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In this makeup tutorial I will be reviewing the NEW Morphe Fluidity Foundation, Concealer, and pressed powder. Ive heard mixed reviews about this foundation so I was a little shook at how my skin responded to it. I will show you swatches and you can see how I picked my shade.

Products Used:
Morphe Fluidity Foundation Shade 4.10 $18
Morphe Concealer 3.35, 3.15, 5.45 (contour) $9
Pressed Powder Filter #6, #7, #11 (#7 is more of an everyday powder for me, #11 is the contour) $12
Equalizer Primer $12

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9-Yan, 2019



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Makeupshayla 2 oy oldin
I’m a little shook with this foundation. I think anyone who likes full coverage with combo/oily skin will enjoy It a lot
Lauren Gonzales
Makeupshayla agree with you 100! I just tried it out and it did well on my combo skin. Thanks for the review Shayla!!
Yari Ramirez
Yari Ramirez 2 oy oldin
I love you and your videos! You’re such an inspiration, but I wish you did other things than review stuff on your channel. We need get ready with me videos, Q+A, house update, what products are you into right now, where do you get your workout clothes from, a day in your life etc. We want to see more of you! 💖💖slay n strut
hayley ortega
hayley ortega 2 oy oldin
Makeupshayla The color numbers are off because it goes by undertones
Stephanie Herrera
I wear shade NC37 with MAC what would be a close shade match?
Just Kam
Just Kam 2 oy oldin
Makeupshayla this wig is POPPING on u!!!!
Heiling Lopez
Heiling Lopez 25 kun oldin
I bought some brushes and got some foundation samples so i did found my shade .. to be honest i didn't want to even try it because so many bad reviews but i love it.. honestly so full coverage and my advice would be judge by your self we all different so what works for you might not work for someone else..
Lord Douglas
Lord Douglas Oy oldin
you literally look flawless
mh12ify Oy oldin
Nicole Swanson
i have combo skin definitely want to use a good base before applying it was super dry to me
I just brought the foundation and concealer I live in Miami Florida where it is extremely humid and hot and I also have extremely oily skin , it didn’t transfer to my clothes or anything I literally love this product and will continue to use it , I love how honest this review was !
Nia Glam
Nia Glam Oy oldin
I love this wig on you !!
Monmon X
Monmon X Oy oldin
You are such a beauty Shayla xxx
Crystal Bennett
Thanks for sharing. Miss ya sis. I have some catching up to do. 2019 has hit me with a vengeance, and I have not slowed down yet. Glad to get my Shayla fix on a beautiful Saturday morning in Texas.
Nathalie Mora
Nathalie Mora 2 oy oldin
loving this look especially that lip color!!
regina aponte
regina aponte 2 oy oldin
I'm so trying this out. I've been so oily I need something this matte
Melinda Duncan
Melinda Duncan 2 oy oldin
It looks so stunning on you!
Zuhal Najib
Zuhal Najib 2 oy oldin
Gorgeous 😍
NicoleKristine 2 oy oldin
Love ya girlie💋
NicoleKristine 2 oy oldin
ionie Hitchman
ionie Hitchman 2 oy oldin
This foundation is actually ok for £16 don’t know why everyone is slating it! I suppose it’s just different 4 everyone . It’s quality is comparable to a drugstore & NOT with mid/high ends brands like a Fenty, MAC, Nars etc . yeah those colours look funky when you swatch them (try in store first it oxides)but “personally “ I found a decent shade n formula it’s good for my “oily “skin. Other drugstore brands haven’t worked well 4 me except maybe Sleek, Maybelline fit me. Being in the Uk we don’t get most of all the deep shades ranges. This foundation is good as she said for comb/ oily , if u have large pores it will show so use a good product for pores b4 foundation, if you have dry under eyes you won’t like the concealer. Out of all them I think the foundation n brushes are the best!
Vera Jacobs
Vera Jacobs 2 oy oldin
How did it wear after hour 6-8?
M Hurley886
M Hurley886 2 oy oldin
Looking gorgeoussss, girl!
Hanna Shelton
Hanna Shelton 2 oy oldin
Thank you for always being honest. MUCH APPRECIATED
felicia seidl
felicia seidl 2 oy oldin
That shade matches you perfect!
amyb616 2 oy oldin
Baddie AF
Baddie AF 2 oy oldin
Flawless makeup Shayla
Angeleestars123 2 oy oldin
Good review..
T Hynson
T Hynson 2 oy oldin
That looks really pretty on you.
Tasha T
Tasha T 2 oy oldin
These swatches look different on you vs Jackie... but y’all might have switched different shade variations. Some were really orange on her.
Joy Jones
Joy Jones 2 oy oldin
We do not have a morphe store where i live so I wont be trying this until i vacation in California. Thank you shayla. I thought the foundation looked good on you.
Tisha Lopez
Tisha Lopez 2 oy oldin
Love shayla !! ❤️ still not buying but love u
Cheryl Grace
Cheryl Grace 2 oy oldin
It looks flawless! And for the price, wow. Great review. Thanks.
BabyQueen 93
BabyQueen 93 2 oy oldin
CariBerry 2 oy oldin
New subscriber! Really shocked that you are the only person that I have seen that likes this foundation .. hmmmm
Shayla McAllister
I’m very impressed! I’m dying to find a full coverage for my oily complexion! #nametwins :)
Nakeya Skinner
Nakeya Skinner 2 oy oldin
Well you saved me some coins..true question..I mean..you could come out with some complexion products and I’ll buy it 🤭
elizabeth Ludwig
elizabeth Ludwig 2 oy oldin
I don’t know if I’ll explain this well but lipstick nic talked about this. The lower numbers aren’t necessarily the lightest shades because if the color is too dark or light you don’t look in the 4. range you’re supposed to go up or down. For example, if 4.3 matches your tone but it’s too dark you would move down to 3.3
Pandamonga Ailupandorum
This makeup looks FLAWLESS on you! Daaang, gurl!
Mo n
Mo n 2 oy oldin
On decimals .10 and .100 are exactly the same value... except one has more precision... did no one at Morphe take arithmetic?🤔
shay brown
shay brown 2 oy oldin
I was waiting for Fenty Review. I will wait for that one first...
maddy coutee
maddy coutee 2 oy oldin
Shayla ❤❤❤
Leah Beth
Leah Beth 2 oy oldin
I feel like everyone is just taking in everyone’s opinions and making a bad name before they even try to actually find their shade thank you for this review
m s
m s 2 oy oldin
U r So beautiful ❤️❤️
Mélissa Cauprano
I don’t know what to think now lol 😂 well people said the foundation was good in general but not te concealer lol 😂 i am confused it looks good on you ahaha
The Curvy Lane
The Curvy Lane 2 oy oldin
Finally! A real review on this product. I’m going to try it. I usually wear the same foundation colors as you so I’m going to cop that 4.10.
Dawn Arneson
Dawn Arneson 2 oy oldin
I love your review! Your always so genuine with your opinion, and I love that! Keep being you!!!
TaySaidIt 2 oy oldin
In my opinion, the foundation makes you look grey. Not your usual dewy warm skin with other foundations. Maybe because it is very matte? Idk but I will take a hard pass on the foundation & concealer. Thank you for your honest review.
Jess S
Jess S 2 oy oldin
Love the bob Shayla!!!
Aysha Rashid
Aysha Rashid 2 oy oldin
What about the girls who don’t have a morphe store nearby 😭😭😭
Jeanette Moreno
Jeanette Moreno 2 oy oldin
You have a great face shape for your new short hair
Just Kam
Just Kam 2 oy oldin
I think if you are oily you’ll like it anything other than oily no I’ll try it since it’s so cheap. This will be great SUMMER foundation especially if your gonna be outside when it’s hot. This would be good drag/ stage makeup too. I’d try the Fenty first tho.
Cooking with Afton
Sophie Santana
Sophie Santana 2 oy oldin
i’m loving the short hair on u😍👌🏼
peaches4091 2 oy oldin
I’m a little confused about these products because of other reviews but I trust your opinion and I use you as a concealer shade reference so I think I will give it a try thank you 😊
Chelsie Feliciano
Damn you look beautiful, I also didn't think that foundation was gana be that good looking 😅 lol
Mattaya Francis
Mattaya Francis 2 oy oldin
So happy I saw your review. Everybody else is hating on it and my skin is on the oily side so I think it would work out perfectly!
Henny_Gold Smalls
A foundation for us oily combo girls. Hoping I find a shade match
Niola B
Niola B 2 oy oldin
I'm so proud of you Shayla because you have integrity. I've seen other UZvidrs review the product, it looked flawless on them but still gave a bad review. I actually had to Google to see if there was a scandal surrounding this brand or something because they seemed to review it with an agenda already.. I'm so glad that you spoke YOUR MIND and you're not jumping on bandwagons just because. Not all shades/undertones will be perfect for everyone. I am like the only person in the world that FENTY, MAC & MAYBELLINE foundation doesn't suit because I have extremely oily skin and everything oxidizes on me. Should I cancel them because of that? HELL NO! What do i do?....get their lipsticks, eyeliner and eye shadows instead. Makeup should be fun and this 'bashing brands' culture from UZvidrs is getting tired, so again I say BRAVO 👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾 for being honest!
TAO TAO 2 oy oldin
You’re a pretty lady with a great personality! I’m not feeling Morphe, but I like YOU! ❤️👸🏾 Thanks for posting!
Barbara Sanders
Barbara Sanders 2 oy oldin
They don’t have my undertone/I am warm tone too many cool/natural undertone
Ferasanty Leonardy
I feel like this is honest, I trust you on this one, never own Morphe products before, don’t really like the brand, but you actually convinced me on this one! I just feel like you don’t have any other agenda reviewing this, and you look gorgeous...GORGEOUS!!!
Kristine Mutsy
Kristine Mutsy 2 oy oldin
Loving the new wig!!
Ms. C
Ms. C 2 oy oldin
So pretty. I need the hair details please!
Shay Montana
Shay Montana 2 oy oldin
The foundation looks great can u tell me how you did a collab with maybelline I wanna do the same
Bello Halimat
Bello Halimat 2 oy oldin
Girl i really believed in u but am very disappointed never angin will i believe what u say
Radiantly Raw Tresses
I'm sooo glad you actually tried the concealer and the foundation an actual first impression. It looks good!
Spoken Secrets
Spoken Secrets 2 oy oldin
Idk if it's the lighting or what but does anyone else think the foundation and concealer looks white? Like there's a white cast over her face? This doesn't look like her usual style
lalaxo 2 oy oldin
😍😍😍 you look beautiful
shoEpaholic 2 oy oldin
Well I cant trust you because everything looks so amazing on you lol. Love your content but omg cant get over your beauty!
Katherine Rodriguez
Tan Bonita!!! 🤗
Mia Mitchell-Haynes
I neeeeeeed this! Great video!! 💜
Tiffany T.
Tiffany T. 2 oy oldin
kaitlynann smith
kaitlynann smith 2 oy oldin
Ouuuu she cute cute 🥰
Adriana Rodriguez
I told myself 2019 I wasn’t going to spend so much on makeup but here you go making me spend again 😩 just trying to get snatched like Shayla
Aciria Costa
Aciria Costa 2 oy oldin
UZvid doesn't Notify me anymore :(
misangel13 2 oy oldin
This is so bomb on you, definitely a try/buy!!
Organic Eco-friendly Lifestyle
This is the Kind Of Energy we need in 2019!!!!!!!! Love you More n More Shay! 🖤🖤🖤
tsolola2 2 oy oldin
Am I the only one who sees that 4.1, 4.10 , and 4.100 are the same number like logically speaking😑....what a mess 🙄 this is aimed at morphe not shayla lol
Makeupshayla 2 oy oldin
tsolola2 4.10 vs 4.100 confused me at first also
Jwls 2 oy oldin
I was not interested until i saw your review! Thanks, Shayla! You look flawless and i'm in love with your eyeliner!
Ciearra Tati
Ciearra Tati 2 oy oldin
Can you make videos about your fitness journey? How you started and how you keep your body right, etc? Please! Cause your body is BOMB!
Dani Wallace
Dani Wallace 2 oy oldin
I love their pallets so I’m excited to try the foundation!!! Thank you
Ashley Garcia
Ashley Garcia 2 oy oldin
I love how honest you are 😂 and girl your nose does look SNATCHED.
Brittnee Savage
Brittnee Savage 2 oy oldin
This looks flawless on you girl. Please share how you feel about it after you've worn it more through the week on Twitter!
Makeupshayla 2 oy oldin
Savage B. I wore It all day today and liked It 🤷🏾‍♀️ I feel like it’s going to be my nighttime foundation because of the coverage
Asya Johnson
Asya Johnson 2 oy oldin
Yes Shayla!!!! always slaying 😍
23KALR 2 oy oldin
You put on a Morphe Brushes foundation with a SmashBox brush? 😂 #Savage
Kapriatta-Katice 2 oy oldin
Do you think it may emphasize texture with it creasing a bit? I have combination skin and matte foundations sometimes make my pores look huge. I love the way it looks on you though and the coverage looks great.
Tamara Henderson
Tamara Henderson 2 oy oldin
Natalya Crittenden
I have STUPID oily skin soooo I needed this, but I am acne prone so please let me know if you break out. Can you do like an update review on your channel about everything please? That would be amazing. Thank you got reviewing this, we WOC needed this. 😂
Alyssa Hobin
Alyssa Hobin 2 oy oldin
Now this is what I call a true first impression ♥️ love you Shayla! Always keepin it 💯
Now im torned apart.. i feel like morphie foundation is being hated a lot.. we should try it first before we react... so ill try then the outcome would be the time to judge.
mrsnatadair 2 oy oldin
You’re so pretty you can wear anything!
Linda Ann  Oliver
Linda Ann Oliver 2 oy oldin
I looks very pretty ok Morphe Hi Shayla I use your pallet everyday for my go to work slay of course the matte shades but I absolutely love it
Akia Wade
Akia Wade 2 oy oldin
Thanks Shayla.... 😍😍😍I will try..... I love Matte...
Mayar Abu shareb
Mayar Abu shareb 2 oy oldin
I love u shyla❤️❤️
Soozeeqz222 2 oy oldin
Shayla gave a complete, enthusiastic and fair first impression review of color choices and application. However, I can't help but notice that the darker foundation swatches she tried prior to deciding on 4.10 DID NOT wash away easily. You could still see them before she fully applied her foundation of choice. Skin staining is the biggest controversy surrounding this product! Seeing how well a full face REMOVES would be a true test. No one wants a foundation that stains their skin after removal. A completely informative/honest review will follow-up for residue and skin staining. 😉
cflowermakeup 2 oy oldin
Your skin 😍😍
Tammi Clarke
Tammi Clarke 2 oy oldin
The most understandable review! So im getting NYX cant stop wont stop tease from this foundation, super matte for oily skin hmmm i may be interested now🤔😍
AshaM 2 oy oldin
I love that you are the closest shade match to me. Bless you! LOL
nellygirl819 2 oy oldin
Sis can we get a makeup tutorial of the the full look?
Cherise Davidson
Cherise Davidson 2 oy oldin
Charlissa Gillis
Charlissa Gillis 2 oy oldin
I love it 😍
N Jones
N Jones 2 oy oldin
Wow this gal knows how to do her makeup... flawless
Tasha Pearl
Tasha Pearl 2 oy oldin
Shayla girl you look bomb af! I am going to try this foundation. I love you because you are real hunny. Thank you for this review!
Tuty G
Tuty G 2 oy oldin
Anytime I buy something new I wait for Shayla. Like ok sis. I’m waiting....also are you gonna do a Fenty concealer review? 🤔
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