New iPad Pro review: can it replace your laptop?

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Apple’s new iPad Pro is a beast of a tablet, and Nilay Patel reviews it -- everything from its new design and screen to plugging in several devices to the new USB-C port. Dami Lee and William Joel, professional creatives at The Verge, also give their insight into the new iPad and Apple Pencil.
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5-Noy, 2018



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sanch Sanchayan
sanch Sanchayan 26 daqiqa oldin
I will take it when I feel I really need it. Otherwise my current Dell 2 in 1 is enough for me.
Luke Pruscino
Luke Pruscino 5 soat oldin
Still an upgrade from a chromebook.... I’m buying it soon
Derek Xue
Derek Xue Kun oldin
reallay nice juicy bear
Dexter Daniel
Dexter Daniel 3 kun oldin
Great review. Influenced my decision NOT to get the iPad Pro. Thanks
Jon Bee
Jon Bee 5 kun oldin
I don't think Apple will ever make their iPads as 'true' laptop replacements any time soon. Could be in the future, but if they do that, then they might as well discard their entire MacBook lineup which they probably won't do since they're making money on both their laptop division and tablet division separately. They're getting fairly close but who knows if that will ever happen.
Savannah nike
Savannah nike 5 kun oldin
Am getting a iPad pro on my birthday April 30 and my sister is getting a ipod it's like a small phone on her birthday may 26
Dom 7 kun oldin
It’d be cool if the iPad Pro was just an experiment to see if the tablet’s CPU can beat current MBPs. Hence we’d see MBP mounting the same specs or faster in Late 2019 or 2020-given the fact that macOS needs to be adapted to run on a different CPU. Hell, they could also go with macOS on iPad Pro
CASMANWHAT 7 kun oldin
I have it and it definitely makes my heart flutter. Love it.
Lizzie D
Lizzie D 7 kun oldin
I love to draw, and i was always dragging around hundreds of pencils, erasers, inks, watercolors, etc for years. I received this with the keyboard and pencil for Christmas, and I now can just sit down on the couch, bed, table, anywhere, and draw
Mario Georgiou
Mario Georgiou 9 kun oldin
Excellent Review, you echo my sentiments and it's one of the main reasons I am angry with Apple. They lack a real OS on iPad for computer users ... it is still just a second class media device with some great capabilities. They have deliberately hamstrung this tech because they knw it will replace their computers in a minute if they were more robust OS wise.
khayias hamilton
khayias hamilton 10 kun oldin
Ya “the verge” I really don’t enjoy the same reporter reporting all of apples main flagships, change it up give us some other opinions from a range of reporters not just the same reporter covering the same topic every year...
Ariana Zuniga
Ariana Zuniga 12 kun oldin
I not understanding your language please talk Spanish
Jim Beam
Jim Beam 12 kun oldin
What about an OLED display? Think the fall models will have it?
Diego Vides
Diego Vides 12 kun oldin
I love your reviews! You always knock it out of the park! The verge production team is simply unparalleled
Xanh 13 kun oldin
Does mouse work with this?
Yellow Slipper
Yellow Slipper 13 kun oldin
It seems like this review is about iOS 12, not iPad Pro 3rd gen.
Amber L
Amber L 16 kun oldin
So I’m deciding between the iPad Pro and the cheapest Mac. I’m a blogger and don’t need anything too fancy, but I need to be able to save and edit photos and work on my website. Suggestions? Max I want to spend is $1200. I’m open to Windows based option but I’m a fan of my iPhone and how it operates. Portability is great but not a deciding factor so that’s why I’m considering a desktop.
Ying Dong
Ying Dong 17 kun oldin
Imagine a nuclear reactor powers a fishing boat; this is that.
Nazhif Jamil
Nazhif Jamil 19 kun oldin
I wish Apple releases MacOS update for the iPad Pro
Paul Loader
Paul Loader 19 kun oldin
Great review
RetroGhost 21 kun oldin
its a tablet why do people think it will replace a laptop or desk top computer.sorry the power might be there but it just wont replace them
Jacob Keys
Jacob Keys 22 kun oldin
If you want to do operations which you simply cant do on iOs, just use MacOS ... They will never make changes like you mentioned just because they dont want to and then the Macbook would be a nonscense to buy.. Just learn more about Apple before any other review
Malo RK
Malo RK 22 kun oldin
Great review, man! I'm watching this on a Samsung tablet that I love.
Silver Soul
Silver Soul 22 kun oldin
First time to see dami lee in person like in person video person
Silent 1969
Silent 1969 23 kun oldin
I really want it instead of getting a laptop but they made it just such a hard choice with the software
Davidxx1400 20 kun oldin
mrcasavechia 24 kun oldin
This is a really good review. As a professional photographer I want to have the iPad do more so I can use it for travel assignments that are one to two days. It would be great to tether to it without needing a laptop. Plus editing one photo that client needs while you're on the road, it can't been done on an iPad like you can do it on a laptop. You're 100% right, you have to adjust to the computer, the iPad is fun and I have an older iPad Pro but I really only use it for email and looking over documents.
OMGz1122 24 kun oldin
Apple is like the company who loves to sell you accessories
Nikko 25 kun oldin
If they put MacOS on an ipad, then it’s game over
Rrwery 9 kun oldin
+Likecomment Coolness bootcamp is for macs, not iPads.
Likecomment Coolness
Then use boot camp and download windows😏
Rrwery 23 kun oldin
They won't though. I think they will put their processors in the Macbooks, so all apps can run on all devices.
Todd Dominey
Todd Dominey 25 kun oldin
The point about websites kicking you out to iOS apps is enough of a reason to keep me switching to an iPad from a Macbook. Makes sense why it happens, but that would drive me crazy.
James Burns
James Burns 26 kun oldin
if u want to overpay and not have access to any apps besides the most popular ones sure
Yuvraj Chauhan
Yuvraj Chauhan 26 kun oldin
Apple why do you restrict us.
Diego Regalado
Diego Regalado 24 kun oldin
Yuvraj Chauhan They want to conform us to their ecosystem. All apple or nothing.
Nemesio Artaiz
Nemesio Artaiz 27 kun oldin
I have the same sentiment. Yes Its a fast and expensive device, but it can't even handle usb c flash drive files. Im sticking to my old ipad 12.9
GM 3
GM 3 23 kun oldin
Nemesio Artaiz the old ones Support at sternal storage
Mike Jones
Mike Jones 27 kun oldin
why does apple still use intel chips in the macbooks ?
Holger Laufenberg
Holger Laufenberg 27 kun oldin
He primary reason why is no real computer is the lack of a real file system and the shortcomings of mobile software. Even Apple’s own FileMaker Pro mobile version can’t perform primary functions like importing data on the iPad.
zen 2017
zen 2017 28 kun oldin
If you buy that, then you have to stick with mobile apps and their limitations..(most of the great apps are not free as well) u better buy a laptop with that price.. and you can even play AAA Games and Office and Photoshop and Web Browsing and Hacking and Torrenting and Entertainment (TV, Movies and Music..) it probably wont have touch scren but what tha heck.. using wireless keyboard and mouse is way better and more precise for anything
Alpha Delta
Alpha Delta 29 kun oldin
No mouse support, no files system for God's sake, has USB-C but doesn't recognize SSD/ Flash drives/ External Hard disk, no desktop app support. This is a joke. Surface Go/ Pro are the real laptop replacements.
Steve Buddy
Steve Buddy 29 kun oldin
$2200?!?! I'll just either wait for Apple to come out with something actually worth $2200 or I'll just buy a Surface Pro and a Samsung Tablet! Thank You Apple!!!
Dinho Lima
Dinho Lima Oy oldin
Ya. I think the same... this is sooooooo stupid. Even an Apple fan as I am can think about why those idiots keep stealing our money, making useless iPads, just to sell more macbooks.
Akhil krishna Chowdary
Truly Honest review.. thumbs up
Marty Ericson
Marty Ericson Oy oldin
Best. Review. Ever.
silverwess Oy oldin
I have the previous version and this one. my review is I like it more than the last one. My review is done.
Hector Coronel
just buy a freaking laptop
randomaccount Oy oldin
What's the deal with Apple and External Storage???
FireWall Oy oldin
Probably to get people to spend money on iCloud and internal storage.
From who did Apple get the inspiration from *HMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM*
Jabulani Harvey
true innovation vanguard right here....give it time and you will see the computing revolution that Apple has started......
Michael Reif
Michael Reif Oy oldin
Pencil is great. Seriously missing file management as with OSX.
Desmond Gomes
Desmond Gomes Oy oldin
is it bad that i want one to mainly read comics?
David Luna
David Luna Oy oldin
Snapchat on the iPad might be nice
MrDomestosWC Oy oldin
This review is an eye opener. I was thinking about replacing my mbp late 2013 with the new iPad pro. This is the only review that told me the reality, which is don't. Thank you.
Oxi Clean
Oxi Clean Oy oldin
I think I'll wait for iPad pro to come out with a oled screen. Not worth paying all that for a LCD screen.
It's still an amazing screen with 120Hz ProMotion, has amazing colours and gets really bright at 600 nits of brightness
David Vishnu Kumar
Excellent thorough review.
Nilabh Umredkar
Best review I have seen so far!
Knight 11692
Knight 11692 Oy oldin
A lot of this is BS everything that I connected to my iPad pro through the USB type C worked just fine. The only thing that he's saying that's half way true is you need iTunes to upload files to the iPad pro other than that the rest of this video is a waste of time.
Syed Jawad Shah
co0kii Oy oldin
Wait, THE dami lee?!
Omer Alam
Omer Alam Oy oldin
iPad pro needs mac os
Gilby R
Gilby R Oy oldin
Thank You! Great review.
JJ gang
JJ gang Oy oldin
I want it but my mom won't even give me a tablet
Aluel Mayen
Aluel Mayen Oy oldin
Ummm maybe you can give it away to the subscribers 👀
Anty855 Oy oldin
You, can it replace a macbook?
网相声 Oy oldin
My main questions for this to replace laptop is, whether it can run ox system and HDMI possible for this.
Cuomo257 Oy oldin
How about ipad pro running macOS... ? Well done
Leti Bonnin
Leti Bonnin Oy oldin
were you able to plug in a mouse?
Makai. Oy oldin
A laptop is better for work and literally everything but drawing and if you draw then buy the iPad 6th gen for $330 or last years iPad Pro. They work really well and unless your rich there’s no point of buying this iPad.
UTHSCSA School of Medicine - CIRCLE Curriculum
THANK YOU for giving an authentic review acknowledging that this is a supplement to a MacBook, not a replacement for one.
Tracy Krznar
Tracy Krznar Oy oldin
ABSOLUTELY LOVE YOUR COMMENTARY! I FEEL THE SAME WAY ABOUT THE iPad Pro. I bought one but, really wish it was all you wish for.
clevername333 Oy oldin
spoiler alert, NO.... NOOOOO..... the ipad cannot replace your laptop if you do any actual work on your laptop. If you just use your laptop to watch netflix and youtube and you read emails.. then you can use an ipad..
Alex Thurner
Alex Thurner Oy oldin
4366 emails... ouch
Paul Dotz
Paul Dotz Oy oldin
you cant (and wont be able to use it as a laptop sub -- i think). endowing ipad pro with laptop-like features would cannibalize their macbook lineup.
TJ Wilkins
TJ Wilkins Oy oldin
Awesome review - seriously informative and helped me make the right decision for me...
张朔 2 oy oldin
Am I the only one noticing the 4000+ unread email???
Jason 2 oy oldin
Solution to the problem: Microsoft Surface. I have the iPad Pro 11 and several of the other iPads for the kiddies. It’s a great consumption device with some productivity, but it can’t replace a laptop like the Surface. Microsoft is expected to reveal the new Surface 7 this year. I’m hopeful.
Kurt Wallander
Kurt Wallander 2 oy oldin
haters gonna hate. dont try to shape apple products to you. you have to shape to apple, then everything works out.
Gabriel Leung
Gabriel Leung 2 oy oldin
Basically, I'll say that this iPad Pro and all the other iPads by Apple is just like a mad cow. They're really powerful, but they never get the job done.
ScreamingLlamas 2 oy oldin
Apple should make this good enough to be a laptop replacement for people who need a laptop AND a desktop
Nitin Sawant
Nitin Sawant 2 oy oldin
Can we use wireless mouse in iPad Pro 11..
Zrinko Maloseja
Zrinko Maloseja 2 oy oldin
So incredible yet so stupid. Great review.
elvyra yap
elvyra yap 2 oy oldin
Thank youuuu for the review!!! Im going to mbp 2018!!!
Rafael Storch
Rafael Storch 2 oy oldin
Excellent ending
Martyn Gasson
Martyn Gasson 2 oy oldin
I couldn’t give an arse if it replaces a laptop. It compliments my desktop nicely. iOS is perfectly fine for me. I save my files (Clip/Affinity) to “Files” or Dropbox, reopen on my Mac, and no probs. The Files system is only a problem if you make it a problem.
Daniel B.
Daniel B. 2 oy oldin
Yep not replacement... cause if it is then imac wont sells anymore... will be a doom for the company income!!!!
Gavin Playz
Gavin Playz 2 oy oldin
Plays Roblox at 15fps. Garbage
Morgan Walden
Morgan Walden 2 oy oldin
The first unbiased Apple review I've ever seen.
Morgan Walden
Morgan Walden 2 oy oldin
The first unbiased Apple review I've ever seen.
Tutankhamun KING
Tutankhamun KING 2 oy oldin
It’s a tablet just go out and buy a laptop stop complaining
Ashlyvett Figueroa
Im a full time student and have my own brand so I need to do everything online, school work, shipping labels, print... I don’t know which one should I get!
Geek Jawaid
Geek Jawaid 2 oy oldin
I don't want to adopt to my computer. I want my computer to adopt me. Golden words sir. 👍🤗
Arun Iyer
Arun Iyer 2 oy oldin
Great video! Apple keeps saying it wants the iPad to become user's laptop replacement, but they always seem to conveniently forget those key aspects that bring people back to their laptops. Hope they learn. This tablet isn't cheap.
Davie Chen
Davie Chen 2 oy oldin
You're absolutely correct! It has been really painful to see a buddy who's an Android fanatic to tell me not to buy this because of "reasons" and I've experienced the same with every Android user that's in my circles. Bought it and loving it. Have never been so happy using an iPad!
Praneeth Reddy
Praneeth Reddy 2 oy oldin
Can we use this for Adobe CC, editing of videos and photos...?
David Rapant
David Rapant Oy oldin
You can use the CC mobile app versions, not the full desktop apps. You can upload your photos using a lightning USB card reader then do edits in lightroom CC mobile and then sync to all your other devices like your desktop. At least that's my understanding.
ishootgopro 2 oy oldin
I have iPad Pro 12.9 2017. and I love it. it's really nice and fast and very productive using it, and mine has 4G lte. I always use Apple products, I prolly owned every product they have, but I'm no artist, I don't draw or designs stuffs, I do photography and I use it to edit some photos to lightroom cc. but honestly I enjoyed using my Samsung Chromebook Plus v2. it has 4glte as well so I can take it anywhere. And I love using keyboard and the mouse. but I love my iPad so much. But I am not thinking about upgrading to a new one.
M 310
M 310 2 oy oldin
I’m using it right now! Love it
Doodle Daily
Doodle Daily 2 oy oldin
Can’t we all just wait till iOS 13 god danit
Ghost Davis
Ghost Davis 2 oy oldin
So I have a question. I have the10.5 version is it worth the 165 to upgrade to the 11?
Sasori 2 oy oldin
I’m gunna take a guess no that doesn’t come in a bundle u gotta pay for the iPad Pro, keyboard and Apple Pencil 😭😭
Why Not
Why Not 2 oy oldin
oh yeah yeah
NAND KISHORE 2 oy oldin
Honest Review.. 👏👏
Will T
Will T 2 oy oldin
You greedy bastard why would you want external storage on something with a freaking terabyte inside it
M1ke_07 2 oy oldin
TechTale-3T4 2 oy oldin
Nice video
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