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Nick Wright and Cris Carter disagree who's the best player in the East | NBA | FIRST THINGS FIRST

First Things First: Cris Carter and Nick Wright
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Nick Wright and Cris Carter discuss who is the best NBA player in the Eastern Conference since LeBron James has moved West.
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About First Things First: Cris Carter and Nick Wright:
Cris Carter, Nick Wright and Jenna Wolfe team up on First Things First, a discussion and opinion-based studio program that covers all the headlines weekdays on FS1.
Nick Wright and Cris Carter disagree who's the best player in the East | NBA | FIRST THINGS FIRST
First Things First: Cris Carter and Nick Wright




12-Iyl, 2018



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First Things First: Cris Carter and Nick Wright
Who is the best player in the East now that LeBron is gone?
Jeff Samuels
Jeff Samuels 9 oy oldin
First Things First: Cris Carter and Nick Wright Kyrie is the top dawg in the east since he hit the shot!!
Tr3aY or 3
Tr3aY or 3 9 oy oldin
If Irving wouldn't have gotten hurt last year, Irving would have been the best in the east. He would've willed them past LeSweet, and I think he would've murdered any defender in his path on the warriors.
Bev Plaza
Bev Plaza 9 oy oldin
Real LiveTV
Real LiveTV 9 oy oldin
John Wall
M Turkistani
M Turkistani 9 oy oldin
1.Freak 2.Kyrie 3.Porzingis
a Basketball enthousiast
Out of all the aspects of the game of basketball, Kyrie is better than Giannis in just two: handles and shooting... how is this even an argument?? the only one close to Giannis in the east is that guy from Toronto with the awkward laughter
MrCam3448 5 oy oldin
Lebron was my favorite player but giannas is unstoppable
BN Parzival
BN Parzival 5 oy oldin
Kyrie is the best player in the east? Wtf he's not even the best player in his team 😂
XXPirateGamingXX 7 oy oldin
All this kyrie hate When he was on lebrons team everyone said he was better than curry Bandwagons
Philly Fan
Philly Fan 8 oy oldin
How is kyrie Giannis and Embiid(who shouldn't even be in discussion) when John Wall is in the East
cr182345 8 oy oldin
Ryan Hurley
Ryan Hurley 8 oy oldin
And no kawai is in the east so this debate is void
Stiko 9 oy oldin
He can't even pronounce his last name
John Ware II
John Ware II 9 oy oldin
Nobody with his size and skillset lol so kd just doesn't exist huh smh this guy
Skrt 9 oy oldin
It’s Kawhi now
John Lee
John Lee 9 oy oldin
adam braga
adam braga 9 oy oldin
Giannis is way better than Kyrie what a joke
Trav Brunet
Trav Brunet 9 oy oldin
Kawhi if healthy is the best player in the league and I believe hes now in the east
Brasil66 9 oy oldin
Cris Carter betting on Kawhi getting traded to the Lakers still - otherwise he calls Kawhi best in the east.
John Craftenworth
Kyrie Irving is the most skilled player in the entire NBA. Here's my top 5 players: 1. KD 2. Kyrie 3. Lebron 4. Steph 5. Porzingis
OscillatorDubzz 9 oy oldin
So we're talking best player after Kawhi. Got it.
Nicholas Wilson
Nicholas Wilson 8 oy oldin
Kawhi never better than Giannis his two seasons of fame is behind him sorry most of his career he’s been mediocre and he will return to that status sorry
Alain Lamour
Alain Lamour 9 oy oldin
Isn’t Kawhi Leonard in the east? Aren’t Lebron and KD the only two players better than him? Ok then.
Mac Moody
Mac Moody 9 oy oldin
Alain Lamour khawi is overrated asf
Tronkiño !
Tronkiño ! 9 oy oldin
Uncle drew
Pressure Pablo
Pressure Pablo 9 oy oldin
Kyrie was 55th in minutes , could’ve easily averaged 30
Pressure Pablo
Pressure Pablo 9 oy oldin
Kyrie Irving is the best Player in the East
Messiah Gang
Messiah Gang 9 oy oldin
Nah hands down is kyrie
Dont JfowlMe
Dont JfowlMe 9 oy oldin
Well Kawhi is now
Dev Came 2 Kill
Dev Came 2 Kill 9 oy oldin
Chris Carter was not feelin Nick he said “we just gonna have to argue”😂
John Lewis
John Lewis 9 oy oldin
Kyrie Irving isn't even the 2nd best player in the East.
Oliver Crespo
Oliver Crespo 9 oy oldin
Top 3 players in the east right now Giannis Embiid Kyrie
Repeal the 19th MGTOW
Nick "He [Giannis'] is so long" Wright - ::Dwight Howard voice:: Pause
510 JB
510 JB 9 oy oldin
2 garbage takes
MarLonLon 9 oy oldin
I’m saying Kyrie and possibly Tatum
Bess Snow
Bess Snow 9 oy oldin
Nick, shut ur trap!
adriellao 9 oy oldin
Ty Lue a good coach!?
Tulia 9 oy oldin
Giannis is definitely the best in the east. As a winner on a winning team? Kyrie Irving.
Restart 9 oy oldin
Top 10 West players in 2018-2019 (when all healthy): 1.LeBron James 2.Kevin Durant 3.Stephen Curry 4.Anthony Davis 5.James Harden 6.Russell Westbrook 7.Damian Lillard 8.Demarcus Cousins 9.Jimmy Butler 10.Paul George
Restart 9 oy oldin
Currently the 10 best players in the East: 1.Giannis 2.Embiid 3.Irving 4.Porzingis 5.Wall 6.Simmons 7.Derozan 8.Beal 9. Love 10.Oladipo Honorable mentions:Horford, Drummond, Griffin, Hayward, Dragic, Tatum.
Saylavii 1K
Saylavii 1K 9 oy oldin
Everyone never give DeRozan, Beal, John wall, or giannis credit from the east everyone always on Kyrie, embiid, and simmons who can’t shoot to save his life
BELIC68 9 oy oldin
Don't these knuckleheads know anything about baseball?
Jalendiallo Diallo
Wapo J
Wapo J 9 oy oldin
If Bron never went back to Cleveland lot of you guys wouldn’t consider Kyrie as good as you think he is not better then Giannis fam
J Alves
J Alves 9 oy oldin
Kyrie Irving is easily the best player in the East, this is a dumb question
A-DUB 9 oy oldin
As of right now (based off of the last 30 games they played) I think Kyrie is a better player. Giannis has a brighter future and more potential so if I were starting a team from scratch I take Giannis. Give me Giannis for a 82 game season but give me Kyrie for a one game elimination or a short 5 game series. I'll take LeBron for 3.5 quarters but I want MJ and Kobe in the last 5-8 minutes. I got Mj better than LeBron and LeBron better than Kobe.
Joseph Vazquez
Joseph Vazquez 9 oy oldin
So KD because he joined the warriors he’s not the 2nd best player in the world ?
Al El
Al El 9 oy oldin
This argument is kyridiculous
Abdiel Neris
Abdiel Neris 9 oy oldin
Last year Bucks had no spacing and Giannis still got 27pts. With Budenholzer he is finally going to have space to attack the basket. He is going to be scary.
sifsarop 9 oy oldin
Antenkumpo lmao!!!!
Carl Kelly
Carl Kelly 9 oy oldin
It's very close but im.going with the player who reminds me most of curry so it's Kyrie for me
BiggggRodddd69 9 oy oldin
Nick smoking that dope.
YeazyNation 9 oy oldin
John wall retire?
YeazyNation 9 oy oldin
No way it's Gianess but I guess Porzingos or Derozen or Wall or beal not in east SMH
DmV_AnT0991 9 oy oldin
The disrespect Kyrie gets is crazy. I asked some LeBron fans this. What point guard LeBron played with in Cleveland that was better than Kyrie?
TheRecks33 9 oy oldin
And we havent seen anyone his height with his skill set?! Who's kevin durant? Sounds like a made up name to me.
TheRecks33 9 oy oldin
Obviously kyries career started when lebron went back to cleveland. Nick mentioned lue, blatt and stevens..... So kyrie didnt play with any coach before that or we erase his first 3 yrs all together..
J 9 oy oldin
Kyrie better than Giannis...LOL!
Raleigh Adrianvburns
What about my guy Kristaps??
Misha Gelenava
Misha Gelenava 9 oy oldin
Giannis has to learn how to shoot. His potential is almost limitless, but so far he has so big disadvantage because smart coaches can absolutely shut him down when needed.
Jack McCoy
Jack McCoy 9 oy oldin
Misha Gelenava lol never been shut down
Fa_ti_ma A
Fa_ti_ma A 9 oy oldin
Giannis doesn’t have that killer instinct . Boston vs Milwaukee series this year proved it, and no body respects his outside shot as well. He’s no threat .
Ahnold Short
Ahnold Short 9 oy oldin
Kyrie > Embid > Giannis (greek freak does not have the fundamentals to be over them)
Helias Prael
Helias Prael 8 oy oldin
Mac Moody
Mac Moody 9 oy oldin
You are on drugs lol
Zane Stein
Zane Stein 9 oy oldin
Ahnold Short lol
Malikah Brown-Henry
Kyrie is NOT better than Embid...... smh
MegaTobins696 9 oy oldin
@Ahnold Short You are out of your mind. Giannis >>> Kyrie >>>> Embid.
Jordan Thompson
Jordan Thompson 9 oy oldin
Kyrie is way overrated now, still a huge fan but he’s not an mvp caliber player
WILLPEREZ 9 oy oldin
Joel Embiid. 💯🏀🌍🐐 #TrustTheProcess
Tevin Henton
Tevin Henton 9 oy oldin
I honestly feel like KD is the same player as Giannis but a way better shooter
SPACEKID TV 9 oy oldin
As good as giannis is, it’s crazy to think that LeBron and KD are way better than him. It’s insane that those guys became so good
Albert Perez Oyola
Blatt better coach than Lue by a whole lot
adam murphy
adam murphy 9 oy oldin
Sorry Nick. Anyone who says that Ty Lue is a good coach can't be taken seriously anymore.
Scary Spongebob
Scary Spongebob 9 oy oldin
Giannis is my favorite non wizards player. Hoping he gets the team around him to succeed or a Miracle happens and he comes to Washington lol.
ayo ajaz
ayo ajaz 9 oy oldin
gannis by far, it ain't even close
jdmnsxr 6
jdmnsxr 6 9 oy oldin
Giannis best ? the same Giannis who got beat by the Raptors in round 1 ?? LMAO!!!!!
Jeremy Jones
Jeremy Jones 9 oy oldin
Dread God
Dread God 9 oy oldin
Oladipo?. Ehh too early, giannis is the best in the East .
SounSlayer 9 oy oldin
Joel Embiid is the best player in the east. I like watching Giannis more but Joel has no holes in his big man game and hes the new age big that can get from deep and his height x athleticism is only short of kd level unique. His ability to draw fouls and get in players heads only helps his already great defense.......
Nicholas Wilson
Nicholas Wilson 8 oy oldin
No wholes but barely can stay on the court availability is big
Jack McCoy
Jack McCoy 9 oy oldin
SounSlayer Giannis is everything JoJo is plus.
Neil Cesar
Neil Cesar 9 oy oldin
KD better foh
Danny Blau
Danny Blau 9 oy oldin
"nobody in the league has the combination of his size and skill set". Actually there IS someone who has that, but is a better and more efficient scorer as well as gets more blocks. His name is Kevin Durant.
Danny Blau
Danny Blau 9 oy oldin
Jack McCoy he was when he 2as younger. He has dialed 5hat back, but it's still a skillset he has when he wants to use it. Then he pairs that with being a lot better free throw shooter.
Jack McCoy
Jack McCoy 9 oy oldin
Danny Blau KD not the Rim attacker Giannis is
Gabe W
Gabe W 9 oy oldin
timmydevil999 9 oy oldin
No way Kyrie is better than Giannis
Stevie Anderson
Stevie Anderson 9 oy oldin
The east is pathetic!
charles nardone
charles nardone 9 oy oldin
The Cavs AND the Celtics both made the ECF without Kyrie. The bucks without Giannis don’t make the playoffs. Kyrie is a terrific offensive scorer but cmon Giannis and Joel Embiid’s impact is FAR greater from an overall perspective including DEFENSE.
DaevonTheSavage 9 oy oldin
"Giannis is the best player in the East" Sooo yall just forgot what happened in the first round huh???
Evan 8 oy oldin
He was by far the best player in the series anyway. He led in points, rebounds, and basically tied for assist lead for the series.
Evan 8 oy oldin
I get what you're referencing. It's irrelevant to being the best player. Boston as a team are far superior to Milwaukee. With or without Kyrie and Hayward.
DaevonTheSavage 8 oy oldin
Evan hey Genius, I'm referencing the fact that he couldn't get it done against us when everything was on the line for both teams and he was the best player in the series. THINK before you SPEAK next time. Ok?
Evan 8 oy oldin
DaevonTheSavage "Giannis is the best player in the east" does not mean "Giannis is on the best team in the East". Work on your comprehension.
DaevonTheSavage 9 oy oldin
Jack McCoy lmao dont come with that excuse because the series went 7 games. His team was fully healthy and my team wasn't. AND HE COULDN'T GET IT DONE.
TheDizzyChicken 9 oy oldin
Yall forget about porzingus
Justin Welch
Justin Welch 9 oy oldin
I’m taking Kyrie if he’s healthy he has the mentality to takeover the east
TheLuismendez12 9 oy oldin
Gannis lost to the celtics without kyrie and Hayward
Jack McCoy
Jack McCoy 9 oy oldin
TheLuismendez12 in 7.. how many did Philly get with two "Generational" talents?
Sir Robin of Camelot
If the bucks were a good 3 pt shooting team at all, he would average 8 assists. He draws just as much attention and help as Lebron.
Zain Casey
Zain Casey 9 oy oldin
Sorry you can’t be the best player in the world with out a 3 point shot.
Zain Casey
Zain Casey 8 oy oldin
Jack McCoy he’s a efficient scorer, but if the game is on line with 0.7 remaining, you can’t rely on giannis to land a 3.
Jack McCoy
Jack McCoy 9 oy oldin
Zain Casey 27 10 and 5.. on 50%
Jason Williams
Jason Williams 9 oy oldin
Kyrie best out east hands down would be top 5 outwest
DeChane Grinton
DeChane Grinton 9 oy oldin
It’s Giannis n it’s not close bc of what he can do on both sides of the ball kyrie doesn’t play defense
GARRY SHELDEN 9 oy oldin
thank you Chris
Armonti 9 oy oldin
Lmao it’s not even close bro wtf is cris talking About Giannis is the best and it’s not close
23Eladdo 9 oy oldin
Finally not a Lebron item. Thank you thank you thank you. Its Embid BTW (if healthy)
Nicholas Wilson
Nicholas Wilson 8 oy oldin
If if if but Giannis averages more points more same rebounds and more assist and he averages everything more than kyrie
Kevin P
Kevin P 9 oy oldin
People always discount Kyrie but when he wins a championship with that stacked Celtics team, people won’t doubt anymore
TheGreat1 9 oy oldin
Byrie Irving is now better than John wall. Stop the bs
Randy Peterman
Randy Peterman 9 oy oldin
Oladipo was first team all defense this year. Had 30 in game 7 against LeBron. Kyrie might never be the same with that knee. Greek Freak has 6 points in his game 7.
Jack McCoy
Jack McCoy 9 oy oldin
Randy Peterman what?
Marz_00 •
Marz_00 • 9 oy oldin
Kd will never be the best player in the league
bwright132981 9 oy oldin
Nick didn’t watch last season. Too many mid shot bricks by Giannis
Jack McCoy
Jack McCoy 9 oy oldin
bwright132981 27 10 and 5 on 50%
B Fit
B Fit 9 oy oldin
Kyrie on a mission. He on another level mentally that people dont understand
Marcus Aurelius
Marcus Aurelius 9 oy oldin
Nick wright has never picked up a basketball in his life
Duke Hornet
Duke Hornet 9 oy oldin
Random Falcons fan And y’all blew a 28-3 lead in the Super Bowl...🤷🏿‍♂️🤷🏿‍♂️
JesusChrist IsSatan
Giannis looks like a greek freak
Ralph Montinola
Ralph Montinola 9 oy oldin
Kyrie? Lmaooo
Killuminati 9 oy oldin
Giannis isn't very good on the offensive side of the ball?? Giannis is so much better than Cris is giving him credit for. His FG% is gonna improve a ton. Giannis will win MVP in at least one of the next 3 years, especially with Jabari gone and Lopez to dump the ball off to for a quick bucket
Ballin Too
Ballin Too 9 oy oldin
I think a healthy John wall is the best player in the east u can disagree but the man wall does everything on the court.
Duke Hornet
Duke Hornet 9 oy oldin
Ballin Too but win....
Jeeby. Tube
Jeeby. Tube 9 oy oldin
Tatum or brown
Rashaad Carter
Rashaad Carter 9 oy oldin
I agree with Chris Carter
Kidia Jackson
Kidia Jackson 9 oy oldin
This dude called tyrone lue a good coach he must of have meant lebron is a good coach
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