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NEW UPCOMING MOVIES TRAILER 2019 (This Week's Best Trailers #49)

Furious Trailer
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NEW UPCOMING MOVIES TRAILER 2019 (This Week's Best Trailers #49)
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00:00 Avengers 4 EndGame (Marvel Studios)
02:25 Captain Marvel
04:43 Alita Battle Angel
05:28 Aquaman
06:28 Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse
09:32 Breakthrough
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9-Dek, 2018

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Furious Trailer
00:00 Avengers 4 EndGame (Marvel Studios) 02:25 Captain Marvel 04:43 Alita Battle Angel 05:28 Aquaman 06:28 Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse 06:58 BRIGHTBURN 09:32 Breakthrough 11:55 MARY QUEEN OF SCOTS
Andrew Shellhouse
Andrew Shellhouse 10 soat oldin
they are both women
MeAnthonyLee Kun oldin
Dont forget lightning mcqueen when he comes out of retirement then turns into thatnos lightning mqueen and kills thanos with a sick drift then he snaos with his tires and everyones alive again.
Arwin Jude
Arwin Jude 3 kun oldin
Where is john wick 3 trailer!!!!!
Mitneo Touthang
Mitneo Touthang 3 kun oldin
Aleks Rayb
Aleks Rayb 5 kun oldin
I'm rooting for that one movie because it's my assignment: Mary Queen of Scots
rozita madadian
rozita madadian 4 soat oldin
[TGF]Nexorous 5 soat oldin
Brightburn. Sponsored by DC
Viral Diral भाईरल दाईरल
Spider Man: Far from home
Viral Diral भाईरल दाईरल
Spider Man: Far from home
dika putra
dika putra 16 soat oldin
I see Lina's Arcana on capt marvel...😃
Web Usability
Web Usability 17 soat oldin
Tristan Slaton
Tristan Slaton 20 soat oldin
Breakthrough looks amazing
Kaeble 20 soat oldin
Stupid as fuck......MCU has really gone to shit and I guarantee not even one person will stay dead MCU doesn't have the ability to let go of characters...,...in the new spiderman trailer Peter's back already
Bikram Jung
Bikram Jung Kun oldin
Thats amazing
Yến Linh Trương
please contact information
epocs Kun oldin
really? sticking blacks in historical pieces now? stop the genocidal hate.
Iin Dyah Indrawati
Captain Marvel - Maret Avenger: Endgame - Mei Spiderman - Juli ......waktu Indonesia bagian.....
Sada Bahar Nagme/Gane/Songs Ripunjay Mishra Sisotar
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Chris Merlo
Chris Merlo Kun oldin
I suppose high octane surreal fantasy over the top is the new style of movie lately.
roxxylala26 Kun oldin
Damnnn Samuel L. Jackson racking up allll the roles in Hollywood for black actors. 😂
Isaiah Smith
Isaiah Smith Kun oldin
The boy was just mad the lunch lady forgot to give him his juice box.
zoroastro cuevas
Puras mentiras los portales no existen esto es terrorismo visual esos están mal
zoroastro cuevas
Una estafa total y más mentiras no existe o nave angel son puros churros
Carmen Martin
Carmen Martin Kun oldin
Beast boy
erh yj
erh yj Kun oldin
The real miracle was how that fat woman got that dude to marry her
xXRev GamesXx
xXRev GamesXx Kun oldin
Bru the second last one got me sad as 😂😂
Boni Ish Me :3
Boni Ish Me :3 Kun oldin
I wanna watch endgame in school but it’s probs like a pig or 12 so we aren’t allowed COZ IT HAS TO BE A U FOR SOME UNKNOWN REASON EVEN THOUGH WE ARE ALMOST TWELVE!!!
memedya Kun oldin
Jesus-y shit ruined it. Dislike.
Jaycob Williams
Jaycob Williams Kun oldin
When Brie Larson ask what aren’t they telling her is that she can’t act lol
Jaycob Williams
Jaycob Williams Kun oldin
I do not want RDJ to go but rumor has it this is his last movie
shivam pokhriyal
name of song in last trailer?
Balsa Akovic
Balsa Akovic Kun oldin
in this year 3 marvels films
SaCHiN SiNGH 23 soat oldin
Balsa Akovic spider man :far from home another one ☝️
kaynya songz
kaynya songz Kun oldin
Grace Park
Grace Park Kun oldin
How about how to train your dragon
Grace Park
Grace Park Kun oldin
Endgame is sick
DDOF fortinite moments and fails!
Marvel and DC are shit both have the same plot line every fucking movie: hero saves day and gets girl, im tired of fucking superhero movies and i dont understand why people watch the same recycled garbage, but whatever.
keri Kun oldin
so where was that plot line in avengers infinity war
StevO B
StevO B 2 kun oldin
So is captain Marvel a fucking tranny … shit needs to fucking stop
Michael Tanglao
Michael Tanglao 2 kun oldin
"I don't believe in God " Well I believe that you suck then
Michael Tanglao
Michael Tanglao 2 kun oldin
The cat fury was talking to yeah the cat's name is Lucas I think
Michael Tanglao
Michael Tanglao 2 kun oldin
Anyone notice that Thanos's armor is T-posing ?
Arwin Jude
Arwin Jude 3 kun oldin
Where is john wick 3 trailer??
J.E ALFARO 3 kun oldin
need help...? @t
Gobemouche 3 kun oldin
The Bright Burn Jumps Scare Scared the Shit out of me.
OgGSUS 3 kun oldin
i am sick of superhero movies
robert tripp
robert tripp 3 kun oldin
Whobnoticed Hawk Guy returns from age of ultron
xamurai00 3 kun oldin
'Brightburn' is if Darkseid was a baby and grew up in smallville.
xamurai00 3 kun oldin
The speech at the start of Capt marvels clip is Transhumanism i believe. Which is what the Luciferarians believe mankind is destined for and what God Denies us.. i also believe that's the sign of the devil @3:24 with the horns.
Best Audiobook
Best Audiobook 3 kun oldin
aquamannorsk21.blogspot.com 'Aquaman' speelt zich af in de uitgestrekte, onderwaterwereld der zeven zeeën. Het vertelt het oorsprongsverhaal van de half-mens, half-Atlantiër ‘Arthur Curry’.
gptrow 3 kun oldin
Movies SUCK now a days ....fucking comic book movies ....not one single original idea ...
drazapatos 3 kun oldin
Wtf is locked from halo doing on a nauseous christian movie?
Kelly T
Kelly T 3 kun oldin
The scene where they are riding sharks and sea slugs is the gayest shit ever,the only gayer is the black Superman coming soon.Edit...I found the gayest.The frozen boy,prayer movie.
Ali Ak
Ali Ak 4 kun oldin
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kempowarrior 4 kun oldin
Aquaman is one Heck of a Movie : ). You've to go and see it. If you see it already, then go see it again because it is that GOOOOD..... : )
Blur Red
Blur Red 4 kun oldin
Breakthrough 😣
King InTheNorth
King InTheNorth 4 kun oldin
Ummm guys 04:09 is that doom?
Edgar Kuijer
Edgar Kuijer 4 kun oldin
Hmm, all looks like I've seen it a thousand times before....
shovan Sahu
shovan Sahu 4 kun oldin
At 6:10 If watch a clip he is like why not use ppe to power it
Cabir Muradov
Cabir Muradov 4 kun oldin
New movie?
Elle Woods
Elle Woods 4 kun oldin
Ummmmm .... Jason Momoa in ANYTHING 💖👄 yaaas .
Elle Woods
Elle Woods 4 kun oldin
What could be greater than a king , you ask ? A QUEEN 👸 of course ! ( I thought you knew that 😁 ) .
tatonick gamer
tatonick gamer 4 kun oldin
Brightbn was detected be Guardians of galaxy's director???????
Nuno Borges
Nuno Borges 4 kun oldin
Aquaman is not from 2019 but 21st December 2018!!
Michael EL M
Michael EL M 4 kun oldin
Why couldn't they get rid of captain fuck face.
Doouble khan videos
Alitaaaaaaa __ 😘
Jays being Honest
Jays being Honest 4 kun oldin
who just came here because of avengers 😂😂😂😂😂
Richard Sanderson
Richard Sanderson 3 kun oldin
not me
sinjo lama
sinjo lama 4 kun oldin
Avenger. ......full power..... thor....only...thor
Dark Ace
Dark Ace 5 kun oldin
2:33 that grandma can fight!!
John Piske
John Piske 5 kun oldin
Another punisher movie would be cool plus looks like another good year in film go to the theatre relax.please bring prices down
mega boi
mega boi 5 kun oldin
(Avengers End Game) (Thor Looks Up) (Thanos Violently Cries And Slowly Takes Off The Gauntlet And Hands It To Thor) *not* *clickbait*
killjoy666 5 kun oldin
Breakthrough looks and sounds gay
Captain marvel vs thanos
Skipper Nelson
Skipper Nelson 5 kun oldin
How many Marvel movies are they going to make?. 100 thousand!.
Ali Addict
Ali Addict 5 kun oldin
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Ballena Mark
Ballena Mark 6 kun oldin
I want to see cross comics movies superman aquaman wonderwoman join with captain america thor captain marvel
bennOr Aira
bennOr Aira 6 kun oldin
Gian Carlos Zayas
Gian Carlos Zayas 6 kun oldin
bright burn reminds me of an evil superkid from dc
Deyone Jackson
Deyone Jackson 6 kun oldin
Everything but Avengers and Aquaman looks like trash. I saw a preview of Alita or whatever that was and that also looks like a waste of time. Captain Marvel could be interesting but just because it's a Marvel movie and they didn't disappointed anyone yet. What was this whole horror Superman as kid thing tho, that looked ridiculous. Probably has a dumb story and just a few jump-scares like most horror movies so.. trash. That kid who almost drowned in the water and now is fighting for his life, while we see that chubby mom, who doesn't even look like it could be his mom, crying all the time... is this what this movie is all about¿¿??... trash. I don't care if there is Luke Cage and Eddy Brock in the movie, even if Iron Man was there I would still say it looks like shit. I also didn't get this whole Queen of Scots weird shit. All I've learned from the trailer was that it got some stars from some people.♿
niks niks
niks niks 7 kun oldin
Do me a favor and click todayispay.com/?userid=1251 :) :)
Ryan Tang
Ryan Tang 7 kun oldin
planet shakers
Geovani Hernandez
Geovani Hernandez 7 kun oldin
In my honest opinion, I think hawk eye went rogue, he's looking for a way to bring back his family. He's searching for technology that's capable of doing so, that's why he's in Japan . He doesn't have a bow anymore because, he swore never to use it again, being behind it, was what kept him away from his family for so long. Now, that they're gone, he blames his past with it for no cherishing the time his family was around. Since, stark is in space he has nothing else but to look else where.
J. Went
J. Went 7 kun oldin
Jump Scare at 9:20. Literally.
Iron man
Iron man 7 kun oldin
I love Avengers , i love Iron man
Famous SONGS
Famous SONGS 7 kun oldin
Rob S.
Rob S. 7 kun oldin
Captain Marvel
wanshanatha pussella
Thegamerstas# ##
Thegamerstas# ## 7 kun oldin
Rewatch the video so Tony will not run out of hoxigen
Certro Studio
Certro Studio 7 kun oldin
i cannot wait to see
johna cruz
johna cruz 7 kun oldin
William Putman
William Putman 7 kun oldin
looking forward to seeing some of these clips or shows, shared with friends
Damens Le Rennetel
Damens Le Rennetel 7 kun oldin
Replicas 2018 film available : t.co/K1wt2JkmQo
John Wiley
John Wiley 7 kun oldin
Those faget ass libtard wanting to tell America how to vote Marvel characters that's one movie I won't be wasting my money on. I hope everyone knows in real life every one of those actors are bunch of pantywaists little Sissy's that whine and cry and bitch and complain all day
Jack Li LEGO studio
Spider-Man: Into the Pizzaverse
TheMofoHeister 8 kun oldin
Hate that "Breakthrough" one... Looks fuckin' stupid... What's the plot?? Why the fuck is the guy going "I was ready to give up but I stayed it's probably god" what the fuck? why isn't Artemis Fowl here? is this some sort of joke?? Just another shitty religious movie...
jake wallis
jake wallis 8 kun oldin
spiderverse reference to spiderman 3 6:48
Skeet Er
Skeet Er 8 kun oldin
So...movies kinda blow now days huh?
yrrol ybañez
yrrol ybañez 8 kun oldin
Carlo Galiza
Carlo Galiza 8 kun oldin
The saddest part is the avegers trailer
Killsocialmedia 8 kun oldin
minorities minorities minorities are better than white dudes 2019 trailers. Yawn. More SJW crap
TheMass33 8 kun oldin
Marvel movie looks so corny! Why does Hollywood have to ruin great things!
Canem Cave
Canem Cave 8 kun oldin
she was reborn.. wait for it... SUPERIOR! obvioudly
dungoist 8 kun oldin
Can she also make a ham sandwich?
34stzoo 8 kun oldin
Breakthrough looks stupid! I stupid ass kid did something he shouldn't have done and fell through the ice. If god has nothing better to do then to save the idiots and not deal with REAL WORLD problems. then you can keep this god. I hate stories like this. There are people dying horrible deaths every day and stories are not made about them.