZvid!!*
Diane Milligan
I use Outlook and Gmail on my older iPad Pro via the mail app.