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Newborn Albino Puppy Shows His Mom He's A SURVIVOR | This puppy was the size of a baby hamster and only hours old when he was found in a backyard breeder's yard. No one knew if he'd survive, but it was clear from Day 1 that he was a fighter. Today on Little But Fierce, watch Lucky amaze his new mom by working SO hard to grow up to be a strong, spunky little man who smiles through everything life throws at him. For more of this adorable little pup, you can check him out on Instagram: thedo.do/luckyreza.
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2-May, 2018

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The Dodo
The Dodo 8 oy oldin
For more Little But Fierce check out this playlist: thedo.do/2w4e9p4 To see more adorable little pup, you can check him out on Instagram: thedo.do/luckyreza
Ramonita Morales
Ramonita Morales 3 oy oldin
Quote for The Dodo: When i see lucky. Lucky is just a rockruff but when i see his heart. I realised he is the lycanroc of honor and luck.
Lourdes Alapati
Lourdes Alapati 5 oy oldin
The Dodo OMG!!!! How ADORABLE I would love to have LUCKY
Abrar Siddique
Abrar Siddique 6 oy oldin
When they said “he might not make it” I started praying
bruce althouse
bruce althouse 7 oy oldin
The Dodo .
priveyful 11 soat oldin
What kind of dog is this, never seen anything like it, but definitely reminds me of that dragon dog hybrid creature thing from The Never Ending Story.
sybil candless
sybil candless 2 kun oldin
You and your little human boy are beyond awesome, and little doggie boy is beyond adorable.
PumpkinEskobarr 2 kun oldin
It’s such a relief to see them grow to a dog. It’s like 😅 part of the struggle is over... he’s going to make it. I feel the same way about newborn babies... I am so happy then they can sit up, walk and run.
I. Z
I. Z 2 kun oldin
Hermoso precioso lindo amoroso divino like like
Samira A
Samira A 3 kun oldin
This cute lil' doggo is a Model uwu
Yas Bel
Yas Bel 5 kun oldin
He is the cutest.
Sandy Ware
Sandy Ware 5 kun oldin
Just precious!!!
Rochelle Bailey
Rochelle Bailey 5 kun oldin
He is the sweetest little pup
doggi girl
doggi girl 7 kun oldin
Nice baby.
Samantha Kossler
Samantha Kossler 7 kun oldin
What a spunky lil guuuuyyyy, he's SOOOOO CUUUUUUUTE!!!
mameela limbu
mameela limbu 7 kun oldin
He is soooo cute... god bless u baby😘 alz stay healthy
Josella Editz
Josella Editz 8 kun oldin
Aw no wonder why his name is Lucky...His Lucky to Be Alive..
Nia the Gulf Gypsy
Nia the Gulf Gypsy 8 kun oldin
Never underestimate the power of love and the will to live!! Lucky may be just a little fella, but he's living life large!!
Kellie Thomas
Kellie Thomas 10 kun oldin
He's so Adorable ❤🐶
Eja Moon
Eja Moon 10 kun oldin
goodasgoing 10 kun oldin
Does anyone understand this woman's story in the beginning? The neighbor's dog was outside going to the bathroom and found the puppies, but he was really a backyard breeder who couldn't make money off them anymore so he handed the puppy over and then she ask if he needed help, she could foster them and... what??? What is this story??? This story made very little sense! It had almost no continuity! It could be editing but I couldn't even watch the rest of this video with the nonsense that was coming out of this woman's mouth.
Dita 11 kun oldin
What a powerhouse 🥰🥰🥰
anaviveri 12 kun oldin
You are amazing human and Lucky is really lucky
Patricia Gonzalez
Patricia Gonzalez 13 kun oldin
He’s the cutest thing everrrr
Jenny Mahecha
Jenny Mahecha 14 kun oldin
Super cute¡ 😍😍
Carla Contreras
Carla Contreras 16 kun oldin
Ahhh, this is so cute :( Man, i love dogs so much :(
UNKNOWN ME 16 kun oldin
What's the breed?
Lynn Dempsey
Lynn Dempsey 17 kun oldin
Cute little fart!!!
Frostbite Fox
Frostbite Fox 17 kun oldin
He just looks like a little baby bat! That's so cute
Angelica Romero
Angelica Romero 17 kun oldin
Hermosa cosita!!!!! 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘
Judith Boltz
Judith Boltz 18 kun oldin
He's precious
K. De.
K. De. 19 kun oldin
He's so adorable and feisty !!!
Dell Taylor
Dell Taylor 19 kun oldin
Fierce. That is the truest word describing this pup. Thank you for saving him.
Julie Keenan
Julie Keenan 21 kun oldin
Poor little things. Can’t make money,so just throw them away like trash.
Nadia Fadh
Nadia Fadh 21 kun oldin
oh no.. i fell in love 😍😍
Hytemper 22 kun oldin
So cute
Pearl Lyrics
Pearl Lyrics 23 kun oldin
This is the strongest little puppy I have ever seen!
RyzuLucario 577
RyzuLucario 577 23 kun oldin
Lucky is the name of my dog. She means so much to me.
E C 24 kun oldin
What a precious little angel! He is adorable.
BookishBambino 24 kun oldin
My German Shepard dog had 9 puppies two weeks ago but unfortunately 3 passed away. We now have six but not enough time or money to keep any of them so it’s gonna be hard to let them go.
Autumn Season
Autumn Season 25 kun oldin
Thank you so much for the story on Lucky. I feel so lucky to have met him. I don't have Instagram, Facebook,etc. If possible, will you please give an update on how he's doing? Thanks bunches
S Singh
S Singh 26 kun oldin
Ur excellent person who really made the fog life better n better
Adam Hope
Adam Hope 27 kun oldin
Great story of a great survivor, and amazing loving parents. merry Christmas
Coracao Formoso 123
Coracao Formoso 123 27 kun oldin
Linda bebê e que amor ❤️🐕👏❤️🇧🇷
Victoria Jennings
Victoria Jennings 29 kun oldin
I loved this. He is so cute and full of life.
Julie DeLeon
Julie DeLeon 29 kun oldin
Awwww i love this videos cause i want to do that but i feel bad for the other dogs if i were her i would be still crying and sad cause those other dogs died😭
Monica Chu
Monica Chu Oy oldin
Great woman, great son, great dog. Thanks for all you do for this guy. Ahh little but fierce....he deserves to be a diva!
Prathi Uthappa
He is true fighter
Mindy Stallings
Honestly I love the dodo so much the stories are so inspiring
Lucky's will to survive is INSPIRATIONAL!!! May he continue to grow older, his life easier and full of LOVE & HAPPINESS!!!
Destinia Arts
Destinia Arts Oy oldin
He took my breath away😱😂😂😭😭
LowlyGrinder Oy oldin
It doesn't matter what you look like or who you are, if you are loved you are beautiful, and you are loved.
mockerfab4 Oy oldin
YAy Lucky! So glad you had a loving mom and big brother to love you! ❤️❤️❤️❤️
Noobs Gaming
Noobs Gaming Oy oldin
Sophia Pham
Sophia Pham Oy oldin
The people who dislike this video I think the person was so amaze at this puppy that they disliked it
Chael Valerio
Chael Valerio Oy oldin
I love Albino Puppies!
unicorn farts
unicorn farts 2 oy oldin
The cutest little thing when he barks
Catherine Howe
Catherine Howe 2 oy oldin
Oh my gosh... the little boy’s excitement 😭😭😭
Allyza Van Cappelle
R.I.P that's when she (meh) died from a cuteness overload ...... NOOOO CUTEE
Ana Marin
Ana Marin 2 oy oldin
Iam Starlight
Iam Starlight 2 oy oldin
I feel so happy for Lucky He went threw alot but he being joyful God bless that family
Thumbnail Finder
Thumbnail Finder 2 oy oldin
That puppy is adorable
child-obesity man
*my friend smashing a car Friend*c'mon dude lets smash the car! Me*cries in corner watching video Me*sends friend the video Me & friend *cries in the corner together while watch video*
popping poppy
popping poppy 2 oy oldin
He's so adorable
Abhishek Dave
Abhishek Dave 2 oy oldin
That dog is amazing
LPS Holly
LPS Holly 2 oy oldin
He is TOO CUTE!!!!
aussie country girl
All animals are so precious and cute and beautiful!💖👍🐶🐴🐐💗🐀☺😅😀👡🐇🐱✌🐰🐈💁🐣🐁💗
Who ever disliked you have no heart 💜 Like if you agree
Shadan x K
Shadan x K 2 oy oldin
Shaida Maryam
Shaida Maryam 2 oy oldin
My kitten is called lucky 😺
coffeekat 2 oy oldin
what breed is he?
Mimi Penafiel
Mimi Penafiel 2 oy oldin
Who would give this story a thumbs down why is the question. You know it’s probably because they see what having a heart and being a human is
Sandra Matos
Sandra Matos 2 oy oldin
Why did they remove his eye
Coralie Chloe Cadence
Daily Dose Of Cuteness😍
Random fun Weird Elvia
This is the cutest dog ever😭😭😍😭😍
Monique Broeders
Monique Broeders 2 oy oldin
Lillymartin223 2 oy oldin
Just an Atøm
Just an Atøm 2 oy oldin
*This* , people was a miracle of God.
Caleb Sneary
Caleb Sneary 2 oy oldin
My dog didnt make it to two years old and he was just fine
Matthew James
Matthew James 2 oy oldin
Wait... YOU JUST SAID HE GOT HIS EYE REMOVED!!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!!?!?
Chelsea vdijk
Chelsea vdijk 2 oy oldin
I want to have him😍
Pastelhousefixer 2 oy oldin
I wanted to cry
Bucac 2 oy oldin
I hate lazy folks who live off the lives of innocent animals. Get a fucking job.
GamingWithElla 2 oy oldin
I got chills from watching this video ❤️
Gamer Heart
Gamer Heart 2 oy oldin
It’s always the smallest animal that have the strongest will to live.
Pearlie Grace
Pearlie Grace 2 oy oldin
is he a mutt??
Daniela Ngom
Daniela Ngom 2 oy oldin
What a sweet fighter. I am so happy that he didn't pass away like the other puppies and that he is 2 now. Thank you so much for helping and saving him and offer him a loving life 🐾💝🐾💝🐾
Madeline Hensley
Madeline Hensley 2 oy oldin
He’s so cute
Caroline Paquier
Caroline Paquier 2 oy oldin
OMG he is absolute JOY on legs. He doesn't think anything is wrong with him. He thinks he's fine....SO HE IS. What a gift for you. Enjoy!
Kitty P Pattison
Kitty P Pattison 2 oy oldin
He looks like one of those Hollywood dogs in the movies
_ Bryanz333
_ Bryanz333 2 oy oldin
Snake... SNAKE
JR CROFT 2 oy oldin
rip other pups
JR CROFT 2 oy oldin
he's so precious
Sabrina Massa
Sabrina Massa 2 oy oldin
I love him so much, must protect♡
I thought it was a little piggy
Diamond Troll
Diamond Troll 2 oy oldin
My dog name is Lucky to
Denise G- Hill
Denise G- Hill 2 oy oldin
Backyard breeder should banned completely.
maya jangi
maya jangi 2 oy oldin
So cute...😍
kiki 2 oy oldin
What a beautiful unique dog
Free Dom
Free Dom 2 oy oldin
Xina_Chan 7877
Xina_Chan 7877 2 oy oldin
Awww that was so emotional I wanna cry... 😭😭😭
Annabellarose 2 oy oldin
DoGito ;-;
DoGito ;-; 2 oy oldin
He's so adorable