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NFL Best Taunts & Unsportsmanlike Plays (2018)

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elbones1982 2 soat oldin
Blacks get themselves so worked up. Way too worked up, acting like they just saved the world from alien invasion when they only caught a 14 year pass. No wonder they cant control themselves. Keep a look out for how blacks behave on the field compared to how others do. Observe who starts a fight and who is first to let it go, to stop pushing.
YouOnlyLiveTwice 4 soat oldin
So staring down your opponents after making a big play is taunting?? Give me a fucking break and break me off a piece of that KitKat Bar while you're at it.
Joe Santos
Joe Santos 6 soat oldin
Shitty video quality wtf
Velocinox 10 soat oldin
It's just the next logical step after letting them "celebrate". The next generation is going to laugh at the current for getting upset at taunts and unsportsmanlike conduct.
Christopher Scafidi
Christopher Scafidi 12 soat oldin
budleewiser Why do I have to look at your stupid fucking name while watching your video. I made it to 1:45 before I decided to dislike and bailout. You must have a huge inferiority complex.
Joe Jorsted
Joe Jorsted 13 soat oldin
Watch the play starting @1:03 and the fist bump @1:14. The moronic referee called taunting because the receiver spun the ball after the play. Calls like that are ruining the NFL.
David Goodwin
David Goodwin Kun oldin
7:07 no calm down no calm down 😂
David Goodwin
David Goodwin Kun oldin
Taunting shouldn't be a flag bruh
Turkey Kun oldin
Am I the only one who LOVES touchdown celebrations and taunts? These are grown men. They can handle someone being mean to them.
Anthony Hutchins
How is the tyreke hill play a penalty???
Cat Field
Cat Field Kun oldin
Ahhh...so many rules, makes the game fun!!!
David Tingwald
David Tingwald 2 kun oldin
Can you really QUALIFY for disqualification? lol
David Tingwald
David Tingwald 2 kun oldin
I don't care if they were my star player, if I were the coach they'd be riding the bench for the rest of the game. Those are, bar none, the dumbest and sometimes costliest penalties for a team. At the very least, don't do it RIGHT IN FRONT of the ref!
You Must Be Numb
You Must Be Numb 2 kun oldin
Taunting being a flag is retarded you should be able to celebrate after you just did an amazing play.
David 2 kun oldin
stupid blacks just can't control themselves in sports. they're always doing stupid shit. ever play a black in basketball? they just run their mouth the whole time even when they suck.
Rooster From Houston
All these penalties weak
Rooster From Houston
MinnesotaWeLit 2 kun oldin
Always the sex moves..
Richard Peers
Richard Peers 2 kun oldin
I'm a British NFL fan since the mid-80s, when they started televising the games over here. These new taunting rules make no sense to me - in most cases, they're just celebrating the play they have made. Don't think these new rules add to the spectacle at all.
J Tunez NSM
J Tunez NSM 2 kun oldin
Seems more like the ref's feeling get hurt more than the players.
King Luckey
King Luckey 2 kun oldin
Taking your helmet off, throwing the ball at someone, kicking the flag, hitting a player after the play is over is all understandable. But all these other calls was bullshit. The NFL has gotten soft with these flags. Its nothing wrong with celebrating after a big hit or putting up points on the board. What is wrong with that? Its 4th & 1, game is on the line with 43 sec's on the clock. Defense stop the play for turnover on down & to close out the game. Right after the play the player that made the big hit flex his guns. Flag goes up, they end up losing. WTF is going on here? Its bullshit if u ask me...
Taz Shadewind
Taz Shadewind 3 kun oldin
I love how the sign for unsportsmanlike conduct is just a fat T-POSE
abcd 1235
abcd 1235 3 kun oldin
lolol...as a non- american....lolololololololol WHAT??? taunting??/ and you fucks try to tell us this is a macho sport. bunch of kids being scolded by their mom lolo TAUNTING LOLOLOL
c4theNERD 3 kun oldin
Always black people huh 😂 ghetto af
Sammyking 3
Sammyking 3 4 kun oldin
Y’all niggas gettin soft asff bro stop being some bitches
Brody Bockus
Brody Bockus 4 kun oldin
I feel like the picture sucked
Joe Estrada
Joe Estrada 4 kun oldin
They are grown ass men let them talk to each other if it gets violent then stop it
Joe Estrada
Joe Estrada 4 kun oldin
Tell me why the NFL is one of the only organizations with taunting as penalty when they have some of the strongest and biggest players in the world
Dan Tirk
Dan Tirk 4 kun oldin
Maybe 2 of these could have been penalties. NFL refs are the most bitch made people in sports, I can't wait for a vet on his way out to lay one of those pussies out for good
Andrew Saito
Andrew Saito 4 kun oldin
No Fun League. Crowell had the best one😂
Jeffrey Tallman
Jeffrey Tallman 4 kun oldin
I would love to see a rule change on taunting. Loss of possession of the ball. It becomes a turnover. Watch this childish shit end once and for all.
cris_h23 4 kun oldin
Pussy League. Let's go back to the good old days with Rey Lewis💀🔥💯
Xerro011 4 kun oldin
Taunting shouldn’t be a penalty it’s gay
BloodyBunny 99
BloodyBunny 99 4 kun oldin
Some of them were only retaliation.
Barend Oberholzer
Barend Oberholzer 4 kun oldin
This is soooo much bogus BS! Unsportsmanlike conduct??!! That just leaves the door open to any interpretation possible! These athletes bring their blood, their guts their joy and their tears to the game. Of course, in my book, it's always better to keep your mouth and get on with bussiness but that is not the way of all people. By doing this you are just dumbing the game down and creating robots. I liked watching OjoSinco, he had flair and he had game!!! So many players with personality and capability made this game for what it is! Now you are just taking all the fun away from it!
Dave Pledger
Dave Pledger 5 kun oldin
When I was kid in the 60s and 70s you never saw this kind of thing.
bjfdog 5 kun oldin
This reminds me of what they say, "If you are an ass hole when you are drunk, you are an ass hole."
Brian Schlaf
Brian Schlaf 5 kun oldin
NFL to damn sensitive who care it’s part of the game chill people and refs and all about having some fun
BloodyBunny 99
BloodyBunny 99 4 kun oldin
Too late y'all got what you wanted by bitching about VB and Suh.
Blaise LaVista
Blaise LaVista 5 kun oldin
Isaiah Crowell tho
Ugly Gaming
Ugly Gaming 5 kun oldin
Apparently you can't have fun
Its A Mickrel Life
Its A Mickrel Life 5 kun oldin
Clips 1 and 2 same ref?
Mac Guffin
Mac Guffin 5 kun oldin
League of Pussies.
DAL 5 kun oldin
were taunting rules created by snowflake millennials? whats next? no tackling
Tony Stretch
Tony Stretch 3 kun oldin
BrewCitySailor 5 kun oldin
3:17 you're right. a sack dance, is indeed a sack dance
Rowdy Palmer
Rowdy Palmer 5 kun oldin
Celebrations should get the touchdown called back. It does nothing to inforce it on the fg or ko
Everan G
Everan G 6 kun oldin
Key & Peele type of shit lol
whoyoukidding1 6 kun oldin
Personally, I don't like it at all when a player acts like an asshole after a play. Having said that, I feel that three quarters of these flags were absolute bullshit.
southrules 6 kun oldin
Lot of dumb calls
Hillary LeFrere
Hillary LeFrere 6 kun oldin
Lol tyreek outchea twerking
Robert Wicker
Robert Wicker 6 kun oldin
@5:23 dude said Nigga!
Sha Rha
Sha Rha 6 kun oldin
Crowell put a brownie on the ball for the brownies
chuol buop
chuol buop 6 kun oldin
5:24 whats up nigga🤣🤣🤣😂 Im dead
Randi Barreiro
Randi Barreiro 6 kun oldin
eagles fan right here
JS Warpaint
JS Warpaint 6 kun oldin
This rule did not come about until after blacks entered the game large numbers. This behavior is part of the black culture if it is not then why do so many more blacks engage in this type of behavior than whites. Have you ever seen a white player act like he is wiping his ass with the football, have you ever seen a white player act like he is committing a sexual act after making a play. Have you ever seen a white guy kick an officials flag or throw it into the crowd. But if I'm an owner and I do not want such persons on my team then I'm a racist.
Lance Giannola
Lance Giannola 6 kun oldin
Shouldn't this be titled "WORST Taunts, etc..."?
Bob 6 kun oldin
Most of these a really lame calls. I mean you can spike the ball hard as you want which can be pretty excessive and also have team dances but move in a way that officials don't like and get a flag. Very subjective.
Ty Cardwell
Ty Cardwell 7 kun oldin
Haha, that dude just wiped his ass with the ball then threw it into the stands That’s some good shit right there. Haven’t laughed that hard in awhile
SAINTS NEWS 7 kun oldin
Crowell is a savage
Buffalo Bob
Buffalo Bob 7 kun oldin
Nobody will ever accuse NFL players of being overly bright or of having common sense. What idiots.
John Tatum
John Tatum 8 kun oldin
Just make the tackle....just make the run...just make the TD...spike it and get out of there...big boys acting up...
Janklebox 8 kun oldin
These refs want to DQ somebody so bad. They're all grown ass men if they can't handle some shit talking find a safe space.
The Beyond Gamer
The Beyond Gamer 8 kun oldin
first of all if i saw my teammate getting cracked like that in front of me im fosho finna stick up for him -- the second one with the giants.That nigga trippen, didnt even offer a helping hand to help him up
John Stockton
John Stockton 8 kun oldin
Twerking on a football field should be an automatic execution.
Mike Jennings
Mike Jennings 9 kun oldin
The NFL is a bad product
vobic13 9 kun oldin
so other then america becoming pussies. the rules in sports have now also become snowflakes. bunch of soft cunts
Let’s Talk Sports
Let’s Talk Sports 10 kun oldin
0:40 - 1:15 is everyone in Cleveland sir taunts-a-lot?
Dan the Man
Dan the Man 10 kun oldin
Best Taunts. Seriously? What's next, Best Mental Health Disorders? Best Sexually Transmitted Diseases?
Amy Bock
Amy Bock 10 kun oldin
Do the triple wipe !
Paul Jewson
Paul Jewson 10 kun oldin
To the people saying that the sport's getting "soft" or people are complaining about getting their feelings hurt, the real issue is the NFL's public image, which is why they're addressing this with penalties. Currently the NFL has a serious public relations issue because of poor handling of long lasting injuries and the NFL not seeming to make the game so it isn't literally leading to people dying later in life from brain damage. While this may seem totally separate from this, taunting and unsportsmanlike conduct has frequently lead to fighting and seriously dangerous plays as retaliation on the field, such has leading with the helmet in order to try and knock them out of the game. The NFL is trying to change their image from a primitive, dangerous game, to a competitive sport again, and they're struggling because of unsportsmanlike actions, which, while amusing, doesn't help PR in the least.
Tony Stretch
Tony Stretch 3 kun oldin
Again? Lol man you must have just started watching football it's less competitive now than ever... It's a joke. Trust me bro... football players would rather be playing real football... they should allow head blows in UFC and boxing either huh lol
Gus Goose
Gus Goose 10 kun oldin
They're always acting up... unreal.
peewee h
peewee h 10 kun oldin
of all things that can be unsportsmanlike like, this taunting penalty is bullshit. these guys wear more pads and protective gear than combat soldiers and marines,. yet, the nfl is worried about some pussy in pads getting their feelings hurt. its no surprise the fan base is vaporizing
skyline 11 kun oldin
What did #12 do?
Dylan Kelly
Dylan Kelly 11 kun oldin
3:36 are you kidding me lmfao
Rahah Shafaf
Rahah Shafaf 11 kun oldin
Penalties? More like PANTIES
Ronin 77
Ronin 77 11 kun oldin
Bates is a stupid motherfucker
Tigers Fan All Day
Tigers Fan All Day 11 kun oldin
I never knew taunting was actually a penalty name.
Boss Man Blake
Boss Man Blake 11 kun oldin
8:20 should not ever be a penalty
Corey West
Corey West 7 kun oldin
Is 42 for the Raiders humping the dude on the bottoms helmet?
john wyndham
john wyndham 11 kun oldin
Refs just want tv time bunch of pricks just let them play and have fun All refs should be takin out back an get the shit kicked out of them bunch of pussies
360/180 Hunt
360/180 Hunt 11 kun oldin
The NFL getting soft
Neal Roberts
Neal Roberts 11 kun oldin
The taunting calls are so fucking dumb let them celebrate
Rickster79 11 kun oldin
Unsportsmanlike twerking
z28ntexas 11 kun oldin
Lets do this scientifically... Percentage of Black vs White players in the nfl AND THEN the percentage of Unsportsmanlike Conduct Penalties between the two.... I don't give a flying puck who you are... "IF" you're honest... you know the answer. You can take them out of the Jungle.... but you can't take the Jungle out of them
Spooky T2i
Spooky T2i 11 kun oldin
Fowler probably said; "do your job bitch," and then the referee did.
Benny Urq
Benny Urq 12 kun oldin
3:30 Cleveeeeeland! This is for youuuuuu 🤣🤣🤣😂😂
antigonish63 12 kun oldin
Hilarious that a Jets or Jags player could taunt anyone. Fucking losers.
Alpha Omega
Alpha Omega 12 kun oldin
This is why I no longer watch full NFL games anymore.
martin varela
martin varela 12 kun oldin
Yo that first ref sounds just like the gym teacher from scary movie even kinda look l Iike him or her
Right Choices USA
Right Choices USA 12 kun oldin
5:16 Beth Mowins should be flagged for announcing a football game and being horrible at it.
-Powerfull 12 kun oldin
The same referee....
Joe De Tau
Joe De Tau 12 kun oldin
The NFL should not take itself so seriously. Nobody else does.
Dom Paul
Dom Paul 12 kun oldin
Booty popping and pelvic thrusting shouldn’t be penalties jfc 🙄
Random Polish guy
Random Polish guy 12 kun oldin
Can they just get rid of over celebration penalties I mean it ruins the game if it wastes time in the game then say delay of game that’s it
MMMHOTCHEEZE 12 kun oldin
7:40 He can't handle the truth, what a fucking bitch.
Paul Thompson
Paul Thompson 12 kun oldin
Not true. Offensive and-or escalating threatening behaviours affects the millions of viewers (children), and shouldn't get a pass! Hey, Political-Correctness uses the 'Offensive-Card' all the time to justify out-of-touch doctrines, so why can't offensive reality be used here since it is real? There is also some kind of Personality-Entitlement-Disordered by some of those players being glorified and-or used to condition that problem behavior as normal, or at least desensitize to such troubling personalities. Really the NFL should make all TD's be replayed (disqualified) if taunting is that rude after scoring a TD. These millionaire players can handle the responsibility. If they can't then they shouldn't play on international T.V. and-or live streaming on a weekly bais.
yeezy less
yeezy less 12 kun oldin
Wow..the NFL is really getting soft.
O. Jackson-Bey
O. Jackson-Bey 12 kun oldin
NFL is getting soft . Calling bullshit penalties because you got soft ass dudes in the NFL that are in their feelings
Paul 12 kun oldin
“I mean a sack dance is a sack dance.”
Terry Maloney
Terry Maloney 12 kun oldin
All black thugs.
YBK the label
YBK the label 12 kun oldin
The NFL a fucking joke can't even express yourself when u make a big play can't make big hit everything a flag shit trash
16 soat oldin