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Nick and Cris on reports Clint Capela turned down contract from Houston | NBA | FIRST THINGS FIRST

First Things First: Cris Carter and Nick Wright
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In his reaction to Clint Capela turning down a 5-yr/ 85M offer from the Houston Rockets, Cris Carter explains to Nick Wright and Jenna Wolfe why the Rockets need Capela and how he rounds out Houston's Big 3 along with Chris Paul and James Harden. Do you agree with Cris?
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About First Things First: Cris Carter and Nick Wright:
Cris Carter, Nick Wright and Jenna Wolfe team up on First Things First, a discussion and opinion-based studio program that covers all the headlines weekdays on FS1.
Nick and Cris on reports Clint Capela turned down contract from Houston | NBA | FIRST THINGS FIRST
First Things First: Cris Carter and Nick Wright




11-Iyl, 2018

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First Things First: Cris Carter and Nick Wright
How critical is Capela to the Rockets having another great season?
Lee LaZelle
Lee LaZelle 6 oy oldin
He is the better part of Houston's interior defense, and the option for CP3 and Harden in the low post drive if the defense double teams the ball.
Derrick Hayden
Derrick Hayden 7 oy oldin
First Things First: Cris Carter and Nick Wright Very important
Nicholas Coates
Nicholas Coates 7 oy oldin
They already lost 2 of 3 major defenders that helped turn from pretender to contender, Ariza and Luc. So other teams will attack the rim more. You Lose Capela and you lose the rim protection too. Everything falls apart and they are back to offense only with one star and another star with two good years left. Then all their championship building is for naught.
TigerKitty 2
TigerKitty 2 7 oy oldin
Clint Cappella helped define the identity of the Rockets and will change if he goes out.
jamar reid
jamar reid 7 oy oldin
Zimbabwe twinned with Anfield he was not good again GS, he was much better against Utah and Minnesota. What were you watching?
TheSushiraw 3 oy oldin
*CLINT DESERVES at least 100 Million$/5 yrs.* He's better than BYOMBO, TRISTAN, ADAMS... 😀
Overpay for Capela overpay for CP3. RIP Rockets bench.
Isaiah Swainson
Isaiah Swainson 6 oy oldin
Capela to raps
don brassco
don brassco 6 oy oldin
5yrs with a last year op out or 4yrs or 1yr🤔
I actually think capela might not get a better offer. Simply because big men are becoming less valuable each year
Random Grove Street Thug #4
Houston is worse without Clint, period.
Au Jun
Au Jun 7 oy oldin
He is next Ryan Anderson bust contract.
Andre macklin
Andre macklin 7 oy oldin
Looks like another Nerlens Noel situation. Turned down a big contract and now is signed for the minimum
Charles Dub
Charles Dub 7 oy oldin
“Sign me up I’m taking it” Yea, I bet.. you played football bro hahah
Jay P81
Jay P81 7 oy oldin
Capela is worth 85 million alley oops from Harden and Paul
tka060681 7 oy oldin
Health history don’t matter, accidents happen.
tka060681 7 oy oldin
Sometimes don’t be greedy, bad things will happen.
Dont matter. LeBron will dunk all over Capela any day of the week
RonMexxxico 7 oy oldin
Nick just wiped the floor with CC’s points/argument...a nice dose of reality for CC
Kirill Dreljus
Kirill Dreljus 7 oy oldin
Not sure why I hate this dude
holymackenaw 7 oy oldin
thats the Problem when you give an older, not-so-reliable (often injured in the Playoffs) Player like CP3 all the Money you can give him and then try to save Money not giving the full Money to a Young upcoming Player with no injury-history. Capela needs no education about max-deal or qualifying offer, he wants D. Morey to explain why he gave "his" money to CP§.
Jose Matzar
Jose Matzar 7 oy oldin
Chris Carter has zero knowledge about basketball. He needs to get fired!
Joseph C
Joseph C 7 oy oldin
I'm a rockets fan. CAPELA is my favorite player. Please stay.
Brehon Mills -The Stock Investor
They overpaid for Chris Paul!! Why give him $200 when the closest he can get on free market is $158???
iamMarcOBrien 7 oy oldin
Nick, please shut up! Capela is not better than Steven Adams defensively. Steven Adams plays in the 4th quarter down the stretch. Capela clearly doesn’t play in the 4th quarter down the stretch. Steven Adams’ calling card is his defense. We know Capela for catching lobs, that MIGHT get a block or two. Capela is no Steven Adams, or Deandre Jordan. I honestly don’t see him in that class. He’s more of a Dwayne Dedmon to me tbh, and should making Dwayne Dedmon money. I just don’t see Capela in the DJ, Steven Adams, Gobert class. I just don’t!
EritreanMusiq 7 oy oldin
Nerlen Noels 2.0. Better sign and be secure.
EritreanMusiq 7 oy oldin
He’s overrated but then again Tristan Thompson got overpaid and Adams did as well so he’s betting on that some stupid team will overpay him.
Dan Young
Dan Young 7 oy oldin
Capela(饼皇) is not a max salary guy, ok !
USMC MSgt 7 oy oldin
I predict Clint Capela will take a gamble on himself andsometime during the season he’s going to get an injury and he’s going to regret not signing for the $85 million.
theodore 7 oy oldin
nick is totally right you dont get this year back take the 4-80
Somerset Bassett
Somerset Bassett 7 oy oldin
IDK, Capela's job is pretty easy.
scodo666 7 oy oldin
Am i the only one that finds it crazy to think that a player who can't create any of his own offense is worth more than 20 million a year even with them being a great defender?
LoneStar Leo
LoneStar Leo 7 oy oldin
If the Raptors can make it work, I'd snag Capela and trade for Kawhi Leonard. Longterm it won't be good, yet they'd be there with Boston as top Eastern Conference teams.
Barbara Jerome
Barbara Jerome 7 oy oldin
Capela play good get ur bread harden don't play defense getting all that money defense is key a NBA side with only shooter's no defense is trash side
The Solo
The Solo 7 oy oldin
This dude ain't THAT good. Hes only good on a good team.
Kyle Blasberg
Kyle Blasberg 7 oy oldin
don't sign a cheap one year deal anywhere. you never know when an injury can come around and cost you millions just look at IT
Sam Beaumont
Sam Beaumont 7 oy oldin
If Capela can’t get a better offer elsewhere or that, that offer was going to be matched - I would take the one year deal. Work my a$$ off and become a free agent next year and sign elsewhere. The Rockets are going downhill as long as that CP3 contract is on their books. Re-up Harden next year and two players take the vast majority of cap space.
Ross Best
Ross Best 7 oy oldin
I think that's a more than fair offer Capela should have taken it.
Berendo Ball Bomber
Sign with Lakers Magic and play with lebron, it won't be 85 mill for 5 years more like 15 mill for 1 year but Clint it would slide right into Brooke Lopez’s old spot which it pays you three times of what Brook would of got in LA. The Lakers will battle for Western Conference title just like Houston. It will show Houston that it should of paid you 100 mil max for 5 years. Then go sign your big contract in next year FA with Houston for the max deal.
Dukes Verrill
Dukes Verrill 7 oy oldin
Clint's offensive impact is mostly due to Harden lobs and P&R offense. He has no back to basket game and can't create for himself. I think he needs to take the best offer available. He's athletic and mostly a defender/very solid P&R defender, but don't get too greedy.
Lieu K
Lieu K 7 oy oldin
Lol let the young guy get paid and Houston Gm is stupid for giving CP3 that kind of max, 100 mill was good but that just shows the selfishness of CP3. If they loose Clint it will be bad for them.
Will King
Will King 7 oy oldin
Capela is stupid so is Ariza. They should've taken a pay cut just like almost everyone in the warriors did, and try and get the ring isn't that what is all about? They have a huge chance to get the ring but they're so greedy and egoistic SMH.
Blak Taz
Blak Taz 7 oy oldin
He going to the Lakers
Rudebwoytroy 7 oy oldin
chris got that heat, " harden just woke up and realised defence, its legal."
Umar Bilal
Umar Bilal 7 oy oldin
Lol i dont know what they were arguing about in the end. Both were basically agreeing with each other in the end, that the Rocket badly need capella
I’m taking that qualifying offer. He better not take that 85.
Cecilio Thomas
Cecilio Thomas 7 oy oldin
When he improves on the free throw line, then the rockets will give him the maximum contract. LET'S GO Capela, improvement, improvement.
Marie Kondo
Marie Kondo 7 oy oldin
This is why gs wins every year
DeAndre Page
DeAndre Page 7 oy oldin
National Media scared asf Capela might become an UNRESTRICTED FREE AGENT, they won't be able to control the narrative then.
DeAndre Page
DeAndre Page 7 oy oldin
You don't need to TEASE THE MATH when you know you deserve Steven Adams money.😀😀😀 If Houston doesn't agree with Clint Capela's agent, then get your FREEDOM next year as an UNRESTRICTED Free Agent.
Baby Face Assasin
Capela will go to gsw with 2million for 2yrs..
Mark the Tenor
Mark the Tenor 7 oy oldin
No, you don’t gamble with defensive player. He is their defensive rock. You do everything to keep him. And I’m a Mavs fan saying this.
David woelk
David woelk 7 oy oldin
It’s pure business for sure
Charles T.
Charles T. 7 oy oldin
Thompson is straight up garbage the only reason he got that contract was because Lebron hooked him up... Steven Adams is more comparable to Capella... 85mill over 5 years is pretty good for Clint unless he develops into some type of better scorer this season... wasn’t impressed with capella in the playoffs at all...
HemanParkFilms 7 oy oldin
Teach this idiot Cris. Capela is going to be healthy. He should take the qualifying offer.
Raww Dawgg
Raww Dawgg 7 oy oldin
Bron was paying Tristan wayyy too much........😂😂😂
P- Star7
P- Star7 7 oy oldin
Chris Paul made that good , just take the money and run
Robert OReilly
Robert OReilly 7 oy oldin
Clint Capella should ask Nerlens Noel how that turned out.
krlm2280 7 oy oldin
Lakers better throw him a 5 million dollar deal for one year so they can really do work
Robert Harris
Robert Harris 7 oy oldin
Clint Capela is a Restricted free agent he's not going anywhere
Blender Wiki
Blender Wiki 7 oy oldin
Capella will go to LAL
Robert Harris
Robert Harris 7 oy oldin
How??? The Lakers can't offer him anywhere near what Houston can offer him and Clint turned down Houston's offer so why would he take 4 or 5 million from LA when he turned down 17 million from Houston???
Ben Privitera
Ben Privitera 7 oy oldin
I feel like I'm being brainwashed into liking Nick Wright
Luis Velador
Luis Velador 7 oy oldin
Capela to the lakers
Joseph Bowen
Joseph Bowen 7 oy oldin
This is why I don't feel sorry for any of them , they will go broke , the average athlete
Hadji Beye
Hadji Beye 7 oy oldin
He should not have turned down the offer because it is risky to end up in another team. Houston has shown the most opposition to GSW so far.
Florida Vs. TheWorld #StayWoke
This bum Is overrated
GEE4 7 oy oldin
man the Greed is real!! They throw this these numbers around like its nothing
Jrtheth3rd TV
Jrtheth3rd TV 7 oy oldin
Competitors love to win. Strive for greatness press play to good music --> itunes.apple.com/us/album/all-in-single/1338615692
Mr. Knowledge87
Mr. Knowledge87 7 oy oldin
I saw this guys numbers.....why is he so important again??? They are completely overrating this guy Capela.. 🤦🏽‍♂️
Desmond Quick
Desmond Quick 7 oy oldin
You better take the money Tombs Tombs-Dam,I should of took the money
precise barbershop costa rica
Right they are done whit that cp3 contract the injury god in playoffs.
trebledc 7 oy oldin
They gave out capela that bs move from the rockets.
Love Green
Love Green 7 oy oldin
No Capela rockets r dead meat
Andrei Dinu
Andrei Dinu 7 oy oldin
Nick is actually right. He won't get more than 20 mil a year, that plus 5 is exactly how much he'd make on this one. Next summer there will be more than 200 free agents. 200!!! If you think that's the summer when you'll get paid as a center, think again.
L.A. Bry
L.A. Bry 7 oy oldin
The Clint capela wants that type of money I will say to him he better be a top three Center in the league next year and win defensive player of the year
Dat DeionGuy
Dat DeionGuy 7 oy oldin
Denver prolly try to get him
Daryl Vergara
Daryl Vergara 7 oy oldin
can switch 1-4? KD murders capela everytime on the switch
Malachis Grace
Malachis Grace 7 oy oldin
Better blocker than Adams, but not a better one on one defender.
Alan Brooks
Alan Brooks 7 oy oldin
Clint overrated. All he did was catch lobs all year and he thinks he's a Max player. Get tf out lol. He's a scrub on another team
Budik Lagrata
Budik Lagrata 7 oy oldin
come to lakers, you will win with lebron.
Glenroy Charles
Glenroy Charles 7 oy oldin
Clint is worth more than that, PAY THAT MAN! properly
Daivone Hicks
Daivone Hicks 7 oy oldin
Without Capela, Rockets are a bottom seed.. without that inside presence.. Rockets will not score in the paint if the weak side defender scan help..that’s why they sign him to 85 mil. He’s WAY better than little T.T
Sean Carter
Sean Carter 7 oy oldin
you crazy, they never a bottom seed
Christian Hardin
Christian Hardin 7 oy oldin
Cici isn't smart
Funny that players think they are worth more than what they could offer. He can’t even shoot free throws to save his life.
OneHourShower 7 oy oldin
Ive never liked Chris Paul 0.3
birdy808 7 oy oldin
It's very critical with Capela to the Rockets for them to compete with Warriors and Lakers. Otherwise, I don't see them being the top 3 in the West. They already lost 2 key players from last year. Capela was hard to stop when they used him in the offense. He's a very good rebounder and a very good rim protector. He's the essence of a great role player on a contender.
Derek Smith
Derek Smith 7 oy oldin
Knicks should sign him
☠ MrDavinciSaysFuckYouBITCH ☠
Clint isn't worth that money, he has no mid-range, he can't hit free throws and he can't post up! He's only had 1 good season so far.
☠ MrDavinciSaysFuckYouBITCH ☠
Thank Houston for giving Chris Paul that 160 million dollar max contract you never give that kind of contract to an injury prone 34 year old PG who's on his last legs stupid rockets
Lucky Luke
Lucky Luke 7 oy oldin
Nick's sipping the cool aid talking about Clints better than Steve in any way.
mjaay 7 oy oldin
CC getting high on that Flakka
CANCEL DONE 7 oy oldin
Go lakers
ThaRealERAQ 7 oy oldin
Capella is a generic dude that can be replaced with any athletic 6'11"+ dude.
He's a liability cuz he can't hit a free throw to save his life. Gotta take him outta game when they hack him to shoot free throws.
Pie Ditty
Pie Ditty 7 oy oldin
Capella qualifies for a max deal he made all defensive so that qualified for a max he was guarding steph and was locking him up he can flat out play defense I don’t know why people are under valuing his talent without him Houston is done
giovanni sterlin
giovanni sterlin 7 oy oldin
85 mil is a lot of money Clint remember where you came from bro
Christian Ramirez
Capela aint that good who cares
P. Stephens
P. Stephens 7 oy oldin
The Rockets suffer without him. They don't have another player on their roster who can do what he does. If they lose him without replacing him with at least a solid pick and roll player and a capable rim protector, they will be a lower seed in the West.
Orenthal James
Orenthal James 7 oy oldin
why are they not giving steven adams his props?
Mia Dowd
Mia Dowd 7 oy oldin
The fact that he thinks he is just as valuable as Adams is laughable. He was in the running for most improved player this year. I'm not downplaying his progress because it is very impressive, but you have to show constancy first. Adam has shown just that in OKC. He hasn't contributed to the team nearly as long as Adam has to earn that type of contract. Who demands a $100 million dollar max contract their fourth year into the league. He is delusional
Hao Chen
Hao Chen 7 oy oldin
Cris Carter better stop talking about basketball.
David Angelo
David Angelo 7 oy oldin
Did I see a thing that said Andre Johnson thinks Hopkins is the best wr in the NFL??? Yeh quit smoking dope cause Antonio Brown is the best wr in the world and it's not close!!!
Liyon Afework
Liyon Afework 7 oy oldin
If I’m capella I’m going straight to the nets, Bucks, Atlanta, Charlotte, and any young team who could use an upgrade to really apply pressure to them or use any leverage cause he is worth way more than what they are offering.
Ryota Akashi
Ryota Akashi 7 oy oldin
That's why the warriors are keeping their core because they are unselfish
Capella is a glorified role player, that's it. Take him out of Houston and he's marginal
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