*NEW* Super Sneaky Silenced Sniper

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Today we got a new sniper in Fortnite and its Silent (shhh)
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8-Yan, 2019

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Angel Blogs
Angel Blogs 30 daqiqa oldin
Remember guys use creator code lachy
zizko Soat oldin
You killed streamee team atlantis name halien
Hayyan Alabdallat
Hayyan Alabdallat 6 soat oldin
Ryelyn Scherer
Ryelyn Scherer 7 soat oldin
Mr YeahSure
Mr YeahSure 13 soat oldin
Sukhjinder play gravity Brar
5:30 misses purple pump by the way Edit:oops it was heavy shotgun
Saciid Carte
Saciid Carte 18 soat oldin
I love your video's your the best
Cindy Holt
Cindy Holt 22 soat oldin
Lachlan you are the best
Sachin Sinnappan
When epic runs out of ideas The silent shotgun has been released
Bradley McMillan
Love your videos
Junior St Martin
You are the most best Fortnite player
Andrea Cepeda
Andrea Cepeda Kun oldin
It's not 2017 it's 2019
Dayyan-Ur-Rahman Syed
Anyone else see him keep his green pump over purple heavy shotgun at 5:26?
Jason Barone
Jason Barone Kun oldin
I went to Jamaica once and I got sunburned
Its Panc4ke
Its Panc4ke Kun oldin
FaZe _dragon
FaZe _dragon Kun oldin
Suppressed skin?
Caydan Loew
Caydan Loew Kun oldin
I’ve used code lachy
Ninja Boy
Ninja Boy 2 kun oldin
At 2:22 he said the f word
Leopard Hyenas
Leopard Hyenas 2 kun oldin
Lachlan you should do a suppressed only challenge
LPS Candy TV
LPS Candy TV 2 kun oldin
I’ll play Fortnite with you my user name is Drizzy oneL 11
Emil Östlund
Emil Östlund 2 kun oldin
Next silenced shotgun😂
vijaya jagadeesh
vijaya jagadeesh 2 kun oldin
Ninja is legend you suck bro
Steak & Shake
Steak & Shake 2 kun oldin
U should livestream
Kyle Tucker
Kyle Tucker 2 kun oldin
When you said bolt instead of heavy sniper rifle 11:15 I laugh I love you vids by de way
Abdulfitah Abdullahi
I kild you haha
ray E
ray E 3 kun oldin
Foot vooh too good boog not foot booy too toog voog vooh nooh 🇦🇴🚩📲📢🔔 for Tuesday how big fish 📢🔊🎧 you via email-8hk🔉🎧📻🎤📯🎤moh bkh got hog not find booy 📣🎻🔔🎻📯 food figure 💻💾 you get 🎬💡⌨🎥🔦 don't find good.,📓📑💵💰📃🔖 got bit via phone your 📥📪✏ got can call ask ✂🔓🔗⛓🔨🔗🔫🔨🔓⛏ don't come get via can,⚖🔨⚔🔗⚔🔑🔫⛏ have dsj🔒🔨⚔⚖🔓🔨
Riley Riddiford
Riley Riddiford 3 kun oldin
Your the best
Geedur Man
Geedur Man 3 kun oldin
Damn you got no scoped at 8:43
Caleb Germain
Caleb Germain 3 kun oldin
how much would i have to pay you to put a link to pewdiepie or shout him out in your next couple vids and could you change your backround color in face cam to pink or purple (Notification Squad and I love you so much been watchin for so long much love homie) tryna play runescape together
Christina Staes
Christina Staes 3 kun oldin
please don't curse anymore
sierra watson sierra watson
Rip to the guns that has been vaulted ⬅⬅⬅1-like=1-prayer
Matthew Mitchell
Matthew Mitchell 3 kun oldin
5:28 did you not want the purple heavy over the green pump??
RUBY KING 3 kun oldin
Nice Alliteration.
Garrett Minckler
Garrett Minckler 3 kun oldin
can i be in your next game show plz my name is Garretm06
Garrett Minckler
Garrett Minckler 4 kun oldin
can i be in the next game show
Garrett Minckler
Garrett Minckler 4 kun oldin
My name is Garrettm06
AJ Kauffman
AJ Kauffman 4 kun oldin
8:57 And he no-scoped you, lol!
AJ and walker Vlogs
Use the elf skin and rex back bling
My cuzz wants to vs you
Benjamin Branham
Benjamin Branham 4 kun oldin
Ur the best
Tanya Schraa
Tanya Schraa 4 kun oldin
Congratulations to 10 mil
Matthew Sparling
Matthew Sparling 4 kun oldin
Pls do a pop up shop in Auckland
Fortnite funny So funny
10 M subs
Toxicc Penguinn
Toxicc Penguinn 4 kun oldin
7:06 "Suppressed Silencers" lol
Gaming Lemming
Gaming Lemming 4 kun oldin
U realise there's a thing called aiming right?
Fusion Mobando
Fusion Mobando 4 kun oldin
you realize there is a thing called spelling right? Lmao jk bro
Rhythmroxtube 4 kun oldin
Roses are red Minecraft is blocky Don't forget to use code Lachy
Poofooshi 5 kun oldin
2:22 did he just say fu**head
masonthegecko 5 kun oldin
2:20 you were one hit you ¿what?
nathan curtis
nathan curtis 5 kun oldin
Bet you’re so happy the dual pistols are back 😂🔥
EVERYTHING NX 5 kun oldin
the next suppressed weapon should the suppressed shotgun
TheEgame7 5 kun oldin
Pls do the supply challenge. It goes out on that you can only open supplydrops and supply llamas.
12 kun oldin
Dual Wieldy Boi
6 oy oldin