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NFL Best Taunts & Unsportsmanlike Plays (2018)

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Taunts & Unsportsmanlike Plays of 2018
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22-Noy, 2018



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Julian Love
Julian Love 20 soat oldin
If you didn't know, Isaiah Crowell was jumped in Cleveland when he was 16. Btw I'm lying
Nathan Schauer
Nathan Schauer 2 kun oldin
I was at the jaguars Vikings game
TRT VITOR 4 kun oldin
unsportsmanlike conduct.. may as well just let women play all the sports
jhanks2012 6 kun oldin
How hard is it really for these players to know and understand the rules of the game that they get paid millions to play 🤣 I mean i know NFL players aren't what they are because they're fucking scholars but damn.
Sabe J
Sabe J 8 kun oldin
Dude take your fucking name out of the video we dont need to see it asshole
Davian Carrera
Davian Carrera 10 kun oldin
Lol what a fucking joke let them play lmao
JR 11 kun oldin
Taking the spirit out of the game.
John V
John V 12 kun oldin
Next these fucking Ref's are going to be Flagging the Fans
Rico Aguilar
Rico Aguilar 15 kun oldin
WTF!!! Shit is weak. Let them trash talk!! Bad hits ok but just trash talk... Its fucking football
NYJetsDude03 AKA Alex
Tyreek Hill did the famous Antonio Brown! 😂
DirtyNapkins101 17 kun oldin
Im tired of these boost mobile adds
skater102223111 18 kun oldin
Taunting? What the fuck is this? Tennis?
TheJuice aka Marcus
TheJuice aka Marcus 18 kun oldin
Refs are pussy
Treblecyde 18 kun oldin
I hate how the NFL now has female announcers. Sounds retarded.
Adam Curry
Adam Curry 19 kun oldin
We don't need you shitty channel name on the screen the whole time, fucko.
TheBronzeville Boxer
Football players get penalized for celebrating while hockey players get applauded for fighting.....GO FIGURE!
Mitchuation 22 kun oldin
I’ll never watch the nfl again with all this SJW bullshit
AbstracTAssassin 30
AbstracTAssassin 30 22 kun oldin
Great watermark dude
Kaizaro123 22 kun oldin
1:34 Why in the world would taking off one's helmet be considered taunting?
Jeff Houle
Jeff Houle 22 kun oldin
No Fun League
Brandon Hisey
Brandon Hisey 24 kun oldin
Did he the n-word
Wyatt Braunstein
Wyatt Braunstein 24 kun oldin
As a Jets fan, it’s good to see my team on a highlight reel, even if it is for our player wiping his ass with the ball.
UnILoVeFoReVeR OK 24 kun oldin
I thought bad-ass NFL was all about taunting... Bunch of guys smashing into one another... what is so seriously wrong about taunting...
It’s Goofyy Taee
It’s Goofyy Taee 24 kun oldin
NFL is so soft... can’t talk, can’t celebrate, can’t get aggressive in an aggressive game
indy_go_blue60 25 kun oldin
What's best about any of these? Same boring shit every time. Glad I joined the Un-Watchers.
Richard Tracey
Richard Tracey 25 kun oldin
More then half of these are not a flag. This is why i love the CFL don't get me wrong i enjoy both leagues but in the CFL you can sit down and have a 30 sec tea party and you wont get a flag for it.
David K
David K 26 kun oldin
5:23 droppin the N word hard
chitown017 26 kun oldin
Bodyslammed by the PUNTER! Priceless!
Junior 26 kun oldin
Three words got me interested: Andy Reid angry. To me, he sums up an even tempered person and his teams play that way.
Michael Clark
Michael Clark 26 kun oldin
Browns were only one game out of the playoffs, I wonder how Crowell feels now? Where did his Jets finish? 4-12 basement? Really? Bwahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha
Steve Swangler
Steve Swangler 27 kun oldin
while I cant stand all the celebrations for every single play, taunting is one of the stupidest penalties ever dreamed up and should be erased from the books. plus it leaves it too much tot he referee's discretion. like the Chiefs TD, not taunting, he was dancing to celebrate th eTD and the Jaguars sack. he wasn't in anyone's face or even around any Viking players. but if a close minded ref that doesn't like the celebrations, he can throw a flag.
joel ashman
joel ashman 27 kun oldin
How sensitive are Americans.......who cares
Ephraim Leef
Ephraim Leef 28 kun oldin
Its like this taunting rule is a change/inforcement as a direct response to all that Colin Kap bullshit, who is taunting? all the black players are, whose protest did Colin Kap affect the most all the black players
Ephraim Leef
Ephraim Leef 28 kun oldin
Can't you actually do this stuff, fuck NFL is getting soft, typical sports brining in rules and changing the game because some fuckwit got his/hers/its feelings hurt when they were a young kid playing
Peter Smith
Peter Smith 28 kun oldin
Finally i hate football this call are losing fans
John 2020
John 2020 28 kun oldin
Get rid of unsportsmanlike conduct penalties No Fun League.
Poipole49 28 kun oldin
Remember the N.F.L. stands for No Fun League
TheManChise 28 kun oldin
Wtf.. that's not taunt..let them play..
D Mikesell
D Mikesell Oy oldin
JakeMiesta Boyyyiiiee
Football becoming so weak with these weak ass ref.
FlyGuy FromThe-6
How tf is taunting a rule? These are grown ass men. Treat them as such.
chippledon1 Oy oldin
So glad the Browns got rid of Isaiah Crowell! That guy is slime. Good talent - but slime! Btw, who's the commentator at 5:24? Is it the lead singer for Yes?
iFreeze Oy oldin
So basically you get unsportsmanlike penalty for simply breathing it seems lol
Skinny Daddy Mc Lovin
I dont think the brown have the right to taunt anyone...especially after the 2017 season
Mustard Woman
Mustard Woman Oy oldin
1:13 why’d I think this was so nice and cute???
Anarcho Fascist
FFS.. They can take a collision with a 300 lb gorilla but are too thin skinned to take a bit of a taunt. Snowflakery rules the NFL!!
Jackson Boss
Jackson Boss Oy oldin
Tyreek Hills ✌️ Celebration. He has done it every single game and hasn’t got flagged. Only got flagged that game. Also a ref winked at gof in that game. Look it up
psycho zombie productions
Moves my arm.Taunting! Fuck you nfl I’ll show you fucking taunting
Buddy Long
Buddy Long Oy oldin
Such great role models! So well worth there pay. Not!
Cade G
Cade G Oy oldin
The first 3 plays are the same fricking ref
Dom Con
Dom Con Oy oldin
Let taunting be allowed, the nfl is too soft and honestly I’ve only seen one AAF game and that league already seems like they doing things better than the nfl
Leon Allan Davis
So "trash-talking" is now illegal? More pussifying of the game... More opportunities for the officials to decide who wins, and who loses...
James Andonian
Stupid watermark over the scoreboard.
leonel messi jr
Who else caught at 5:23 or some were around there 43 said get of the flor nigga
Bob Gratton
Bob Gratton Oy oldin
No Fun League
JAMES C Oy oldin
Unless you know what they say, the video is boring
Matthew Zablocki
Ewww. Nothing more annoying than a broad commentating sports...... Still better than Chris Collinsworth.
Matthew Zablocki
We are men and like to taunt in competitive games. Get over it
guysmalley Oy oldin
For as talented as the pros are , common sense is lacking
Joshua Smith
Joshua Smith Oy oldin
Pro football has really gotten soft! Taunting???? Gtfoh
Hot4 Teacherz
Hot4 Teacherz Oy oldin
It’s usually the team that losing that’s doing all the dumb shit too
Nick Sutcliffe
2:07 69 yard touchdown? Hill doing his thing? Hmmmmmmm
Jake Shaud
Jake Shaud Oy oldin
Isiah Crowell😂😂😂😂😂
Angry Vet
Angry Vet Oy oldin
No fun league lol
Xavier Kadlec
Xavier Kadlec Oy oldin
tyreek hill does the 2 fingers every game why is it a penalty now (salty refs)
badlandskid Oy oldin
Most annoying voice for a sportscaster goes to... 5:20
NoCumBacks Oy oldin
Sounds like a fat lesbian
Harrison McKinney
Didn’t even need to hit the button. I knew exactly who you were talking about lol
Jahn Kaplank
Jahn Kaplank Oy oldin
flagging for stupid celebrations is also why football attendance had taken a massive nose-dive.
TV AchingZebra236
I swear at 5:18 they said ooga booga
lig ma
lig ma Oy oldin
Man these reefs throwing flags like if they were monye
Sanjay Venugopal
Niggas be stupid
PlasticWeevil Oy oldin
NFL is soft
Joe Fabeatz
Joe Fabeatz Oy oldin
Turning in to such a fem sport.
QB2SWEATY Oy oldin
5:23 yells out nigga
Jacobi Garcia
Jacobi Garcia Oy oldin
lmaoo hill only 2 only 2!!!!
gary robinson
gary robinson Oy oldin
Jesus H Christ what a bunch of morons combined with wussies. Anyone else notice the color of the idiots getting penalties. Classy smh
Dirk Diggler
Dirk Diggler Oy oldin
So many of these shouldn’t be penalties. Let them do their thing, fuck
Hayden Buchanan
Notice how most of them are from one referee...
Stephan Hintz
Stephan Hintz Oy oldin
What? you can't wipe your ass with the ball after a touchdown and then throw it in the crowd lol
There are only 2 Genders
Good video but watermark is cancerous. Dislike
Joes wheels
Joes wheels Oy oldin
Wow, used to like american football when I was a kid, don't remember it being so namby pamby 20 years ago. Nothing compared to rugby sorry.
sincere5g Oy oldin
NFL has gotten soft. Don't care to even watch much now...Sad
drose4mvp1 Oy oldin
Why they all black tho
Thicc Penguin
Thicc Penguin Oy oldin
I think referees are liberals 🤔
Mr Clean
Mr Clean Oy oldin
It’s ok to cut block and all sorts of things but god forbid if you celebrate
sonny boy
sonny boy Oy oldin
That's one reason I don't watch pro sports anymore. Why can't grown men act like they've been there before. You made a tackle, caught a pass or scored a touchdown. Here's an update morons, it's been done before! You're not the first. Just absolutely no class!!! Would love to see what Dick Butkus would do to some of these idiots!!
Drew Earthling
The wusification of America continues.
Estranged180 Oy oldin
The moment talking shit is a penalty is the moment the NFL lost it's balls.
Gerardo Jimenez
Man fuck this weak ass generation. Getting offended for every little thing. This is a grown ass sport and this has been part of the game since it started. Sorry the men of today have no fucking balls...
Donny Donowitz
Why the fuck is taunting a penalty? That’s so stupid.
Lordable Oy oldin
5:25 C’MON *N I G G A*
Ant P
Ant P Oy oldin
Kamara is so soft. Nigga act like he bout shit but the first to run away
Matt Wilkie
Matt Wilkie Oy oldin
Was that a Joe Buck on the Crowell TD? How on Earth was he that calm?!
shawnkiller90 Oy oldin
It isn't that the NFL has gone soft.. It's that the NFL has gone stupid..... IT'S A FUCKING CONTACT SPORT..... YES THERE WILL BE SHOWING OFF OR GLOATING.... FUCKING PUSSIES...
Jordyn Niezgodka
NFL is such a soft sport if u can’t taunt
tennaj Oy oldin
One of the reasons I can't stand the owners of the NFL ! Old wrinkled white people with no flavor trying to control individualism and celebration. Smh
Ben Harper
Ben Harper Oy oldin
Yet if you get called something hilarious and creative like shit flinging dead beat you will cry racism and demand some more handouts. Blacks are the special needs children of the human race. Is dat flavors to yo liking nig nog?
Alex Dove
Alex Dove Oy oldin
you make the best videos love it
Carol Carney
Carol Carney Oy oldin
Most of these are weak.... 😕😕
Catatonic Pikachu
Let’s not forget that they’re working a job. How stupid somebody must be to risk so much money in exchange for their display of immaturity.
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