Nick Cannon on Kevin Hart Oscar Backlash

The Wendy Williams Show
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Nick Cannon dishes about his holiday plans, reveals why he stood up for his friend Kevin Hart and tells us about his new show, "The Masked Singer".




12-Dek, 2018

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Lit TV
Lit TV 18 daqiqa oldin
Clearly Nick wishes she was a real woman😥 This is disturbing
Darrell Otteson
Darrell Otteson Kun oldin
I don't see any draw to this transexual woman. Why does she have a show??
Colleen Curran
Colleen Curran Kun oldin
Somebody from Wendy’s camp most certainly has to be reading these!! This is NOT the first interview she has bombed. The poor guests have to find their own way! As an interviewer, she needs to be able to guide a guest down a path instead of pushing them in a thorn bush! Yes- some could do it like that and get the real juice... but Wendy just gets that awkward juice that drips out the thorns... Eh.
Powelly 2 kun oldin
The watch though ❄️
Miss Ish
Miss Ish 2 kun oldin
Nick got a slick outfit!
Wes Christenson
Wes Christenson 2 kun oldin
This lady is soooo awkward and rude. It doesn't make for good content, it's just cringe-worthy.
Hilly M
Hilly M 2 kun oldin
She kept opening her eye wider like it's not already wide enough. Stop it lady...u're freaking me out Only watched cuz i saw nick cannon
Brodric Johnson
Brodric Johnson 2 kun oldin
He she looks weird af!
Declan1205 2 kun oldin
He looks tired AF!
sillieww 3 kun oldin
What a horrible interviewer and human being this Wendy Williams creature is.
JC Shepherd
JC Shepherd 3 kun oldin
Salute to Nick cannon keeping it humble, cause I'd spit in this trannies face if she ever called one of my children "oops baby"
Tariq Whaiby
Tariq Whaiby 3 kun oldin
the worst talk show ever
KSH H 3 kun oldin
I don't like Wendy Williams' way of asking questions. Seems all she is interested in GOSSIP!!!
markus 0385
markus 0385 3 kun oldin
Its funny because Wendy's husband had a oops baby on her. Lmao. Ooops
Samuel Zogbo
Samuel Zogbo 3 kun oldin
Nick cannon,please try and come Liberia 🇱🇷 is in west Africa
Danielle Marie
Danielle Marie 3 kun oldin
Hey Wendy how’s your husbands mistress baby doing ??? I heard your HUSBAND has an Ooops baby right now!!!! Your so rude Wendy ... please cancel her 2019
Paula West
Paula West 3 kun oldin
Nick like flavor Flav a hype man and nothing more ! Lost Richard Pryor roll to Mike Epps , Mike Epps couldn't act his way out of a paper bag ! So what does that tell you !
Paula West
Paula West 3 kun oldin
Rumble young man if you can catch Ariana grande and get her money go boy !
Paula West
Paula West 3 kun oldin
Lbqtv very fitting Nick talking to Wendy the man !
Joanna Aye
Joanna Aye 3 kun oldin
Not so professional here.
mark rigg
mark rigg 3 kun oldin
This woman is vile. I really do not like her. So glad she ain’t on TV over here. Vile human being
Sham god
Sham god 4 kun oldin
Wendy weird ash
abraham Rubio
abraham Rubio 4 kun oldin
He she mad!! because he Nick Cannon backed up Kevin Hart.. herself being transexual we all know that she used to be a dude kudos to her that's her problem no offense... but she shouldn't have to be that disrespectful?? I would straight out walked out of the interview!!!!
Joe Spitzmueller
Joe Spitzmueller 4 kun oldin
This hoochie's nose is driving me crazy 🤢🤮
Stephene Smith
Stephene Smith 4 kun oldin
If you’re shaped like the letter P and look like a man all your life, you would be rude too.
Salisha Shaffarali
Salisha Shaffarali 4 kun oldin
Time to unsubscribe from Wendy... ✌
Me Colin
Me Colin 4 kun oldin
she looks like a fucking man and nobody even knows who this ugly whore is, I pray every night that she gets raped and commits suicide.
F L O W !
F L O W ! 4 kun oldin
Sorry but when you become a celebrity you don’t have a personal life
Pardeep singh
Pardeep singh 4 kun oldin
why is he wearing gloves in the studio and wendy is dressed for summer lol.
Joshua Ruiz
Joshua Ruiz 4 kun oldin
How does she have her own show?...
stargate905 4 kun oldin
Nick was in front of a firing squad there
Junes Satiu
Junes Satiu 4 kun oldin
Nick cannon is so well spoken and professional. Wendy Williams is annoying af
ReaPer2U RePeNt
ReaPer2U RePeNt 4 kun oldin
So there's a lot if jimmys and James up in dem talk shows huh...ima be brangin some swag up in dur...😂😂👎na I'm good
4ever Aqua
4ever Aqua 4 kun oldin
You should change the title to “Nick kindly shuts down Wendy”.
NathanGaming -Roblox & More
I could care less about Wendy. The way she talks to her guests is just so offensive the way she called one of Nick's kids an "oops baby" is so disheartening. I dont even know how she has her own show. To me she's no that charismatic. But then again that's just my opinion.
Frank D'Amelio
Frank D'Amelio 4 kun oldin
I’m over it too. Kevin, never change. Bravo 👏 You my friend deserve an Oscar for handling the media the way you have. Go promote your movie and it’s not fair the talk shows keep bringing this up. They are just looking for ratings with the exception of Ellen, she clearly had your back.
Frank D'Amelio
Frank D'Amelio 4 kun oldin
Why is he wearing a coat, gloves, and scarf inside a studio?
DaninhoSX Costa
DaninhoSX Costa 4 kun oldin
Who the hell is wendy? Never heard of her
Mr Chains
Mr Chains 5 kun oldin
Man is she ugly.
Savage AF
Savage AF 5 kun oldin
Speaking of “oops baby,” Wendy.....tell us about your husband and his side piece having an “oops baby.”
Mr. Zeke and The Crew
I came here for 3:38 😎 But wow...I got much more respect for Mr. Canon... The whole interview is good
MrPippinsays 5 kun oldin
"Selective outrage and hypocrisy." Say that again! Ricky Gervais and Jeff Jeffries joke about pedophilia, that's violence against children. Where's the outrage? Oh that's right, Hollywood is the den of protected pedophiles.
MrPippinsays 5 kun oldin
Wendy so rude
Meta View
Meta View 5 kun oldin
Ladies and gentleman, this is what a raging narcissist looks like when in assault mode. Absolutely disgusting. Nick is full of class 👏🏻
GMG News
GMG News 5 kun oldin
The interview seems like Wendy trying to throw shade on nick, you got alot of skeletons in your closet, people in glass houses shouldn't throw stones
GMG News
GMG News 5 kun oldin
Wendy William should know better calling his child a "oops baby" when that kid grow up and ask you about what you said I bet you won't have nothing to say, big up nick cannon
chris taylor
chris taylor 5 kun oldin
This guy is fucking joke! He’s fucking so so geto! He’s not even relevant! Wendy Looks like her face will apart! Miss Potato!😂😂😂
PAIN Jim 5 kun oldin
He did say sry . Just will not say it over and over and i can't blame him
joseph jasen
joseph jasen 5 kun oldin
Terrible accoutrement
Shaunda Gilbert
Shaunda Gilbert 5 kun oldin
That was disrespectful as hell, clean up the mess in your own back yard Wendy, pay attention to what your husband is doing with other women, if I were Nick, I wouldn't come back to her show ever again.
Suman Kumar
Suman Kumar 5 kun oldin
Wow I watched from start to end without skipping ahead. Great Energy.
Clayton Ives
Clayton Ives 5 kun oldin
Everyone expresses their voice on gay and lesbian community hatred but not innocent people getting shot by police. Sickening society a joke is a joke exactly that you can come back from a joke but not when police shoot you
Anthony Clay
Anthony Clay 5 kun oldin
Nick Cannon is a snake !!
Orokana Hito
Orokana Hito 5 kun oldin
Respect for Nick for keeping calm after being disrespected.
BDN ENOTCH 6 kun oldin
If u gay go kill yourself 2019
Leanne Dickson
Leanne Dickson 6 kun oldin
Happy holiday Isnt it merry christmas.
Lucky & Blessed
Lucky & Blessed 6 kun oldin
After the oops baby, Wendy said Nick is a man of something? I didnt understand. Anybody?
Amber Love
Amber Love 6 kun oldin
😂😂😂 he a mess
o k
o k 6 kun oldin
Tsepo M
Tsepo M 6 kun oldin
Wendy hates the Kardashians. She always speaks about them. 🤦🏾 She's obsessed.
Thrizzeat 6 kun oldin
IDGAF what we talked about on the show before, you address my child by its name or not at all. She'd have felt how soft those leather gloves were real quick.
Carri's 3RingCircus
I love Nick.... But I just can't stand Wendy... I've tried. 👎
Chef Paul E
Chef Paul E 6 kun oldin
Wendy your HORRIBLE
Tito Boswell
Tito Boswell 6 kun oldin
“Answer not a fool according to his folly, lest thou also be like unto him.” Good job, Nick! I've always tried to find positive in Wendy, but she just proves everybody right - NO CLASS.
Robert Herrera
Robert Herrera 6 kun oldin
Nick looks and sounds like an idiot
Yeezys’ R’Gay
Yeezys’ R’Gay 6 kun oldin
Selective outrage like a movement started based on a lie where a guy robbed a store and got shot and killed trying to take a cop’s gun. Keep the same energy hypocrites.
Bigfudge15 6 kun oldin
I can't stand Wendy Williams.
zz zz
zz zz 6 kun oldin
This windey really looks like a chicken with out winges... just my idea 😁😁😁😁😁😁😁
derco dashine
derco dashine 6 kun oldin
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Jazz Sama
Jazz Sama 6 kun oldin
His shoes wtf i wish i was rich 😂
Gegi Zambakhidze
Gegi Zambakhidze 6 kun oldin
I respect Nick but why does he always look like as if he is going to rob a bank after the show? :D
Wendy went too far with the ooopppps baby and didn’t even apologize
I don’t like his new show, boring!
Black people please don't be as superficial and as ignorant as Wendy. We should respect each other. And build solidarity amongst us, we need to develop ourselves and each other beyond what we can fathom at this moment and we are the only key to doing so, only we can make it happen.
D K 6 kun oldin
This host sucks....
Usman Ramay
Usman Ramay 7 kun oldin
That's some fucked up facial surgery Wendy, damn
jazzyrenee77 7 kun oldin
What makes me mad about the whole Kevin Hart thing is yea he said some thing but he apologized for it. What more can someone do? The LBGT community wants to change people's mind and have people accept them for who they are then accept their past. He's not that type of person anymore get over it.
markluna5454 7 kun oldin
How does Wendy Williams still have her own show? Shes annoying as hell
Kent Blackwell
Kent Blackwell 7 kun oldin
Kim Kardashian is an upstanding citizen that we all respect? Bahahahaha, sorry Nick we all don't respect Kim Kardashian. She is rich for having sex on camera and for who her father is. So speak for yourself. Oh and where's your turban Nick?
Sean 4th genna
Sean 4th genna 7 kun oldin
This bish Wendy need to find out where her husband is banging in them cheeks
TheFoolinthe rainn
TheFoolinthe rainn 7 kun oldin
Not funny. We see kids disappointed faces looking for Dad in the bleachers, in the middle of the night Daddy ain't there - people are laughing at this. Johnny Appleseed is isn't sexy Wendy... Don't give him air time anymore This video came up because of Kevin Hart stuff - this is kind of sickening - it's a weird thing to laugh at that Daddy's playing Santa Claus All Over the World - he's not your special dad... He's a man whore. Nobody cares about your shoes dude
Baroque Hair Studio Kerry Gould
Wow! So disrespectful Wendy! Poor baby and the obvious dislike for Nick? Why ask him on????
Kadawa Mike
Kadawa Mike 7 kun oldin
Wendy is pathetic outclasses by Nick.
Kryptonite Mlbb
Kryptonite Mlbb 7 kun oldin
Happy holiday?????? No more Merry chirtmas?????????? Oh yes...... i am sorry libtards finds it offending RIGHT??? AMERICA IS TRYING TO BE SO INCULSIVE THAT AMERICA IS GOING CRAZYYY... Lord America needs your divine intervention.....
MusicBankTv 7 kun oldin
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M Iriz
M Iriz 8 kun oldin
No words but woww... @Dan Yiel Teflon... True words.. it is sad... I Love Cannon and Hart...so sad. :(
Dan Savio
Dan Savio 8 kun oldin
what is this guy's talent ?
Mr. Man
Mr. Man 8 kun oldin
I love how she's explaining that Sarah Silverman and Chelsea Handler apparently used a derogatory gay slur in the past, but she actually says the word twice which is essentially just as bad. Smh
Christian Maqueda
Christian Maqueda 8 kun oldin
I wonder if Wendy was an “oops baby”?
Truley Blessed
Truley Blessed 8 kun oldin
Bling bling nick;)
Indy 8 kun oldin
Poor guy, he looks so tired! 😫
Tuff Bone
Tuff Bone 8 kun oldin
Im starting to think Loui Ck got me too'ed from this comunion..
James 8 kun oldin
These PC fucks wont be happy until they take his entire career away for a tweet 10 years ago. If he hadn't quit they'd have fired him and then half his career would have gone with it.
tenchichrono 8 kun oldin
Wendy is a man right? Transgender?
Bri Rodgers
Bri Rodgers 8 kun oldin
I think she and Nick are close friends that go way back, so she feels like she can talk with him that type of way, it may come off rude to us but maybe its just how they communicate. Nick is such a like-able guy and you can tell he likes her in a professional way and looks up to her because hes been to her show a couple of times. I like these two as a interview team. I will say the "ooops baby" was kinda too far.
kayisfish 8 kun oldin
Woman, you are a freaking witch
kayisfish 8 kun oldin
This woman is aaaaawful
Mark Zoldy
Mark Zoldy 8 kun oldin
With so many GREAT advocates for the gender diverse community, it is tough to remind everyone that in 31 (thirty-one) U.S. states it is still legal to fire a gay person for being gay, refuse a gay person service from a meal to medical aid for being gay, to deny them housing for being gay, etc., etc. And it is even worse for trans- persons.
Maria Elda
Maria Elda 8 kun oldin
"Oops baby!" How rude and trashy can she get? Oh wait, those are her nicknames!!
Funk O'Matic
Funk O'Matic 8 kun oldin
oscars gotta apologize for giving a best picture win to DRIVING MISS DAISY.
8 oy oldin